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Descendants of Thomas Provance

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 PROVANCE was born Unknown in Virginia ?, and died May 05, 1767 in Frederick County, Virginia. He married SARAH HACKNEY ?. She was born in Unknown, and died in Unknown.

Notes for T
Thomas Provance's Will was proved January 1773. Recorded in Frederick
County, Virginia. Supposed to be on file in Winchester, Virginia. Will Book
A, page 224

People mentioned in his will.
His wife-------------Sarah
His son-------------John Provance
His Dau----------Jane Curry
----------Elenor Blackburn
-----------Hannah Rankin
-----------Lettice Griffith
-----------Mary Hyet
-----------Ann McCormack
---------- Thomas Provance
There is no Documented proof that Thomas Provance is our Ancestor.
Some evidence points to the fact he is.

Provins-Provance-Province-Provence-Purviance Lineage

It is believed by some genealogists working on the Province Family Tree
that our branch of the Provance family descended from John Purviance who
owned 770 acres of land in Spotsylvania County, Virginia Sept. 8th 1728.
John Purviance had sons James and Thomas. James had land grants in
Frederick County, VA. part of which became all or part of Fayette, Green and
Westmoreland Counties, PA. James Provance had a son John William.
Whether James was the son of John Purviance is not known. Could have
been and changed name to Provance from Purviance.
Thomas Provance's Will probated in 1773 in Frederick County, VA. he named
a son John in his Will. It is also said that it is on record that he had another
son by the name of Thomas, not being named in the Will, contested the
Will after his fathers death. It is believed that the Provance or Purviance family
migrated to this country from France. A book written by Stuart Hoyle Purvines,
Titled: Purviance Family, states that these families mingled but there is no
documented proof that they share common ancestors. It is hard to sort the truth
from fiction. There is several history books that mention the Provances and
none of them are consistent. If you look at the Wills of Thomas Provance,
Sarah Provance and Joseph Yard Provance you would find that some of the
statements were made with out adequate research.
You would find that Thomas Provance was never married to Sarah Yard
Provance as some of those authors state. One history book titled, The Ten
Mile Country and its families, states an Aaron Jenkins had bought a tract of
land from Thomas Provance by deed recorded in Washington (this was likely
Washington, PA.) on May 8th, 1772. Quaker records , aided by information
from Haddon's History of Fayette and Green County, assist in explaining the
relationships . ( The relationships he talks about are the settlers in this
vicinity) The Historian that wrote Ten Mile Country took some of his material
from above Haddon History . In doing this other mistakes were made by
other Historians. Point in view is the fact that Thomas Provance at this date
was deceased.. The person mentioned was probably his grandson mentioned
in his Will or could have been his son that some Historians say was left out
of his Will. Thomas Provance's will was proven January 1773. Recorded in
Frederick County, Virginia. At a later date part of Frederick County becamel
part of Fayette, Green and Westmoreland Counties Pennsylvania.

Some Historians say that Thomas Provance married Sarah Yard, but if you
look at Sarah's Will probated July 26, 1796, there is no way that recipients
correlate with Thomas Provance
Recipients in Sarah Yard Provance's Will were
Stepson-----------John Province Grandson------Samuel Wright
Grandson--------David Wright Grand Dau------Pamilla Rockhold
Step Dau----------Marget Casto Step Dau-------- Jane McClelland
Grand children-Children of Rachel Hargis Grd.Child.-Child.of Mary Provance
Son-----------------Joseph Yard Provance Son----------------Benjamin Wright
Eliz. Wright----Benjam. Wrights Dau. Pam. Rockhold's Dau. Sarah
Hillin Gautherd Frances Gautherd
Eliz. Gautherd Sarah Douglas
Sarah Wright Mary Wright
Elizabeth Provance Sarah Eliz. Provance
Sara Wright--Dau of Ben. Wright

Some of the oldest land titles in southwestern Pennsylvania in the late 1700s
was warranted to John W. Provance Oct. 11, 1771 surveyed 1772, 342 acres.
Oct. 11, 1771 366 acres warranted to Joseph Yard Provance. surveyed in 1772.
At this time Joseph Yard Provance couldn't have been more then seven years
old. Joseph Yard Provance was born 1764. It is believed by many Historians
that Joseph Yard Provance was the son of John William Provance.

Excerpt taken from the Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of
America. Washington Rich (1819-1860) of New Geneva, Fayette County,PA.
Married 1842, Salina Provance (1822-1904); Joseph Y. (5) married Rachel
Spencer; John Wm. (5), Amer. Rev.; married Sarah Dau. of John Yards from
England; James Purviance (7); John (8), of Virginia.

This marriage ( Salina Province ) is entered on the last page of the Old Testament in Joseph Yard Provance's Bible. Today we find many different spellings and pronunciations of the name Provance. I suppose this happened because of illiteracy. I don't know about other locations but this is true of the Provances of South western
Pennsylvania. My Great Great Grandfather Jesse Provance, son of Joseph Yard
Provance changed his sir name to Province. I find that many of the Provances that stayed in Pennsylvania spell their name Provins and so on. To name a few: Provance, Provence, Province, Provin and Provins. It seems that after Joseph Yard Provance death that many of his children migrated to many parts of the United States.
My Great Great Grandfather Jesse migrated first to Monroe County, Ohio, then
to Marietta, Ohio, from there he and his wife and part of his family migrated to
Westmoreland, Potawatomie County, Kansas. He and his wife Celia are buried
in the Polly Creek cemetery at Potawatomie County, Kansas. others of his family
migrated to California. His son James Oliver Province migrated to Wirt County,
West Virginia.
John William Provance born abt 1722 died Abt 1785 Is listed in The DAR Patriots
index for the Revolutionary War along with his son Joseph Yard Provance. and
son John William Provance Jr., John William Provance was also known to have been in The Lord Dunmore War. The DAR has John Williams death listed about 1785. I have seen no history of John William after the Revolutionary war. Being that his death is listed about 1785 indicates he might have perished in the War ?.
Charles Shepherd II
Many people today are astounded by the fact that a great many families had so
many children. Today most families have no more then two or three children.
We have to take a look at the difference in the environment of the families then and
the families of today. In Colonial America as in other parts of the world entire
families could be wiped out by pestilence. ( catastrophic diseases such as typhoid,
smallpox and many others) On the frontier there was problems with Indians which could be catastrophic. Another thing we have to look at is the lifestyle. In that era
there were no machines to assist with daily tasks. Everything had to be done by
hand. the entire family worked to exist. This included the children at least six years
of age on. Cloth to make clothing had to be made on looms or by hand. The children had to help with the gardening and the raising of domesticated animals. In that era
the woman had to be a very hardy person to survive. she had to work fron daylight
to darknes. People today don't realize how good they have it today compared to
their ancestors. Joseph Yard Provance fathered twenty three children but they were decimated by death at an early age. The hardy survived to go on and migrate to all parts of the United States. I would dare to say that most of the Provances and
Provinces of the U.S. today are related.

Notes for S
It is believed by some that Sarah was Thomas Provance's wife. But there is
no documented proof of this. Looking at Sarah Yard Provance's Will nothing
corelates with Thomas Provance's Children.

Some articles In History books of the Ten Mile Country and of Fayette County PA.
have Thomas Province as being in a certain place at a certain date and at that
particular time he was deceased. This all came about by one man not researching
thoroughly and other authors taking his word for it when he was wrong.

Some say that Thomas was married to Sarah Hackney but there is no documented proof.
Children of T
  i.   ELIZABETH JANE2 PROVANCE, b. Unknown; m. DANIEL CURRY; b. Unknown.
  ii.   ELEANOR PROVANCE, b. Unknown; m. SAMUEL BLACKBURN; b. Unknown.
  iii.   HANNAH PROVANCE, b. Unknown; m. RANKIN; b. Unknown.
  iv.   LETTICE PROVANCE, b. Unknown; m. GRIFFITH; b. Unknown.
  v.   MARY PROVANCE, b. Unknown; m. HYET; b. Unknown.
  vi.   ANN PROVANCE, b. Unknown; m. MCCORMICK; b. Unknown.
2. viii.   JOHN WILLIAM PROVANCE, b. Abt. 1722, unknown; d. Abt. 1782, Unknown.

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