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The E. Earl Shisler , Jr Family Tree:
Index of Individuals


(?), Anne Marie (?) Gaud(d. date unknown)
(?), Barbe(d. 1675)
(?), Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
(?), Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
(?), Ethel
(?), Francoise(d. 1683)
(?), Hannah Shute(d. date unknown)
(?), Helen
(?), Jeanne(d. 23 Oct 1679)
(?), Laurie
(?), Maria Margretha(d. Bef. 29 Aug 1762)
(?), Maxine
(?), Miriam(d. Jan 1722)
(?), Sarah(b. Bet. 1754 - 1761, d. 09 Nov 1838)


Aitken, George(b. 06 Jan 1779, d. 12 Jul 1857)
Aitken, Susanna Marie(b. 07 Aug 1815, d. 18 Jan 1873)


Alcorn, John Louis


Aldridge, Sara Louise


Allen, Alice Gertrude(d. 26 Apr 1912)


Anganes, Alan Andrew


Anna(d. date unknown)
Anna(d. date unknown)


Aplin, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Arnold, Frederick J
Arnold, Frederick J
Arnold, Kathleen Louise(b. 22 Mar 1903, d. 28 Sep 1989)


Ashlin, Jane(d. date unknown)
Ashlin, William(d. date unknown)


Aspberry(d. date unknown)


Augusta(b. Abt. 1809, d. date unknown)


Bagster, Ada Eunice(b. 22 Mar 1849, d. 19 Feb 1919)
Bagster, Alfred(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Alice(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Alice Bonner(b. 19 Aug 1847, d. 03 Aug 1892)
Bagster, Ann(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Anne(b. 27 Nov 1795, d. 11 Jan 1855)
Bagster, Anne(b. 1839, d. 26 Jul 1909)
Bagster, Ashlin(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Augusta(b. 14 Aug 1807, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Augustus(b. 09 Dec 1805, d. 14 Aug 1807)
Bagster, Basil Birch(b. 1849, d. Dec 1895)
Bagster, Basil Birch(b. Dec 1881, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Benjamin(b. 23 Jun 1811, d. Mar 1891)
Bagster, Charles(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Charlotte(b. 12 Aug 1809, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Charlotte Henrietta Birch(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Cornelia Susanna(b. 12 Jan 1846, d. 22 Dec 1933)
Bagster, Cornelius Birch(b. 27 Jan 1815, d. 02 May 1893)
Bagster, Daughter A(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Daughter B(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Daughter C(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Daughter Five(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Daughter Four(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Daughter One(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Daughter Three(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Daughter Two(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Denton(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Ebenezer(b. 23 Jan 1817, d. 31 Jan 1817)
Bagster, Edith Lilian(b. 12 Jun 1874, d. 27 Jan 1965) Includes Pictures
Bagster, Edward Aitken(b. Sep 1844, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Eliza(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Ellen(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Eunice(b. 29 Apr 1804, d. 07 May 1878)
Bagster, Eunice(b. Sep 1888, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Eva Rosa(b. 30 Dec 1852, d. 04 Jan 1918)
Bagster, First Daughter(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Florence(b. Mar 1846, d. 1915)
Bagster, George(d. date unknown)
Bagster, George(d. date unknown)
Bagster, George(b. 1674, d. date unknown)
Bagster, George(b. 03 Oct 1708, d. 27 Oct 1795)
Bagster, George(b. 19 Jul 1739, d. 24 Dec 1819)
Bagster, George(b. 28 Jul 1770, d. 18 Mar 1841)
Bagster, George(b. 28 Nov 1797, d. 17 Mar 1798)
Bagster, George(b. 30 Jun 1799, d. 24 Aug 1866)
Bagster, Gerard George(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Grace(b. Abt. Sep 1854, d. Sep 1854)
Bagster, Greenwood(b. Sep 1884, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Hannah(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Henry Theodore(b. Dec 1842, d. 1900)
Bagster, James(d. date unknown)
Bagster, James(d. date unknown)
Bagster, James(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Jane(b. 1804, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Jessie(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Bagster, John(b. 27 Jun 1802, d. 1843)
Bagster, John(b. Abt. Dec 1855, d. Abt. Sep 1915)
Bagster, John Denton(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Jonathan(b. 28 Jan 1813, d. Sep 1872) Includes Pictures
Bagster, Joseph(b. 19 Aug 1801, d. 16 Apr 1853)
Bagster, Josiah Shirley(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Kate(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Margaret Maud(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Maria(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Martha(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Mary(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Mary(d. 11 Jul 1807)
Bagster, Mary(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Mary(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Mary(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Mary Ellen(b. 09 Sep 1844, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Mary Eunice(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Percy(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Richard(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Robert(b. Jun 1847, d. 20 Nov 1924) Includes Pictures
Bagster, Rosa(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Samuel(b. 26 Dec 1772, d. 28 Mar 1851) Includes Pictures
Bagster, Samuel(b. 18 May 1799, d. 21 Dec 1799)
Bagster, Samuel(b. 19 Oct 1800, d. 01 Jul 1835)
Bagster, Samuel(b. 1841, d. Jun 1879)
Bagster, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Second Daughter(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Son B(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Son C(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Son D(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Son E(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Sydney Samuel(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Theodore Keys(b. Sep 1880, d. date unknown)
Bagster, Third Daughter(d. date unknown)
Bagster, Unnamed(b. 26 Jun 1798, d. 26 Jun 1798)
Bagster, Walter Weldon(d. date unknown)
Bagster, William(d. date unknown)
Bagster, William(d. date unknown)
Bagster, William(d. date unknown)
Bagster, William(b. 15 Jul 1803, d. date unknown)


Bagster-Collins, Ashlyn(b. 11 Jul 1899, d. 12 Oct 1962)
Bagster-Collins, Cynthia Keith Includes Pictures
Bagster-Collins, Elijah William(b. 16 Apr 1873, d. 02 Sep 1954)
Bagster-Collins, Heather Marie
Bagster-Collins, Jennifer Elphinstone
Bagster-Collins, Jeremy Felix(b. 12 Nov 1906, d. May 1978)
Bagster-Collins, Jonathan Denzil
Bagster-Collins, Leah Audrey
Bagster-Collins, Marie Alvina
Bagster-Collins, Melissa Roseann
Bagster-Collins, Phyllis Anne Includes Pictures
Bagster-Collins, Richard Denzil
Bagster-Collins, Robert Denzil(b. 26 Mar 1901, d. 01 Oct 1969) Includes Pictures


Bailey, Alta Helen
Bailey, Augusta(d. date unknown)
Bailey, John(d. date unknown)
Bailey, Mary(b. 1774, d. 1847)
Bailey, Robert(d. date unknown)
Bailey, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Baker, Catharine(d. date unknown)
Baker, Mary Anne(d. date unknown)


Barbara?, Anna(d. date unknown)


Bassett, Carrie(d. date unknown)
Bassett, George(d. date unknown)
Bassett, Roger(d. Abt. 1627)
Bassett, Sarah(b. 1651, d. Apr 1707)
Bassett, William(b. Bef. 30 May 1624, d. 31 Mar 1703)


Baudin, Didiere(b. Abt. 1638, d. 09 May 1712)


Bayley, Frank Soupen(d. date unknown)
Bayley, Henry Ricketts(d. date unknown)
Bayley, John Alexander(d. date unknown)
Bayley, Mary Lyall(d. date unknown)
Bayley, Reginald(d. date unknown)
Bayley, Sarah Anne(d. date unknown)
Bayley, William Henry Ricketts(d. date unknown)


Beairsto, Hannah(b. 10 Oct 1777, d. 22 Nov 1858)


Becker, Elise(d. date unknown)


Beinecke, Edwin(d. date unknown)
Beinecke, Frederick(d. date unknown)
Beinecke, Unknown(d. date unknown)
Beinecke, Walter(d. date unknown)


Bellon, Jean(d. date unknown)
Bellon, Marie Anne(b. 12 Oct 1708, d. date unknown)


Berglund, Judith Marie


Bergman, Eileen


Berner, (?)


Betin, Jean(d. date unknown)
Betin, Jean(b. Abt. 1707, d. date unknown)
Betin, Marie Antoinette(d. date unknown)


Birch, Augustus(b. 28 Sep 1787, d. date unknown)
Birch, Charlotte(b. 27 Dec 1780, d. date unknown)
Birch, Charlotte Selina(b. 13 Oct 1785, d. date unknown)
Birch, Elizabeth(b. 1773, d. date unknown)
Birch, Eunice Denton(b. 22 Aug 1777, d. 22 Aug 1877)
Birch, John(b. 24 Feb 1738, d. date unknown)
Birch, John(b. 09 Nov 1779, d. date unknown)
Birch, Jonathan(b. 04 Jul 1783, d. date unknown)
Birch, Sarah(b. 1775, d. date unknown)


Bishop, Autherena(d. date unknown)


Bongiorno, Annunziata Ann(b. 30 May 1935, d. Nov 2003)


Boniface, Charles


Bonner, Alice(b. 1703, d. 03 Nov 1783)


Boone, Kate(b. 1858, d. 1930)


Borchers, Anna(b. 18 Apr 1742, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Anna(b. Mar 1749, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Arend(d. Jun 1736)
Borchers, Arend(b. 31 Jan 1734, d. 10 Dec 1779)
Borchers, Arend(b. 22 Jun 1775, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Arendt(b. 1745, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Arnold(b. 09 Jun 1847, d. date unknown)
Borchers, August Mariano(b. 03 May 1851, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Heinrich(b. 16 Nov 1772, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Helena Francisca(b. 10 Feb 1816, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Helene Ulrich(b. 07 Mar 1890, d. 29 Jun 1961)
Borchers, Henriette Arnoldine Luise(b. 08 Oct 1812, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Hinrich Arend(b. 07 Jun 1810, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Johann(b. Nov 1710, d. 10 Feb 1757)
Borchers, Johann(b. 1739, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Johann(b. 15 Jul 1770, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Johann August(b. 23 Oct 1808, d. 08 Mar 1891)
Borchers, Johann or Heinrich(d. date unknown)
Borchers, Johanna(b. Mar 1749, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Johanna Dorothea Margarete(b. 21 Apr 1807, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Johanna Henriette Helene(b. 29 Jan 1843, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Louis D(b. 13 Nov 1891, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Louis Dietrich Christoph (Austrian Consul)(b. 25 Jun 1856, d. 17 May 1930)
Borchers, Maria Albina(b. 16 Dec 1810, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Maria Albina(b. 08 Jul 1845, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Marie Alvina(b. 13 Jun 1885, d. 01 Aug 1953)
Borchers, Simon(b. 09 Jan 1780, d. 26 Mar 1819)
Borchers, Simon Heinrich Vincente(b. 18 Mar 1844, d. date unknown)
Borchers, Wubeta(b. 1736, d. date unknown)


Bourn, Burn or(d. date unknown)


Boyd, James(d. date unknown)
Boyd, James Stanley Newton(b. 18 May 1856, d. 12 Feb 1916)


Braham, Constance Theodora(b. 15 Jul 1877, d. date unknown)


Brett, Philip


Bristol, Harvey(d. date unknown)
Bristol, Leonard(d. date unknown)


Brooks, Agnes Francis
Brooks, Alfred(d. date unknown)


Brown, Lily M.


Bruce, Evelyn Mildred(b. 26 Sep 1900, d. 16 Mar 1972)


Brunton, Isabella(d. date unknown)


Buckler, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Buffum, Eva E(d. date unknown)


Burls, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Burt, Sarah(d. Aft. 1700)


Byers(d. date unknown)


Cadbury, Julia(d. date unknown)


Cahill, Joan


Caldwell, Ferebee Lenoir(b. 1871, d. date unknown)


Callery, Marcella(d. date unknown)


Carbonneau, Mary Ruth


Casares, Marie Alvina(b. 05 May 1814, d. 02 Jun 1869)
Casares, Vincente(b. 1789, d. 1869)


Cathrina?(d. date unknown)


Chapman, Anna(d. date unknown)
Chapman, Barbara(d. date unknown)
Chapman, Bessie(d. date unknown)
Chapman, Ellen(d. date unknown)
Chapman, J. (Reverend)(d. date unknown)
Chapman, Louisa(d. date unknown)
Chapman, Mary(d. date unknown)
Chapman, Rose(d. date unknown)
Chapman, Sophia(d. date unknown)


Chorley, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Chown, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)


Clark, Bruce Robert
Clark, Jennifer Lynn
Clark, Rebecca(b. 06 Mar 1782, d. date unknown)
Clark, Robert Lee
Clark, Scott Montgomery


Cochrane, Carol Elise
Cochrane, Carol Susan
Cochrane, Daniel Bruce
Cochrane, David Frederick
Cochrane, Gordan Schaefer
Cochrane, Jack Stuart(d. date unknown)
Cochrane, Jack Stuart
Cochrane, Jack Stuart
Cochrane, John Stuart
Cochrane, Kathleen Marie
Cochrane, Linda Joy
Cochrane, Norma Suzanne
Cochrane, Norman Telford
Cochrane, Patricia Eileen
Cochrane, Richard Norman


Cole, Carolyn Ethel


Collins, Alice Selina(b. 24 Jun 1877, d. date unknown)
Collins, Benjamin Fletcher(b. 24 Feb 1886, d. date unknown)
Collins, Charles Everett(b. 22 Sep 1869, d. 1942)
Collins, Eleanor Hibbert(d. date unknown)
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Elizabeth Selina(b. 19 Sep 1888, d. date unknown)
Collins, Esther(d. date unknown)
Collins, Esther Carter(d. date unknown)
Collins, Florence(d. date unknown)
Collins, Frances Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Collins, Helen(d. date unknown)
Collins, Henry(b. 09 Mar 1847, d. 1907) Includes Pictures
Collins, Henry(b. 1902, d. date unknown)
Collins, Henry Nelson
Collins, Henry Wright(b. 13 Jul 1884, d. date unknown)
Collins, James(b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown)
Collins, Joseph Wright(b. Abt. 1829, d. date unknown)
Collins, Joseph Wright(b. 24 Mar 1856, d. 1919)
Collins, Joyce Elaine
Collins, Louisa(d. date unknown)
Collins, Marguerite Constance(d. date unknown)
Collins, Marion(d. date unknown)
Collins, Pamela Jean
Collins, Roberta
Collins, Sarah(b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown)
Collins, Sarah Ann(d. date unknown)
Collins, Wayne Nelson
Collins, William(b. Abt. 1801, d. date unknown)
Collins, William Wright(b. 19 Oct 1824, d. 14 Feb 1895)
Collins, William Wright(b. 26 May 1880, d. 1953)
Collins, Winthrop


Coombs, John(b. 11 Jun 1774, d. date unknown)
Coombs, Rebecca(b. 07 Mar 1811, d. 1880)


Coward, Alan


Cozens(d. date unknown)


Crawshaw, Anne Eyon(b. Nov 1909, d. Oct 1910)
Crawshaw, Aubrey Aitken(b. 11 Jul 1878, d. 16 Mar 1964)
Crawshaw, Aubrey Ridgway(b. 13 Aug 1904, d. 15 Feb 1979)
Crawshaw, Barbara Ridgway(b. 21 Jun 1903, d. 08 Aug 1975)
Crawshaw, Bertram Philip(b. 02 Jan 1882, d. 21 Oct 1972)
Crawshaw, Catharine Esther
Crawshaw, Cicely Eunice(b. 24 Jul 1883, d. 27 Sep 1974)
Crawshaw, Donald Arthur Lee(b. 06 Jul 1900, d. 23 Jun 1964)
Crawshaw, Ernest John(b. 14 Nov 1874, d. 1961)
Crawshaw, Eunice Gwendolyn Vera(b. 06 Jan 1902, d. 09 Oct 1957)
Crawshaw, Eustace Birch(b. 30 Dec 1876, d. 29 Nov 1934)
Crawshaw, George Eversard Aitken
Crawshaw, Henry Michael Aitken
Crawshaw, Irene Muiriel(b. 04 Aug 1911, d. 28 Jan 1987)
Crawshaw, Joan Mary Eunice
Crawshaw, John Brian(b. 14 Apr 1907, d. date unknown)
Crawshaw, Kathleen Horsey(b. 07 Nov 1899, d. date unknown)
Crawshaw, Kathleen Mary(b. 07 Oct 1888, d. 21 Aug 1891)
Crawshaw, Kenneth Ridgway(b. 29 Apr 1907, d. 28 Jun 1987)
Crawshaw, Leonard Simon(b. 14 Jul 1871, d. 17 Mar 1962)
Crawshaw, Malcolm Nicholas Bagster(b. 15 May 1905, d. 18 Feb 1992)
Crawshaw, Muriel Ada(b. 11 Apr 1885, d. 31 Jan 1970)
Crawshaw, Nancy Braham(b. 11 Jul 1907, d. 15 Jul 1907)
Crawshaw, Norman Scott(b. 24 Mar 1880, d. 26 Jul 1960)
Crawshaw, Patrick Baillie Aitken
Crawshaw, Raymond Edward(b. 17 Jan 1875, d. 17 Nov 1944)
Crawshaw, Richard Gabriel(b. 27 Feb 1920, d. 07 Aug 1944)
Crawshaw, Sheila Catherine(b. 23 Feb 1909, d. 10 Dec 1993)
Crawshaw, Simon(b. 12 Sep 1830, d. 19 Feb 1919)
Crawshaw, Wilfred Bagster(b. 02 Dec 1872, d. 30 Mar 1960)


Crewdson, Francis William(d. date unknown)


Crist, Gayle


Cromback, John(b. 09 Jan 1780, d. 03 Oct 1834)


Crossman, George(b. 17 Jul 1795, d. date unknown)
Crossman, James(d. date unknown)
Crossman, James(d. date unknown)
Crossman, John(d. date unknown)
Crossman, Mary Bagster(d. date unknown)


Crowder, Unk(d. date unknown)


Crowley, Jean


Crowther, Alderman (Lord Mayor)(d. date unknown)


Crumback, Cathrane(b. 28 May 1803, d. 07 Jun 1882)


Dalliber, Joanne(b. 1600, d. 31 Mar 1675)
Dalliber, John(b. Abt. 1535, d. 23 Apr 1590)
Dalliber, Robert(b. 1565, d. 13 Apr 1633)


Davidson, Jennifer
Davidson, William E A(b. 01 Mar 1940, d. 06 Jun 1975)
Davidson, William English Allen


Davies, Gertrude Louise(b. 11 Feb 1880, d. Oct 1939)
Davies, Margaret Whitridge(d. date unknown)


Davis, Fannie(d. date unknown)

de Laittre

de Laittre, Antoine(b. Abt. 1669, d. 14 Nov 1741)
de Laittre, Charles(b. 15 Dec 1744, d. date unknown)
de Laittre, Jean(b. 07 Aug 1703, d. date unknown)

De Laittre

De Laittre, Maria Louisa(b. 31 Dec 1769, d. 16 Jun 1825)

De Schweinitz

De Schweinitz, Agnes(d. date unknown)

de Sennac

de Sennac, Jeanne(d. date unknown)


DeBoest, Mildred(d. date unknown)


Delbert, Jack Ray


Denton, John(d. date unknown)
Denton, John(d. date unknown)
Denton, Mary(b. 06 May 1738, d. 07 Nov 1823)
Denton, Rebecca(d. date unknown)
Denton, Samuel(d. date unknown)
Denton, Samuel(d. date unknown)
Denton, Samuel(d. date unknown)


DiLibero, Lou


Drum, Commodore D.(b. 1872, d. date unknown)
Drum, Dewey(b. 1899, d. date unknown)
Drum, Earl(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Drum, Jessie(b. 1897, d. date unknown)
Drum, Mary Ellen(b. 22 Feb 1902, d. 24 Apr 2001)
Drum, Norman(b. 1895, d. date unknown)
Drum, Onie(b. 1900, d. date unknown)
Drum, Walter(b. 1906, d. date unknown)


Duncalf, Hannah(b. Abt. 1815, d. date unknown)


Duval, Marie(d. date unknown)


Dyson, Emma Maria(d. date unknown)


East, Margaret(d. date unknown)


Edders, Elisabeth


Edson, Mildred(d. 03 Sep 1950)


Edwardes, Elinor(d. date unknown)


Edwards, Ann(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Anna(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Anna Maria(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Benedict(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Benedict(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Caroline(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Dorcas(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Ebenezer(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Edwin(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Eliza(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Eliza(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Eunice(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Fanny(d. date unknown)
Edwards, G.(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Henry(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Isabella(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Isabella(d. date unknown)
Edwards, James(d. date unknown)
Edwards, James(d. date unknown)
Edwards, James(d. date unknown)
Edwards, James(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Jemima(d. date unknown)
Edwards, John(d. date unknown)
Edwards, John(d. date unknown)
Edwards, John Bailey(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Kate Lydia(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Martha(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Mary(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Mary(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Mary(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Mary(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Mary Anne(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Samuel(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Sophia(d. date unknown)
Edwards, William(d. date unknown)
Edwards, William(d. date unknown)
Edwards, William(d. date unknown)
Edwards, William(d. date unknown)
Edwards, Willmott(d. date unknown)


Egan, Patrick Joseph


Eggers, Betke(d. date unknown)
Eggers, Elizabeth
Eggers, Emily Heron
Eggers, Mary Victoria
Eggers, Peter(d. date unknown)
Eggers, William Kevin


Eisenhower, David




Else, Bessie V(b. 1894, d. date unknown)
Else, John(b. Jul 1873, d. date unknown)
Else, Stephen(b. 25 Apr 1898, d. 26 Nov 1963) Includes Pictures
Else, William(b. 1897, d. date unknown)


Elwell, Abraham(b. 1720, d. 26 Dec 1815)
Elwell, Abraham(b. 15 Aug 1760, d. 28 Feb 1848)
Elwell, Abraham(b. 01 Aug 1809, d. 10 Aug 1849)
Elwell, Richard(b. 1589, d. Aft. 1621)
Elwell, Robert(b. 1616, d. 18 May 1683)
Elwell, Samuel(b. 1688, d. Bef. 01 May 1740)
Elwell, Sarah(b. 12 Sep 1841, d. 28 Dec 1907)
Elwell, Thomas(b. 21 Nov 1654, d. Bet. 25 Apr 1706 - 20 Apr 1707)


Elwill, Richard(d. date unknown)


Emma(d. date unknown)


Engesser, Caroline(d. date unknown)


Esther(b. Abt. 1801, d. date unknown)


Eucker, Conrad(b. 1720, d. date unknown)
Eucker, Georg Andreas(b. 27 May 1802, d. 15 Mar 1884)
Eucker, Johann Niclas(b. 1690, d. date unknown)
Eucker, Sophie Catharine(b. 21 Dec 1727, d. 09 Sep 1808)
Eucker, Stephan(b. 1650, d. date unknown)


Euker, Alfred(b. 16 Apr 1878, d. date unknown)
Euker, Anna(b. 01 Sep 1869, d. date unknown)
Euker, Anna Dorothea(b. 24 Jan 1726, d. date unknown)
Euker, Anna Maria(b. 1777, d. date unknown)
Euker, August(b. 17 Jul 1847, d. date unknown)
Euker, Auguste(b. 1861, d. 05 Nov 1898)
Euker, Bismarck(b. Jun 1870, d. date unknown)
Euker, Carl(b. 25 Jun 1840, d. date unknown)
Euker, Catherina Elisabeth(b. 23 Aug 1810, d. 1847)
Euker, Catherina Margaretha(b. 25 Apr 1766, d. 02 May 1868)
Euker, Charles(b. 14 Jan 1864, d. date unknown)
Euker, Charles(b. 1874, d. date unknown)
Euker, Eduard(b. 05 Mar 1835, d. 22 Nov 1876)
Euker, Eduard(b. 06 Oct 1862, d. date unknown)
Euker, Eleanora(b. 1874, d. date unknown)
Euker, Elisabeth Catherina(b. 07 Sep 1724, d. date unknown)
Euker, Emilie Louise(b. 05 Oct 1864, d. 07 May 1934)
Euker, Emma(b. 26 Feb 1865, d. date unknown)
Euker, Emmanuel(b. 19 Nov 1763, d. date unknown)
Euker, Georg(b. 29 Aug 1847, d. date unknown)
Euker, Georg Andreas
Euker, George(b. 09 May 1876, d. date unknown)
Euker, Gertrude(b. 16 Nov 1831, d. 1863)
Euker, Hartmann(b. 1650, d. 11 Jan 1713)
Euker, Heinrich(b. 25 Aug 1804, d. 24 Jan 1875)
Euker, Helene(b. 10 Oct 1862, d. date unknown)
Euker, Johann Nicholaus(b. 16 Jun 1687, d. date unknown)
Euker, Johann Philipp(b. 28 May 1769, d. 17 Nov 1771)
Euker, Johannes(b. 12 Sep 1771, d. 24 Oct 1849)
Euker, Johannes Conrad(b. 1732, d. date unknown)
Euker, Louis(b. 08 May 1868, d. date unknown)
Euker, Louis E(b. 01 Sep 1833, d. date unknown)
Euker, Louise(b. 13 Sep 1849, d. date unknown)
Euker, Ludwig(b. 14 Dec 1800, d. 25 Sep 1863)
Euker, Ludwig Christoph(b. 15 Mar 1765, d. date unknown)
Euker, Luise(b. 24 Aug 1859, d. date unknown)
Euker, Margaretha Rebecca(b. 08 Apr 1808, d. 30 Dec 1865)
Euker, Marie Euker(b. 26 Aug 1842, d. date unknown)
Euker, Minna(b. 15 Feb 1869, d. date unknown)
Euker, Reinhard(b. 11 Jan 1844, d. date unknown)
Euker, Robert(b. 11 Aug 1867, d. date unknown)
Euker, Sophis Katherina(b. 05 May 1779, d. date unknown)
Euker, Susanna Philippina(b. 25 Sep 1806, d. 20 Feb 1807)
Euker, Wilhelm(b. 01 Jan 1838, d. 22 Jun 1902)
Euker, Wilhelm(b. 14 Sep 1865, d. date unknown)


Feldha(u)sen, Johann(d. date unknown)
Feldha(u)sen, Rahel Johanna(d. 1862)


Fenaughty, Christopher D
Fenaughty, Eileen Lynn
Fenaughty, Kelly Ann
Fenaughty, Kevin Michael
Fenaughty, Michael Joseph(b. 26 Jul 1924, d. 07 Apr 1996)
Fenaughty, Patrick Sean


Ficke, Gesche Margarete(b. 13 Mar 1738, d. 15 Mar 1806)
Ficke, Heinrich(d. date unknown)


Fields, Bertha N(b. 20 Oct 1896, d. 19 Jun 1993)


Fisher(d. date unknown)


Flutey, Loretta Gail


Fodor, Ray Landon(b. 1951, d. 1999)


Foster, Augustus W.(d. date unknown)


Frerichs, Anna(d. 10 May 1770)
Frerichs, Arend(d. date unknown)


Fylgers, Lilian C(d. date unknown)


G, Mary(b. Jun 1876, d. date unknown)


Gallagher, Joseph McMahon
Gallagher, Katherine McGuire
Gallagher, Sheila Elise
Gallagher, Terence Joseph


Gesche, Joanna(d. date unknown)


Gessenmer, Bert


Green, Huck
Green, Keir


Gregory, Priscilla(d. date unknown)


Grey, Harriet Kettow(d. date unknown)


Griffiths, Jane(d. date unknown)


Grove, James(d. date unknown)
Grove, James(d. date unknown)
Grove, James(b. 1765, d. 1855)
Grove, Mary(d. date unknown)
Grove, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Guindon, Frances Ruth


Gunn, Edith Mary(b. Abt. 1893, d. date unknown)
Gunn, Ernest Henry Mayo(b. Sep 1855, d. date unknown)
Gunn, Henry Mayo(b. 1817, d. date unknown)
Gunn, Henry Mayo(b. Abt. Sep 1882, d. date unknown)
Gunn, Henry Wills(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Gunn, Isabella(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Gunn, Rebecca(b. 1819, d. date unknown)
Gunn, Robert Ivar(b. Jun 1891, d. date unknown)
Gunn, William Inghram(b. Abt. 1885, d. Abt. 1946)


Hacker, Sidney Chris


Hall, Charles(d. date unknown)
Hall, Charles(d. date unknown)
Hall, Denton(d. date unknown)
Hall, Edward(d. date unknown)
Hall, Hannah Bagster(d. date unknown)
Hall, Jane(d. date unknown)
Hall, Jeanne(d. date unknown)
Hall, John(d. date unknown)
Hall, John(d. date unknown)
Hall, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Hall, Thomas Frederick(d. date unknown)


Hamilton, Frank C(d. date unknown)
Hamilton, Nancy Joann Allsays
Hamilton, Peter James Sidney


Hannah(b. 1832, d. date unknown)


Hansom, Lee


Harcourt, Alan Leyland(b. 31 Mar 1898, d. 30 Mar 1948)
Harcourt, Cornelius Cornell(b. 10 Nov 1873, d. date unknown)
Harcourt, Elizabeth Keith
Harcourt, Virginia Elaine


Hardy, Samuel(d. date unknown)


Harrelson, Jennifer Jo


Harriet(b. Abt. 1791, d. date unknown)


Harris, Reginald(b. 12 Jan 1898, d. 12 Oct 1969)


Hart, Katherine(b. 1867, d. 1952)


Hartranfft, Cathrane(b. 11 Oct 1781, d. 01 Oct 1834)


Hauschild, Ernst Bartolmeus
Hauschild, Helga
Hauschild, Stefan
Hauschild, Tony


Hawksley, Mary Edith(b. Feb 1916, d. 20 Jan 1970)


Hayes, Wendy Lee


Heacox, Stephanie Ann


Henriot, Alexis(b. Abt. 1655, d. 12 Apr 1724)
Henriot, Claude(b. Bef. 1655, d. date unknown)


Henry, Barbe(b. 05 Apr 1734, d. date unknown)
Henry, Florentin(d. date unknown)
Henry, Jean Simon(b. 28 Oct 1700, d. 24 Aug 1779)
Henry, Simon(d. 06 Apr 1744)


Heron, Marcella
Heron, Walter S(d. date unknown)


Herou, Jeanne(d. date unknown)


Hibbert, Charles(b. Abt. 1791, d. date unknown)
Hibbert, Charles(b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown)
Hibbert, George(b. Abt. 1826, d. date unknown)
Hibbert, Hannah(b. Abt. 1831, d. date unknown)
Hibbert, Louisa(b. Abt. 1826, d. date unknown)
Hibbert, Martha(b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown)
Hibbert, Selina(b. 24 Nov 1824, d. 04 Oct 1878)


Highes, Alfred(d. date unknown)


Hirsch, Elizabeth Sydney(b. 26 Oct 1888, d. 16 Sep 1957)


Hodges, (?)(d. date unknown)


Hodson(d. date unknown)
Hodson, James(d. date unknown)


Hoerl, Clinton


Hoffner, Susanna(b. 1777, d. 17 Jun 1859)


Holden, Madeleine


Holland, Ann(b. 1602, d. Bef. 26 Apr 1673)


Hollingworth, Ann(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)
Hollingworth, Elijah(d. date unknown)
Hollingworth, Elizabeth(b. 1847, d. 1932)
Hollingworth, Joseph(b. Abt. 1839, d. date unknown)


Hollinsworth, Bernard Hall(b. 07 Jul 1879, d. date unknown)
Hollinsworth, Eric Victor(b. 17 May 1881, d. date unknown)
Hollinsworth, Victor Michael(d. date unknown)


Holloway, Alfred(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Holloway, Alfred William(d. date unknown)
Holloway, Arabella Victoria(d. date unknown)
Holloway, Augusta Bagster(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Holloway, Ernest(d. date unknown)
Holloway, Eunice Birch(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Holloway, Louisa Annetta(b. 1841, d. date unknown)


Hood, Alan Martin(b. 25 Feb 1910, d. 1980)
Hood, Frederick Martin(b. 01 May 1875, d. 28 Feb 1957)
Hood, Margaret Eunice
Hood, Philip Melford(b. 30 Dec 1906, d. 25 Feb 1952)


Horn, Albert(b. Abt. 1842, d. date unknown)
Horn, Augusta(b. Abt. 1837, d. date unknown)
Horn, Baltasar(b. Abt. 1809, d. Bet. 1870 - 1880)
Horn, Emilie Louise(b. Abt. 1839, d. date unknown)
Horn, Lina(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)
Horn, Louis(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)
Horn, Louisa(b. Abt. 1848, d. date unknown)


Hovey, Beatrice(b. 27 Jun 1868, d. 30 Aug 1946)


Hunt, Atlee(d. date unknown)
Hunt, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Instone, Jane(d. date unknown)


J, Marjorie


Jarob, Anne(d. 1691)


Jeannot, Aubine(d. date unknown)


Jefferey, Jane(b. Abt. 1822, d. Abt. Mar 1868)


Johnson, Edmund Gray
Johnson, James H


Johnston, Karen


Jolly, Hugh Reginald(b. 05 May 1918, d. 04 Mar 1986)
Jolly, John David Michael(b. 03 Aug 1914, d. 21 Apr 1979)
Jolly, Reginald Bradley(b. 01 Oct 1885, d. 09 Oct 1972)
Jolly, Stephen Bagster


Jones, Edward(d. date unknown)
Jones, Farqular(d. date unknown)
Jones, Margaret(d. date unknown)


Jordan, Harry(d. date unknown)
Jordan, Miriam


Josephine, Agnes(d. date unknown)


Julia(d. date unknown)


Keys, Mary(d. date unknown)


Ki(e)lhauer, (Phillip) Martin(b. Bet. 1746 - 1747, d. 01 Mar 1813)


Kielhauer, Elizabeth(b. 28 Jun 1784, d. 21 Mar 1864)


Kind, Bruce Frederick
Kind, Evan Scott
Kind, Max Justin
Kind, Patricia Arnold


King, George Philip(d. date unknown)
King, James Bagster(d. date unknown)
King, Jane(d. date unknown)
King, John(d. date unknown)
King, Malvina(d. date unknown)
King, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)
King, Richard Robert(d. date unknown)
King, William(d. date unknown)
King, William(d. date unknown)


Klein, Anna Catherina(b. 04 Jun 1811, d. 11 Apr 1882)


Koster, Hanna(d. date unknown)


Kracke, Auguste(d. date unknown)
Kracke, Lina(d. date unknown)


Kunkel, Beverly Waugh(b. 27 Oct 1881, d. 1969)
Kunkel, Caroline(d. date unknown)
Kunkel, Charles Augustus(b. 10 Jun 1847, d. date unknown)
Kunkel, Mary Treat


Law, John William(d. date unknown)
Law, Martin R


Leake, Charles Edward(b. 1921, d. 1980)
Leake, Elnora
Leake, Harold Victor(b. 1916, d. 1945)
Leake, Jean Vautier
Leake, Kent
Leake, Laurel Lockwood
Leake, Margaret Mae(b. 1920, d. 1920)
Leake, Richard Bruce
Leake, Ruth Grey(b. 1923, d. 2002)
Leake, Sarah(b. 1924, d. 1924)
Leake, William Douglas
Leake, William Henry(b. 1894, d. 1948)


Lee, Ethel(d. date unknown)
Lee, Mabel Kate(d. date unknown)


Leusler, Maria Magdelena(d. date unknown)
Leusler, Raban Christoph(d. date unknown)


Lezenby, Alfred John
Lezenby, Christopher Andrew
Lezenby, Constance Anne
Lezenby, Emilie Hermine
Lezenby, George Crease(d. date unknown)
Lezenby, George Francis
Lezenby, John Wallace(d. date unknown)
Lezenby, John Wallace
Lezenby, Kathryn Joyce
Lezenby, Noah Bartholomew
Lezenby, Richard George


Liberi, Victor


Lindell(d. date unknown)


Lyall, Ada Grant(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Alice Edith(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Augusta(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Charles Fryer(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Charles William Bayley(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Charlotte Bayley(d. date unknown)
Lyall, David(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Emily Edith(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Florence Agnes(d. date unknown)
Lyall, James Bagster(d. date unknown)
Lyall, John(d. date unknown)
Lyall, John(d. date unknown)
Lyall, John James(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Mary(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Mary(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Mary Annie(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Rosa Charlotte(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Rosetta(d. date unknown)
Lyall, Rosetta Osborne(d. date unknown)
Lyall, William Godden(d. date unknown)


Lynch, Mary(d. date unknown)


Macguire, Constantine J(d. date unknown)


MacNeille, Raymond(d. date unknown)


Mahany, Ellen(b. 03 Jan 1882, d. 06 Jul 1960)


Manfell, Joan(b. 1581, d. Aft. 1620)
Manfell, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Manfell, William(b. 1540, d. Bet. 1574 - 1575)


Marcker, Georg(e)(b. 10 Dec 1722, d. 12 May 1823)


Margaret(d. date unknown)


Marion, M.(d. date unknown)


Marker, Johann Andreas(b. 28 Apr 1781, d. Mar 1810)
Marker, Margaret(b. Bet. 1807 - 1808, d. 14 Apr 1871)


Martin, Anne(d. date unknown)
Martin, Grayce(d. date unknown)
Martin, Jean(d. date unknown)
Martin, Mary Elizabeth(b. 1895, d. 1951)




Maskell, Thomas(d. date unknown)


McGuire, Marie Eleanor(b. 1880, d. 20 Sep 1962)


McMahon, Joseph J(d. date unknown)
McMahon, Marie(b. 20 Nov 1909, d. 04 Jul 1964)


Mengel, Janice Lee


Messmer, Heather
Messmer, Richard
Messmer, Walter John(b. 1903, d. 1975)


Metzger, Anna(d. date unknown)


Miles, Kate Sawyer(d. date unknown)


Mink, Mary Ann(b. 1797, d. 13 Oct 1836)
Mink, Phillip(d. date unknown)


Mittendorf, Alfred Derby(b. 08 Jan 1880, d. 16 Nov 1965)
Mittendorf, Alfred Derby
Mittendorf, Ann Ellen
Mittendorf, Ann Marie
Mittendorf, Constantine Joseph(b. 08 Aug 1915, d. 19 May 1961)
Mittendorf, Constantine Joseph
Mittendorf, David Mahany(b. 09 Oct 1918, d. 19 Oct 1995)
Mittendorf, David Mahany
Mittendorf, Dorothy Emma(b. 16 Dec 1909, d. 05 Jun 1964)
Mittendorf, Ellen Marie
Mittendorf, Emilie Borchers(b. 10 Jul 1909, d. 11 Feb 1980) Includes Pictures
Mittendorf, George Samuel(b. 20 Oct 1878, d. 10 Nov 1958)
Mittendorf, George Samuel
Mittendorf, George Samuel
Mittendorf, Helen Marie(d. Apr 1911)
Mittendorf, James Theron Purdy
Mittendorf, Marcella Callery
Mittendorf, Matilde Eleanor(b. 03 Jul 1912, d. 04 Jan 2004)
Mittendorf, Natalie Elise
Mittendorf, Virginia Marie Alvina(b. 28 Feb 1907, d. 10 Sep 1988)
Mittendorf, William Elphinstone Keith (Dr)(b. 20 May 1877, d. 07 Dec 1957)
Mittendorf, William Frederick (Dr.)(b. 14 Oct 1845, d. 14 Feb 1919)
Mittendorf, William Frederick(b. 03 Mar 1910, d. 30 Dec 1994)
Mittendorf, William Frederick


Mrgadich, Myra Janina


Myers, Amanda(b. 1874, d. date unknown)
Myers, Annie(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Myers, Boy(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Myers, Carrie(b. Jun 1880, d. date unknown)
Myers, Carrie Elizabeth(b. 08 Aug 1905, d. 13 Oct 2004) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Myers, Catherine(d. date unknown)
Myers, Catherine
Myers, Charles(d. date unknown)
Myers, George S(tinger)?(b. 27 Jan 1876, d. 21 Jul 1941) Includes Pictures
Myers, Henry(b. 11 Aug 1839, d. 1903)
Myers, Isaac(b. 1815, d. date unknown)
Myers, Isaac(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Myers, Isaac(b. Jul 1878, d. date unknown)
Myers, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Myers, Laura(d. date unknown)
Myers, Mabel Ellen?(b. 17 Aug 1900, d. 25 Apr 1989) Includes Pictures
Myers, Maria Rydie(b. Sep 1870, d. Jan 1973)
Myers, Mary(b. 09 Jan 1799, d. 09 Jan 1832)
Myers, Mary(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Myers, Mary(b. 1866, d. date unknown)
Myers, May(d. 1939)
Myers, Sallie(b. 1872, d. date unknown)
Myers, Sara(d. date unknown)
Myers, Sarah(b. 1848, d. date unknown)


Nau, Marie Elisabeth(b. 19 Mar 1773, d. 16 Dec 1852)


Neeley, Edward(d. date unknown)
Neeley, Henry(d. date unknown)
Neeley, James(d. date unknown)
Neeley, Jane Maria(d. date unknown)
Neeley, John(d. date unknown)
Neeley, Malvina(d. date unknown)
Neeley, Septimus(d. date unknown)
Neeley, William(d. date unknown)
Neeley, William(d. date unknown)


Neueu, Marie(d. date unknown)


Newton, Emma(d. date unknown)
Newton, Henry(d. date unknown)


Nicol, Marie(d. date unknown)


Nobles, Guillaume(d. date unknown)
Nobles, Marie Jean(b. Abt. 1703, d. date unknown)


Noel, Claude(d. Aft. 04 Jul 1758)
Noel, Florentin(d. Abt. 1698)
Noel, Jean(d. Aft. 07 Sep 1710)
Noel, Nicole(d. 23 Jan 1746)
Noel, Sebastion(d. 1674)


Noll, Christine Louise
Noll, Elizabeth Ann
Noll, Joseph


O'Connell, Kevin David


Oldham, Amelia(b. 1825, d. date unknown)
Oldham, Charles Edward(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Oldham, Dorothy Maud Jessie(b. 10 Dec 1913, d. 14 Dec 1913)
Oldham, Theodora Muriel
Oldham, Theodore Murley(b. 23 Nov 1885, d. date unknown)
Oldham, Thomas(b. 1830, d. date unknown)


Orth, Barbara Jean
Orth, Charles Alan
Orth, Charles Raymond(d. date unknown)
Orth, David Alan
Orth, Lois Amelia
Orth, Sharon Alane


Ortler, Raymond Felix
Ortler, Susan Jean


Parnell, G.(d. date unknown)


Pedley(d. date unknown)
Pedley, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Penniman, Anna Marie A
Penniman, Jacob R L
Penniman, Katharine A B
Penniman, Scott Robert


Pescheur, Barbe(d. Aft. 14 Jan 1726)
Pescheur, Etienne(d. date unknown)


Petitjean, Anne(b. Abt. 1637, d. 07 Jan 1702)
Petitjean, Maurice(d. 1683)


Phillips, George Bagster(d. 1897)
Phillips, Henry(d. date unknown)
Phillips, Henry(d. date unknown)
Phillips, Henry
Phillips, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)
Phillips, Mary Ann
Phillips, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Phillips, Sarah
Phillips, Sumner(d. date unknown)
Phillips, Sumner
Phillips, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Pollitt, Frances(d. date unknown)


Powell, William Allen, Jr.


Powers, James Bradford Includes Pictures
Powers, Jeremy Bradford
Powers, Nicholas James Bagster
Powers, Stephanie Elizabeth Keith


Prosser, Emma(d. date unknown)
Prosser, John(d. date unknown)
Prosser, John(d. date unknown)
Prosser, Martha(d. date unknown)
Prosser, Mary(d. date unknown)
Prosser, Thomas Chevalier(d. date unknown)


Pugsley, Marilyn Ruth


Pulheims, Gertrudis(d. date unknown)


Purdy, Rita Dorothea


Putais, Madeleine(d. date unknown)


Radford, Ciceley Kate(b. 16 Nov 1878, d. 16 Apr 1947)


Rafferty, Steve


Rasmussen, Betty Jane
Rasmussen, Nancy R.
Rasmussen, Norma Mae
Rasmussen, Raymond(d. 1971)


Rawes, James(d. date unknown)


Regnauld, Nicole(d. date unknown)


Reid, C. Cornell(d. date unknown)


Reynolds, Unnamed


Riches, Esther(d. date unknown)


Richter, Sophia Katherina(b. 19 Jan 1693, d. date unknown)


Ridgway, Hilda May(d. date unknown)
Ridgway, Lorna Joyce Kirk(b. 21 Dec 1905, d. 23 May 1989)


Rio, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Roberts, (?)(d. date unknown)
Roberts, Mary(d. date unknown)
Roberts, Nellie Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Robertson, Jessie(d. date unknown)


Robinson, John(b. 09 Dec 1806, d. 29 Jun 1829)
Robinson, Mary(b. 11 Aug 1828, d. 17 Apr 1895)


Roder, Anna Elisabeth(b. 29 Jan 1728, d. date unknown)


Rojo, Gervacia(b. 1795, d. 1869)


Romano, Joan Ann


Roth, April B
Roth, Beulah


Rowles, Howard William(d. date unknown)
Rowles, Joan Eleanor


Russell(d. date unknown)


Sabins, Margaret
Sabins, Monroe T.(b. 1913, d. 1971)


Salmon, Albert Richard
Salmon, Anne Lenore


Sankey, Martha(d. date unknown)


Sarah(b. 1853, d. date unknown)


Saunders, Simon(d. date unknown)


Sawyer, Harriet Mary Caroline(d. date unknown)
Sawyer, Laura Annette(d. date unknown)
Sawyer, Sophia Jane Augusta(d. date unknown)
Sawyer, Sophie J A(d. date unknown)
Sawyer, William Edward(d. date unknown)


Schaefer, Ella Sylvania(b. 1900, d. 1993)
Schaefer, Eunice Caroline(b. 1905, d. date unknown)
Schaefer, Frances Collins
Schaefer, Francis Albert(b. 1898, d. 1983)
Schaefer, Louann
Schaefer, Mary Elizabeth(b. 1903, d. date unknown)
Schaefer, Milo Lord(b. 1867, d. 1949)
Schaefer, Milo Lord(b. 1910, d. 1981)
Schaefer, Milo Lord
Schaefer, Milo Lord
Schaefer, Stanley David(b. 1934, d. 1942)
Schaefer, William Albert(b. 1922, d. 1933)


Scheussler, Christina(b. 1781, d. 1793)
Scheussler, Elisabeth(b. 1776, d. date unknown)
Scheussler, Georg(b. 1778, d. date unknown)
Scheussler, George(b. 1714, d. date unknown)
Scheussler, Heinrich(b. 1680, d. date unknown)
Scheussler, Heinrich(b. 1716, d. date unknown)
Scheussler, Henry(b. 1737, d. 1781)
Scheussler, Jacob(b. 20 Jun 1773, d. 02 Jun 1798)
Scheussler, Johann George(b. 1743, d. date unknown)
Scheussler, Johann Gottfried(b. 16 Nov 1744, d. Dec 1784)
Scheussler, Johann Jacob(b. 1710, d. date unknown)
Scheussler, Maria Magretha(b. 1767, d. date unknown)


Schroder, Wilma S.(d. 2000)


Schroeder, Gustave


Schweitzer, Dorothy Joyce


Seabrook, Arthur(d. date unknown)
Seabrook, Eunice Mary Louisa(d. date unknown)
Seabrook, Paul Augusta(d. date unknown)
Seabrook, Perry Bagster(d. date unknown)
Seabrook, Road(d. date unknown)


Seaver, Paul W., Jr.




Shaw, Angus(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Brodie(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Edith Kate(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Eleanor S
Shaw, Elsie Helen(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Ethel Anne(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Grace Emily(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Janet Farquhar(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Jessie Winifred(d. date unknown)
Shaw, John(d. date unknown)
Shaw, John Kenneth(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Mabel Florence(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Malcolm(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Samuel Parkman(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Walter Douglas(d. 1918)


Shipley, Karen


Shirley, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Shisler, Alexander
Shisler, Alice(b. 1859, d. 1949)
Shisler, Augustus(b. 1880, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Catherine(b. 1850, d. 1850)
Shisler, Charles Christian
Shisler, Charles Raymond(b. 15 Oct 1906, d. 08 Oct 1988)
Shisler, Charles Raymond(b. 1955, d. 1955)
Shisler, Charles Raymond, Jr.(b. 1935, d. Sep 2007)
Shisler, Clara(b. 1866, d. 1928)
Shisler, Clara Louise(b. 1884, d. 1977)
Shisler, David Earl(b. 19 May 1956, d. 27 Sep 1956)
Shisler, Edward Albert(b. 28 Jul 1895, d. 23 Jan 1990)
Shisler, Edward Albert(b. 1919, d. 1992)
Shisler, Edward E.(b. 1856, d. 1938)
Shisler, Elaine Catharine
Shisler, Elaine Lois
Shisler, Elwood Earl, Jr.(b. 01 Sep 1930, d. 07 Feb 2005) Includes Pictures
Shisler, Elwood Earl, Sr.(b. 18 Feb 1899, d. 19 Feb 1991) Includes Notes
Shisler, Emily L.(b. 1857, d. 1857)
Shisler, Emma Mae
Shisler, Estelle Marianne
Shisler, Eunice Caroline(b. 1871, d. 1956)
Shisler, Evan
Shisler, Florence(b. 1891, d. date unknown)
Shisler, George(b. 1863, d. 1876)
Shisler, George(b. 1886, d. date unknown)
Shisler, George, Jr.
Shisler, George, Sr.
Shisler, Godfrey(b. 09 Dec 1797, d. 18 Oct 1878) Includes Pictures
Shisler, Godfrey(b. 1852, d. 1853)
Shisler, Godfrey(b. 1864, d. 1944)
Shisler, Godfrey(b. 1890, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Gwendolyn Susan
Shisler, Harry Vautier(b. 23 Aug 1890, d. Jun 1983)
Shisler, Howard Russell(b. 06 Dec 1896, d. 01 Jan 1997)
Shisler, Jacob(b. 1796, d. 1797)
Shisler, Jacob(b. 1824, d. 1824)
Shisler, James Alan
Shisler, Jeffrey Pugsley
Shisler, Jessica
Shisler, Joan
Shisler, John(b. 1826, d. date unknown)
Shisler, John(b. 1862, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Joseph(b. 27 Mar 1828, d. 17 Apr 1908)
Shisler, Joseph(b. 1862, d. 1862)
Shisler, Joseph(b. 1921, d. 1993)
Shisler, Joseph III(b. 22 Jun 1889, d. Apr 1967)
Shisler, Joseph, Jr. (Jr)(b. 26 Jun 1868, d. 12 Dec 1948) Includes Pictures
Shisler, Julia(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Katherine(b. 1882, d. 1920)
Shisler, Kayla
Shisler, Lauren
Shisler, Linda Jean
Shisler, Louisa(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Margaret (Maggie) Mae(b. 02 Oct 1891, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Mary(b. 1798, d. 1833)
Shisler, Mary(b. 1854, d. 1924)
Shisler, Mary(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Mary Elizabeth
Shisler, Mary Ella(b. 10 Feb 1894, d. 02 Feb 1973)
Shisler, Paul Joseph
Shisler, Randolph(b. 1890, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Robert(b. 1868, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Robert Raymond
Shisler, Ruth Naomi(b. 1918, d. 2000)
Shisler, Sarah Anne (Sally)(b. 1851, d. 1928)
Shisler, Sarah Vautier(b. 24 Feb 1904, d. Aug 1993)
Shisler, Stephen Charles
Shisler, Stephen Thomas
Shisler, Susan(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Susannah(b. 1822, d. date unknown)
Shisler, Suzanne Marilyn
Shisler, Tinothy Lee(b. 1959, d. 1983)
Shisler, Unknown(b. 1832, d. 1832)
Shisler, Violet(b. 1896, d. date unknown)
Shisler, William Edward
Shisler, Winfield
Shisler, Winfield Roy(b. 13 Nov 1901, d. 1960)


Simpson, James Hope(d. date unknown)
Simpson, Margaret(d. date unknown)
Simpson, Russell(d. date unknown)
Simpson, Whitwell(d. date unknown)


Sleeth, Mary E(b. 03 Apr 1822, d. 20 Feb 1894)


Slook, Jacob(b. 1827, d. date unknown)
Slook, John(d. date unknown)
Slook, John(b. 1825, d. date unknown)


Smith, Annie(d. date unknown)
Smith, Barbara
Smith, David Melbern
Smith, Edith Mary
Smith, Francis Melbern(b. 14 May 1911, d. 1959)
Smith, Linda
Smith, Michael Thomas
Smith, Richard
Smith, Robert Allbert
Smith, Robert Thomas
Smith, Sandra


Snow, Katherine(d. date unknown)


Snowden, Frederick Alexander(d. date unknown)
Snowden, Frederick Alexander(b. 26 Dec 1926, d. 24 Mar 1989)
Snowden, James Alan(b. 08 Mar 1948, d. 01 Feb 2007)
Snowden, Keith Leyland
Snowden, Lacey Jean
Snowden, Marie Alexandra


Snyder, John Charles III
Snyder, John Charles, Jr.
Snyder, Mary Susan


Solm, Jeffrey
Solm, Marcella Heron


Sophia, Anna(b. 1761, d. 1824)


Sparks, Richard




Stanford, Tamzon(d. Aft. 1720)
Stanford, Thomas(b. Bef. 1671, d. Nov 1722)


Stauss, Ronald James


Stein, Anna (Hannah) Elizabeth(b. 25 Dec 1744, d. 12 Oct 1796)
Stein, Frantz(d. date unknown)
Stein, Wilhelm(b. 26 May 1715, d. Nov 1788)


Stellwagon, Frederick(b. Abt. 1720, d. Abt. 1775)
Stellwagon, Maria Margretha(b. Abt. 1749, d. Bet. Nov - Dec 1821)


Stenger(b. 1730, d. date unknown)


Stever, Beth Ann
Stever, Fred Marshall


Stinger, Amanda(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Stinger, Caroline(b. 1829, d. 13 Feb 1831)
Stinger, Caroline(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Stinger, Catrina(b. 1781, d. date unknown)
Stinger, Charles(b. 31 Jan 1827, d. 05 Mar 1906)
Stinger, Charles(b. 1847, d. 1925)
Stinger, Daniel(b. 1756, d. 1815)
Stinger, Daniel(b. 1787, d. 1818)
Stinger, Daniel(b. 1819, d. 1899)
Stinger, Edward W(b. 1860, d. 20 Aug 1916)
Stinger, Frederick(b. 1791, d. 20 Dec 1821)
Stinger, George Conrad(b. 1795, d. 10 Apr 1835)
Stinger, George W(b. 03 Apr 1818, d. 31 Jan 1872)
Stinger, George W(b. Jan 1851, d. 13 Jun 1911)
Stinger, Henry(b. 1851, d. 1854)
Stinger, Jacob(b. 24 Feb 1805, d. 15 Jan 1878)
Stinger, Johannes(b. 1783, d. 02 Aug 1821)
Stinger, John(b. May 1851, d. 15 Oct 1926)
Stinger, Maria(b. Sep 1845, d. 1918)
Stinger, Mary(b. 10 May 1831, d. 08 Apr 1835)
Stinger, Philip(b. 1820, d. 1865)
Stinger, Sallie(b. 1861, d. date unknown)
Stinger, William(b. 1823, d. 26 Sep 1824)


Stocker, Joane(b. 1680, d. 04 Jan 1776)


Stockton, Jane(d. date unknown)


Straghen, Abel(d. date unknown)
Straghen, Abel(d. date unknown)
Straghen, Charles Frederick Lochey(d. date unknown)
Straghen, Emily Alice(d. date unknown)
Straghen, John(d. date unknown)
Straghen, Mary Bayley(d. date unknown)
Straghen, Rosa(d. date unknown)
Straghen, Wilhelmina St Rose(d. date unknown)
Straghen, William Gibbs(d. date unknown)


Strange, Howard(d. 26 Dec 1925) Includes Pictures


Stringfellow, Emma Davis(b. 1883, d. 1979)


Summers, William Leigh


Sumner, Sarah(b. 09 Apr 1774, d. 21 Jul 1818)


Sutton, Mildred(d. date unknown)


Sydnor, Alvah(b. 1901, d. 1963)
Sydnor, Edward
Sydnor, Emory(d. date unknown)
Sydnor, Ida(b. 1898, d. date unknown)
Sydnor, Tommy
Sydnor, Virginia


Tewfek, Ismail(d. 27 May 1968)


Tibbs, Emily(d. date unknown)


Tims, Father(d. date unknown)
Tims, Robert Henry Church(d. date unknown)


Tinkler, Norma Joyce


Toms, Catharine Jane(b. 30 May 1854, d. 1935) Includes Pictures
Toms, Edith Mary(b. 1855, d. 1936)
Toms, Eliza(b. 11 Jul 1838, d. 1941)
Toms, Florence Nightingale (Doctor)(b. 1860, d. 16 Jun 1910)
Toms, Frances(b. 1862, d. 1926)
Toms, George Bailey(b. Abt. 1819, d. date unknown)
Toms, George Bailey(b. 07 Aug 1864, d. 09 Feb 1908)
Toms, Horace W(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Toms, John(b. 1789, d. Mar 1873)
Toms, Mary(b. Abt. 1834, d. date unknown)
Toms, Nancy Horsey(b. 1816, d. Mar 1896) Includes Pictures
Toms, Sarah(b. Abt. 1836, d. 1924)
Toms, Sumner(b. Abt. 1837, d. Jun 1889)
Toms, William Tucker(b. 05 Apr 1817, d. Abt. Mar 1871)
Toms, William Tucker(b. Sep 1858, d. 1888)


Towne, Susan


Trichet, Anne(b. 27 Jul 1617, d. date unknown)
Trichet, Jerosme(d. date unknown)


Truesdale, Elizabeth Anne


Trumper, Alice Joan(b. 09 Jun 1898, d. date unknown)
Trumper, Ashlyn Aitken(b. 11 Mar 1886, d. date unknown)
Trumper, Cornelius J William(b. 05 Nov 1900, d. date unknown)
Trumper, Hubert(b. 27 Dec 1902, d. date unknown)
Trumper, Hubert Joseph(b. 19 Mar 1871, d. date unknown)
Trumper, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Trumper, Oscar Bagster(b. 05 Dec 1872, d. date unknown)
Trumper, Victor Leopold(b. 13 Dec 1877, d. date unknown)


Turner, Kate(d. date unknown)


Unknown(d. date unknown)


Vacquelin, Marie Jean(b. 15 Aug 1702, d. date unknown)
Vacquelin, Nicholas(d. date unknown)


Vauthier, Claude(d. 11 Sep 1678)
Vauthier, Jean(b. 1659, d. date unknown)
Vauthier, Nicholas(d. 03 Jun 1726)


Vautier, Albert Henry(b. 14 Jul 1840, d. 11 Jan 1910)
Vautier, Claude(b. 1726, d. 10 May 1802)
Vautier, Dominique(b. 08 Jan 1766, d. 27 Jan 1828)
Vautier, Ella R(b. 1876, d. date unknown) Includes Pictures
Vautier, Harry(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Vautier, John Baptiste(b. 23 Sep 1807, d. 02 May 1885)
Vautier, Margaret Mae(b. 06 May 1867, d. 25 Jul 1954) Includes Pictures
Vautier, Sarah E(b. 1871, d. date unknown)


Vinter, R B W (2nd Lt)(b. 1896, d. 1916)
Vinter, S G (Captain)(d. date unknown)


Voight, (?)(d. date unknown)


Wainwright, Marcella Heron
Wainwright, Stuyvesant
Wainwright, Stuyvesant


Walls, Mary Morrow(b. 1907, d. 1995)


Ward, Kevin
Ward, Matthew Ryan


Warfield, John(d. date unknown)
Warfield, John(d. date unknown)
Warfield, Joy(d. date unknown)


Warner(d. date unknown)


Watson, Penny L.


Waugh, Eliza Beverlina(b. 21 Nov 1855, d. date unknown)


Weigle, Gottlob Helmuth(d. date unknown)
Weigle, Johanna(d. date unknown)
Weigle, Mathilde Antoinette(b. 12 Dec 1865, d. 22 Oct 1954)


Weldon, Charlotte Henrietta(b. 17 Mar 1742, d. date unknown)


Wells, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Wells, Mary Kathrine(d. 1952)


Weston, William(d. date unknown)


Wharton, Charles(b. 1877, d. date unknown)
Wharton, Clara(b. 1874, d. date unknown)
Wharton, George(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Wharton, George(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Wharton, Mary Ellen(b. 25 Jan 1881, d. 04 Apr 1961) Includes Pictures
Wharton, William(b. 1883, d. date unknown)
Wharton, William W(b. 1852, d. date unknown)


Wheeler(d. date unknown)
Wheeler, Alfred(d. date unknown)
Wheeler, Alfred James(d. date unknown)
Wheeler, Mary Athelia(d. date unknown)


Whittman, Fred


Williams, Joseph M


Wilson, Anne Whitwell(b. Abt. 1868, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Anthony(b. Abt. 1872, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Christopher
Wilson, David Alan Whitwell(b. 09 Jun 1917, d. 29 May 2001)
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Eunice(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Gabriel(d. date unknown)
Wilson, George Bailey(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Holden Charles
Wilson, Horace Bagster(b. 1862, d. 1935)
Wilson, Isaac Whitwell(b. 22 Jan 1833, d. 04 Mar 1881)
Wilson, John Jowitt(b. 1861, d. 1929)
Wilson, Mary Whitwell(b. Abt. 1873, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Norman Forster(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Oliver Whitwell(b. Jun 1901, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Philip Whitwell(b. Jun 1875, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Philip Whitwell(b. Dec 1906, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Stephen(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Theodora(b. 1865, d. 1941)
Wilson, Theodora Whitwell(b. Abt. Jan 1905, d. date unknown)


Winterforce(d. date unknown)


Wolstencroft, Alfred(d. date unknown)


Woodruff, Lulu(d. date unknown)


Wright, William Henry(d. date unknown)


Wyat, Mary(d. date unknown)


Wyatt, Benjamin(d. date unknown)


Wyet, Abraham(d. date unknown)


Yeovil, Ewins(d. date unknown)
Yeovil, Lillie Masters(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Yeovil, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Zalinski, Edmund Louis Gray(b. 18 Aug 1915, d. 20 Jan 2005)
Zalinski, Edward Robbins(d. date unknown)
Zalinski, Matilde Mittendorf
Zalinski, Nancy Maria Agnes
Zalinski, Susanna Helen


Zeuchner, Emma(b. 26 Nov 1858, d. 05 Jul 1884)
Zeuchner, George von Keith(d. date unknown)
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