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Ancestors of NANCY ANN KELLY

Generation No. 9

       280. FRANTZ MAY OR GEORGE MAY. He married 281. ANN MAGDELNAN OR ?.
       281. ANN MAGDELNAN OR ?.

Three May men (brothers?) came to Philadelphia, PA on Nov 22, 1752 aboard the "Phoenix" captained by Reuben Honor from Rotterdam, last of Cowes. These men were Frantz, George, and Killian. All three settled in Berks Co., PA, Windsor township. ref, Thos e who took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province & state of PA 1727-1775 Dewy ref # 974.8 E. Tax and Church records of Berks Co., PA.
Thomas Shank believes that Frantz is the correct father of Thomas.
Joanne Yackering & others believe that George is the father of Thomas.

       Child of FRANTZ MAY and ANN ? is:

  140 i.   THOMAS MAY, born in Germany; died Abt. 1829 in Knox Co., TN; married MARY CATHERINE EMRICH Abt. 1810 in VA.

       Children of ANDREW TRESSLER/DRESSLER are:


  ii.   David Tressler/Dressler.
       304. JAMES LEA, born 1706 in St. Stephens Parrish, King & Queen Co, VA; died March 1792 in Caswell Co., NC. He was the son of 608. WILLIAM LEA IV and 609. FRANCES MAJOR. He married 305. ANN HERNDON 1731 in King & Queen Co., VA.
       305. ANN HERNDON, born 1706 in King & Queen Co., VA; died 1777 in Caswell Co., NC. She was the daughter of 610. EDWARD HERNDON and 611. MARY WALLER.

       Children of JAMES LEA and ANN HERNDON are:

  i.   Adelphia Lea, married Joseph Henderson.

  ii.   John Lea.

  iii.   Lucinda Lea, married Joseph Peterson & Iverson Green.

  iv.   William Lea.

  v.   Nancy Lea, born 1737; married Paul Haralson 1754.

  vi.   Isabelle Lea, born 1738 in King & Queen Co., VA; died April 20, 1796 in Caswell Co., NC; married John Graves.

  vii.   Luke Lea, born December 26, 1739; died 1813 in Amite Co., MS; married Elizabeth Wilson May 04, 1759 in Caswell Co., NC.

  152 viii.   MAJOR LEA, born Abt. 1742 in Spotsylvania Co, VA; died November 19, 1843 in Powell Valley, Clairborne Co., TN; married (1) Elizabeth Herndon Abt. 1764; married (2) SARAH FARLEY August 29, 1790 in Caswell Co., NC.

  ix.   ? Lea.

  x.   John Lea, born Abt. 1744 in Spotsylvania Co., VA; died 1803 in Caswell Co., NC; married Winnifred 1765 in Orange Co., NC.
       312. JOSHUA STARKEY, born December 1746 in Baltimore MD; died 1815. He was the son of 624. JOHN STARKEY , JR. and 625. ANN GREER. He married 313. HONOR HUTTS.
       313. HONOR HUTTS, born Abt. 1750.

       Children of JOSHUA STARKEY and HONOR HUTTS are:

  156 i.   WILLIAM STARKEY, born 1766 in Baltimore MD; married ELIZABETH WEBB.

  ii.   Sarah Ann Starkey, born 1770; died in KY; married Robert Bond October 12, 1796 in Franklin Co., TN.

  iii.   Mary Starkey, born 1772; married Ben Epperson January 30, 1797 in Franklin Co., TN.

  iv.   John Starkey, born 1773; died 1807 in Franklin Co., TN; married Polly Plybon.

  v.   Joshua Starkey , Jr, born 1774; married Susannah Fellows.

  vi.   Elijah Starkey, born 1776; married Elizabeth Gaddy December 09, 1802.

  vii.   Bryant Starkey, born 1784.

  viii.   Jesse Starkey, born 1780; married Margaret Benton 1813 in Campbell Co., KY.
       348. JAMES WRIGHT SPARROW, born Abt. 1745 in Va.

       Child of JAMES WRIGHT SPARROW is:

  174 i.   PETER SPARROW, born in VA; died in KY; married MILLIE EDWARDS Abt. 1800 in KY.
       350. JOHN EDWARDS.

       Child of JOHN EDWARDS is:

  175 i.   MILLIE EDWARDS, born in VA; died in KY; married PETER SPARROW Abt. 1800 in KY.
       376. JOHN PIERCE SWETT , SR., born January 1753 in Newberry, MA; died July 07, 1819 in NH. He was the son of 752. BENJAMIN SWETT II and 753. REBECCA PIERCE. He married 377. SUSANNA FITZJARRELD October 10, 1773 in Boscawen, Merrimac, NH.
       377. SUSANNA FITZJARRELD, born 1753 in Boscawen, Merrimac, NH; died November 20, 1824 in NH.

       Children of JOHN SWETT and SUSANNA FITZJARRELD are:

  i.   Edward Swett, born December 15, 1774 in Boscawen, Merrimac, NH; died 1865; married Mariam Hunt September 08, 1795.

  ii.   Susanna Swett, born December 23, 1776 in Boscawen, Merrimac, NH.

  188 iii.   JOHN PIERCE SWETT , JR., born August 18, 1785 in Errol, Coos, NH; died December 24, 1861 in Adams, IL; married EUNICE PRESBY Abt. 1801 in NH.

  iv.   Rhoda Swett, born September 09, 1793 in Boscawen, Merrimac, NH.
       380. WILLIAM ELMER, born Abt. 1745 in Somers, Tolland Co, CT; died in Somers, Tolland Co, CT. He was the son of 760. WILLIAM ELMER and 761. ASA L CHILD. He married 381. MARY KIBBE June 23, 1767 in Tolland, Somers, CT.
       381. MARY KIBBE, born May 21, 1749 in Somers, Tolland Co, CT. She was the daughter of 762. DANIEL KIBBE and 763. MARY PRATT.

       Children of WILLIAM ELMER and MARY KIBBE are:

  i.   William Elmer, born September 22, 1774; died June 12, 1840; married Jerusha Clark.

  190 ii.   JOHN ELMER, born September 22, 1780 in Somers, CT; died February 28, 1870 in Adams, IL or Payson, UT; married SALLY POLLY PEAKE Abt. 1800 in VT.

  iii.   Squire Elmer, born October 20, 1781; died January 1844; married Lucy Chase.

  iv.   David Elmer, born 1784; married Martha Chase.

  v.   Polly Elmer, born 1786.

  vi.   Charoltte Elmer, born 1790; married Steven Chase.

  vii.   Lodisa Elmer, born June 22, 1791.

  viii.   Sally Elmer, born May 15, 1792; married Elisha Clark.

  ix.   Jerntia Elmer, born 1793; married Jacob Fox.

  x.   Frederick Elmer, born June 22, 1795 in Hartford, Hartford Co, CT; married Mary Pratt.
       382. LEMUEL PEAKE , SR., born September 30, 1733 in Woodstock, CT. He was the son of 764. JONATHAN PEAKE III and 765. MEHITABLE PERRIN. He married 383. JOANNA ELLENWOOD March 13, 1760 in CT.
       383. JOANNA ELLENWOOD, born July 29, 1739 in Woodstock, Windham, CT; died March 09, 1794. She was the daughter of 766. JONATHAN ELLENWOOD and 767. JOANNA HUNT.

       Children of LEMUEL PEAKE and JOANNA ELLENWOOD are:

  i.   Sophia Peake, born November 03, 1760 in Woodstock, CT.

  ii.   Violetta Peake, born October 08, 1762 in Woodstock, CT; married Rufus Peake November 07, 1793.

  iii.   Jonathan Peake, born January 13, 1765 in Woodstock, CT.

  iv.   Lemuel Peake , Jr., born 1767 in Woodstock, CT; married Marian Bugbee June 30, 1797.

  v.   William Peake, born 1769 in Woodstock, CT; married Sally Bugbee October 19, 1797.

  vi.   Thomas Peake, born 1771 in Woodstock, CT.

  vii.   Lucy Peake, born 1773 in Woodstock, CT.

  191 viii.   SALLY POLLY PEAKE, born July 09, 1784 in Promfret, Windham, VT; died 1838; married JOHN ELMER Abt. 1800 in VT.
       400. JOHN ADAM STUTLER , SR., born Abt. 1712 in Germany; died in VA. He was the son of 800. JACOB VON STAADLTLER and 801. MARY SITES. He married 401. MARY NEWBEDGER Abt. 1740 in Germany.
       401. MARY NEWBEDGER, born Abt. 1720 in Germany; died in VA.

       Children of JOHN STUTLER and MARY NEWBEDGER are:

  i.   Joseph Stutler.

  ii.   Josiah Stutler.

  iii.   William Stutler.

  200 iv.   JOHN ADAM STUTLER , JR., born 1757 in VA; died 1814; married SARAH HUGHES Abt. 1785 in West Milford, Harrison, VA.
       402. ELIAS HUGHES, born 1747 in Hardy Co, VA; died December 22, 1844 in Utica Licking Co., OH. He was the son of 804. Thomas Hughes and 805. Susannah Mary Baker. He married 403. JANE SLEETH 1780 in Harrison Co. VA.
       403. JANE SLEETH, born 1745 in VA; died 1827 in Johnston, OH. She was the daughter of 806. John Alexander Sleeth and 807. Mary Ann Wallace.

       Children of ELIAS HUGHES and JANE SLEETH are:

  201 i.   SARAH HUGHES, born 1760 in Winchester, VA; died Aft. 1850 in Harrison, VA; married JOHN ADAM STUTLER , JR. Abt. 1785 in West Milford, Harrison, VA.

  ii.   Jane Hughes.

  iii.   Jonathan Hughes.

  iv.   Henry Hughes.

  v.   Elias Hughes , Jr..

  vi.   Nancy Hughes.

  vii.   Dinah Hughes.

  viii.   ? Hughes.

  ix.   Thomas Hughes.

  x.   David Hughes.

  xi.   Margaret Hughes.

  xii.   Susanna Hughes.

  xiii.   Kate Hughes.

  xiv.   Sudna Hughes.

  xv.   John Hughes.
       420. NICHOLAS FLEENER, born Abt. 1747 in Germany; died November 12, 1812 in Washington Co, VA. He was the son of 840. JOHANNES FLEENER and 841. ANNA MINNICK. He married 421. MARY FULKERSON Abt. 1770 in VA.
       421. MARY FULKERSON, born Abt. 1750.

       Children of NICHOLAS FLEENER and MARY FULKERSON are:

  210 i.   JOHN FLEENER, born January 31, 1771 in Woodsboro, Frederick, MD; died September 19, 1853 in Washington, IN; married (1) ELIZABETH HENSLEY October 06, 1789 in Abingdon, Washington, VA; married (2) Rebecca Putoff Abt. December 1814 in Washington, IN; married (3) Mary Grace Gibson Abt. 1831 in Washington, IN.

  ii.   Benjamin Fleener, born 1774; married Saeah Horne 1802.

  iii.   Christopher Fleener, born 1778; married Mary Gimbled January 22, 1798.

  iv.   Henry Fleener, born September 27, 1778; died July 05, 1858; married Lettice Peters Gibson & Catherine Hortenstine.

  v.   Isaac Fleener, born 1782; married Elizabeth Fickle January 12, 1831.

  vi.   Elizabeth Fleener, born 1786.

  vii.   Jacob Fleener, born 1787; married Nancy Hortenstine 1805.

  viii.   Abram Fleener, born 1790; married Polly Minnick.

  ix.   Mary Fleener, born 1790; married Abraham Hortenstine.

  x.   Nicholas Fleener II, born 1796; married Elizabeth Sproles Bef. 1817.
       422. JOSEPH HENSLEY, born in VA. He married 423. JANE Abt. 1768 in VA.
       423. JANE, born in VA.

       Children of JOSEPH HENSLEY and JANE are:

  i.   Lucy Hensley, married John McGuire.

  ii.   William Hensley.

  iii.   Benjamin Hensley, married Sarah Miller.

  iv.   Westley Hensley.

  v.   Anne Hensley.

  vi.   Susannah Hensley, married Joseph Curry.

  vii.   George Hensley.

  211 viii.   ELIZABETH HENSLEY, born 1773 in Washington, VA; died 1849 in Roane, TN; married (1) JOHN FLEENER October 06, 1789 in Abingdon, Washington, VA; married (2) David Haley Abt. 1816.
       448. JAMES PATTY, born 1705 in Prince George Co., VA. He married 449. SARAH CLANTON.
       449. SARAH CLANTON, born 1721 in VA.

       Child of JAMES PATTY and SARAH CLANTON is:

  224 i.   JESSE PATTY, born 1744 in VA; met SARAH SALLY WEST.
       464. PHILLIP DENNIS, born Abt. 1725 in Germany.

       Child of PHILLIP DENNIS is:

  232 i.   MICHAEL DENNIS , SR., born Abt. 1748; died 1812 in Buffalo twp, Washington, PA; married ROSANNA WOLF Abt. 1773 in Washington, PA.
       466. PETER WOLF , SR., born January 1713/14 in Gangloff, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany; died Abt. 1788 in Washington, PA. He was the son of 932. PHILLIP WOLF. He married 467. HANNAH WOLF August 08, 1742 in Washington, PA.
       467. HANNAH WOLF, born 1717 in Vigourie, Alsace, Germany.

       Children of PETER WOLF and HANNAH WOLF are:

  i.   Mary Magdalena Wolf, born June 01, 1743 in Washington, PA; married John G Hite & Christian Bamberger.

  ii.   John Jacob Wolf, born June 27, 1744 in Washington, PA; died April 20, 1835 in Buffalo, Washington, PA; married Elizabeth Kline & Barbara Reitzel 1770.

  iii.   John Peter Wolf, born August 25, 1745 in Washington, PA; died Abt. 1829 in Knox, OH; married Elizabeth Eschbach.

  iv.   John Wolf, born February 02, 1746/47 in Washington, PA; died January 15, 1833 in Canton, Washington, PA; married Catherine Kline 1776.

  v.   Mary Barbara Wolf, born February 05, 1747/48 in Washington, PA; died 1817; married Lawrence Stricker 1766.

  vi.   Elizabeth Wolf, born June 03, 1749 in Washington, PA; married John Foulk October 20, 1765.

  vii.   Christian Christly Wolf, born December 16, 1750 in Washington, PA; died March 08, 1814 in Shelby, KY; married Catherine.

  233 viii.   ROSANNA WOLF, born December 05, 1751; died Abt. 1815; married MICHAEL DENNIS , SR. Abt. 1773 in Washington, PA.

  ix.   Susanna Wolf, born September 02, 1753 in Washington, PA.

  x.   Christina Wolf, born November 25, 1754 in Washington, PA; died Aft. 1822; married Michael Ely 1775.

  xi.   William Wolf, born March 14, 1757 in Washington, PA; died October 16, 1839 in Washington, PA; married Susan Eschbach 1781.

  xii.   Daniel Wolf, born May 21, 1759 in Washington, PA.
       468. JOHN ELY , SR., born Abt. 1720 in Germany.

       Child of JOHN ELY , SR. is:

  234 i.   MICHAEL ELY, born Abt. 1745; died December 1819 in Buffalo twp, Washington, PA; married MARY REGINA Abt. 1770 in Washington, PA.
       488. TIMOTHY BRUSH , SR., born Abt. 1694 in Huntington, Long Island, NY; died Bef. March 29, 1732 in NJ. He was the son of 976. THOMAS BRUSH , JR. and 977. SARAH WICKES. He married 489. ELIZABETH LEWIS Abt. 1719 in Long Island, NY.
       489. ELIZABETH LEWIS, born 1699 in NY. She was the daughter of 978. JONATHAN LEWIS and 979. DELIVERANCE TOWNSEND.

       Children of TIMOTHY BRUSH and ELIZABETH LEWIS are:

  i.   Timothy Brush , Jr., born October 12, 1719 in HUNTINGTON, LONG ISLAND, NY; died May 1802; married Keziah Sexton December 20, 1739.

  ii.   Elizabeth Brush, born March 24, 1720/21 in NY; married Reuben Johnson January 30, 1749/50.

  iii.   Ruth Brush, born May 26, 1725 in NY; died August 29, 1807; married Joshua Wood March 30, 1743.

  iv.   Azuba Brush, born March 26, 1727 in NY; married Major Jesse Conklin January 24, 1747/48.

  244 v.   ISRAEL BRUSH, born August 10, 1730 in Huntington, Long Island, NY; died March 1779 in Hopewell, Huntingdon, NJ; married TAPHATH SEXTON Abt. 1756 in LONG ISLAND, NY.
       490. CHARLES SEXTON, born Abt. 1705 in NY. He was the son of 980. GEORGE SEXTON JR. and 981. HANNAH SPENCER. He married 491. SARAH WHITMAN Abt. 1725 in NY.
       491. SARAH WHITMAN, born Abt. 1705 in NY.

       Child of CHARLES SEXTON and SARAH WHITMAN is:

  245 i.   TAPHATH SEXTON, born Abt. 1730 in NY; married ISRAEL BRUSH Abt. 1756 in LONG ISLAND, NY.

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