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Susan Curley's Genealogy Page

Updated May 18, 2008

Long Beach, NY --- >
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
A-United States

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I am attempting to piece together my entire family tree and have my results so far displayed on this site. This research includes my Italian mother's side (YOSCO - originally IOSCO/IOSCA), as well as my Irish father's side (CURLEY). I've included many photos below, but for some reason, I cannot control the order in which they appear, so I apologize to my relatives if the families are mixed together! :}12/14/00: *Update* Hopefully soon I will have more info on my Curley side, thanks to the valiant efforts of a Mr. Pat Curley of Dublin, Ireland!!* (thanks, buddy!) :}1/12/01: *Update* I just received an email from Kieran Curley, my 2nd cousin/once removed, from Athlone! He's given me the names of my great-great-grandparents, Thomas Curley & Hannah Cunniffe! He's also sent me 3 pics of his family, which I'm posting to the site.3/06/01: *Update* Thanks to my Aunt Marie, I've corrected the name of my great-great-grandmother from Mary to MARGARET. She also informed me that my great-grandmother, Ellen, was born in Ballymakeen in Co. Cork. 3/13/01: *Update* I've added a link to & where there's any index of ALL the individuals in my tree so far. Also, I've corrected some info on my SCADUTO line thanks to my Aunt Diane Montagnino-Anderson. :)3/17/01: *Update* I've just added 2 new pics from Kieran Curley: 1 of the old house in Athlone & 1 of our relatives in the late 1960s. 3/26/01: *Update* I've just received information from the church in Athlone & have now corrected my gggrandmother's name from Hanna to Hanora. I also now know her parents & Thomas Curley's parents ggggrandparents!! I also have just added 2 previously unknown siblings to my gggrandfather, Brigid & Eleanor Curley!! :}4/4/01: *Update* I've just posted new info on my YOSCO family that I discovered at the Municipal Archives in Manhattan. Hope to visit there again soon to find more on them & my other lines! 7/25/01: *Update* Thanks to Mr. Joe Laraia, I now have confirmation that Dominick Yosco, my maternal great-great-grandfather's name was really Domenico Iosco!! Joe located all of the birth records for his children born in Castelmezzano, Italy. We never knew that my great-grandfather even had siblings!! Thanks so much, Joe! :}9/22/01: *Update* Added a new GEDCOM tree that includes only MY relatives (none of my husband's) for easier viewing.12/10/01: *Update* Just spoke with Tom SOLDO, son of Eleanor YOSCO, my Grandfather's sister! He has filled in a lot of information & has many pictures of the family, which he promises to share with me! I look forward to speaking with his brother, Anthony, tomorrow for even more details! :)6/12/02: *Update* Thanks to my cousin, Joanne Curley-Saxer, we just had a family reunion this past weekend. I met many of the people from my tree that I hadn't met before! Thanks to all of them for sharing stories, information, and pictures with me! I am in the process of putting it all together for posting on this site! :)8/15/03: *Update* Recovering from the sweltering heat due to the Blackout in NY! Posting new lines in my Italian side to cheer myself up! :P8/27/03: *Update* Just added pics of some of my Great-Grandfather's sheet music!7/9/04: *Update* My cousin Kieran Curley from Dublin came to Long Beach to meet my family!!! So exciting to meet a long-lost branch of the Curley clan! Will post pics soon! :)9/15/04: *Update* Well...thanks to AerLingus's $200 rountrip fare, I will be spending my birthday in IRELAND!!! 140 days from now -- can not wait!! Looking forward to spending time with cousin Kieran & his family, not to mention my 'cousin' Pat Curley & his clan! :) 2/13/05: *Update* Back from meeting Kieran's family, including the Kiveneys!! What a great bunch of people! Thanks to you ALL for showing me such hospitality!! pics to come...11/24/05: *Update* New pic of the Curleys at the farm in Newtownflood! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Family Photos

  • "I Miss You" songsheet (751 KB)
    written by Bob Yosco & George Lyons circa 1922
  • The Scaduto Family...1932 (241 KB)
    Here's my maternal grandmother's family: Anthony, Michael, Geraldine, Marguerite, & their parents, Josephine & Ignatius Scaduto in August of 1932.
  • "Margarita" songsheet (190 KB)
    written by Bob Yosco & George Lyons circa 1912
  • More twins: Robert Jr. & Rose Yosco 1921 (307 KB)
    Here's my maternal Grandfather with his twin sister on their Confirmation day circa 1921.
  • "Tony the Cowboy Whop" songsheet (54 KB)
    written by Goetz, music by Bob Yosco & George Lyons (not very 'PC' but I'm sure it wasn't meant to be derogatory!)
  • Castelmezzano, Italy (138 KB)
    Here's a shot of the mountainside town of Castelmezzano in the Basilicata region of Italy where my IOSCO family originated
  • Curley Cousins from Dublin (3)... (131 KB)
    Last of 3 pics...
  • Rose Lauria-Yosco with her son, Robert circa 1912 (188 KB)
    Here's my maternal great-grandmother, Rose, with my grandfather standing under a peach tree in their yard in Brooklyn. (It's unbelievable to me that Brooklyn had farm land like this!! ;)
  • "Spaghetti Rag" songsheet (158 KB)
    written by Bob Yosco & George Lyons circa 1910 - perhaps their most famous piece
  • My 15 seconds of fame.... (1613 KB)
    Here's a clipping from the my hometown paper on the day I was born. I was the 100,000th patient at the local hospital & all of the local merchants dedicated their ads to me & sent me gifts!
  • Robert Yosco, Jr. with Jimmy Patterson circa 1931. (181 KB)
    Here's my maternal Grandfather in his Pennsylvania Military College sweater with his nephew, Jimmy, who was too shy to look at the camera. :)
  • "Mardi Gras Rag" songsheet (165 KB)
    written by Bob Yosco & George Lyons - unsure of date
  • Me...35 long years ago.... (248 KB)
    on my actual *birth*day...pretty cute, huh? ;}
  • Robert J. Yosco, Sr. (305 KB)
    Here's my maternal great-grandfather on the road with his Vaudeville buddies on their way to Salt Lake City. (He's seated 2nd from right)
  • Josephine Montagnino-Scaduto (1932) (123 KB)
    Here's another picture of my maternal great-grandmother...
  • My Paternal Grandmother ... (662 KB)
    Here's a pic of my Grandmother, Helen Harrington, & her sister, Marguerite, on either their Communion or Confirmation Day. (I've left it uncropped because it's interesting - it's thick cardboard & was broken at one point.)
  • Rose "Moozie" Yosco... (264 KB)
    Here's my maternal Grandfather's twin sister Rose, whom he called "Moozie." She mysteriously died not too long after this was taken. This picture's in bad shape, but it's interesting to see the fashions back then!
  • 1840 Castelmezzano Marriage 1 (337 KB)
    One of the 2 documents I need help deciphering - marriage between Lorenzo IOSCA and Maria Emanuela LAULETTA.
  • My Paternal Great-Grandparents...1950 (221 KB)
    Here are Kieran Sr. & Agnes (Nash) Curley in 1950 on their 50th Wedding Anniversary...
  • Here's some people I'm hoping to identify... (424 KB)
    These people may have been involved in Vaudeville with my maternal Great-Grandfather & I'm hoping someone recognizes them. Either that, or they're relatives since my Grandfather held onto their pictures for all these years. (note that the 1st man in a hat has been identified as Dominick Yosco since I 1st posted this.)
  • My maternal Great-Grand Aunt & Uncle...1988 (195 KB)
    Here's my mom with Mary Montagnino-Gandolfo & Tony Montagnino in 1988.
  • Vaudeville's "Blossom Seeley"... (252 KB)
    Here's a portrait of a woman whom my maternal great-grandfather, Bob YOSCO, knew from Vaudeville. (She's not related, but I thought it was a really interesting pic to share!) :}
  • My Dad with his sister & 2 of his brothers ... (125 KB)
    From left to right: Bill, John, Eileen, & Tom Curley
  • My Aunt, sister, & Grandmother... (111 KB)
    Here's my Aunt Eileen, my sister Tricia, and my Grandmother, Helen Curley in her home in Brooklyn circa 1970.
  • My Paternal Grandaunt.... (222 KB)
    Here's a pic of my Grandaunt, Mary Curley-Foley. (I don't know who she's holding, but she's in my Grandmother's yard on East 38th Street in Brooklyn, NY.)
  • Here's my Dad & his family... (173 KB)
    Here's my Grandmother, Helen, Grandfather, Kieran, Aunt Eileen, Uncle Joseph, my Dad, Tom, Uncle Billy, & Uncle Johnny on vacation somewhere...
  • 1840 Castelmezzano Marriage 2 (372 KB)
    #2 of the 2 documents I need help deciphering - marriage between Lorenzo IOSCA and Maria Emanuela LAULETTA. Thanks for your help!!
  • Ancestors of Robert J. Yosco, Jr. (333 KB)
    Here is a tree documenting the ancestral line I've discovered through my research of the vital records of Castelmezzano, Italy. Seems that there is a common ancestor in my Grandfather's paternal & maternal lines...(unknown) Genzano, circa 1800. I have to wait to get in contact with the town itself, as the records the LDS has filmed only goes back to 1809!
  • Bob Yosco, Sr... (281 KB)
    Here's my maternal great-grandfather at the beach....(nice suit, huh?!)
  • Robert Yosco & Rose Lauria's 1896 Marriage Cert... (235 KB)
    Here's a copy of my ggrandparent's marriage certificate from 1896 New York City.
  • Bob Yosco, Sr. (337 KB)
    Here's another pic of my maternal great-grandfather in his yard in Brooklyn.
  • The Curley clan in Newtownflood... (807 KB)
    This picture was just sent to me by my cousin, Kieran. Apparently it's come a long way--his/our cousin, Mary Frances Kiveney, of Australia brought it to Ireland recently! Here's the run down...Back Row: Patrick Curley(cousin Kieran's father, whom I met this year), Tommy Curley, Ellen Curley, Patrick Curley (my great-grandfather Kieran's brother), Mary Curley (Crilly) Front Row: Elizabeth Curley (Kiveney), John Curley
  • Tom Curley & Pat Yosco in August 1967... (28 KB)
    Here's my parents a month before their wedding at my mother's surprise bridal shower.
  • Bob Yosco, Sr.'s New York Times Obituary (19 KB)
    Here's my paternal great-grandfather's obituary from the New York Times in 1942. They did a great job describing his Vaudeville act!
  • The Scaduto children...1928 (275 KB)
    Anthony, Michael, Geraldine, & my maternal grandmother, Marguerite Scaduto in 1928.
  • My Paternal Grandmother & my Mom... (30 KB)
    Here's my Mom, Pat Yosco, with her then soon-to-be-mother-in-law, Helen Harrington-Curley, at her bridal shower in August 1967...
  • Peter Nulty & Marie Curley... (48 KB)
    Here's a picture of my wonderful Uncle Pete with my Aunt Marie on their way to their High School prom in Brooklyn. (You can see my Grandmother, Helen, in the background smiling!) :}
  • Here's my Dad's Army portrait... (477 KB)
    Thomas V. Curley...
  • Robert Jr. with Rose... (281 KB)
    Here's my maternal grandfather & his twin sister at Christmas...(but that old-time-Santa looks a bit scary!) :P
  • Here's my Uncle Bill & my Dad, Tom Curley... (106 KB)
    My Dad & his twin brother, Bill, standing in their yard on East 38th Street in Brooklyn... (not sure if it's their graduation or confirmation)
  • Here's my paternal Grandfather.... (146 KB)
    Here's a pic of my Grandfather, Kieran Curley, Jr. (my Grandmother had written "Daddy" on the front...)
  • Here's another pic of my Dad... (718 KB)
    I think it might be his Confirmation or Graduation...
  • Rev. Michael J. Curley (190 KB)
    Here's a picture of my 1st cousin, twice removed. He was a RC Priest who wrote a book in 1952 about Bishop John Neumann, the 4th Bishop of Philadelphia.
  • The Curley "Ancestral Home" in Athlone... :} (259 KB)
    Here's a pic of Patrick Curley, Jr., my grandfather's 1st cousin, standing in front of the old house in Newtownflood. The house was originally an old schoolhouse owned by a couple named Hanrahan who were the teachers. The house was reconstructed in 1937. (thx to KC for details)
  • Pat Farrell with the Curley/Kiveney family (140 KB)
    Here's my grandfather's 1st cousin, Pat Farrell with the Curleys of Athlone. L->R: Elizabeth Curley-Kiveney, Pat Farrell, Ellen Gunning-Curley, Kathleen Mara-Curley, John Curley, John Kiveney. Front: Tommy Curley & John Kiveney Pic was taken in late '60s when Pat visited Ireland. (thx to KC for pic)
  • "Macaroni Joe" songsheet (71 KB)
    written by Bob Yosco & George Lyons circa 1912
  • Michelangelo Montagnino (25 KB)
    Here's my maternal great-great grandfather dated July 6,1952 in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Kieran J. Curley, Senior (40 KB)
    Here's a picture of my paternal great-grandfather, Kieran Curley, pictured with my father, Thomas Curley (left) & his twin brother, William in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Robert J. Yosco, Jr._Sept. 1939 (79 KB)
    Here's a picture of my maternal grandfather dated September of 1939 in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Robert J. Yosco, Jr. and Marguerite Scaduto_1940 (22 KB)
    Here's a picture of my maternal Grandfather & Grandmother on the beach in 1940, a year before they were married.
  • Robert J. Yosco, Jr. circa 1928 (358 KB)
    Here's my maternal grandfather in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper @ 1928. He was a very popular football player when he was in New Utrecht High School and also when he transferred to St. John's High School in September 1926.
  • St. John's High School Varsity Football Team 1928 (255 KB)
    Here's a picture of my maternal grandfather, Robert Yosco, Jr., with his teammates in 1928. (He's the one in the center.)
  • St. John's High School Varsity Baseball Team 1929 (115 KB)
    My maternal grandfather, Robert Yosco, Jr., with his baseball team in 1929. (He's pictured in the lower left-hand corner - 2nd person kneeling in 2nd row.)
  • Kieran Curley & Helen Harrington Curley (45 KB)
    My paternal Grandparent's wedding portrait on Sept. 3, 1933.
  • May Yosco-Patterson... (207 KB)
    Here's a picture of my Grandfather's sister, May.
  • My maternal gggrandparents with my Aunt Diane (33 KB)
    Here is a picture of my great-great-grandparents, Vita Geraldi-Montagnino & Michelangelo Montagnino with my Aunt Diane on her wedding day in 1957.
  • Robert Jr, & his mother, Rose_1946 (44 KB)
    Here is my Grandfather, Robert Yosco Jr with his mother, Rose Lauria-Yosco in 1946
  • Robert J. Yosco, Jr. - 12/07/1928 (89 KB)
    Here's another picture of my maternal Grandfather from a newspaper dated Decemer 7, 1928.
  • Robert J. Yosco, Senior caricature (1914) (349 KB)
    Here's a caricature of my maternal great-grandfather and his parter, George Lyons, featured in the New York Evening Journal on September 1,1914. (I know it's not a great pic, but I think it's cool!)
  • Robert J. Yosco, Jr. (1929) (315 KB)
    Here's yet another newspaper article & picture of my maternal Grandfather. Here he's receiving a football award from The Daily Mirror for scoring the highest individual number of points. (They misspelled his last name as YosKo in the caption, but corrected it in the article.)
  • Josephine Montagnino-Scaduto (1955) (30 KB)
    Here's a picture of my maternal great-grandmother, Josephine Montagnino-Scaduto, taken in Brooklyn, NY in August 1955.
  • Tom Curley in 1956 (15 KB)
    Here's my Dad when he was 18!
  • Tom Curley in 1948 (15 KB)
    Here's my Dad at age nephew, Tommy (also), looks so much like him here!
  • Robert III & Patricia Yosco in 1952 (48 KB)
    Here's a pic of my Uncle Bobby & my Mom when she was niece, Patricia (also), looks so much like her here!
  • Tom & Pat Curley circa 1967 (42 KB)
    Here's my mother & father right around the time they were married...
  • Peter Lauria's first wife, Anna M Price in 1909 (319 KB)
    Here's a pic of my great-granduncle, Peter's, first wife & mother of his only son, Anna M. Price-Lauria. Great suit, huh?
  • My Great-Grandmother & Grandfather...1952 (10 KB)
    Rose Lauria-Yosco with her son, Robert Jr. on June 10, 1952. (I know the pic is fuzzy, but I haven't been able to improve it thus far! :)
  • Helen, Eileen, & Kieran Curley... (24 KB)
    Here's a pic of my grandmother, Helen, my Aunt Eileen, & my grandfather, Kieran. I'm not sure if the other girl is my Aunt Marie or not, & I've no idea who the other people are (yet).
  • The Yosco & Patterson families...1951 (13 KB)
    (L-R) Harry Patterson (Papadapolous), May Yosco-Patterson, Rose Lauria-Yosco, Bob Yosco, Jr, Bob Yosco, III, Patricia Yosco, (unknown), & Margaret Yosco on Christmas 1951.
  • Dominic Yosco (aka Domenico Iosco) (63 KB)
    Here's a pic of my Great-Great-Grandfather, Dominick Yosco. I originally had him listed in my "unidentified people" pic, but my Uncle Bobby has identified him! I recently found proof that the name had originally been IOSCO & was changed when Domenico & his family immigrated to NY from Castelmezzano, Italy!
  • The Yoscos & Andersons... (21 KB)
    (L-R) Diane Montagnino-Anderson, Bob Anderson, Margaret Scaduto-Yosco, Patricia Yosco, Bob Yosco Jr, Pat Yosco, Bob Yosco III
  • Patricia & Margaret Yosco in 1956... (58 KB)
    Here's a pic of my mother at age 11 with her mother, Margaret.
  • Rose & Robert Yosco circa 1921 (46 KB)
    Here is my Grandfather with his twin sister on the lawn of their Brooklyn home.
  • Curley Cousins from Dublin... (110 KB)
    Here's one of the pics Kieran Curley sent me of his family. (I'm not sure who's who yet, but I'll update this when he informs me.)
  • Rose & May Yosco w/Unidentified People... (43 KB)
    Here's my ggrandmother, Rose-Lauria Yosco, and her daughter, May, with some people I need help identifying! Please email me if anyone looks familiar! :)
  • Curley Cousins from Dublin (2)... (108 KB)
    Another pic of the family in Ireland.
  • May, Bob Sr, Lily & Rose Yosco (in bkgrd) (39 KB)
    Here's my ggrandfather sitting on his porch on 79th St. in Brooklyn with 2 of his daughters. (His wife Rose is standing in the background.)
  • 4 Generations of Montagnino women... (25 KB)
    Vita Geraldi-Montagnino, Josephine Montagnino-Scaduto, Margaret Scaduto-Yosco, Diane Montagnino
  • Helen, Marguerite, & Richard Harrington...1908 (52 KB)
    Here's a pic of my grandmother, Helen, her brother, Richard, & her sister, Marguerite, circa 1908. Thanks to cousin Helen McGarrity Zipfel for sharing this pic with me!!
  • My Grandfather & us circa 1980... (32 KB)
    Posting another picture in memory of my beloved Grandfather, since we lost him 22 years ago today.
  • "The Road For You & Me" songsheet (505 KB)
    written by Bob Yosco & George Lyons, circa 1917

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