While searching records for Provincial Georgia and counties after the Revolution, many lineages of Stanley were found.


King George of England as a Trustee of the Georgia Colony appointed James Stanley, Eleventh Earl of Derby, in 1732. He died without heirs.


The first recorded Stanley in Georgia was Joseph Stanley, who came here with General Oglethorpe in 1733. The Abstracts of Colonial Georgia indicates his land holdings and prominence as a citizen. He embarked for Georgia on November 6, 1732, at the age of forty-five. He arrived in Savannah in February 1733. There he received a land grant of Lot #21 in the City, which he cleared and used. In 1756, he was granted one hundred acres near Savannah and one hundred acres on the Little Ogeechee River. In 1758 he was granted another town lot in Savannah. His wife, Elizabeth, was a public midwife who came to the Colony at the age of thirty‑five. She returned to England in October 1736.


Joseph Stanley left by his Last Will all his property to his friend Sam Elbert. He died in 1771. The Will is recorded in Colonial Will Book A, page 427. Button Gwinnett and William Greene witnessed the Will.


From the Reconstructed Census of 1790:


·        ·        John and Michael Stanley, Chatham Co. tax digests 1790.


·        ·        Shade Stanley. Capt. McCavy's Company, Washington Co.,

State Militia muster roll, 1793; tax digest, 1791.


·        ·        Stephen Stanley. Washington Co., State Militia muster roll of 1793. Member of a "Troop of Cavalry of the Upper Regiment of Washington County Militia under Captain Carson." Ref: Georgia Military Affairs, V. 2, Part 1, page 71.


·        ·        Samuel Stanley. Listed in Augusta Chronicle, 1794


·        ·        Thomas Stanley. Bought land in Greene Co., 1786, 1789.


Early Wills in Georgia list the names of:


·        ·        James Stanley, 1794, Columbia County. Colonial Will Book A, page 44. He left all possessions to his "loving aunt, Ann Wall." Three hundred acres, one milk cow and one sorrel colt.


·        ·        Martin Stanley, 1823, Jasper County. Will Book MR 4‑H, 1. Jesse and Felix Stanley were appointed administrators. Listed in the Will were three minor daughters: Elizabeth, Polly, and Kathryn.


Martin Stanley was born about 1772 in Johnston County, North Carolina. Benjamin and James Stanley also resided in Johnston County. By 1806 Martin was a charter member of White Plains Baptist Church in Greene County, Georgia. He purchased land in Jasper County, Georgia in 1809. He was a charter member of the Shady Dale Baptist Church in Jasper County. His wife, Mary, was born in North Carolina about 1776.


·        ·        Sherwood Stanley, 1838, Henry County. His wife, Sarah, was the administratrix of the estate. See “Greene County” listing.


·        ·        Samuel Stanley, 1846, Hancock County. Will Book MR Q, 248. He married Martha Brown in 1821 in Hancock County. The 1850 Census enumerates the following:


Martha Stanley     age 46        born in Georgia

Samuel B.              21                 GA

Jonathan               19                 GA

William R.             16                 GA

Moses                  14                 GA

Adeline                10                 GA

Harriett               12                 GA

Doctor                  9                 GA

Nancy                   6                 GA


Also listed in the Hancock County census of 1850 was


Spirus Stanley     age 55        born in  North Carolina

Nancy                  35                 NC

Jeremiah B.            19                 NC

John G.                17                 NC

Sarah A.               17                 Georgia

Fred E. B.             15                 GA

Martha A. E.           11                 GA

Sarah J.               10                 GA

Samuel                  8                 GA

William H.              4                 GA

Jacob M. B.             1                 GA



From Revolutionary War pension files an older Spirus Stanley is identified:


Standly, Spirus, North Carolina Line, S1726, soldier was born 08 May 1764 I Old Dobbs County, NC. He lived in Hanover County, NC at enlistment and he lived there until 1818 when he moved to Greene County, Georgia. He lived in Greene County for one year then moved to Alabama for five years. Then he moved to Shelby County, Tennessee where he made application for pension on  19 October 1832.


Georgia’s Roster of the Revolution included the following entries.  The Harvey List, an alphabetical list of Georgia’s Revolutionary soldiers is also cited.


Page 169.               Stanley, Shadrack          Lieutenant


Page 429. Stanley, Shadrack. Certificate of Elijah Clarke, Colonel, February 2, 1784. Petitioner prays bounty in Washington County (Georgia). Desiring to remove from South Carolina to Georgia. He also prays headright for self and six in family in  Washington County.


Claims Against South Carolina paid for military service included the following:


No. 573. Issued the 27th of April 1785, to Mr. Shadrack Stanley, for two Pounds, two Shillings & ten pence, farthing Sterling, for 36 days Military Duty in 1782. Account audited.


This Shadrack Stanley served under Colonel Elijah Clarke for about a month during 1782, service being in South Carolina.  A brief summary of the skirmishes and battles Elijah Clarke’s men fought follows.


Elijah Clarke was born in Edgecomb County, South Carolina.  In 1774 he moved into Wilkes County, Georgia, where he served as a Colonel in the Georgia Militia. He served at times under Pickens.  He served as Brigadier General of the Militia 1781-1783.


Battles involving Elijah Clarke’s regiment:

·        ·        Alligator Creek, 1778. South Carolina.

·        ·        Kettle Creek, 1779.  Located at present day Elijah Clarke State Park near Lincolnton, Georgia. Shared credit with Pickens for victory. Also serving under Clarke at this battle were brothers Charles and Dempsey Jordan.

·        ·        Musgrove Mill, 8/1780. Wounded and had narrow escape. Located in Union-Laurens area of South Carolina.

·        ·        Fishdam and Blackstocks, 10/1780. Located in Chester, SC.

·        ·        Long Cane, 12/12/1780. Wounded. Located in McCormick, SC.

·        ·        Beattie’s Mill. 3/23/1781. Defeated British leader Dunlap. Located in Abbeville, SC.

·        ·        First Siege of Augusta, Georgia, 1780. American forces were repulsed and retreated into Wilkes County, GA.

·        ·        Second Siege of Augusta, Georgia, 1781. American forces were victorious leading to removal of the British from Georgia until the end of the war. Also serving under Clarke at this battle were Charles Jordan, Sr. and his sons, Charles and Dempsey Jordan.  During this engagement Charles Jordan, Sr. was killed.


The earliest tax records held by the Georgia State Archive are listed in the Index to Georgia Tax Digests and Hudson’s Wilkes County Tax Lists and include the following:


1785:     Shadrick Stanley, Washington County. Capt.

     Thompson’s District, paying tax on 287 plus acres

     of second quality land.


Charles Jordan, Wilkes County. 100 acres.

Zachariah Jordan, Wilkes County. 700 acres.

Jacob Jordan is listed immediately after Zachariah with no indication of acreage.

Dempsey Jordan, Wilkes County. 250 acres.


1786:     Charles Jordan, Wilkes County. 100 acres.

          Jacob Jordan, Wilkes County. 605 acres.

          Nathan Jordan, Wilkes County. 605 acres.


1787:     Charles Jordan, Wilkes County. 200 acres.


1789:    Thomas Stanley, Greene County. Capt. Wm.

         Verdiman’s District. He paid taxes on 338 acres of

         second quality land and 100 acres of third quality

         land. The note for thee 1791 entry states” Return

         for Thomas Standley by Thomas Terrell, Trustee.” 


         Thomas Standley was listed paying taxes in 1793,

         1801 and 1802. Thomas Stanley (note spelling) paid

         tax in 1792, 1794, 1795, 1801 and 1804.


            Sands Stanley, Washington County



1791 - 1792: 


Nathan Jordan, Wilkes County.  150 acres on

Savannah river.

                                    Charles Jordan, Wilkes County. 200 acres on

Cherokee Creek.

              Jacob Jordan, Wilkes County.  750 acres on

                   Cherokee Creek.


     1797      John Stanley, Greene County


1801:    Stephen Stanley, Greene County

         Sherwood Stanley, Greene County

         Isaac Stanley, Greene County

         Thomas Stanley, Wilkes County

         Dempsey Stanley, Jackson County

         Thomas Stanley, Franklin County

         Jordan Stanley, Lincoln County

         Shadrach Stanley, Lincoln County


Thomas Stanley was the only Stanley listed among those with Headrights Grants in the State of Franklin prior to 1796. That was the year Franklin was divided and Jackson County was formed. Further research has indicated this was the same man who Married Unity Crew in North Carolina.


During the mid‑1700s the King of England, through the Royal Governor, made land grants in the Colony.


District / Township     Parish (1758-77)   County (1777)

Dist. Of Augusta        St. Paul           Richmond

Dist. Of Halifax        St. George         Burke

Dist. Of Ogeechee

     (above Canoochee R.)St. Philip        Effingham

Dist. Of Ogeechee

     (below Canoochee R.)St. Philip        Chatham

Dist. Of Darien              St. Andrew         Liberty

Town of Savannah        Christ Church      Chatham


Among those receiving grants were:


·        ·        Charles Jordan, 1766. 400 acres in St. Paul Parish. His presence in the Colony is traced at least to 1754 when he signed a bill of sale in Augusta. Again in 1774 he signed a petition which was written in protest to a pamphlet produced at Savannah that spoke against the King, Lords and Commons. Plat Book C, page 87. Grant Book I, page 184.


·        ·        John Stanley, 1770. 200 acres in St. Paul Parish. Plat Book C, page 340. No grant was recorded. Two additional documents give information. In March 1714 John Stanley married Elizabeth Wall in Northumberland County, Virginia. Later in 1794 there was a Will recorded at Appling, Columbia County, by James Stanley who left his possessions to his Aunt Ann Wall. Perhaps James was a son to John.


·        ·        William Stanley, 1774. 400 acres in St. Paul Parish. Plat Book C, page 356. Grant Book M, page 729. He left no Last Will. John and Charlotte Sutherland administered his estate in 1786. Note Richmond County Deeds. Charlotte was probably his daughter.



Wilkes County tax digest of 1785, listed Captain Thompson’s District [1785 QQ].  Among the names are ALFORD, JACKSON, Captain John CAIN, MOORE, VEASEY, John Comer PEEKE.


Shadrick Standley was listed as paying tax on 287.5 acres in Washington County. District QQ lay west of the Ogeechee River and south of the South Fork thereof, but east of the ‘Temporary Line’ considered by surveyors and residents of both Washington County and Wilkes County to be the boundary between the two counties. The area of this district was put into Greene and Washington counties over the protest of many residents when Green County was created 03 February 1786.  Wilkes lost parts of other districts at that time, but Captain Thompson’s was the only complete district taken from Wilkes.  For continuation of tax records for those residents found in this district in 1785, see early tax records for Greene County beginning 1788 (particularly districts commanded by Captains Alexander, Cain, Benjamin Gilbert, Michael Gilbert and Thompson), and for Hancock County beginning in 1794.  There are no early extant tax records for Washington County.


The 1800 Census of Lincoln County was reconstructed from tax digests, which enumerate the following:


·                                                                         ·                                                                         Jordan Stanley     (1801)  Poll defaulter                                              Dist. F, #116

·                                           ·                                           Shadrach Stanley (1800) Poll Tax  Dist. F, #31

·                                           ·                                           Shadrach Stanley (1801) Poll Tax  Dist. F,  #68

·                                           ·                                           Charles Jordan   (1800)           Dist. GD, #7

                           (100 acres on Cherokee Creek)


District F encompassed land in 1801 bounded on the east by the Savannah River and extending westward to include the Lincoln Courthouse (Lincolnton).  On the north it was bounded by District CF. Both Districts F and CF included taxpayers reporting land on the waters of Mill Creek (identified on State Highway Department County map of 1965 as Murray Creek). On the South District D bound it, and both Districts F and D reported taxpayers on the waters of Well’s Creek.  Most of the taxpayers in District F reported land on Soap Creek. District F was reduced in size in 1806/1807 when District DF was formed from the lower portion of District F and the upper portion of District D. Barksdale’s Ferry crossed the Savannah River into District F at a point approximately midway between the mouths of Mill Creek and Soap Creek.

District G included lands in the southwest corner of the county, bounded on the south by Little River and on the west by the Wilkes County line.  On the east, District GD bound it, and both Districts G and GD included taxpayers reporting land on waters of Gray’s Creek. The boundary on the north has not been ascertained, but it would appear that Grave’s Mountain (previously known as Lloyd’s Mountain) was included in District G. Most of the taxpayers resident in this district reported land on Lloyd’s Creek.  Residents of this district in 1801 who had lived there prior to 1796 in the area south and west of Lloyd’s Creek will be found in District H of earlier Wilkes County tax digests.


The 1805 Tax Digests listed the following in Tattnall County:


·                    ·                    Benjamin Stanley

·                    ·                    Jesse Stanley


·     ·     Sands Stanley (Also Henry County Bounty Land Grant, 1824, 202 acres. Died in Tattnall County, 1826. Jesse and wife, Hannah, were administrators of his estate.)


·                    ·                    Shadrach Stanley


Also the following were listed


·                    ·                    Sha_d Stanley Jackson County

·                    ·                    Jordan Stanley   Jackson County

·                    ·                    Ezekiel Stanley   Greene County

·                    ·                    Sherwood Stanley  Greene County

·                    ·                    John Stanley  Jefferson County


And the 1810 Tax Digests listed:


·        ·        James Stanley      McKinney District, Jackson County

·        ·        Jordan Stanley     McKinney District, Jackson County


McKinney's tax district was located between the present cities of Jefferson and Braselton, near the Mulberry River, in Jackson County, Georgia.


The area set aside in Georgia for the bounty grants was in the south end of old Franklin County and the north end of Washington County.  Today the area is occupied by Oconee, Oglethorpe and Greene counties, and lies between the Oconee and Appalachee rivers.  It is important to note that many Georgia bounty land warrantees qualified in more than one class.


The Act of 25 February 1784 increased the amounts of the grants. A Private in the militia, for example, might have received a certificate entitling him to 250 acres. His warrant, however, was issued for 287.5 acres.


Grants awarded in 1784 included:


Name               From      Rank      Date          Acres

Standley, Sand     GA        _____     21 April 1784 1000

Stanley, Dempsey   GA        _____     19 July 1784  287.5

Stanley, John      GA        _____     21 April 1784 200

Stanley, Shadrack  GA        _____     _______       250


Grants awarded also included:


Grantee            Location      Book/Page     Acres     Year

Standley, Ader     Wilkes        III/184       100       1785

Standley, Dempsey  Greene        CCCCC/680     75        1800

Stanley, Dempsey   Washington    TTT/616       50        1790

Stanley, Joseph    Savannah      B/20          Town Lot  1758

                   Savannah      A/622         100       1756


                   Ogeechee      A/623         100       1756

Stanley, Robert    Tattnall      R-5/530       342       1835

Standley, Sands    Montgomery    K-5/717       200       1816

                   Montgomery    K-5/718       200       1816

                   Tattnall      K-5/962       900       1816

                   Tattnall      Q-5/176       100       1830

                   Washington    OOO/382       196       1787

Stanley, Sands     Washington    YYY/465       200       1793

                   Washington    WWWW/543      287.5     1796

Standley, Shadrack Montgomery    F-5/46        500       1807

                   Washington    RRR/97        150       1788

Stanley, Shadrack  Washington    TTT/451       50        1790

                   Tattnall      Y-5/1395      603       1854

Standley, Thomas   Franklin      SSS/579       850       1789

Standley, Wiley    Liberty       W-5/846       350       1850

Stanley, Wiley     Liberty       Y-5/1121      517       1854

Stanley, William   St. Paul      M/728         400       1774     



Warrantees filed petitions in 1784 and included:


·        ·        Dempsey Jordan. 250 acres in Washington County. Served under Col. Elijah Clark.


·        ·        Samuel Jordan. #1114, 287.5 acres in Franklin County. Served under Col. Elijah Clark.

·        ·        Charles Jordan. #1247, 250 acres in Washington County. Served under Col. Elijah Clarke.

·        ·        Dempsey Stanley. #1051, 250 acres in Washington County. Served under Col. Elijah Clarke.

·        ·        John Stanley. Petitioned 4/21/1784 in Washington County, “ On Reserve for twelve months.” Served under Col. Elijah Clarke.

·        ·        Sands Stanley. Petitioned 4/21/1784 in Washington County, “ On Reserve for twelve months.” 1000 acres. Served under Col. Elijah Clarke.

·        ·        Shadrack Stanley. #1221, 277 acres in Washington County, “ On Reserve for twelve months.” Served under Col. Elijah Clarke.



The Index to Headrights and Grants in Georgia and Washington County Georgia Land Warrants 1784-1787, Heritage Papers, Athens, Georgia. 


·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          Shadrach Stanley 1786                Washington County, 100 ac

                                Headright Warrant

                        1788    Washington County, 150 acres

1790                     1790                     Washington County

                   1807    Montgomery County

1817                     1817                     Tattnall County

·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          Sands Stanley 1786  Washington County, 150 ac

                           Headright Grant

·                                                                                           ·                                                                                           Thomas Stanley 1789  Franklin County, 850 acres

                           Greene County, 287 acres

·                                                                                           ·                                                                                           Dempsey Stanley 1790 Washington County, 50 acres

                   1800    Greene County, 75 acres

                   1819    Bulloch County, 250 acres



     Records of Washington County, Georgia, Lamar and Rothstein, Gen. Pub. Co. Inc. Baltimore, 1985, lists Shadrack Stanley (1788) and Sands Stanley (1787) as Revolutionary soldiers.


     Extant Surveyor's records show:


October 6, 1789   Stanley, Sams

April 1, 1793     Stanley, Sams




Georgia Genealogical Magazine (GGM) 1969 lists


Bill of sale to Sands Stanley of Washington County from Stephen Powell for slave.            January 7, 1792


Bill of sale to Sands Stanley of Washington County from James Herring for slave.            March 13, 1793


Deed to Sands Stanley of Washington County for 200 acres on Big Ohoopee Creek. June 19,1793


Researching the lineage of Dempsey Stanley it was learned that the man who resided in Washington County in 1790 was probably the father of the man in Bulloch County. The 1850 Census of Bulloch County listed Dempsey Stanley at sixty‑six years old ‑born about 1784 ‑ stating he was born in Georgia. In

1850 his wife was listed as Mary, at age 47, born in Georgia. They were married in Bulloch County in 1815. Records at Statesboro indicate that a Dempsey Stanley was present there in 1816, proved by a registered cattle brand in that year.


The Land Lottery of 1820 produced the following records:


P = Prize          B = Blank


·                   ·                   Jesse Stanley                    Tattnall County P

     Drew 202.5 acres in Baldwin County

·                     ·                     Robert Stanley                  Tattnall County B

·                     ·                     Shadrach Stanley                Tattnall County B    B

·                     ·                     Martin Stanley                  Hancock County  B    B

·                     ·                     Sherwood Stanley                Greene County   B    B   



·                     ·                     James Stanley                   Elbert County   P

     Drew 202.5 acres in Wilkinson County

·                     ·                     Jordan Stanley                           Jackson County     B      B



Particularly interesting is the Census enumeration in 1850 for James C. Stanley in Jackson County. He lived in the area of

Jefferson, Georgia. He listed his State of birth as Tennessee.


James C. Stanley       age 39   Merchant

Mary Ann                   34   born in Georgia


The Jackson County land deed records indicate at least eight transactions wherein James C. Stanley is the seller of property between 1838 and 1859. In 1854 he was listed as a Juror on the Gwinnett County Inferior Court (Flannigan). In 1857 he is listed as having sold 300 acres in Hall County to John and Lobetha Mathews.


In the 1870 Census, he listed his State of birth as Ohio. He lived in he Pondfork District of Jackson County.


James C. Stanley  age 59   born in Ohio

Mary Ann              54          Georgia

Mary                  18          GA

Ann                   16          GA

James C.              14          GA

Robert                11          GA

Julius                 8          GA

Nancy                  2          GA


James C. Stanley died before 1880.The Census for 1880

listed his family in the Auburn area of Gwinnett County:


Mary Ann          age 64

James                 26          Farmer

Ann                   24

      Alice                       18


This record indicated that all persons were born in Georgia.


James C. Stanley, Jr. was married to Martha Harvil in Gwinnett County in 1885. Their gravesites are located at Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Winder, Georgia. He was called ‘Cal’.




Information gathered from records at Athens in Clarke County offer more clues than answers. The appearance of this Stanley family at an early date indicates a migration path to the north and west from earlier settlement in Washington/ Greene county areas. The following sparse records were gathered in Clarke County, the Georgia State Archive, and from descendants of Ezekiel Stanley.


The 1820 Census index listed both Ezekiel and Thomas Stanley. However, searching that record did not reveal an enumeration for the family of Thomas Stanley.


1820 Census record for Ezekiel Stanley


One male      over 16 years

one male      over 48 years

one female    between 16 and 26 years

one female    over 48 years


The land deeds show that he purchased property in 1814 from Sally and Edward Taylor; in 1817 from Thomas Skates; and, in 1821 from E. W. Taylor. He sold his property in Clarke County in 1821 to Peter Mosely and William Weatherly.


Evidence is shown later, under “Greene County,” that this man was the same Ezekiel Stanley of Greene County who was father of Ezekiel, Jr. and Sherwood Stanley. He was also the father of Thomas Stanley, below.


Thomas W. Stanley was listed in the 1830 Census. Land deeds show that he purchased property in 1824 from Thomas Shepherd; and in 1826 from George Mays, Duke Hamilton and Edward Hamilton as trustees of an estate. Thomas Stanley sold his property here in 1833 to Isaac Vincent and Zadock Cook. 'Thomas moved to LaGrange about 1830, where he started the first women's college. He was a farmer, teacher and minister.


     Thomas Stanley was married first to Peggy _____ and second

to Ellen Ramsey who was mother of his sons. Thomas Stanley was

father to two sons, Thomas and Marcellus. Marcellus Stanley is

listed in Clarke County as performing several land transaction is the mid‑1800s. He was listed in the Walker County Census of 1850.





Marcellus Stanley  age 24   Teacher  born in Georgia

Julia              age 15            born in Georgia


In 1890 the Clarke County property of Marcellus Stanley was sold by his heirs: Thomas P. Stanley, Julia Stanley and Sarah Stanley.


From the family Bible of a descendant, which was found at the State Archive: Marcellus, son of Reverend Thomas W. and Ellen Stanley, was born in Athens 1824.


Marcellus married Julia A. F. Pope

Children of Marcellus and Julia were:

Thomas Pope Stanley

Hugh Smiley Stanley

Burwell Stanley


The naming of his heirs in the 1890 land transactions indicate that Hugh and Burwell Stanley either died at a young age, or moved‑away.


The records researched in Clarke County did not resolve this

lineage.  Information received concerning the lineage of

Ezekiel Stanley (See Greene County) provided the best answers.





The following information is taken from History of Clayton County Georgia 1821‑1983; and, All Known Cemeteries in Clayton County Georgia. Ancestors Unlimited, Inc., Genealogical Society of Clayton County, compiled them.


Page             Listing


94            Deacons received at Tanner's Church included John


95            "John Stanley and Benjamin Owen, both were

              excellent type of the true gentleman and

              citizen and Christian.”

96            Included as having held office of Clerk of Tanner

              Church was L. 0. Stanley, 1925‑1929

              J. D. Stanley married Missouri Vasti Bartlett, who

              was born 1862.


From the Forest Grove Baptist Church:


Estell Stanley    3/21/1892 to 4/30/1894

        Son of J. D. and M. V. Stanley


Missouri V. Stanley    1/11/1862 to 5/2/1942  "Mother”


From the Forest Park City Cemetery:


David J. Stanley  1884 ‑ 1885

         Son of J. D. and S. F. Stanley


Edna may Stanley       1897 ‑ 1915


Mrs. F. E. Stanley     1838 ‑ 1899


Hester Stanley         1895 ‑ 1912


James Monroe Stanley, Jr.  1862 ‑ 1944


John Stanley      1813 ‑ 1888   'Age 75'

         "Was a member of the Baptist Church 42 years

         and a deacon for 38 years''


John D. Stanley   1860 ‑ 1912


Louis Stanley     1887 ‑ 1888

         Son of J. M. and M. J. Stanley



Louisa McElroy Stanley 1861 ‑ 1928

        Wife of James Monroe Stanley


Marion Stanley    1857 ‑ 1894        "Father'


Martha Stanley    1816 ‑ 1897   "Age 8111

         "Wife of John Stanley. Member of the

         Baptist Church 51 years."


The indication from these grave inscriptions indicate that this line of Stanley moved into the Forest Park are circa 1840.







The following information about the Stanley family in Greene County was compiled using materials such census records, estate and deed records, and county tax digests. Also, information was gathered from the History of Greene County, a family Bible owned by Mrs. Ruth Stanley Irby, family history as told by Ray Parker 1914, and a family listing prepared by Elias Parker about 1920.


Indians who lived, hunted and fished, all along the Oconee and Ogeechee Rivers at one time inhabited the land that is now Greene County. In 1773, the Cherokee, Creek and Chickasaw Indian Chiefs, signed a treaty in which they granted 2 million acres of land to Georgia. Settlers from Virginia and a group of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians from North Carolina settled in the forks of the upper Ogeechee River and called their settlement
Bethany. This was the first settlement of what would later become Greene County.

On February 3, 1786, Greene County was organized; being cut

from the northern part of what was originally Washington County. The county name and the county seat, Greensboro, were both named for Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene, who lived only a few months after this honor was bestowed him.

The first record of a Stanley in Greene County was a land transaction dated 1786. In that year, Thomas Stanley purchased a tract of 287.5 acres from Thomas Johnson and his wife, Agnes. Johnson had drawn the land as bounty for his Revolutionary War service. Later, in 1789, Thomas Stanley made a second land purchase in the county. There is no evidence that Thomas Stanley was related to Ezekiel Stanley, the subject of this chapter.


There was, however, a Thomas Stanley listed as owning property in 1826 in Clarke County. That Thomas was a traveling preacher who performed several marriages in Greene County during the 1820s. This Thomas was a son of Ezekiel Stanley, Sr.


The earliest record of Ezekiel Stanley in Greene County was a tax digest listing in 1788.


The following Tax Records were found at Duke University by Ivan Maurer of Decatur, Alabama. It appears that at some time these records were going to be destroyed. However, someone decided they should be save. Hence, they ended up at Duke University.


1788     Ezekiel Stanley    Capt. Alexander's Dist.

                            Oconee land below the mouth

                   of Appalachee River. No property

                            tax. 5 shilling personal tax.


1789     Thomas Stanley     Capt. Melton's Dist

                            287 1/2 acres.


1793     Ezekiel Stanley    Capt. Sanson's Dist. 287 acres

                            adjoining Isaac Jackson.

                            Also in Washington County, on

                            waters of Buff Creek. 500 acres


1797     Dempsey Stanley    Adjoins Gresham on Oconee

                            River, 222 acres

1799     Sherwood Stanley   Greene County

         Dempsey Stanley    Greene County


1799     Stephen Stanley   Capt. Melton's Dist. 145

         Isaac Stanley     Capt. Melton's Dist. 145


1800     Sherwood Stanley   Sold 55 acres to Henry Harper

                            on Appalachee and Reserve Fork


1801     Stephen Stanley    and wife, Elizabeth, sold 75

                            acres to Newman Pound on the

                            Oconee River


1809     Sherwood Stanley   Capt. Watt's Dist.

                            Also on Oconee River in

                            Wilkinson County, 202 acres

                            And Baldwin County, 202 acres


         Ezekiel Stanley    Capt. Watt, defaulter


1810     Ezekiel Stanley    Greene and Wilkinson counties


Sherwood Stanley   Greene and Wilkinson counties


1812     Captain Watt's District, Greene and Wilkinson


Sherwood Stanley   Greene Co. 87 acres on

                     Appalachee River

                  Wilkinson Co. 202 acres on

                     Oconee River

                  Hancock Co. 70 acres, S. Bone




Ezekiel Stanley    Greene Co. 173 acres,

                     Greenbrier Creek

                   Wilkinson Co. 202 acres,

                     B. Creek District


1813     Lewis Stanley     Wilkinson Co. Dist # 149. On

                                    B. Creek

1814     Lewis Stanley     Wilkinson Co. Dist # 149. On

                                    B. Creek

         Sherwood Stanley       Greene County

         Ezekiel Stanley        Greene County

         Ezekiel Stanley, Jr.  Greene County


1815     Ezekiel Stanley    Dist # 149 on Ocmulgee River


         Lewis Stanley      Wilkinson Co. 202 acres on

                               B. Creek

                            Greene Co. 173 acres on

                               Greenbrier Creek


         Sherwood Stanley   Greene Co. 173 acres on

                               Greenbrier Creek

                            Wilkinson Co. 172 acres on

Oconee River


Ezekiel Stanley         Greene County, Dist # 149

                  Houston County

                  Telmonroe County


         Sherwood Stanley        Greene County

                  Montgomery County

                  Hancock County


         Lewis Stanley           Greene County, Greenbrier Creek


1824     Ezekiel Stanley         Greene Co., Dist # 149

                            Greene Co. Greenbrier Creek

                              81 and 87 acres

                            Monroe Co. Dist. 97, 202 acres

                            Houston Co. Dist. 19, 202 acres

Appling Co. Dist. 143, 490 acres


    Sherwood Stanley        Greene Co. 280 acres on

                              Appalachee River


    Lewis Stanley           Greene Co. 157 acres on

                              Greenbrier Creek


1825     Abner Stanley           Greene Co. Dist # 145

    Lewis Stanley           Greene Co. Dist # 145

    Sherwood Stanley        Greene Co. Dist # 145

    Ezekiel L. Stanley      Greene Co. Dist # 145


    Ezekiel Stanley         Greene Co.

                            Pike Co.

                            Houston Co.

                            Dooley Co.


    Ezekiel Stanley         Greene Co., Dist # 145

                            Lee County


    Abner Stanley           Greene County

    Sherwood Stanley        deceased, Greene Co., widow

                     Martha Stanley


1829     Ezekiel Stanley        Lee Co., 202 acres


Martha Stanley          Executrix of Sherwood Stanley

                            Greene Co. 280 acres

                            Lee County, 202 acres

                            Lee County, 202 acres


Abner Stanley           Greene County


By 1834 there were no more listing for the name of Stanley within the records found at Duke University.


In the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery, both Ezekiel and Sherwood Stanley participated as residents of Greene County. Neither man drew a 'prize'.


In the 1807 Georgia Lottery, those listed as eligible to participate from Green County, Capt. Butler's district, were:


·        ·        Sherwood Stanley         married man ‑ 2 draws

·        ·        Ezekiel Stanley          married man ‑ 2 draws

·        ·        Millicent Stanley        single woman ‑ 1 draw

·        ·        James Stanley            married man ‑ 2 draws


None of these persons was shown to have won a land lot


In 1814, Ezekiel, Sr. purchased land in Clarke County from Sally and Edward Taylor. In 1817, he purchased land from E. W. Taylor. He is recorded as having sold his property in 1821 to Peter Mosely and William Weatherly.


1820 Clarke County census lists Ezekiel Sr.


Ezekiel Stanley      over 48 years

One male             under 16

One female           between 16 ‑ 26


At the same time he was listed in Greene County, showing only himself at over forty‑five years in age.


1820 census of Greene County listed


·        ·        Sherwood Stanley         having nine children

·        ·        Lewis Stanley            having four children

·        ·        Ezekiel Stanley          alone, over 45 years

·        ·        Lewis Stanley            having seven children

·        ·        Dempsey Jordan           Uncle to James Stanley of

                       Gwinnett County


A deed record from 1816 shows Lewis as married to Sarah and the seller of land. This Lewis was a brother to Sherwood and Ezekiel, Jr. He was married to Sarah Greer. Sarah was the daughter of Gilbert and Frances (Marbury) Greer of Greene County. Lewis removed into Clarke County, then on to Meriwether County, where Sarah died. In 1850 Lewis was listed in Barbour County, Alabama with his second wife, Elizabeth. He died there in 1855.


Lewis' son, Sherwood, married Nancy Martin and moved to

Gonzales County, Texas. This Sherwood returned to Alabama where

he died. His widow and four children moved to Union Parish, Louisiana, and then to Burnett County, Texas. One of this Sherwood's sons, Zachary Stanley, was the grandfather of Lois Steele ‑ who provided the information by Elias Palmer.


Lois Steele indicates that Elias Palmer met and talked with Fleming Goss Stanley before his death. The information he provided is therefore assumed to be related directly from Fleming Stanley, a grandson of Sherwood and Sarah Lowe Stanley.


Important records were found at Clarke County and Newton County. In 1813 Ezekiel, Sr. was married to Elizabeth Rutledge. This was his second marriage. A story related by Mrs. Martha Medcalf ‑ a descendant of Ezekiel, Sr. ‑ was that he died in church in Newton County about 1830. At that time his widow, Elizabeth, declined to administer his estate stating she "had no interest to participate." Instead, William C. Dobbins posted a six thousand dollar bond 'toward being granted letters of administration. William Dobbins married Nancy Stanley in Clarke County in 1809. Nancy was a daughter of Ezekiel Stanley, Sr. and his first wife, Albinia.


The 1830 Newton County Census listed Ezekiel, Sr. as being between sixty and seventy years old. So, he was born about 1760 to 1770.


The Revolutionary War census of Camden District, South Carolina, taken in 1793 listed Ezekiel and Lewis Stanley. These men were probably brothers. Also in 1793, a land deed in Pendleton District, South Carolina named "Ezekiel Stanley of Greene County, Georgia" as a grantee, or buyer of land. Throughout a book titled Early Georgia County Records are scattered references to Ezekiel and Albinia Stanley as buying property or witnessing legal documents in Greene, Warren, and Hancock Counties. Some sources cite Lewis Stanley, who lived in South Carolina until about 1814, as being a son of George Stanley who died in Wilkes County, Georgia 1783. Lewis did have a son named George who migrated to Indiana. Therefore, Ezekiel Stanley, Sr. is here stated as a son of George Stanley and a grandson of Jonathan Stanley, Sr. of Bertie County, North Carolina.


According to Elias Palmer, the Ezekiel Stanley cited in Camden District of South Carolina is the same man who was father of Sherwood Stanley below.


Additional information about Ezekiel Stanley, Sr. was offered by Ray Palmer, a great grandson of Sherwood and Martha Lowe Stanley, and a grandson of Ezekiel listed below. Also included is information gathered by Elias Palmer, a great grandson of Nancy Stanley Dobbins.


Ezekiel Stanley, Sr. was the leader of a "Love Feast" at a Methodist Camp Meeting at Salem Campground, near Covington, Georgia. This was in 1835. He finished his talk, sat down, and leaned forward on the bench. At the end of the service he was found dead.


He was born about 1760 and died in 1835. His date of birth is deduced from Georgia census record of 1830. He is clearly stated to be the father of


John          No record. Possibly the John Stanley

              listed in Habersham County Census of



      Thomas        Methodist minister in Savannah, Charleston

     (b. 1795)     Athens and other cities. He had two sons:

Thomas, an Episcopal minister, and

Marcellus (b. 1823), a professor at University of Georgia. See the Clarke County listing for this man.


     Sherwood      Married Martha Lowe. They lived and died

     (1785‑        near Madison, GA. They are buried at the

     1825)         old Sweeney graveyard at the fork in the

                   river. Sherwood died at forty years old

                   leaving a widow and ten children.


     Ezekiel       Married and had at least one son, Marbry,

     (1787‑        who lived in Jackson, Mississippi. He was

     1846)         a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was

                   wounded at the Battle of New Hope Church in

                   Georgia, and died there in the hospital.

                   (Ray Palmer)

                       Elias Palmer states he married Catherine

                   Ball of Madison, Georgia. Then moved to

                   Monroe County where he died in 1846, and was

                   buried at Ebenezer Methodist Church.


In 1813 Ezekiel Stanley, Jr. was listed in the State

Militia. He was then twenty‑six years old, stood five feet ‑

eight inches and had sandy hair. He was also listed in the

Militia from 1821 to 1824. He was born about 1787, and a son of

Ezekiel Stanley, Sr. He married Cynthia C. and moved to

Monroe County. He died in 1846 in Monroe County.


Nancy         Married William Dobbins. Had one son,

(b. 1790)     Miles Dobbins ‑ a banker in Griffin, GA.


Lewis         Married first Sarah Greer. Married second

              to Elizabeth . Moved to Monroe Co

              Alabama, where he wed in 1855.


Parthenia     Married Thomas Lowe, a brother of Martha



A son of Ezekiel, Sr. was Sherwood Stanley. His Last Will is recorded in Greene County Will Book F, page 107. Personal research of the Probate Office revealed that his will was missing from the book. He died in 1828 in Greene County, leaving a widow, Martha. Information about Martha Stanley is found in the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery where she filed as a widow and for the orphans of Sherwood Stanley; to wit Abner B. Stanley, Ezekiel L. Stanley, and Stephen H. Stanley.


A listing of the children by Sherwood and Sarah Lowe Stanley follows. Ray Palmer takes this listing from a compilation in 1914. Ray Palmer was a great grandson of Sherwood and Sarah Lowe Stanley. Also included is information gathered by Elias Palmer, a great grandson of Nancy Stanley Dobbins, about 1920.


     Martha Lowe was the daughter of John Lowe, who received an

honorable discharge at the close of the Revolutionary War. He

was granted 260 acres in Washington County for that service. John

Lowe married Nancy Butler, daughter of Major James Butler (?), an

officer in the Revolutionary War. John and Nancy Butler had issue of:


     Daniel             married and moved to Mississippi

     Edmund             lived at McDonough, Georgia


     Aaron              had a home near Macon, Georgia

     Martha             married Sherwood Stanley

     Matilda Charity    married Abner McCoy, lived in Thomaston


Children of Sherwood and Martha Lowe Stanley:


Ezekiel  (1799 ‑ 1839) married Leah Tunnell and had issue of


    William        married Martha Irby


    Fleming        married Susan Bradberry

                  These were the grand

                  parents of Mary Smith

                  Weldon ‑ a cousin to

                  Ray Palmer.


    Sherwood       married Malinda Bradberry

                  A daughter, Leah Bond,

                  lived in Anniston, AL in



        Abner          A minister. A teacher in McDonough, GA.

         (1803‑        his home with his widowed mother. Buried

        1835)          at McDonough, GA. He died at age 32, in 1835.


        Matilda        A teacher in McDonough. Also lived with

her mother. Buried at McDonough, GA.

                             Died 1835


        Frances        Married Jesse Campbell, a Baptist

                       minister in Griffin, Georgia. They had

                       issue of


                             Jesse Campbell, Jr. A lawyer. His widow

              lived in Athens in 1914. Their daughter

              married Judge Andrew Cobb. and left

              several children.


Dr. Charles Campbell. A minister in Athens for many years.



Dr. Abner B. Campbell. A minister in Columbus and Americus.


        Winnifred      Married Thomas Mathis of Randolph

                       County, Georgia. Moved to Winn Parish,



        Sherwood       Fought in the Indian War (1836) at a

                       Young age. Buried at McDonough, GA.

                       Estate paid to widow, Martha, in 1838,

                       Henry County.



     John Butler        After graduating Pennfield College,

                       Moved to Mississippi. He married

                       Patience Prudence Morgan. Their children





Thomas  A Christian Preacher. Left

one son, Nolan


Martha Married Elias Lansing Palmer

when she was 17, and he was 45.

They had six children. Martha

died at age 32 in Monmouth, IL










Jonathan  A, Christian minister. Attended      Christian College at Lexington Kentucky. He married Lucy Richter of Casey County, KY.


They lived in Union City, TN and had two daughters: Susan married William Crewes; and Jane married Henry Crewes.


Sherwood      Moved to Texas

George        In Civil War. Took sick and

              went to the home of a brother

              in‑law in Monmouth, IL, where

              he died.


They had fifteen children, many of whom died in childhood.


John died at age 83, in Hinds County, MS.


              Stephen        Went to Meridian, Mississippi.

                             Married a Miss Higginbotham and

                             had several children and grand

                             children who lived in Meridian.


Also the 1830 Greene County census listed


Martha Stanley       head of house, 70 ‑ 80 years

One male             15 ‑ 20 years

One male             20 ‑ 30 years

Two females          20 ‑ 30 years


This record would place her date of birth at about 1750‑1760. Either she was much older than Sherwood, or there is an error in the age listed in the census. If, in fact Sherwood were born about 1755 he would have been the age of his father, Ezekiel.


According to Elias Palmer, Sherwood died at the age of forty, leaving ten children. So, by this account, Sherwood was born about 1785.


Although Ray Palmer had every intention of creating a valid historical record of his family lineage, he was remiss in verifying his facts. Some of his story is used here, for the fear of leaving out valid information. However, his story was carefully correlated with other information before it was inserted here. One case was stated, that of Ezekiel Stanley, Jr., for the purpose of indicating the type of inconsistencies found in his story.


Other information was gained from Martha Medcalf. She told of a letter written by her grandfather, Joseph Tucker Stanley, in which he called Sherwood's sons his uncles John, Sherwood and Abner. Abner was a preacher. Sherwood had five daughters: Winifred, Campbell, Matilda, and three who were not named.


Sherwood, Jr. and his three sisters are buried at McDonough, in Henry County, Georgia. Sherwood, Jr. died without a Last Will. His widow, Martha, in Henry County administered his estate in 1838.


Tucker's uncles John and Stephen settled in Mississippi and remained there all their lives.


The Green County tax digest for 1801 listed both Sherwood and Stephen Stanley. This listing indicates Stephen who migrated to Alabama by 1803.


The earliest marriage records in Greene County list


1802     Isaac Stanley to Nancy Houghton

      Born 1770‑1780. Lived 1809‑1819 Wayne Co., Miss.

      Lived 1830 in Wilcox Co., Alabama

      Lived 1840 in Wilcox Co., Alabama

      Will Book for 1832‑1850, p. 280, Wilcox County

      states he died in Fall of 1848. (Maurer)


1856    William T. Stanley to Martha A. Irby


1857    Thomas Stanley to Margaret A. E. Oliver


1868    Jarvis Fillingham to Eliza Stanley

        Eliza was the widow of Thomas Stanley



1806     James Stanley to Annie Ellis

      Born about 1785 in Georgia. Annie was daughter of

      Radford and Elizabeth Ellis. Radford Ellis died

      November 1812 in Randolph (now Jasper) County.          Annie

      was cut off from her father's Will, being given $1.00

      James Stanley purchased land in Randolph County in

      July 1810.  It was Lot 105, 18th Dist. 1 in the area

      of Rock Creek. He sold this land August 1821. By then

      he was living in Franklin County, Tennessee. He is

      listed in the 1820 census of Franklin County.

      He moved to Scott County, Missouri in 1834.  He

      purchased land there in November 1834. A WILLIAM

      STANLEY was grantor of land there in 1822 and 1836.

      James Stanley prepared his Will in August 1836. It

        was probated in September 1836.


The children of James and Annie Ellis Stanley were:


·        ·        Stephen                    1807  GA           d. Single, 4/1850 in MO


·        ·        Radford E.    1808  GA     m. Corinna H. 1840

                         d. 1/1856 in MO

·        ·        Albinia                    1808  GA m.  Thomas King in 1830

                    in Tennessee. They lived Tippah

                    County, Mississippi


·        ·        Ann G.        1810  GA     m. Barton Warren after 1836.

                         Died before 1849.


·        ·        Polly         1812  GA     m. James Graham before 1849

                         Died before 1849.


·        ·        James, Jr.    1814 TN     m. Eveline Rodney 1848

                         m. Eliza A.

                         Died 11/25/1865 in

                         Mississippi Co., MO


·        ·        Thomas L.     1827 TN     m. Amanda Kennedy 2/1849

                         m. Sarah Dyson 11/1850


·        ·        George W.     1828 TN     m. Eliza A.


·        ·        Lucy Adeline  1829 TN     m. James C. Burgess


Ivan Naurer has collected a great deal of information about this James Stanley. He has gathered the names of all the grandchildren, their locations and the Last Wills of James

Stanley, Eveline Stanley Rodney, Radford Stanley, and James Stanley, Jr.


By cross-referencing the names of his children and grandchildren, it is more than plausible that James Stanley was directly related to Ezekiel Stanley, Sr. who married Albinia and lived in Camden District South Carolina and Greene County Georgia. He was no doubt Ezekiel's son.



      A visit to the Greensboro city cemetery revealed gravesites


·        ·        Peter Early, Governor of Georgia, died 1817

·        ·        Reverend Adiel Sherwood            

Born Bedford, Virginia 1783; died Greene

County 1822. His son, Adiel Sherwood, later

founded Mercer Institute which became Mercer



·        ·        Ezekiel John Stanley                1858 ‑ 1943

·        ·        Dora Tappan Stanley                 1868 ‑ 1944

·        ·        Paul Randolph Stanley               1897 ‑ 1939

·        ·        Mabel Stanley Brown                 1913 ‑ 1980

·        ·        Lewis Pearce Brown                  1904 ‑ 1984


It was later learned that the gravesite of William T. Stanley (1827 ‑ 1878) is located at Siloam Church on Bethany Road.


Ezekiel Stanley (1858 ‑ 1943) was known to locals as Mr. Zeke. He married Dora Tappan, also from Siloam, Georgia, and had three children: John, Gerald and Elise. Elise married Bill Caldwell.


Mr. Zeke was Clerk of Court for some thirty years. Upon his death Bill Caldwell filled the office. When Caldwell died, Elise filled the partial term but she died before the term ended.


Mr. Zeke's granddaughter, Sandra Caldwell Glass is today the Clerk of Court for Oconee County, Georgia.


Several descendants of the Greene County Stanley family have contacted the writer. Among them are Mrs. Marian Prince of Loganville, Georgia ‑ daughter of Ruth Stanley Irby; Her cousin, Augusta Freeman of Siloam; and Mrs. Martha Medcalf of Covington. Mrs. Medcalf related the following:


Her grandfather was Joseph Tucker Stanley (1860 ‑ 1900). He married in 1882 Annie Elizabeth Harbin.


After his wife's death, and just before his own, he brought his three surviving children to his brother, William Hart Stanley, in Greene County. Tucker requested that his brother place the children in the Georgia Baptist Orphanage in Hapeville, and that was done. Tucker had been a circuit preacher traveling through south Georgia when he became very ill.


Those children were:     1. Margaret Ethel, born 1896

                         2. Mattie Estelle, born 1891

                         3. Joseph Mathew Mell, born 1894


Joseph Mathew died at a very young age. However, Mrs. Medcalf's mother was Margaret Estelle Stanley. And a daughter of Mattie Estelle Stanley now lives in Austell, Georgia ‑ Marie Allen.


The following was copied from the family Bible owned by Mrs. Ruth Stanley Irby, a resident of Greensboro, Georgia:


Ezekiel Stanley          9/11/1799 ‑ 11/15/1839

                         married Leah Ann Tunnell    1/23/1811 ‑ 1874

This is the earlier mentioned son of Sherwood.  The 1830          Census

showed him at 30 ‑ 40 years old; three sons, one under ten years; wife at 15 ‑ 20 years.


Children of Ezekiel and Leah Stanley


·        ·        Sherwood      1826 ‑ 1862

   married Malinda Bradberry in Gwinnett County

   1870 Gwinnett census: Malinda Stanley, a

   teacher, living at the home of Catherine

   Bradberry with three young children.


·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          William T.    1827 ‑                1878

·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          Fleming Goss  1830 ‑    ?

·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          Abner    1831 ‑    1862

·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          Thomas   1834 ‑    1862

·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          George   1836 ‑    1862

·                                                                                          ·                                                                                          Matilda C.    1838 ‑                 1859


Those who died in 1862 were each listed as serving with the Confederate Army, having enlisted for the duration of the War.


William T. Stanley married Martha A. (Hart) Irby, daughter of Reverend Hart C. Peek, in 1856. Their children were:


·                             ·                             Ann Elizabeth    1858   ‑

·                             ·                             Joseph Tucker    1860   ‑

·                             ·                             William Hart 1863 ‑

       married Edna E.    1877 ‑ 1933

       Ruth Stanley Irby was their daughter

·                             ·                             Robert Thomas    1865   ‑

·                             ·                             Cooper Comer 1871 -


In 1863, William T. Stanley was named guardian for the estate of Ezekiel J., Lucius, and Stephen A. Stanley ‑ orphans of Thomas Stanley.


Fleming Goss Stanley married Nancy L. Bradbury in Gwinnett County 1854. Their children were:


·                                                                   ·                                                                   William T. 1855 1855 (four months)

·                                                                   ·                                                                   Mansel 1856   1858

·                                                                   ·                                                                   Lewis Luther   1858      ?


F. Goss Stanley appeared in the Marion County, Georgia muster roll Confederate soldiers in 1862.


Carol Himmelsteib of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is a great‑grand daughter of Fleming Goss Stanley. According to her there were three daughters born after her great‑uncle Luther, one of whom was her grandmother. They lived in Spalding County, Georgia ‑ near the Central Georgia Railroad, as she remembers. Her grandmother married John Henry Smith; whose father Phillip Smith was an immigrant from Bavaria. Her great‑uncle Luther Stanley was the Chief of Police in Griffin, Georgia for many years.


The name of Ezekiel Stanley has proven to be found in few locations. Research has turned men of the name in Quaker records in North Carolina, where the name is thought to have originated; the Spartanburg District of South Carolina; and, various counties in Georgia and Alabama.





The earliest marriage records, which listed a Stanley, were:


1893     Ann 0. Stanley married Sidney B. McDonald


1895     A. L. Stanley married Lena Smith


1910     P. G. Stanley married Bertha Shelley


Land transactions listing the name Stanley were:


April 1826    Felix Stanley sold 250 acres, Lot 79 Fifth District, to Thomas Putnam


April 1826    Felix Stanley sold 250 acres, Lot 79 Fifth District, to Chesley Holloway

                       Felix Stanley is traced into Meriwether

                       County by the 1830 Census records.


                       James Calvin Stanley sold 300 acres to John

                   and Lobetha Matthews


1884          Ellen D. Stanley sold 68 acres on Brown's

              Bridge Road to Martha A. Bailey


              Emmett B. Stanley sold all his interest in

              the family estate to Martha A. Bailey


1886          Ellen B. Stanley sold three‑quarter acre on

              Main Street, Gainesville, to a Dorsey


1888          Frank W. Stanley sold 325 acres on

              Chattahoochee River, Eighth District, to H.

              T. Martin


1889          Frank W. Stanley sold 237 acres, Eighth

              District, to W. S. Cox


              Frank W. Stanley sold part of Lot 5, at 19

              Spring Street, Gainesville, to W. S. Cox


              Frank W. Stanley sold 213 acres to Leonard



              Hattie E. Stanley sold 455 acres, Tenth

              District, to Raymond C. Simpson


              Nancy (Cal) Stanley sold a Lot on Summit

              Street, Gainesville, to Jeff Deason


              Caroline E. Stanley, who stated she was from

              Illinois, sold 360 acres in Hall and Jackson

              counties to Thomas J. Cobb





Henry County, called the Mother of Counties, once stretched the entire area now covered by DeKalb, Henry and Rockdale counties. Research of the Stanley families in Henry County must bear this fact in mind. This area lay directly in the westward migration path. And, it appears that its residents trace their roots from Greene County, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.


Traveling west through Henry County on Fairview Road, this writer located three descendants of Eli Stanley. They are the daughters of Glenn Stanley and granddaughters of Filmore Stanley, whose homeplace still stands. The private Stanley/Parker cemetery is located near the Filmore Stanley homeplace.


Dorothy Bond revealed that Eli Stanley was father to

William Filmore Stanley.


Filmore was married twice, and father of


First marriage:    1. Cora, who married a Mitchell

                   2. Mack

                   3. Nora, who married a Hartley

Second marriage:   4. Glenn

                   5. Ora, who married a Jackson

                   6. Emily, who never married

                   7. Margaret, who never married

                   8. Frances

                   9. Eli


Two brothers, Cliff and Claude Stanley, reside (1988) in Fayetteville, Georgia. Their sister, Jate, married Will Banks and had one daughter, Julia. Julia Banks married James Moody. These people are cousins to Dorothy Bond, who is Glenn Stanley's daughter.


A visit to New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville revealed the following gravesites:


·               ·               Lon Stanley     1888 ‑ 1944

·               ·               Minnie B. Stanley 1888 ‑   1974

·               ·               Cliff E. Stanley  1887 ‑   1950

·               ·               Minnie L. Stanley 1895 ‑   1968

·               ·               A. G. Stanley   1890 ‑ 1950 "DAD"

·                                                                                                                  ·                                                                                                                  Mrs. E. J. Stanley                      1863 ‑ 1940


Gravesites at the Stanley/Parker cemetery include:


·        ·        Elizabeth Stanley     1/10/1824 to 12/27/1887

·        ·        Richard Stanley Co. B, 30 Georgia Infantry, CSA


·        ·        Aaron Parker  11/12/1788 to 1/5/1881

·        ·        Margaret Parker         6/30/1789 to 8/6/1871


·        ·        Frances M. Stanley 1/26/1897 to 10/10/1961

·        ·        Nancy E. Stanley  1901 ‑ 1904 Daughter of

                                 W. F. and M. E. Stanley

·        ·        Henry E. Stanley     6/4/1895 to 5/25/1896


·        ·        Mary Elender Stanley                      3/6/1861 to 8/10/1931                     "Mother''

·        ·        William Filmore Stanley 3/7/1857 to 3/9/1943 "Father''

·        ·        Atha G. Floyd 9/15/1862 to 11/22/1885

                       First wife of W. F. Stanley


·        ·        Nora G. Hartley             12/23/1880 to 9/25/1913

·        ·        Floyd G. Hartley            1/3/1902 to 1/20/1967


·        ·        Jane Cook Goss              1863 ‑ 1903 "Mother'

·        ·        Rachel Cook   perhaps an infant


·        ·        Isabella Stanley            11/5/1833 to 10/20/1920


·        ·        E. J. Stanley 9/14/1862 to 6/8/1906  "Father''

·        ·        S. R. Stanley 6/6/1865 to 9/14/1885  "Mother''

·        ·        Lola B. Stanley             10/2/1882 to 9/22/1887   Daughter

of E. J. and S. R. Stanley


·        ·        Elikim Stanley 1810 ‑ 1884

·        ·        Susan Stanley 1809 – 1894


The 1850 Census indicates that Elikim was born in North Carolina, and Susan in South Carolina. They had nine children, all born in Georgia between 1830 and 1845.


·        ·        Mariah Stanley              11/20/1836 to 6/6/1923

·         ·         Adeline Stanley   1859 ‑ 1872

·        ·        Elmina Stanley              1863 ‑ 1863 Infant

·        ·        Eli Stanley   10/28/1832 to 6/4/1905

·        ·        Nancy F. Stanley            12/14/1830 to 6/17/1914

·        ·        Jasper Stanley              2/16/1840 to 6/14/1841   Infant


·        ·        Louis Stanley 1795 ‑ 1877

·        ·        Milly Stanley 1780 ‑ 1875


     The 1850 Census listed a Lewis and Milly Stanley:


Lewis     age  60         born   North Carolina

Milly         55                NC

P.            27   female        NC

Jesse         16   male          NC

S.            13   female        NC


There is a Johnston County, NC marriage record dated 1816

for Lewis Stanley and Milly Joiner


1850 Census of Henry County also listed:


·        ·        J. Stanley    age  60   male     born in  N.C.

D. Stanley             70   female   born in N.C.


·        ·        J. Stanley    age  35   male     born in  N.C.

M. Stanley             34   female   born in  S.C.

J. M. Stanley          14   male     born in GA


     1840 Census listed:


·        ·        John Stanley       age  20 ‑ 30

Wife                        20 ‑ 30

Son                         under five years


·        ·        James Stanley      age  40 ‑ 50

Son                         20 ‑ 30


The names of Eli, Elijah, E. J., James, and Lewis are traced prominently into Johnston County, North Carolina. This writer does not know it whether the lineages of Stanley in both locations are identical. However, names and dates of appearance are the same for both locations.


Mrs. Vessie Thrasher Rainer wrote of Henry County history. She also compiled a register of grave markers in the county, published in three volumes. Among her listings are:


Flat Shoals Primitive Baptist Church


February 17, 1843. Indenture between Eliakim

Stanley of the one part and John Keen and Edmund

Blackmond of the second part, deacons of the of the

Primitive Baptist Church at Flat Shoals, Henry County,

Georgia.  Stanley hath given land in the Eleventh

District, part of Lot No. 190, containing one acre with

condition that there is never to be burying ground

located on said premises.


Reference Deed Book M, page 247. William Dodson also gave part of Lot No. 91. This church is located on Fairview Road, just west of highway 155. The cemetery is across the road on the right and to the rear of the church.


Among the gravestone inscriptions at Flat Shoals Church are James Daniel Ford, 1859 ‑ 1939, and Nancy Ellen Stanley Ford, 1859 ‑ 1934.


The index to Estate Records for Henry County, located at the Probate Judge's office are listed:


·        ·        Sherwood Stanley. Martha Stanley was administratrix in 1838. Note the Greene County, Georgia, listing for this man.


·                                                                                                                 ·                                                                                                                 Elisha Stanley. Nancy A.                   Stanley was administratrix in 1874.

Minor children were:   1. Jessie B. Stanley

                       2. Nancy F. Stanley

                       3. Olena P. Stanley

                       4. Thomas T. Stanley


Eli Stanley. W. F. Stanley was administrator in 1914





Taken from The Official history of Laurens County, Georgia 1807‑1941:


James Stanley II emigrated from Jones County, North Carolina, where the family had been established for a number of years, and located in Laurens County, Georgia in 1811. He settled in the northwestern part of the county and was the progenitor of the Laurens County Stanleys. The time of his coming to the county can be determined by his purchase of lands at public sale in September 1811. This was four years after the county was formed, and two years since the moving of the county seat from Sumpterville to Dublin.


James Stanley II was the ninth child and second son of James Stanley I and his wife, Winnifred. He was born in Jones County, North Carolina in 1771. He died in Laurens County and was buried in "The Ditch" ‑ the family cemetery which he established about twelve miles north of Dublin and within a half‑mile of his home. Family members were buried in the front part of the cemetery and slaves in the rear. The cemetery was established in the early part of 1812, and is still maintained by the Stanley family.


In the year 1792 James Stanley II was united in marriage to Leah Fordham, daughter of Benjamin Fordham of Jones County, North Carolina. She was born in 1776 and died in 1853. She was buried beside her husband at the family cemetery. She was the sister of Mary Fordham, who was the second wife of John Stanley (above). Their children were:


·        ·        Hardy Brantley, born 1800. Married Mary Ward (b. 1794)

·        ·        Ira, born 1802. Married Janet Harris McCall (b. 1807)

·        ·        Needham, born 1804

·        ·        James Rowell and Sarah (twins), born 1807

·        ·        James Rowell Stanley married Mahalia Coney in 1829

·        ·        Mary, called Polly, born 1810

·        ·        Cathy, born 1812


James Stanley constructed a water mill on his property that was known as Stanley Mill. The Mill is over one hundred years old, and is still serving the public in Laurens and Wilkinson counties. The mill was inherited by James Rowell Stanley and at his death was purchased by Dr. James Chappell. The name changed to Chappell Mill. The last member of the family to own the mill was Judge Ira Stanley Chappell, who was also the last family member to live in the house of Ira Stanley ‑ his grandfather.


James Stanley entered the mercantile business under the name of H. B. and Ira Stanley, his two sons. He was quite a large planter and owned some seven thousand acres. Governor Troup, Dr. Tucker and General Blackshear lived on the east side of the

Oconee River; and, James Stanley, Joel Coney and Thomas McCall

lived on the west side.


James Stanley was a member of the Poplar Springs Baptist Church. He never sought of held public office. It is known that he donated ten acres of land at a crossroads, near his home, for the erection of a school building which was maintained until only a few years ago.


Ira Stanley


Ira Stanley, second son of James Stanley II, was born in Jones County, North Carolina in 1802. He came to Laurens County with his parents in 1811. He was educated in the public schools and by private tutors employed by his father. He married Janet McCall, the youngest daughter of Thomas McCall and his wife, Elizabeth Mary Ann Smith McCall.


He was a man of considerable wealth and hospitality. He was one of the largest planters in the county, owning much land and many slaves. He did not believe in the slave traffic and refused to sell any of his slaves. He therefore owned more than he needed.


Ira Stanley was an exceedingly popular and public spirited man. He was opposed to the liquor traffic and when a bar room opened near his property by a preacher whose denomination did not oppose the use and sale of liquor, Ira met with the preacher. The preacher said he did not receive enough from his congregation upon which to live. Ira asked how much he earned from the liquor traffic and what investment he had in the intoxicating goods. The amount was stated and he agreed to pay the preacher each month the amount of his profit. He purchased the stock and poured it onto the ground.


His children were as follows:


·        ·        Margaret Elizabeth, born 1828. Married John Burney

·        ·        Rollin Adolphus, born 1830. Married Martha Rebecca Lowther

·                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ·         Harriett Athalia, born 1832. Married Dr. James Chappell

·        ·        Benjamin Franklin, born 1836. Married Ann Elizabeth Bass



·        ·        Ira Eli, born 1838. Married Mary Mourman Brazeal

·                     ·                     Valeria Imogene, 1842‑1844.

·        ·        Georgia Jane Lenora, born 1845. Married Peyton Douglas


Captain Rollin Adolphus Stanley


Captain Rollin Stanley, the second child and first son of Ira Stanley, was born in Laurens County in 1830. He was united in marriage to Martha Lowther, daughter of John Lowther of Dublin. The marriage was performed at the Lowther summer home at 'Van Wert,' in Polk County, on he outskirts of what is now Rockmart.


He was educated in the public schools in Laurens County, and was then sent to Dartmouth University. He later studied law and was admitted to the bar in Irwinton, where he practiced until 1866. He then returned to Laurens County and located a Dublin, where he remained the balance of his life.


At the outbreak of the war he was residing at Irwinton, where he entered the Confederate Army with the Third Georgia Regiment and remained with the army until 1862. He was forced to leave the army due to ill health. Later, the relationship between Governor Joe Brown and President Jefferson Davis was so strained that the former refused to grant any more requests for soldiers and organized the Georgia Militia. Captain Stanley was elected Captain of Company A, Second Regiment, Georgia State Troops, Colonel Stapleton's Regiment. He was elected Major, 16th District, Laurens County, but the war closed before he was commissioned.


Rollin Stanley was a member of the Dublin Baptist Church and for twenty‑five years before his death was superintendant of the Sunday school. He was a speaker of rare gifts and was in much demand in various parts of the state to deliver Sunday school addresses that were much enjoyed.


When the Oconee Judicial Circuit was formed he was appointed Solicitor General by Governor James Smith. In 1891 he was elected judge of the Court of Ordinary, a position he held until his death in 1893.





The name of Sands Stanley can be traced into the Peedee River Valley of northwest South Carolina. A book by Haywood Stanley of Marion, South Carolina lists his family:


Sands Stanley      1738‑1796      married circa 1759

Ziltha Edwards     1740‑1808


1.  1.  Penelope    married Mr. Hall

2.  2.  Shadrach    married Nancy Hall

3.  3.  Ziltha      married John King, Sr.

4.  4.  John        married Elizabeth Garner

5.  5.  William     married Mary

6.  6.  Mary 'Polly'         married Egbert Fort

7.  7.  Thomas      married Charlotte Daughtery

8.  8.  Elizabeth   married John Garner

9.  9.  Sands, Jr.  married Sarah Cawthon

10.             10.             Anne married John Stewart

11.             11.             James married Elizabeth

12.             12.             Sarah married William Witherington

13.             13.             Martha      married David Waddell


Haywood Stanley states that all children were born in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Sands Stanley relocated from Jones County, North Carolina circa 1783. He died in 1796 and was buried at the Stanley Cemetery in Darlington, near Swift Creek Church. His Last Will is recorded at Darlington courthouse, and was probated in 1799. Deed records indicate that he made a gift of two hundred acres to his son, Thomas, before his Will was written.


It is important to note that during the 1790s there was a boundary dispute between North and South Carolina. This dispute was settled moving the boundary nearly one hundred miles northward. The Spartanburg District and the Peedee River Valley were at one time located in North Carolina.


The following list is taken from 1795 and 1797 jury lists (1795 Jury and 1797 Jury) on microfilm reel 37-20at the Georgia Department of Archives and History; the 1798 jury list (1798 Jury) in the loose original Montgomery County records, copies of which are at the John E. Ladson Jr. Library, Vidalia; and the 1797 and 1798 tax digests (1797 Tax and 1798 Tax) on microfilm reel 61-30 at the Georgia Archives. Included with the names from

the tax digests is the number of slaves owned and if the taxpayer owned land in other counties. An asterisk (*) indicates that the person also paid taxes on land in Montgomery County. The entire tax digest also includes names of neighbors, names of original grantees of the land, and amount and quality of acreage. A complete transcript of both tax digests is published in Ruth Blair, Some Early Tax Digests of Georgia (1926), pp. 89 -96. from "A History of Montgomery County, Georgia to 1918"; pp. 44 - 48. By Robert Scott Davis, Jr.



Montgomery County, formed in 1793 from Laurens, Tattnall, Telfair and Washington


STANDLEY Sands   Slaves: 9            1797 Tax

STANDLEY Sands   See Eames or Eads, Jon.1798 Tax

STANDLEY Sands                        1797 Tax

STANLEY David                         1797 Jury

STANLEY Sands                         1797 Jury


     The 1805 and 1806 tax digests for Montgomery County are on microfilm reel 61-30 at the Georgia Department of Archives and History and are published in full in Ruth Blair, Some Early Tax Digests of Georgia (1926), including acreage, names of original land grantees, and land evaluations. The lists below include the number of slaves owned and for the 1805 tax digest, land owned in other countries. An asterisk (*) indicates that the person also paid taxes on land in Montgomery County. from "A History of Montgomery County, Georgia to 1918" by Robert Scott Davis, Jr.


STANLEY, Sands Slaves: 18; Baldwin County 1806;          Tax Dist: 52

STANLEY, Sans Slaves:  17 1805;                          Tax Dist: 52


Baldwin County lying on the Oconee River, almost in the center of the state, was created from Creek Indian lands in 1803. The original limits, from the Oconee River to the Ocmulgee River included the counties of  Morgan, Jasper, Putnam, Jones and the northeast portion of Bibb  county. In 1807 portions of Hancock

and Washington counties were added.


Tattnall County, Georgia Marriage Records, 1805-1845, lists


STANDLEY, James    SHARPE, Susan      05/22/1829

STANDLEY, John     MATTOX, Nancy      01/27/1830

STANDLEY, Shadrack SMITH,  Laveney    08/04/1833

STANDLEY, Shadrack DELBOS, Caroline   11/05/1839

STANDLEY, Thad K.  GRUBBS, Rebekah    04/08/1816





Marriage and deed records from Walton County disclosed the following:




1821                            1821                            William Jordan sold land to Francis Kirby

Thomas M. Camp sold land to Henry Young


1858                            1858                            Sarah Jane Stanley married James R. Bowman


1871                            1871                            Robert E. Stanley married Harriett Johnson


1877                            1877                            J. F. Stanley married Lucy Hill


1879    1879         Samuel Stanley married Julia Millsaps


1882                            1882                            Leo C. Stanley married Secretary H. Bonds


1886                            1886                            William G. Stanley married Mary J. Raines


1890                            1890                            Jessie B. Stanley married Lemmie A. Mitchell


1908                            1908                            David Stanley married Morse Allen

Henry Stanley married Annie Hardeman


1910    1910                    Alice Stanley married Willie West


1932                            1932                            Adel Stanley married Wilford Smith


1952                            1952                            Effie Stanley married Hoyt W. Armstrong


1954      Leone Stanley married Charlie Norman






The name of Stanley in Wilkinson County was traced using the History of Wilkinson County. Comparison and linking of this enumeration with the family of John Wright Stanley of New Bern, North Carolina proved them to be the same family.


The 1805 Georgia Land Lottery listed James Stanley of Elbert County as drawing a land lot in Wilkinson County. Later records place both this James and John Stanley in Wilkinson County and Laurens County. The family cemetery is located just over the county line in Laurens County.


The lineage of Miss Eddie Stanley, as listed in the history of the county:


James and Winnifred Stanley married 1754. They died in

1795 and 1800 respectively. Their children were


i.              i.              Oliver

ii.         ii.         Sarah

iii.    iii.    Elizabeth

iv.         iv.         Susanne

v.              v.              Winnifred

vi.         vi.         Mary

vii.    vii.    John

viii.              viii.              James

ix.         ix.         Nathaniel


The above named John Stanley (1766‑1837) married Mary, called Polly, Fordham in 1797. Their children were:


i.              i.              John     Benjamin

ii.         ii.         Wright   Leah

iii.    iii.    Nathan   Winnifred

iv.         iv.         Pearcy   Edward

v.              v.              Mary


The above named Edward Stanley was a member of Congress from North Carolina. Note the aforementioned section on John Wright Stanley of New Bern, North Carolina.


The above named John Stanley (1798‑1854) married first in 1824 to Sarah West. Their children were:


i.              i.              Mary Elizabeth

ii.         ii.         Sarah Catherine

iii.    iii.    Louisa


John married second in 1833 to Sarah Holliman. Their children were:


i.             i.             James H. D.

ii.        ii.        John J.

iii.   iii.   Nathan Thomas

iv.        iv.        Prudence Ann

v.             v.             Pearcy

vi.        vi.        Richard R.

vii.   vii.   Rowell Reese


The above named John J. Stanley (1835‑1887) married Mattie Pool, and had three daughters:


i.              i.              Jennie

ii.         ii.         Eddie

iii.    iii.    Claude


As mentioned earlier, the family cemetery is located near the county line in Laurens County. Most of this family lived in Laurens County. The following information is taken from Wilkinson County Cemeteries, found at the Georgia State Archive:


·        ·        James Stanley      1771‑1841

Son of James and Winnifred Stanley


·        ·        Ira Stanley        1802‑1858

Son of James and Leah Fordham Stanley


·        ·        Ira B. Stanley     1855‑1896

Son of Rowell and Mahalia Coney Stanley


·        ·        Ira B. Stanley, Jr.    1895‑1945

Son of Ira and Nancy Fordham Stanley


·        ·        Hardy B. Stanley   1800‑1842

Son of James and Leah Stanley


·        ·        Martha Ward Stanley    1794‑1840

Wife of Hardy Stanley, Sr.


·        ·        Capt. Hardy Stanley    1830‑1863

Son of Hardy Stanley, Sr.


John Stanley (1798‑1852) came to Georgia in 1810 from Jones County, North Carolina with the Fordham clan. He was called



"Cousin Jack". He was married first to Sarah West, and second to Sarah Holliman.


There are many listings that stand to illustrate the largeness of the Stanley family in Wilkinson and Laurens counties. They were among the first settlers in Georgia, their family cemetery dating back to 1812.


The Roster of Confederate Soldiers in Georgia


Company K, 44th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Greene County lists:


·                                                                                                             ·                                                                                                             George Stanley

                       Enlisted as Private 1862. Died of

                       typhoid fever, General Hospital #14

                       Richmond, VA September 1862

·                     ·                     William T. Stanley                Greene County

                       Enlisted 1861. Mustered out at

                       Savannah 1862. Enlisted 1864.

                       Wounded Cedar Creek, VA 1864.

                       Admitted to hospital


                       VA 1864. On furlough 11/1864. At

                       home disabled at close of war.


Company K, 22nd Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Clayton and Henry Counties lists:


·                      ·                      A. J. Stanley Surrendered at Appomattox, VA

·                      ·                      Bithum L. Stanley Surrendered at Appomattox, VA

                      Died Fulton Co., Georgia 1930

·                      ·                      Eli Stanley Wounded and disabled at Second

                      Manassas, VA, 1862. Received pay

                      at Petersburgh, VA, 1862. Born

                      in Georgia 10/28/1832

·                      ·                      J. B. Stanley Captured at Gettysburg, PA, 1863

                      Died of typhoid fever at Fort

                      Delaware, DE, 1863

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            J. G. Stanley     Sick in General Hospital in

                      Richmond, VA 1862. Killed at

                      Gettysburg, PA, 1863

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            Jesse Stanley     Killed at Petersburgh, VA 1864

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            John J. Stanley   Wounded second Manassas, VA 1862

                      Muster roll 2/28/1865 shows him

                      present. No later record

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            John M. Stanley   Wounded / permanently disabled

                      Appears 1st on roll 12/1863

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            Lauderick Stanley Wounded in right breast at Crater

                      near Petersburg, VA 1864. Born in

                      Georgia 2/25/1845

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            Levi Stanley Wounded at Seven Day's Fighting near

                      Petersburg, VA 1862. Absent, wounded

                      6/30/1862. No later record




·                                                                                                             ·                                                                                                             William B. Stanley                    Wounded at Fredericksburg, VA 1862

                       Captured at Gettysburg, PA 1863

                       Died Fort Delaware, DE 8/14/1863


Company D, 4th Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Troup County lists:


·                                                                                                                  ·                                                                                                                  Ezekiel P. Stanley                     Enlisted as Private 1861. Appointed

                        Sergeant. Wounded and captured at

                        Monacacy, MD 1864. Died of wounds

                        Mt. Pleasant Hospital, Washington

                        1864. Buried at Arlington, VA

·                                                                                                                  ·                                                                                                                  William L. Stanley                     Enlisted as Private 1864.

                        Surrendered at Appomattox, VA

                        in 1865. Died in 1894.

·                                                                                                                  ·                                                                                                                  James Stanley                     Enlisted as Private 1864.

                        Surrendered at Appomattox, VA 1865.

                        Died 1894.


Company H, 43rd Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Jackson County lists:


·                                                                                                                 ·                                                                                                                 George W. Stanley                     2nd Sergeant 1862. Discharged by

                       disability 1862. Appointed 4th

                       Sergeant 1863. Wounded Morristown

                       TN, 1864. Captured Bristol, TN 1864

                       Released Camp Chase, Ohio 1865


Company C, 18th Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Jackson County lists:


·                                                                                                                 ·                                                                                                                 William S. Stanley                     Private 2/25/1862. Died in line of

                       duty 4/11/1862.


Company C, 49th Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, Washington County lists:


·                                                                                                                 ·                                                                                                                 Doctor Stanley                     Enlisted 1862. Wounded Seven Pine,

                       VA 1862. Transferred to Co. B, 59th

                       Regiment in exchange for Benjamin

                       Harrison 1863. Born Washington Co.,

                       Georgia 9/2/1841. Died Macon, Bibb

                       Co., GA 7/23/1912. Buried at

                       Riverside Cemetery.

·                                                                                                                 ·                                                                                                                 William R. Stanley                     Enlisted as Private 1862. Appointed

                       2nd Corporal 1862. Surrendered at

                       Appomattox, VA 1865. Born in 1837.


·                                                                                                                 ·                                                                                                                 Joel C. Stanley Private 3/1861. Mustered out at

                            Augusta, GA 1862. Enlisted 1862.

                            Captured Petersburg, VA 1865.

                            Released Newport News, VA 6/1865


Miscellaneous Listings:


·                                                                                                             ·                                                                                                             Augustine 0. Stanley                     Chaplain


·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            Benjamin Stanley  Baldwin County

                       Private 1862. Wounded at Baker's

                       Creek, MS 1863. Surrendered at

                       Greensboro, NC 1865.

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            Richard R. Stanley                    Baldwin County

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            William H. Stanley                    Bibb County

                       Private 1861. Discharged 1862.

                       Appointed Corporal 4/1863.

                       Appointed 1st Sergeant. Present

                       at Hilton Head, SC 1865.

                       Confederate Deserter 1/17/1865.

                       Sent from Savannah to New York

                       for trial.

·                                                                                                            ·                                                                                                            James B. R. Stanley                    Brooks County

                       Enlisted as Private 6/1861. Last

                       on muster roll 10/31/1861.


·       ·       Rollin Adolphus Stanley Cherokee County


·      ·      William Pickens Stanley Cobb Stanley


·                                                                                                             ·                                                                                                             James M. Stanley  Fulton County

                       5th Sergeant 1862. Pension records:

                       Captured Vicksburg, MS 1863 ‑

                       paroled 1863. Wounded near Atlanta

                       1864. Detailed as Guide for Scouts

                       1864 to end of war. Born in Georgia


·                                                                                                             ·                                                                                                             Henry S. Stanley                    Gwinnett County ‑ see listing

·                                                                                                             ·                                                                                                             Hosea C. Stanley                    Gwinnett County ‑ see listing


·                                                                                                             ·                                                                                                             F. Goss Stanley                    Habersham County

                       Enlisted as Private 1862. Captured

                       Deep Bottom, VA 1864. Exchanged at

                        Point Lookout, MD 1864. Absent,

                       Sick in February 1865. Born in

                       Georgia 3/6/1830



·        ·        Hardy B. Stanley       Laurens County

·        ·        Hardy M. Stanley       Laurens County

·        ·        James Wright Stanley   Laurens County

·        ·        William J. Stanley     Richmond County

·        ·        Henry 0. Stanley       Troup County

                            Private 1861. Wounded Malvern Hill,

                            VA 1862. On detail with Signal

                                     Corps December 1863. Received pay

                            at Quincy, Florida January 1864.

                                     Died in Texas 1874.