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Ancestors of Erik Dwight SPEED

      36. Isaac SASSO52,53,54, born June 11, 1814 in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies54; died July 04, 1875 in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies55,56. He was the son of 72. Abraham SASSO and 73. Leah ?. He married 37. Leah ?.

      37. Leah ?57,58, born Abt. 1809 in Curacao58; died June 09, 1878 in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies59,60.

More About Isaac SASSO:
Occupation: Sextant
Children of Isaac SASSO and Leah ? are:
  i.   Leah SASSO61,62, born May 10, 183562
  ii.   Abraham I. SASSO63,64, born February 05, 1837 in St. Thomas, West Indies64; died September 10, 1900 in St. Thomas, West Indies65,66; married Leah A. HALMAN; born July 04, 1840 in St. Thomas, West Indies66; died September 12, 1916 in St. Thomas, West Indies67,68.
  More About Abraham I. SASSO:
Occupation: clerk68

  iii.   David I. SASSO68, born Abt. 183868; married Sarah ?; born Abt. 183568.
  iv.   Mordecai I. SASSO69,70, born February 06, 184170; married Rebecca ?; born Abt. 184870.
  18 v.   Jacob I. SASSO, born September 13, 1842 in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies; died Bef. 1901; met Charlotte E. HUTCHINSON.
  vi.   Moses SASSO71,72, born October 1844 in St. Thomas, West Indies72; died August 25, 1878 in St. Thomas, West Indies73,74
  vii.   Esther SASSO75,76, born December 25, 184676
  Notes for Esther SASSO:


  viii.   Sarah SASSO77,78, born December 25, 184678
  Notes for Sarah SASSO:


      40. Henry WILLIAMS, born 1796 in Connecticut; died September 16, 1835 in Shanesville, Sugarcreek Twp., Tuscarawas County, Ohio. He was the son of 80. Honerable William Williams. He married 41. Sarah GRAY November 21, 1822 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio79,80.

      41. Sarah GRAY, born Abt. 1803 in New Hampton County, Pennsylvania; died April 25, 1886.

Notes for Henry WILLIAMS:
Shanesville First Reformed Cemetery - off Rt. 93, west of intersection of 93 and 39, north on Crestview Drive at old church site.

1830 Ohio Census showed:
<5: 1
5-10: 2
30-40: 1

<5: 1
20-30: 1

1820 Ohio census showed:
<10: 2
10-16: 1
26-45: 1

<10: 2
10-16: 1

1821 Tuscarawas Chronicle advertisement: H. Williams informs the public that he continues to carry on his business as a chair-maker in his new house on High Street. He has just "purchased the patent right of a newly invented spinning-wheel, and made a number on the new plan, which has been highly approved of by those who purchased them."

Moved from CT to West Moreland County, Pennsylvania

More About Henry WILLIAMS:
Burial: Shanesville First Reformed Cemetery81
Military service: Soldier, War of 1812
Occupation: Abt. 1820, Merchant82

  Notes for Sarah GRAY:
Did Henry die when she was young and she move in with (marry?) a John Gray, the head of household in 1840 Ohio Census - Tuscarawas Co, New Phil. Twp.
Children of Henry WILLIAMS and Sarah GRAY are:
  i.   Napoleon WILLIAMS, born Abt. 1816; died 1889.
  ii.   Frank P. WILLIAMS, born Bet. 1817 - 1826; died December 20, 1895.
  iii.   Elizabeth WILLIAMS, born Abt. 1826; died 1848.
  iv.   John WILLIAMS, born Bet. 1826 - 1836; died February 17, 1896.
  20 v.   George G. WILLIAMS, born April 25, 1836 in Ohio; died October 21, 1887; married (1) Mary A. Engler?; married (2) Delia ENGLER December 27, 1857.

      44. Andrew MORRISON83, born 1800 in Ireland; died July 18, 1877 in Ohio. He was the son of 88. James MORRISON and 89. Jane SCOTT. He married 45. Martha DUNLAP October 11, 1832 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

      45. Martha DUNLAP, born Abt. 1811 in Ireland; died July 18, 1887 in McConnellsville, Ohio. She was the daughter of 90. Alexander DUNLAP and 91. Jane MARTIN.

More About Andrew MORRISON:
Occupation: 1870, Farmer84

More About Martha DUNLAP:
Burial: New Hagerstown, Ohio
Children of Andrew MORRISON and Martha DUNLAP are:
  i.   John James MORRISON, born February 11, 1834.
  More About John James MORRISON:
Occupation: 1860, Teacher

  ii.   Mary Ann Jane MORRISON, born May 29, 1836.
  22 iii.   William Alexander MORRISON, born June 29, 1838 in Carroll County, Ohio; died September 16, 1900 in Ohio; married Amanda M. LAPPIN December 15, 1865 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
  iv.   Joseph Porter MORRISON, born March 27, 1841.
  v.   Martha Elizabeth MORRISON, born December 01, 1843.
  More About Martha Elizabeth MORRISON:
Occupation: Schoolteacher

  vi.   Sarah Margaret MORRISON, born July 02, 1846.
  More About Sarah Margaret MORRISON:
Occupation: Schoolteacher

  vii.   Isabella Cust MORRISON, born October 06, 1848.
  viii.   Robert Algeo Rowley MORRISON, born October 13, 1850.

      46. Israel Shrieve LAPPIN, born May 05, 1801 in Fayette, Pennsylvania; died March 22, 1888 in Tuscawaras County, Ohio. He was the son of 92. Samuel LAPPIN and 93. Nancy Gary. He married 47. Sarah MCGRAIL December 09, 1824 in Of Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh85.

      47. Sarah MCGRAIL, born June 30, 1806 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania; died September 23, 1872 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas County, Ohio. She was the daughter of 94. John MCGRAIL and 95. Mary BLACKBURN.

Notes for Israel Shrieve LAPPIN:
History of Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Warner, Beers & Co., 1884

JUDGE ISRAEL SHRIEVE LAPPIN, retired farmer, P.O. New Cumberland,
was born May 5, 1801, in Fayette County, Penn.; son of Samuel and Nancy
(Gary) Lappin. Samuel Lappin came with his family to what is now Warren
Township, June 18, 1805, and endured the hardships of pioneer life when
Steubenville was the nearest general market and milling place. The paternal
grandfather of our subject was of Irish extraction, lived in New Jersey and
participated in the Revolutionary struggle. Israel S. was raised on his
father's farm, attended the primitive schools of his day, and, excepting
the time spent in learning the carpenter's trade at Richmond, Ohio, was at
home until his marriage, December 9, 1824, with Miss Sarah, daughter of
John and Mary McGrail, formerly of Westmoreland County, Penn. Mr. Lappin
settled in Warren Township, and has ever since remained its worthy citizen.
His mother died May 29, 1831; his father, October 6, 1832, in his
eighty-seventh year. They were honest, industrious people, and had the
respect of the best society of Tuscarawas County. Israel worked two years
at his trade. He was then a merchant at New Cumberland fourteen years,
after which he returned to the farm. He was twice elected Justice of the
Peace, but was obliged, from pressing business engagements, to resign
during his second term. Without effort on his part, he was elected
Associate Judge of the county, and served fourteen years. He has also been
a Notary Public for fifteen years. To Judge and Mrs. Lappin were born
eleven children, three of whom, Naomi, Adeline and Mary (wife of Daniel
Miller) are deceased; the living are Finley, Ann (widow of Enoch Fribley),
Addison, Silas, Amanda (wife of William Morrison, of Cleveland), Anderson,
Margaret and Hamline C. Mrs. Lappin died September 23, 1872, aged sixty-six
years. She had been an affectionate wife and a wise and loving mother, and
her loss was deeply felt and mourned by her many friends. Judge Lappin is a
Democrat, but retains the privilege of independent thought in political
affairs. He has always been foremost in the support of matters of public
welfare, and is one of the most honored citizens of Tuscarawas County.

Page 666 -Warren Township was formed March 31, 1819, from all that part of
Tuscarawas County included in Township 15, Range 7, and the west half of
Township 14, Range 6. It was thus six miles in width north and south, and
nine in length east and west. This land had previously formed a part of One
Leg Township. When Carroll County was organized in 1832, two-thirds of
Warren Township, as then constituted, became the territory of the new
county, leaving but eighteen square miles of the township in Tuscarawas
County. This tract was too small to maintain an organization, and Warren
must either acquire new territory or be dismembered. Through the efforts of
JUDGE ISRAEL LAPPIN and others, the Commissioners ceded to the shattered
township a strip half a mile in width, two and one-half sections, from the
eastern part of Fairfield, and one and a half sections from the north east
corner of Goshen. The original eighteen sections belong to the seven
ranges; the first survey made in the State, and the four sections,
afterward acquired, form a part of the United Stated Military District
Congress land.

Page 548 Fairfield Township - Savana was the title of a town plat which was
surveyed by Thomas King, surveyor, for Edward Ogden, David McConnell and
Israel S. Lappin, the proprietors, June 12, 1834. It was located west of
the river near the Ohio Canal. The plat contained thirty-nine lots,
regularly and systematically laid out, with streets and alleys intervening,
but it came to naught.

Page 671 - The following Justices have served in Warren Township: Israel S.
Lappin, 1831; Israel Lappin, 1834, resigned 1835;

Page 669, 670 Warren Township - New Cumberland was laid out by Philip Suter
in May, 1826, on the northwest quarter of Section 29. The plat included
thirty-two lots, each three perches in width and twelve in length, sixteen
of them fronting on Main street, which extends east and west, and sixteen
on Cross street, extending north and south. James Meek, in 1841, made an
addition of ten lots east of South Cross street; and, in 1847, John suter
made an addition of twenty lots on East Main street. Shortly before making
the plat Mr. Suter induced SAMUEL LAPPIN, JR., to open a store on the site
of the village. John Black a wagon maker, built the first house, and kept
the first tavern. His residence here, however, was very brief, for the Ohio
Canal, then building through Bolivar, attracted him thither, with the
prospect of more work. ISRAEL S. LAPPIN erected the next dwelling,
designing to follow the avocation of house-carpenter and cabinet-maker. His
brother Samuel, however, dying in 1827, Israel abandoned his craft at the
solicitation of friends and took charge of the store, continuing a merchant
of the little village fourteen years.
Children of Israel LAPPIN and Sarah MCGRAIL are:
  i.   Finley LAPPIN, born November 13, 1825 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died October 08, 1898; married Sarah A. HAMMOND; born December 31, 1818; died December 29, 1896.
  ii.   Ann LAPPIN, born June 26, 1828 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died June 11, 1910; married Enoch FRIBLEY; born December 31, 1820; died 1880.
  iii.   Addison Wood LAPPIN, born September 29, 1830 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died April 06, 1900 in Vigo County, Indiana; married Martha ARBUCKLE; born Abt. 1840; died August 24, 1895.
  iv.   Silas W. LAPPIN, born April 15, 1832 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died June 14, 1913; married Hannah MILLS.
  Notes for Hannah MILLS:

MISS SARAH MILLS, New Cumberland, was born May 5, 1814, near
Magnolia, in Carroll County, Ohio, and is a daughter of Hugh and Mary A.
(Hibbet) Downning. They were natives of Virginia, but came to Ohio when
they were young, and were married there in 1813. Theirs was the first
marriage in Stark County. Capt. James Downning, paternal grandfather of our
subject was a famous Indian scout and experienced many narrow escapes. He
was commander in the celebrated fight on the Big Sandy, and took part in
several other sharp skirmishes with the redskins. Her maternal grandfather,
James Hibbet, was the first Justice of the Peace in what was then called
Sandy Township. Mr. Downing died in 1855. Mrs. Downing died in 1881, in her
eighty-seventh year. Our subject was united in marriage, July 8, 1834, with
Jonathan Mills, born October 15, 1813. He was a son of Thomas and Hannah
Mills, natives of Washington County, Penn., and who came at an early day to
this county. Their family numbered twelve children -Hugh; Hannah, wife of
SILAS LAPPIN (deceased); Thomas; Israel; James D.; Dyas M., who was killed
by an Indian in Colorado; Josephine, wife of Hamilton Fry; Margaret,
deceased; William S.; Jonathan, deceased; and Robert L., deceased. Mr.
Mills represented this county in the Legislature in 1855 and 1856, being
elected by the Republican party. He served his constituents faithfully and
well, and remained true to the principle of freedom and justice. He
departed this life November 13, 1869. He had been a pious member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, and was a local preacher of much ability. He
acquired a large and well improved farm. Two of his sons, Israel and James,
served their country bravely in the late war of the rebellion. Mrs. Mills
still lives on the home place. Her children, grandchildren and
great-grandchildren make a large company. She is a member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church.

  v.   Mary M. LAPPIN, born December 04, 1833 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died January 08, 1859; married D.S. MILLER.
  vi.   Naomi LAPPIN, born November 30, 1836 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died March 12, 1842.
  vii.   Wm. LAPPIN, born November 16, 1837.
  23 viii.   Amanda M. LAPPIN, born July 06, 1839 in Ohio; died March 21, 1920 in Ohio; married William Alexander MORRISON December 15, 1865 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
  ix.   Adaline O. LAPPIN, born April 12, 1841 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died December 11, 1842.
  x.   Anderson LAPPIN, born July 14, 1843 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died April 22, 1916.
  xi.   Margaret M. LAPPIN, born April 22, 1848 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died November 28, 1920; married Jonathan J. FERRALL November 15, 1890; born in Lima, Ohio.
  xii.   Hamline Chaney LAPPIN, born November 16, 1851 in Warren Twp., Tuscarawas, Oh; died July 06, 1913.

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