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View Tree for Harmon HarrisonHarmon Harrison (b. WFT Est. 1553-1614, d. WFT Est. 1571-1689)

Harmon Harrison (son of John Harrison and Susanna)411, 412 was born WFT Est. 1553-1614413, and died WFT Est. 1571-1689413. He married Sister of Andrew Hill414.

 Includes NotesNotes for Harmon Harrison:
In the book "Colonial Granville County and Its People" by Worth Ray, welearn on page 258 that Harmon Harrison, the son of Susanna, came to Jamestown on Christopher Newport's third voyage in 1608-1609 and did not die of disease. He survived the Indian troubles, probably away from the colony at the time, married and left children.

"This Harmon Harrison is believed to be the immigrant ancestor of Robert Harrison. From Henning's Statutes Vol. 1 P. 84, we learn that the Second Charter to the Treasures & Co. for Virginia erected them into a Corporation and Body Politic and for the futher enlargement and explanation of the privileges of the said company and the First Colony of Virginia. Dated May 23, 1609. Signed 7th of June, 1609. Harmon Harrison was one of the signers." - Page 12 of Christine South Gee's Daniel Family Book. ( This can be crossed referenced on the internet at The Jamestown Society's web page)

"From the Virginia Mag. of Hist. and Biog. P 160 (Swem's Index can furnish the volume number) . According to Capt. John Smith, Haron Harrison came to Virginia in 1609 on Christopher Newports third voyage. He arrived in time to witness Capt. Newport present to Powhatan the red robe and crown sent him by the Virginia Co. of London in 1609 with the subscription of $25, which would have entitled him (Harrison) to some 900 acres of land if he had lived to claim them. There is no proof he ever returned to England. It is mere conjecture that he died in an epicemic of malaria or yellow fever." - Page 12 of Christine South Gee's Daniel Family Book

"From the Virginia Mag. of History and Biog. Vol. 54 P 46, we get the following: 'On his return to the colony the new Governor(Gov. Yardley) found the usual shortage of food and almost his first official act was to send Capt. John Martin in the shallop to trade for corn with the Indians on the Eastern shore. On this expedition, Martin took with him Ensign Harmon Harrison and Ensign Edmund Rossingham, the first of whom may have been his kinsman, while the latter (whose surname was originally Van Rassegham) was Lady Yardley's nephew.' The date of this action is dated 1619 in an article on Capt. John Martin of Brandon on the James by James P. C. Southall. Jan 1946" - Page 12 of Christine South Gee's Daniel Family Book (An investigation is available on the internet detailing a complaint against Capt. Martin is is available to members in the Virginia Colonial Records datatbase by searching for Harmon Harrison within that database. This record only uses the name 'Ensign Harrison).

In his book "The Lost Tribes of North Carolina", Ray Worth quotes General Francis Burton Harrison's article in the Virigina Magazine of History and Biography "Ensign James Harrison lived in Viginia from the time of his arrival in 1618 until his death on March 22, 1682. He first entered Virginia as one of Capt. John Martins 'people' and was sent out by Martin with Ensign Rossingham to trade for corn with the Indians of the Eastern Shore. His wife was Anne Cliff, and after the death of Ensigh James Harrison, his widow Anne (Cliff) Harrison became the wife of the famous Justinian Cooper." Hugh Blair Grisby believed Harmon may have been the father to Benjamin Harrison of the Council.Futher researh is needed to confirm Harmon's survival past 1609. Ray Worth also believed Harmon survived and left children - one of which was Andrew, age 23, who was living in Norfolk in 1638. This would mean Harmon must have been married and had a child in 1615.

" Gen. Fancis Burton Harriosn, Gov. General of the Philippines in the adminstration of Woodrow Wilson, in an article in Vol. 51 P 160 of the Va. Mag. of History and Biog. makes public for the first time in 1942 and abstract o the will of Jeffrey Harrison, proved in London, Dec 17, 1605 in which he mentions his mother, Susanna, and several brothers and sisters. This will of Galfriden (Jeffery) Harrison of London, mariner, proved in London Dec. 17, 1605 says ' To my mother, Susanna Harrison all the money I left in her hands at my departure out of England. To my brothers William, Robert, and Harmon Harrison all my parts of the good ship 'The Guift of God' equally between them. To my brothers Robert and Harmon my clothers, etc.' He mentioins sisters Ann Reynolds and Thomasine Clere". - Page 12 of Christine South Gee's Daniel Family Book

The ship 'The Guift of God' can be cross referenced on the web at "" and will list many voyages she made.

The 'Guift of God is mentioned in Ivor Noel Hume's book "Martin's Hundred" on page 5, 205, and 257. Here we learn the Guift of God left England in 1618 carrying 220 settlers "to populate a 20,000 acre tract, a hundred acres for each share purchased by the London investors. Following the latters instructions, the new Virginians began to build themselves an administrative center to be named Wolstenholme Towne, after the Society'smost prominent shareholder." This puts The Guift of God, which Harmon owned a portion, in Virginia in 1618.

The ship 'The Gift of God' is mentioned in Ivor Noel Hume's book "The Virginia Adventure" as well on pages 113, 118, and 381. Here we learn that the 'Guif of God' was commanded by George Popham was in voyage with the 'Mary and John' and together they carried 120 persons - 65 were to remain in the New World. Because of rumors of an attack by the French from Canada, the 'Gift of God' stayed in Kennebec (the New World settlement) while the "Mary and John sailed to Plymoth, England. She stayed longer than was good for her, leaving on Dec 16 with 50 men and boys. and arriving in Plymoth, England on Feb 7, 1608. The return voyage was commaned by John Elliott [Eliot] who was to be allowed to sell the cargo of the ship when the reached the Azores because the ship could not be fully supplied in Kennebec for the unexpected large number of returning passengers. Any attempt to do so would endanger the remaining settlers - ( one of which was George Popham who did not live until the next ship arrived in the summer of 1608.
On page 380 and 381, we learn that The Virginia Company sent " no fewer than ten ships in April and May 1622. The 130-ton 'Gift of God' arrived in James Towne and was one of only two ships that have been verified as making it across the Atlantic. The 50-ton 'Bonaventure' carrying only 10 passengers was the other.

"Ray (Worth) in his book 'Colonial Granville County and Its People' on page 258 says 'It is the writers deliberate opinion after working for some years on this Harrison family tha Harmon Harrison, son of Susanna, who came to Jamestown on Christopher Newport's third voyage in 1608-1609 did not die of disease, but that he surrvived the Indaian troubles, perhaps form being absent from the colony at the time, that he married, letf children and was the ancestor of a large number of the Harrison fmileis who have been so much trouble to the genealogist for the past hundred years or so'" - Page 12 of Christine South Gee's Daniel Family Book

"From the Robert above (Harmon's brother), Worth Ray, who did a vast amount of work on the Harrison family, says is descended the Richard and Robert Harrison of Queen's Creek in York Co. Virginia, known as the Skinins Harrisons in Burton's book of the same." - Page 12 of Christine South Gee's Daniel Family Book

According to page 257 of Worth Ray's book, Harmon possibly lived in the York County area.

More About Harmon Harrison:
Immigration: Abt. Oct 1608, Jamestown, Virginia.
Record Change: 29 Jan 2003

More About Harmon Harrison and Sister of Andrew Hill:
Marriage: 414

Children of Harmon Harrison and Sister of Andrew Hill are:
  1. +James Harrison.
  2. +John Harrison.
  3. Thomas Harrison.
  4. Andrew Harrison.
  5. Hannah Harrison.
  6. William Harrison.
  7. +Thomasine Harrison.
  8. Elizabeth Harrison.
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