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My Family Roots from Virginia to West Virginia

Updated February 6, 2007

I grew up in a little place called Alum creek WV . I hope that this will help other people as well as myself. My family is from The Kanawha,Lincoln and Putnam, Franklin County area of West Virginia. my husbands Line is from the Putnam and Roane and Kanawha,and also from Botetourt county and Pittsylvania county Virginia. I will be adding more stuff to this family home page once I get more information all together. I have alot of information on the Smiths, it is just going to take me a while to put this all together on my computer. My Surnames that I'm researching are: Allen,Kidd,Martin,Midkiff,Turley,Withrow,Schoolcraft,Wiseman.
These are my husbands line. Smith,Withrow,Payne,Goode,Grant,Lewis.

Terri L Smith

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Family Photos

  • My great-grandparents The Wisemans (6 KB)
    This is Alonzo Perry Wiseman and his wife Bertha May Schoolcraft. He was born January 09, 1875 in Millcreek, Randolph County WV and died June 04, 1951. Big Chimney, Kanawha County, WV. He was the son of Augustus Chatman Wiseman and Nancy Kennison and his wife Bertha Schoolcraft was born April 11, 1888 and died August 27, 1948. she was the daughter of Solomom Charles Schoolcraft and Polly Belle Welch.
  • Albert and Lucy Jane Wheeler (16 KB)
    This is Albert Wheeler and his wife Lucy Jane Martin. She was the daughter of Charles William MARTIN and Virginia Ellen Midkiff. She was the younger sister to my great-grandmother Cee Martin Midkiff. I wish to give Thanks to Mona Ruebens for this wonderful picture.
  • Thomas Midkiff 2nd wife Virgee Ellen McCallister (32 KB)
    Virgee Ellen McCallister (1874-1954) daughter of William Hamilton McCallister and Elizabeth B. D. Zirkles. Ellen married 1st Bailey "Baal" McCallister and had 11 children - Clay Ivan, pictured here being the youngest (1916-1987). Ellen married 2nd Tom Midkiff. Ellen is buried at the Midkiff Cemetery at Sumerco, WV. Clay at Graceland Cemetery at Ruth, WV. I want to give thanks to Joetta McCallister Kuhn for this wonderful picture. Thanks
  • Virginia Ellen Midkiff Martin (25 KB)
    This is my great-grandmothers mother. Virginia Midkiff was born January 24, 1854 and died March 25, 1936. Her parents were Allen Midkiff and Louisa NICHOLS. Virginia Ellen Midkiff married Charles William MARTIN Charles William MARTIN 1871 in Kanawha county. I wish to give Thanks to Mona Ruebens for this wonderful picture.
  • Virginia Ellen Midkiff Martin Funeral (60 KB)
    This is probably at the funeral of Virginia Ellen Midkiff Martin. There are alot of people at this funeral. I know that this picture is hard to see, but I did the best as I could with the picture. On the left is Wife Inez Dunlap Martin. Down the bottom of the picture is Charles Martin,Champ Martin,and the grandchildren of Virginia Martin. also on Crutches is Rice Martin. He was the grandson of Virginia Martin. I wish to give Thanks to Mary Gilchrist for this wonderful picture. Granddaughter of Champ Martin.
  • Shirley Kidd Wiseman & Gretchen Midkiff Wiseman (70 KB)
    This is my mother and my grandmother mother.They did not get along very well here on earth, but I'm sure that on the other side they are best friends.
  • Thomas Gregory Wiseman Stone (161 KB)
    This was my parents first baby boy. He lived only a week in the Hospital,never got a chance to go home. I had my brothers old metal markers and plastic ones replaced in 2002 when my father passed away and I thought that my father would appreciate me taking care of that for him and for his sons. I wish to Thank Tracy McPherson for taking the time to go to the Midkiff Cemetery and taking the pictures of my brothers stones, and also I wish to Thank the Curry Funeral home for putting the stones up there.
  • Gretchen Norma Midkiff (13 KB)
    This is suppose to be my grandmother. Gretchen Midkiff. I wish to thank Mary Gilchrist for sharing this picture.
  • Unknown Midkiff Girl Back (581 KB)
    This is the back of the photo from Unknown Midkiff Girl front and if anyone knows who this might be please E-mail me at
  • Donny & Johnny Wiseman (151 KB)
    These were my parents twins sons that died at child birth Donny and Johnny Wiseman. They were stillborn on August 08, 1973 and were buried on August 10, 1973 at the Midkiff Family Cemetery. I wish to Thank Tracy McPherson for taking the time to go to the Midkiff Cemetery and taking the pictures of my brothers stones.
  • Martin Family (97 KB)
    This is my great-grandfathers (Tom Midkiff) sister. picture taken around 1922? sitting on her lap is her daughter Dollie Martin and she is holding her baby Charles Martin. Kate Midkiff was born August 19, 1888 and she married Champ Martin on June 06, 1906 and Kate Martin died on March 14, 1924. I wish to Thanks Mary Gilchrist for sending me this wonderful picture of her grandmother and her aunt Dollie and Uncle Charles Martin.
  • Gretchen Midkiff (5 KB)
    This is suppose to be my grandmother. Gretchen Midkiff. I wish to thank Mary Gilchrist for sharing this picture.
  • Albert Midkiff Family (370 KB)
    This is the family of Albert Midkiff and Louisa Turley. Albert Midkiff is standing in the back on the right and on the left of him is his wife Louisa Turley, but I'm unsure about the rest of the childrens name at first I thought that this was the family of Thomas midkiff and Cee Martin, I was looking at it one day and I noticed on the back in a faint light pencil mark with my grandmother name Gretchen Wiseman in pen and pencil it says uncle albert and aunt and that is where i can't see the rest. now the girl on the left with the dark dress and bow ties in her hair looks like the girl in the unknown midkiff girl. so if that picture of the unknown Midkiff girl is Cee than in this picture with the girl in the dark dress with the bow ties might aslo bee Cee martin midkiff, that would explain why my grandmother gretchen had it in her things. can someone please help me out with this mystery. My E-mail address is
  • Gregory Allen Wiseman (169 KB)
    This was my parents last baby boy. He lived 2 months and 20 days with his family. I wish to Thank Tracy McPherson for taking the time to go to the Midkiff Cemetery and taking the pictures of my brothers stones.
  • MIDKIFFS (87 KB)
    The man sitting on the arm of the chair is Ode Midkiff and his brother beside him (in the middle) is my Great-Grandfather (Thomas Midkiff) and Ode son Cleo Midkiff. Ode Midkiff was born on April 24, 1891 and died on July 27, 1970 and is buried at the Turley cemetery. He was married twice. 1)Clyda TURLEY born February 20, 1895 and died December 08, 1937. 2)Myrtle Turley born January 02, 1916 and died November 22, 1972. I remember going to her funeral. No relation to of the two Turleys that Ode Married.
  • Gretchen Midkiff Wiseman (33 KB)
    I know that this is my grandmother. she was born to Thomas F. Midkiff and Cee Martin on July 14, 1907 and died August 17, 1982 and she is buried in the Midkiff family cemetery.
  • David Frank Williams (85 KB)
    This is David Frank Williams he was the son of William Henry Williams and Eliza Jane Thomas. He was born on 09 Aug 1866 and died on 21 Oct 1950. I wish to thank Tina Holley for the picture and to also who gave it to her. I will look for his obituary and I will have to write it here.
  • Emily Wiseman Or Midkiff (166 KB)
    This was my fathers older sister that he never got to meet, she had died at a very young age. If I have the dates right she lived to be 2 years, 2 months, 19 days young. All I know abut Emily is that her mother (My grandmother) was not married to Emily's father which was James Wiseman, my grandfathers older brother. I need to find her death and or Birth certificate so that I can update her metal marker as well, because as you can see this one is in terrible condition, well it looks alot better, My husband helped me with the picture in Thumbsplus. I wish to Thank Tracy McPherson for taking the time to go to the Midkiff Cemetery and taking the pictures of my fathers sister metal marker.
  • Tommy Wiseman (60 KB)
    This is my father school picture taken when he was 10 years old.
  • Gretchen Midkiff Wiseman Tombstone (59 KB)
    This is my grandmothers Grave site at the Midkiff family cemetery in Alum Creek. Next to her is one of my brothers. I had four brothers that are all buried up there next to their grandmother Gretchen Wiseman.
  • Thomas Midkiff Funeral Front of Book (25 KB)
    This is the front cover of my great-grandfathers book, it is made of Leather
  • Martin and Midkiff family (96 KB)
    This picture was taken in July 1930. On the back side is Virginia Ellen Martin. On the right side is Dolly Ann Allen Midkiff is the lady with the dark hair and dress. Dollie Martin as a young girl, and on the front left row is Leon Adkins. I don't know who the other people are. if any one remember this picture or the people in this picture please e-mail me. I give Thanks to Mary Gilchrist for this picture. Granddaughter of Champ and Katie Midkiff Martin.
  • Thomas Midkiff Funeral Book page 1 (99 KB)
    This was my great-grandfather Thomas Francis Midkiff. He was married three times in his life. His 1st wife is my great-grandmother Cee Martin. They had my grandmother Gretchen Midkiff 2nd wife was Virgee Ellen McCallister and 3rd wife was Rebecca Blevins Williams. Thomas Midkiff was born October 09, 1880 to Daniel Marrion Midkiff and Dolly Ann Allen. He died on April 21, 1960 and is buried in the Midkiff Family Cemetery there in Alum Creek WV.
    These are the Midkiff siblings. In front is Tom Midkiff(My great-grandfather)behind him on the right is his younger brother Ode Midkiff and on the left is their younger sister Lyda Midkiff Pauley. She married Walter Jackson Pauley son of William Ezra and Liona Pauley. Their parents were Daniel Marion Midkiff and Dolly Ann Allen. This picture was given to me by my father Tom Wiseman before he passed away.
  • Lacy Thomas and Lucille Midkiff (17 KB)
    The lovely lady in the picture was my grandmothers younger sister Lucille Virginia Midkiff, she was the daughter of Thomas Midkiff and Cee Martin and she married Lacy William Thomas and he was the son of James Tilden Thomas and Louisa S.Whorley. I wish to Thank Sharleen (Daughter of Lacy and Lucille)and her sister-in-law Dori Thomas for sending me the wonderful picture of Lacy and Lucille Thomas and all the information on the that part of the Family.
  • My Step-grandmother Permellia Pennington (26 KB)
    This is my grandfathers (Daniel Wiseman) second wife Permellia Pennington. I think that she was born around 1914 and married my grandfather in the early 1940s. After my grandfather was killed she married John Edward Cavender. she was from the Madison, Boone County, area in West Virginia. if anyone remembers this lady and know who her parents are Please e-mail me at the above address. Thanks.
  • Edna Withrow Kidd (86 KB)
    This is my Grandmother. she was the daughter of Albert Ross WITHROW and CORA LEE SMITH. She was born May 23, 1917 and died July 05, 2001. she married my grandfather William Edward Kidd son of CHARLES WESLEY KIDD and CORA ISABELLE MARTIN. In October 1934.
  • Alonzo Thomas Wiseman (54 KB)
    This is my father at age 6 years old.
  • Alonza Thomas Wiseman (My dad's Obituary) (4 KB)
    Alonza "Tommy" Wiseman, 65, of Charleston died July 5, 2002, after a long illness. He was preceded in death by his wife, Shirley Kidd Wiseman; four sons, Thomas Gregory, twins Donny and Johnny and Gregory Allen; and parents, Daniel and Gretchen. He formerly worked at the YWCA. He is survived by his four daughters, Rita Johnson of Sanford, Fla., Teresa Duckett of Atlanta, Ga., Terri Smith of Martinsburg, Betty Wiseman of Athens; seven grandchildren. Service will be 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, at Curry Funeral Home, Alum Creek, with Pastor Frank Chapman officiating. Burial will be in Midkiff Cemetery, Alum Creek. Friends may call one hour prior to service at the funeral home.
  • Rebecca Midkiff Death Certificate. (75 KB)
    This is Rebecca Midkiff death certificate. I think her first husband was Frank Williams and her second husband was my great-grandfather Tom Midkiff of Kanawha county WV.
  • Alonzo Thomas Wiseman Graduation (33 KB)
    This is my father when he graduated from Washington high school. I'm not too sure of the year. I think in the early 50s
  • My Great-grandparents the Midkiffs (15 KB)
    These are my grandmothers (Gretchen Midkiff) Parents. Thomas Midkiff and Cee Martin. Thomas Midkiff was born to Daniel Marion Midkiff and Dolly Ann Allen on October 09, 1880 and he died April 21, 1960 in Spencer Hospital, and was buried on April 23, 1960 in the Midkiff family Cemetery in Lincoln WV. Cee Martin was born to Charles W. MARTIN and Virginia Ellen Midkiff on August 22, 1882 and died May 19, 1934.
  • Midkiff Sisters (18 KB)
    These are the Midkiff sisters taken around 1921 or 1922.In the back row on the left is Ithiel Mae Midkiff and on the right is Gretchen Norma Midkiff (My Grandmother)In the Front row starting on the left to right is Mabel Emily Midkiff and and the two twins in the middle are Lucille Virginia and Louise Midkiff and on the right is Helen Ivy Midkiff. I wish to Thank Lucille Midkiff daughter and daughter-in-law for sharing this wonderful picture.
  • My great-grandparents The Withrows (20 KB)
    This is Albert Ross Withrow and Cora Lee Smith Withrow. He was the son of William Addie WITHROW and Florilla LANHAM. she was the daughter of Henry Franklin SMITH and Clarissa Georgiana WITHROW. Albert & Cora were married May 20, 1905 in Putnam county WV. Cora was born March 07, 1885 in Putnam county WV and died November 02, 1957 in Kanawha county WV. Albert was born November 03, 1878 in Kanawha county and died June 06, 1953 in Kanawha county WV.
  • Leoma Schoolcraft (20 KB)
    THIS IS LEOMA SCHOOLCRAFT. WIFE OF DAN SCHOOLCRAFT, BROTHER TO MY GREAT-GRANDMOTHER BERTHA SCHOOLCRAFT. LEOMA WAS THE DAUGHTER OF JOHN AND MARY NELSON. SHE WAS BORN ON November 1878 AND she died on Nov 15, 1970. SHE HAD A BROTHER NAME SYDNEY NELSON AND FREDERICK NELSON AND PROBLABLY MANY OTHER SIBLINGS. Leoma Schoolcraft Mrs. Leoma Nelson Schoolcraft, 91 of Mill creek Rt, 6 Died Sunday at the home of Daniel Mazella of Mill Creek Rt, 6. The Funeral will be held Tuesday 2 p.m. at the Hanson Chapel United Methodist church at mill creek With the Rev. John Hackney in Charge. Burial will be in Buckner Young Cemetery at Mill Creek. Friends may call at the Bartlett-Burdette Funeral home today after 4 p.m. Charleston Daily Mail, Monday November 16, 1970
  • Alonza Thomas Wiseman (561 KB)
    This is my father's obituary, I'm listed as Mrs. Terri Smith of Martinsburg WV. I miss and love you daddy.
  • Daniel Marshall Wiseman Tombstone (28 KB)
    This is my Grandfathers Tombstone. He was born December 31, 1914 and died November 15, 1947 and he was November 19, 1947 at the Hall Cemetery in Kanawha county WV. Where they did a 21 gun salute. He was with the WWII and he served with the Blue Devils. He was with the 88th Division of the 350th regiment. U.S. Army, Company F, 350th Infantry. 88th Infantry Division. He worked in the Harewood coal and coke company in Fayette county west Virginia. He was married twice.
  • Martin and Midkiff Cousins (83 KB)
    on the left is Susan Midkiff and on the right is Lorena Martin taken in 1931.Lorena Martin was the daughter of Kate midkiff and Champ Martin. Susan Midkiff was the daughter of Okie Midkiff,And Okie married a Midkiff. Susan married a Turley. She had 2 brothers Arley and Cameron. Sisters Beulah and Ula.
  • Shirley Ann Kidd Wiseman (36 KB)
    This is my mother's obituary, I'm listed as Terri Lynn Smith of Martinsburg WV, My mother's parents were William Edward Kidd and Edna Loraine Withrow. I love and Miss you alot mommy.
  • My Grandfather Daniel Marshall Wiseman (31 KB)
    Daniel Marshall Wiseman was in WWII and he served with the Blue Devils. He was with the 88th Division of the 350th regiment. U.S. Army, Company F, 350th Infantry. 88th Infantry Division. He worked in the Harewood coal and coke company in Fayette county west Virginia. He was born December 31, 1914 and died November 15, 1947 in a coal mine accident. He was married twice. His first wife was my grandmother Gretchen Midkiff and his second wife name was Permellia Pennington. His parents were Alonzo Perry Wiseman and Bertha May Schoolcraft Wiseman.
  • Tommy Wiseman High School Picture (44 KB)
    This was my father when he was in high school at the George Washington High School. I went to the same high school that my father did and I remember one of the things that he told me and my sisters that he was a character in school and that he got into trouble with one of the teachers and the teacher said that he will punish him the next day and my father put marbles in back pockets so when the teacher would spank him with the paddle his paddle will break and sure enough the it broke.
  • Clarissa Georgiana Withrow (9 KB)
    Clarissa Georgiana WITHROW is my 2nd great-grandmother. She married George C. Stevens and than she married Henry Franklin SMITH on February 20, 1880 in Putnam county and she than married Ples Fisher. My line is with her second husband Henry Franklin Smith. They had my great-grandmother Cora Lee Smith. Cora Lee Smith married my great-grandfather Albert Ross Withrow. Clarissa Georgiana WITHROW parents were Lewis M. WITHROW and Rowena REVEALE.
  • William Edward Kidd Obituary (14 KB)
    This is my grandfathers obituary. He was born on December 31, 1910 to Charles Wesley Kidd and Cora Isabelle Martin, he married my grandmother Edna Loraine Withrow. He died on January 17, 2000 in South Charleston, West Virginia and was buried January 19, 2000 in the Grandview Memorial Park.
  • The Withrows (19 KB)
    My great-grandparents. Albert Withrow was born November 03, 1878 and died June 06, 1953. Cora Lee Smith Withrow was born March 07, 1885 and died November 02, 1957. Albert and Cora were married on May 20, 1905 in Putnam county WV and they are both buried at the Bond cemetery on Crescent Rd.
  • Midkiff Family cemetery Wiseman boys Metal Marker (19 KB)
    These are my brothers Donny and Johnny Wiseman. They were twins and they were stillborn on August 08, 1973 and buried at the Midkiff Family Cemetery on August 10, 1973. I had always wanted to replace those old Metal markers and replace them with stones and I did. I did it for my parents. The news one of Donny and Johnny Wiseman are here and they can be found on my home page just look for Donny and Johnny Wiseman.
  • Allen Midkiff - Union Soldier (42 KB)
    He was the son of John W. Midkiff and Mary Polly Turley. He married Louisa Nichols. They had at least nine children and one of them was my 2nd great-grandmother Virginia Ellen Midkiff who married Charles William Martin and her husband was also a union solider, they are all buried at the same Cemetery there in Alum Creek WV. The Midkiff Family Cemetery. A copy of this photo was given to me by Pat Clark Jones and I think that she got it from Allen Midkiff great-grandson Conrad Midkiff Thanks Pat for sending me that picture of our ancestor.
  • Albert Ross and Cora Lee Smith Withrow (15 KB)
    My great-grandparents. I'm not sure when this photos was taken or where, probably taken at their home.
  • Rebecca Blevins Williams Midkiff (10 KB)
    This is Thomas Midkiff (my Great-grandfather)Third wife Rebecca WILLIAMS. I think this picture was taken in the 1960s Her maiden name was Blevins and I think she was from Kentucky. Her first husband was Frank Williams. She was born April 20, 1883 and died March 01, 1966.
  • Louisa Nichols Midkiff (24 KB)
    Louisa Nichols was born on 04 Mar 1833 and she married Allen Midkiff on 01 Oct 1850 in Putnam County Va, and they had at least nine children and she later died on 07 Nov 1891. I wish to give thanks to Pat Clark Jones for this wonderful photo of our ancestor. If anyone knows who her parents are please E-mail me at
  • Charles William Martin Union Soldier (28 KB)
    This is my 2nd Great-Grandfather Charles William Martin. He was the son of Redmond Edward Martin and Elizabeth Betsy Midkiff. He was born on August 10, 1844 and served with the 7th WV Cav. Company M. He was with the Union. He died on April 09, 1918 and was buried on April 11, 1918 in the Midkiff family cemetery,Alum Creek WV. This is the exact Cemetery that I need cleaned and perserved.I hope that I can make it happen for my Ancestors.
  • Allen Midkiff - Union Soldiers Tombstone (194 KB)
    Allen Midkiff was my great-grandmother's (Cee Martin Midkiff)grandfather. He is buried at the Midkiff Cemetery in Alum Creek WV. I wish to give Thanks to Jc at the findagrave site for finding his tombstone and taking this wonderful photo.
  • Gilmer Midkiff (716 KB)
    This is Gilmer Midkiff son of Thomas Francis Midkiff and Cee Martin, On the rootswebsite for the Social Security it says that he was born on August 15,1921, but in Curry Funeral home book that I have has his birthdate as 16 Jul 1921 and that is also what my grandmother wrote down in her book. So I'm going with July 21. He died on 07 Jun 1986 at the Heartland Nursing Home. He was my grandmothers (Gretchen Wiseman) younger brother. I think I met him only once when I was a little girl. I wish to give Thanks to the person who sent me the picture of Gilmer.
  • Unknown Midkiff Girl (601 KB)
    Does anyone know who this might be? my grandmother Gretchen Midkiff Wiseman had it for a real long time until her death in august of 1982. if someone can help me figure out what year this was taken and where that might help me, we might think that this might be my grandmother's mother who was Cee Martin Midkiff. I will also put the back of the picture on her as well Thanks.

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