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Descendants of Charles1 Simmons

Generation No. 4

6. MASTON E.4 SIMMONS (WILLIAM33, PETER22, CHARLES11) was born Abt. 1805 in ,,Ky., and died 29 March 1881 in Winchester, Scott, IL.. He married (1) EMILY T. HOWELL OR HORRELL 12 February 1828 in Scott County , Illinois or Morgan Co. ILL.. He married (2) ISABELLA LAWSON 15 May 1842 in Scott Co. ILL.. She was born 1814 in 1860 census in Tennessee, and died 29 August 1884.

Notes for M
Matson Simmons was the great grandfather of Ida Harper Simmons; it seems strange that she only has basic information about him. Her cousins and she do not remember their parents mentioning their grandparents. This could be partially explained by the fact that Maston died in 1881 and Isabella died in 1884, Aunt Evah would have been the only family member old enough to remember her grandparents.
Peter and Maston were Willian's oldest sons. they both married women whose names were Howell or Horrell, but she has not been able to ascertain their relation. Their weddings took place in Morgan County, Illinois in 1829 and 1828, respectively. the two brothers remained in Morgan County when William took the rest of his family to Warren County and later to Iowa.
Maston had four children by Emily Howell; William, Louisa, James J., and Elizabeth. In May 1842, when Elizabeth was four years old, Maston Married Isabella Lawson. I assume that his first wife had died sometime between 1838 and 1842 Maston and Isabella had ten children. The fifth was my grandfather Samuel Simmons.
Maston Volunteered for duty in the Black Hawk War on April 30, 1882.
He was attached to the first regiment of the third Brigade under the command of Brigadier General James D. Henry. He left his first wife behind with three year old William and another baby on the way. The chances are he was home before Louisa was born on December 11, 1882.
Maston's life spanned the administration of seventeen presidents, from Thomas Jefferson to James Garfield. During his lifetime democracy was established and a war was fought that threatened to destroy it. He lived in a age that was sometimes called the age of the Common man.
Perhaps we can get to know this ancestor by examining some of the changes that came about during his lifetime. by the time Maston was fifty years old, tax supported public schools were in the making. Illinois passed their public school law in 1855 Looking at these dates it is easy to understand why many of our ancestors signed their legal papers with an x . It took six generations in America before free education was available.
By the time Maston was thirty-five Years old the first railway in Illinois was built between Jacksonville and Meredosia. Tow Years later our relatives could have taken the train from the Illinois River to Springfield and paid $2.50 fare for the two hours and ten minutes ride. The freight rate for a barrel of flour was twenty cents.
It took a while for the railway system to expand because it took some time to develop a proper means of laying rails.
It was during this time that steam navigation came into common use. Steam navigation was used for ships crossing the Atlantic as early as 1838. the telegraph was invented in 1835 and the rotary printing press in 1847.
To further place this generation in the context of their time, a look at some of the sociological factors may be useful.
Liquor was in common use, even being served at funerals. In 1826 societies began to be formed promoting abstinence and by 1840 the movement had spread and some states passed prohibition laws.
By the time of Maston's second Marriage, women had begun their crusade for women's rights. It was three generations later that women were finally granted voting privileges.
An Illinois College professor in Jacksonville discovered that the Osage Orange would make a thick hedge "Horse High, bull strong, and pig tight. ". He proceeded to propagate hedge trees and they became the prevailing means of fencing until the barbed wire was invented. Our ancestors, including our parents, used hedge rows to separate their fields.
Politics was popular and events could be found close to home I hope that some of our family attended the Lincoln Douglas debates, Governor Joseph Duncan lived in Jacksonville and conducted the states business in Jacksonville between 1836 and 1843 when the state capitol was moved to Springfield.
Maston raised his family in a period that bore the effects of the Civil War, including the troubling times preceding it, actual war times and Reconstruction. SHE has been unable to find the names of any of his children, with the exception of my grandfather Samuel, who was a part of the Union Army.
Maston died in Winchester, March 6, 1881. Courthouse records give his age as 85 years 11 months and 22 days. Another source gives 1887 as his death date. In either case he could not have been 85 at the time of his death date. if he were born in 1805 . She had done further research and has not found an answer to this dilemma. It is highly possible that Maston's family made an error in his age at the time of his death. I hope someone will find a record that will explain the age discrepancy.
The family group sheets for Generation Seven include, along with Maston's, That of his brother Roley Gilbert, Who lived in Iowa and Maston's cousin Andrew who lived in Warren County, Illinois. One of the pleasures of doing genealogy is getting acquainted with the Warren County and Iowa Simmons', I wonder if Maston or my grandfather Samuel knew how many relatives they had!

More About M
fact 2 (2): buried Winchester cem. Scott, IL.
Fact 3: places of residence, Warren co. Ky, Scott and Morgan Counties, ILL.
Fact 4: Military-Black Hawk War
Fact 5: ocupation- Farmer
Fact 6: Morgan, Scott, and Greene County Courthouse records were used for Maston,s famil
Fact 7: source; Ida Harper Simmons, 406 Gladstone Rd., Jacksonville, ILL
Children of M
11. i.   WILLIAM M.5 SIMMONS, b. 1829, Morgan co. ILL.; d. 24 July 1910, buried in Winchester Cem. Scott Co., ILL..
  ii.   LOUISA SIMMONS, b. 1832; m. JAMES LAWSON, 11 December 1848, Scott Co. ILL..
  iii.   JAMES J. SIMMONS, b. 1837; d. 02 May 1894; m. JEMIA WORREL, 30 January 1855, Scott Co. ILL..
  iv.   ELIZABETH SIMMONS, b. 1838; m. ELIJA EUBANK, 01 February 1855.
  v.   PHOEBE ANN5 SIMMONS, b. 1842; m. (1) JAMES H. BROWN, 15 January 1863, Scott County, ILL; m. (2) WILEY HOWARD, Aft. 1864.
  vi.   JOSHUA SIMMONS, b. 1843.
  vii.   ANDREW SIMMONS, b. 1844.
  viii.   NANCY SIMMONS, b. 1845, buried in Old Manchester Cem. Scott Co. ILL.; m. (THOMAS) LAFEYETTE ALLEN, 28 April 1870.
12. ix.   SAMUEL SIMMONS, b. 27 October 1847, near Winchester, ILL.; d. 30 October 1929, Soldier's and Sailor's home, Quincy, ILL..
  x.   SUSAN E. SIMMONS, b. 1849; m. JOHN W. LAWSON, 23 November 1865, Scott Co. ILL..
  xi.   JOHN W. SIMMONS, b. 1851; m. (1) BERTHA ALLEN; m. (2) MARY M. SIMMS, 25 November 1869.
  xii.   DAVID SIMMONS, b. 1853; d. 1915, buried. Bethel Cem. Morgan Co. ILL.; m. (1) JENNIE BAKER; m. (2) CARRIE BEEBE.
  xiii.   MASTON JR. SIMMONS, b. 1857; m. CYNTHIA EUBANKS, 22 January 1879, Greene County, ILL.
  xiv.   CALVIN SIMMONS, m. NELLIE YOUNG, 08 March 1885, Scott Co. ILL..

7. JAMES4 SIMMONS (WILLIAM33, PETER22, CHARLES11) was born 10 August 1809 in Warren Co., KY., and died 25 September 1900 in Warren, IL.. He married MELINDA JENNINGS 19 December 1839 in Warren, IL..
Child of J
  i.   JAMES EDMOND5 SIMMONS, b. lived on section two of Greenbush township, ILLinois..

8. ROLLIE4 GILBERT4 SIMMONS (WILLIAM33, PETER22, CHARLES11) was born 07 February 1815 in or 1816 .Kentucky, and died 26 June 1898 in Ash Grove, Davis Co., Iowa;bur.Hopewell Cem.. He married (1) ANNA ELSTON STUTSMAN 18 October 1840 in Keosaugua, VanBuren Co., Territory of Iowa, daughter of DANIEL STUTSMAN and ELIZABETH KERN. She was born 21 May 1828 in Indiania, and died 05 September 1876 in Ash Grove, Davis Co., Iowa bur. Hopewell Cem.. He married (2) CYNTHIA CROSS 31 December 1879 in at Daniel Simmons Home, Davis, Iowa. She was born 1866. He married (3) MRS.RHODA GILLAND ( ROBINSON) 08 May 1894 in , Davis, Iowa, daughter of ESACKAL ROBINSON and MARTHA EPSA.

Notes for R
Wilma Gay is a descendant of Rollie. Her address isRR3, Bloomfield, Iowa 52537

More About R
fact 2 (2): buried Hopewell cem.,No. of Ashgrove, Wapella Co. Iowa. Davis, Iowa
Fact 3: lived in Ky, MO, & Farmer in Iowa
Fact 4: 24 years old when married
Fact 5: Keosauqua, Iowa, Library, Marion township census 18561 and 1870
Fact 6: Marriages;Davis County 1880-1899 Vol 1
Fact 7: also known as Roland or Rolan
Fact 9: source Mrs Peggy Hill, West Tx.

More About A
fact 2 (2): buried Hopewell Cem, Davis co. Iowa
Fact 4: consent given by Daniel Stutsman father of the 13 year old bride
Fact 6: lived in Ind, MO, Iowa.
Fact 8: had 12 children
Children of R
  i.   DANIEL DANNEL ELBERT5 SIMMONS, b. 19 December 1841, ,Van Buren, Iowa; d. 24 May 1929, Drakesville, Davis Co., Iowa bur. Drakesville Cem.; m. MARGARET HERRON, 1868.
fact 2 (2): buried Drakesville cem, Davis, Iowa

  ii.   WILLIAM F. SIMMONS, b. 13 September 1843, Missouri; d. 1930.
  iii.   JAMES A. SIMMONS, b. 10 April 1845, Missouri.
  More About JAMES A. SIMMONS:
Fact 3: Farmer in Iowa

  iv.   JOSEPH HENRY SIMMONS, b. 19 August 1847, ,, Iowa; d. 26 January 1921; m. LAURA ELLEN HAHN OR HON, 06 February 1860.
13. v.   FRANCIS MARION SIMMONS, b. 15 September 1849, ,, Iowa; d. 23 May 1932, Ash Grove, Davis Co., Iowa bur. Hopewell cem..
  vi.   SUSAN JANE SIMMONS, b. 20 August 1851, Iowa; d. 12 May 1865.
  vii.   CHARLES WESLEY SIMMONS, b. 13 July 1853, Iowa; d. 13 May 1868.
  viii.   CHARITY W. SIMMONS, b. 10 March 1855, Iowa; d. 10 March 1855.
14. ix.   ANDREW5 JACKSON SIMMONS, AKA JACK SIMMONS, b. 06 April 1856, Ottowma, Iowa, U.S.A.; d. 02 November 1938, Mahaska, Kansas U.S.A..
  x.   LYDIA C. SIMMONS, b. 06 May 1858, Davis , Iowa; d. 15 August 1879.
  xi.   POLLY A. SIMMONS, b. 04 May 1860, Davis Co. , Iowa; d. 29 September 1862.
  xii.   ROLLIE ROBY,ROLLY GILBERT JR. SIMMONS, b. 04 May 1865, ,,Davis ,Iowa; d. 11 November 1938, or May 16, 1946 Pulaski, Davis Co. ,at home Iowa; m. EUNICE "DOLLY" MARTZ, 18 February 1885, ,Davis, Iowa.

9. SARAH4 SIMMONS (WILLIAM33, PETER22, CHARLES11) was born 1818 in maybe in Ky., and died 1885 in WarrenCo., IL.. She married DAVID YOUNG 19 April 1835 in Greenbush, Warren Co. , IL. He was born 1798 in Virginia. Near Tennessee Line, and died 04 July 1868 in Greenbush, Warren Co., IL.

Notes for S
She was the daughter of William Simmons, who was a brother of Rowland and James Simmons, Who came to Greenbush in an early day.
Info from Judy Pons, 1711 37th Ave. NW. Salem, Oreg9n 97304

Notes for D
David Young was a farmer by occupation; did some teaming; was constable at one time; also kept hotel in the village of Greenbush, ILL. Politically he was a democrat. In religion he was a member of the Christian Chruch. His wife was a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Chruch.

More About D
Fact 4: went to Greenbush, Illinois in 1834
Children of S
  i.   GEORGE W.5 YOUNG, b. 30 June 1836; m. MARY MASSENGALE.
  ii.   ABIGAIL YOUNG, b. 25 August 1837; d. 1885; m. SAMUEL WALKER.
  iii.   WILLIAM YOUNG, b. 01 March 1839; m. ESTHER SIMMONS; b. # 18455.
  iv.   COSBY YOUNG, b. 18 February 1841; m. ANDREW WIGERT, 14 December 1862; b. 24 June 1833.
  v.   EASTER YOUNG, b. 20 January 1843; d. 21 July 1892, Kansas; m. WM. CLARK GRIFFIN.
  vi.   JAMES K.P. YOUNG, b. 30 January 1845; m. MRS CYNTHIS A. PURCELL, November 1876.

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