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Descendants of Thomas Collins

Generation No. 3

4. HENRY POWELL3 COLLINS (BURDINE2, THOMAS1)8 was born April 20, 1836 in Russell County, VA.8, and died June 10, 1910 in Tillie, Letcher County, KY.8. He married CLARA ANN BOWMAN8 November 23, 1863 in Booneville, Owsley County, KY.8, daughter of ELISHA BOWMAN and MARY PHILLIPS. She was born November 18, 1844 in Booneville, KY.8, and died May 05, 1939 in Whitesburg, KY.8.

Notes for H
MILITARY: Enlisted 12/15/1862, discharged 3/24/1864, Pvt. Co. L, 14 KY Cav.
On rolls at Irvin, KY, Owsley Co. on 2/13/1863. Mustered out at Camp Nelson.
A charge of desertion on the rolls was later removed. Appl. 2/7/1889 No.
688.882, Cert. No. 620.459 KY; Widow 6/29/1910, # 944.991, Cert. No. 706.507;
XC 2682.571.

Index to Original invalid Claim No. 620.459. Henry P. Collins, Co. L, 14 Reg't
Ky Vol. Cav.

1. Claimant, Feb. 7, 1889, Declaration Disease of ears & Back in 86
2. " Jun 18, 89, Hospital Statment
3. " Jul. 13, 89, Cannot furnish doctors
4. " Oct. 19, 89, cannot furnish officers
5. War Dept., Dec 31, 94, Reports (3)
6. Finley Collins, Rock House, KY, May 14, 89, Origin, Dis.of back & since
7. Calvin Collins, " " " , Same, & correspondence
8. Jeremiah Smith, " " ", Aug. 20, 89, Same
9. Enoch Combs, " " ", Same
10. John Collins, MD, " " ", May 14, 89, Present condition
11. Dr. J. E. Cornett, Whitesburg, KY, Jun 18, 89, Dis.of Back & Ears since War
12. John Adams, Rockhouse, Same, & correspondence
13. Geo. W. Collins, Same
14. John Breeding, Rockhouse, KY, Sep.18, 89, Same
15. Claimant, Jul 28, 90, Declaration, N.L.
16. Claimant, Jul. 20, 96, Same & Increase
17. Claimant, Aug. 19, 96, Date & place of incurring rupture
18. Henderson Hammond, Jan. 24, Present condition
Elisha Collins, Rockhouse, KY, 1896, same
19. Geo. W. Collins, Tillie, KY, 1896, Same
T. F. Davis, Whitesburg, Same
20. T. F. Davis, Tillie, Oct. 15, 1896, Same
John J. Adams, Tillie, KY, Same
21. Dr. John Collins, Rockhouse, KY, Jun 5.,97, same
22. Single Surgeon, Rockhouse, May 26, 89
23. Bd. Surgeons, " , Jan. 7, 91
24. " " Apr. 9, 91
25. " Prestonburg, Nov. 21, 96
26. " Harlan, May 17, 97

Pension record states he was age 70 when Civil Surgeon's Certificate was made,
purpose of increase in pension. Claimant was receiving a pension of $10.00 per
month, was born in Russell Co., VA, 6 ft. tall, 175 lbs, brunett
complexion, dark eyes, gray hair, could not work, was unable to take exercise.
He had a double inguinal hernia, rhumatism; muscles flabby, no atrophy, partial
stiffness of joints, edema of legs and feet; weak heart, has pericarditis and
some hypertrophy, considerable dyspnia and some cyanosis; confined to his room.
pulse rate 76, 86, respiration, 16,20, temp. 98.6, Was rerated for a pension of
$25.00 per month. signed by J. M. Bentley. No date is given on this certificate.

Deposition of 22 July 1898, at Tillie, Henry P. Collins stated I am 63 years
old, P.O. as shown (Tillie,)Occupation is farmer, I served as a private in
Company L, 14 Ky Cav., enlisted dec. 1862 and was mustered out in March 1864.
I am the identical Henry P. Collins that made application for pension. I am
now pensioned at $10.00 a month uner Act June 27, 1890 for partial deafness
disease of back and rupture. I claim pension under the general law for partial
deafness and disease of back. I also have a claim pending for increase
under the new law. I had no other service than that in Co. L, 14 Ky Cav.
except that I was in Three Forks Battl. for some time after my discharge.
I was not in the Confederate Army at all and did not aid the Rebellion in
any way. I enlisted at Boonesville, KY. Don't remember that I was
examined at all when I enlisted. My health was good when I enlisted. I
had never beensick before that and was as stout a man as the country
afforded. I was living right here when I enlisted, and had lived here all
my life. Any of my neighbors that are old enough to know can tell you that I
was in good health before the war.
Q. When and where did you incur your first disability in the service?
A. I first had the earache at Irvine, KY. We were camped up stairs in the
Court House at Irvine, KY about Feb. 1863. One night while lying down both of
my ears began to hurt. It began with a pain and I thought it would kill me.
My ears kept hurting me, and almost made me crzy all that night, the next day,
and into the next night. The next night my brother, Calvin Collins went with
me to see a doctor. I did not know the docotr, but my brother did. and he took
me to him and woke him up at night to give me something for my ear.
This was Dr. Wiggles. Don't know whether he is alive or not but he was
an old like man then. He put something into my ears that eased the
pain, so I could sleep. They never got as painful again, but have hurt
me off and on ever since and it seems like there was something buzzing
in my ears. I kept my ears plugged up all the rest of the time in the
service. I have been hard of hearing ever since the pain first come on
me. I cannot hear any great distance. I can hear alright clse to me,
but people talking three rods away I cannot hear to tell what they say. I have
no idea as to what caused the trouoble with my ears unless it was from
catching cold. I don't know anyone bywhom Ican prove the origin of
disease of ears except Calvin Collins, John Breeding made me an
affidavit on this point, but I
Stated he had partial deafness, disease of back and rupture. Stated he
enlisted at Booneville, said he was as stout a man as the county afforded, was
living at Tillie when enlisted and had lived there all his life. Got an
earache while stationed at Irvine, KY during war, was camped upstairs in Court
House about Feb. 1863. His brother, Calvin, went with him to see a Doctor
Wiggles. Has been hard of hearing ever since. Jesse Collins, Fielden Collins
and Dave Gibson were also in court house at that time. At time of affidavit,
Fielden Collins was dead, Dave Gibson was in Clay Co, Jesse Collins lived in
Roan Co., KY. Claimant stated marriage date and children's births.

About June or July 1863, claimant was in hospital in Proctor, KY with fever.
Took sick while either on or returning from a scout patrol. Went to hospital
and was treated by Dr. Daniel who stated claimant had typhoid fever. Caused
pain in his back and head. Had no picket duty after he was sick. Claimant
came back to Tillie neighborhood about Dec. 1866. He felt trouble in small of
bck caused by cold and exposure and upper back from fever. After discharge
from service, he enlisted in Three Forks Battalion and was in it until July
1865. From then until Dec. 1866, he lived near Booneville, Ousley Co., KY.

On August 27, 1898, F. L. Churchhill, Special Examiner made report on merits of
claim. He explained to claimant that evidence was not sufficient to establish
continuance of the alleged disabilities and claimant stated no better could be
obtained. All witnesses in case were near neighbors and had known claimant all
his life. Stated claimant was in good health for a number of years after the
war and even his wife knew nothing of his disabilities for several years after
his discharge. Following persons were interviewed: Watson Collins; Fielden
Johnson; McCager S. Napier; Joseph Campbell; Woolery Campbell; John Duff.
Letters from twelve other comrades became exhibits in this report. All
comrades in that district were either inverviewed or written to by examiner,
plus others he found.

Churchill also stated "the claimant belongs to a large family of Collins most
of whom do not have a very good reputation. He is, however, one of the best of
the family.

Dr. J. E. Cornett, an original affiant is dead. He did not stand very high in
the profession, being a self-educated mountain doctor. The claim is utterly
devoid of merit and should be rejected."

Moses Adkins made a statement that he did not think claimant would be able to
go before a board in the next 3 months or at any other time in the future
except at a great risk to himself.

John Adams stated he had known Henry P. Collins for past 26 years, was
suffering after he returned from war by inflamation, disease of ears and back.
Stated he was 45 years old, lived in Rockhouse; no date, year of 1889,
witnesses: John Collins, Monroe Crase.

George W. Collins, age 46, Rockhouse, knew claimant for past 40 years, or since
childhood. Same statement as above. Another affidavit dated 22 July 1898 at
Colley Creek, age 55, Tillie, farmer, same as others. Bunked and messed
together, in same company. No witness.

Henderson Hammond and Elisha Collins stated they were 25 and 29 years
respectively, residents of Letcher, former living within one eighth of a mile
of claimant, latter being employed by and residing with claimant. Have known
him 10 and 25 years respectively, well acquainted with his condition, as stated
above. Dated 16 Jan 1896, Witness: Polly Collins, F. M. Everidge.

Jeremiah Smith made affidavit, same as previous, age 68, Sasafras, Knott Co.,
was in service with claimant, discharged March 1864, member of same company.
Thought claimant had yellow jaundice, has known claimant since war, lived
within 8 or 9 miles of him. Witness: Bettie Smith. Another similar affidavit
made by Jermiah Smith, same as that of other witnesses. Witnessed by David O.
Gibson and Samuel Francis.

Enoch Combs made affidavit, same as others, was in Army with claimant and if he
ever knew anything about his back disease or deafness, he has forgotten it and
don't know anything now. Witness: D. O. Gibson. Another affidavit dated 26
Jul 1898, 59 years of, P.O. Sassafras, Knott Co., farmer, same as others,
member of same company, Witness: Mary Cody?

John Collins stated he was 31, knew claimant for 8 years, was his family
physician. No date. Another affidavit of 24 Jul 1898, age 33, physician,
graduate of Hospital College of Medicine, Louisville, practiced about 10 yrs,
known Henry Collins all his life, but no relation. Stated Henry had a tumerous
formation about the 7th cervical vertebra; has kidney disease; catarrh of
ears, double hernia and gravel.

Finley Collins made affidavit on 22 July 1898 at Colley Creek, age 60, farmer,
served with claimant, enlisted in Feb. 1863, mustered out Mar. 1864, was a
cousin of claimant, lived in same neighborhood before war, lived within a mile
since war, except some six or eight months. Stated he was in hosp. at Proctor,
KY for three or four months in summer of 1863, first ill there and then
afterwards a nurse there. He and claimant in hospital at same time. Had a
brother in hospital at same time. Witnesses: Henry P. Collins and George W.

Calvin Collins made affidavit on 22 Jul 1898, age 65, Tillie, farmer, enlisted
in winter of 1862, mustered out with company in March 1864, knew claimant
since boyhood, was his brother, bunked together sometimes but not regularly.
Were in courthouse loft together, waited on claimant when he had ear trouble.
Witnesses: Henry P. and Eliza Collins.

John Breeding made affidavit on 26 July, Rockhouse, age 60, served together in
same company, known claimant all his life. Affidavit same as others regarding
health. No witness.

Clarrey Ann Bowman made affidavit that she became acquainted with Henry
P. Collins while he was in the military. They were married at the house of
Mahulda Bowman and that W. B. Eversole and Thomas Johnson were present at the
wedding in Boonville by Thomas Murtal. Her affidavit dated 23 July 1898,
Colley Creek, age 53, married in Booneville where his company was stationed.
Her witnesses: Eliza and Burdine Collins. She signed by mark.

Henry applied for a pension because of inguinal hernia, rheumatism, disease of
heart, senile disability, deafness, weak back. Disability of ears and back
rejected on grounds of no record, 9/13/1898.

Pension paid from 2/7/1881 to 5/4/1910.

Affidavit on 10/3/1896 by Thomas F. Davis, 35, residing Tillie and John S.
Adams 52, Colley that they were acquainted with Henry Collins many years, that
he had no income and depended on friends and charity for support.

Affidavit on 7/24/1896 by George W. Collins, 53, Tillie and T. F. Davis 35,
Whitesburg, they were personally acquainted with Henry and had been for at
least 12 years. That 5 or 6 years ago lived within 1 mile, that Henry was ill,
confined to bed with la grippe and cough.

Calvin Collins, 77 made affidavit on 7/15/1910, P.O. Caps, KY and Elisha
Breeding, 40, Tillie that widow, Clara had not remarried. Attested to by John
Collins and Nannie Collins.

Finley Collins, 72, residing Cap and Wm. Brown, 82, Tillie, made affidavit they
were well acquainted with Henry and his widow, that they resided most of the
time nearby. Affiants John Collins and L. B. Collins. 7/15/1910

Affidavit by James Campbell, 29 July 1898, at Grapevine?, Perry Co., 53 years,
farmer, same company, same affidavit as others regarding illness. While others
quartered in courthouse, he was in a tent on edge of town.

John S. Adams made affidavit on 23 Jul 1898, age 55, Tillie, same info. as
other affidavits, was in different company, same regiment, knew claimant before
war. Witnesses: Nannie and Sallie Collins.

Letter by Mrs. O. F. Richmond, Whitesburg, Box 402, stated she was daughter of
Henry and Clara and that Clara died 5/11/1939.

Letter in file from widow to Commissioner of Pensions stated that Henry died
6/10/1909 and that he was born in Russell Co., VA. Pension record stated he
was 70 years old, 6'1", 175 lbs., Brunett, dark eyes, grey hair.

Letter in file from Ira S. Hill, Notary Public for Letcher Co., KY. to
Commissioner of Pensions stating that he thought the pension claim unjust and
wanted to know Henry's Pension No. Asked that reply be sent to Imboden, Wise
Co., VA. No reply from Comm. enclosed in file.

Pension file sent to special examiner on 8/27/1898 and asked that the
reputation of each of the witnesses be stated. His reply was that Henry's
reputation was fair to good; Finley's & Calvin's was fair, George W. was fair
to good, Clara's good. He also stated that Claimant belonged to a large family
of Collins, most of whom do not have a very good reputation. Henry is,
however, one of the best.

Jesse and Fielden Collins and Dave Gibson were in Court House with Henry P. to
make affidavits. When special examiner made his assessment, Fielden was dead,
Jesse lived in Rowan Co., Ky, Dave Gibson in Clay Co. 7/22/1898

Another affidavit by Finley Collins dated 7/22/1898, age 60, stated he, Finley,
enlisted 2/1863 and was discharged 3/1864, was a cousin of Henry, had a brother
who was very ill in the hospital at the time of Henry's illness.

On Jan. 12, 1914, John Collins wrote letter to Washington stating he would
advise the Dept. as to the irregularity of claimant's pension claim so that it
could be terminated. Stated his widow does not require being provided for
and pensioner said he would have admitted the facts but his fear of
his false declarations that he had never been unwell since war that that for
which he was pensioned. He is marked a deserter from Col. Dls regiment,
Pikeville, KY for which he had no justifications. He ignored inquiries of
his atty. about this and it was dropped. John Collins stated he had previusly
written about this as he had promised but was in doubt as to whether he mailed
same especially since the widow still draws her pension undisturbed. He stated
he would explain further if desireable.

In a letter dated Oct. 25, 1926 to the Natinal Tribune, Mrs. Clara A. Collins
wrote stating the other widows are writing to you, thought I would write a
brief letter. Am writing in regard to the raise. I think I am due the
increase for I married in the year 1863 and am 82 years old and lived with my
husband until his death. His death was June 10th 1909, served faithfull two
terms and has two honorable discharges and am very near blind and am disable to
do any kind of work and I want to ask to be helped in some way by Government
for it looks as tho we have not been treated very well. I have taken the
National Tribune for 15 years and I want to thank you in the very highest for
the servis. Respt yours, s/o Mrs. Clara A. Collins.

Letter dated 1/18/1939 to Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, "Dear Sirs: I am writing to you in regard to my pension and
wheather or not I am entitle to a nurse. as I have information that I am
allowed a nurse under the Present Law. I am the widow of Henry P. Collins
Pvt Co L 14th Regiment Kentucky Cavalry and am at my next birth 95 yrs old.
and at Present receiving 50.00 per month. and living alone. and I wish to
have advise from the Bureau. wheather or not, this law has been Passed, as I do
not have enough to hire a nurse and buy my coal, food, clothes and pay other
epxenses. Thanking you Very much, Sincerely, Clara A. Collins, wid ctf.
number 706.507 EE. 3-2461.

7/15/1910: Clara wrote letter stating her name was Clarrey Ann but goes by
Clara. Clarrey Ann was written in the family record.

CENSUS: 1850 Letcher Co., KY, Precinct 3, #130/130: Henry Collins 42, KNV;
Clara 35, KY TN TN; Mary 15; Elisha 14; Margaret 18; Susan 7; Letcher 5; Nancy
3; Flora 8/12, b. Nov. 1879.; all children b. KY.

CENSUS: 1880 Letcher Co., KY, #244/246: Henry P. Collins, Nov. 1834, 65, KNN;
Clary Sep 1846, 54, mar. 35 yrs, 12 children born, 12 living, KKK; Letcher,
Nov. 1875, 24; Nannie, Aug 1878, 22; Eliza, Jun 1881, 18; Burdine, Jun 1881,
18; Lucretia, Feb 1885, 15, Sallie, Jun 1887, 12, all farm laborers; Robert
Kinnaird, Boarder, Mar 1877, 23, Farm Laborer, all b. KY.

CENSUS: 1900, Letcher Co., Rockhouse, #244/246: Henry P., b. 11/1834, 65,
KKK; Clara, wife, 9/1846, 54, mar. 35 years, 12 child. b. & living; Letcher, b.
11/1875, 24; Nancy, b. 8/1878, 22; Eliza, b. 6/1871, 18; Burdi, son,
6/1881, 18; Lucetia, 2/1885, 15; Sally, 6/1887, 13.

SPECIAL CENSUS: Henry P., Pvt. Co. L, 14th
Ky. Cav., 13 Dec. 1862-24 March 1864, 1 yr. 3 mo. 11 days, House 60, Fam. 66.

1875 Tax List, Letcher; Henry Collins, Prec. 3, nearest neighbor, Wilson

Memorandum, no date: Mr. Peter Adkins Sir please rite lewis ratliaf a
certificate and sign Henry P Collins name.

Notes for Clarissa Bowman:
BIRTH: Cem. Record; Pension record states her name was Clarissa Bowman but
she always went by name of Clara.
Info. from Sally Martinez; d/o Elisha Bowman b. 1811, died 4/1863,
in Cincinnati, OH and mar. 12/27/1830 to Mahulda Philips Gabbard, b. 1813, NC
died 12/29/1909 in Middletown, OH, d/o Charles Phillips and Jemima Hardy, b. ca
1775; Jemima d/o Benjamin ? Elisha Bowman's father was Cornelius who died
11/2/1852 and married Elizabeth Moore b. ca 1789.
DEATH: Pension Record of husband, date given in letter by daughter, Mrs. O. F.
Richmond. Info. from Sally Martinez on 5/26/1995 gives death date of 5/5/1939,
and place as at Aunt Lou's, Whitesburg, Letcher Co., KY.

More About H
Fact 1: December 15, 1862, Co.L,14th KY Cav. U.S. Army
Fact 2: March 24, 1864, Discharged

Notes for C
Clara was living at Lula Collins Maggards home when she died.
Children of H
7. i.   MARY C.4 COLLINS, b. March 31, 1865, Kentucky; d. January 17, 1923, Kentucky.
8. ii.   ELISHA B. COLLINS, b. September 26, 1866, Letcher County, KY.; d. January 07, 1941, Letcher County, KY..
  iii.   HULDA BELLE COLLINS9, b. September 17, 1868; m. HENRY BLAIR9; b. WFT Est. 1849-18849; d. WFT Est. 1860-19639.
Hulda Bell Collins, born September 17, 1868; died November 11, 1953 in Letcher Co., KY.

Hulda Bell2 Collins (Henry Powell1, BurdineA, ThomasB) was born September 17, 1868, and died November 11, 1953 in Letcher Co., KY. She married (1) Louis Ratliff April 08, 1886 in Letcher Co., KY. She married (2) Henry Blair June 10, 1910 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Hulda Bell Collins:
BIRTH: Father's pension record; Cem. Records give year of 1869.
DEATH: Cemetery Records.
MARRIAGE: #1, Vol. 7; #2 .

More About Hulda Bell Collins:
Fact 2: Letcher Collins, Isom, Letcher Co., KY

Notes for Henry Blair:
BIRTH: 1870 Census.
GS of Chas. and Sarah BLAIR.

Children of Hulda Collins and Henry Blair are:
      24      i.      Laura3 Blair.
      25      ii.      Georgia Blair.


  iv.   WILLIAM COLLINS9, b. September 17, 1868, Letcher County, KY.9; d. WFT Est. 1869-19589.
9. v.   MARGARET E. COLLINS, b. November 18, 1870, Letcher County, KY.; d. September 19, 1965.
10. vi.   SUSAN FRANCIS COLLINS, b. November 17, 1872, Letcher Co. Kentucky.
11. vii.   LETCHER B. COLLINS, b. November 30, 1874, Letcher Co. Kentucky; d. March 04, 1951, Letcher Co. Kentucky.
  viii.   NANNIE E. COLLINS, b. August 18, 1876, Letcher County, KY.9; d. March 24, 1915, Letcher County, KY.9.
  Notes for NANNIE E. COLLINS:
Nannie Collins, born August 18, 1877 in Letcher Co., KY; died March 24, 1915 in Letcher Co., KY.

Notes for Nannie Collins:
BIRTH: Cem. Records gives date of 8/16/1877.
DEATH: Same.

More About Nannie Collins:
Fact 2: Letcher Collins, Isom, Letcher Co., KY

12. ix.   FLORA COLLINS, b. September 17, 1878, Letcher County, KY.; d. WFT Est. 1902-1972.
13. x.   ELIZA COLLINS, b. June 12, 1882, Letcher Co. Kentucky; d. December 16, 1967, Letcher Co. Kentucky.
14. xi.   BURDINE COLLINS, b. June 12, 1882, Letcher Co. Kentucky; d. February 19, 1951, Letcher Co. Kentucky.
15. xii.   LUCRIETA COLLINS, b. February 17, 1885, Letcher County, KY.; d. June 02, 1967, Whitesburg KY.
16. xiii.   SALLIE COLLINS, b. June 22, 1887, Tillie, KY; d. September 19, 1937, Jenkins, Kentucky.

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