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Pilgrims Rest Cemetery is located a few miles east of Dozier, Alabama, just beyond the Covington County line on Covington County Highway 77. Cemetery is on the left.



McBryde, Sarah


b. March 23, 1829  d. January 20, 1905

Note: Possibly the mother of Emma McBryde Rowell. She was Aunt to James C. McBryde.


Rowell, Emma lee

b. April 8, 1875   d. October 28, 1898 nee mcbryde (1st wife of barbe david rowell & daughter of alexander & cella cheney mcbryde)

Emma Lee McBryde

Robbins, James H.

b. November 26, 1888  d. November 22, 1964  (son of john henry & mary m. robbins)




Bessie m. robbins

robbins, bessie m.

b. September 30, 1891    d. December 24, 1984 (wife of james h. robbins) married 1909

Holston, Vivian R.

b. June 17, 1911   d. October 25, 1987  (wife of herman l. holston)


Holston, Herman L.

b.  November 14, 1917   d.  April 11, 1956

Dean, Loustacy H.

b.  March 20, 1905    d.  September 04, 1971  nee harville (wife of ozell dean & daughter of john thomas & elizabeth hillard harville)

Loustacy Harville


Hillary and Savannah


Ozell & Stacey Linage

Dean, Ozell

b.  May 20, 1902 d.  January 30, 1972  (son of samuel macdonald & emma marler dean)

Dean, Kenneth Elonza

b.  February 21, 1925    d.  February 09, 1951  AD3, USNR, Pacific, WWII ( son of Claude E. and Annie Lou Duncan Dean)

Descendants of Claude E. Dean

Grave of Kenneth O. Dean

Dean, Julius S.

b.  April 12, 1920    d.  October 27, 1944   Tec5, USA, WWII, KIA Leyette In the Philippines  ( son of Claude E. and Annie Lou Duncan Dean)

Descendants of Claude E. Dean

Grave of Julius Dean

Dean, Macel

b.  November 02, 1913    d.  July 16, 1996  ( son of Claude E. and Annie Lou Duncan Dean)

Descendants of Claude E. Dean


Dean, Lettie M.

b.  December 18, 1912   only date  (wife of Macel Dean)

Dean, Claude E.

b.  December 1886    d.  December 1933   (son of samuel macdonald & anna lee ola barrington dean)

Claude E. Dean

Descendants of Claude E. Dean

Anna Lee Ol barrington family

Willis Barrington descendants

Dean, Annie Lou

b. July 24, 1892    d.  1946  nee duncan (wife of claude e. dean, daughter of Julius& ellen duncan)

Merrill, Joseph Grady

b. November 23, 1971 d. November 24, 1971



unmarked   Note: In Merrill Plot


Jackson, Verby May

b. May 13, 1910 d. November 02, 1911  (daughter of daniel & mattie Lee sport jackson)

Verby May Jackson

Beam, Ruth

b. May 30, 1901  d. July 01, 1971  Note: The relation of this individual to the Jackson family is unknown. She is buried in the Jackson Plot.


Jackson, Daniel J.

b. September 11, 1878  d. February 27, 1943  (son of J. A. & L. M. jackson)



Mattie Lee SPORT

Thomas B. & Augusta SPORT

Jackson, Mattie Lee

b.October 27, 1882  d. April 18, 1955  nee sport (wife of daniel jackson, daughter of Thomas Benjamin & Adaline Augusta Weatherford jackson) married November 23, 1904 Note: Parents are buried at the Old Sport Cemetery between Dozier & Brantley in Crenshaw County.

Cobb, Edward L.

b. 1875   d. 1947


Cobb, Frances M.

b. 1881  d. 1977   (wife of edward L. cobb)

Cobb, John F.

b. July 12, 1908  d. January 14, 1970   OH Pvt. 177 Medical BN, WWII (Son of Edward l. & Frances m. Cobb)


Cobb, Ethelene

No dates,  infant grave   (possible daughter of Edward and Frances Cobb)


Adams, Georgian

No dates  relation to adams family unknown


Adams, Nancy Dorothy

No dates  nee WILLIFORD (wife of ashley newton adams)



Ashley Newton Adams

Adams, Ashley Newton

No dates

Adams, N. Buster

No dates   (son of ashley newton & nancy dorothy williford adams)

Buster ADAMS

Adams, Thelia

b.  1901  d.  1974  (daughter of ashley newton & nancy dorothy williford adams)

Thelia ADAMS

Adams, Gwyndolyn

No dates   relation to adams family unknown



unmarked   Note: In Adams Plot



unmarked   Note: In Adams Plot


Franklin, Andrew Douglas

b. September 24, 1922  d. March 06, 1976  TSgt, USAAC WWII (son of dennis lee & IRENE ADAMS FRANKLIN)

Andrew Douglas FRANKLIN

wwii history & andrew




Callie Jewel BUTLER

Franklin, Callie Jewel

b. October 30, 1926  d. DECember  17, 2001  nee butler (wife ofandrew douglas franklin, daughter of johnny richard & winnie moselle ellison butler) married june 07, 1942

note: Grave only assumed to be in this cemetery

Franklin, Hildred L.

b. January 03, 1926   d. June 12, 1970

Note: The relation of Hildred to other Franklin family members is unknown. He (she) is not listed as a child of Dennis L. Franklin in the 1930 census.


Franklin, Donald L.

b. December 08, 1924  d. December 19, 1971  Alabama, MSgt, USAF, Ret., WWI, Korea, Vietnam (husband of Nadell M. Franklin, son of dennis lee & irene adams franklin)  married January 15, 1971 Note:  Nadell may also be buried at Pilgrims Rest. She was born June 13, 1926 and died November 17, 2002.




Franklin, Dennis Lee

b.  January 02, 1893   d. April 30, 1976  PVT. us army, wwi (husband of irene adams)



unknown  note: Unmarked, located in the Franklin Plot.



unknown  note: Unmarked, located in the Franklin Plot.


Robbins, Emily

b. October 29, 1884  d. June 04, 1933


Parker, Sallie

b. July 17, 1853   d. July 23, 1927  (wife of needham h. parker)


Parker, Needham H.

b. June 09, 1849  d. January 17, 1923

Rose Hill, Covington County, Alabama (OLD CAULEYSVILE STORE)

Company "H" Twenty-Ninth Alabama Infantry Regiment

Parker, Levie H.

b. July 03, 1883   d. December 29, 1954  (son of needham h. & sallie parker)


Parker, Carrie Bell

b. March 02, 1887  d. October 19, 1939  (wife of levie h. parker)

Martinez, Willie C.

b. June 25, 1912   d. June 28, 1992


Martinez, Elizabeth

b. August 04, 1919  d. july 29, 1998   (Wife of Willie Martinez)

Wiggins, malachi (Mallie) J.

b. October 18, 1879   d. December 28, 1948  (son of willis jackson & ida kinney wiggins)

Malachi J. Wiggins



Fleta C. Colquett

Wiggins, Fleta C.

b. December 15, 1884   d. February 17, 1980  nee colquett (Wife of Mallie J. Wiggins, daughter of j. w. & frances barnes colquett ) married november 17, 1904

Wiggins, Wiley   (willey)

b. August 30, 1890   d. September 13, 1974  (son of willis jackson & ida kinney wiggins) NOTE: In the 1900 Covington Co. Census Wiley is listed as a son of J. & Ida Wiggins & brother of Mallie.

Wiley Wiggins





Clyde T. wiggins

Wiggins, Clyde T.

b.  March 13, 1890  d. April 27, 1975  (wife of wiley wiggins)

Smith, Clyde Beatrice

b. July 10, 1881   d. February 11, 1928  (wife of h. t. smith)


Colquett, Harriett Francess (Fannie)

b. November 01, 1848   d. October 05, 1936   Nee barnes (wife of Jack Wesley Colquett)

Frances "Fannie" Barnes

Lundsford, W. N.

No dates  Co A 18th Alabama Infantry, CSA *Co. "A" ("Bullock Guards", Coffee County)


Ray, Stephen B.

b. April 28, 1832   d.  March 11, 1916  Pvt., Co. G, 39th Alabama Infantry

Thirty-Ninth Alabama Infantry Regiment

Ray, Miriam

b.  September 27, 1832   d. July 14, 1897  (wife of stephen b. ray)

Ray, Lucy Jane

November 1895   d.  October 1897  (infant daughter of j. m. & addie e. ray)


Rowell, Henry Edmund

b.  March 09, 1877   d.  July 24, 1949  (son of henry sion & martha childs rowell)

Henry Edmund Rowell



Clara Melissa Colquitt

Rowell, Clara melissa

b. December 19, 1882   d. November 09, 1963  nee colquett (wife of Henry Rowell, daughter of Jack Wesley & frances barnes colquett)

Hardage, Mary E.

b. June 01, 1869   d.  December 03, 1929

nee taylor 1st (Wife of Joel T. Hardage, daughter of windal william & matilda jones taylor)

Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR





Joel Thomas HARDAGE

Hardage, Joel Thomas

b.  November 04, 1863   d.  October 30, 1932  (son of James McKinley & sarah jackson hardage, 2nd husband of Mattie Taylor Colvin) note: Mattie was a daughter of John & Almira Carter Taylor. Mattie & Mary Taylor were 1st cousins.

Merrill, Seth Clayton

b.  November 11, 1922   d.  April 25, 1946  (son of bolton & claudia clayton merrill)





Clayton family



Merrill, Bolton C.

b.  August 18, 1894    d.  June 19, 1986  (son of james isaac & sohronia  taylor merrill)

Merrill, Claudia C.

b.  February 14, 1894   d.  May 22, 1975

nee clayton (Wife of Bolton C. Merrill) married november 28, 1917

McBryde, James C.

b.  November 05, 1899   d.  June 14, 1953

(son of Daniel H. & Amzie Mcbryde)


McBryde, Minnie B.

b.  July 20, 1907   d. December 24, 1987

(Wife of James McBryde)

Rowell, Rex Rupert

b.  December 18, 1899   d.  August 01, 1960  (son of john green lafayette & maude estell colquitt)

Rex Rupert ROWELL




Nannie Bell SIRMON


sirmon family






Rowell, Nannie Bell

b.  March 17, 1903    d.  January 13, 1985 nee sirmon (Wife of Rex Rowell, daughter of Rufus Tildon &  Adeline Cornelia Handley sirmon) married march 22, 1922

Note: Rufus & Adeline are buried at the White Cemetery near Dozier in Crenshaw County.

Rowell, Infant

b.  January 23, 1923   No Other Dates   (Infant daughte of Rex and Nannie Rowell)

Rowell, Maude  estelle

b.  November 17, 1874    d.  October 22, 1961   nee colquitt (wife of John G. Rowell, daughter of john wesley & harriett frances barnes colquitt) married December 28, 1898)

Maude Estelle COLQUITT







John Green Lafayette ROWELL




Fred Eugene ROWELL

Rowell, John Green lafayette

b.  October 15, 1868    d.  February 05, 1905  (son of Henry Hardy Sion & Martha Ann Childs Rowell)

Rowell, Fred Eugene

b.  December 01, 1901   d.  February 28, 1902   (Son of John G. And Maude Rowell)

Rowell, Edgar Alonzo

b.  March 13, 1882  d. April 12, 1970  (son of Henry Hardy Sion & Martha Ann Childs Rowell)

Edgar Alonzo ROWELL





Rowell, Ella irene

b.  August 05, 1887    d.  February 01, 1978  nee colquitt  (wife of edgar alonzo Rowell, daughter of john wesley & harriett frances barnes colquitt) married november 06, 1904

Whitman, Quinnie R.

b.  December 15, 1912  only date  nee rowell (married a Mr.. whitman, (daughter of edgar alonzo & ella irene colquitt rowell))

Quinie Ray ROWELL

Rowell, Lomax

b.  May 01, 1916    d.  April 12, 1980

USA  WWII  (son of edgar alonzo & ella irene colquitt rowell)


Taylor, Minnie B.

b.  April 12, 1900    d.  April 25, 1977  (wife of andrew c. taylor)


Taylor, Andrew C.

b.  November 20, 1883    d.  January 14, 1969  (son of wendell & mary taylor)

Taylor, Zardus H.

b.  August 24, 1922    d. August 23, 1923  (Son of Andrew c. & Minnie Taylor)

Payne, Tennent lamar

b.  April 19, 1896     d.  December 04, 1953

Tenant Lamar PAYNE


Melita Jewel SIRMON

Payne, Melita Jewel

b.  September 01, 1899    d.  March 11, 1966  nee sirmon (Wife of Tennent L. Payne, daughter of nathan joel & Emma Lou Dozier)

Taylor, Rosie

b.  December 02, 1902     November 17, 1968


Robbins, Rebecca  (Becky)

b.  December 02, 1906    d.  December 19, 1954  (Wife of William Joshaway Robbins)


Robbins, William Joshaway

b.  February 10, 1907    June 20, 1989

Gay, John David

December 08, 1900    d.  November 10, 1959  (son of william m. & adaline gay)


Gay, Ella F.

b.  July 28, 1900    d.  February 25, 1983  nee hunt (wife of john d. gay)

Gay, Infant

b.  December 22, 1905    d.  January 13, 1906  (child of william m. & adaline gay)


Gay, James Elmore

b.  November 01, 1907    d.  January 12, 1908  (son of william m. & adaline gay)


Jackson, Martha M.

b.  April 28, 1839    d.  July 08, 1908

nee mansfield (Wife of Jesse Green Jackson, daughter of martha mansfield)





42nd Alabama Infantry Co. "E"


Jackson, Jesse Green

b.  1832      d.  1863  Note: On marker,  Pvt Co E 42nd Alabama Volunteers  CSA, Siege of Vicksburg.  Memorial marker at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery.

Jackson, Rufus W.

b.  October 30, 1905    d.  March 13, 1915 (Son of Robert Franklin And Maxie L. straughn Jackson)




Robert Franklin Jackson




Maxie Lula Straughn


Straughn ancestors

Jackson, Robert Franklin

b.  March 04, 1862    d.  September 10, 1914  (son of jesse & martha mansfield jackson)

Jackson, Maxie Lula

b.  June 03, 1872    d.  October 29, 1955

nee straughn (Wife of Robert Franklin Jackson, daughter of john green & loretta frances johns jackson)

Jackson, Marcia E.

b.  August 09, 1897    d.  June 31, 1899

(daughter of Robert Franklin And Maxie L. straughn Jackson)

Bowers, Charles Henry

b.  1866    d.  1899  (son of william & mary turberville bowers)

Charles Henry BOWERS



Viola Elizebeth "Lizzie" DOZIER

Daniel Dozier part II

Bowers, Viola Elizabeth   (lizzie)

b.  1867    d.  1954  nee dozier (wife of charles henry bowers, daughter of elias & martha jem feagan dozier) married october 31, 1887

Bowers, Infant

No dates   (daughter of charles h. & viola Elizabeth dozier bowers)

Gay, Wilburn T.

b.  December 05, 1891      d.  July 27, 1937


Gay, Bunnie G.

b.  December 04, 1894      d.  May 20, 1978  (wife of Wilburn T. Gay)

Taylor, Mollie

b.  October 09, 1872    d.  July 27, 1956  nee bowers (2nd Wife of William Wendell Taylor, daughter of william & mary turberville bowers)



Descendants of William Taylor






William Wendell TAYLOR

Taylor, Infant

b.  1901     Only Date  (Son of William wendell and Mollie bowers Taylor)

Taylor, William Wendell

b.  June 11, 1860    d.  March 17, 1945  (son of william wendell, sr. & matilda jones taylor)

Shields, Rachael R.

b.  March 25, 1864    d.  September 04, 1913  (1st Wife of daniel W. Shields)


Shields, daniel W.

b.  January 24, 1858    d.  March 20, 1937  (son of john & rebecca shields)

Shields, Samuel P.

b.  January 27, 1897    d.  May 15, 1983 (son of Daniel W. And Rachael R. Shields)

Ellison, Samuel Keil

b.  June 20, 1875    d.  October 02, 1937


Ellison, Martha Frances

b.  August 14, 1883    d.  October 24, 1954 (Wife of Samuel Ellison)

Folmar, Luther

b.  June 02, 1894    d.  November 28, 1922  (son of james robert & martha jane davidson folmar, husband of epsie elizabeth smith) note: Died of pneumonia at age 28.

Luther Davison FOLMAR

Straughn, Dallas

No dates   note: Unknown if this is Dallas H. Straughn, son of Andrew Icalier & Augusta Barrow Straughn, or a Jr. Dallas H. Straughn was born about 1907 and married Minnie Lee Mallory.


Straughn, Andrew Icalier

b.  March 18, 1876    d.  March 31, 1965  (son of john green & loretta frances johns straughn, husband of augusta barrow & virginia milton)

Andrew Icalier STRAUGHN

straughn, William John

b.  March 05, 1878    February 17, 1960  (son of john green & loretta frances johns straughn)


Straughn, John Green

b.  june 17, 1848   d.  november 08, 1931

(son of leroy marion & mary ann taylor straughn)





Loretta Francis JOHNS

Straughn, loretta Frances

b.  1844    d.  1934  nee johns (wife of john green straughn, daughter of jonathan & elizabeth ann hancok johns) married january 01, 1871

Robbins, Howell

b.  July 03, 1882    d.  January 31, 1934  (son of james hillary, sr.  & ada carter robbins)

Howell Robbins



James Hillary Robbins , Sr.



Florence W. Worley

Robbins, James hillary, Sr.

b.  May 03, 1848    d.  December 15, 1933  (son of thomas & matilda robbins)

Robbins, Florence W.

b.  January 04, 1875    d.  October 28, 1950  nee worley (4th wife of james hillary robbins, sr.) married september 17, 1896

Franklin, Kenneth E.

b.  March 18, 1955    d.  June 11, 1981


Franklin, Gail N.

b.  June 07, 1956  (Wife of Kenneth Franklin )

Franklin, Craig

b.  August 05, 1961    d.  March 07, 1981


Franklin, Jewell

b.  October 30, 1926


Butler, Vershel eldred


b.  March 17, 1922    d.  1937  (son of Johnnie richard & Winnie Moselle ellison Butler)




Winnie Moselle Ellison



Johnnie Richard Butler

Descendants of Howell Sasser

Butler, Winnie  Moselle

b.  1902    d.  1981   nee ellison (Wife of Johnnie richard Butler)

Butler, Johnnie Richard

b.  July 25, 1896    d.  April 15, 1920  (son of william lloyd & Mador Ann Wyatt butler)

Franklin, Horace Sr.

b.  October 12, 1926    d.  August 17, 1973  Alabama Pfc. USAAC  (son of dennis lee & IRENE ADAMS FRANKLIN)


Franklin,  Dorothy

b.  October 21, 1933 (Wife of Horace Franklin, Sr.)

Hall, Marvin L.

b.  August 22, 1923    d.  January 19, 1978  USA, Pvt.,  WWII


Hall, Esther L.

b.  November 30, 1927  (Wife of Marvin Hall)

Kirby, Hazel

b. October 08, 1913    d.  June 13, 1983  nee harris note: In Harris plot


Harris, Hugh

b.  July 28, 1918  d. november 15, 2001  (possible son of william & mattie harris)


Harris, Eddie Pearl

b.  January 09, 1921  d. february 16, 1999  nee lisenby  (wife of hugh harris)

Holmes, Gus L.

b.  July 16, 1886    d.  January 13, 1966  Alabama Pvt  USA  WWI


Stricklin, Robert Miles

b.  April 01, 1865    d.  January 19, 1945


Stricklin, Sarah

b.  October 08, 1868    d.   March 08, 1919  Nee jones (wife of robert miles stricklin)

Stricklin, Cledia Ester

b.  October 03, 1894    d.   September 26, 1898  (daughter of robert miles & sarah jones stricklin)

Stricklin, Jadie Lee

b.  November 01, 1895    d.  September 19, 1896  (daughter of robert miles & sarah jones stricklin)

Bowers, Amy

b.  March 30, 1878    d.  February 24, 1904  (1st Wife of Elon Almarine Bowers)


Bowers, Infant

No Dates  (Daughter of Elon Almarine And Amy Bowers)

Wiggins, Willis Jackson

b.  August 14, 1850    d.  June 04, 1935  (son of Simeon & nancy ann hudson wiggins)

Willis Jackson Wiggins




Ida Kinney




Calvin Walter Wiggins




Joseph Laban Wiggins

Wiggins, Ida

b.  October 17, 1856    d.  December 06, 1936  nee kinney (Wife of Willis J. Wiggins, daughter of unknown & unity kinney)

Wiggins, Calvin walter

b.  May 06, 1897    d.  September 28, 1922  (son of Willis Jackson and Ida kinney Wiggins, 1st husband of susan taylor)

Wiggins, Joseph Laban

march 09, 1889 d. November 10,1909

(son of Willis Jackson and Ida kinney Wiggins)

Wiggins, Infant

b. August 29, 1914 Still birth

(Child of Lawson Hermon & Sarah F. "Sallie" Osteen Wiggins)

Infant Wiggins




Evelyn Wiggins



Betty Jean Wiggins

Wiggins, Evelyn

b.  October 19, 1922    d.  April 14, 1923  (daughter of Lawson Hermon & Sarah F. "Sallie" Osteen Wiggins)

Wiggins, Betty Jean

b.  July 07, 1933    d.  September 07, 1933  (daughter of Lawson Hermon & Sarah F. "Sallie" Osteen Wiggins)

Wiggins, Lawson Hermon

b.  February 28, 1883    d.  September 27, 1966  (son of Willis Jackson and Ida kinney Wiggins)

Lawson Hermon Wiggins



Sarah F. "Sallie" Osteen

Wiggins, Sallie F.

b.  December 12, 1896    d.  November 17, 1989  nee osteen (Wife of Lawson H. Wiggins, daughter of james & bettie osteen)

Wiggins, Marvin B.

b.  April 29, 1885    d.  June 13, 1974  (son of Willis Jackson and Ida kinney Wiggins, husband of lilla e. tisdale)

Marvin B. Wiggins

Bowers, Dempse L.

b.  February 04, 1900    d.  July 09, 1980  (son of Elon Almarine & Amy bowers)


Bowers, Jessie

b.  August 08, 1900    d.  June 24, 1988  (wife of Dempse L. Bowers)

Bowers, Lewis

b.  February 07, 1902    d.  October 06, 1951  (son of Elon Almarine & Amy bowers)


Bowers, william Willis

b.  January 08, 1904    d.  June 07, 1951  (son of Elon Almarine & Amy bowers, grand son of willis j. & ida kinney wiggins) note: Living with grandparents when the 1910 census was taken.


Bowers, Lottie R.

b.  March 08, 1937    d.  January 15, 1968


Bowers, Erma

b.  February 01, 1916    d.  August 26, 1991  nee mallory (daughter of charlie & lisa mallory, husband unknown. married prior to a Mr. parker)


Bowers, Elon Almarine

b.  January 28, 1872    d.  December 28, 1946  (son of william & Marry Turberville bowers)


Bowers, Fannie L.

b.  September 16, 1889    d.  August 07, 1981  nee parker (2nd wife of elon almarine bowers, daughter of needham h. & sallie parker)

Bowers, Billy N.

b.  January 26, 1925    d.  January 01, 1989  SH2  USN  Korea


Bowers, Shirley A.

b.  January 10, 1944  (Wife of Billy Bowers)

Harris, Windle Ashley

b.  July 15, 1911    d.  August 25, 1911  (Son of Aubrey Ashley & Vinnie L. taylor harris)





Vinnie Lee Taylor

Harris, Vinnie L.

b.  November 07, 1890    d.  November 11, 1918  nee taylor (1st  wife of Aubrey Ashley harris, Daughter of William Wendell and Nancy Taylor) Note: Aubrey & his 2nd wufe, Inez Bowers, are buried at the DOZIER CEMETERY.

Taylor, Nancy Ann

b.  August 05, 1852    d.  June 14, 1922

nee wiggins (2nd Wife of William Wendell Taylor, 1st wife of Graves Worley, daughter of Simeon & nancy ann hudson wiggins))

Nancy Ann Wiggins

Wiggins, Kimmey

b.  March 21, 1893    d.  January 17, 1972

(son of willis jackson & ida kinney wiggins)

Kimmey Wiggins




Catherine Ann Wiggins



Margaret Wiggins



Idell Alford

Wiggins, Catherine Ann

b.  February 12, 1939    d.  March 30, 1950  (daughter of kimmey & idell alford wiggins)

Wiggins, Margaret

b.  August 08, 1919    d.  December 25, 1930  (daughter of kimmey & idell alford wiggins)

Wiggins, Idell Alford

b.  September 10, 1897    d.  December 07, 1949  (wife of kimmey wiggins)

Sharpe, Emery

b.  July 20, 1916    d.  April 30, 1918

(Son of George Washington and Arrie register Sharpe)


Sharpe, Clydie Lee

b.  1904    d.  1933


Sharpe, Arrie susan jane

b.  September 27, 1883    d.  February 01, 1987  nee register (wife of George Washington Sharpe, daughter of james ashley, jr. & georgia barron register) married september 27, 1903

Arrie Susan Jane REGISTER








George Washington SHARPE

Sharpe, George Washington

b.  september 27, 1878    d.  july 04, 1943  (son of john calhoun & elliot amanda grimes sharpe)

Mallette, Infant

b.  December 03, 1905    d. December 03, 1905  (Child of Lawrence L. and Lavonia Mallette) note: Lawrence was a brother of John Darling Mallette, Sr.


Mallette, Otis

b.  February 04, 1901    d.  November 15, 1901     (Son of Lawrence L. and Lavonia Mallette)

Mallette, Allie Ree

b.  December 14, 1897    January 16, 1898  (Daughter of William Albert And Flora rowell Mallette) note: William was a brother of John Darling Mallette, Sr.


Mallette, Alice

b.  June 20, 1847    d.  October 17, 1907  (mother of john d., lawrence l. & william a. mallette)


Mallette, Infant

October 14, 1895    No other date  (Son of John Darling and C. E. Mallette)


Mallette, Infant

b.  November 07, 1896    d. November 07, 1896 (Daughter of John Darling and C. E. Mallette)

Mallette, c. E.

b.  January 29, 1875    d.  December 06, 1896  (1st Wife of John Darling Mallette)

Mallette, Dollie Alice

b.  March 13, 1911    d.  January 20, 1912 (Daughter of John Darling and Mary I. Mallette)


Mallette, Mary I.

b.  April 07, 1885    d.  April 20, 1922  (2nd Wife of John Darling Mallette)  “There is an obvious error on one or more of the above John Darling & C.E. Mallette markers as if it is correct that C. E. Mallette died in 1896 then the child Dollie Alice b.1911 could not be hers.  Perhaps Dollie Alice is the child of the 2nd wife Mary I.   If not, then the birth dates on her marker or the death date on C. E.  Mallette’s marker is in error.”  Lisa Franklin  Tracking Your Roots

Mallette, John Darling

b.  March 01, 1863    November 03, 1948


Mallette, John Darling Jr.,

b. March 09, 1915    October 26, 1964

(Son of John Darling Mallete and Mary I. Mallette) (See note above)

Langford, Ruth Idelle

b.  April 25, 1905    d.  October 05, 1959  nee mallette (Wife of Ewell Nye Langford) note: Though there is an obvious connection to the Mallette Family, that connection has not been found.



descendnats of george w. Langford





Pugh, Peugh Family connections

Langford, Ewell Nye

b.  November 24, 1902  October 24, 1971  (son of Hugh Blair Moseley & Sarah Frances Addieran WADSWORTH langford)

Turbeville, Mary

b.  August 03, 1802    d.  January 13, 1897  (believed to be the wife of James Turberville)





William henry BOWERS





Bowers, William Henry

b.  No Dates Company K, 37th Alabama Infantry, CSA  (son of samuel & sarah bowers)

Bowers, Mary Anne

b.  November 25, 1844    d. February 20, 1937  nee turberville (wife of William Henry Bowers, daughter of james & mary turberville)

Jones, Morgan Davis

b.  December 08, 1862    d.  May 04, 1954  (son of John Hollinger & Laurana STEWART jones)

Morgan Davis JONES




Matilda Melita Dozier




Leola Lessie Jones





Mary Laura Jones



Jones, Melita Matilda

b.  July 15, 1870    d. May 14, 1924  nee dozier (wife of morgan davis jones, daughter of green berry & arrenia rebecca rowell dozier)

Jones, Leola Leslie

b.  December 15, 1889    d.  February 18, 1895  (daughter of morgan davis & matilda melita dozier jones)

Jones, Mary Laura

b.  October 08, 1893    d.  January 24, 1895  (daughter of morgan davis & matilda melita dozier jones)

Jones, John Isham

b.  April 15, 1866    d. February 14, 1897 (son of John Hollinger & Laurana STEWART jones)

John Isham JONES

Straughn, Winaford S.

b.  November 04, 1843    November 14, 1888   (daughter of leroy marion & mary ann taylor straughn) note: Sister of Andrew C. Straughn who married Mary Elizabeth Jones, sister to Morgan Davis & John Isham Jones.

Winaford s. STRAUGHN

Searcy, Sarah Elvia

b.  August 25, 1903    July 16, 1944  nee hicks (wife of john searcy, daughter of  maultry jack & levina rebecca dozier hicks) married November 03, 1923

Sarah Elvia HICKS





Carolyn Lee SEARCY

Searcy, Carolyn Lee

b.  January 18, 1925    February 12, 1926  (daughter of john & sarah elvia hicks searcy)

Blair, augustus ulysses (gus)

b.  October 08, 1890    d.   May 06, 1944

Augustus Ulysses BLAIR



Laura Zerline HICKS




Rebecca Zerline BLAIR

Blair, Laura  Zerline (Love)

b.  November 11, 1896    d.  November 08, 1955  nee hicks (daughter of  maultry jack & levina rebecca dozier hicks)

Blair, Rebecca Zerline

b.  October 01, 1920    d.  October 24, 1939  (daughter of augustus ulysses & Laura Zerline HICKS blair)

Hicks, levinia rebecca (m. L.  Lee )

b.  June 07, 1872    March 02, 1946  nee dozier  (wife of maultry jack hicks, daughter of green berry & arena rebecca rowell dozier) married 1891

Levinia Rebecca DOZIER





Maultry Jack HICKS




Annie Lee HICKS


Grave of Annie L. Stallings





Jessie Berry HICKS

Grave of Jessie B. Hicks



William Tankersley HICKS

Hix, maultry Jack

b.  July 22, 1868    d.  September 01, 1944

( husband of levina rebecca dozier, son of jesse green & m. L. Hicks)  note: Name misspelled on marker.

Stallings, Annie Lee

b.  October 14, 1892    April 24, 1964

nee hicks (wife of Thomas Daniel STALLINGS  & Oscar Ferman THOMPSON, daughter of  maultry jack & levina rebecca dozier hicks)  note: Buried in same lot.

Hicks, Jesse Berry

b.  August 22, 1894    d.  May 22, 1929  (Son of  of  maultry jack & levina rebecca dozier hicks) on marker: He died as he lived, a Christian.

Hicks, William Tankersley

b.  May 03, 1904    December 07, 1974 (Son of  maultry jack & levina rebecca dozier hicks)

Dozier, rebecca Adaline

b.  September 23, 1835    d.  February 15, 1917  nee holly (wife of Paul Dozier, daughter of calvin & Mary Polly Mancill holly)

Adaline HOLLY







Dozier, Paul

b.  March 18, 1828    d.  April 24, 1899  (Son of Daniel Dozier and Elizabeth Taylor)

Dozier, Sherry Paul

b.  February 03, 1904    February 10, 1914  (daughter of Calvin L. Holley & maude MCFERRIN dozier)   Note: Calvin & Maude are buried at the DOZIER CEMETERY.

Sherry Paul DOZIER





Addie Belle DOZIER

Dozier, Addie Belle

b.  June 02, 1911    d.  March 28, 1912  (daughter of Calvin L. Holley & maude MCFERRIN dozier)

Jackson, Nobbie

b.  January 05, 1904    d.  March 17, 1980  Nee Rowell (wife of robert aubrey jackson, daughter of Joel Edmund & Elizabeth Louvenia Davis rowell ) married February 20, 1921







Robert Aubrey JACKSON

Jackson, Robert Aubrey

b.  August 26, 1900    d.  December 14, 1959  (son of Jesse green & anna campbell jackson)

Jackson, Dorothy Elaine

b.  Janaury 07, 1923    d.  June 10, 1940  (daughter of Robert Aubrey & Nobbie rowell jackson) note: Died in drowning accident along with Annie & Mary Lee Jackson)

Dorothy Elaine JACKSON






Annie Luvenia JACKSON







Jackson, Annie Luvenia

b.  November 07, 1926    d. June 10, 1940  (daughter of Robert Aubrey & Nobbie rowell jackson) note: Died in drowning accident along with Dorothy Elaine & Mary Lee Jackson)

Jackson, Mary Lee

b.  December 08, 1927     d.  June 10, 1940   (daughter of george rodney & mamie taylor jackson) note: Died in drowning accident along with Dorothy Elaine & Annie Luvenia Jackson in the Patsalagia River)

Jackson, Mamie Taylor

b.  March 13, 1898    d.  February 13, 1967  (Wife of George Rodney Jackson, daughter of Enoc Marvin & Lula Nichols taylor)






George Rodney JACKSON

Jackson, George Rodney

b.  March 31, 1896    d.  June 17, 1964  (son of Jesse green & anna campbell jackson)

Dozier, Clark Manning

b.  June 22, 1913    d.  April 28, 1966  (son of Columbus manning & Margaret Clark dozier)

Clark Manning DOZIER





Columbus Manning DOZIER

Dozier, Columbus Manning

b.  April 20, 1881    d.  June 14, 1919

(husband of margaret clark, son of green berry & Arrenia Rebecca Rowell dozier)

Jeter, Willie

b.  1864    d.  1969  note: The only Willie Jeter found in the Census was born March 1888, a son of Lorenzo & Makissa Jeter. It is unknown as to the connection to the Dozier family. The Willie mentioned here had a brother named “Columbus.”


Sirmon, Nathan Joel

b.  July 21, 1863    d.  July 28, 1928  (son of Nathan James & elizabeth simmons sirmon)

Nathan Joel SIRMON





sirmon, Emma Lou

b.  May 08, 1874     d.  February 12, 1954 nee dozier (Wife of Nathan Joel Sirmon, daughter of Green Berry & Arrenia Rebecca Rowell dozier)

Ellison, Ernie M.

b.  April 22, 1905    d.  May 31, 1987


Ellison, Eunav R.

b.  September 25, 1909    d.  March 23, 1960  (Wife of Ernie m. Ellison)

Ray, Jim Oliver

b.  April 08, 1860    d.  January 31, 1933


Ray, Dueanice

b.  October 04, 1919    d.  June 28, 1934


Etheridge, Tamsie Parm

b.  1823    d.  1908  nee Alewine    (wife of elijah jefferson etheridge, daughter of david & nancy william alewine)

Tamsie Parm Alewine




Elijah Jefferson Etheridge

Descendants of Elijah Jefferson Etheridge







 David Washington etheridge

Etheridge, Elijah Jefferson

b.    December 01, 1815    d.  April 19, 1877  note: Elijah was born in Wilkinson County, Georgia. In the 1930 Census there is only one Etheridge family listed. This was the family of Edward Etheridge who had a son between 15-20. This is likely the father of Elijah. Possibly Thomas Edward Etheridge.

Etheridge, David Washington

b.  September 20, 1851    d.  February 06, 1871  (son of elijah jefferson & tamsie alewine etheridge) note:  died of pneumonia

Jackson, S. R.

b.  January 04, 1887    d.  January 11, 1900  (Daughter of J. M. And L. A. Jackson)

Susan r.  JACKSON

Stricklin, D. C., Miles E.

b.  July 13, 1898    d.  December 12, 1974  (son of robert miles & sarah jones stricklin)

Social Security Death Index

Payne, Infant

b.  December 27, 1923   Only Date (Son of Tennent LaMont and Melita Jewel Sirmon payne)

Infant PAYNE



Carlton Lamar PAYNE

Payne, Carlton Lamar

b.  October 31, 1920    d.  Janaury 03, 1921  (Son of Tennent LaMont and Melita Jewel Sirmon payne)

Taylor, Issac

b.  February 11, 1828    d.  December 27, 1904  (Son of William Wendell & Rebecca Arnette Taylor)


Taylor, Charlotte

b.  June 03, 1832    d.  October 31, 1904  (Wife of Issac Taylor)

Rowell, James m.

b.  1802    d.  1891  (son of valentine & susannah easterling)





Rowell family

Rowell, Lucinda

b.  1809    d.  1891  nee wheeless (wife of james rowell) married december 23, 1824

Rowell, James Zachariah

b.  April 29, 1870    d.  July 20, 1887  (Son of  Henry Hardy sion &  Martha Ann childs Rowell)

James Zachariah ROWELL





Julius Marvin ROWELL


Henry Hardy Sion ROWELL



Martha Ann CHILDS

Rowell, Julius Marvin

b.  March 03, 1884    d.  December 16, 1901  (Son of  Henry Hardy sion &  Martha Ann childs Rowell)

Rowell, Henry Hardy sion

b.  April 06, 1842    October 10, 1919  (son of james m. & lucinda Wheeles rowell)

Rowell, Martha Ann

b.  December 04, 1842    d.  October 30, 1921   nee childs (Wife of Henry H. Rowell, daughter of Zachariah Childs) married March 11, 1866

Jackson, William Green

b.  May 13, 1892    d.  August 07, 1973  (son of jesse green & annie campbell green)

Willie Green JACKSON

Jackson, Carl G.

b.  August 10, 1919    d.  September 24, 1924


Jackson, Anna Lee

b.  1880    d.  1951  (daughter of jesse green & annie campbell green)  note: never married









Jesse Green JACKSON




infant  JACKSON


John Benjamin JACKSON

Jackson, Annie

b.  October 14, 1858    d.  July 10, 1942 nee Campbell  (wife of jesse green jackson, daughter of daniel & mary john grider campbell)

Jackson, jesse green

b.  September 04, 1852    d.  May 20, 1903  (believed to be a son of james m. jackson)

Jackson, Infant

b. September 03, 1898 only date  (daughter of jesse green & annie campbell green)

Jackson, Little John B.

b.  March 21, 1888    d.  May 23, 1896 (son of jesse green & annie campbell green)


(Wife of jesse jackson believed to be mary brady)   note: Dates and other information on slab are illegible.





jesse john jackson

Jackson, Jesse john


b.  1787    d.  1858  Pvt., Thomas Company, Georgia Militia, War of 1812

Jackson, James M.

b.  September 04, 1824    d.  February 07, 1896  Pvt., Company B, 18th Regiment, Alabama Volunteers, CSA  (believed to be the a son of jesse john & mary brady jackson)


Jackson, Benjamin Franklin

b.  January 20, 1838    d.  May 28, 1864  Cpl., Company B, 33rd Regiment, Alabama Volunteers, CSA  (husband of mathar matilda stubbs, son of jesse john & mary brady jackson) Note: Benjamin was killed in the Civil War.  Matilda is buried at the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama.

Benjamin Franklin Jackson

Nelson, Fannie

b.  December 29, 1870    d.  December 22, 1904


Taylor, Robert

b.  March 06, 1887    d.  January  03, 1888   (Son of Z. T. And M. E. Scofield Taylor)


Taylor, Carry S.

b.  April 14, 1894    d.  December 04, 1894  (daughter of Z. T. And M. E. Scofield Taylor)

Taylor, Dan

b. November 09, 1894    d.  December 01, 1894  (Son of Z. T. And M. E. Scofield Taylor)

Scofield, Philip

b.  April 10, 1896    only date


Scofield, Elizabeth

b.  November 24, 1856    d.  July 02, 1914


Turner, Mary Macdoyln

b.  May 30, 1926    d.  July 12, 1926 (Daughter of John Henry & Mary Ann Hardage Turner)

Mary Macdoylyn TURNER

Hardage, Sarah

b.  December 28, 1819    d.  January 19, 1910  nee jackson (wife of James McKinley Hardage, mother of mary ann hardage, daughter of joel & unknown martin jackson)


Mills, M. A.

b.  March 04, 1855    d.  January 07, 1927


Walker, L. D.

b.  March 04, 1891    January 11, 1918  (Husband of L. E. Walker)


Rowell, James Edmund

b.  March 06, 1836    d. December 31, 1875  (son of james M. & lucinda wheeless rowell, husband of mary ann jackson)

James Edmund ROWELL

Rowell, Mary

b.  April 18, 1858    d.  February 10, 1859  nee jackson (dau8ghter of james edmund & mary ann jackson rowell)

Rowell, Robert Valentine

b.    January 02, 1861    d.  January 12, 1861  (son of green berry & emily jane jackson rowell)

Robert Valentine Rowell

Rowell, Exy

b.  September 10, 1879    d.  December 28, 1879  (Daughter of John Hardy & sarah hardage Rowell)

Exy Rowell

Rowell, Jesse green

b.  August 10, 1867    d.  January 13, 1882  (son of green berry & emily jane jackson rowell)

Jesse Green Rowell



Emily Jane Jackson

Rowell Emily Jane

b.  June 28, 1830    d. October 12, 1915  nee jackson (wife of green berry jackson) married June 08, 1854

Fowler, Agnes

b.  September 04, 1913    d.  July 25, 1927


Milton, David A

b.  August 11, 1899    d.  July 14, 1968


Milton, Vera R.

b.  May 18?2    d. unknown  (this may be the wife of david a. milton)

Rodgers, Anna Griffin

b.  June 30, 1891    d.  June 08, 1941   nee watson (Wife of John F. Rodgers)

Anna Griffin WATSON

Williams, Julia A.

b.  March 01, 1911    d.  March 20, 1965  nee rodgers (Wife of W. J. Williams, believed to be a dauhter of john & anna watson rodgers)

Rowell, James hardy

b.  August 08, 1856    d. July 1929  (Husband of Sarah A. E. hardage Rowell, son of green berry & Emily Jane Jackson rowell)

James Hardy Rowell

Hardage, Laura L.

b.  January 07, 1883    d.  July 15, 1883 (Daughter of William Martin & Sarah Weatherford Hardage)





Fannie Brown HARDAGE



William Martin HARDAGE


Weatherford family



Hardage, Frances (fannie) Brown

b.  December 07, 1879    d.  July 16, 1883 (Daughter of William Martin & Sarah Weatherford Hardage)

Hardage, William Martin

b.  October 02, 1858    d.  March 28, 1930  (son of James McKinley & sarah jackson hardage)

Hardage, Sarah

b.  June 24, 1861    d.  July 10, 1925 nee weatherford (Wife of William Martin Hardage, daughter of Seaborn j. &  Frances Dozier weatherford)

Hardage, John Thomas

b.  August 10, 1884    d.  October 07, 1936 (son of William Martin & Sarah Weatherford Hardage)

John Thomas HARDAGE





Hardage, Alma Hester

b.  December 31, 1883    d.  December 17, 1966  nee stripling (Wife of John Thomas Hardage, daughter of john & amanda striplimg) married november 1905

Hardage, John Benton

b.  June 26, 1917       Only Date  (son of John Thomas & Alma Hester Stripling hardage)

William (john) Benton HARDAGE

Hardage, Louise R.

b.  February 12, 1922       Only Date  (Wife of John Benton Hardage)

Hardage, Judith L.

b.  February 03, 1948    d.  February 06, 1948 (Daughter of John Benton And Louise R. Hardage)

Rowell, Edith

b.  August 28, 1924    d.  September 23, 1924 (this may be a daughter or grand daughter of joel edmund & elizabeth louvenia davis rowell)






Emily Louisa ROWELL






Sonnnie Nan ROWELL



Elizabeth Louvenia DAVIS




Joel Edmund ROWELL




Laura Macie ROWELL



Leslie Paul ROWELL

Rowell, Emily louisa

b.  May 17, 1896    d.  July 30, 1897  (daughter of joel edmund & elizabeth louvenia davis rowell)

Rowell, Infant

b.  October 11, 1900    d.  October 27, 1900 (daughter of joel edmund & elizabeth louvenia davis rowell)

Rowell, Sonnie nan

b.  October 01, 1901    d.  October 07, 1904  (son of joel edmund & elizabeth louvenia davis rowell)

Rowell, Elizabeth Louvenia

b.  June 28, 1875    d.  January 07, 1918 nee davis (Wife of Joel E. Rowell, daughter of william h. & louisa davis)

Rowell, Joel Edmond

b.  June 12, 1858    d.  September 18, 1947  (son of green berry & Emily Jane Jackson rowell)

Rowell, Laura Macie

b.  May 20, 1909    d.  October 19, 1931 (daughter of joel edmund & elizabeth louvenia davis rowell)

Rowell, Leslie Paul

b.  April 30, 1914    d.  March 14, 1992  (son of joel edmund & elizabeth louvenia davis rowell)

DeLoach, Emiley

b.  April 05, 1849    d.  September 07, 1920  (wife of william deloach) on marker; Age 71 years, 5 months, 2 days    note: Per 1880 Census, 24 years younger than William.



b.  September 05, 1892    d.  December 31, 1904 note: Broken marker-upper half, unidentified, rest of marker missing. Relation to Deloach family unknown.


DeLoach, William M.

b.  March 05, 1815    d.  December 01, 1899  (believed to be the husband of sarah deloach) on marker; Born in Marion District, South Carolina  note: Listed in the 1860 Pike County Census as Wm. Engraved on his tombstone as W. M.


Davis, William H.

B.  1833    D.  1911   Co. C, CS Marine Corps

csn gravesites

Davis, Louisa

b.  1848    d.  1926   (wife of william h. davis)

Merrill, William Grady

b.  March 06, 1904    d.  March 17, 1970 (son of James isaac & Sophronia Rebecca  taylor Merrill)

William Grady MERRILL




Semmie Lee HICKS

Merrill, Semmie T.  (lee)

b.  August 30, 1909    d.  March 03, 1951  nee hicks  (wife of william grady merrill)

Merrill, James isaac

b.  September 07, 1872    d.  January 30, 1944  (son of jacob perry & mary elefare parrish merrill)

James Isaac MERRILL




Sophronia R. TAYLOR






Merrill, Sophronia Rebecca

b.  February 07, 1874    d.  March 06, 1950  nee taylor (Wife of James isaac Merrill, daughter of John Jeptha & Almira E. Carter taylor) married 1893

Merrill, Infant

b.  March 03, 1897    Only date   (Child of James isaac & Sophronia Rebecca  taylor Merrill)

Merrill, Clemence

b.  February 18, 1902    d.  June 12, 1902 (Daughter of william jacob & emma lena taylor Merrill)

Clemence MERRILL







William Jacob MERRILL



Emma Lena TAYLOR

Merrill, Alburn

b.  April 02, 1908    d.  November 19, 1909  (son of william jacob & emma lena taylor Merrill)

Merrill, William Jacob

b.  December 06, 1874    d.  July 03, 1929  (son of jacob perry & mary elefare parrish merrill)

Merrill, emma Lena

b.  April 01, 1881    d.  August 20, 1969  nee taylor  (wife of william jacob taylor, daughter of John Jeptha & Almira E. Carter taylor) married February 10, 1901

McBryde, Infant

b.  1937    Only date  (Child of Mr. And Mrs. Clifford McBryde)


Mallette, Infant

b.  1910    Only date  (Son of C. t. & Ettie Taylor mallette)




Mallette, Ettie

b.  1878    d.  1910   nee taylor  (Wife of C. T. Mallette, daughter of John Jeptha & Almira E. Carter taylor)

Merrill, Arnold William

b.  September 04, 1898    d.  November 01, 1973  (son of joseph porter & mittie augusta compton merrill)

William Arnold MERRILL



Clara Mabel MALLETTE

Merrill, Clara Mabel

b.  August 28, 1899    d.  July 07, 1969  nee mallette (wife of arnold william merrill, daughter of Cellas & etta mallette)

Duncan, Julius J.

b.  July 17, 1861    d.  October 02, 1912  (son of Julius M. & Elizabeth Duncan)

Duncans in Pike Co. AL

Duncan, Ellen D.

b.  July 17, 1867    July 08, 1961  (wife of julius J. Duncan)

Duncan L. Roy

b.  February 06, 1898    d. July 12, 1973  (believed to be a son of julius j. & ellen duncan)

Hale, Ivan L.

b.  August 11, 1896    d.  September 30, 1962

Ivan L. HALE



Hale, Stella T.

b.  September 16, 1904    d.  January 13, 1987  nee taylor (wife of ivan l. hale & horace bowers, daughter of william andrew & Adaline jones taylor)

Hale, William T.

b.  November 29, 1901    Only date


Taylor, Lizzie may

b.  April 06, 1876    d.  November 14, 1913  (Daughter of John Jeptha &  Almira E. carter Taylor)


Bowers, william Horace

B.  September 05, 1894    d.  August 07, 1971 ( 2nd Husband of Stella Hale, son of charles henry & viola elizabeth dozier bowers)


Colvin, Augustus Barfield, M. D.

b.  January 31, 1869    d.  August 26, 1925

(son of james henry & Elizabeth Turberville colvin)

Augustus Barfield COLVIN



Mattie jane taylor

Colvin, Mattie jane

b.  August 31, 1884    d.  June 16, 1996  nee taylor Wife of Dr. Augustus Colvin, daughter of John Jeptha & Almira E. Carter taylor, 2nd wife of joel hardage. also married a Mcghee)

Lonie  (Adaline Martha Malonie)

b.  december 07, 1871   d.  august 11, 1949

nee jones (wife of william andrew taylor, daughter of wright & easter bradley jones)

Adaline Martha Malonie JONES




William Andrew TAYLOR

William Andrew TAYLOR

b.  september 10, 1871   d.  february 05, 1943  (son of John Jeptha & Almira E. Carter taylor)

Taylor, Almira Emily

b.  June 10, 1846    d.  October 01, 1910  nee carter (Wife of john jeptha. Taylor, daughter of Jack w. & winny j. Carter)

Almira Emily CARTER



John Jeptha TAYLOR

Taylor, John Jeptha

b.  July 08, 1847    d.  December 09, 1925  (son of John Arnette & Rebecca Carter taylor)

Etheridge, Elizabeth Lavina

b.  September 02, 1858    d.  January 21, 1911  nee odum (wife of stephen william etheridge, daughter of Issac & lucy blocker odum)








Descendants of Elijah Jefferson Etheridge


Etheridge, Jasper

b.  May 12, 1884    d.  August 04, 1905

(son of stephen william & elizabeth odum etheridge)

Etheridge, Stephen William

b.  September 15, 1856    d.  May 24, 1938  (son of Elijah Jefferson & Tamsie Parm Alewine etheridge)

Andrews, Mary Ollie

b.  April 30, 1887    d.  March 07, 1970  nee taylor  (wife of clarence franklin andrews, daughter of (John Jeptha & Almira E. Carter taylor)

mary ollie andrews family




Andalusia Star News: 2003


Andrews, Clarence Franklin

b.  December 08, 1887    d.  February 05, 1958  (son of james & frances andrews)

Clark, Bernice

b.  April 06, 1899    d.  April 21, 1901  (Daughter of Solomon D. & Melissa C. Clark)


Bernice CLARK




Mary Anne Elizebeth CLARK


Solomon D. CLARK



Melissa C. DOZIER

Clark, Mary Elizabeth

b.  April 08, 1881    d.  August 17, 1910  (Daughter of Solomon D. & Melissa C. Clark)

Clark, Solomon D.

b.  December 23, 1864 (1855)   d.  November 15, 1920  note: In the 1880 census Solomon is listed as being born during 1855.

Clark, Melissa Caroline

b.  April 21, 1859    d.  July 17, 1920  nee dozier (Wife of Solomon D. Clark)

Clark, James Joseph

b.  January 15, 1893    d.  May 19, 1970  (son of Solomon D. & Melissa C. Clark)

James Joseph CLARK

Fay Alma DAVIS



Joseph Neal CLARK

Clark, Foy Alma  (fay?)

b.  July 11, 1900    d.  May 21, 1975  nee davis (wife of james Joseph clark) married August 01, 1915

Clark, Joseph Neil

b.  April 18, 1919    d.  June 13, 1946  (son of James Joseph & Fay Alma Davis clark)

Clark, melissa Allene

b.  November 10, 1896    d.  May 15, 1919 (1stWife of john Morgan Nelson, daughter of Solomon D. & Melissa C. dozier Clark) note: Ater Allene’s death John married Estie Matilda Mallette, daughter of William Albert & Flora Rowell Mallette.

Melissa Aline CLARK

John Morgan Nelson

Fail, Carolyn

b.  February 09, 1917    d.  May 18, 1917 (Daughter of Walter W. and Levonia May Clark Fail)

Carolyn FAIL




Catherine FAIL

Fail, Catherine

b.  February 09, 1917    d.  June 04, 1917 (Daughter of Walter W. and Levonia May Clark Fail)

Clark, Infant

b.  September 29, 1913    Only date  (infant Son of Perry david & hattie wilson clark)

Infant CLARK

Clark, Jesse green

b.  November 16, 1913    d.  February 07, 1941  (son of robert brown & effie may jackson clark)

Jesse Green CLARK

Clark, Robert Brown

b.  October 09, 1876    d.  January 28, 1958  (son of Solomon D. & Melissa C. dozier Clark)

Robert Brown CLARK




Clark, Effie may

b.  February 12, 1883    d.  November 28, 1978  nee jackson (wife of robert brown clark, daughter of jesse green & anna campbell jackson) married December 03, 1905

Clark, Robert Eugene

b.  March 04, 1908    d.  December 06, 1985  (son of robert brown & effie may jackson clark)

Robert Eugene CLARK

Clark, Charles Rex

b.  May 26, 1923    d.  November 22, 1975 Cpl., USAAC WWII (son of James Joseph & fay alma davis clark)

Charles Rex CLARK

Dozier, Evie

b.  July 29, 1903    d.  September 06, 1903 (Daughter of Elias green & evie pope dozier)


Dozier, Infant

b.  August 27, 1908    d.  August 27, 1908 (Daughter of Elias green &  M. J. Dozier)


dozier, Evie M.

b.  October 26, 1878    d.  August 06, 1903   nee pope (1st wife of elias green dozier) married april 05, 1900






Elias Green DOZIER

Dozier, Elias green

b.  June 21, 1876    d.  February 10, 1921 (son of paul & Rebecca Adaline Holley dozier)

Mathews, Willie E.

b.  January 20, 1896    d.  July 01, 1975



Dora Barrington

Grave of Dora Ann Barrington

Mathews, Dora

b.  October 20, 1903    d.  March 27, 1987

nee barrington (wife of willie e. mathews, daughter of james madison & Lonnie Matilda Butler barrington)

Barrington, Cora Lee

b.  June 11, 1891    d.  January 13, 1975 2nd nee mathews (2nd Wife of James Madison Barrington, daughter of hillary & willie mathews))

Cora Lee mathews

Grave of Cora Mathews and James M. Barrington


James M. Barrington


Albert Barrington descendants

Grave of Joe Elmer Barrington

Joe E. Barrington

Barrington, James Madison

b.  September 24, 1881    d.  November 04, 1956  (son of Albert Alexander & nancy allen barrington)

Barrington, Joe Elmer

b.  September 05, 1914    d.  August 24, 1991 USA, WWII.  (Son of James madison &  Cora mathews Barrington)


b. march 22, 1876  d. October 01, 1924


In loving memory of Mary Duke Ard Stephens

Born 22 MAR 1876 in Lumpkin, GA died 01 OCT 1924. Grandmother's grave is somewhere in this cemetery.  Since it is unmarked this monument is in memory of her husband; William Wesley Stephens is buried in Thompson, GA.  They were married 25 DEC 1896 by Reverend T. W. Danley.  They were living in this vicinity when she died.  She was the mother of Lillie Mae Stewart and Grandmother of Eunice S. Lowman.

Written by Lisa Franklin in original transcripts of the cemetery.



 Pilgrims’ rest connections


Covington Rifles csa members buried at pilgrim’s rest


The Early History of Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church
Part 1
Part 2


Rose Hill, Covington County, Alabama (OLD CAULEYSVILE STORE)

Company "H" Twenty-Ninth Alabama Infantry Regiment

42nd Alabama Infantry Co. "E"

csn gravesites


Alabama-TAYLOR Family Album

Alabama Taylor Family Places/Buildings


information of the Taylor  family can be found at:

old dobbers



Obituaries for Those Buried at Pilgrims’ rest


Joel t. hardage


The Opp News, Nov. 3, 1932

Joel T. Hardage Passed Away Sun. Night 10 o'Clock

Joel Thomas Hardage of this city passed away suddenly at his home at
10 o'clock Sunday night October 30. Shortly before 10 o'clock he awoke his wife struggling for life and passed away a few minutes later before medical aid could be summoned. The cause of his death was failure of the heart. For the last two or three years Mr. Hardage has been in declining health, but was apparently in as good health as usual on Sunday night, he having conversed with his wife and friends at his fireside retiring for the night.

Mr. Hardage was one of Opp's most prominent citizens. He was a former
County Supt. of Education and Representative in the state legislature. He was born at Carrollton, Ga., Nov. 4, 1963, is te son of James McKinney and Sarah (Jackson) Hardage, the former a native of Georgia and a Confederate soldier, serving in Co. I, 2nd Ga. Regt., grandson of Aadam and Mariah (Woodall) Hardage and of Jessie and Mary (Brady) Jackson, all residents of Wilkinson County, Ga. Jessie Jackson was a veteran of the Indian Wars, and removed to Alabama before his death.

The deceased was educated in the common schools, and the
high school of Rutledge in Crenshaw County. He taught school for several years and served five terms as Supt. of Education of Covington County beginning with the year 1892. In the year 1915 he was elected to the state Legislature and served one term. Mr. Hardage was an untiring worker for the best things in life in both his public and private career. He was an ardent advocate of prohibition and labored unceasingly in its cause. He was a great believer in temperance in all things and carried out this principle in habits of his daily life. He was a democrat and held the faith of the Bible Students but belonged to no church or secret orders.

He was married on
Feb. 10th 1887 near Rose Hill, Ala., to Mary Elizabeth Taylor daughter to Wendell W. and Matilda (Jones) Taylor of that place, who was his faithful and loyal wife until her death on Nov. 3, 1929. On August 5th 1930 Mr. Hardage married his second wife, mrs. Mattie (Taylor) Colvin, the widow of the late Dr. H. B. Colvin of Quitman, Ga. Mrs. Hardage is a first cousin to the deceased's first wife, and comes from one of the most prominent families in this section. She was a devoted companion and closely guarded the health of her husband.

Funeral services was (sic) conducted at the home by W. J. Stanley and Rev. W. E. Fuller of this place and enterment (sic) made at
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery.

Surviving the deceased is his wife and Brother, A. J. Hardage, and a host of relatives.


Mary taylor hardage


Mrs. Joel T. Hardage Called by Death

At about
six o'clock Tuesday morning the death angel called for Mrs. Joel T. Hardage, age 60. Mrs. Hardage had been in declining health for about a year, and underwent an operation at Florala last spring. For a while after her operation she was thought to be better, but her trouble soon came back on her which meant that her stay here was to be short.

Mrs. Hardage, who was Miss Mary Taylor, daughter of the late Wendell W. Taylor or Rose Hill, was a native of
Covington County. She came of one of the county's earliest and best families.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Hardage leaves five brothers and five sisters to mourn her going. The brothers are John and Lonnie Taylor of
Gadsden, Ala.; Jas. M. and Hugh Taylor of Andalusia; and W. W. Taylor of Florala. The sisters are Mrs. Will Caton, Florala; Mrs. Alice Rozier of Holt, Fla.; Mrs. Beckie Dunn of near Brantley; Mrs. Gustie Flourney for Birmingham; and Mrs. Johns, of Rose Hill.

The funeral services were held at the Pilgrim Rest cemetery near Dozier, a few miles from the old homestead of her father, Tuesday at
noon. Dr. Stough of Dothan, of the International Bible Students, of which faith Mrs. Hardage was a strong believer, conducted the services. 


A large audience witnessed the sad rites."





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additional information recorded by Kendrick Shackleford in the summer of 1999.

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