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Descendants of John Crook, Sr.

Generation No. 2

2. LEWIS (LINIS)2 CROOK (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1784 in Germany, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He married SUSANNAH UNKNOWN Unknown in Unknown. She was born Abt. 1787 in Germany, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Wilkes County, Georgia.

Notes for L
According to the book, "The Crook Family," by Thomas Compton, Lewis was born in Germany about 1784. He married someone only known as Susannah. It is also stated that she too was born in Germany about 1787.
There is documentation to confirm this. In the 1850 Census of Wilkes County, Georgia, Lewis is listed at age 66 and his wife; Susannah is listed at age 63, both born in Germany. Even without this confirmation, there is not much doubt about Thomas' statement. He left very few stones unturned in his research.
One could be lead to believe that they may have married before their departure to America, however, this is unknown. Lewis was in the company of at least three brothers, and possibly his father and sisters. His mother may have been on this journey as well. However, she must have died before their departure. It's possible that the parents of Susannah may have also been aboard ship.
In the 1820 and 1830 Ogelthorpe County, Georgia, Census, there is a Lewis, John, and Valentine Crook listed. There is a great deal of documentation on John Crook, Jr., including his Will, but there is no mention of Lewis. Valentine Crook is in the Estate Records of John Crook, Sr., father of Lewis.

Note; It should be mentioned that Lewis Crook did have sons named John and Valentine.

In 1840 and 1850, as shown above, Lewis and Susannah are found in Wilkes County, Georgia. Only Lewis is seen in 1860 so it is believed that Susannah had died. Lewis died sometime after 1860. This being during the heat of the Civil War can leave one to draw conclusions about his death. Most likely though, complications from old age are more plausible.
There burial place is unknown but it has been said they were buried at their home site in Wilkes County, Georgia.

More About L
Marriage: Unknown, Unknown
Children of L
6. i.   JOHN3 CROOK, b. Abt. 1810, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Unknown, Possible Lincoln County, Georgia.
7. ii.   CHARLES (CHARLIE) CROOK, b. Abt. 1810, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Aft. 1860, Lincoln County, Georgia.
8. iii.   MARGARET PEGGY CROOK, b. 1812, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Bef. 1893, Lincoln County, Georgia.
9. iv.   SUSANNAH CATHERINE (KATE) CROOK, b. Abt. 1815, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. 1886, Lincoln County, Georgia.
  v.   VALENTINE CROOK, b. Abt. 1817, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Unknown, Unknown; m. TEMPERANCE PULLIN, November 28, 1841, Wilkes County, Georgia; b. Abt. 1820, Georgia or South Carolina; d. Unknown, Unknown.
Marriage: November 28, 1841, Wilkes County, Georgia

10. vi.   MARY ANN "MINNIE" CROOK, b. 1820, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Abt. 1880, Possible Lincoln County, Georgia.
11. vii.   LUCINDA CROOK, b. Abt. 1821, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Aft. 1870, Lincoln County, Georgia.
12. viii.   ISAIAH CROOK, b. 1824, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Aft. April 1895, Lincoln County, Georgia.
13. ix.   NOAH CROOK, b. March 06, 1827, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. December 26, 1889, Wilkes County, Georgia.
14. x.   HENRY JIMERSON CROOK, b. September 03, 1829, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. May 29, 1892, Lincoln County, Georgia.

3. JOHN C.2 CROOK, JR. (JOHN1) was born 1789 in Bavaria, Germany, and died February 1866 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He married MARY FUQUETT Abt. 1810 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. She was born Abt. 1794 in Cayan, France, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Notes for J
John C. Crook was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1789. He, as did all of his brothers and sisters, made their trip to America about 1800. He was married most likely in Oglethorpe County, Georgia about 1810 to Mary Fuquett. She was born in France about 1794. She died before 1860 in Georgia.
John is mentioned in a Will of David Cooper who was part owner of the Cooper and Tiller Mercantile Business in Oglethorpe County. It states in Item 4:

I appoint Berry M. David my Executor and earnestly ???????? that he make ample satisfaction to my friend John Crook for all the trouble I have been in his hands and if the amount cannot be agreed on to leave to men - disinterested to give full and fair compensation then the balance after paying all debts to be appropriated as named in item second.

In the 1860 Census for Oglethorpe County, Georgia, John is listed as living next door to Shimme Tiller.

The Will of John Crook, Jr.

14 Sep 1865
Oglethorpe County, GA ,Will Book D
Oglethorpe County, GA Courthouse, Lexington, GA
Court of Ordinary, Feburary Term 1866 State of Georgia

In the name of God Amen, Oglethorpe County,

I, John Crook of said State and County, being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life dim it right and proper both as respects my family and myself that I should make a desposition of the property with which a Kind Residence here before me do therefore make this my last Will and Testament, hereby quitting all others heretofore made by me.

Item 1st; I direct and desire that my body buried in a decent and Christian like manner.

Item 2nd, I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my executor hereinafter appointed.

Item 3rd, I will and bequeath unto my beloved daughters; Nancy Jane Tiller and Mary Francis Crook, for their use and benefit - all the land which I now own, it being the place on which I am now living till the marriage or death of my daughter Mary F Crook, then either at her death or marriage I direct that all my land be sold and the proceeds divided equally between all my heirs to wit - Martha E Smith, Barbara Ann Tiller, Nancy Jane Tiller and Victoria E Crook, a natural daughter of my daughter Mary.

Item 4th, I will and bequeath unto Victoria E Crook a choice bed and ?scopany holding for a bed; also my cow named Star and her calf.

Item 5th, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary F Crook during her life or till marry all my horsies, cows, hogs, sheep, and poultry; my waggon and plantation tools, all my household and kitchen furniture or whatever description but at her marriage or death I desire and direct that all the property mentioned in this Item be sold and the proceeds divided equally among my aforsaid kin.

Item 6th, I will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary F Crook my buggy during her life or till she marries in either case the buggy to be sold and the proceeds equally divided among my aforsaid kin.

Item 7th, I hereby constitute and appoint my friend Henry Kennebrew - to execute this my last Will and Testamont -

This September 14th 1865 his
John x Crook sign
Witnesses: John W. Hubbard James Jarvis Daniel Harris
Recorded Feb. 7, 1866

The following is the Estate of John Crook, Jr.

Estate of John Crook Junior 1866-1867 & 1911-1912, Oglethorpe Co. GA

Estate of John Crook from Estate Files held at Georgia Archives, Atlanta, Georgia 1866-1867 Annual Return of Henry Kinnebrew Sr. on the Estate of John Crook deceased the same being final.
18 Sep 1866 Paid E C Shackelford Vo. No 1 -------$11.25 3 Oct 1866 Paid Mary F Crook Vo. No 2 ---------- 23.00
18 Sep 1866 Paid Smith & Tiller Vo. No 3 -------- 46.76
19 Sep 1866 Paid N J Tiller Vo. No 4 ------------ 37.00
26 April 1866 Paid Joseph Smith Vo. No 5 -------- 20.36
27 April 1866 Paid James Jarvis Vo. No 6 -------- 12.65 26 April 1866 Paid Mary F Crook Vo. No 7 ------- 500.00
21 July 1866 Paid William Tiller Vo. No 8 ------- 10.00
21 July 1866 Paid William Tiller Vo. No 9 ------- 2.00
21 May 1865 Paid F T Tiller Vo. No 10 ----------- 2.25
26 April 1866 Paid Joseph Smith Vo. No 11 ------- 12.23
5 May 1866 Paid Daniel Harris Vo. No 12 --------- 9.00
23 March 1866 Paid Elijah Tiller Vo. No 13 ------- 2.00
14 August 1866 Paid Mary F Crook Vo. No 14 ------- 3.00
27 July 1866 Paid N & B Johnson Vo. No 15 ------- 20.00
21 Febr 1867 Paid E C Shackelford Vo. No 16 ----- 27.00 Contra
21 April 1866 sold Thomas Johnson 2 bales cotton J C #1 534 ---------------------------------------------------- #2 391 ---------------------------------------------------- ____ ---------------------------------------------------- 925 - 33 305.26 ---------------------------------------------------- _________ Charges ??????? 7.52 Sorage 1.00 ---------------------- 8.50 Roping 1.50 US Tax .38 -------------------------------------- 1.88 Drayage .60 Coner? 7.63 ------------------------------------- 8.23 18.61 ------------------------------------------------------------- ____ _____ ----------------------------------------------------------------- 286.64 Paid Nancy Tiller part ------------------------------------------- 51.36 ---------------------------------------------------------------- $235.28
H. Kinnebrew Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5th day of May 1867 Estate of John C. Crook, Jr. from Estate Files held at Georgia Archives, Atlanta, GA. 1911-1912 Final return of W. H. Tiller, admr with the will annexed, de bonis non, upon the estate of J. C. Crook, late of Oglethorpe, Ga., deceased.
Dr. To sale of one hundred and two and 24/100 acres of land, Lot No. 1, to Judge Philip W. Davis, at the price of eight dollars per acre. -$817.92.
To sale of Eighty six and 61/100 acres of land, Lot No. 2, to Charles Jennings, at $15.50 per acre --------------------------------- $1351.11.
To sale of two feather beds to Mrs. V. E. Pass at $10.00 -------- 20.00
To sale of one side board and one wash pot ----------------------- 5.00 To sale of five bus. corn, at $1.00 per bus. --------------------- 5.00 To sale of fodder from said corn --------------------------------- .75 _____ $2199.78 Cr By amt. paid L. H. Bacon, Ordy.,
vouchers 1 and 1(a) -----------$42.10.
By amount paid M. S. Weaver, Voucher 2 ------------------------- 15.00 By amount paid T. E. Watkins, voucher 2(a)---------------------- 5.00
By ammount paid J. J. Eades, H. R. Tiller, R. V. Johnson L. t. Burt, voucher 3 --------------------------------------------7.75
By amount paid Jon. B. Crowley, voucher 4 ------------------------9.80
By amount paid Joel Cloud, Atty, voucher 5 ----------------------50.00
By amount paid W. H. Tiller, Admr. as five per cent Comm. on receiving and paying out $2199.76 ---------------------------109.88
By amount paid Mrs. N. J. Tiller, voucher 6 --------------------490.06 By amount paid Mrs. V. E. Pass ---------------------------------490.06
By amount paid Mrs. Cynthia Mathews, voucher 7 -----------------163.35
By amount paid Mark Tiller, Voucher 9 ---------------------------27.22
By amount paid Mrs. Ettie Brooks, voucher 10 --------------------27.22
By amount paid M. A. Tiller, voucher 11 -------------------------27.22 By amount paid Mrs. W. A. Philips, voucher 12 -------------------27.22
By amount paid Mrs. Alice Ferguson, voucher 13 ------------------27.22 By amount paid W. P. Tiller, voucher 14 -------------------------27.22
By amount paid Mrs. Daisy Date Bridges, voucher 15 --------------13.61
By amount paid E. M. Smith, voucher 16 --------------------------13.61
By amount paid Mrs. Hinton S. Dillard, voucher 17 ---------------13.61
By amount paid Mrs. M. K. Patillo, voucher 18 -------------------13.61
By amount paid Mrs. S. C. Pass, voucher 19 ----------------------54.45
By amount paid H. C. Smith, voucher 20 --------------------------54.45
By amount paid A. H. Smith, voucher 21 --------------------------54.45
By amount paid Mrs. Mollie Turner, voucher 22 -------------------54.45
By amount paid L. P. Smith, voucher 23 --------------------------54.45
By amount paid M. J. Harris, voucher 24 -------------------------54.45
By amount paid Margaret Glenn, voucher 25 -----------------------54.45
By amount paid Martha A. Steele, voucher 26 ---------------------14.85 By amount paid Mary E. Hardman, voucher 27 ----------------------14.85
By amount paid Cynthia E. Peterman, voucher 28 ------------------14.85
By amount paid R. E. Bridges, voucher 29 ------------------------14.85
By amount paid Jas. L. Bridges, voucher 30 ----------------------14.85
By amount paid E. O. Bridges, voucher 31 ------------------------14.85
By amount paid J. T. Bridges, voucher 32 ------------------------14.85
By amount paid R. C. Bridges, voucher 33 ------------------------14.85
By amount paid M. J. Bridges, voucher 34 ------------------------14.85
By amount paid Zilla J. Bridges, voucher 35 ---------------------14.85
By amount paid Ella R. Eberhart, voucher 36 ---------------------14.85
By amount paid Mrs. E. P. Mathews, voucher 37 --------------------6.80
By amount paid Mrs. L. A. House, voucher 38 ----------------------6.80
By amount paid Mrs. Idah E. Goolsby, voucher 39 ------------------6.80
By amount paid Mrs. M. E. Smith, voucher 40 ----------------------6.80
By amount paid O. W. Smith, voucher 41 ---------------------------6.80
By amount paid Johnie Lou Smith, voucher 42 ----------------------6.80
By amount paid Mrs. Eva Smith, voucher 43 ------------------------6.80
By amount paid Mrs. Irene B. Smith Shank, voucher 44 -------------6.80
By amount paid for stamps -----------------------------------------.12 ------------------------------------------------------------- ________ --------------------------------------------------------------$2199.78

Comments by Wayne Tiller -
The Estate of John C. Crook Jr. is in two parts because John Crook wrote in his will that his lands were to be for the use and benefit of his daughters Nancy Jane Tiller and Mary Frances Crook. The land was not to be sold and divided until his daughter Mary Frances either married or died. She must have died in 1811 and Nancy Jane died Feb. 2, 1913. Henry Kinnebrew administered the selling of all personal property in 1866 and the distribution of funds. Nancy Jane Tiller's son William Henry Tiller administered the selling of the land and distribution of those funds. In the 2nd estate file some of the proceeds were paid by check and the back of the checks have the bank stamps where cashed.
There are also signed receipts that indicate relationship to John Crook, such as, son of Martha Smith or daughter of Jno. Smith son of Martha Smith.

The 1911-12 list was typed and there are some discrepencies.
Vo. 12 W A Philips was signed as Mrs. W. F. Phillips
Vo. 20 H C Smith check made to H. Clay Smith (Henry Clay Smith).
Vo. 23 L P Smith was a fancy Z T Smith on receipt and check signed by someone else as Zackary Taylor Smith signed with an X.
Vo. 34 M J Bridges signed W J Bridges (should be William Jeremiah Bridges).
Vo. 43 Mrs. Eva Smith widow of Joe J. Smith & natural guard of Martha Smith age 6 years. Who's kids are who's in 2nd file.
Vo. 6 - Nancy Jane Crook Tiller dau of John Crook, Jr.
Vo. 7 - Dau of Mary Francis Crook dau of John Crook, Jr.
Vo. 8 - Dau of Barbara Ann Crook Tiller dau of John Crook, Jr.
Vo. 9 - 14 Children of Joseph W. Tiller son of Barbara Ann Crook.
Vo. 15 - 18 Children of Richard C. Smith son of Martha E. Crook Smith.
Vo. 19 - 25 Children of Martha E. Crook dau of John Crook, Jr.
Vo. 26 - 36 Children of Mary Jane Tiller Bridges dau of Barbara Ann Crook Tiller (Vo. #30 is Mary Jane Tiller's husband).
Vo. 37 - 44 Children of John Wiley Smith son of Martha E. Crook Smith.

There are checks with the front and backs microfilmed. Here is a list of the banks where cashed.
W. H. Tiller - Lexington, GA
Vo. 6 - Lexington, GA Mrs. V. E. Pass - Lexington, GA (two checks $25.00 and $445.06).
Vo. 9 - Washington, GA
Vo. 10 - Barwick, GA/Cleared through Valdosta, GA
Vo. 11 - Lexington, Ga
Vo. 12 - Pine Bluff, AR (Lived Gould, AR)
Vo. 13 - Madison, GA
Vo. 14 - Lexington, GA
Vo. 15 - Carlton, GA
Vo. 16 - Elberton, GA
Vo. 19-23 - Carlton, GA
Vo. 24 - Lexington, GA
Vo. 26 - Carlton, GA
Vo. 27 - Crawford, GA
Vo. 28-33 - Lexington, GA
Vo. 35-36 - Lexington, GA
Vo. 37-38 - Winder, GA
Vo. 40-42 - Winder, GA
Vo. 43 - Kansas City, KS
Vo. 44 - Salem, VA

John and Mary are buried at the Crook, Eads, Poss Cemetery in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Three children were born to this union. There may have been more.

More About J
Marriage: Abt. 1810, Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Children of J
15. i.   BARBARA ANN3 CROOK, b. 1818, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. April 30, 1884, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
16. ii.   MARTHA E. CROOK, b. 1820, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. August 1884, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
17. iii.   NANCY JANE CROOK, b. July 12, 1822, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. February 02, 1913, Goosepond District, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

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