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Descendants of William (*) Smith

Generation No. 2

Children of JOHN SMITH are:

4. i.   JOHN3 SMITH.

5. ii.   JOSEPH SMITH.
3. WILLIAM (*)2 SMITH (WILLIAM (*)1) was born January 22, 1668/69 in Wigton, Mo. M. of Friends in Hull Parish, Yorkshire, England, and died October 13, 1743 in Wrightstown, Bucks County, PA. He married (1) AGNESS MARY CROASDALE1 September 20, 1690 in Middleton Meeting, PA1, daughter of THOMAS CROASDALE and AGNESS HATHERWAITE. He married (2) MERCY 1720.

Notes for WILLIAM (*) SMITH:
When a man becomes a Quaker he lays aside all pomp and glory, as well as pride of ancestry or achievement. However, our William must have been the descendant of well-to-do people, perhaps of the earlier landed gentry, as he came to these shores with considerable money for a Quaker.
In 1650 George Gox and associates, the English converts to the Quaker religion were spreading propaganda all over the entire continent. This new form of religion was taking root in spite of the drastic opposition by the Church of England, not among the peasants classes especially, but also among the landed gentry. Wm Penn, son of a wealthy and distinguished father, became an ardent convert. Because of violent objection to this "Society of Friend" by the citizens in general resulting in persecution, Wm Penn conceived the idea of locating a large colony of Englis Quakers in the new country of America. He named the settlement Pennsylvania, not for himself, but for Penn's father; the old Admiral, at the King's request. Pennsylvania was the only Royal grant in America that was purchased with money.
A large number of Smith's came into the colony from various localities, some as early as 1682. By 1700 there were almost as many Smiths in the woods of Pennsylvania as there were Indians and a William behind every tree, metaphorically speaking.
William Smith seems to have been a surveyor.
William came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the Ship "Welcome" Master Robert Greenway, from London, England. They arrived at upland Pennsylvania about the end of the 8th month 1682 with William Penn.
According to the late C. Arthur Smith of Bucks County, Pennsylvania who spent over 60 years as a genealogist and historian for Bucks County and a descendant of this William Smith.
"William Smith came to Pennsylvania as a servant of Phineas Pembleton and after freedom he purchased land in Wrightstown where he later married Agnes Crossdale d/o Thomas and Agnes (Hathornthwait) Crossdale that came to America on the "Lamb". William Smith was the son of William Smith and his wife Jane Wilberfoss who married Nov. 1, 1660 at Kingston Hall upon Hull, Yorkshire, England.
William Smith Will - 13 Dec 1740 proved 20 April 1743
Bucks County, PA Wrightstown, Yeoman, Being weak of body etc.
Eldest son William Smith five shillings
Second son Thomas Smith five shillings, Daughter Margit Pearson my great Bible during her life then to her daughter Mary Person,
Daughter Mary Atkinson five shillings, Daughter Sarah Blaker five shillings.
Daughter Lidia Heatton five pounds to be paid to her by my son John Smith when he comes into possession of the land hereafter given to him. Som Joseph Smith a lot or piece of land ocntaining six acres near road that leads to Joseph Chapman
Son Ralph Smith land lying SW from the above dscribed land
Son John Smith land by Joseph Chapman and Abraham Chapman next to John Twinings land and adj. my son William Smith's land.
Residue of alnd lying SE unto my two sons Samuel Smith and David Smith. Rest and Residue of my personal estate to my well beloved wife Mary Smith and my two daughters Esther and Elizabeth.
Exors: Friends John Penquite and Joseph Chapman
Wit: Rachel Penquite, Abraham Chapman, William Chapman
Signed William Smith, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Appendix B

Children of William and mary (Croasdale) Smith, of Wrightstown: Margaret Smith b. 20th day of 8th month, 1691; Mary Smith b. 8th day of 2nd month, 1696; Sarah Smith b. 26th day of 11th month, 1700.
Mary Smith, wife of William Smith, was bur. 16th day of 10th month, 1716.

"Bucks County Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries, Wrightstown Monthly Meeting: Births and Deaths", Volumne 3, by Anna Miller Watring
Children of William Smith and his (second) wife, Mercy: Jos. Smith b 1st day of 11th month, 1721/2: John Smith b. 15th day of 11month 1723/4; Ralph Smith b. 28th day of 9th month, 1725; Esther Smith b. 11th day of 9th month, 1727; Elizabeth Smith b. 10th day of 7th month, 1730; Samuel Smith b. 23rd of 8th month, 1733; David Smith b. 25th day of 2nd month, 1736.

Smith Wills-Deeds and Family Histories, Vol. 1, by Linda G. Cheek
William Smith came in the "Friends Adventure 28th of 7th month 1682 to Maryland to Pennsylvania as servant of Phineas Pembleton and wife Phebe. Emmigrants to PA by Tepper

More About WILLIAM (*) SMITH:
Fact 1: 1684, Wealthy young Quaker, came to America, 16 years old, following Wm Penn
Fact 2: Marriages Presbyterian Church, Churchville, PA
Fact 3: William Smith Family Bible, Bucks County, Pa Library
Fact 4: Children's births recorded by second wife2

Middleton Meeting. Quaker records of PA give a full account of the wedding including guest list. Wrightstown Quaker MM Bucks Co. PA.

6. i.   MARGARET3 SMITH, b. August 20, 1691.

  ii.   INFANT SMITH, b. Abt. 1692.

  iii.   INFANT SMITH, b. Abt. 1694.

  iv.   MARY SMITH, b. February 08, 1695/96; m. JOHN ATKINSON, August 30, 1717, Buckingham Meeting3.

  v.   ELIZABETH SMITH, b. November 02, 1697; m. THOMAS WATSON, JR., February 08, 1717/18, Bucks County, Pennsylvania3.

7. vi.   WILLIAM SMITH, JR., b. November 02, 1697, of Wrightstown Tp; d. September 29, 1777.

8. vii.   THOMAS SMITH, b. December 20, 1696, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. February 27, 1749/50, Fairfax County, Virginia.

  viii.   SARAH SMITH, b. November 26, 1700; m. SAMUEL BLAKER, 1721.

9. ix.   HANNAH SMITH, b. Abt. 1702.

10. x.   LYDIA SMITH, b. Abt. 1705.
Children of WILLIAM SMITH and MERCY are:

11. xi.   JOSEPH3 SMITH, b. November 01, 1721.

12. xii.   JOHN SMITH, b. November 15, 1723.

13. xiii.   RALPH SMITH, b. August 28, 1725.

14. xiv.   ESTHER SMITH, b. September 11, 1727.

15. xv.   ELIZABETH SMITH, b. November 10, 1730.

  xvi.   SAMUEL SMITH4, b. August 23, 17334; m. ANN, 1760.

  More About SAMUEL SMITH:
Fact 1: Married out of meeting, moved to Virginia

16. xvii.   DAVID (*) SMITH, SR., b. February 25, 1735/36, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. Abt. 1800, Union District, South Carolina.

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