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Descendants of Jehan Delattre

Generation No. 6

18. DAVID DELAUDER6 DELATTRE (MARTIN5, LOUIS4, JEHAN (LE JEUNE)3, JEHAN (L'ANCIEN)2, JEHAN1) was born 1655 in LaBasse, near Lisle, Flanders, France, and died January 14, 1725/26 in Schifferstandt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany. He married (1) UNKNOWN. He married (2) MARGRETHA ????. She died 1701. He married (3) ANNA MARIA REIPELIN May 22, 1701 in Klein, Schifferstandt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany, daughter of JACOB REIBEL. She was born Abt. 1671, and died November 13, 1735 in Klein Schifferstadt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany.

Notes for D
David DeLattre Born in France in the year 1655. David and his wife left France Sometime before the birth of his first child David. They went to Germany because of religious persecution. I don't want what religion David Sr. was, but David Jr. was a Quaker. David Jr. was born around 1700. The meaning of the name is "De" a person worthy of respect & " Lattre" or "Lauder" as the case may be, meaning a man of religion. His son George DeLaughter was born in there in 1731.

George emigrated to Pennsylvania as did many german immagrants in 1741. Upon arriving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the name DeLauttere was written in records by immigration officials. In some instances his name was spelled Delotter.

Some time after that George Sr. changed the spelling somewhat to DeLaughter. This probably happened when he moved to Edgefield, South Carolina. He preached in Philadelphia and was a Quaker before coming to Edgefeild. Sometime before comming to Edgefeild to rid of the evils of satan, he converted to Baptist. He was living in Edgefeild or District 96 as it was known back then, in the 1790's. George and his wife are buried in Edgefeild. I recently acquired a copy af David DeLattre's will. From the will it apperes that David and George Sr. had some kind of "Falling Out" as David leaves his other children plenty and leaves David only one shilling. I've learned that when you inherit just "One Shilling", it means that you have been dis-inherited.

George Sr's son George DeLaughter Jr.was born in Edgefeild and grew up to be a Baptist minister. He pastered a short while at Big Stevens Creek Baptist Church in 1802, Also known as Hardys Meeting House.

An Early History of Big Stevens Church
from its founder Rev. Daniel Marchall
to Charles Bussey & George DeLaughter

Rev. Daniel Marshall, from New England was a New Lite Missionary. That religion looked for the immediate second coming of Christ. He sold all that he had and went off to preach among the Mohawk Indians. Later he converted to the "Seperate Baptists" view and then moved and preached in the back country of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. After a time he cooperated with the Rev. Shubal Stearns of Abbotts Creek, North Carolina. Rev. Marshall removed the group to Beaver Creek near the Broad River in South Carolina in 1760, but stayed there only until 1762. It was then that he went with his family to Stevens Creek near Edgefeild, South Carolina. The church there was at the center of Marshall's activities he also headed to branch churches in Georgia and the one at Beaver Creek. The congregation was formed in 1766 at Stevens Creek church. at that time the church was a member of the Congaree Association. Marshall remained it leader until 1772. Under Marshall the membership in 1772 was 130. It appeares that he served there until 1788 when the membership was down to 77.

From 1788 until 1802, Charles Bussey was the preacher there and the membership averaged around 85 members until 1808.

George DeLaughter was a member ther from 1790 to 1792. In 1801 the church was dismissed from the Georgia Association and entered the Bethel Associated in 1802 with George DeLaughter as its minister. He was also the minister in 1803. George also had the nickname of Gabriel DeLaughter. This makes me believed that he must have preached alot from the book of Revelations.

Bigs Stevens Creek (Hardy's) Baptist Church Membership List 1803~1900

George DeLaughter: The Rev George DeLaughter, b: 1760 served in the Revolution during the reduction of Charleston. he was a member of Capt. Drury Pace's Company and Colonel Leroy Hammomds's Regiment. On July 16, 1783, he married Charity (or Charlotte) Pace, niece of Capt. Drury. They lived near Hardy's during it's organization years. Charlotte Pace was the daughter of Richard and Sarah Day.

Pickins DeLaughter: Full Name: James Pickins DeLaughter born March 20, 1821; died Feb. 2, 1907. He was the son of Absolom DeLaughter and Nancy Day. He married Sarah America Lanier, daughter of Beacon Silas and Jane Day Lanier 28 Dec 1865.

Solomon DeLaughter: Son of Rev George DeLaughter. He married Susanne Traylor in 1817 and lived in the vicinity of Hardy'd until 1844 when they went to Clark County , Arkensas with 14 children. Susanne died in Ouachita County in 1863. See De lauter Families in America. Elgin: The Prethren Press. By Fru, Pauline Grace DeLauter.

List of DeLaughter Membership at Hardy's 1803~1870

Absolom      B      Sept      1831      Decd      Jan      1843
America      RL      Mar      1870                 
Charity      M            1803                 
David      RL      Feb      1843      EX      Feb      1844
Frances                        EX      Aug      1804
George      M            1803                 
James      M            1803                 
Mary      B      Sept      1831                 
Nancy      B      Sept      1831                 
Pickins      RL      Mar      1870                 
Randell      B      Sept      1831                 
Solomon      RL      Apr      1836      DL      Mar      1839
Stella      B      Oct      1887                 
Susan      RL      Apr      1836      DL      Mar      1839
Susanna      RL      Nov      1827      DL      July      1834

B=Baptized EX=Excommunicated DL= Dismissed by Letter M=Member RL=Recieved by Letter

George DeLaughter died at the residents of Mrs. John Harvey in Edgefeild (District 96), South Carolina on February 9, 1848, of influenza. Mrs. Elizabeth DeLaughter, widow of George DeLaughter, Deceased, in the 58th year of her age. She had gone to visit her son in law, John Harvey in his last illness, when she was attached by some fatel malady, in which a few days carried her off, she left nine children.

Today there are a few signs of DeLaughters around Edgefeild, South Carolina. The is a DeLaughter Dr. , off of Martiantown Rd. where Gerorge lived. There is also a DeLaughter Family graveyard near there on private land in a housing subdivision. There are even a few DeLaughters living there & in Aiken County although most of them have long since gone. They eventually migrated west and setteled around New Orleans. There is a large monument at Stevens Creek Baptist Church but they are not actually buried there. They are thought to be buried in unmarked graves in the DeLaughter Family graveyard mentioned above. One of thier children, Eleanor DeLaughter would become the wife of the ninth generation of Thurmonds, John Thurmond.

Annie Mae Thurmond New, had often said that when she was a little girl that they lived in "The Fork of the Creek", and my uncle, remembers seeing the old homeplace when she was a child & remembered my great uncle Charlie McClendon & taking corn to a mill to be ground. He said it was near Stevens Creek. Putting that together with Annie Mae Thurmond New mentioning the DeLaughter family & knowing that Rev. George DeLaughter was minister of Big Stevens Creek Baptist Church started me looking at all the creeks that forked a Big Stevens Creek. I have found out that the "Fork of the Creek" was all of the land between the Savannah River and Big Stevens Creek. That would include the Thurmond-Reese cemetary.

Scriptures read at his burial: Gen. 31:40, Ecc. 40:10, The text Psalm 73:25-26

The Protestant church of the village of Iggelsheim near Schifferstadt recorded the death in 1726 of David deLatre, age 70, who had fled from persecution at LaBasse near Lille in Flanders (northeast France).
He had two children by second wife Margaretha and seven children by third wife Anna Maria Reipel. The latter was a Daughter of the Mayor of Friesenheim. David must have been brought to Germany by his parents since he was baptized in Oggersheim when he was 3 months old. The parish books of Iggelsheim from 1603 are in the State Archives at Speyer in the Pfalz.

More About D
Baptism: Oggersheim, When he was a quarter year old
Burial: January 16, 1725/26, Grobshifferstadt, Germany
Fact 1: Frozen to death
Fact 2: Data supplied to Pauline DeLauter Fry after publication of her book
Fact 3: Fact 2 information was supplied by Dr. Alfred Kuby of Edenkoben, Germany

More About M
Burial: April 16, 1701

More About D
Marriage: May 22, 1701, Klein, Schifferstandt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany
Children of D
27. i.   DAVID DELATTRE7 DELAUDER, b. Abt. 1700, Schifferstandt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany; d. February 18, 1767, Frederick County, Maryland.
  ii.   MARGRETHA DELAUDER, b. July 25, 1700.
Christening: July 25, 1700

  iii.   JUDITH DELATTRE7 DELAUDER, b. April 09, 1703.
Baptism: April 09, 1703

28. iv.   ANNA MARIA DELAUDER, b. November 02, 1706, Klein, Schifferstadt, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany; d. Aft. February 24, 1776, Frederick County, Maryland.
29. v.   JOHANN JACOB DELAUTER, b. January 10, 1704/05, Maryland; d. February 24, 1776, Frederick County, Maryland.
  vi.   MARIA ELIZABETH DELAUDER, b. November 02, 1710.
  vii.   MARIE JEANNE DELAUDER, b. March 08, 1715/16.
  viii.   ANTHONI DELAUDER, b. July 06, 1713, LaBasse, near Lisle, Flanders, France.

19. MARTIN6 DELATTRE (MARTIN5, LOUIS4, JEHAN (LE JEUNE)3, JEHAN (L'ANCIEN)2, JEHAN1) was born 1655, and died 1708 in Emmerin.
Children of M
  i.   JEANNE7 DELATTRE, b. October 10, 1669, Emmerin.
  ii.   ALDEGONDE DELATTRE, b. April 13, 1671, Emmerin.
  iii.   JACQUELINE FRANCOISE DELATTRE, b. October 11, 1674, Emmerin.
  iv.   MARTINE DELATTRE, b. January 24, 1676/77, Emmerin.
  v.   JACQUES FRANCOIS DELATTRE, b. April 18, 1679, Emmerin.
30. vi.   MARTIN DELATTRE, b. 1685.

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