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Descendants of Joseph Sires

Generation No. 1

       1. Joseph4 Sires (John3 Siers, James2, John1) was born Bef. 1766 in ?Virginia or NC1,2, and died 2 May 1816 in Jackson County IN3,4. He married Elizabeth McDade 3 Jan 1787 in Greenbrier co VA5,6.

Notes for Joseph Sires:
In a Wayne co Iowa History book biography of George Sires, Joseph is listed as the grandfather of George and the father of Alexander Sires (1). He served in the Revolutionary War for 8 years (1) and went to the Territory of Indiana in 1806 and was one of the states first pioneers (1). In 1807 on the First census of Indiana, Joseph was listed in Dearborn County (6). He is listed as having purchased land in 1805 in what was Dearborn co and later Franklin county (15).
Probably the Joseph Sawyers who married Elizabeth McDade in Greenbrier co VA on 3 Jan 1787 (15)(16). In the Greenbrier co land records his name is listed as Sawyers, Siars, Siers, Sciers and Sayres. 30 March 1791 James Halstead was plaintiff in a suit against Joseph, and John Siers undertook for the defendant (20-p111). 28 June 1791 Joseph and Elizabeth sold 74 acres of land on Indian Creek to James Halstead (17-p169). On this same day, he also sold 95 acres to William Booten for land lying next to that sold to Halstead (17-p172). 13 Sept 1794, Joseph sold 94 acres on Indian Creek to John Wilson (17-p455). 25 Aug 1795 he served on a jury in Greenbrier co court (20-p171-172). 20 Aug 1798 Joseph served on a jury in Greenbrier co court (20-p228) 31 Sept 1798 Joseph bought land on Little Wolf Creek from Thomas Wiatt (18-p147).
7 Feb 1799 Joseph and Elizabeth sold some land on Little Wolf Creek to Thomas Wiatt (18-p117) and on this same day also sold 106 acres in the same area to Henson McDowell (18-p121). Is listed in 1807 on the census in Dearborn county (19).
Joseph Siers was listed as an 1811 taxpayer of Franklin co IN (2). 30 Oct 1811 Joseph bought a common tract of land with John Allen and John Wiley (12). 13 April 1812, Joseph Sires of Franklin county IN to William Buster part NE Qtr 11-8-1W beginning at the NE corner 38 acres (5)(9). No wife was named as having to relinquish her dower rights at that time so it is reasonable to suppose that she had died by this time (9). 2 March 1813 Joseph sold 113 acres to Christopher Learning (5)(9). 21 June 1813 he bought the same 113 acres back from Learning at the same price (7)(9). 19 March 1814 he sold most of that land to Matthew Sparks (5 (9)) and 5 Nov 1814 he again sold a small parcel to Matthew Sparks (5). 2 May 1814 he entered a patent on land in Section 4 Township 8 of Franklin county (13). 13 July 1814, Joseph recieved a certificate from James Madison President of the United States for the NE Qr S4-T8-R1 west, land that Joseph had purchased in accordance with an Act of Congress that regulated sale of land in the territories northwest of Ohio and above the mouth of the Kentucky River (10). 19 Nov 1815 he entered a patent on a tract of land next to that of William Sires (12). 20 April 1816, he sold 108 50/100 acres of land in Jackson county Indiana to John Berry (11-p13). Joseph's last will and testament is recorded in the Jackson county deed books and is dated 29 April 1816 (11-p16). He left small legacies to his daughters Sally Buster, Nelly Sires and to John Welch (11-p16). He left large parcels of lands and money to his younger sons George and James and left smaller parcels, wagons and farming equipment to his sons Alexander and William (11-p16). He left 100 dollars to his youngest daughter Betsey Sires (11-p16). A nuncupative will was added 7 May 1816, in which it was stated that Joseph Sires had died 2 May 1816 (11-p17). This will was based on sworn testimony of John Berry and Adam Lamb that Joseph told them before he died that he wished some cloth of his to be given to the use of his sons George and James and also asked that John Ketchum take care of and raised Betsey Sires (11-p17). The will for Joseph Sires was proved in court in Jackson county Indiana 6 Aug 1816 by John Berry and Adam Lamb (8) (11-p17). Jesse Durham was appointed guardian of Joseph's son James and John Ketchum and Thomas Ewing were appointed administrators of the estate (8).

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More About Joseph Sires:
Buried: Jackson county IN
Military: Rev War ?
Needs: Parent, Birth, Marriage, Military
Verification: Ch/Mil
Census/Taxes: C07-IN, T11-IN
Documents: Will
Children of Joseph Sires and Elizabeth McDade are:

+ 2 i.   Alexander5 Sires, born Feb 1796 in Virginia; died 11 Apr 1869 in Henrietta, Richland co WI.

  3 ii.   Joseph Jr Sires. He married Nelly Dorson 29 Dec 1812 in Franklin co IN7.

  Notes for Joseph Jr Sires:
Served as a Corporal in Col McFarland's Detachment in the Indiana Militia with his brother Alexander (1). He payed taxes in 1842 in Fayette County, Waterloo twp (2)

(1). Index to War of 1812 Service Records
(2). Indiana Tax Lists/Jane Darlington 977.2 R4d V1 p 136

+ 4 iii.   William Sires, born c. 1790 in Virginia; died Bef. 1850 in Illinois?.

  5 iv.   Sarah "Sally" Sires8. She married William Buster.

+ 6 v.   George Sires, born 1798 in Virginia; died 15 Aug 1885 in Carroll co, Indiana.

  7 vi.   James Sires9,10, born Aft. 1800; died c. 182511.

  Notes for James Sires:
April 1816, James was left a legacy of land and personal items in the will of his father, Joseph Sires (1). This is the last record that has been found for him.

(1).       Jackson County Indiana Deed Records Vol A 15 Jan 1816-18 Jan 1825 (Film 1314755) p 16

  8 vii.   Elizabeth "Betsey" Sires12.

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