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Sill Weibel Family Home Page

Updated October 24, 2013

John R Sill
Edgerton, WI United States

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The information included on these pages is correct to the best of my knowledge. Much of it has been compiled from numerous family history books and articles on microfilm. Some of it has been added from internet searches and has not yet been verified. It is presented "as is." If you find errors or omissions please let me know so they can be corrected. As of May 1,2008, there are 12,744 people in our family tree. Due to the size of that file, the entire family tree cannot be viewed at once. The Sill and Weibel families can be viewed seperately by going to the GEDCOM Trees section. A partial list of surnames found in the trees follows: Aldrich, Baldwin, Ballou, Barker, Barnes, Bennett, Bentley, Bird, Botsford, Braun, Clark, Drew, Dustin, Freedlund, Fuller, Griswold, Harper, Hemmersbach, Hess, Hewitt, Hungerford, Johnson, Kuntzelman, Leffingwell, Lilja, Lord, McNitt, Meyer, Miller, Olmsted, Ossman, Rowley, Sill, Weibel, and Wheeler. For more information about our families, go to the Family Tree Maker Reports and Trees section or to John and Cathy's Genealogy Pages in the Related Links section.

I have finally found the descendants of my g,g grandfather Nelson Sill and his first wife, Delia Brown! Thanks to Judy Churchill for sharing information with me that I never expected to find. And thanks also to Kathleen Brown McPhilliamy for sharing more information about the Brown family.

I am still trying to learn more about my Drew ancestors. The farthest back I have been able to find is my g,g,g,g grandfather Rev. John Drew, who was born Feb. 15, 1759. John's wife was Eunice Baldwin, born May 14, 1766 in Norwich, Conn. Her parents were Rufus Baldwin and Eunice Leffingwell. John and Eunice Drew had 5 sons, Rufus, John, Thomas, Isaac, and Asa, and 5 daughters, Eunice Drew, Lucy Vangordon, Eliza Kemp, Mary Nichols, and Diantha Jenkins. Rufus, my g,g,g grandfather, was born April 20, 1803 in Plymouth, Mass.

There were many branches of the Drew family in America at that time but I have not been able to find the connection to Rev. John. Rufus' birth in Plymouth leads me to believe I am descended from the John Drew who came to Plymouth and married Hannah Churchill. There is also a story that says we are descended from a man who fell off the Mayflower and was brought back on deck. This would be John Howland, who also leads me back to Plymouth. His children's census records show John was born in either Mass. or Maine, which was part of Mass. until 1820. If anyone has information that may help me I would love to hear from you.

I have links from my site to various other history related sites relevant to our family's history. One interesting Sill connection is the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Two prominent supporters of the trials, Increase and Cotton Mather, are ancestors of a different branch of the Sill family. Three of the accused witches, Rebecca Nurse, Mary Easty, and Sarah Cloyce are ancestors of another branch of the Sill family. Cotton Mather also has a connection to my mother's side of the family, found in The Hannah Dustin Story.

GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

  • Sill Family Tree (3526 KB)
    All of the known connections to John's branch of the Sill family, minus the Weibel family.
  • Weibel Family Tree (772 KB)
    All of the known connections to Cathy's branch of the Weibel family, minus the Sill family. Updated May 1, 2008.

Family Photos

  • Nettie Henry and Esther Freedlund (334 KB)
    The Henrys were neighbors of the Freedlunds in Avon, Wisconsin. The building on the left is the Avon Center School. The one on the right is the Avon Methodist Church. Taken approx. 1900.
  • Esther, Emma, Evelyn Freedlund (229 KB)
    The baby, Evelyn, was born in 1906. This shot was taken after the family had left Avon and moved to Sherwood, Wisconsin.
  • Ella, Elsie, Oscar, Richard (429 KB)
    Ella Gardner is a descendant of ancestor Montgomery Harper. She was another neighbor of the Freelund family. This photo shows Ella on the left, with Elsie (Freedlund) and Oscar Gustafson and their son Richard. Taken 1908.
  • Emma and Esther Freedlund (109 KB)
    Taken, I believe, between 1910 and 1915. There is something very significant in this photo. The girl's dresses now have necklines. All of the other older Freedlund pictures show the girls dresses covering their necks.
  • Freedlunds in Avon, WI (322 KB)
    Left to right: Hilda Theebom, Hannah Lilja, Esther, Allen, Edna, Emma Freedlund. Elsie Freedlund standing behind. Taken 1899 in Avon, WI. Hilda's relationship with the family is unknown. She may have been a friend of Hannah's, who was visiting from Chicago.
  • Ma and Pa Freedlund, Mr. and Mrs. Dustrude (315 KB)
    The land the Freedlund family farmed in Avon, Wisconsin was owned by Ole T. Dustrude. The Dustrudes are on the left and the Freedlunds are on the right of this picture. Taken approx. 1900.
  • Ada and Monroe Aldrich (345 KB)
    My g,g grandparents, Isaac Monroe and Caroline Ada (Dustin) Aldrich.
  • John L. and Stella Johnson (103 KB)
    My great grandparents in their house west of Beloit, Wisconsin. Taken in the 1950's.
  • Jesse Baldwin Drew (722 KB)
    I don't know when this picture of my great grandfather was taken. I do remember it hanging on the wall in Grandma and Grandpa Drew's living room. At the time I was much younger and didn't realize who he was.
  • Vida May (Johnson) Sill (142 KB)
    My grandmother. Date taken unknown, so I don't know if she was a Sill or a Johnson yet at this point. I do know that she did not always wear glasses, so that clue will help focus in on the time it was taken.
  • Johnson Family (303 KB)
    Year unknown. Front row: Jesse, Stella, John, Vida. Back row: Viola, Laurence, Lloyd, Clyde, Velda.
  • Arthur and Viola? (358 KB)
    I think this is a picture of Arthur and Viola Sill, taken in Rockford, Illinois in the 1920's.
  • Arthur and Vida Wedding (67 KB)
    Wedding photo of Arthur Vernon Sill and Vida May Johnson, March 18,1930.
  • Nelson and Edna Sill's children (463 KB)
    Baby pictures of Arthur Vernon, Edith Viola, and Nelson Allen Sill.
  • Joseph and Katherine (Kast) Weibel (32 KB)
    Cathy's g,g grandparents. Date taken unknown, but Katherine died in 1873, so it was taken prior to that.
  • Nelson and Edna Sill (90 KB)
    Taken on their 50th Anniversary celebration in 1950.
  • Mary Louise (Deutz) Miller (40 KB)
    Cathy's great grandmother
  • Anna (Hemmersbach) Weibel (77 KB)
    Cathy's great grandma in her wedding dress, which is said to have been emerald green.
  • Clemons Weibel (53 KB)
    Cathy's great Grandfather. Date unknown.
  • Weibel boys (53 KB)
    Clemons and Anna's sons Isadore, Matthew, Joseph, and Edward. Taken 19-teens, exact date unknown.
  • Arthur and Viola Sill (163 KB)
    Taken approx. 1906.
  • Nelson and Edna Sill (374 KB)
    Taken approx. 1950.
  • N. A. Sill and fish (216 KB)
    One of my favorite pictures because it is so out of character with the rest of the family pictures. It shows the family could have fun too. This shows Nelson supposedly holding a very large fish. The Sills must have been pioneers in trick photography!
  • Arthur Sill in the boy scouts (348 KB)
    Arthur is in the front row, second from the right, with the CLEAN uniform. Apparently Edna made a point of keeping his uniform clean. Taken approx.1917.
  • Matthew Weibel (265 KB)
    Cathy's grandfather at age 19.
  • Making Molasses (149 KB)
    Nelson and Edna Sill made molasses from the sorghum they grew on their farms. This picture was taken in Leona, Illinois. Left to Right: Mr. Belden, Allen, Nelson, and Edna Sill.
  • Matthew and Louise Weibel wedding (60 KB)
    Picture with the Miller family. Left to right: George, his wife Ann, Christian, Matthew, Louise, Mary, and Frank. Front: Marcella.
  • Arthur and Vida Sill (53 KB)
    This is the way I remember my Grandma and Grandpa Sill. Taken in 1977.
  • Matthew and Louise Weibel anniversary (44 KB)
    Taken on their 50th wedding anniversay, May 20, 1974.
  • Ezra and Loretta Drew (607 KB)
    This is the only picture I have ever seen of my g,g grandparents, Ezra Anson and Loretta (Bentley) Drew. They moved to a farm near Plainfield, Wisconsin in 1894. Ezra died in 1905. Based on the age of the man in the picture, I assume this picture was taken between those years.
  • Louise Miller (46 KB)
    Cathy's grandma, taken in LaCrosse, WI, 1914.
  • Jesse B. and Rachel Ann Drew (280 KB)
    Rachel Ann (Aldrich) Drew, her sister Mabel, and Jesse Baldwin Drew. I believe it was taken approx. 1923.
  • Anna Marie (Weiss) Meyer (153 KB)
    Cathy's great grandmother, known as Mary.
  • Rachel Ann and Caroline Ada (93 KB)
    My great grandmother Rachel Ann (Aldrich) Drew with her mother Caroline Ada (Dustin) Aldrich.
  • Elizabeth, Mary, and Clara Weibel (45 KB)
    Sisters of Cathy's great grandfather, Clemons Weibel.
  • Rachel Ann Aldrich (278 KB)
    Rachel was born in 1882 so I would guess this picture is from approx. 1885.
  • Regina, Theresa, and Bertha Weibel (64 KB)
    Sisters of Cathy's grandfather, Matthew Weibel.
  • Matthew and Louise Wedding picture (139 KB)
    Cathy's grandparents with best man Frank Miller, Louise's brother, and bridesmaid Margaret Weibel, Matthew's sister.
  • Unknown ancestor - possibly a Harper (66 KB)
    This is one of a set of five tin types saved by the Sill family. Unfortunately, none were identified. Since this guy appears to be wearing a Civil War uniform, I assume it is one of the four Harper boys who was in the war - John, Loren, Henry, or Nathan.
  • Unknown ancestor - possibly Charlotte Emily Harper (125 KB)
    This is another of the 5 tin type photos that have been passed down through the generations. I am pretty sure, based on other photographic evidence, that this is a picture of Charlotte, possibly on her wedding day.
  • Nelson and Edna Sill (52 KB)
    Wedding photo of Nelson Alexander Sill and Edna Alfreda Freedlund, Sept. 20, 1900, Janesville, WI.
  • Nelson and Charlotte Sill (90 KB)
    Nelson and Charlotte Emily (Harper) Sill at their farm in Missouri.
  • Hess family flag (1353 KB)
    Otto and Elsa being presented with a flag that has five stars, each star representing a son serving in World War 2. The flags were proudly flown from family's windows or porches to honor their family members that were serving their country. Unfortunately, the flag is no longer in the family's possession.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery Harper (96 KB)
    Montgomery Harper with his second wife Angelina Alger (my g,g,g grandparents). Date of photo is unknown, but it is before September 25, 1864, when Montgomery died.
  • Jesse B. and Iva Drew (121 KB)
    Many of you will remember that Iva was not a very tall woman. She appears to be a teenager in this picture and she is taller than her father. Probably taken in the late 1920's.
  • Clemons Weibel family (25 KB)
    Back Row: Theresa, Matthew, Mary, Edward. Middle: Isadore, Joseph, Margaret. Front: Clemons, Regina, Bertha, Anna. Probably taken around 1915.
  • Cousin Anna Johnson and boys (379 KB)
    My g,g,g grandmother Emma Lilja came to America from Sweden in 1878. Some of her cousins came too. I believe this is her cousin Anna Anderson with her husband (unknown) Johnson. The other picture is labelled "Cusin Anna's Boys."
  • Matthew and Louise Weibel (21 KB)
    Wedding photo of Matthew Clemons Weibel and Louise Margaret Miller, May 20, 1924, in LaCrosse, WI.
  • Frank, Charley, Edith Anderson (376 KB)
    Possibly cousins of my g,g, grandmother Emma Lilja. At least some of her cousins settled near Monmouth, Illinois. One of these photographers is from Monmouth, the other from nearby Keithsburg.
  • Unknown ancestors - Sills? Harpers? (271 KB)
    Another of the tin types. Based on other pictures, I believe the man on the right could be Nelson Sill. My best guess is that the other guy is either a brother or one of the Harper boys, his brothers-in-law.
  • Jesse B. Drew's children (350 KB)
    Children of Jesse Baldwin and Rachel Ann (Aldrich) Drew, taken approximately 1914. Front: Ezra and Iva. Back: Jesse, Ada, Lelah.
  • Arthur, Allen, Viola Sill (236 KB)
    Picture was labelled "To Aunt Esther and Uncle Joe. 1918." This is my grandfather Arthur Vernon Sill (on the left) with his brother Nelson Allen and sister Edith Viola.
  • Nelson Sill Family, 1891 (567 KB)
    This is a picture of Nelson and Charlotte Emily (Harper) Sill and their three children (Nelson, Margaret, Deodatus)plus Nelson's daughter from his first marriage (Ella).
  • Aldrich family, 1902 (71 KB)
    Front:Clara, Caroline Ada, Iona, Isaac Monroe, Raymond. Middle:Harold. Back:Miami, Mable, Myrtle, Rachel Ann, Ella.
  • Charles Anderson (110 KB)
    Brother of my g,g grandmother Emma Freedlund. Birth name was Carl August Gustafsson. Known as Charles Anderson in America. Picture probably taken in 1930's.
  • Unknown ancestor - possibly Nelson Sill (118 KB)
    Another of the tin types. Based on what I have learned about the others, I believe this is a picture of a very young Nelson Alexander (Neltie) Sill.
  • Emma Freedlund (115 KB)
    My g,g grandmother. Known in Sweden as Emma Wilhelmina Gustafsadotter Lilja. Probably taken in 1930's.
  • Margaret (McNitt) Sill (168 KB)
    My g,g,g grandmother. She was the wife of Deodatus Sill.
  • Hannah Lilja (221 KB)
    Sister of my g,g grandmother Emma Freedlund. Known in Sweden as Johanna Charlotta Lilja. Picture was taken at Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois, date unknown.
  • Montgomery Harper family - 1858 (903 KB)
    Sitting: Nathan, Montgomery, Angelina, Charles on lap, Ella Sherwood in front. Middle: Rupert Sherwood, Joseph, Charlotte. Back: Loren, Caroline, Lovira, John, Henry, Sabrina Sherwood.
  • John and Emma Freedlund (101 KB)
    Taken from the picture of "Ma and Pa Freedlund and Mr. and Mrs. Dustrude." I cut out the Freedlunds to see them seperately.
  • Alex and Datie Sill - 1873 (101 KB)
    One of the few tin types with writing left on it. Reads " Uncle Alex + Datus Sill 6 weeks old."
  • John and Emma Freedlund #2 (149 KB)
    John and Emma at their farm in Sherwood, Wisconsin about 1905.
  • Charlotte Emily Harper (10 KB)
    My g,g grandmother. One of few existing family tin-type photos that was identified. Date unknown, but to me, she appears to be in her teens or early twenties.
  • Philena Hewitt and daughters (516 KB)
    Front:Philena (my g,g,g grandmother), Clara. Back:Martha, Caroline Ada (my g,g grandmother).
  • Hannah Dustin (401 KB)
    An illustration of my g,g,g,g,g,g,g,g grandmother, from page 62 of the book Indian Wars by Robert M. Utley and Wilcomb E. Washburn, 1987 edition.
  • August Meyer family (255 KB)
    Family photo from 1919. Clockwise from top: Mary (Weiss), August, Louise, Henry.
  • Amanda Kuntzelman (46 KB)
    This is a picture of my g,g grandmother Amanda (Kercher) Kuntzelman and twins Lulu and Louis who were born in 1882. Amanda was 21 years old at the time.
  • Richard Kuntzelman (17 KB)
    My g,g grandfather Richard Kuntzelman and three of his children: Mabel, Paul, and Irma. Date unknown but would estimate approx. 1930.
  • John Freedlund (128 KB)
    My g,g grandfather. This is the only picture I have seen of him without facial hair. Date unknown.
  • William Johnson (73 KB)
    My g,g uncle William Johnson with driver Dave Forrest. Date unknown. William was the undertaker in Leaf River, Illinois until his death in 1922. His horses were spooked by a train and he died in the resulting hearse-train collision.
  • John, Evelyn, and Emma Freedlund (244 KB)
    Taken in Sherwood, Wisconsin, early 19-teens.
  • Otto and Elsa Hess (650 KB)
    My great grandparents, Otto and Elsa (Braun) Hess. Date of photo unknown.
  • UK and Ireland Map (322 KB)
    Map of the British Isles showing where some of the Sill's ancestors lived.
  • Sill Coat of Arms - Version 1 (73 KB)
    Found in "Old Silltown", page 18, by Sarah Sill Welles Burt. Colorized as close as possible to the description in the book.
  • Map of Silltown (422 KB)
    So many Sills lived around Lyme, Connecticut, the neighborhood became known as Silltown. I found this map in "Old Silltown..." and cleaned it up and added color.
  • Sill Coat of Arms - Version 2 (121 KB)
    A slightly different version, found in "Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Sill and Clarissa Treadway", page 2, by Frederick Schroeder Sill. Colorized slightly different as well based on information I found on the internet.
  • Americas First Families Certificate (756 KB)
    I sent my Sill family information to America's First Families and they believed everything looked good. This is the certificate they sent me.
  • Emma Freedlund and Hannah Lilja (281 KB)
    Emma's family farmed in Avon, Wisconsin. Her sister Hannah was visiting from Chicago. Taken approx. 1900.
  • Map of Avon, Wisconsin - 1873 (240 KB)
    Map of the Avon area, with land owned by our relatives highlighted in color.
  • Jesse R. and Margaret (Hess) Drew (662 KB)
    Grandma and Grandpa's wedding picture. They were married April 29, 1933.
  • Jesse Raymond Drew (54 KB)
    Picture of my Grandfather, year unknown.
  • Margaret Drew (154 KB)
    Picture of Grandma Drew, taken 1958.
  • Margaret Drew with Christmas wreath (149 KB)
    Taken sometime around 1980, when she lived in Excelsior, WI with Aunt Cilla and Uncle Milton. Grandma loved Christmas and this picture reminds me of all the years we celebrated Christmas together.

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