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Descendants of Daniel Ferree

Generation No. 1

1. DANIEL2 FERREE (JEAN1 LA VERREE) was born March 10, 1646/47 in Picardie, France1, and died 1687 in Lindau, Palintinate1. He married MARIE DE LA WARREMBERE 1675 in Picardie, France1. She was born 1650 in Picardie, Loire, France1, and died January 1715/16 in Conestoga Twp, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania1.

Notes for D
SOURCE: The Pennsylvania LeFevres by George Newton LeFevre, page 4.

He was a Huguenot and wealthy silk manufacturer. They lived in Landau, France along the Rhine River and had 6 children. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 the family fled to Strasburg. While there they were joined by Isaac LeFevre, a lad of 16. They later fled on into Bavaria, Germany. While living in Bavaria Isaac LeFevre married Catherine Ferree. After Daniel died, he wife assumed her maiden name for safety.

SOURCE: Email from Allen Schieber 23/39/1996 to Michael A. Smoke. (He quotes History of Lancaster Co., PA. pages 24-39, Louis Du Bois Family History on file at the York County Historical Genealogical Society in York, Pa.)

SOURCE: The Story of the Feree Family, Emory Schuyler Ferree, 829 So. Mulberry Avenue, Brea, CA, 1990, p5-1,2.

In the late 1600's the Catholic Church decreed that only given names from the New Testament could be used. Daniel was the RC birth name, John was the Huguenot name after conversion. He was a prosperous silk manufacturer. Daniel died while the family lived in Strasbourg. Details of his death are lacking- one report says he was slain during the insurrection in France following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. He may have died before 1708, Lindau, Bavaria.


Concerning Daniel's death: "Early in the year 1708, Madam FERREE with her children and daughter-in-law made plans to leave for the "Island of' Pennsylvania and obtained a passport dated 10 march 1708. She was a widow. Her husband, Daniel, aka John, had died while they lived in Strasbourg. Details of his death are lacking, but one report says that he was lost at sea. We wonder under what circumstances. had he attempted to go to American earlier to join his friends? We do not know.

Another report referring to the husband as John, says he 'was among those slain during the insusrrection in France.' There were insurrections by the Huguenots following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Which report could be correct? Could both be correct? The abridged compendium of American Genealogy says he died in exile."

More About D
Ferree Reference No.: 01-001
Occupation: Silk Merchant
Religion: Huguenot

Notes for M
SOURCE: The Pennsylvania Lefevres, compiled by George Newton LeFevre, co-compiler Franklin D. Lefevre, Published by The Lefevre Cemetery and Historical Association, Strasburg, Pa. 1952

Buried in the SE corner at Carpenter's Cemetery, a plot one mile south of Paradise, Pa., which she herself had selected before her death. "She vested in Trustee a piece of land near Paradise as a burial place."

Her last name spelled variously as Warrembur, Warembur and Warrembere.

SOURCE: The Sunday News, Lancaster, PA dated September 12, 1948.

Date born 1650, Place France, date died 1/1/1716. She had an estate probated on Sept. 20, 1716 in Lancaster Co. Letters of administration granted to Maria's sons; Daniel, Philip and John

SOURCE: The Story of the Ferree Family, Emory Schuyler Ferree, 829 So. Mulberry Avenue, Brea, CA, 1990, p5-1,2.

Per the above, her name was Anna Maria Warembuer. The Queen of England in 1708 issued an invitation to the beleagured Protestants of the Palatine to come to England for colonization in America. Thirty-two thousand arrived in England the following year. The Ferree family was among the 1st 50 families. A "Family Passport" was granted to Maria, Daniel Fuehre's (Ferree) widow, and her family to emigrate from Steinweiler, Bittingheim via Holland & England to the "island of Pennsylvania" March 10, 1708.

SOURCE: From old register at St. Katherine's Reformed Church, Regents Park, London -

Time of sailing May 6, 1709 - Marie Warambour age 56, daughter 22, sons 24, 23, 19, 17.

SOURCE: Family Charts of Ferree, DuBois & Herr, 1899 & 1913, Jesse A. Landis.

Marie & her group most likely came with Rev. Kotcherthal's 2nd party of emigrants on the ship "Lyon" which landed in New York on the 13th or 14th of June 1710. NOTE: This might be checked from the records of the NYC Huguenot Churh (in Albany?).

Madame Marie Fierre was founder of the Huguenot Colony in Pequa Valley, PA.

SOURCE: Rapp's History of Lancaster Co., p. 119

The monument in the cemetery indicates b. 1653 d. 1716.

The Pequa Valley, when 1st settled was in Chester Co.. At the 1st assessment 1718 it was Conestoga Township. In 1720 West Conestoga Township was formed on the west side of Pequa Creek. Lancaster Co, formed from Chester Co. 1729. Later it became part of Strasburg Township and from there 1843 to present is Paradise Township and from 1843 to present is Paradise Township.

"Philadelphia November 7, 1712 - Received of Maria Warenbuer 20 shillings sterling for 1 year quit rent of land liad out to her at Strasburg in this Province. James Logan, Recvr."


Maria Warenbauer [Marie de la Warenbau, Marie de la Warrembere, Mary Warrenbur] was born about 1650 possibly in France. She died 1716 in Pequea Valley, Lancaster (then Chester) County, Penn. Maria married Daniel Feree, a Descendent of Robert Ferree who in 1265 founded noble family at Forchamps known variously as LeFerre, Ferree, Ferrie, Fuchre, Fierre, Firre and Ferie. Daniel was a wealthy silk manufacturer who located at Landau, France, along Rhine River, where some and perhaps all of his six children were born. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 by French King Louis XIV, the family fled to Strasbourg, Alsace. Later, they moved to Steinwiel, Bittingheim. Daniel was born c.1650 in France and died early 1708 in Bittingheim. After the death of her husband, Maria and Matthias Schliermacher led a group of 54 Huguenot and German Calvinists from the Palatinate, where they were in danger from the soldiers of French King Louis XIV, to Holland and then London. Reaching London in the summer of 1708, she went to see William Penn about buying land in Pennsylvania. Penn arranged for her to have a private audience with Queen Anne, who then recommended the members of the group be given naturalization status. Mme. Ferree's group bought 4,000 acres from Penn in the Pequea Valley in Lancaster County. Ferree family joined party of Rev. Joshua Kocherthal and set sail 10-15-1708 on "The Globe," arriving in New York 12-31-1708. They then went up Hudson River valley to Esopus (Kingston) and nearby New Paltz, site of a Huguenot settlement where some of the group had relatives, including Maria's son-in-law, Isaac Lefevre, two of whose uncles, Simon and Andries Lefevre, had been among the founders of New Paltz, N.Y. They stayed there until the spring of 1712 while their Pennsylvania land was being surveyed. That done, they moved to what became Lancaster County.

Ferree, Mary Warenbuer d1716
Index to Women of the World from Ancient to Modern Times. Biographies and portraits. By Norma Olin Ireland. Westwood, MA: F.W. Faxon Co., 1970. (InWom)
Index to Women of the World from Ancient to Modern Times: A Supplement. By Norma Olin Ireland. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1988. (InWom SUP

SOURCE: Certification Letter of Maria, Daniel Fuehre's widow.

WHEREAS, Maria, Daniel Fuehre's widow, and her son, Daniel Ferie, with his wife and six children, in view of improving their condition and in furtherance of their prosperity, purpose to emigrate from Steinweiler, in the Mayorality of Bittingheim, High Bailiwick Germersheim, via Holland and England, to the island of Pennsylvania, to reside there. They have requested an accredited certificate that they have left the town of Steinweiler with the knowledge of the proper authorities, and have deported themselves, and without cause for censure, and are indebted to no one, and not subject to vassalage, being duly solicited it has been thought proper to grant their petition, declaring that the above named persons are not moving away clandestinely.


That during the time their father, the widow and children resided in this place they behaved themselves so piously and honestly that it would have been highly gratifying to us to see them remain among us; that they are not subject to bodily bondage, the Mayorality not being subject to vassalage. They have also paid for their permission to emigrate. Mr. Fisher, the Mayor of Steinweiler, being expressly interrogated, it has been ascertained that they are not liable for any debts. In witness whereof I have, in the absence of the Counsellor of the Palatinate, etc., signed these presents, and given the same to the persons who intend to emigrate.

J. P. DIETRICH, Court Clerk.
Dated Billingheim, March 10, 1708.

More About M
Burial: Carpenter's Graveyard, Conestoga, Lancaster Co, PA
Ferree Reference No.: 01-001-S
Children of D
2. i.   DANIEL3 FERREE, JR., b. 1677, Lindau, Bavaria; d. August 1762, Paradise Towbship, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.
3. ii.   CATHERINE FERREE, b. March 26, 1679, Landau, France; d. Bet. 1747 - 1749, Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  iii.   JANE FERREE, b. Bet. 1682 - 1687, Lyon, France; d. 1754, Belmont, Lancaster Co., Pa.; m. RICHARD WILLIAM DAVIS, 1715, Pennsylvania; b. WFT Est. 1681-1696, Conestoga Twp. Chester Co Later Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; d. Bef. 1750, Paradise, Lancaster Co, PA.
  Notes for JANE FERREE:
[Global HAL.FTW]

She had an estate probated on 26 Oct 1754 in Lancaster Co, PA. She was married to Richard DAVIS in 1715. Jane FERREE and Richard DAVIS had no known children.

Posted by: Hugh McHarry Date: June 01, 2000 at 12:59:41
of 248

Seeking list of children. This couple said to be ancestors of Davises who lived in Little Cove (Warren Twp.) Franklin (initially part of Cumberland) Co., PA, 1750-s to 1820.

Posted by: Dick Ferree Date: June 07, 2000 at 11:38:50
In Reply to: Jane Ferree md Richard Davis 1715, PA by Hugh McHarry of 248

The Ferree family histories indicate that there were no known offspring from this couple

Posted by: Hugh McHarry Date: June 07, 2000 at 17:18:49
In Reply to: Re: Jane Ferree md Richard Davis 1715, PA by Dick Ferree of 248

Some Davis researchers, with no documentation that I've seen, have them going to what is now Franklin Co., PA, and being parents of some of the many Welsh Run and/or Warren Township (Little Cove) Davises. That was extreme frontier at that time.


"Jane, the youngest daughter, married a Scitch-Irish emigrant by the name of Davis and some of their descendants had that roving and adventurous trait of the Scotch-Irish and emigrated westward, some settling about Fort Duquesne or Pittsburg at the close of the Indian Wars in 1763 and other going farther west to Kentucky. From the Pittsburg family was born a Major Davis who fought with Gen. Jackson in the War of 1812 and whose son, Dr. A. J. Davis, was named by Andrew Jackson himself when traveling through that part of the country."

COMMENT: Although this compiler has not found any children for this couple yet, the above excerpt indicates that maybe someday they might be found to have existed. MIKE SMOKE


The Ferree family histories indicate that there were no known offspring from this couple. but: The book ""Paradise, Our Heritage, Our Home" by Robert C. Denlinger says that because Richard and Jane (Ferree) Davis were "moving on" they sold Jane's portion of the land in Paradise to her brother John. In Philip Ferree's will dated 1753. He leaves his portion of his sister Jane's land to his children.

Burial: Paradise Cemetery, Paradise Twp, Lancaster Co, PA

4. iv.   MARIE CATHERINE 'MARY' FERREE, b. Bet. 1683 - 1685, Rhine Country France; d. Bef. 1745, Lancaster, Lancaster Co, PA.
5. v.   JOHN FERREE, b. Bet. 1685 - 1688, Lyon, France; d. September 1769, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
6. vi.   PHILIP FERREE, b. 1686, Steinweiler, Bittingheim, Palitinate; d. May 19, 1753, Paradise Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.

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