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Ancestors of Mary Cornelia Wilkins

Generation No. 5

      16. Godfrey Frederick Wilkin, born Abt. 1790. He was the son of 32. Godfrey Wilkin , Jr and 33. Catherine Layman. He married 17. Rachel Gochenour 5 January 1818 in Shenandoah Co, VA.

      17. Rachel Gochenour, born Abt. 1795 in Frederick Co, Va. She was the daughter of 34. Joseph Gochenour and 35. Elizabeth Crabill.

      Children of Godfrey Wilkin and Rachel Gochenour are:
8 i.   Joseph Wilkin, born 1815 in Shenandoah Co, VA; died 1894 in Hardy Co, WV; married Barbara Ann Clem 30 December 1852 in Shenandoah Co, VA.
ii.   Henry Wilkin, married Rebecca Funkhouser 8 March 1806.
iii.   Jonathan Wilkin.
iv.   Samuel Wilkin.
v.   Catherine Wilkin.
vi.   Elizabeth Wilkin.
vii.   Ann Wilkin.

      18. Joseph S. Clem, born 1802. He was the son of 36. Michael Clem and 37. Margaret Rebecca Rudy. He married 19. Christena Black.

      19. Christena Black.

      Child of Joseph Clem and Christena Black is:
9 i.   Barbara Ann Clem, born 1832 in Shenandoah Co, VA; died 1911 in Hardy Co, WV; married (1) Joseph Wilkin 30 December 1852 in Shenandoah Co, VA; married (2) Joseph Wilkin 30 December 1852 in Shenandoah Co, VA.

      22. Rudy Landes, born 1772 in Hampshire County, WV. He married 23. Nancy Plum 1795 in Hampshire County, WV.

      23. Nancy Plum.

      Children of Rudy Landes and Nancy Plum are:
i.   Joseph Landis, born 1796.
ii.   Solomon Landis, born 1798.
iii.   Felix Landis, born 1800.
iv.   Rudy Landis, born 1802.
v.   Margaret Landis, born 1804.
vi.   Catherine Landis, born 1806.
vii.   Elizabeth Landis, born 1808.
11 viii.   Mary Landis, born 1810-1817 in Hampshire County, WV; died 1897 in Hardy Co WV; married Jonas Brock Abt. 1837 in Hampshire County, WV.
ix.   Susan Landis, born 1812.
x.   Eliza Landis, born 1814.
xi.   Rochel Landis, born 1816.

      24. George Shoemaker, born Abt. 1785. He was the son of 48. Peter Shoemaker and 49. Anna Maria Margaret Wilhelm. He married 25. Elizabeth Purget 1819.

      25. Elizabeth Purget.

      Child of George Shoemaker and Elizabeth Stover is:
i.   Archibald Shoemaker, born 1808.
      Children of George Shoemaker and Elizabeth Purget are:
i.   Nelly Shoemaker, born 1820.
ii.   Conrad Pacemaker Shoemaker, born 1821.
iii.   Granville Shoemaker, born 1825 in VA; married Sarah Abt. 1850 in Va.
iv.   William H. Shoemaker, born 1827 in Va; married Sarah A. Abt. 1855 in VA.
12 v.   Elijah Shoemaker, born 1828; married Ann R. 1852 in Hardy Co, Va.
vi.   Sally Shoemaker, born 1831.
vii.   John Shoemaker, born 1832 in Va.
viii.   Barbara Fuller Shoemaker, born 1837.
ix.   Granville Ellis Shoemaker, born 1842.
x.   Alex Shoemaker, born 1845.
xi.   Curtis Shoemaker, born 1849.

      28. Felix Henckle, born 1804 in Hardy Co, Va. He was the son of 56. Abraham Henckle and 57. Mary Catherine Teter. He married 29. Susannah Hedrick 2 November 1823 in Hardy Co, Va.

      29. Susannah Hedrick.

      Children of Felix Henckle and Susannah Hedrick are:
14 i.   Amos Hinkle, born 9 July 1828 in Hardy Co, Va; died 20 January 1894 in Grant Co, WV; married Barbara Catherine Mouse Abt. 1856.
ii.   Hannah Hinkle, born 1825.
iii.   Daniel Hinkle, born 1827.
iv.   Ann Hinkle, born 1829.
v.   Abraham Hinkle, born 1835.
vi.   Catherine Hinkle, born 1841.
vii.   Mary Hinkle, born 1842.
viii.   Susannah Hinkle, born 1847.

      30. Joshua Mouse, born 1813 in Pendleton, VA. He was the son of 60. Daniel Mouse. He married 31. Mary C. Harman Abt. 1840.

      31. Mary C. Harman. She was the daughter of 62. Joshua Harman and 63. Susannah Dice.

      Children of Joshua Mouse and Mary Harman are:
15 i.   Barbara Catherine Mouse, born 19 February 1841 in Pendleton, VA; married Amos Hinkle Abt. 1856.
ii.   Daniel Mouse, born 1844.
iii.   Isaac Mouse, born 1846.
iv.   Jemima Mouse, born 1848.

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