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Descendants of William Young

Generation No. 4

      12. John4 Young (Nathaniel3, William2, William1) was born 1774 in Of, Spartanburg, South Carolina1,2, and died 17 October 1838 in Beech Hill Cemetary, Giles County, Tennessee3,4. He married (1) Nancy Buchanan. He married (2) Nancy Smith Abt. 1797 in South Carolina5,6, daughter of Buckner Smith and Dianna. She was born 1776 in South Carolina7,8, and died 1819 in Beech Hill Cemetery, Giles County, Tennessee9,10.

Notes for John Young:
Source: Giles County Lineage Charts, Young Master Chart, page 724.

Settled Bradshaw, Giles Co. TN ca 1809.

The Young Families of Early Giles County has the following:

John Young [Y1], son of Nathaniel Young of the future Spartanburg County South Carolina, was born in 1774 in the area along the intersection of James Creek and Tyger River. His father died when John was but a boy of about 9, leaving John, his three or four brothers, possibly two sisters, and his mother Patty ___. In 1790 the family was living in the part of the county where the Tyger River crosses the Spartanburg-Union County line. They lived in the James Creek Tyger River neighborhood close to Nathaniel's brother Richard Young. As time went on, John owned land previously held by George Crawford, land next to
his grandfather William Young's land. He married and had the first of his ten children there. His wife was Nancy Smith, one of many children of Buckner Smith and Dianna ____ of nearby Dutchman's Creek. February 1792 deed records (Book F, Page 39) show that Buckner and Dianna sold a 127 acre plantation on Cain Creek near Tyger River to a Benjamin Grist, and in 1795 Buckner bought 126 acres along Dutchman's Creek, which was near the neighborhood of Nathaniel and Richard Young at James Creek. Therefore, John lived a short walk to Buckner's home for a few years prior to when he and Dianna were married.
This couple belonged to the Tyger River Baptist Church (also called Friendship) at the turn of the 19th Century, as did many other local people who are later found in Giles County Tennessee. John and Nancy were probably married there about 1193. This pioneer church was located sixteen miles south east of the town of Spartanburg (almost where the present town of Glenn Springs is today), and about five miles north of where John and Nancy had their home. Nancy was born in 1776, so was about 17 at the time, a common age for a young woman to be married in those days.
On 23 December 1808 John sold his small farm along James Creek to his brother-in-law Archibald Smith. This sale was witnessed by John Holley (probably the husband of John's niece Mary T Young [Y4a]) and by John's father-in-law Buckner Smith. Within a few weeks of this sale, John, Nancy, an their four sons end three daughters moved to Bradshaw Creek in eastern Giles County Tennessee. In March 1812 Archibald Smith sold the farm and also moved to the plush countryside of Giles County, living next door and east of John and Nancy; witnesses of this sale were Richard Young and William Young. Richard was John's uncle, and William was either a cousin or a brother. Although John and family arrived in Giles County in early 1809, there is no record of him owning any land there until 22 February 1814 when he bought 171 acres along Bradshaw Creek from Sanuel Polk of Maury County. And in October 1816 John bought 100 acres along the headwaters of Bradshaw Creek, from Polk, land next to the first purchase. This is today at Beech Hill; the headwaters of Bradshaw Creek," called Little Bradshaw Creek today, runs just west of the home he build there between 1814 and 1816. (See the large picture of Mary Lou "Cissy" Young [Yli3b] at the front of this book.) A witness of the first deed was Nathaniel Young, and the second deed was witnessed by John Young [Ylb], son of John and Nancy. Because John's brother Nathaniel was living nearby in Maury County, it is not known whether witness Nathaniel Young was John's son or brother.
In 1819 Nancy died and was buried in Beech Hill Cemetery just up the hill and west of their home (which was built about 1815, and was still being lived in 170 years later). John then married Mrs Nancy Buchanan, who had a daughter, Mrs Frances T Craven, wife of John Craven. John and Nancy were members of the United Baptist Church of Christ in Giles County, For at least 15 years prior to his death on 17 October 1838, John was a local Justice of the peace. He is buried in Beech Hill Cemetery next to Nancy Smith, the mother of his ten children.

The Tyger River Baptist Church was closely affiliated with Boiling Spring Baptist Church, which was in Union County close to the home of Major Thomas Young. Families of the Tyger River Church from 1801 to 1804 who were also found in Tennessee counties within a few years were: Beard, Golightly, Meadows, Moore, Smith, Willeford, Willis, and Young (John and wife Nancy Smith).
Sixty six acres of the James Creek-Tyger River land was sold by William Young Senr's grandson John Young [Y1], son of Nathaniel, on 23 December 1808 in which the land was described as being "at the northwest corner of a tract of two hundred acres originally granted to George Crawford beginning at said corner on a hickory tree near James Creek." This puts Nathaniel's children next to where William Senr lived.
Buckner Smith, John's father-in-law, and Buckner's wife Diana probably moved to Bradshaw with their son Archibald Smith about 1812. A Charle Moore, a pioneer of Scotch-Irish descent, moved to Spartanburg County from Pennsylvania about 1763 and built his log home 8 miles southeast of the present town of Spartanburg. It would be reasonable to assume that this Charles Moore was the ancestor of most, if not all of the Moores of Spartanburg County into the early 19th Century. (N,55,56,NY,VS,GE,GY, MA,JY,laez,lSwijzytc)

Source: Giles County, TN, Will Abstracts 1815 - 1900, Parker.

Young, John - - - - - - Will written 1837; Wife Nancy: Agreement between John & Nancy that their daughter Frances F. Craven have property she possesses at the time of their marriage. Wife Nancy to have that part of house she now lives in and the clear land her lifetime. At her death that part of house and land to son Archibald Young. The tract of land where the Testor then lived to his sons Spencer & Archibald Young. Property left to wife divided among all his children. Land where John Craven lived to grandson Will A. Young. Children: Dianna, Buckner, Rebecca, Spencer, Martha, Archibald Smith and Nancy Elizabeth wife of John Fuller. Children of Elizabeth Fuller: Martha Ann, Dolphia, Ralph, Archibald and James Fuller. Children of deceased son Nathaniel Young: Caroline, Robert, Nancy, Margaret and Felix Young.

Notes for Nancy Smith:
Source: Giles County Lineage Charts, Young Master Chart, page 726.

Source: Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee, Giles County Historical Society, 1986.

Children of John Young and Nancy Smith are:
+ 29 i.   Nathaniel5 Young, born Abt. 1794; died Bef. 1838.
+ 30 ii.   John Young, Jr., born 1795.
+ 31 iii.   Buckner K. Young, born 1800 in South Carolina; died 1865 in Giles County, Tennessee.
+ 32 iv.   Spencer Young, born 22 November 1804 in South Carolina; died 28 March 1877 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  33 v.   Rebecca Young, born 1805 in Giles County, Tennessee; died 1870 in Collierville, Tennessee. She married Rufus K. Young 1820 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  Notes for Rebecca Young:
Giles County Lineage Book. Indicates she was born 1801 in SC.

IGI TN indicates she was born 1805 in Giles, TN.

  34 vi.   Elizabeth Young, born 1811.
+ 35 vii.   Dianna Young, born 1809 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.
  36 viii.   Martha Young, born 1812 in Giles County, Tennessee.
+ 37 ix.   Archibald Smith Young, born 1814 in Beech Hill, Giles County, Tennessee; died 14 March 1862 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  38 x.   Nancy Elizabeth Young, born 1816 in Giles County, Tennessee. She married John Fuller Bef. 1832.

      13. Joseph4 Young (Nathaniel3, William2, William1) was born 1780 in 96 District, (spartanburg), South Carolina11, and died Aft. 185012. He married (1) Sarah "Sally"12 Bef. 1808 in maybe Spartanburg, South Carolina. She was born 24 January 1776 in South Carolina12, and died 15 July 1857 in Giles County, Tennessee. He married (2) Lucy McKnight 23 December 1858.

Notes for Joseph Young:
The Young Families (updated) has the following information about Joseph Young:

Joseph Young [Y3], son of Nathaniel Young, was born in 1780 or 1781 in 96 District (which became Spartanburg County in 1785) in the South Carolina province. Since census records indicate that Joseph's birth date is very close to the 29 July 1781 birth date of his brother Thomas [Y4], they may have been twins. Joseph moved to Maury County Tennessee with his brother Nathaniel about 1808 and was named with Nathaniel to serve on jury duty in March 1809 in Maury County. See Nathaniel's biography. Joseph moved to Giles County by 1820, and bought 200 acres at Bradshaw in May 1821. He was summoned for jury duty in Giles County in August 1824 and was a farmer. He married Sarah "Sally" _____ by 1808. Since he lived in Maury county about 1808, and there is no record of his marriage in that county, they must have married in Spartanburg County soon before coming to Tennessee. Sally was born 24 January 1786 in South Carolina and died in Giles County on 15 July 1857; she is buried in Center Point Cemetery at Bradshaw, about two miles from the home of Joseph's brother John Young [Y1]. Joseph was a devoted family man; he and his son posted bond as guardians of William A Young [Y1b1], "orphan of John Young deceased" in November 1838. And on 12 September 1857, he gave land and slaves to his two children. On 23 December 1858 Joseph was married (by L D Harwell) to Lucy McKnight. She was born in North Carolina in 1803. Joseph and his new wife Lucy were not found after 1860. Because of his advanced age, Joseph had probably died in the 1860s at Bradshaw where he lived for over forty years. Since his first wife and his brother Thomas are buried in Center Point Cemetery, Joseph was probably also, even though his grave has not been found.

More About Joseph Young:
Occupation: 04 November 1850, Farmer12
Property: 04 November 1850, Owned real estate valued at $100012

More About Sarah "Sally":
Burial: 16 July 1857, Center Point Cemetery, Bradshaw, Tennessee
Children of Joseph Young and Sarah "Sally" are:
+ 39 i.   Sr. William John Sr.5 Young, born 1809 in Giles County, Tennessee; died December 1865 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  40 ii.   Nancy Young, born 1810 in 96th District, (Spartanburg), South Carolina.

      14. Thomas X.4 Young (Nathaniel3, William2, William1)13 was born July 1781 in Of, Spartanburg, South Carolina13, and died 1841 in Giles County, Tennessee13. He married Sarah.

Notes for Thomas X. Young:
Source: 1830 TN census, Giles County, page 141.

List age as 40-49 and indicates he had 19 slaves.

IGI TN indicates will event was 28 Apr 1841 in Giles.

Source: Will of Thomas X. Young, dated 28 Apr 1841 Giles Co., TN, Probate records (G.S. Ser. No. 5627, pp 126 and 127.)

Wife's name could possibly be Martha Joyce married 3/13/1827 and moved to NW AR before 1860.
Children of Thomas Young and Sarah are:
+ 41 i.   Isaac C.5 Young, born 1818 in Giles County, Tennessee.
+ 42 ii.   Joseph W. Young, born 1821 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  43 iii.   Thomas L. Young, died 1843 in Giles County, Tennessee14,15. He married Laticia.
  Notes for Thomas L. Young:
Young, Thomas L. - - - - - Will written 1843; Wife Laticia, negro woman Caroline, negro boy Henry. Negro Adam to be hired out and proceeds given to his sister Martha for her tuition. Wife have carriage, seven hundred dollars in Notes. Thomas T. Young the son of his son Joseph Young, mare and colt. Wife, household & kitchen furniture.
Executor: John C. Young.
Witnesses; john H. Birdsong, Ira E. Brown.

  44 iv.   Sarah Ann Young16.
  45 v.   Martha C. Young16.
+ 46 vi.   John C. Young.
  47 vii.   Mary Young16.
  48 viii.   Dorthy Young16.

      15. Nathaniel4 Young (Nathaniel3, William2, William1) was born 1777 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and died 1845. He married Jemima Young 1799, daughter of Thomas Young and Mary. She was born 1777, and died 1860 in Hickman, Tennessee.

Notes for Nathaniel Young:
Nathaniel Young, was born in 1777 in 96 District South Carolina, in what would become Spartanburg County in 1785. He was about five or six years old when his father was killed in the Revolution, and apparently grew up under the guidance of his uncle Richard Young, who live two doors away. Nathaniel is first found in Spartanburg County when he was chosen to serve on jury duty, in July 1798; this would then place his birth date by July 1777 since he had to be twenty one years old to be chosen. In 1800 he was living close to Nicholas Holley, Francis Beard, Edward Smith, and Millington Smith; this was the James Creek-Tyger River community at the eastern edge of the county where the Tyger River crosses into Union County. Near the end of the 1790s he had married his cousin Jemima Young [Y5a]. She was born in 1771 in the same area as Nathaniel, daughter of Nathaniel's uncle Thomas Young and Mary. About 1805 Nathaniel, Jemima, and their children moved to Greene Lick Creek in Maury County Tennessee, about eight miles west of Columbia on the south side of the Duck River; his brother Joseph moved soon afterwards, for in December 1808 they were part of a team to lay out a road near Columbia, a job they completed by the following May. In 1814 Nathaniel was commissioned as a Captain in the 51st Regiment along the Duck River near Suck Island. Prior to 1812 he and others (Thomas Hudspeth, Aaron Smith, Joseph Choate, Valentine Pauley, Jesse Radford, William Pillow, etc) petitioned the Maury Court for the establishment of a ferry at Suck Island, so they probably all lived in the area, In 1817 there was a movement to discontinue the road to the Suck Island crossing, but residents nearby petitioned the courts to keep the road open. Of those signing, Nathaniel was one. In 1831 he was a Trustee of the Concord Meeting House in Maury County. On 18 April 1845 Nathaniel wrote his will, which was proven on 25 September 1848. His will was witnessed by sons William I Young and George W Young. Jemima died in the 1860s in Hickman County, probably at the home of her son George, with whom she was living in the 1850s and 1860s.

Children of Nathaniel Young and Jemima Young are:
  49 i.   Elizabeth5 Young, born 1799 in South Carolina.
  50 ii.   Boy Young, born 1801 in South Carolina.
  51 iii.   Richard Young, born 1803 in South Carolina.
  52 iv.   Thomas Young, born 1805 in South Carolina or Tennessee.
  53 v.   Nathaniel Young, Jr., born 16 September 1807 in Maury, Tennessee.
  54 vi.   Jonathan Young, born 1810 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  55 vii.   Mary T. Young, born 1811 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  56 viii.   William I. Young, born 1822 in Giles County, Tennessee.
  57 ix.   George W. Young, born 1832 in Giles County, Tennessee.

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