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Ancestors of Warren John Sheppard

Generation No. 7

      64. Thomas Shepherd, born October 27, 1771 in Cavendish, Suffolk. He was the son of 128. John Shepherd and 129. Anne. He married 65. Mary.

      65. Mary, born in Cavendish, Suffolk.

More About Thomas Shepherd:
Baptised: October 27, 1771, Cavendish, Suffolk, England
Religion: Church of England
Children of Thomas Shepherd and Mary are:
  32 i.   Thomas Shepherd, born Abt. 1798 in Cavendish, Suffolk; married Sarah Malyon June 11, 1823 in Cavendish, Suffolk.
  ii.   David Shepherd, born Abt. 1805.
  More About David Shepherd:
Baptised: April 12, 1805, Cavendish, Suffolk, England
Religion: Church of England

  iii.   John Shepherd, born Abt. 1803.
  More About John Shepherd:
Baptised: September 11, 1803, Cavendish, Suffolk, England
Religion: Church of England

  iv.   Ann Shepherd, born Abt. 1801 in Cavendish, Suffolk.
  Notes for Ann Shepherd:
+ IGI Records have a Ann Shepherd marrying a Thomas Maylyon in Cavendish on June 11, 1824. Could this be this Ann Shepherd? If so, two members of the Shepherd family - Ann and Thomas married into the Maylon family within a year of each other. [WSheppard 31.12.1999]

  More About Ann Shepherd:
Baptised: November 1, 1801, Cavendish, Suffolk, England
Religion: Church of England

  v.   Mary Shepherd, born Abt. 1800.
  More About Mary Shepherd:
Baptised: June 6, 1800, Cavendish, Suffolk, England
Religion: Church of England

  vi.   Samuel Shepherd, born Abt. 1795.
  More About Samuel Shepherd:
Baptised: December 27, 1795, Cavendish, Suffolk, England
Religion: Church of England

  vii.   William Shepherd, born Abt. 1793.
  More About William Shepherd:
Baptised: June 1, 1793, Cavendish, Suffolk, England
Religion: Church of England

      66. John Malyan He married 67. Susanna Wife October 23, 1792 in Cavendish, Suffolk.

      67. Susanna Wife, born Abt. 1771 in Cavendish, Suffolk.

Notes for John Malyan:
+ IGI records have an alternative spelling of Malyen. I am presuming that Malyen, Melyen, Malyan and Malyon are alternative spellings for the same family surname. All four spellings found in the IGI index. [WSheppard 31.12.1999]

  Notes for Susanna Wife:
+ also written as Susan [WSheppard 31.12.1999]
Children of John Malyan and Susanna Wife are:
  33 i.   Sarah Malyon, born Abt. 1802 in Cavendish, Suffolk; married Thomas Shepherd June 11, 1823 in Cavendish, Suffolk.
  ii.   Joseph Malyan, born Abt. 1798 in Cavendish, Suffolk.
  More About Joseph Malyan:
Christening: July 22, 1798, Cavendish, Suffolk

      96. Patrick Byrne Snr, born Abt. 1773 in Dublin, Ireland; died June 6, 1848 in Cornwallis, NSW. He married 97. Catherine Power.

      97. Catherine Power, born Abt. 1775 in Ireland; died April 11, 1830 in Windsor, NSW.

Notes for Patrick Byrne Snr:
+ Patrick Byrne arrived in Sydney on the convict ship "Rolla" on 12th May, 1803, having left Cork, Ireland 189 days earlier on November 4th, 1802. The ship had 127 males and 37 females. WSheppard 3.4.99.
+ Cornwallis is now a suburb of outer Sydney. It is near Richmond in the Nepean-Hawkesbury Valley. WSheppard 17.4.99.
+ The internet list "Irish Convicts to Australia 1791-1820" lists several convicts by the name of Patrick Byrne. The one most likely was tried in Dublin in 1802, arrived on the convict ship "Rolla" in 1803 and died at Cornwallis in 1848. He was born in Ireland in 1771. He is listed in the remarks column as "Constable". WSheppard 17.4.99
+ The 438 ton convict ship "Rolla" arrived in Sydney on May 5th, 1803 after a 189 day voyage from Cork, in Ireland. It had 127 male and 37 female convicts. It's Master was John Robert Cummings. [info. from various sources] WSheppard 17.4.99
+ The "Hawkesbury Pioneer Index" lists Patrick Byne as being born in Ireland in about 1771 and his wife being born about 1773. This same index confirms that he was Constable at Cornwallis. WSheppard 4.5.1999
+ NSW and Norfolk Island Muster for 1805-1806 lists a Patrick Byrne of the convict ship "Rolla" as a prisoner employed by a Mr Cox of Hawkesbury. WSheppard 4.5.1999
+ The NSW Muster of 1822 that Patrick Byrne of Windsor is "free by servitude". He is a resident landholder on a landgrant of 90 acres (10 acres wheat, 12 of maize and 8 of barley). Two children, John and Patrick are also listed as being born in the colony. WSheppard 5.1999
+ In the "Census of NSW 1828" Patrick Byrne is aged 54, is "Free by Servitude", has 40 acres of land, 15 cleared. Has 2 cattle and 8 sheep. His occupation is "Constable". He is still a convict who had arrived on the "Rolla" in 1803 for a 7 year sentence. WSheppard 8.5.99
+ "The Australian" newspaper (Sept 15, 1825) reports that Patrick is appointed a Constable: "Colonial Secretary's Office Sept. 14. 1825. The Governor has been pleased to approve of the following appointments:...At Cornwallis - Patrick Byrne, free, to be district constable, in the room of Welsh resigned...By His Excellency's Command. F.Goulburn." WSheppard 30.5.99
+ Another convict from the second fleet, George Steel (c1746-1817), after the expiry of his sentence, worked for wages on Thomas Upton's Hawkesbury district farm. He was mustered as a labourer there in 1814. George Steel's death on November 22, 1817, age given as 81, was recorded in the register of St. Matthew, Windsor. WSheppard 30.5.99
+The following report was published in the "Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertizer" of Sunday May 15th, 1803: "SHIP NEWS. On Thursday arrived the Ship Rolla, Captain John Cummings, with prisoners of both sexes, viz. 119 men and 37 women: Seven of whom died on the passage; and the day after her arrival landed some of those who were weakly, at the general hospital. She left Ireland the 4th of November, arrived at Rio de Janeiro on the 15th of January, sailed from thence the 6th of February, and in 95 days after came to anchor in Port Jackson. During the latter part of the passage she experienced much bad weather; in the course of which, she [sprung???] her main-mast and carried away her main-yard. She brings, for the use of the Government, 234 Tierces of Pork, 686 casks of Flour, and 11 Tons of Sugar." This, and latter editions, make reference to the "Rolla" when goods are put up for sale. A latter edition of the paper lists the temperature in Sydney for the month of May. On the day the Rolla arrived it was foggy with winds from the west by north. Temperature 22 to 69 degrees F. WSheppard 12.6.99
+Transcribed "1814 NSW Muster" records "People Living in the Winsor District at this date": Patrick Burne (note spelling) Constable see Catherine Poer (note spelling). Is this the same Patrick who was made Constable in 1825? WSheppard 27.6.99
+ From the "Sydney Gazette & NSW Advertiser" of April 17th, 1823: "A number of respectable Inhabitants of Windsor, and its adjoining Districts...resolved, that the sum of 50 Pounds should be given to any Person or Persons who should give Information, and prosecute to Conviction, the Offender or Offenders, who lately stabbed and killed TWO MARES of Mr. Fitzgerald, one of Roger Twyfield, one of Patrick Byrne's, and other Persons...Wm. Cox, J.P.; J. Brabyn, J.P.; Achibald Bell, J.P. Windsor Court-house, 14th April, 1823." WSheppard 27.6.1999

More About Patrick Byrne Snr:
Immigrant Ship: December 5, 1803, Convict ship "Rolla"

  Notes for Catherine Power:
+ Catherine's surname is uncertain as records vary. Possible alternative name is "Poor". An internet site "Irish Convicts to Australia 1791-1820" lists a Catherine or Mary Power arriving on the convict ship "Rolla" in 1803. She was tried at Cork City in 1801 and sentenced for 7 years. She was born in Ireland in 1773 and died in Windsor in 1830. The New South Wales Pioneers Index lists the death of Catherine Byrne, aged 55years, at St Matthews Windsor. [death registered 1830 : Reference No. V1830476 14] This may be the right person. WSheppard 16.4.1999
+ "Hawkesbury Pioneer Index" has her name as Catherine Power/Poor. WSheppard 5.4.1999
+ The "Census of NSW 1828" lists a Catherine Byrne who is 52 years old, is "free by servitude" and a convict sentenced to 7 years having arrived on the "Rolla" in 1803. WSheppard 8.5.99
+ Transcribed NSW 1814 Muster" lists a Catherine Poor, wife of Constable Patrick Burns (note spelling) with 2 children. WSheppard 27.6.99

More About Catherine Power:
Trial Date: April 1801, Cork City. Seven year sentence.
Children of Patrick Snr and Catherine Power are:
  48 i.   Patrick Byrne Jnr, born Abt. 1807 in Windsor, NSW; died May 11, 1868 in Windsor, NSW; married Jane Upton November 21, 1827 in Windsor, NSW.
  ii.   John Byrne, born Abt. 1804 in Hawkesbury, NSW; married Elizabeth Brown.
  Notes for John Byrne:
+ Source of this information is a letter dated Aug.4th, 1993. It says "I believe (no proof) that Patick and Catherine had 2 sons: John born about 1805 and Patrick born about 1807 (no birth certificates) and no marriage record of Patrick and Catherine...John had four daughters...John married an Elizabeth Brown and had 2 children,James aged 2 and John, aged 1 at the time of the 1828 census. WSheppard 3.4.1999.
+ This information seems confirmed by a record in the "1788-1820 Association's Pioneers Register". It lists two children: John & Patrick and then names grandchildren including those mentioned above. WSheppard 17.4.99

      98. Thomas Upton, born Abt. 1766 in England; died May 10, 1827 in Windsor, NSW, Australia. He married 99. Sarah Pigg July 4, 1803 in St.John's Church, Parramatta.

      99. Sarah Pigg, born Abt. 1772; died November 13, 1827 in Windsor, NSW, Australia.

Notes for Thomas Upton:
+ Thomas Upton was sentenced to 14 years in the colony of NSW at a trial that took place in Middlesex, England in 1787. He arrived in Sydney on the "Neptune" on 28th June 1790, having left Portsmouth, England on the 19th January in the same year. The "Neptune" was an 809 ton ship that carried 502 people of which 147 male and 11 females died on the 160 day voyage. This convict ship was part of the Second Fleet to arrive in NSW. [ WSheppard 4.4.1999]
+ The NSW & Norfolk Island Muster 1800-1802 list a Thomas Upton who had arrived on the "Neptune" as being a Carpenter resident in the Hawkesbury. Ticket of Leave No. 057. [ref.ADO 63]
+ The NSW and Norfolk Island Muster for 1805-1806 lists a Thomas Upton, of the "Neptune" as being "free by servitude" with a gift of Mr McKeller of Hawkesbury of 25 acres of land. (15 acres in pasture and 4 fallow. He had 4 and half acres of wheat and 1 and half acres of barley. He had 12 hogs. He had a wife and 5 children and 1 convict working the land. [Ref BO316 and AA4466]
+ J.S. Cumpston's "Shipping Arrivals and departures Sydney 1788-1825" lists the Ship's Master on the "Neptune" as Donald Trail. Ship left Sydney on August 24th 1790 for China. WSheppard 4.5.1999

More About Thomas Upton:
Cause of death (2): May 10, 1827, Buried at St. Matthew's, Windsor
Immigrant Ship: June 28, 1790, Convict ship "Neptune"
Trial Date: September 12, 1787, Middlesex OB, the "Old Bailey"

  Notes for Sarah Pigg:
+ Sarah Pigg arrived in Sydney on the convict ship "Mary Ann" on the 9th July, 1791, having left England, via St. Iago 16th February, 1791. The ship was a 298 ton sailing ship carrying 150 people. Nine females died on the way out. Sarah was convicted at Hertford, England on March 3rd, 1790 and deported to NSW with a life sentence. She probably married Thomas Upton in Windsor in about 1803. Ship's Master Mark Monroe. [various sources for info.] WSheppard 3.4.1999.
+ 1814 NSW Muster lists a Sarah Pig, free at the time of the muster who had served her sentence having come to NSW on the "Mary Ann". She was the wife of T. Upton and had 6 children. WSheppard 4.5.1999
+ The ship's master of the "Mary Ann" was Mark Monroe. The book "Log of Logs" says the ship had arrived in Sydney with 141 female and 6 child convicts and 1 free woman. Its load was clothing and provisions for the colony. It left Sydney on August 8th 1791 for Norfolk Is and later (11th Nov) went whaling to 45 degrees south latitude. WSheppard 4.5.1999
+ Sarah Pigg married two convicts who came on the Second Fleet: Thomas Hoskisson and Thomas Upton. WSheppard 29.5.1999

More About Sarah Pigg:
Cause of death (2): November 13, 1827, Buried at St. Matthew's, Windsor.
Immigrant Ship: September 7, 1791, Convict ship "Mary Anne"
Trial Date: March 3, 1790, Hertford, England
Children of Thomas Upton and Sarah Pigg are:
  49 i.   Jane Upton, born March 24, 1813 in Windsor, NSW; died April 12, 1900 in Bourah near Gulgargambone NSW; married Patrick Byrne Jnr November 21, 1827 in Windsor, NSW.
  ii.   Lucy Upton, born Abt. 1802; died February 2, 1819 in Windsor, NSW, Australia; married Henry Forrester February 2, 1819 in Windsor, NSW, Australia; born Abt. 1799; died April 29, 1873 in Windsor, NSW, Australia.
  Notes for Lucy Upton:
+ Lucy died on her wedding day. WSheppard 4.6.1999

  iii.   James Upton, born September 9, 1803 in Hawkesbury, NSW; died August 11, 1888 in Windsor, NSW, Australia; married Catherine Frazier January 31, 1826 in Windsor, NSW, Australia; died October 14, 1895.
  iv.   Jesse Upton, born July 30, 1806; died November 15, 1872 in Emu Plains, NSW.
  v.   Anne Upton, born August 18, 1809; died June 6, 1891 in Picton; married William Bolland July 21, 1829 in Narellan; died August 21, 1854.
  vi.   William Upton, born September 6, 1811 in Windsor, NSW, Australia; died March 3, 1812 in Windsor, NSW, Australia.
  vii.   Sophia Upton, born April 26, 1816 in Richmond, NSW; died April 2, 1884 in Windsor, NSW, Australia; married George Cupitt October 10, 1831 in St Matthews Church of England, Windsor; born December 12, 1808 in Windsor, NSW, Australia; died May 9, 1875 in Windsor, NSW, Australia.
  viii.   Susannah Upton, born September 21, 1817; died November 23, 1817.

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