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Descendants of JAMES CHAMBERS

Generation No. 2

2. ELIHU2 CHAMBERS (JAMES1, SAMUELA, REYNOLDS "RUNNELS"B, ALEXANDERC, ROBERTD)1,2,3,4 was born 1765 in prob Va., and died Aft. 1860 in prob. Haywood County, N.C.. He married MISS GLLISPIE?5 Abt. 1790 in North Carolina. She was born Bet. 1775 - 1777, and died Bet. 1814 - 1850.

Notes for E
In April Term of Court, Buncombe Co., N. C.witness my hand and seal this 24th day of April 1795. ...Elihu Chambers. Elihu bought land in Buncombe County, North Carolina recorded in Buncombe County deed books on three different times. 1st, he purchased an unknown amount of land in 1796 in Morristown (Asheville) from William Davidson which may have been a new city lot that had been recently layed out. 2nd, he purchased 30 acres on Pigeon River in 1802 from Thomas Dever. 3rd, he bought 200 acres on Pigeon River in 1805 from James Bobit. Oct . After Haywood County was made in 1808, Elihu was a resident of that county without moving. He and Thomas Foster, Jr. bought fifty acres of land on the west side of Pigeon River opposite Flowery Gardens (now Center Pigeon) for $125 on Oct. 8, 1811, from Joseph Sorrels. This was next to the plantation where Elihu lived, Joshua Kinworthy was a witness to the deed for Jospeh Sorrels. Term of Court , Buncombe Co. 1803.."mark a smooth crap off the right ear and an under keel out of the under side of the left ear"..Stock brands entered in court for Elihu Chambers. Elihu was listed in the 1800 Census of Buncombe and 1810 Census of Haywood (old Buncombe) Co., N. Carolina. "Early in the 19th century Elihu Chambers and son William removed from Haywood County, N. C. to Habersham County, Ga. Elihu had fought through the Revolutionary war including the battle of King's Mountain."(History of Walker Co., Ga.) "Elihu was almost a giant in stature, a man of great strength and moral, as well as physical courage."(Annals of Haywood Co., N. C.) Haywood County court records indicate that nuisance charges by the state were brought against Elihu Chambers and Andrew Welch. Both were found guilty in 1811. Then as now, people resorted to the civil law suits to settle boundary line disputes, fights between men and quarrels between neighbors. It is said that he outlived his wife. In the 1850 Census of Haywood County Elihu was widowed, and 85 years old and lived with John and Julian Bonan and children. In the 1860 Census of Haywood Co., N.C., Elihu was 95 years old and widowed and living in his home was Samuel and Sophia Chambers, his grandson and wife. Elihu's real estate was valued at $9,000.00 and personal belongings at $1500.00 in 1860.

Children of E
10. i.   WILLIAM3 CHAMBERS, b. 1794, Buncombe Co., N.C. (now Haywood); d. 1882, Morganville, Dade Co., Ga..
  ii.   AMY CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1796, N.C.; d. California.
  Notes for AMY CHAMBERS:
(Annals of Haywood Co., N. C.)" Elihu's ..daughter, Amy, who left Haywood Co. when a young woman and located in Calif.."

  iii.   JOHN CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1798, N.C.; d. 1812.
  Notes for JOHN CHAMBERS:
John was in the War of 1812 with General Jackson in Louisiana and never returned to Haywood Co. (Of note: "Haywood County Heritage book #191" Andrew Cope married Ann Chambers (Annie Manos Hands, b.9-5-1809 d. 5-18-1894), widow of J. Chambers, 2 Oct 1837 in Haywood Co... Children were; John J. Cope 1838-1917, Nancy Anjaline Cope 1840-1900, William Cope 1843-1923, Margaret, Andrew Jackson, George W., Joseph A., half-sisters; Vina, Sarah.

11. iv.   JOSEPH TAYLOR CHAMBERS, b. 1799, N.C..; d. 11 Sep 1891, Clyde, Haywood Co., N.C..
12. v.   ABIGAIL "ABBY" CHAMBERS, b. 28 Mar 1800, Buncombe Co.(now Haywood), NC; d. 10 Nov 1874, Clyde, Haywood Co., N. C. bd. Pleasant Hill Cem..
  vi.   ELIHU CHAMBERS, JR., b. Abt. 1801, N. C.; d. Abt. 1849; m. MARGARET LYDIA RATCLIFF, 28 Mar 1824, Haywood Co., N. C.6; b. Abt. 1796, Randolph Co., NC..
  Notes for ELIHU CHAMBERS, JR.:
Not on 1850 census of Haywood County.

Witness: Joseph Cathey

13. vii.   SARAH "SALLY" MARY CHAMBERS, b. 1803, N.C.; d. 1860, Haywood Co., N.C. or Tennessee.
  viii.   PEGGY CHAMBERS, b. Bet. 1803 - 1806, N.C.; m. MARION HALL, Bet. 1812 - 1843; b. Abt. 1795.
Peggy and Marion lived in Beverdam township, Haywood Co., N. C.

14. ix.   NANCY CHAMBERS, b. Bet. 1804 - 1810, Haywood Co., N.C..
15. x.   LEWIS A. CHAMBERS, b. 01 Feb 1812, Haywood Co., N.C.; d. 19 Apr 1900.

3. WILLIAM2 CHAMBERS, SR. (JAMES1, SAMUELA, REYNOLDS "RUNNELS"B, ALEXANDERC, ROBERTD)7 was born 1766 in prob. Va., and died 21 Sep 1844 in Cooper Co., Mo. age 78. He married UNK. WIFE OF W. CHAMBERS, SR. Abt. 1795 in prob. Va or N. Carolina. She died Bet. 1816 - 1844.

Notes for W
July Term court 1775, Buncombe Co., N.C...A deed from William Chambers to Benjamin Hawkins for 300 acres of land on French Broad River was acknowledged in open court and ordered to be registered. On Apr 24, 1796 William bought 400 acres near the mouth of Swananoa River from Thomas Patton. On Jul 15, 1796 640 acres of land in Buncombe County was granted to George Cathey & Willis (William?) Chambers. (From the Annals of Haywood Co., N.C.).."William was a man of adventure, went to the northwest, engaged in the Indian Wars in that early period, had many narrow escapes but finally settled down the Middle West and made his home there.." 1810 Census of Haywood Co., N. C. lists William with 8 children and 1 slave. William owned a considerable amount of land a record purchases of which follows: Buncombe Co., N. C. Sept 25, 1795 to William Chambers et al, from Antoni, Martin 620 acres Richland Creek, book 4 pg 408; Apr 24, 1796 from Thomas Patton, 400 acres near mouth of Swananoa River, book 3 pg 94; Dec 2, 1797 from State of N. C. No 352, 150 acres Turkey Creek, recorded Feb 28 1812.(This is the same land he sold to William Hawkins Aug 10, 1798.); Dec 14, 1803 to William Chambers et al 400 acres on Richland Creek from State of N.C. No 1153, recorded Nov 1 1807; Dec 5, 1806 from State of N.C. No 1530, 300 acres on Pigeon River, recorded Jan 16 1808 book 3pg 416. William wrote his will on Oct. 19, 1842 in Cooper Co., Mo. The will was recorded Nov. 15, 1844. He mentions sons; William Chambers, John Chambers, Samuel Chambers. He memtions daughters; Elizabeth Chambers, Hannah (Chambers) Carpenter, widow of Robert Carpenter deceased, Martha (Chambers) George, wife of Lewis George, and Abigail Chambers. He also mentions; to my sons; Joseph Chambers, and James Chambers. He also mentions; to my son in law; Peter Carpenter. His friend Jeremiah Rice was the executer of the will. The will was witnessed by Ferry Rockwell, William H. Trigg, Robert Stuart.
Children of W
  i.   HANNAH3 CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1794, N.C.; d. posbly. Mo.; m. ROBERT CARPENTER; b. Ky?; d. Bef. 1844, psbly. Mo..
Mentioned in her father's will.."Hannah Carpenter, widow of Robert Carpenter, dec."

Mentioned in his father-in-law's will..."Robert Carpenter, dec." will written Nov 15 1844.

  ii.   ABIGALE CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1796, N. C..
Abigail was mentioned in her father's will which was written 15 Nov 1844. He listed her as "Abigail Chambers" meaning that she still had her maiden name and had never married. If she was born in 1796, she would have been 48 years old in 1844.

  iii.   JOHN (ROBERT?) CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1798, N. C..
May have lived in Carroll Co. 1840(Census).

  iv.   WILLIAM CHAMBERS, JR., b. Abt. 1800, NC..
  v.   ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1802, NC; d. Bef. 1856; m. GEORGE WASHINGTON MOORE; b. 1802, NC.
16. vi.   JOSEPH D. CHAMBERS, b. 1804, N. C..
17. vii.   MARTHA CHAMBERS, b. Sep 1809, NC.; d. Nov 1852, Cooper Co., Mo..
18. viii.   SAMUEL CHAMBERS, b. 1812, NC..

4. JOSEPH2 CHAMBERS (JAMES1, SAMUELA, REYNOLDS "RUNNELS"B, ALEXANDERC, ROBERTD)7,8,9,10,11 was born 18 Jun 1778 in Virginia, and died Bef. 03 Aug 1840 in Villa Rica, Carroll Co., Ga. bd. Chambers Burying Ground (Hillcrest Cem.). He married SARAH C. MOODY12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 Abt. 1800 in prob. Buncombe Co., N. Carolina20, daughter of JESSE MOODY and DINAH HOLLINGSWORTH. She was born 20 Dec 1782 in Haw River, Chatham Co., N. Carolina, and died 05 Sep 1860 in Villa Rica, Carroll Co., Ga. bd. Chambers Burying Ground (Hillcrest Cem..

Joseph is enumerated in Buncombe Co., N. C. in 1800 in the Morgan Dist. He was 22 years old and his wife Sarah was 17. They had no children. There was a male living with them between the ages of 16-26. It is unknown who this male was. The earliest record of Joseph is for a land grant of 640 acres In Buncombe Co., N.C. (From a survey of Jul 15, 1796 which included 43,534 acres). From Early History of Haywood Co. Page 1, "Joseph Chambers deserves mention of early political leaders, He served this county as a member of the House for four terms, in 1813, 1815, 1819, 1820. He also was member of the old Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, and held other offices or places of public trust. Joseph was one of the three sons of James Chambers, one of our very earliest pioneers, lived on Pigeon River, South Canton." From the Annals of Haywood Co., N. C...."James... had three sons, Joseph, William and Elihu. Joseph was perhaps the best known of them. He was a member of the State Legislature four terms 1813,1815,1819, and 1821. He was a faithful and patriotic representative of the county during those years... Haywood County's Soldiers in the War of 1812...Another company was enrolled in 1814 and detached from the Seventh Regmt. William Cathey, a distinguished soldier from Haywood Co., was made 1st Major of the regiment, and Thomas Lenoir, also of the county, was made 2nd Major. The full detail of the company follows; James Chambers, William chambers, Joseph Chambers,.... This company of seventy-two men and officers was ordered on Jan 25, 1815, to rendezvous at Wadesboro, N. Carolina, where they remained until some time in May of that year when they ware mustered out of service." [From the book, Moody Family.., by F. Moody Nadeau]: " Joseph Chambers, who was married to Elizabeth (actually Sara), one of John and Reuben's (Moody) sisters, had moved to Haywood Co., from Virginia with his father, James Chambers and his two brothers, William and Elihu." Joseph lived at Morristown (now Asheville), then near Canton on Richland Creek, then Jonathan's Creek, and then later, maybe briefly at Franklin, Macon Co., N. C. (1830 Census) On Dec 14, 1803 Joseph and his brother William were granted a patented deed from the State of N. Carolina #1153 for 400 acres on Richland Creek , a water way of Pigeon River, Buncombe Co.,( now Haywood Co.) They paid the state of N. C. 50 shillings per 100 acres (Ref. Buncombe Co. Deed recorded Nov 1, 1807 Book 3, pg. 399. The deed stated that Joseph lived in a Locust grove on that land and had "entered " (applied for) the land on 21 October 1801. From this deed we can conclude that Joseph moved on this land sometime around 1801, shortly after he had married Sarah Moody. On June 26, 1809, Joseph was among the Grand Jurors selected in the first term of court ever held in Haywood County, N. C. In Oct. 1807 Joseph bought 340 acres of land from Robert Love & James Davidson on Jonathans Creek in the same county. (Recorded March 13, 1808; Deed book 7, pg. 633). Joseph appears to have moved his family the the Jonathan Creek property were he probably remained until 1832 with he and all his children sold out and moved to the Gold country at Villa Rica, Georgia. On Jan 16,1808 Joseph and William sold to Robert Love 186 acres on Richland Creek for $1,190. In the 1810 Census of Haywood Co. Joseph is listed with wife and 4 children and 2 slaves. According to Deed book B-448 in Haywood County, in January, 1827 Joseph Chambers sold a slave to Gideon Allmon. (In a speech delivered by Col. A. T. Davidson at the Lyceum, Friday Night, Nov. 7, 1890 Davidson said) "I was born in Jonathan's Creek, Haywood Co., N.C. in 1819 (Johathan Creek made a township in 1869) and the country at that time was a vast mountain wilderness- only then about twenty years from the first settlement of the country...the neighbors of my father were...John and Reuben Moody, brothers, all sturdy, hardy, well-to-do men, and good citizens. Joseph Chambers of this neighborhood, who moved to Georgia about the first of the opening and discovery of the Carroll County gold mine, say about 1831 or '32. He was a man of more than ordinary character, led in public affairs, raised an elegant family for the times; his daughters marrying well. They were splendid ladies, and thier descendants belong to some of the best families in Georgia. (note: Three of Joseph's son-in-laws were appointed as commissioners for the town of Villa Rica by the Georgia Legislature at the time of Villa Rica's incorporation in December, 1842.) His wife was a sister of John and Reuben Moody.... they (the inhabitants) manufactured all their wearing apparel, tanned their own leather, made their axes and plows, and, in short, bought nothing from the stores except iron. In fact, they had nothing to buy with. There was but one post office in the county...All the necessaries of life were procured from the markets in Georgia and S. Carolina. It was a three week's trip with a wagon to Augusta, Ga. For this market the neighborhood would bunch their products, bring their forces together and make trips to Augusta, loaded with bacon, peltries and such other marketable articles as would bear transportation in this simple way. The return for these products was sugar, coffee, salt and molasses and happy was the family on the return of the wagons to be able to have a jug full of New Orleans black molasses; and how happy the children were to meet their fathers and brothers again, and have them recite the many stories of the trip. It was interesting to see the people meet to get from the wagons their portion of the return load; and happy was the small family that got a half bushel of salt, 50 cents worth of coffee and a gallon of molasses. There was general rejoicing, all going home satisfied and happy, content with their small cargoes, and satisfied that they had enough to do them for the next year....Joseph Chambers, of whom I have spoken, represented the county for three sessions in the legislature."       Carroll Co., Ga. deed book pg. 225 shows James Dickson sold to Allmon (-) Chambers & Co. on 7 Feb, 1832, for $700.00, land lot #235, 2nd dist. (now Douglas Co.) It is of interest that Joseph's daughter, Nancy, married Nelson A. Allman in 1827 in Buncombe Co., N. C.. This joint owner Company may have been Nelson Allman and Joseph Chambers. After Joseph moved to Hixstown (Villa Rica), Ga. his daughter Mary, was the first marriage recorded in book C-1 Carroll Co. Ga. 6 Dec. 1832. Joseph witnessed a deed in Carroll Co., Ga. 29 Oct. 1832. On 21 Nov. 1832 in Deed Book pg. 227 of Carroll Co...Jesse Lane, Oliver Clarke, Reuben Cone and William Ezzard, of Dekalb Co.,(sold) to Joseph Chambers and Jesse H. Chambers for $3,000 land lot #195, 6th dist. (about 1 mile NW of new Villa Rica) except 60 feet sold to William Dixon, John Sheppard and Allen Tolbert. On 21 Nov. 1832 Joseph and Jesse signed a promissory note(Pg. 257) as follows.."Joseph and Jesse Chambers to Jesse Lane, Reuben Cone, Oliver Clark and William Ezzard, Dekalb Co. $5.00. A part of land lot #195, 6th dist. Carroll , land lot #235 2nd dist. Carroll (now Douglas CO.) where the widow of James Dickson lives, plus ten Negroes, Peonelope, and children Betsy, King, Seth, Dove, Annette, about 22, Andy a boy, Bob about 23 years old, and Nathan. To secure promissory note, $3500.00, Chambers to Lane et al. Attest: George S. Moody, Denison B. Palmer, Charles Hulsey, J.P. 21 Jan 1833." (This was the Gold Mine Purchase). Joseph's occupations were miner, farmer and State Senator (Haywood Co., N.C.] His will: "State of Georgia-Carroll County. I Joseph Chambers of the county and state aforesaid being of sound and perfect mind and memory, Bless be God, do this 17th day June in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and thirty nine make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say, first I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph W. Chambers one thousand dollars in money or good property to be paid when he arrives at the age of twenty one years by his mother Sarah Chambers or her agent which is to hold said money as property until that time. And I also give unto my daughter Sarah L. Chambers Eight hundred dollars which is in the hands of Sarah Chambers her mother to be in like manner paid whenever she thinks best so to do so as to not exclude from said property after she becomes of age. I furthermore state that the above amount to be given to my son Joseph and daughter Sarah to be equivalent to that which I have heretofore left to by lawful heirs which they have received from me to viz(;) John T Chambers, Jesse H. Chambers, Nancy A Chambers, Nicholas F. Chambers, William Chambers, Elizabeth Chambers, Mary Chambers, Hannah Chambers, and Ann Chambers. I further give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah Chambers after settling all my just debts which I owe the remaining part of all the property both personal and real Estate with the exception of a Negro boy by the name of George which I give to my son Nicholas F. Chambers to be his own right and property to have and to hold from the claims of any other person or persons lawfully claiming the same and the said Sarah Chambers is to have the residue of all which may be left after settling my just debts to her own use and benefit in any way that she thinks best to make her divided equally between all her heirs and furthermore I grant Sarah Chambers my wife the access to dig or cause to be dug in the Gold mine on lot one hundred and ninety five in the sixth district of the aforesaid county and also all those that have or may have a good and sufficient tittle to a part of the aforesaid lot until the death of my wife Sarah and then the part which I hold to be sold at the highest bidder and the proceeds to be divided equal amoung all the aforesaid heirs and I hereby make and ordain my son John T. Chambers and N. F. Chambers Executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I the said Joseph Chambers have to this my last will and testament set by hand and seal the day and year above written. Attest: Jesse H. Chambers - William Chambers. Signed: Joseph Chambers." Will was proven in court 3rd day of August, 1840 by the oaths of Jesse H. Chambers and William Chambers. Joseph was probably the first person to be buried in the Chambers "burying ground", now known at Hillcrest Cemetery, Villa Rica, Ga. After Sara died, September 5, 1860, John T. as executor, filed a petition with the Ordinary Court in Carrol County for "leave to sell land belonging to the Estate of Jospeh Chambers granted to John T. Chambers the Executor of the last will and said deceased to wit: four tenths of the undivided one fourth of the said half of lot of land no. 195 in the 6th Dist. of said county including all mineral and mining privileges therin. This Dec. 1st 1884. R. L. Richards, Ordinary.C.C."

Notes for SARAH C
According to the minutes of the New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, at Villa Rica, Georgia, Sarah was Received By Letter on Sept 6, 1834 from Mount Zion Church, Haywood County, N. C.. Her letter was withdrawn from the Mount Zion Church on June 21, 1832. From this document we know that Joseph and Sarah had anticipated the move to Georgia when she withdrew her letter and had moved some time between July and December 1832. Sara C. was enumerated as head of household in the 1840 Census of Carroll County, Joseph having died earlier in 1840. Sarah was listed on the 1842 tax digest of Carroll Co. She was living in the house of her son Nicholas F. Chambers in the 1850 Census. She was listed on the 1853 tax digest, section 642-2. She was living with her daughter Hannah Harrison June 5th 1860 Census. Sarah died Sept 5, 1860 probably in Hannah's home. Hannah and Abe's home place was about 1 mile out the Dallas Hwy. from Villa Rica, Ga. on the left, 1st house before the Rabun place. The house was standing as late as the 1970's. Sarah gave her birth place as S. C. on the 1860 census. Sarah is buried beside her husband Joseph at the Chambers burying ground (Hillcrest Cem.) at Villa Rica, Carroll Co., Georgia.
19. i.   "CAPTAIN" JOHN THADDUS3 CHAMBERS, CAPT., b. 25 Apr 1803, Jonothan's Creek, Buncombe (now Haywood) Co., N.Carolina; d. 04 Aug 1890, Villa Rica, Carroll Co., Ga. bd. Chambers Burying Ground (Hillcrest Cem.).
20. ii.   JESSE H. CHAMBERS, b. 13 Mar 1805, Buncombe (Haywood) Co., N.C.; d. 29 Nov 1881, Tyler, Smith Co., Tx. bd Ebenezer Cem., at Arp.
21. iii.   NANCY A. CHAMBERS, b. 25 Jun 1807, Buncombe (now Haywood) Co., NC.; d. 09 Aug 1869, Chattooga Co., Ga. bd. Garrett Cem., Chelsea, Ga..
  iv.   NICHOLAS F. "NICK" CHAMBERS21,22, b. 23 Aug 1809, Haywood Co., N. Carolina; d. 07 Oct 1859, Villa Rica,Carroll Co., Ga. bd. Chambers Burying Ground (Hillcrest Cem.).
Occupation- miner. Buried at Chambers burying ground, now Hillcrest Cem. Villa Rica, Carroll Co., Ga. Was on 1842 tax digest of Carroll Co., Ga.section 642 2. Was in 1850 Carroll Co. Ga. census, his widowed mother, Sarah, was living in his household. He owned 5 slaves in 1850. He was on the 1853 Carroll Co. tax digest, section 642-2. Nicholas may never have married. Minutes of Inferior Court , Carroll Co. 1831-1840, Pg 48, "Jurors drawn to serve at the next term of the Inferior Court on the first Monday in Feb. 1838 ...27 Nicholas F. Chambers...31 Philip Chambers." pg 51, "It is ordered by the court that the within named jurors be fined five dollars each and be allowed till next court to make their excuses if they have any, if not the fine must be collected. 5th March 1838... Nicholas F. Chambers $5.00".

  v.   WILLIAM K. CHAMBERS22, b. Abt. 1811, Buncombe Co., NC.; d. Aft. 1853; m. S. C. HOLLOWAY, 28 Oct 1848, Carroll Co., Ga.; b. Abt. 1829; d. Aft. 1848.
Minutes of Inferior Court Carroll Co. Ga. 1831-1840 pg 41, "Jurors drawn to serve at the next term of the Inferior Court on the first Monday in August next... 12. William Chambers". Relationship to John T. Chambers not proven. Was on the 1842 Carroll County, Ga. tax list: William Chambers, 2 slaves, 92 1/2 usable acres in LL209-2. Was not listed on the Carroll County tax digest in 1853.

  vi.   ELIZABETH CHAMBERS22, b. Abt. 1813, Haywood Co., N. Carolina; d. Aft. Jun 1839.
Lizzie J. Chambers married W. D. Chappell Book G. pg. 51 Carroll Co. Ga. 1800's. Lic. not returned. Elizabeth Chambers married Alexander T. Halyday Haywood Co., N. C. Jun 12 1830. Elizabeth was mentioned in her father's will dated June, 1839, so she apparently was living at that time. Joseph did not name his married daughters in his will by their married names.

22. vii.   MARY C. CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1814, Haywood Co., NC.; d. Aft. 1850.
23. viii.   HANNAH CHAMBERS, b. 10 Mar 1818, Jonathan's Creek, Haywood Co., NC.; d. 03 Oct 1882, Acworth, Cobb Co., Georgia.
24. ix.   MARTHA " ANNE" CHAMBERS, b. 13 Feb 1820, Haywood Co., NC.; d. 23 Jul 1858, Luling, Caldwell Co., Tx., bd. Lone Oak Cem..
25. x.   JOSEPH W. CHAMBERS, b. Abt. 1821, Haywood Co., N.C.; d. Aft. 1880.
  xi.   SARAH L. CHAMBERS23,24,25, b. 1824, Haywood Co., NC.; d. 1895, Cobb Co., Ga. bd. Liberty Hill Cem., Acworth, Ga.; m. MERRELL C. AWTREY26,27,28, 04 Sep 1842, Carroll Co., Georgia29; b. 18 Jul 1816, Jackson Co., Ga.; d. 16 Jun 1890, Acworth, Cobb Co., Ga. bd. Liberty Hill Cem., Acworth, Ga..
  Notes for SARAH L. CHAMBERS:
1850 Census Carroll County, Georgia.. age 36 born Georgia. After eight years of marriage (1850 Census) there were no children. An interesting anedote by Sherrell Hall on her family website at "During a recent visit to Liberty Hill Cemetery in Acworth, Ga. a woman who lived across the street came over and introduced herself. She seemed very knowledgeable about the cemetery and some of the more famous people intered there. She commented that after Merrell Awtrey's death his wife Sarah had him pickled and placed in a glass top coffin! He was then intered in a brick mausoleum where she visited and spoke with him daily until she declined into mental illness. She died in 1895 and was also interred in the mausoleum. The mausoleum did not stand up well to time and the elements and finally an entire wall collapsed. Merrell and Sarah were then buried in the ground with simple markers provided by the county/cemetery. I have photos of the mausoleum ruin and the simple stones that now mark the graves. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this story but it is interesting and makes a wonderful anedote...."

  Notes for MERRELL C. AWTREY:
In 1844 Merrell was dealing in real estate in the old city of Villa Rica. Carroll County deed records: 10 January 1844, Edmund W. Holland agent for David Clopton, Edward A. Broddus, Benjamin Chapman, Edw. W. Holland, Joseph Chambers, Jessie H. Chambers, and Clayton Williams to Merrell C. Awtry. $91.67. 11/12 of four undivided town lots of Villa Rica, Georgia. Land lot #193, 6th Dist. Carroll Co. lots # 17, 18, 19, 21. 60 feet in the front, 200 back of the Main Street. #18 north side, rest on south side. Attest: R. C. Williams, R.V.C. Ruffin, J.P. filed 22 January 1844. Merrell C. was received into the New Hope Primitive Baptist Church by emersion 25 May, 1839. He was on the 1842 tax digest of Carroll County, Georgia. Was in 1850 Census Carroll County, occupation merchant. He was dismissed by letter from New Hope Church 24 May, 1851. At about this time he and Sarah moved to Acworth, Cobb Co., Ga. where he is shown in the 1860 census of Acworth as a merchant. His real eastate value in 1860 was $2500 and his personal value was $20,000 . In 1870 Merrell and Sarah are now living in the Kenesaw Dist. and he is a dry goods merchant, and now after the Civil war his real estate value had fallen to $100 and personal value to $5,000 . Also living in the home are Millie Awtrey 30, a black woman employed as a cook and her three black children.

5. JOHN*2 CHAMBERS (JAMES1, SAMUELA, REYNOLDS "RUNNELS"B, ALEXANDERC, ROBERTD) was born 18 Dec 1758, and died 1820 in Buncombe Co., N. C. bd. Flat Creek Cem.. He married JANE CLEMONS. She was born 10 Jan 1762, and died 17 Sep 1820 in Buncombe Co., N. C. bd. Flat Creek Cem..

Notes for J
John Chambers' relationship to James Chambers has not been proven. He is listed here as a relationship only because he lived in the same area of Bumcombe County as James Chambers. More research needs be done to prove a relationship.
Children of J
  i.   FLORENCE3 CHAMBERS, b. 11 Jan 1789, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina.
  ii.   WILLIAM M. CHAMBERS, b. 18 Apr 1791, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina.
26. iii.   JOHN CHAMBERS, JR., b. 08 Aug 1794, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina; d. 04 Jan 1844, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina bd. Flat Creek Cem..
  iv.   RACHEL CHAMBERS, b. 26 May 1798, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina.
  v.   SILTHA ELIZA CHAMBERS, b. 24 Sep 1800, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina.
  vi.   JANE CHAMBERS, b. 26 Jun 1801, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina.
  vii.   LETHA CHAMBERS, b. 21 Sep 1804, Buncombe Co., N. Carolina.

6. SARAH*2 CHAMBERS (JAMES1, SAMUELA, REYNOLDS "RUNNELS"B, ALEXANDERC, ROBERTD)30,31 was born Abt. 1772 in N. Carolina, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Haywood Co., N. C.. She married ANTHONY REECE32,33 1794 in Ashe Co., N. Carolina, son of VALENTINE REECE and CHRISTINA HARMON. He was born 03 Sep 1774 in Rowan Co., N. Carolina, and died 1869 in Haywood Co., N. C..

Notes for S
Sarah Chambers' relationship as a daughter to James Chambers has not been proven. She is listed as a daughter by circumstance, in that she was in Haywood County at the same time as James Chambers.

Notes for A
In 1860 Anthony was 85 years old and without a wife. He was living with his daughter and son-in law, Rachel & R. Collins in Haywood Co., NC.
Children of S
27. i.   ENOCH3 REECE, b. 28 Aug 1796, Ashe Co., N. C..
28. ii.   DANIEL REECE, b. 1799, Ashe Co., N. C..
  iii.   MARY ANN REECE, b. 1808, Ashe Co., N. C..
29. iv.   SAMUEL L. REECE, b. Apr 1810, Ashe Co., N. C..
30. v.   DAVID REECE, b. 1813, Haywood Co., N. C..
31. vi.   RACHEL REECE, b. May 1816, Haywood Co., N. C..
32. vii.   SARAH REECE, b. 17 Aug 1819, Haywood Co., N. C.; d. 1887, Haywood Co., N. C..

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