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Descendants of Family Addison

      23. Jonathan4 Addison (William3, Thomas2, Family1) was born Bet. 1787 - 1788 in Madison Co, Kentucky, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Jefferson Co, Illinois. He married (1) Mary 'Polly' Potter 05 September 1810 in Logan Co, Kentucky. She died Bet. 1825 - 1827 in Logan Co, Kentucky. He married (2) Elizabeth Grigsby 24 September 1827 in Logan Co, Kentucky. She was born Bet. 1800 - 1810, and died Bet. 1846 - 1850 in Logan Co, Kentucky.

Notes for Jonathan Addison:
Jonathan first appears on the 1804 Pulaski Co, KY tax list as a male 16-21 in his father's household. Five years later, he appears as his own head of household on the 1809 Pulaski Co, KY tax list (i.e. turns 21). He married shortly thereafter in Logan Co, KY to his first wife.

William does not appear to be on the 1810 census of Logan Co, KY, which survives (one of the few states to have the 1810 census intact after the burning of the archives in the War of 1812). That Shelton Addison indicates he was born in Tennessee makes a case that William may have gone south for a few years from 1810-1812, returning to Logan at the outbreak of the war. The problem is that the 1810 census for Tennessee does not exist, so this cannot be verified at this time.

Jonathan indicates on the 1850 census that he is born in South Carolina. In 1860, he states North Carolina. This is entirely possible, albeit rather close timewise. In late 1787, William is on record witnessing a land deed in Madison Co, KY, so it is more likely that he was born in KY or possibly just prior to the relocation or along the way to Kentucky.

On the 1829 tax list, Jonathan indicates he has 3 children age 4-15.

1830 census : 1011001 / 21111

On the 1860 Jefferson Co, IL Census with his children by 2nd marriage living with him. All are 16 years or older in age.

More About Jonathan Addison:
Census: 1820, Logan Co, KY
Residence: Abt. 1854, Pendleton Township, Jefferson Co, Illinois
Tax List: 1809, Pulaski Co, KY
Children of Jonathan Addison and Mary Potter are:
  41 i.   son5 Addison, born Bet. 1810 - 1815.
  42 ii.   dau Addison, born Bet. 1812 - 1815.
  43 iii.   dau2 Addison, born Bet. 1815 - 1820.
+ 44 iv.   John Addison, born Abt. 1818 in Kentucky.
  45 v.   dau3 Addison, born Bet. 1820 - 1825.
  46 vi.   Malvina Addison, born Abt. 1825.
Children of Jonathan Addison and Elizabeth Grigsby are:
  47 i.   Thomas F.5 Addison, born Abt. 1829 in Logan Co, KY.
  Notes for Thomas F. Addison:
In Jefferson Co, IL 1870 census:
BOHER, John 50 IL
      his family
GROSS, Benjamin 35 IL
ADDISON, Thomas 45 KY

Next page over is Nathaniel Melton & Harriett Addison Melton

  More About Thomas F. Addison:
Census: 1870, Jefferson Co, IL

  48 ii.   Sarah Addison, born Abt. 1830 in Logan Co, KY.
  49 iii.   Nancy Addison, born Abt. 1832 in Logan Co, KY.
  50 iv.   Elizabeth Addison, born Abt. 1834 in Logan Co, Kentucky. She married Joseph Adcock 1867 in Jefferson Co, Illinois; born Abt. 1816.
  51 v.   Henry Addison, born Abt. 1835 in Logan Co, KY.
  52 vi.   James M. Addison, born Abt. 1837 in Logan Co, KY.
+ 53 vii.   Richard H. Addison, born Abt. 1839 in Logan Co, KY.
  54 viii.   John Gideon H. Addison, born Abt. 1842 in Logan Co, KY; died 06 December 1927 in Jefferson Co, IL.
+ 55 ix.   Harriett Addison, born 12 January 1842 in Logan Co, Kentucky.
+ 56 x.   Jemima Jane Addison, born Abt. 1844 in Logan County, Kentucky.
  57 xi.   Luanna Addison, born Abt. 1850 in Jefferson Co, IL.

      24. Thomas4 Addison (William3, Thomas2, Family1) was born Bet. 1792 - 1794 in Madison Co, Kentucky. He married Jane Taylor 11 December 1815 in Gallatin Co, Illinois. She was born Abt. 1805 in Virginia.

Notes for Thomas Addison:
On the 1815 tax lists of Gallatin Co, IL.

A pensioner for the War of 1812. States he married Jane Taylor on 11 Dec 1815, Gallatin Co, IL. A member in Bradford's Company, 17th US Infantry. Lived in Gallatin Co, IL.

On the 1818 Gallatin Co IL State Census, page 92, 1-7-0-0 (1 male 21+, 7 other whites). This is a large number of "other people" -- wife and at most 3 children could only account for 4 people.

Thomas purchased 160 acres in Hardin Co, IL on 1 Jan 1819 though the government sales office. He purchased another 160 acres on 6 Feb 1819 in Gallatin Co, IL. This was about the time that counties were being formed (Illinois achieved statehood in 1818), so need to check the date Gallatin was formed and from what county.

On the 1820 census, has a male, 10-16 but not 16-18 years of age.

1840 Gallatin Co, IL census has Thomas as 0113101 0100101. This probably comprises most of the children of Thomas, although there could be 2-3 others. Need to find him on the 1820 & 1830 census records to verify.

The 1860 census is interesting. Thomas Addison and his wife Jane are present with daughter(?) Emily, age 36. Next is Thomas F. Addison, age 5, and Charles age 2. It appears, based on the order, that they are Emily's sons -- perhaps she married an Addison or is a daughter-in-law? Next door is son John and 4 more houses away is son Sir Sidney Addison.

More About Thomas Addison:
Census: 1818, Gallatin Co, Illinois
Children of Thomas Addison and Jane Taylor are:
  58 i.   dau15 Addison, born Bet. 1816 - 1820.
  59 ii.   son1 Addison, born Bet. 1816 - 1820.
+ 60 iii.   Emeline Addison, born Bet. 1819 - 1820 in Illinois.
  61 iv.   son2 Addison, born Bet. 1820 - 1825.
  62 v.   son3 Addison, born Bet. 1820 - 1825.
+ 63 vi.   Sir Sidney Addison, born Abt. 1821 in Illinois.
  64 vii.   son4 Addison, born Bet. 1825 - 1830.
+ 65 viii.   John Addison, born Abt. 1831 in Gallatin Co, Illinois.
  66 ix.   Sinai J. Addison, born Abt. 1834 in Illinois.

      25. Richard4 Addison (William3, Thomas2, Family1) was born Abt. 1797 in Madison Co, Kentucky, and died 1859 in Jefferson Co, Illinois. He married Lydia Smith Bet. 1815 - 1820 in Illinois (most likely Gallatin or Madison County). She was born Abt. 1804 in Kentucky, and died in Illinois.

Notes for Richard Addison:
Buried in Locust Grove Cemetary, Casner Township section 1, Jefferson Co, IL. Richard Addison age 62, 1859.

Possibly the Richard Addison on the 1820 Madison (Calhoun) Co, IL census. Although Richard Atison is on the abstracted index for the census, a page-by-page review of the 1820 Madison census did not locate him at all. Evan Smith is present, though.

On the 1830 Macoupin Co, IL census, 100001 02101. This accounts for Evan, Mary Ann, & Nancy. One other daughter b. 1820-25.

On 1840 Logan Co, KY Census, 1110001 010301. The three daughters are now merged. This would indicate that the oldest dau was 10 years old in 1830 and the other two were 5-10 (1825-1830) in order for them to merge into one age group on the 1840 census. The youngest dau is Martha. The sons are Evan, Israel and William. This allows us to account for all of Richard's children except the one daughter.

At some point between 1840 and 1859 he purchased 11 acres in Jefferson Co, IL from a man named Hand for $60. This from a note from the IL State Archives w/o a reference.

On 1850 Jefferson Co, IL census, has Tabitha Addison, age 18, born IL living with him. She is probably his daughter, or possibly of his brother Jonathan Addison who also lived in Jefferson Co IL..

Also, on the other side of James Henson (thus 2 houses away) is :
Nancy Addison 30 KY
Robert Spencer 7 KY
Henry Spencer 5 KY
Lydia F. Spencer 2 KY
A daughter-in-law or daughter of Richard? Possibly orphans of a dau of Richard?

Now, what is interesting is that 10 years later in 1860, this likely daughter-in-law Nancy Addison is on the 1860 Jefferson Co, IL census still next door to Evan Addison with:
Robert Fleming 47 NC Shoemaker
Nancy Addison 35 KY
Henry Addison 16 KY
Lydia Addison 13 KY
Laura E. Fleming 11/12 KY
Nancy Addison married Robert Fleming on 21 Oct 1860 in Jefferson Co, IL. It is unclear what is going on with the name changes from Spencer to Addison. Perhaps Nancy is a daughter of Richard, not a daughter-in-law, and she had taken in a sister's orphaned children? There is at least one daughter unaccounted for of Richard's.

Probably his grandchildren on 1870 Jefferson Co, IL census
HOLLAND, Nathaniel 35 Ind.
Caroline 29 Ohio
Sophia J 2 MO
ADDISON, Lydia 16 IL
Rebecca 10 IL

More About Richard Addison:
Census: 1830, Macoupin Co, IL
Children of Richard Addison and Lydia Smith are:
+ 67 i.   Nancy5 Addison, born Abt. 1820 in Kentucky.
+ 68 ii.   Mary Anne Addison, born Abt. 1825 in Illinois.
+ 69 iii.   dau Addison, born Bet. 1825 - 1830 in Kentucky; died Bet. 1848 - 1850 in Jefferson Co, IL.
+ 70 iv.   Evan Addison, born 02 February 1827 in Jefferson Co, IL or Logan Co, Kentucky; died 27 February 1912 in Orla, Laclede Co, Missouri.
+ 71 v.   Tabitha Addison, born Abt. 1832 in Kentucky; died 1901 in Jefferson Co, IL.
  72 vi.   Israel Addison, born Abt. 1833 in Jefferson Co, IL. He married Rhoda Hollin 03 August 1852 in Jefferson Co, Illinois.
  Notes for Israel Addison:
Israel is in the same Civil War unit as William Henson.

  73 vii.   Martha Addison, born Abt. 1835 in Jefferson Co, IL. She married Josiah Williams Abt. 1849 in Jefferson Co, Illinois.
  74 viii.   William Addison, born Abt. 1838 in Logan Co, Kentucky.
  Notes for William Addison:
Might be the William Addison, age 21, living with John Addison & next to Thomas Addison in 1860 Gallatin Co, IL.

  75 ix.   Joel E. Addison, born Abt. 1840 in Logan Co, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth J. Widders 26 December 1864 in Jefferson Co, Illinois.
  Notes for Joel E. Addison:
Possibly to Wright Co, MO by a land purchase of 1879

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