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Christine A. Enright Snyder Family Page

Updated September 25, 2014

Christine A. Enright Snyder
Marlborough, Massachusetts United States

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O'HARA Family: Through this website and findagrave two separate connections have been made with distant O'Hara cousins of mine this year. One is from the Michael O'Hara Jr. family. One is from the James O'Hara family. Both Michael and James were younger brothers to my great grandmother, Elizabeth O'Hara Enright.
DUFFY Family: a further generation has come to light! Daniel Egan and Mary Russell are the parents of Mary Egan. Mary Egan married John Duffy in 1869, and one of their children was our Kieran J. Duffy (1876-1967).
"KIDS OF" - new articles I'm writing about 10 families. The parents & their kids. Began with "KIDS of John Enright & Elizbeth O'Hara, circa mid-19th century." Now working on "KIDS of LOUIS SNYDER & MARY PHILIPPS."
McLAUGHLIN Family: Grave of our ancestors found! Norfolk, CT. ELLEN TOBIN & MICHAEL McLAUGHLIN.
CONNEALLY Family: Searching in Williamstown, County Galway and in Connecticut and Nebraska and found out the names of the parents of our PATRICK (1831-1903) and his brother LUKE... They are THOMAS CONNEALLY and CATHERINE PATTERSON (died circa 1856).
ENRIGHT Family: Searching in Glin County Limerick for records about our Michael Enright and wife Catherine Normile and their 4 children: Tom, Michael, Mary & John Enright in early 1800s.
BRESNAHAN Family: Found both wives and all the children of Patrick Bresnahan of Beverly, Mass. First wife was Elizabeth Billings, second wife was Johanna Hubbard. Children: Mary E., John, Hannah, Helen, Mary E. 2nd, Michael, Maurice, James, William F., and Elizabeth.
BISSON Family: Found that Captain Jonathan & Abigail Gallop Bisson's last child (Anna E. Bisson 1853-1926) had a twin brother, Jonathan Jr. Unfortunately this little guy died at age 4 days. Bless his sweet soul.
MAPLEWOOD CEMETERY in Marlborough, Massachusetts... we're continuing to catalogue all the gravestones with pictures and also info from the U.S. Census...and putting them on
LANG-SNYDER connection: Found on the internet the son of John A. Snyder's cousin, Agnes Lang (married Topolski), Christopher Topolski. Good to share info with relatives, isn't it!
MACKIE: Just when it seems that every bit has been found out about a particular branch, there is another lead. BABY JAMES MACKIE was born and died at 3 months old. Contacted City of Worcester for his record of death. And - wonder of wonders - it was exactly 100 years (almost) exactly from when he died in November of 1909!!

~ 2006 Davis/Mackie info discovered in an estate sale by a lady in a Connecticut antique store. She called me and said she'd send the box of letters and info. But she never did, dang! If you read this, Connecticut lady, please be in touch again. We'd love to see that box back in the family's hands. Thanks.

~Snyder/Schnider (Benken, Switzerland) New Brunswick,NJ & Sayerville, New Jersey.
~Philipps/Kohler (Boxberg, Germany) in Brooklyn
~Duffy/Callaghan (Ireland) Tarrytown, NY
~Enright/O'Hara (Ireland) Pittsfield, MA & Bridgeport, CT
~Mackie/Davis (Scotland) Setauket,NY & Pittsfield,MA
~Dickerson on Long Island, NY
~Quinn/Nolan (Ireland) Canaan, CT
~Conneally/McLaughlin (Ireland) Norfolk,CT & Wallace, Nebraska
~Bisson/Bresnahan/Taylor in Beverly, MA

Family Photos

  • 1930 circa - Kieran and Margaret Callaghan Duffy (36 KB)
    My mother-in-law, Liz Snyder's, parents who were born in Birr, County Offaly, Ireland. Kieran Duffy came over in 1906 through Ellis Island. Margaret Callaghan followed shortly after. They married and settled in North Tarrytown, NY, where he was a gardener on two estates of wealthy folk.
  • 1937 John R. Enright and Anne (Nan) R. Mackie (29 KB)
    My parents wedding day, September 20, 1937, St. Joseph's Church, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
  • 1852 Deborah C. Dickerson & Mary Cleves Davis (106 KB)
    Circa 1852 My gr. gr. grandmother Deborah Cleves Dickerson (married to James Hervey Davis) was born in 1806, died 1887. She is holding her youngest child, Mary Cleves Davis (1848-1932, married J.F.Bates). This is a daguerrotype, one of the earliest forms of photography. I see my own mother's eyes in Deborah. Compare with the photo of Anne(Nan) Mackie on this website. Mary Cleves Davis (Bates) accompanied her sister, Clara Mackie, to Shanghai in 1868. She then returned in 1880 to Setauket Long Island, NY, to a teaching post.
  • 1936 circa - Quinn/Enright/Mackie picnic (94 KB)
    About 1936 or 1937 July 4th picnic,Quinn home in Canaan, Connecticut. Charles Mackie, Tom & Mabel McEnroe, Kate Quinn, John H.Enright, Ben Ball, Nan Mackie, Mary A.C.Enright, Mary Ellen Mackie, (Quinn cousin) Blanche Ball, Natalie T. Enright, Mary Lou, Gus, Margot, & Bob Hardart.
  • 1860 John Enright marriage record (69 KB)
    My great grandparents' April 30, 1860 marriage record in Bridgeport, Conn., John Enright (22) and Elizabeth O'Hara (19).
  • 1950 circa - Anne (Nan) R. Mackie Enright (31 KB)
    My mother, Nan Enright, at a dinner party at our neighbor's,the Baine's. I'm guessing it's about 1950. She was often called "Loretta"(jokingly, but there was a resemblance to Loretta Young). I see those eyes also in her grandmother Clara Davis Mackie and HER mother Deborah Dickerson Davis. Judge for yourself, see their photos on this website.
  • 1887 circa - Patrick Conneally (82 KB)
    (See his sketch below.) My father's maternal grandfather, Patrick Conneally, was born November 1831 at Knockanara house in Williamstown, County Galway, Ireland.
  • 1977 Anne (Nan) Enright weds Lester C. Gustin (16 KB)
    After only 16 years in mourning, my mother doffed her black and married a delightful man (our former neighbor), Gus. Those were the best ten years of her life! We "kids" were so pleased to see how Gus doted on her. She certainly deserved every ounce of his love. And he gave without measure.
  • 1913 circa - John Richard Enright & family (66 KB)
    This is my father, John Richard Enright, the littlest one, born in 1907. His parents: John Henry Enright and Mary Agnes Conneally. Siblings: Natalie, Louise, Robert A., and Marie E. Enright. They lived in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
  • 2009 - Julie & Jay's wedding (51 KB)
    Julie's wedding to Jay Kersting...our family with them: Peter John Emily John Sr & Chris
  • 1876 Kieran J. Duffy was born (18 KB)
    My husband's maternal grandfather was born in the town of Clareen, County Offaly, in the center of Ireland. He emigrated in 1906 on board the ship Cedric to Ellis Island. Settling in North Tarrytown, New York, he was the gardener for the estates of wealthy folk.
  • 1937 Anne (Nan) R. Mackie Enright (91 KB)
    My mother, Anne (Nan) R. Mackie on her wedding day in September 1937, Pittsfield, Mass. to John R. Enright. Her father, Charles Dickerson Mackie, was a florist. Can you tell?
  • 1960 EXTRA EXTRA: Snyders in jail !! (108 KB)
    1960 Atlantic City - My crazy in-laws John A.& Liz Snyder and the ten kids. John A. holding Agnes, Liz, Mary Lou, Sue, Betty, Tom, Jane, Patricia, John L., (seated) Kathy and Andy. I just love this family!
  • 2009 - Chris and grandson Jamie (37 KB)
    2009 Chris and her grandson Jamie at 3 weeks old.
  • 1907 circa - Margaret A. Callaghan [Duffy] (70 KB)
    This is my husband's maternal grandmother. It was taken back in her Irish hometown of Birr, County Offaly. She emigrated in 1908 at the age of 18, so it might have been taken just before this.
  • 1944 August Bob Hardart and French Family WW II (113 KB)
    In the center, standing behind the young man is my first cousin, Bob Hardart, son of Augustin S. & Marie Enright Hardart, was in World War II. He lost his lower right arm and was blinded while saving others. He married his nurse. He was a dear man to me in my teen years, after my dad died. Bob emotionally adopted me, writing to me even through my college days.
  • 2003 Snyder Reunion - all twelve together (76 KB)
    My wonderful in-laws. From the top: Sue, Betty, Mary Lou, John A. & Liz, John L., Kathy, Tom, Andy, Agnes, Patricia, and Jane. This was John and Liz Snyder's 60th anniversary!!
  • 1870 QUINN - Lee, Massachusetts (50 KB)
    The church in which James Quinn and Winifred Nolan were married on 20 February 1870, St. Mary Mother of the Church. Fr. Brennan officiated at their wedding.
  • 1936 circa - MaryA.Conneally Enright (on right) (18 KB)
    My paternal grandmother, daughter of Patrick Conneally and Mary McLaughlin. Mary A. Conneally was born in 1876 in Norfolk, Conn. She married John H. Enright of Pittsfield, Mass. They had five kids: Marie, Robert, Louise, Natalie and John R. Enright. In this photo Mary is holding the hand of her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Anne(Nan)R. Mackie. Also seen are two Hardart kids. This was at a Fourth of July picnic in Canaan, Conn. at the home of Mabel Quinn McEnroe, Nan's aunt.
  • 1951 Chris (me) and Marie E. Enright (McPartlin) (53 KB)
    Little two & a half year old me and my big sister on her First Holy Communion day. This was the same month that my brother, Paul Logan Enright, was born.
  • 1951 The Enrights of Winchester, Massachusetts (56 KB)
    This is my family pretending it's Christmas in July. See the snowman on the mantle. I guess this was for the 1951 Christmas card. John R., Stephen, John C., Marie, Christine, Anne (Nan) holding Paul Logan Enright who was just born in May.
  • 19th c. Our great great uncle Michael Nolan (54 KB)
    Brother to our great great grandfather, Peter Nolan, Michael lived in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He welcomed Peter's daughter Winifred Nolan (Quinn) to this country in 1862.
  • 2003 September - Emily's birthday (85 KB)
    Darling daughter, Emily, on her birthday...wearing the lovely cape her sweet sister made for her.
  • 1937 Mackies & Enrights - my grandparents (58 KB)
    This was taken at my parents' wedding. Two years earlier the same two couples saw another two of their children wed. Thus we have a brother & sister marrying a sister & brother. On left is Charles & Mary Ellen Quinn Mackie. On right is John H. & Mary A. Conneally Enright.
  • 1952 My Dad and two of my brothers (46 KB)
    John R. Enright holding son, Paul Logan Enright, with eldest son on the right, John C. Enright.
  • 2011 April- Snyder Family (129 KB)
    Our family gathered for Nathaniel's baptism. From left: Peter, Emily, Jay, Nate, Julie, Jamie, Rosie, Camilla, and John Jr. Seated: John L. and Chris
  • 2004 Quebec Pilgrimage (92 KB)
    Chris and John Snyder in front of Ste Anne-de-Beaupre Shrine in Quebec. A glorious autumn day to visit my mother's namesake basilica, and what a lovely peaceful place indeed.
  • 2003 New Cousin at Mark Twain's House (48 KB)
    John Boyer, director of the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut, is a third cousin to me (I'm on the right in case you thought I was that cute kid in the middle! That's my son Peter, silly.) We are reviewing our family connections through the mutual great great Conneally grandparent back in 1793 in Ireland.
  • 1960 circa -KIERAN JOSEPH DUFFY (34 KB)
    Kieran Joseph Duffy - my husband's maternal grandfather from County Offaly, Ireland. Settled in Tarrytown (now Sleepy Hollow), New York.
  • 1880 circa - Charles D. Mackie (676 KB)
    My maternal grandfather, Charles Dickerson Mackie, was born in Oakland, California, in 1876. His parents and three older siblings were on their way back from Shanghai to Connecticut. Note the American Flag. He was born in the year of the country's centenniel...that would account for the circle of thirteen stars... maybe. Cute kid, don'tcha think?
  • 2003 Aunt Clarisse (Sr. Beata) Mackie at 102 (42 KB)
    My mother's sister, Clarisse, was born in 1901. She has been a Maryknoll missionary sister for over 80 years. A darling remarkable lady. A definite privilege to know her.
  • 1900 circa -KIERAN JOSEPH DUFFY (40 KB)
    A handsome young man, this grandfather of John L. Snyder.
  • 1997 Us Six Snyders (78 KB)
    Here's me and John and the kids: John Jr., Emily, Peter & Julie in 1997.
  • 1876 AUNT KITTY - birth record (213 KB)
    My maternal great aunt's birth record in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, July 2, 1876, Katherine (spelled with a "C" here) Eliza Quinn. She is the person solely responsible for handing on the "family history bug" to my mother and to me as well. It's been 50 years since she died (April 1963), rest in peace, dear Aunt Kitty.
  • 1671 Ancestor Foulk Davis document (284 KB)
    In 1671 Setauket, Long Island, New York, Foulk Davis was doing some wheeling and dealing of land sales. Now think about it, the pilgrims had only landed 50 years before this. And the first white settlers on Long Island were only in the 1640s. So there were not a heck of a lot of people in this town, yet there they are with a government and transactions recorded so officially. Only thing lacking was a dictionary, for goodness sake, a dictionary!!
  • 1895 MARIA PHILIPPS [SNYDER] first communion (184 KB)
    Maria Philipps born in Brooklyn, NY, to German parents. They returned to Germany about 1884. She came back to US as a teenager, then married Louis Snyder in 1900 in Sayreville, New Jersey.
  • 1879 - McLaughlins in Connecticut (1227 KB)
    Ellen Tobin McLaughlin thought about her dear husband Michael who had died 32 years ago at the height of the Irish Potato Famine to put him on her gravestone in Norfolk, Connecticut. Note they told us where they were from - Derrywode, Templetogher, County Galway.
  • 1846-1924 Winifred Nolan Quinn (93 KB)
    This is my mother's maternal grandmother. She was born in Ballygar, County Roscommon, Ireland. She was missing the last three fingers on her right hand due to a mill accident in Ireland. In 1862 she came over with three cousins. In 1870 she married James Quinn, settling eventually in Canaan, Connecticut.
  • 1887 circa - Mary Ellen Quinn in high school (92 KB)
    Front row second from right is my maternal grandmother, Mary Ellen Quinn (1872-1944). She was asked to be a teacher right out of high school, but she chose to be a telegraph operator in Bridgeport, Connecticut. And glad we are too, for there she met her husband, Charles D. Mackie.
  • 1900 circa - Kate & Mabel Quinn (42 KB)
    Pretty Parasols!! These two sisters, Katherine Eliza and Mabel Winifred Quinn (b. 1876 & 1884), were known as "The Aunts." These great aunts were like grandmothers,emotionally adopting me - piano lessons, manners, slips every Christmas, childcare, trips to Boston, my first drive-in (Peter Pan), saying the rosary with Cardinal Cushing on the radio, and most importantly passing on the family history. I've not forgotten you, dear Aunt Mabel, dear Aunt Kitty.
  • 1882 circa - Kate & Mary Ellen Quinn (29 KB)
    I just love this little photo of my great aunt Kitty (Katherine Eliza Quinn 1876-1963) and my grandmother (Mary Ellen Quinn Mackie 1872-1944). All clothes were handsewn. Mary Ellen, I'm told, had lovely red hair.
  • 1978 John C. Enright, my brother (31 KB)
    My oldest brother, John, turned 40 on this day. We all gathered at our sister, Marie's, in Massachusetts for a day of fun and good cheer with many grandkids and grandparents and happy faces. It's good to think on this. Yes it is. "When I remember bygone days, I think how evening followed morn. So many I love were not yet dead, so many I love were not yet born." (Ogden Nash)
  • 2005 April - Julie Snyder's Oil Painting (26 KB)
    This was my daughter's final for her freshman year's oil painting class. The professor took it in to his class of seniors and said, "THIS is an example of the 'old masters'!" On losing our beloved pope, these words are fitting... "Which is worse? Not having said 'Goodbye,' or not knowing your 'Goodbye' was the last?" ~Julie Anne Snyder
  • 1940 circa - Mackie family (68 KB)
    The Charles D. Mackie family: Gordon, Mabel W.(Rowen), Anne R.(Enright), & Paul L. Mackie. Charles is behind his wife, Mary Ellen Quinn Mackie. This was taken at the Fourth of July picnic at the Quinns' in Canaan, Connecticut. Missing is daughter Clarisse K. (Sr. Mary Beata)Mackie who was stationed in the Philippine Islands as a Maryknoll missionary sister.
  • 1978 Marie McPartlin and Chris Snyder (40 KB)
    My sister, Marie, and I were celebrating a summer gathering at her house on our older brother's 40th birthday.
  • 1814 General Armstrong battle in Azores (43 KB)
    My GrGrGrandfather was on the ship, General Armstrong, being sought by the British and sunk on Faial. John Hewitt Mackie had been impressed by British, jumped ship, helped build the Gen.Armstrong, and sailed until she was wrecked.
  • 2003 Liz & John Snyder's 60th anniversary (45 KB)
    These love birds were wed during WWII in Colorado on an army base (she was a lieutenant nurse, he was a sargeant). Ten kids and 60 years later, still in love.
  • 1884 circa -Ellen (Mother Theophila) Conneally (96 KB)
    "Nellie" (1864-1940)as she was called was Patrick Conneally's daughter. She was my paternal grandmother's sister. As a Franciscan Sister of Allegany, NY, she was the administrator of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in NYC during the 1930s. Her niece, Marie Enright Hardart, would on occasion have her chauffeured back to her motherhouse. In the midst of the depression it must've been great to be out in such a car. It is said she would instruct, "Faster, driver, faster!"
  • 2004 Sr.Beata Mackie & Parachutist Frank Forlini (50 KB)
    My Aunt Clarisse, almost 103 years, is signing the parachute bag of Frank who was with the 11th Airborne Division which rescued her and over 2,000 civilians in the Philippines from 4 years of Japanese captivity back in 1945.
  • 1932 circa - Sr. Beata & niece Judith (38 KB)
    This was taken in Sr. Beata's (Clarisse) Mackie's parents back yard in Pittsfield, Mass. That is the Wendall Hotel behind them. She is with her sister Mabel Rowen's first child, Judith. Looks like a Madonna and Child - what do you think?
  • 1953/1981 - Stella Gustin & Chris Enright (49 KB)
    Stella grew up around the corner from me (witness my fifth birthday party). Decades later we became step-sisters, as our widowed parents (her Dad, my Mom) wed in 1977. Life is surely full of surprises!
  • 1946 Stephen Luke Enright (3 KB)
    My brother in kindergarten, Wyman School, Winchester, Massachusetts.
  • 2006 - my girls visit IRISH cousins (217 KB)
    Julie & Emily were treated royally by their third cousins, Mary Connolly Gornall and Sr. Kathleen Conneally. They visited in the family homestead too at Knockanara House in Williamstown, County Galway.
  • 1868 circa - Clara Davis Mackie (37 KB)
    My maternal grandfather's mom (is that confusing enough?). Clara Davis was born in 1831 in Setauket, Long Island, NY. Her husband, John Hopewell Mackie, was a merchant in Shanghai. In 1868 Clara took her one year old daughter and her sister on a round the world ship trek to China. She had two more children in Shanghai. My grandfather, Charles D. Mackie, was born in Oakland, California, on the return home in 1876. She was quite some lady.
  • 2004 Julie Snyder in Pirates of Penzance (72 KB)
    20 year old Julie is full of life and kickin' up a storm in this Gilbert & Sullivan extravaganza.
  • 1914 circa - James Quinn (1839-1922) (22 KB)
    My maternal great grandfather, Jim Quinn, was born in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland. Surviving the Great Famine of the mid 40s, he arrived in the US in time for the Civil War. Loosing a foot in the Battle of Spotsylvania (May 1864), he crawled a mile in order to not be captured by the enemy. He married Winifred Nolan and eventually became a harness maker in Canaan, Connecticut. In 1913 Jim joined thousands of other soldiers who also fought at Gettysburg for the 50th anniversary of the battle. My mother recalled as a five year old sitting in her grandfather's lap, hiding behind his newspaper from grandmother Quinn. Other times my mother would pinch his wooden leg (foot), and he'd pretend it hurt, "ouch!"
  • 1890 circa - Elizabeth O'Hara Enright (30 KB)
    My gr.grandmother "Betsey O'Hara" emigrated about 1847 to Bridgeport, CT. Married carriage striper John Enright, settled in Pittsfield, MA, had 8 kids.
  • Nan Enright about 1940 (36 KB)
    My mother, Anne (Nan) R. Mackie Enright, was reading to her first child, John C. Enright, and her niece, Natalie C. Mackie. Natalie's brother, Charlie, is in the background. Not a great photo, but it's funny how you can spot each person just by the curls or part in the hair.
  • 19th c.- Michael & Mary Gilligan O'Hara's grave (495 KB)
    This is my paternal great great grandparents buried in Bridgeport, CT. Luckily it tells us where they are from in Ireland, Mullingar, County Westmeath.
  • 2004 Marie & Christine (50 KB)
    My sister, Marie E. Enright McPartlin, and myself at her daughter, Judy's, wedding in May.
  • 2008 Peter (106 KB)
    4 Sept. 2008 - Peter is greatly relieved to have passed the area Council's Eagle Board of Review. Julie and Emily gave him a bloomin' onion. Twice happy.
  • 2009 - Jamie Kersting at just one week old (34 KB)
    Our first grandchild!!

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  • 1831-1903 Patrick Conneally (30 KB)
    (See his photo above.) My great grandfather survived the Great Famine of Ireland, emigrated to NY, settled in Conn., died in Nebraska. Among his offspring is a judge, a haberdasher, a nun and a tomahawked stagecoach driver!

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