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Descendants of William Simmons

Generation No. 4

      6. James Allen4 Simmons (William Cleveland3, Allen G2, William1)21 was born October 12, 1847 in Crawford County, Georgia22,23, and died May 28, 1927 in B. across highway from Shiloh Cemetery, Manningham, Butler Cty, AL. He married (1) Narcissa Brown24 February 05, 1874, daughter of Jabes Nelson Brown. She was born January 10, 184325, and died October 08, 1874 in Butler County, Alabama26. He married (2) Katie Irene Gafford27 October 13, 1875, daughter of James Gafford. She was born November 07, 1848 in At the home of her uncle, Daniel Gafford Dunklin, Greenville, Butler County, Alabama28, and died December 26, 1887 in B. across highway from Shiloh Cemetery, Manningham, Butler Co., AL28.

Notes for James Allen Simmons:
"Over sixty infantry regiments, more than a dozen cavalry regiments, and several assorted battalions, companies, batteries and other units, were raised in Alabama during the Civil War. Many of these units, regretfully, have never had a spokesman or a historian, and records are now becoming difficult to find. The capsule histories below have been taken primarily from: [1] Willis Brewer / Alabama : Her History, Resources, War Record, and Public Men, From 1540 to 1872 (Spartanburg, SC : The Reprint Co., 1975); [2] Confederate Military History : Alabama, Extended Edition (Wilmington, NC : Broadfoot Publishing
Co., 1987); [3] Joseph H. Crute / Units of the Confederate States Army (Midlothian, VA : Derwent Books, 1987); and/or [4] Stewart Sifakis / Compendium of the Confederate Armies : Alabama (New York : Facts on File, 1992).

"There are other Alabama regimental history pages which may be of interest. These may be found in my From the Alabama 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers -- Bullock - Butler Counties
(Copied from "Clayton Library" by Joyce M. Klein, October 1996:

133- Simmons, James Allen, b. Oct. 12, 1847 near Hickory Grove in Crawford Co. Ga. Enlisted Sept. 1864 at Elba in the State Militia and served until Feb. 1865 paroled at Big Black, Miss. (after Feb. 1865 he volunteered in the 6th Reg. Co. A., Ala. Calvary.

Confederate Army Regimental Histories Directory under "Alabama." You may also visit the corresponding Union Army Regimental Histories Directory for regiments in blue. "

Source: (9/12/98)

"6th Alabama Cavalry Regiment

"The 6th Alabama Cavalry was organized near Pine Level, early in 1863, as part of Brig. Gen'l James H. Clanton's brigade. Recruits were gathered from Barbour, Coffee, Coosa, Henry, Macon, Montgomery, Pike, and Tallapoosa counties. It was first engaged near Pollard with a column of the enemy that moved out from Pensacola. Ordered then to North Alabama, the 6th was concerned in several skirmishes near Decatur, with small loss. During the Atlanta-Dalton campaign, the regiment served for several weeks as part of Brig. Gen'l Samuel W. Ferguson's and Brig. Gen'l Frank C. Armstrong's brigades, losing quite a
number. A portion of the regiment resisted Maj. Gen'l Lovel H. Rousseau at Ten Islands, losing a number killed and captured. Transferred to West Florida, the 6th fought Maj. Gen'l Frederick Steele's column at Bluff Springs, under orders from Col Armstead, and its loss was severe, especially in prisoners. The remnant fought Maj. Gen'l James H. Wilson's column, and laid down their arms at Gainesville, fewer than 200 men.

"Field officers: Col. Charles H. Colvin, Lt. Col. Washington T. Lary (captured at Ten Islands); Major Eliphalet Ariel McWhorter (captured at Ten Islands, Bluff Springs); and Adjutant Joseph A. Robertson. "

Source: (9/12/98)

More About James Allen Simmons:
Military service: Bet. 1861 - 1865, 6th Alabama Calvary Regiment, I.C.S.A.; captured at Bluff Springs, Florida, tied., put into a wagon, carried to camp
Nickname: "Jimmy" (Source: A.E. Simmons, 1974-78)

Notes for Narcissa Brown:
" Narcissus Brown was the daughter of Col. Jabes Nelson Brown and the sister of William Coolidge Brown. She turned out to be the Great-Aunt of Claude Simmons, her husband's grandson by his second wife. She was Mittie Brown's aunt, who was Charles Allen Simmons' wife. Narcissus lived only a few months after her marriage to James Allen." (Source: A.E. Simmons, 1974)

Children of James Simmons and Katie Gafford are:
+ 23 i.   Lena Irene5 Simmons, born September 04, 1876; died Unknown.
  24 ii.   Sarah Penelope Simmons29, born January 25, 1879 in (July??); died Unknown. She married Frank W. Dickerson29 Aft. 1893; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  Notes for Sarah Penelope Simmons:
"Sarah married Frank Dickerson after his first wife, Sarah's Aunt Jospehine died in 1893. " (Source: A. E. Simmons, 1974)

+ 25 iii.   Charles Allen Simmons, born December 21, 1880; died Unknown.
  26 iv.   Bulah Beatrice Simmons, born July 15, 1883; died Unknown. She married Foster Luckie Unknown; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  Notes for Foster Luckie:
"Cousin to Lena Luckie's husband, Foster Luckie. Both had the same name." (Source: A.E. Simmons 1974)

  27 v.   Sallie Simmons, born Unknown; died Unknown. She married Frank M. Dickerson29 Unknown; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  Notes for Frank M. Dickerson:
"After Josephine's death, her widower, Frank Dickerson, married her niece, Sallie, daughter of James Allen (Jimmy) Simmons." (Source, A.E. Simmons, 1974)

      14. Thomas August4 Simmons (William Cleveland3, Allen G2, William1)30 was born May 20, 186231, and died September 03, 1924 in Century, Florida32. He married Pearl Smith33 Unknown, daughter of William Smith and Mary Boggan. She was born June 04, 187134, and died November 08, 192634.

Notes for Thomas August Simmons:
Source: A.E. Simmons, 1977 and 1978

More About Thomas August Simmons:
Burial: Unknown, Belleville Baptist Church Cemetery, Belleville, Conecuh County, Alabama
Fact 1: "Was sewing machine salesman"35
Fact 2: "Was barber in Selma, Alabama"35
Graduation: "Was guard over convicts for a time near Bowling, Alabama"35

More About Pearl Smith:
Burial: Unknown, Belleville Baptist Church Cemetery, Belleville, Conecuh County, Alabama36
Children of Thomas Simmons and Pearl Smith are:
+ 28 i.   Albert5 Simmons, born 1888; died December 1948 in Birmingham, Alabama.
+ 29 ii.   Aubrey Edgar Simmons, born August 28, 1889 in Manningham, Alabama; died June 29, 1988 in Abernathy Hospital, Flomaton, Alabama 36441.
+ 30 iii.   Owen Neal Simmons, born 1890; died 1980 in Flomaton, Alabama; buried, Cemetery, Old Atmore Road, Flomaton, Alabama.
  31 iv.   Myron L. Simmons37, born August 13, 189938; died August 04, 192238.
  More About Myron L. Simmons:
Burial: Unknown, Belleville Baptist Church Cemetery, Belleville, Conecuh County, Alabama38

      15. Amanda Josephine4 Simmons (William Cleveland3, Allen G2, William1)39 was born December 19, 1863, and died August 25, 1893 in Buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Manningham, Butler County, Alabama39. She married Frank M. Dickerson39 April 27, 188240. He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

Notes for Amanda Josephine Simmons:
"After Josephine's death, her widower, Frank Dickerson, married her niece, Sallie, daughter of James Allen (Jimmy) Simmons." (Source, A.E. Simmons, 1974)



The daughter of El. W. C. and Penelope Simmons, was born December 19, 1863, died August 25, 1893, after lingering for about eight years, of pulmonary consumption [sic], which resulted in tubercular abscesses, of which she suffered for weeks with the most excruciating pain. She had never made a public profession; her health was so bad that she seldom was able to go to preaching. During her sickness I was sitting by her one night when she said, "Pa, I want to talk to you on religion, But I can't talk much," (owing to an abscess in her throat). "I have been wanting to join the church for some time, but my health has been so bad I could not attend. and I did not feel that I was worthy of a name with those good people; I did not want to deceive them." I tried to comfort her, and told her that [her]worthiness was in Christ, and that those were the characters that we wanted. She gave me a good reason of her hope in Christ. At another time she called me and her step-mother to her bedside and shook hand with us, bidding us good bye, and said she was going home where they die no more, and repeating it often.

She married Mr. F.M. Dickerson April 27, 1882. She leaves a husband, three children, relatives and friends to mourn, but we feel assured, while we write this sketch, that her spirit is with Jesus, where they die no more; no more pain, no trouble, but one continual praise to God. Farewell my daughter, it will not be long before I hope to meet you. We buried her in the church yard at Shiloh church, Manningham, Ala., Eld. W.W. Lewis preaching on the occasion to a large and solemn audience, the corpse being placed in front of the pulpit.
Manningham, Ala. W. C. SIMMONS.

- . . I

More About Amanda Josephine Simmons:
Nickname: "Jo" (Source: A.E. Simmons 1982)

Notes for Frank M. Dickerson:
"After Josephine's death, her widower, Frank Dickerson, married her niece, Sallie, daughter of James Allen (Jimmy) Simmons." (Source, A.E. Simmons, 1974)

Children of Amanda Simmons and Frank Dickerson are:
  32 i.   ?5, died Unknown.
  33 ii.   ? ?, died Unknown.
  34 iii.   ? ?, died Unknown.

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