Descendants of Jonathan STANDLEY



Generation No. 1


1.  JONATHAN2 STANDLEY  (GEORGE1) was born January 18, 1679/80 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts, and died abt. 1758  in Johnston/Wayne Co., North Carolina (Bertie Will Index).  He married ELIZABETH FOSTER January 25, 1703/04 in Boston, MA..  She was born Abt. 1680 in Essex County, MA, and died in Prob. Bertie Co., NC.



DNA testing has proven a 100% match to the family of James Stanley of Gwinnett County, Georgia.


George(1) had nine children, two of whom disappear.


    Jonathan(2) baptised 18 January 1679/80, married Elizabeth Foster 25 January 1704 (McGlennen, Boston Marriages) and had a son Jonathan born 16 July 1705.  Jonathan(2) was listed as a mariner of Boston when his father's estate was settled in 1706 and then there is no more trace of him in Massachusetts that I can find.


     Samuel(2) was born 29 October 1686.  He was alive in 1715 when he received a share of his father's estate, but I have no marriage or other information.


From PERQUIMANS County Deed Book A


No. 269.

31 January 1706.  William GLOVER Perquimns precinct TO Jonathan STANLEY, same, Mariner, 28 pounds... my Plantation of 316 acres on the southwest side of Little River in precinct  aforesaid. between the land of john ARNOLD & the land of Thomoas HOLLOWAY...


Witnessed: Robert HOSEA, John ARNOLD, Joseph GLOVER, John WILLOUGHBY, Miles RAMSBOTTOM.


Acknowledged: by the honourable William GLOVER at North Carolina March General COurt to Jonathan STANDLY & Catherin his wife acknowledged her tight of dower. Testament: Thomas ABINGTON. Registered 15 April 1707 per John STEPNEY, Registrar.


No. 326. April 1, 1713. Jonathan Stanley of Perquimans Precinct, Mariner & wife Elizabeth, TO Cornelius RATLIFF, same, 35 pounds... all that there Plantation and land which I bought of and from ye Honourable W. GLOVER Esquire 313 Acres lying in the precinct of Perquimans & between the lands of John ARNOLD & the lands of Thomas HOLLOWAY... all houses, etc....


Rec'd: the day within written of the within named Cornelius RATLIFF ye full money mentioned

Deed was signed with Mark by Jonathan and Elizabeth Stanly


No. 359. Oct 1, 1715. Richard RATLIFF, Planter, Perquimans Precinct, to William HALL, Blacksmith, by order of my Brother Cornelius RATLIFF, Carpenter, Late of Perq Pre'ct for £40, 313 Acres which my brother Cornelius RATLIFF bought of Jonathan STANLY and his wife Elizabeth... beinbg in ye preceinct aforesaid on the Southwest of Little River between the lands of John ARNOLD & ye lands of Thomas HOLLOWAY... houses, gardens, orchards, etc...

Witnessed: Danll. GUTHRIN, Christopher DUDLEY

Acknowledged: 29 March 1716 before C. GALE, Ch: Just. Registered 12 April 1716 per John Stepney, registrar.


CHOWAN County Deed Book W #1 1696-1719:


BK B #1, Pg. 435.  January 16, 1716. Richard Rose of Chowan Precinct to Jonathan Standley of Chowan Precinct, 200 acres on Kesiah River and now in ye occupation of the said Standley and is part of tract of land surveyed for John Hawkins.


Deed Book B #1 Pgs. 22 & 23.  A Court held for the Precinct 16 April 1717, present were Jamesd Beazley, William Charleton, Thomas GARRETT Jr., John Holbrook, Henry Speller, Thomas Luten Jr., Justices.  A Commission of the Peace was Directed to James Beazley... John JORDAN, Thomas GARRETT, et. al.


Item: Richard Rose acknowledged a Deed to Thomas Pollock and another to Jonathan Standley

Item: Assignment opf a Pattent for 300 acres at Kesiah River from John Hawkins to Richard Rose is proved by the oath of Jonathan Standley. 


Pgs. 23 & 34. Appointment as Justices of the Peace James Beazley, W. Charleton, John JORDAN, et. al, Esquires Justices.


(( BK F #479 shows Edward Stanley owned property on Kisia Neck North Side of Moratuck River in 1719.   No relationship can be inferred, but proximity and dates are interesting factors. ))


THE BERTIE (GRANTOR) INDEX, For Courthouse Records of Bertie County, NC 1720-1875:


1724 Jonathan Standley      TO John SHORT, et. al  in Book A, p. 401

1727 Jonathan Standley Jr.         William JONES, et. al in Book B, p. 405

1728 Jonathan Standley Jr.         Richard bracewell Sr. in Book C, p. 32


1728 Dansy Standley           J. Williamson in Book C, p. 49

(No relationship is inferred)


1729 Jonathan Standley              John BARFIELD in Book C, p. 190

1748 George Standley          Jonathan Standley in Book G, p. 173


Following Deeds may reference Jonathan Jr. b. 1705 due to date of records:

1748 Jonathan Standley              John CRICKET in Book G, p. 214

1753 Jonathan Standley              Edward MOORE in Book D, p. 16

1755 Jonathan Standley              John CAMPBELL, et. al in Book H, p. 194

1755 Jonathan Standley              Moses HARE, et. al. in Book H, p. 245

1756 David Standley            Thomas Roades, et. al. in Book H, p. 281

1759 Jonathan Standley              Dillard Harris i nBook I, p. 408

1760 Jonathan Standley              John BARNES in Book I, p. 428

1763 Jonathan Standley              John Edwards in Book K, p. 350

1767 Jonathan Standley              John Sholar Jr. in Book L, p. 86

1768 David Standley            Henry BATES in Book L, p. 153

1770 Jonathan Standley              Edward VANN in Book L, p. 205


North Carolina, BERTIE County BOOK A - G


Patent BK C PG. 190

John Barfield to Jonathan Standley, Sen. 10 pds for 260 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp. Part of patent formerly granted to John Molton in 1717 adj. John Molton and Turkey Swamp. Witnesses: Thomas Crew, Alexander Southerland, and William Sholar Feb Court 1729.


C 326 John Edwards, Sr & wife Mary to John Moore

25 pds for 100 acres on ES Turkey Swamp on eastermost side of John Edward's plantation which contains 200a.

Wit: James Castelaw, Jonathan Standley, Henry Edwards


BK D PG. 16

Edward Moor to Jonathan Standley Nov 13, 1733. 30 pds for 250 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp adj. John Davidson whereon Stephen Howard did live at Turkey Swamp adj. John Molton and John Barfield. Witnesses: Thomas Crew, John Collins Nov Court 1733.


BK E 390

Jonathan Stanley, Sr. to Thomas Hudson

Mar 21, 1737/38 30 pds for 100 acres on WS TURKEY SWAMP. adj Stanley "at a line of marked trees made by consent of both parties" Wit: John Brown, William Ronsham, William Mears Feb Ct 1738


BK G PG. 173

Jonathan Standly, Sen. to George Standly Dec 13, 1748. 40 pds for 300 A "...George Standly the son of Jonathan Standly..." Land granted to John Molton by patent Mar 9, 1717/18 on SS Ahotsky Swamp", " ...only one hundred except called by the name of Jurnagins thicket..." Witnesses: John___, Anthon Webb.  Feb Court 1748.


BK G PG. 364 Jonathan Standly, Sr. of Johnston Co to Nathaniel Nickless Feb 28, 1750  53 pds for 300 acres on South Side Ahoskey Swamp at Turkey Swamp adj Thomas Hudson, George Standly "being the plantation whereon I lately lived.."  Wit: George Standly, William Lewis May Ct 1751


NOTE: Essentially all early records of Johnston County are lost.  Part of Johnston County became Dobbs County, whose records are also lost.  Part of Dobbs became Wayne County, whose records are mostly complete from its formation in 1779.  The rest of Dobbs became Lenoir and Greene counties.  Lenoir County’s records are also destroyed.   Grantee and grantor indexes survive for Johnston, Dobbs, and Lenoir though the deeds themselves are lost. 



"A List of Taxables taken by John Brown for year 1757":


     George Stanley NM (Negro Man or men) Ben & Sharper -3


A listing of North Carolina Taxpayers (1679-1790) listed:


Name                      County   Year

Standley, David            Bertie      1781

Standley, Isaac             Dobbs     1780

Standley, Moses                  Wayne     1786

Standley, Sandy Sr.     Dobbs     1780

Standley, Shadrack              Dobbs     1780


"The oldest mill of record was probably built by Johathan Standley [father of David] around 1745-50 on Harris' Branch, later called Mill Branch, one mile east of Snakebite. The dam can still be seen from the road. Around the time of the Revolutionary War this mill was owned by David Standley, who was one of Bertie County's delegates to the Assembly at Hillsboro in 1775."

    - Francis Speight on Snakebite Community


Source: A Journal of North Carolina, 3 Vols.

Jonathan Standley was granted permission to build a Grist Mill on Harris branch between  Cashy and Conoretsrat.  (2-621)

and {Jonathan} was a Justice of Bertie in 1776. (3-445)

and David Standley had a son name Jonathan in 1795.  (3-356)



Source: Province of North Carolina, 1663-1729, Abstracts of Land Patents by Margaret M. Hofmann.  This section is added to show those persons who lived in proximity to Jonathan Standley. 


Patent Book 1, Pg. 289:  November 11, 1719 James Castelaw patented 640 acres in Chowan Precinct adjoining

Philip Walston, Charles Barber, Jonathan Standley, John Williams


Patent Book 3, Pg. 3: April 5, 1720 Philip Walston patented 600 acres in Chowan Precinct on ye N. E. side of Cassia River, joining Charles Barber, ____ Creek, Thomas Jones,  Jonathan Standley, and ye river.


Patent Book 3, Pg. 9: April 5, 1720 James Castelaw patented 340 acres in Chowan Precinct, joining John Watson, Ralph Bosman, Robert Hicks, James Farlaw, CHARLES JORDAN and Isaac Williams.


Patent Book 3, Pg. 9: March 9, 1717 Thomas Bray patented 640 acres in Chowan Precinct joining John Watson, Ralph Bosman, Robert Hicks, James Farlaw, CHARLES JORDAN and Isaac Williams.


One major significance of these land patents confirms proximity of Charles JORDAN, father of Dempsey Jordan whose Taliaferro Co., GA Last Will & Testament proved the lineage of Shadrack Stanley (father of James Stanley of Gwinnett County, GA).  Charles was Shadrack's father-in-law -- giving further credence to Shadrack's familial relationship to Jonathan Standley. 




Baptism: January 18, 1679/80, Beverly, Essex, MA





Marriage location conformed by Deborah Nowers, April 14, 1999.  As she said " I searched there because of the 'Boston Mariner' reference."



Marriage: January 25, 1703/04, Boston, MA.



2.                i.    JONATHAN3 STANDLEY, b. July 16, 1705; d. 1773, Bertie County, North Carolina.

3.               ii.    GEORGE STANLEY, b. Bef. 1720, North Carolina; d. 1784, Wilkes County, Georgia.

4.              iii.    SANDS STANLEY, b. Bef. 1725.

5.              iv.    JOHN STANLEY, b. Abt. 1715.

6.               v.    WILLIAM STANLEY, b. Abt. 1710.



Generation No. 2


2.  JONATHAN3 STANDLEY (JONATHAN2, GEORGE1) was born July 16, 1705, and died 1773 in Bertie County, North Carolina.  He married ANN GARDNER in Bertie County, North Carolina.  She died June 17, 1775 in Bertie County, North Carolina.




P 78 , DB C p 32 , Richard Bracewell, Sen & wife to Jonathan Standly Jr , 20 April 1728 , SS Kesiah Swamp, adj Bracewell


BERTIE Deed Abstracts:

BK G PG. 214 John Crickett sold 50 acres on the North Side of Cashy (River) to Jonathan 11-19-1748.  Both David Standley and Edmond Standley were witnesses.


Will of Jonathan Standley 5 Mar 1773  proved Apr Ct 1773 [abstract by Gammon]

"..being very sick and weak.."

Son David Standley - land I bought of Moses Hare on Roquis, Negro Sue, bed cows, calves which he has already received.

Son Edmond Standley - land I bought of Dillard Harris and my land in Piney Woods that I had of John Barnes Jr also bed, cows, calves and Negro Sam.

Daughter Elisabeth Roades - mulatto Cate, bed cows, and calves.

Daughter Jemima Kittrell - Negro Nance and an equal part of my estate for her lifetime and at her death the said Negro will go to her son Joshua Spivey.

Daughter Esther Spivey - Negro Dina and her three children which she now has.

Daughter Susanna Baker - Negro Jenney, bed, etc.

Daughter Mary Stallings - Negro Jada [Juda?] bed, etc which she has already received.

Daughter Martha Standley - my manner plantation where I now live and 50 ac of land that I bought of John Crickett, also Negro Sarah, bed, etc.

Goddaughter Sarah Thomas, junr. - the child my Negro Rose now goes with, but if Sarah should die without issue the Negro will go to my children.

Wife Ann Standley - lend 200 ac at Lumber Bridge, Negroes Mingo, Peg and Nance, cows, walnut chairs, smoaking chair, etc. Profits of the orchard are to be divided between my daughter Martha and my wife.

David Standley is to give Edmond Standley 50 ac of his island land on Roquis, otherwise Edmond is to have forty pounds out of David's equal part.

EX: son David, son-in-law Thomas Roades

WIT: Cader Cherry, Sollomon Cherry, Martha Cherry




Notes for ANN GARDNER:

Will of Martain [M] Gardner   6 Oct 1755   proved Jan Ct 1760 Bertie Co .  [abstact by Gammon]

gentleman "..being very sick and weak of body..." 

Wife Annah - Negro Jim, bed.

Son James Gardner - Negroes Pompe, Ben, bed and my plantation and land where I now live.

Son John Gardner - 440 ac adj. my land on Deep Run and Cashy.

Daughters Ann, Annah and Jane - cows and calves.

Daughter Ann - Negro Peg.

Daughter Annah - Negro Ward.

Daughter Jane - Negro Beck.

Son William Gardner - heifer.

Daughter Catorn - mare.

Daughter Elisebeth - cow and calf and that is to be their shares.

Son Martin Gardner - heifer.

Rest of estate I loan to my wife during her lifetime and at her death to be divided among my three sons and three daughters Martain, John, James, Ann, Annah and Jane.

EX: youngest son James, friend Needham Bryan, my wife

WIT: Benjamin [B] Carter, Joseph Holland.


Deed Book M - 35 David Standly, Edmand Standly, Martha Standly, Thomas Rhodes, Jemima [x] Kittrell, George Spivey, Jonathan Baker, & Mary Stallings all of [Bertie] Co. 30 Mar 1773. Quit their claim to the negroes Peg, Pane, Mingo & certain personal property & livestock; also quit their claim for land sold by their father Jonathan Standly dec'd for 33 pounds 6 sh 8 p proclamation, which was Ann Gardner's portion at the time of her marriage with our sd father. Acquit sd items to Ann Standly widow of sd Jonathan Standly.  Wit: Zed Stone, Cader Cherry, William Cherry. May Ct 1774. John Johnston CJC


Ann (GARDNER) STANDLEY will, 1775


Vizt in the Name of God Amen I Ann Standly of the County of Bertie County in the provence of North Carolina Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and yt and yet it is appointed for all woman once to die I do make this my Last Will and Testament as followeth.

Vizt first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of Gad that gav it and as to the Worldly Estate that it hath pleased God to give to me I give and bequeath in the manner and form following:


I give and bequeth unto my sister Elizabeth Jernigen ten pounds prock money

And Secondly I leave my three Negroes Pegg, Mingo and Nance with all my household goods and Chattels to be Equally divided between Martin Gardner and John Gardner and James Gardner my Brothers and sisters Anne Sparkman and Jane Pervis

now it is the True intent and meaning of the my Last Will and Testament that if my Brothers or Sisters or any other claiming under or for them or any of them shall be any ways discontented at this my Last Will and Testamt so as to bring any Suit in the Law or take any of the Good by me left to another that such person so offending shall forfit all their part of my Estate and be cut off with one Shilling Sterling & their par shall have been theirs shall be divided among my other Brothers and Sisters by Joseph Holland and John Gardner whom I do constitute appoint and Impower to be my true and Lawful Executors of this my Last Will and Testament

and I do hereby utterly disallow & disannull all and every other former will and Testament in wintess where of I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this seventeenth day of June in the Year of our Lord Christ Seventeen hundred and Seventy five and in the fifteenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign King George the third.


Signed Sealed and published & An (X) Standly (seal)

Delivered in presence of

Benjamin Carter, Jurt

James Gardner, Jurt

Samuel Gardner

Bertie County August Court 1775: proved by Banjamin Carter and James Gardner. Test. John Johnston, CJC.



Marriage: Bertie County, North Carolina



                   i.    DAVID4 STANDLEY, b. Abt. 1725; d. 1795, Bertie Co., North Carolina; m. SARAH WALTON LASSITER, June 18, 1788, Possibly  a 2nd wife, or wife of a son named David.; b. 1733; d. 1807.



Bertie Co., NC Will in 1795 named wife, children & executors.  Executors of Will were

Jonathan Standley, James Rhodes, Elizabeth Pugh


THE BERTIE INDEX, For Courthouse Records of Bertie County, NC 1720-1875:


1756 David Standley     FROM    Thomas Roades, et. al. in Book H, p. 281

1768 David Standley             Henry BATES in Book L, p. 153

1777 David Standley             Thomas CLARK in Book M, p. 202

1779 David Standley             William Williams, et. al. (LEASE) in Book M, p. 400

1779 David Standley             Thomas Whitmel in Book M, p. 446

1784 David Standley             Alex Martin, Governor (GRANT) in Book M, p. 748

1785 David Standley             Richard Caswell, Governor (GRANT) in Book N, p. 150

1785 David Standley             Richard Caswell, Governor (GRANT) in Book N, p. 153

1785 David Standley             Richard Caswell, Governor (GRANT) in Book N, p. 177

1786 David Standley             Richard Caswell, Governor (GRANT) in Book N, p. 111


1784 Jonathan Standley                David Standley in Book X, p. 288


1789 William Standley          Noah SUGG in Book P, p. 414

1795 William Standley          Aaron SPIVEY, et. al in Book Q, p. 374  **

1796 John Standley               William WATSON in Book R, p. 228


** Cashie Baptist Church

Another Baptist congregation was the "Cashie Church" which was established in the

Windsor area. For information see: The Baptist Church at Cashie (1770-1970)

by Raymond Hargus Taylor. Contains history as well as membership lists which contain

early Negro members as well.


     RECORDS, 1791-1925. 3 vols., 12 items.

>> Elder Dargan continued as pastor of Cashie Church until his death on December 25, 1786. After his death the church was without a regular pastor until July 6, 1794, when Aaron Spivey was ordained to the ministry and on that day became pastor of Cashie Church.


A partial listing of North Carolina Militia follows. Return of the officers of the North Carolina Militia, undated, Bertie County Regiment. Jonathan and son, David, were the only Standleys listed on the Bertie Roster.


Rank              Name                               Remarks

Captain                  Standley, Jonathan            Troop of Horse

(nine men were named as Captain)


Lieutenant              Standley, David               Standley's Company

(nine men were named as Lieutenant)


Justices of the Peace presided over this court. These Justices were usually men owning property and leaders of the community. They were appointed by the Governor who took the advice of the legislators. Any 3 justices made up a quorum to conduct business.


In 1760 these included: John Campbell, John Dawson, Cullen Pollock, Edward Rasor, Lillington Lockhard, Humphry Nichols, David Standley and William Gray.


The Court Records are usually not indexed, but provide genealogical gems for the persistent researcher! This court was abolished in 1868 with the reorganization of counties after the Civil War. North Carolina Provincial Congress


August 25, 1774, delegates were sent from the Counties (two from Bertie) to the North Carolina Provincial Congress in New Bern to discuss matters and select delegates to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Safety Committees in towns and counties were also proposed, as England and Colonial matters worsened.After this 1st Provincial Congress, 4 others were held in preparation for the War.


1st Provincial Congress: New Bern 25th Aug 1774

John Campbell


2nd Provincial Congress 1775  - Hillsboro

William Gray

Jonathan Jacocks

Charles Jacocks

William Brimmage

William Bryan

Zedekiah Stone

Thomas Ballard

Peter Clifton

David Standley (justice of peace and sheriff of Bertie)

John Campbell

John Johnston



Will: 1795, Named wife & Children



Posted at


Children of William Walton and Rachel Hunter

1. Timothy Walton ca 1749 - ca 1821 Hertford/Bertie Co, NC

      married 1st ? Garrett   died bef 1791

      married  2nd  28 Feb 1791 Milly Outlaw (Bourbon Jones, Bm)

            Timothy Walton lived very close to James Jones - possibly at Pine Tree.


2. Rachel Walton ca 1751 - Bertie Co

      married bef Nov 1771 JESSE GARRETT ca 1735 - 1797 Bertie Co

           he had married 1st 30 Jan 1756 Rachel Blanchard (Timothy Walton, Bm)

      married bef  1804 Abram Rhodes  Bertie Co


3. Sarah Walton ca 1753 - 1807 moved to Bertie Co ca 1781

     married 1st 1772 Frederick LASSITER ca 1750 - 1787 Bertie Co

             son of Moses Lassiter and Judith Eason 

      Fred had married 1st ca 1770 daughter of Abner Eason had sons Jethro & Robert

     married 2nd 1788 DAVID STANDLEY died 1795 Bertie Co


4. Mary Walton ca 1757 [6 June 1760] - ca 1810 Pitt Co [age about 50 at death]

     married 1774 Jacob Eason died bef Nov Ct 1778 Bertie Co

                            on jury Nov ct 1777;  9 Feb 1779 inventory Bertie Co

     married 24 Sept 1779 Bertie Co  Solomon Cherry ca 1755/60 - ca 1810 Pitt Co

                                                                  [age about 50 at death]

5. William Walton 1760 - 6 March 1816 Carthage TN

     married Hertford Co Dec 1783 Sarah Jones June 1763 - 30 May 1840 Carthage TN

6. John Walton ca 1761 - 1798 Chowan Co

      married bef 1782 LEAH GARRETT dau of Thomas

           Chowan Estates: Leah Walton, widow of John Walton 1800 NCHGR Vol 2 -272


7. Thomas Walton ca 1762- nfi

8. Isaac Walton  1 February 1763 - 28 August 1840 Sumner Co TN  e-mail Connie

      married 1st  1783 Catherine Perry 1764 - 6 September 1824 dau of Josiah

      married 2nd 1825 Elizabeth Mansker

9. James Walton ca 1765- Gates Co

      married 1786 Mary Walton ca 1766 - 1822 Bertie Co

               (I think she is who died Bertie Co 1822?)

10. Ann [Nancy] Walton 1766 - 1842

       married ca 1787 James Jones 1765 - 1816

                       of Pitch Landing Hert. Co NC

11. Celia [Selah] Walton ca 1769 - single in 1807

        married bef 1823 Mr. Jones



                  ii.    EDMUND STANDLEY, b. Abt. 1730; d. Bef. 1800; m. MARGARET PERRY.



Posted at (10/1/2005)

Brenda Kay Stewart Reeder

2321 Earles Court Road

Taylorsville, Utah 84119-6010




                 iii.    ESTHER STANDLEY, m. UNKNOWN SPIVEY.

                 iv.    SUZANNAH STANDLEY, m. UNKNOWN BAKER.

                  v.    MARTHA STANDLEY, d. 1794; m. DAVID OUTLAW.

                 vi.    MARY STANDLEY, d. 1803; m. JOSIAH STALLINGS.

                vii.    ELIZABETH STANDLEY, m. THOMAS RHODES.




Josiah Nichols was born in 1752 in Bertie County, North Carolina. His parents were Nathaniel Nicholas and Mary.


According to NC Wills: A Testator Index 1665-1900 by Mitchell, the will of Nathaniel Nicholas filed 1755 SS 880/159 is in the loose wills of the State Archives. We have not read it.


In 1759 the Bertie County Court Minutes #493-253 contain the following:


" Mr. Jonathan Standly, guardian to William Nicholas and Josiah Nicholas, orphans of Nathaniel Nichols, deceased, move the court for leave to sell 1 mare, 2 guns, 1 sword, a pair of pistols and hosters belonging to the orphans. It was granted and also ordered that John Hill, William Gray and Thomas Whitnell, Esq. to divide the estate of Nathaniel Nicholas decd."


The August Court 1774 of the Bertie County Court Record 1772-1780 proved a deed from Richard Willsford to Josiah Nicholas in open court by the oath of James Early one of the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be registered.


Josiah Nichols is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. It states that Josiah was a soldier in a NC company during the Revolution. It also says he married first Mary and second Nancy. In the Caldwell County Kentucky history room there is a Nichols Family File. It states that Josiah Nichols wed Nancy, maybe Reddick in Wake County, NC. We have found no confirmation of Mary, but Nancy Reddick is found a number of times. Plus the Reddick name continues through the line.


Item 2:


The Colonial Bertie County book mentioned above states that on Feb 28, 1750 Nathaniel Nichless paid 53 Pounds for 300 acres on south side of Ahoskey Swamp at Turkey Swamp adjacent to Thomas Hudson and George Standly. It was sold by Johnathan Standly Sr. of Johnston County with the quote "being the plantation where I lately lived..." It was witnessed by George Standly and William Lewis.


The Colonial Bertie County Deed Abstracts A-H 1720-1757 state that Mary Nicholas witnessed a deed with Jonathan Standly on 4/28/1756 on a sale of 175 acres from Thomas & Elizabeth Roades to David Standly.


But then in 1759 the Bertie County Court Minutes #493-253 contain the following:

" Mr. Jonathan Standly, guardian to William Nicholas and Josiah Nichols, orphans of Nathaniel Nichols, deceased, move the court for leave to sell 1 mare, 2 guns, 1 sword, a pair of pistols and hosters belonging to the orphans. It was granted and also ordered that John Hill, William Gray and Thomas Whitnell, Esq. to divide the estate of Nathaniel Nicholas decd."





3.  GEORGE3 STANLEY (JONATHAN2 STANDLEY, GEORGE1) was born Bef. 1720 in North Carolina, and died 1784 in Wilkes County, Georgia.  He married ADER.  She was born Abt. 1720.



Known son of Jonathan Standley by NC  deed dated 1748.  North Carolina, Bertie County BOOK A - G

(Note* Ahoskie Swamp is located in Hertford Co., NC: Potecasi Creek a.k.a. Meherrin Creek is also in Hertford Co., NC(about 10-20 miles apart): Roanoke River a.k.a. Moratuck River runs through the following counties, Bertie, Washington, Martin, Halifax, Northampton, and Warren Counties.)


** Note:  Dempsey Jordan (brother-in-law to James Stanley of Gwinnett Co., GA) stated his birthplace as Meherrin Creek.


Patent BK C PG. 190

John Barfield to Jonathan Standley, Sen. 10 pds for 260 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp. Part of patent formerly granted to John Molton in 1717 adj. John Molton and Turkey Swamp. Witnesses: Thomas Crew, Alexander Southerland, and William Sholar Feb Court 1729.


BK D PG. 16

Edward Moor to Jonathan Standley Nov 13, 1733. 30 pds for 250 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp adj. John Davidson whereon Stephen Howard did live at Turkey Swamp adj. John Molton and John Barfield. Witnesses: Thomas Crew, John Collins Nov Court 1733.

BK G PG. 173


Jonathan Standly, Sen. to George Standly Dec 13, 1748. 40 pds for 300 A "...George Standly the son of Jonathan Standly..." Land granted to John Molton by patent Mar 9, 1717/18 on SS Ahotsky Swamp", " ...only one hundred except called by the name of Jurnagins thicket..." Witnesses: John___, Anthon Webb.

Feb Court 1748.



Abstracts of Wills Bertie Co., NC - 1722 - 1774

by David B. Gammon

Pages 43, 44


(157)  NATHANIEL NICHOLAS  17 Sep 1755  Oct Ct 1755

(Nuncupative will)


Son JOSIAH NICHOLAS - plantation where I live. Son WILLIAM NICHOLAS - land called

JOHNACKIN's Thicket. The land in the Piney Woods upon Heart's Delight is to be divided

between the said WILLIAM and JOSIAH. Daughter ELIZEBETH - the first child of the wench

Beck.  Daughter MATHEW NICHOLAS (sic) - second child of the wench Beck.  Daughter

MILLAH - third child of Beck. Any other children Beck may have are to be divided among all

my children.


(Probate indicates the will was proved on the oaths of THOMAS HUDSON, GEORGE STANDLY

and WILLIAM WILLIFORD. The widow MARY NICHOLAS was granted administration. WILLIS

NICHOLS also signed the will.)


Deposition by GEORGE STANLEY (STANDLY) and his wife ANNE STANLEY (Sept. 22, 1755)

indicates they were at the home of the deceased, who appeared to be sick but of sound sense

and memory.  Record indicates the dec'd. made the following bequests: Daughter ANNE

NICHOLAS - one Negro Amey. Son WILLIAM - a gun, case of pistols, etc. Wife MARY - a

Negro Toney for her lifetime. Son JOSIAH - gun.


A Land Bounty Warrant was issued in Wilkes County, Georgia on March 1, 1784,

to GEORGE STANDLEY. The Warrant was executed July 16, 1784, for 100 acres

bounded on the west by Fishing Creek (Warrant #890). Apparently, GEORGE died

about the spring of 1784, and the Grant was issued to his wife, ADER, and

dated October 13, 1785. A letter of Administration on probate of the GEORGE

STANDLEY estate was granted to ADER May 28, 1784 in Wilkes County. Inventory

was taken and presented in court July 27, 1784, and recorded in October.




Name 2: George STANDLEY

Date born 2: Abt. 1720

Died 2: Abt. 1783, Wilkes County, Georgia


Notes for ADER:



Children of GEORGE STANLEY and ADER are:

                   i.    LEWIS ISHAM4 STANLEY, b. Abt. 1750, Probably Bertie Co., NC; d. 1815, Spartanburg, South Carolina; m. ADAH MARTIN, Unknown, South Carolina; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.



LEWIS was born about 1750, probably in Bertie County, NC. He married ADAH,

believed by some to have been ADAH MARTIN, daughter of JAMES, of Tryon, NC.

She was born about 1750 in Anson County, NC.


In 1772, the Buffalo Baptist Church was organized near Grover, NC. LEWIS was

a charter member, and remained on the membership rolls there until he moved

to Pendleton District, SC, in 1807. His farm was located on Cherokee Creek

in Spartanburg District. JAMES MARTIN also lived in this area. The church

roll also listed a RHODA MARTIN, deceased January 26, 1808. This may have

been the wife of JAMES and the mother of ADAH.


One Stanley family tradition is that LEWIS served under GEORGE WASHINGTON in

the Revolutionary War. At one time during the war, the King's men raided his

home and took all the bed linens, even taking the pallet his small daughter,

ANNIE, was lying on very ill. LEWIS him-self was at home on leave at the

time, having contacted smallpox. His wife kept him hidden out in the woods

with only a cowhide for protection. If this story is true, LEWIS and his

father GEORGE were in the Revolution at the same time. Revolutionary War

Records list LEWIS as a private in the Regular Light Dragoons, Continental



In 1777, LEWIS was a witness to the will of a WILLIAM WALKER. WILLIAM had

purchased the farm of GEORGE and ADER STANLEY in 1775, on Fishing Creek.


Census records from Spartanburg County, SC show:


4 white males under 16 (GEORGE, LEWIS and JOHN)

4 white males 16 and over, including head of household (JAMES, WILLIAM,


5 white females, including head of family (RHODA, ANN, ELIZABETH, ADAH)


3 males under 10 (DAVID, BENJAMIN, JESSE)

2 males 10-16 (LEWIS JR., GEORGE)

1 male 45+ (LEWIS SR.)

3 females 16-26) (RHODA, ANN, ELIZABETH)

1 female 45+ (ADAH)


Spartanburg County records, 1785-1799, show:

"Ordered that LEWIS STANDLEY be exempted from a judgement against him for

Estray, upon paying the costs, as he produced a satisfactory probate for the

same, which showed that it was proven away and not converted to his own



"Agreeable to a petition for a road from Capt. DANIEL McCLAREN'S to

intersect a road leading to Union Court House near the big meadows setting

forth that DANIEL McCLAREN, LEWIS STANDLEY, and JOHN COOPER lay off the same

and for said STANLEY to open, oversee and keep the same in order, is granted

by the Court...."


Other records from the same county show:

Oct. 31, 1793: JOHN MARTIN, Esq., to LEWIS STANDLEY, Spartanburgh, for £50

S.C. money sold 250 ac. on both sides Cherokee Creek...." March 25, 1801.


"JAMES MARTIN to EZEKIEL STANDLEY, Spartanburgh, for $50 sold 139 ac. on



LEWIS also had a daughter named RHODA. EZEKIEL'S will, dated July 17, 1805,

mentioned his wife RHODA. It was witnessed by LEWIS and GEORGE STANLEY and

DANIEL McCOY, and filed August 3, 1805.)


LEWIS and ADAH moved to Pendleton County, SC in 1807, after selling their

land in Spartanburg:


"Dec. 22, 1807: LEWIS STANLEY and wife ADAH (Spartanburgh) to Major Hancock

for $300 sold 230 ac. on waters of Cherokee Creek on W. side of Broad Road.,

border: EZEKIEL STANLEY desc....Signed LEWIS STANLEY and ADAH'S mark."


The 1810 census for Pendleton County, SC:


10-16 2 2

16-26 1 1

45+ 1 1



Posted by Jean Dalrymple, <>


August 29, 1814: "Deed of Gift. LEWIS STANLEY SR., to sons DAVID and JOHN

STANLEY, 250 acres where I now live, adjoining JAMES MORRIS, MATTHEW CLARK,


furnishings and cattle. Recorded Dec. 19, 1814."

No probate records or death record can be found.


>From other records, we learned that LEWIS and ADAH had at least the

following children: (Also may have had a son named EZEKIEL; LEWIS is

believed to have had a brother named EZEKIEL, too.)


JOHN (lived in Pendleton District in 1816)

GEORGE (1786-1861), married ELIZABETH SMITH, moved to Indiana LEWIS JR.

(c1788- ), married JUDITH CROWE, moved to Georgia/Virginia BENJAMIN

FRANKLIN (1791-1867), married NANCY THOMAS, sister of FATIMA, moved to

Alabama ELIZABETH (C1780- ), married JOHN CUMMINS; DANIEL McKAY (McCOY) (?)

JOSHUA DAVID (1793-1881), married FATIMA THOMAS

LELA, married ____ Kilby


RHODA (c1783- ), married WILEY ROBERTS, moved to Georgia

JESSE (c1793-1866), married DIANNAH GALLMAN, moved to Alabama


BENJAMIN and NANCY are buried in the Stanley Cemetery near Sterling in

Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. ELIZABETH and JOHN were married at the

residence of LEWIS STANLEY JR., on December 26, 1859, by R. Dodson,



LEWIS and ADAH'S son, JOSHUA DAVID, is our next direct ancestor.



JOSHUA DAVID, or DAVID, as he is known in most records, was born June 16,

1793, in South Carolina. He was given land by his father in 1813 in

Pendleton District. Soon after his father's death, DAVID went to Tennessee,

where he first married DELILAH JOHNS about 1815. He was in Wilson County in

1820, and Bedford County by 1830.


1820 Wilson County Census:

JOSHUA DAVID STANLEY, 1 male under 10, 1 male 18-26, 1 male 26-45, 2 females

under 10, 1 female 16-26. (Who the male 18-26 was is unknown.)


1830 Bedford County Census:

JOSHUA DAVID STANLEY, 2 males under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 1 female

5-10, 1 female 10- 15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30.

They had four known children, but perhaps six according to the census: ELIZA




DELILAH died in 1823, when FELIX was four days old.He was raised by the

FRANCIS MARTIN ARNOLD family in Bedford County, TN. The Arnold family lived

near LEWIS STANLEY in South Carolina in 1808. It is said that FELIX later

went to Arkansas and no further records have been found of him.

After DELILAH died, DAVID moved to Alabama and settled there. On February

15, 1827, he married FATIMA THOMAS in Tuscaloosa County. She was born in

1806, the daughter of JOSHUA THOMAS and REBECCA WHEELER. DAVID'S brother,

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, married FATIMA'S sister, NANCY, and they also lived in

Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. It is not known which family settled there



The 1840 census in Tuscaloosa County shows:

DAVID STANLEY with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 at 40-50, 1

female 5-10, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40, and 1 female 40-50.


In 1850, still in the same county, the census shows:


TIMA, 44










Children of DAVID and FATIMA were:










Family history says the Stanleys lived on a cotton plantation and owned


By 1860, they appear in Walker County, Alabama, on the census as:

DAVID STANLEY, 57 (should be 67)



WM. H., 17

MARY A., 15



By 1870, JOSHUA DAVID and FATIMA were in Itawamba County, Mississippi. He

was 77; she was 62, and her sister, MARTHA WEATHINGTON, 68, was with them.

Sometime before 1880, regardless of his advanced age, JOSHUA DAVID and

FATIMA moved to Texas with their son WILLIAM, where JOSHUA DAVID died in

1881. FATIMA'S death date is not inscribed on her headstone, but both are

buried in the Morrow Cemetery, southeast of Cleburne, in Johnson County,

Texas. Their son, WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON STANLEY, is the next of our direct

ancestors in this line. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON STANLEY


The following was written by ERVIN STANLEY, son of WILLIAM. It was

discovered among his papers several years after ERVIN'S death, and is

reprinted here to give us a better idea of the life of WILLIAM HENRY



"WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON STANLEY was born August 24, 1842, died January 31,

1927. He served the full four years in the Civil War in the southern

cavalry under General Forest.


WILLIAM enlisted in the Confederate Army on September 14, 1861, at

Montgomery, Alabama. He was a part of Companies B and C, serving in the

17th Alabama Infantry. He was a private, later promoted to First Sergeant.

The only other information about his service was taken from the Muster Roll

records, which said that he was granted a leave in January, 1863, for two

days at Blakely, Alabama. At one point, in August and September of 1863, he

was listed as an Ordination Sergeant at Battery Tracey, Alabama.

After the war, and his travels around Texas, WILLIAM went back to Alabama to

get his parents. His sister ELVIRA and brother SAMUEL came along, as did

his aunt MARTHA, who was his mother's sister.


The 1880 census in Johnson County, Texas, shows:

WM. H. STANLEY, 37, farmer



DAVID, 87, father

FATIMA, 73, mother

PATSY DILL, 80, aunt (This was MARTHA, who had first married a



On January 7, 1886, WILLIAM married MARY NANCY ELIZABETH KIRKLAND, twenty

years his junior. They had five children:

EARL, born 12/1/1886, died 3/4/1967, married (1) ALMA BRAWNER, sister of



9/28/1980, married NELLIE LEE BRAWNER. See following.

VERNON, born 8/2/1892, died 6/1959, married HATTIE PUTMAN. Their children


were tragically murdered in their home.

MYRTLE OMA, born 9/4/1895, married GUY K. HORTON. Their children were:


11/30/1902, married BEULAH MAYE HOLLIS. Their children were: FRED CARLTON



The 1900 Johnson County, Texas census shows:

WM. H. STANLEY, born Aug. 1842, age 57

NANCY E., born July, 1862, age 37

EARL, born Dec. 1886, age 13

IRVIN, born Nov. 1888, age 11

VERNON, born Aug. 1892, age 7

OMA M., born Sept. 1895, age 4

The 1910 Soundex, same county:


LINA, 47 (should be LIZZIE, or ELIZABETH)

EARL, 23



OMA, 14



And, in 1920, the Soundex shows:





NELLIE, daughter-in-law, 27

WILLARD, grandson, 4

ARTIE L., granddaughter, 3

Baby, granddaughter, 11/2 (This was NELL)


WILLIAM HENRY died in 1927. After his death, NANCY ELIZABETH moved to

Lubbock and lived with her son, CARLTON, until her own death in 1952, at age

90. Her body was shipped back to Johnson County for burial beside her

husband in Caddo Cemetery, west of Joshua. Obituaries from local papers



"Friday, April 1, 1927. W.H. STANLEY dies at old home Thursday. W.H.

STANLEY, age 85 years died Thursday morning at 4 o'clock at his home ten

miles north of Cleburne on the old Fort Worth Road. While very advanced in

age Mr. Stanley had been enjoying his usual health and the day before his

death when he complained of not feeling well and the next morning he expired

at the home stated. Funeral services probably will be held at the family

residence for Mr. Stanley and the remains will be interred at Old Caddo Friday afternoon, the

exact hour of services not having yet been determined owing to the expected

arrival of members of the family."


"Friday, May 22, 1952. Mrs. LEZZIE STANLEY, 90, died Thursday in Lubbock,

Texas. Survivors are four sons, EARL and ERVIN STANLEY of Joshua, VERNON

STANLEY of Fort Worth, and CARLETON STANLEY of Lubbock, and one daughter,

Mrs. G.K. HORTON of Hereford. Funeral services were held at 2:00 p.m. today from

the Joshua Baptist Church with Rev. C.N. GILBERT officiating. Burial was in

the Caddo cemetery under the direction of Crosier-Pearson Funeral Home.

Pallbearers were J.B._____, MARK DEASON, W.A. KELLY, EVERT RAY, JIM SIMS and




ERVIN was born November 16, 1888, in Johnson County, Texas. He married

NELLIE LEE BRAWNER on August 1, 1914. The couple lived on a farm west of

Joshua, and had four children, JESS WILLARD, ARTIE LOUISE, NELL, and ANDY.

When his brother, VERNON, and VERNON'S wife HATTIE, were murdered, ERVIN

made many trips to Fort Worth to prod the investigation on its way. He even

attempted to do some investigating himself, asking questions of people who

knew the couple, trying to find out some bit of information that might help

solve the case. The brutal murders weighed heavily on his mind for many

years, but unfortunately, the case was never solved.


NELLIE died on February 8, 1980, of a stroke. ERVIN said on the day of his

wife's death that he would not live another six months without her. He died

one month later than his prediction, on September 28, 1980. Both are buried

at Caddo cemetery west of Joshua, Texas.


My Granddad


JESS WILLARD STANLEY, born 5/31/1915, Johnson County, Texas, married TERESA

WHITE on 3/16/1939. Their children:






VIRGINIA KAY, married (1) LANNIE BROWN, (2) MIKE ______, (3) ROY GOULD, had


ARTIE LOUISE STANLEY, born 12/16/1916, Johnson County, Texas, married ARTHUR

EARL SIMMONS on 11/30/1940. Their children were POLLYE JEANE, WILLIAM DAVID,

and SUSAN CELESTE. See Simmons information, Volume I. ARTIE LOUISE married

(2) CLARENCE M. GILLIAM on 10/14/1965. There was no issue by this marriage.

CLARENCE died in September, 1988 and is buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in

Fort Worth. (Also see following information, this chapter.)

NELL STANLEY, born 11/12/1918, Johnson County, Texas, died 1992, California,

married (1) OTIS ROLLINS on 1/28/1939, (2) VIRGIL ZACHRY.


Children of first marriage were:



MARY LOU, , married FRED THOMASON on 11/20/1959, had issue:


GARY DAVID, , died 1/27/1946

ANDY STANLEY, born 2/26/1922, Johnson County, Texas, died 9/4/1993,

Burleson, Texas, married (1) 12/28/1943, ELVIRA "SIS" BARE, (2) DOROTHY


MADGE _____.

Children by first marriage were:

TWILA LOU, married and had four daughters

MARILYN KAY, married and had issue

ANNETTE, died as infant




Marriage: Unknown, South Carolina


                  ii.    EZEKIEL STANDLEY, b. Abt. 1755, Probably Bertie Co., NC; d. 1835, Covington, Newton Co., GA; m. (1) ALBINIA WILKINSON; m. (2) ELIZABETH RUTLEDGE, June 10, 1813, Clarke Co., Georgia.



Marriage: June 10, 1813, Clarke Co., Georgia



4.  SANDS3 STANLEY (JONATHAN2 STANDLEY, GEORGE1) was born Bef. 1725.  He married UNKNOWN Abt. 1740 in Probably Dobbs Co., North Carolina. 





The ancestry of  George Stanley (d. 1784 in Wilkes Co., GA) and Sands (d. 1796 in Cheraws Dist. SC) leads to their residence in North Carolina in the early to mid-1700s.  The ancestry of George Stan(d)ley, a son of Jonathan Standley,  has revealed a connection to the Essex County, MA Standley family which included men named Jonathan, George, David and Sands. The name 'Sands'  has not been found in any other Stanley lineage.  The MA, NC, SC, GA lineages are most probably the same family.


1. His age shown by presence in NC deed records (1746-1750) probably place him in this family.

2. This Sands may be a son of Jonathan, son of George & Bethia Standley. Jonathan Sr. had sons Jonathan Jr. born 1705 and George born abt. 1720.

3. This Sands may be a son of Sands (1676-1702) and Abigail HASCHAL Standley, but no proof has been found.  There is record of only one child of this union, Sands b. 1702 and married Mary Charder in 1724.

4. This Sands may be a son of David or Samuel Stanley, sons of George and Bethia Stanley.  As yet we have no lineage information for either of these men.

5. There is an unconfirmed family of Captain George Stanley and his son, Samuel Sands Stanley, of Maine.  A possible lineage is George and Bethia Stanley, (2) son George and Jane Stacy, (3) son George and Abigail Morgan, who had a son George born May 27, 1722.  That son could have been Samuel Sands Stanley.


From Elaine Campbell:  I have come across some notes that came from Dr. W. Stanley Hoole of the University of Alabama (this was1978).  He gives Thomas Stanley and wife from England settled in New Kent Co. Va. in 1600.  They had three children James born 1688, Thomas 1689, John 1691. He said our family was from  John Sands Stanley who settled in NC and Sands II who settled in SC. The reason I'm sending this is I wondered if the Sands, father of Sands (wife Zipha) could be this John Sands that he told me we were descended from.


(Larry S. Note) Actual letter from W. Stanley Hoole to Elaine Campbell included a family chart placing Sands (b. 1742) in the lineage of John Stanley (b. 11-11-1691 and documented in Quaker records) with a question mark.   His chart is not clear about how Sands fit into the lineage of John Stanley.   W. S. Hoole did state he was convinved that Sands (b. 1742) was a son of the elder Sands Stanley (b. abt 1725), which is highly plausible.




BOOK 1:  November 1746 - April 1750


From                               To                   Page #

Bright, Simon                Sands Stanly        135

Standley, William        John Standley         172

Standley (Standly), John            William Standly      223


The Roster of the Patriots in the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, 1776, lists (probably) the sons of the elder Sands Standley:


Shadrack Stanley, of Dobbs County, served as a sergeant under Captain Benjamin Sheppard and Colonel Abraham Sheppard. Since his officers participated in the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, Stanley was possibly in the encounter. (Journal "A", 109)


Sands Stanley, of Dobbs County, served as a corporal under Captain Benjamin Sheppard and Colonel Abraham Sheppard. Since his officers participated in the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, Stanley was possibly in the encounter. (Journal "A", 109)




Name 2: Sands STANDLEY



Marriage: Abt. 1740, Probably Dobbs Co., North Carolina


Children of SANDS STANLEY and UNKNOWN are:

                   i.    SANDS4 STANLEY, b. Abt. 1742, North Carolina; d. November 19, 1799, Darlington County, South Carolina; m. ZILPHA EDWARDS, Abt. 1759, North Carolina; b. Abt. 1740, Jones County, North Carolina; d. March 31, 1808, Darlington County, South Carolina.



From "Sands Stanley of the Pee Dee Valley", Haywood A. Stanley (1978):


SANDS STANDLEY --  Born before 1742.  About 1759 he married Zilpha Edwards.  We believe Zilpha was born about the same time in the general vicinity of Jones County in eastern North Carolina.  Sands died Nov. 19, 1799; Zilpha died Mar. 31, 1808.


The name Zilpha occurs four times in Sands' will in 1796.  In DAR application National #486112, it is spelled Zilphah.  Sands' son, Thomas, in his will in 1813, spelled it Zilpha.  Most historians seem to favor Zilpha.  The name Sands is occasionally spelled Sans, as in one of the records quoted in this book.  The name Standley occurs in many early Darlington County records.  About 1812 they began to drop the "d" and it soon became only Stanley.  It was found both ways for about two generations.


In 1930, Sarah Amanda Stanley, a fourth generation of our Sands Stanley, told her nephew, James S. Stanley that "two brothers, Sands and Sims Stanley, came from Scotch-Irish and settled on the coast of North Carolina, near the Virginia line."  An inquiry to authorities at Windsor, County seat of Bertie County, NC, on the coast 20 miles from the Virginia border failed to produce any definite information.


Records show that Zilpha Edwards had sisters: Winnifred Edwards; Nancy Shephard, Pitt Cty., NC; Molly Hill, Lenoir- Cty.,NC; Elizabeth, m Blaney Harper, Greene Cty,NC; Polly, m William Murphy, Washington, NC; and Sally, m John Heath, Washington, NC.  Also brothers: William, Cullen, Henry, Theophilus and Thomas Edwards; in that area.


Public records of Dobbs (now Craven) County, NC were destroyed by fire. However, we know Sands Stanley was in Dobbs Cty., 1769-1783, before moving to Darlington, SC.


Many Stanleys of Virginia and North Carolina were of the Friends Faith (Quakers).  Many records of Quakers are available, but an extended search of these records failed to associate Sands or Sims Stanley with the Virginia or North Carolina Quakers.


In Revolutionary Accounts of Cancelled Vouchers filed at N. C. Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina:


"New Bern Dist:rict - No. 218

This may certify that SANDS STANLEY of Dobbs County was allowed the sum of four thousand and thirty-nine pounds for sundries as (food and other supplies).  Voucher rendered and filed April 178_"


"New Bern District - No. 869

This may certify that SANDS STANLEY is allowed the sum of twenty-six pounds for a horse and saddle. -Dated March 27, 1783 North Carolina."




District  # 10  GRANGER (Geographic Location by current county designations) Greene County -  From Snow Hill to south as far as Wheat Swamp, including Hookerton vicinity, and westward to include Arba.




10 34            Shadrack    Standly                400

10 50            Isaac          Standly                4,389

10 60            Sandi          Standly, Sr.         5,262



Sands is listed in -the Daughters of American Revolution Index as follows:

"STANLEY, SANDS, born c I742, died after Feb. 26, 1796, married Zilpha Edwards - Patriotic Service - N. C.


Mary Allen Files McCormick, National No. 527611, used the two above vouchers in her application for DAR membership which was approved Sep. 11, 1967.  Mrs. McCormick was a direct descendant of Sands Stanley through his daughter, Sarah (S-C), Mrs. William Witherington.


February 2001, Research request to the North Carolina Division of Archives and History, Raleigh:

We have searched Treasurers and Comptrollers Papers, Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers

1. Standley, Sands, # 379, New Bern District, Dobbs County, unspecified claims -- April 178-

2. Standley, Sands, #869, New Bern District, Dobbs County, for horse and saddle -- 27 March 1783.


Source: Conveyances Recorded at Clerks Office, Darlington County, SC 1786.

Lease and release for 300 acres Land, dated 19th and 20th days of July 1786. From Thomas Powe to Sans Stanley for 75 Pounds.  *** This record shows residence in Darlington County (Cheraws District) South Carolina by 1786.


Source:  Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. IX, page 590:  Sands Stanley served as a member of the Committee on Claims of the North Carolina Assembly at New Bern in 1773.


Elaine Campbell provided the following information:


Ga. Genealogical Mag. Oct. 1969, page 2359

Mont. Co., Ga. Bk D, Deeds, page 5

Stephen Powell to Sands Stanley, both of Washington Co., Bill of Sale, dated

7 Jan. 1792 for a slave; Witt; S. Wood, John Bryan


James Herring to Sands Stanley, both of Wash. Co., Bill of Sale for a slave

dated 13 March 1793; Witt; Willis Wood, Johathon Eammes


Jesse Wiggins of Effingham Co. to Sand Stanley of Washington Co., deed dated

19 June 1790 for 200 acres in Washington Co. on Big Ohoopee Creek, being the

lower half of 400 acres, 7 Feb. 1787; Witt; Mory Vivion, ___Vivion J.P.


Jesse Wiggins of Effingham Co. to Willis Wood of Burke Co, dated 5 Nov. 1790

for 200 acres lying on North side of Great Ohoopee River and being 1/2 of

400 acre tract granted. 7 Jan. 1787 adjoining lands of Sands Stanley and

Nathaniel Hicks;  Witt; William Wood, George Henry


Georgia Gen. Mag. #47, Winter 1973

Surveyor Record Books D-E


Sans Stanley, 200 acres, p.26, warrant from Irwin Evan Walt, warrant dated 6

Oct. 1789


Sans Stanley, 287 1/2 acres, pg. 434, warrant dated 1 April 1793, date

surveyed 5 April 1793, adjoining Dr. Eammes & Stanley



Name 2: Sands STANDLEY

Died 2: 1796, Darlington Co., South Carolina

Residence 1: Known to have relocated to Cheraws District, Darlington Co., SC by 1783.

Residence 2: Applications for bounty land grants in both SC and GA in 1784-1786 may represent his son, Sands.



Records show that Zilpha Edwards had sisters: Winnifred Edwards; Nancy Shephard, Pitt Cty., NC; Molly Hill, Lenoir- Cty.,NC; Elizabeth, m Blaney Harper, Greene Cty,NC; Polly, m William Murphy, Washington, NC; and Sally, m John Heath, Washington, NC.  Also brothers: William, Cullen, Henry, Theophilus and Thomas Edwards; in that area.



Greene County, NC  Project Families!

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Colonel Thomas Edwards, d. 1816, Contributed by Roger Kammerer and Elizabeth Ross.


Col. Thomas Edwards died without issue in Greene Co., NC, when he was shot and killed by a slave. [see also Marriage and Death Notices]. His widow brought suit, in 1817, against the heirs of Thomas, as represented by administrator James Glascow SHEPHERD.

Winnefred was engaged in the latter part of 1808 to be married to Col. Thomas Edwards, and was married January 1809. He died in 1816 and left no children.


The court case listed the heirs:


Theophilus Edwards, brother of Thomas

Henry Edwards, brother of Thomas

John HEATH and wife Sally, dau. of dec'd. bro. of Thomas, of

Washington Co., GA

Blaney HARPER and Elizabeth wife, sister of Thomas Edwards,

Molly HILL of Lenoir Co., NC, sister of Thomas Edwards,



Nancy SHEPPARD of Pitt Co., NC, sister of Thomas Edwards,

William MURPHY and wife Polly, dau. of dec'd. bro. of Thomas, of

Washington Co., GA


Children of dec'd. bro. of Thomas [not clear if same as above, or a different bro.]:

Thomas Edwards

John Edwards

Isaac Edwards

William Edwards

Dempsey Edwards

Sally Edwards

Nancy Edwards

Absala Edwards

Joel ALTMAN and wife Elizabeth of Wayne Co., NC

Benjamin HARDEE and Polly wife


Children of Zilpha STANLY, a dec'd. sister of Thomas Edwards; all of South Carolina:

John Stanly

William Stanly

Thomas Stanly

James Stanly

Mary Stanly

Zilphia Stanly

Elizabeth Stanly

Sarah Stanly

Matthew Stanly



Abstracted from NC Supreme Court Records, Case #1024: Winnefred Edwards -vs.- Shepherd and Edwards - 1817. NC Archives and History, Raleigh, NC.



Additional notes on Zilpha Edwards Stanley, as published in the book Stanley Ties, by James Savage Stanley, Jr., of Dallas, TX, in 1982:


Zilpha Edward, b. ca. 1740, d. Mar. 31, 1808, in Darlington Co., SC; m. ca. 1759 to Sands Stanley of Dobbs Co., NC, b. ca. 1738, d. Nov. 19, 1799, in Darlington Co., SC. Sands Stanley, Sr., left a will, probated Dec. 18, 1799, in Darlington Co., SC, Willbook C.


They had 13 children, born ca. 1760 to 1778 (in order of birth):


Penelope, Shadrack, Zilpha, John, William, Mary (Polly), Thomas, Elizabeth, Sands Jr., Ann, James, Sarah (Sallie), and Martha.



Copyright © Oct.-Dec. 1998 Elizabeth Ross (



Marriage: Abt. 1759, North Carolina


                  ii.    SHADRACK STANLEY, b. Abt. 1750, Dobbs County, North Carolina; d. Aft. 1830, Marengo Co., Alabama; m. (1) PENINNAH JORDAN, Abt. 1780, Wilkes County, Georgia; b. Abt. 1760, Perquimans area, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1820, Gwinnett County, Georgia; m. (2) 'UNKNOWN' MOON, Aft. 1820, Alabama; d. Possibly Marengo Co., AL.



The oral tradition in Jordan Stanley's family states that Jordan's father was Shadrack Stanley.  That is supported by the family Bible of J.W. Stanley, and his contact with other family members.  That bible lists Shadrack's children as Ada, Jordan, Samuel and Stephen.  The Bible did not list James Stanley of Gwinnett Co., GA.   It also states that Shadrack married a Moon.  Land deeds from Georgia and Alabama show proximity and a relationship with John Moor. It is possible the second marriage was to a Moor.


Dates and ages for  four Shadrack Stanleys were determined by census and other records.  The known men of the name were (1) a brother of Sands Stanley Sr.  from Cheraws Dist., SC.; (2) the son of Sands Stanley from Cheraws Dist., SC.  This man was in Tattnall Co., GA and later in Alachua Co., FL; (3) the son of John Stanley from Virginia/North Carolina Quaker records; and (4) a son of John and Jerusha Fitch Stanley who resided in Wilkes County, NC.


Research by Larry Stanley and others indicates the first of these men is the most likely man to be father of Penainy Jordan's children.  It is probable that he was a brother of Sands Stanley. Sr. of Cheraws Dist., SC.  It is also probable he was a son of a Sands Stanley who had NC land transactions in 1746-1750.


The ancestry of  George Stanley (d. 1783 in Wilkes Co., GA) and Sands (d. 1796 in Cheraws Dist. SC) leads to the residence in North Carolina in the early to mid-1700s.  The ancestry of George Stan(d)ley, a son of Jonathan Standley,  has revealed a connection to the Essex County, MA Standley family which included men named Jonathan, George, David and Sands. The name 'Sands'  has not been found in any other Stanley lineage.  The MA, NC, SC, GA lineages are most probably the same family.


     Historical Records ---------


February 2001, Research request to the North Carolina Division of Archives and History, Raleigh:

We have searched Treasurers and Comptrollers Papers, Revolutionary Army Accounts, Revolutionary Pay Vouchers and the Colonial Records of North Carolina___ without finding Shadrack Stanley.


During the late 1700s, particularly after 1780, the name Shadrack Stanley appeared in Georgia. Later records showed they both hailed from old Dobbs County, North Carolina. The uncle Shadrack was in Georgia by 1782 for the birth of his first son, Jordan Stanley. The nephew Shadrack was in Darlington, South Carolina from about 1783 when his parents (Sands and Zilpha) moved there. He was in South Carolina for the 1790 census, but that does not mean he would be absent from Georgia records.


Because they both resided in old Washington County, Georgia it is difficult to determine correct assignment for the various historical records.  However, one man remained in the northeast part of the state in Wilkes, Lincoln and Jackson counties.  The other resided in Washington, Tattnall, Montgomery and Liberty counties to the southeast.  There is no known evidence to place the uncle Shadrack in the southern part of Georgia or otherwise geographically close to the nephew.  Some of the included North Carolina and Georgia references could apply to either man.  An attempt was made here to assign records according to the location, north or south, in old Washington County.


** See Related File:  "The Shadrack Time Line"


DOBBS/LENOIR/GREENE COUNTY, NC - Taxlist - Dobbs 1780 Taxlist.

#  District  Geographic Location by current county designations

10  GRANGER   Greene County -  From Snow Hill to south as far as Wheat

              Swamp, including Hookerton vicinity, and westward to

              include Arba.


The Journal of North Carolina, Summer 1966, volumes 11-12 name this district as Halifax.


District  # 10  GRANGER

Greene County -  From Snow Hill to south as far as Wheat Swamp,

including Hookerton vicinity, and westward to include Arba.



 #  #

10-34          Shadrack          Standly              400

10-60          Sandi                Standly, Sr.        5,262


* Explanation:  first number, as 10, shows voucher on file at Archives of North Carolina in Raliegh. Second is number of acres; third number is the valuation.


Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. Land Warrant # 12021 states "This is to certify that Shadrack Stanley is entitled to two hundred & fifty Acres of Land, as a Bounty agreeable to an Act of Resolve of the General Assembly, passed at Augusta the 20th day of August 1781. Att Certificate Col Clarke. Given under my hand at Savannah the 26th day of March in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-four. Signature unreadable"


Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. Certificate states

"STATE OF GEORGIA This is to certify, That Shadrack Stanley hath steffstly done his duty, to wit, on the 20th of August 1781, until the total Expulsion of the British from this State; and the said Shadrack Stanley cannot, to my knowledge or belief, be convicted of plundering or distressing tje country; and is, therefore, under the said Act, entitlted to a Bounty of Two Hundred Fifty Acres of good Land, free from taxes for ten years.  Given under my hand at Savannah the Second day of February 1784. Signed Elijah Clarke by his Aide H. Freeman.


Source: WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA TAX RECORDS 1785-1805, by Frank Parker Hudson. Shadrick Standley; Capt. Thompson's Dist., 1785, Washington County, 287 ac.  (Several references state the 250 acre bounty was actually presented as 287 1/2 acres)


Source: Wilkes County Lookup. Volume II, page 32 1790 Wilkes County Tax digest,  Shadrick Standley, taxed on one poll, 287 acres of 2nd quality land in District QQ, Captain Benjamin Thompson's District. Washington County, Ga.


This is from Frank Parker Hudson's "Wilkes County Georgia Tax Records, 1785-1805, Volume I.  Mr. Hudson refers to district QQ as "The district arbitrarily designated as District QQ was commanded by Captain Thompson when the tax returns were received in 1785. It was the only complete district in the area of Defacto Wilkes County put into Greene County in February 1786.  Most of the persons making returns in this district in 1785 in Wilkes County can be found in the following districts of the 1788 Greene County Digest:  Captain J. Cain's, Captain Benj. Gilbert's and Captain Michael Gilbert's.


Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. The hand written Head Rights Warrant states " Georgia. By the Court of Justices of the County of Washington to the County Surveyor for the said County you are hereby authorized and required to measure and lay out or cause to be measured and laid out unto Shadrick Standley, a tract of land which shall contain One Hundred and fifty Acres in the Said County of Washington On Head Rights.


Taking especial care that the Same has not heretofore been laid out unto any person or persons. And you are also hereby Directed and Required to Record the plat of the same in your office And to transmit a Copy thereof Together with this Warrant to the Surveyor General within six months of this date. Given under My hand as Senior Justice of the Said County this Sixth day of November 1786. Signed John Watts A.J. and Alex ___ Clerk"


Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. The hand written Head Rights Warrant states "Georgia.  By the Court of Justices of Washington County to Fra Tennille Esquire County Surveyor for the Said County. You are hereby authorized and required to measure and lay out or cause ot be measured and laid out unto Shadrick Stanley a tractof land which shall contain Fifty Acres in said County of Washington on the Headrights of Samuel Camp.  Taking especial care that the same has not heretofor been laid out to any other person or persons. You are also hereby directed and required to record a plat of the same in your office and to transmit a Copy thereof together with this warrant to the Surveyor General within the term of Two Years from this Date. Given under my hand as Senior Justice of the Said Court this Sixth Day of April One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty nine. Signed John Watts A.J. and Benjamin Tennille clerk."


Source:  Georgia Military Affairs, Vol. 2, Part 1 1793-1800. Copied, Indexed and Bound with authority of John B. Wilson, Secretary of State, Under direction of Mrs. J. E. Hays, State Historian. 1940.  Original papers in Department of Archives and History in Atlanta, Georgia. Page 92-93.


Dated 1793. State of Georgia. "A Muster Roll with an Inspection of Arms and Acuterments of the Gentlemen of Arms offercered Liable to do Military Duty by the militia Laws of this State residing in my Militia Company Destrict Commencing at Betty Path running thence to Williams Swomp thence up the swomp to the trail up the trail to Sandy Run Down Sandy unto Buffelow thense down Buffelow to Bettee Path"


Listed the following men, among others (indicating family names later seen in Jackson and Gwinnett Counties):

Capt. McCavy

Lieut. Cobb

Ins. Lilly


John Purkins

James Cain

Shade Standly

William Garmeny


Captain McCavy Muster Roll 5th Company 1 Battalion 2nd Regiment, Washington County


A cross reference for Militia Company District No. 3 reads:

"commensing at Green County Line wherein the saide line crosses Buffelow thence Down the Buffelow to the mouth of  Sandy Run thence up the saide Sandy Run to the head thence across the Ridge to the head of Turkey Creeke thence Down the said Creake to Little Ogecha thence up the saide Ogecha to Green County Line thence along saide Line to the begining."


Listed the following men, among others (indicating family names later seen in Jackson and Gwinnett Counties):

Richard Bonner, Captain, Fuseleairs

John Kelley, Ensign, Fuseleairs

Joell Buckner, Sergeant


Inspection of early maps of Washington County reveal the location of Buffalo Creek, Williams Swamp Creek and Sandy Run.  The area described, bound on the east by the Little Ogeechee River, is found at the southeast of today's Hancock County to the south and east of Sparta, and the northeast of today's Washington County.  Of further interest is that the South Fork of the Little Ogeechee is also found within this description.


The description for the Third District Militia indicates the area to the north of the Fifth Company Militia District. And it states the "Green County Line wherein the saide line crosses Buffelow" north of Sandy Run. This is a clear indication that in 1793 Greene County included the part of today's Hancock County where Sparta is located.


The book "Land Deed Genealogy of Hancock County, Georgia" has two entries naming Shadrack Stanley, and apparently indicating two separate pieces of property:


8th September 1794. Shadrack Stanley of Washington county to Miles Rachael (Rachell) of Hancock County for the sum of forty pounds money for a tract of land in said County, late Washington County now Hancock, containing one hundred fifty acres, said land granted to Shadrack Stanley on 30th December 1788. Land excepting three or four acres cut off by Ruthaf(illegible) line. Wit: Peter Boyle, J. P. and Jno. S(illegible).


3rd January 1799.  William Cureton of Hancock County to Nehemiah Smith of same place  for the sum of one thousand dollars for a tract of land containing two hundred acres in Hancock County formerly Washington County, on Little Ogeechee and adjoining vacant land at the time of the survey, adjoining Shadrack Stanley's land and by McClendon's and the Little Ogeechee , granted to Shadrack Standley on 19th April 1790. Wit: H. Chandler and Barrett Brewer. Reg.: 24th April 1800.


As to where Shadrack Stanley lived and when, it is necessary to link the residence of Dempsey Jordan to the birthplace of Jordan Stanley, James Stanley, et al.  Shadrack Stanley showed up in the same area as Dempsey Jordan in Greene and Talliafero counties in old Defacto Wilkes County; and Charles Jr. in Lincoln, Jackson and Gwinnett counties. The earlier locations for Charles Jordan Sr. were St. Paul Parish, Wilkes and Warren County. Washington/Wilkes/Warren is a close area and includes the location where Charles Jordan Sr. was killed in 1780.  Shadrack's land on the Little Ogeechee places all of them in near proximity.  It is important to note that Hancock County was formed 12/17/1793 from Greene and Washington; and, Warren County was formed 12/19/1793 from Columbia, Hancock, Richmond and Warren.


Source: Lincoln County Genealogy and History, page 210 Robert S. Davis, Jr. and James E. Dorsey.

July term, 1801, Petit Jury of Lincoln County lists Shadrack Stanley.


Index to Georgia Tax Digests list the following. No extant records could be located in Jackson County before 1803.


1799      James Huie     Jackson County

1801      Shadrack Stanley    Lincoln County

     Robert Conine  Greene County

     Robert Young   Jackson County

1804 Robert Young   Ditto

     Shadrack Stanley    Ditto

     Jordan Stanley Ditto

1809 Jordan Stanley Jackson County

     Shadrack Stanley    Ditto

     Jonathan Betts Ditto

     Robert Conine  Ditto

     George W. Clack     Ditto

     James Huie     Ditto

     Thomas Wadsworth Ditto (by Sarah as admin for Thomas's estate)

     Sarah Wadsworth      Ditto

     James McMullen Ditto

     Robert Young   Ditto

1817 Samuel Stanley Jackson County, Hambleton District

     ______ Stanley Ditto


The earliest records of Jackson County, Georgia Tax Digests show the proximity of residences:


1803 Digest, page 54,55. Captain Sparks District.  (( GMD 250. Created 1800 and has been known as Braswell, Gillaspie, Sparks, Scurlock, Lyle and Winn.  Now a part of Tanner's District in Walton County. Elisha Winn served as Justice of the Peace in 1805)) Listing:


William Bolling     100 acres bought from Gillum, Jackson County on Appalachy

                    Boundary, adjoining Beauchamp

Shad Stanley   Ditto

Samuel Jordan  Ditto

Robert Howard  Ditto

Moses Garrett  Ditto

Jordan Stanley Ditto

Hugh Bowen     150  acres bought from Williamson, Jackson County on Appalachy

          Boundary, adjoining Taylor

Charles Jordan Ditto


1804 Digest, page 42, 43. Captain Cupps District.  ((The area of the Little Mulberry is now in GMD 248, which was created in 1803. It has been known as Reed, Key, Martin, McKinney, Deaton and Hanson)) Listing:


Shadrack Stanly     175 acres bought from Moore, on Little Mulberry

Jordan Stanley 64 acres bought from Cobb on Little Mulberry

Charles Jordan 64 acres bought from Cobb on Little Mulberry


1805 Digest (Book #1), page 14,44,45. Listing:


Robert Young   200 acres on Indian Creek adjoining vacant land. McKeever District.


Jordan Stanley 100 acres on Appalachy adjoining Beauchamp

Robert Conine  Ditto

John Kelly     Ditto

     ((Note that James Stanley married Elizabeth Conine and that Jordan Stanley

     married Priscilla Kelly))

Charles Jordan 60 acres on Mulberry adjoining Crenshaw

Samuel Jordan  100 acres on Mulberry


1805 Digest (Book #2), page 47. McKinney District. Listing:


John Cupp 50 acres bought from Cobb on Little Mulberry, adjoining McKenzie

Henry Cupp      Under Age. 64 acres adjoining John Cupp

Jordan Stanley Ditto

Charles Jordan Ditto

Shadrack Stanley    150 acres bought from Burford Jones on Appalachy Boundary,

          adjoining McKnight

Samuel Jordan  100 acres  bought from Burford Jones on Appalachy Boundary,

          adjoining Pierce


1807-1811? Digest, page 2.  Captain Key's District. ((GMD 248)) Listing:


Jordan Stanley 202.5 acres on Mulberry Fork


1807-1811? Digest, page 2.  Captain Windham District. (( GMD 316, created about 1805. Also known as Windham and Cowan. It was in Jackson Co. 1805-1816; Gwinnett 1818-1914. Now Ben Smith District in Barrow County. Elisha Winn was Justice of Peace in 1813 ))


Shadrack Stanley    100 acres bought from Moore on Rocky Creek

Charles Jordan Ditto


1809 Digest, page 73,75. Listing:


James Huie     122 acres bought from Montgomery on Mountain Creek,

                    adjoining McCree

Jordan Stanley 248 acres bought from Shadrack Morris on Little Mulberry,

                    adjoining Hampton

Robert Conine  100 acres bought from Pennington on Mulberry, adjoining Martin

Shadrack Stanley    45 acres bought from A. Jones on Allen's Fork, adjoining Hemphill


1810 Digest, page 76.  Listing:


Jordan Stanley 55 acres Jefferson on Walnut Creek

James Stanley  116 acres bought from Spruce on Mulberry

Jospeh Huie         Ditto

Robert Huie         Ditto



This following signed document is further evidence of a relationship between the family of Charles Jordan, Jr.  and Shadrack Stanley.


Lincoln County, Georgia, Deedbook E,  Page 103 1805-1809

Thomas Wadsworth and Sarah his wife of Jackson County to Thomas Howard. 31 July 1798. Deed for 100 acres on the fork of Grays Creek formerly granted to Charles Jordan adjoining Griffin Hogan. Witnessed: Thomas Curry, Mary Curry, Charles C. Jordan (by mark), and Shadrack Stanley (by mark). Registered April 15, 1809. Pages 463-64.


The following information was taken from Inferior Court minutes Jackson County, Ga 1800-1809. It shows a relationship between Jordan and Shadrack Stanley.


Inferior Court Minutes, Jackson County, Georgia, 1800-1809

... to the said Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley & at this _?_ instance & request before that time sold & delivered & being so indebted _?_ the said Jordan & Shadrack in consideration there or afterward, the same day & year aforesaid undertook & faithfully promised your _?_ to to pay them the said sum of money when due they should be thereto afterward required. NEVERTHELESS the said Jordan & Shadrack regardless of their said promise to pay your petitioner the said sum of money altho after _?_ required have _?_ & still refuse to the damage of your petitioner one hundred dollars. Wherefore they pray that process may _?_ requiring the said Jordan & Shadrack appear on or by attorney to be & appear at the next Inferior Court to be held in aforesaid County then & there to answer your petitioners in an action upon the _?_


Georgia, Clark County

Felix H. Gilbert one of the firm of Wm. and Felix Gilbert in the sum of thirty five dollars twenty two cents & that he has just reason to apprehend the _?_ of said debt or some part thereof unless said Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley are held to bail.  Sworn to the 23rd Sept. 1805. Wm Crocker (sp?) J.P.  and signed by Felix Gilbert


Georgia, Jackson County

To the Sheriff of Said county Greeting

Wm & Felix Gilbert vs Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley

Defendants are hereby requested personally or by their attorney to both appear _?_ the Inferior Court of a Court to be held in and for the County of Jackson on _?_ in February next then and there to answer the demands of the Plaintiffs in an action on the _?_ or to his damage one hundred dollars in default thereof the _?_ to Justice shall ascertain.

Witnessed by his honor Buckner Harris, the Justice of said Court this 5th day of Nov 1805.

_?_ the defendants with true copy & took bail. 25th Nov 1805. Signed by H. Camp


Georgia, Jackson County (no date)

To his honor the Justice of the Inferior Court in the County aforesaid

The petition of William Gilbert & Felix Gilbert Merchants trading under the firm of Wm & Felix Gilbert Showeth that Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley owe to & unjustly _?_ from your petitioner the sum of thirty five dollars & twenty two cents for _?_ the said Jordan & Shadrack _?_ on the first day of January eighteen hundred & three were justly indebted to your petitioner in the sum of thirty five dollars & twenty two cents for goods & merchandise by your petitioners...  Edw Ad--- for Wm Pentecost Clk


Census, 1830 Marengo County, Alabama, shows Shadrack Stanley at 70-80 years and a female at 50-60 years. This woman is younger than Penninah Jordan. A subsequent marriage is indicated.  This record combines with a land deed in Marengo Co., AL 1831 showing Jourdan Stanley as purchasing 80 47/100 acres.  It may also resolve the J. W. Stanley Bible entry for marriage to "Unknown Moon".


Year Surname   Given Name (s) County              State Page Township or Other Info Record Type

1830 STANLEY SHADROCK       Marengo County AL    335   Southern District Federal Population Schedule AL 1830

     Database             ID#

     Federal Census Index     ALS3a1753251


There is no further record for Shadrack Stanley in either Georgia or Alabama after the 1830 census.



Census 1: 1793, Reconstructed Census of 1790: Washington Co., Shade Stanley. Capt. McCavy's Company, State Militia muster roll, 1793

Census 2: Bet. 1800 - 1801, Lincoln Co.: Jordan Stanley (1801), Dist. F, #116;  Shadrach Stanley (1801). Poll Tax Dist. F, #68; · Shadrach Stanley (1800) Poll Tax Dist. F, #31; and, · Charles Jordan (1800)Dist. GD, #7.  Charles Jordan had 100 acres on Cherokee Creek in 1800.

Census 3: 1830, Marengo Co., Alabama shows Shadrack Stanley at 70-80 years and a wife at 50-60 years.

Land Grant 1: 1788, Washington County was created in 1784 by the Creek Cession of Nov. 1, 1783. The seat is Sandersville.

Land Grant 2: 1788, Index to Headrights and Grants: Washington County, Shadrach Stanley, 150 acres.

Land Grant 3: 1790, Index to Headrights and Grants: Washington Co., Shadrach Stanley.

Tax Digest 1: 1791, Washington Co. tax digest.

Tax Digest 2: 1801, Index to Georgia Tax Digests: Shadrach Stanley, Lincoln County.  Also noted is Jordan Stanley, Lincoln County.

Tax Digest 3: 1805, Jackson Co. listed Sha_d Stanley and Jordan Stanley.



1836 Power of Attorney granted by Jordan, Samuel and Stephen Stanley to their named brother James Stanley named all the brothers and 'Penainy' Jordan as their mother.  Research has determined that the Power of Attorney listed a phonetic spelling.  The Old Testament book of Samuel reveals the name Penninah. In Hebrew it means Pearl.



Name 2: Peninnah JORDAN

Died 2: Aft. 1820, Gwinnett County, Georgia



Marriage: Abt. 1780, Wilkes County, Georgia



Marriage: Aft. 1820, Alabama






Combined with the 1746 Deed from Simon Bright to Sands Stanly AND the 1748 Deed from Jonathan Standley to his named son , George, these deed records from the same period would indicate evidence of other children in this family. 


Jonathan Standley's siblings had children an average of every two years--as is typical all over New

England at that time--until the wife was in her early forties.  Between 1705 when Jonathan Jr.

was born and 1717 when we know Elizabeth was alive (and aged about 37) we would expect there to

be six children, perhaps more if she lived longer.  We know that George moved on, It is reasonable expect the others did as well.


The deed record from 1754-1755 that pass land from Jonathan to Benjamin, Martha, Mary, Isaac and Joshua looks like giving land to children.  Jonathan Sr. seems to have "retired" and sold his Bertie County plantation in 1750.


Thorough examination of all Indexed Deed records in Old Dobbs, Lenoir, Johnston, Green and Wayne counties allowed determining when each named person appeared in the records. Matching those years with independent research by descendants of Moses Stanley (b. before 1736) allowed assignment of that Moses as a son of William Stanley.  Assignment of John Stanley as a Parent was based on (1) his rare appearances in the deed records; (2) no further information about this John; (3) Deed in 1754-55 from Jonathan to these named persons; (4) It may be that "John" and "Jonathan" in the 1754-55 deeds are actualy the same person; and (5) As they would have been born in the 1730s, it is logical they are grandchildren of Jonathan Stanley Sr.  and Elizabeth Foster.


Archived Records, Transcribed from the Grantor Index and checked against the Grantee Index  by Martha Mewborn Marble, 1377 Independence Ave., S. E., Washington, D. C.


In 1758, Dobbs County was formed from the eastern portion of Johnston County. (Old) Dobbs included today's Wayne, Greene, Lenoir and small portions of several other counties.  This area of North Carolina provides early records for the families known to be related to Jonathan Standley Sr. through DNA testing. 



BOOK 1:  November 1746 - April 1750


From                               To                   Page #

Bright, Simon                Sands Stanly        135

Standley, William        John Standley         172

Standley (Standly), John            William Standly      223


Old DOBBS County (Johnston, Green & Lenoir)

BOOK 2 - April 1750 - April 1754

From                       To

Standly, William                   Edward Grantham  


Old DOBBS County (Johnston, Green & Lenoir)

BOOK 3 - April 1754 - April 1755

From                       To                   Page #

Stanly, John                            Joseph Wingfield               17

Herbert, James                       Benjamin Stanly                  23

Stanly (Standly), Jonathan     Joshua Stanly (Standly) 68

Standly, John                          Darkes (Dorcas?) Standley   224

Standley (Standly), Jonathan  Benj. Standley (Standly)       446

Same                               Martha Standley (Standly)     447

Same                               Mary Standley (Standly)        448

Same                               Isaac Standley (Standly)       449


Index of Grantor Books

Johnston, Dobbs (the former Wayne), Lenoir Counties, North Carolina

BOOK 4:  April 1756 - April 1757

From:                      To:                  page 

Stanly (Standly), Jonathan         Joshua Stanly (Standly)      68

Stanly, John          Joseph Wingfield                 17 *


Index of Grantor Books

Johnston, Dobbs (the former Wayne), Lenoir Counties, North Carolina

BOOK 5:  April 1757 - April 1758

From                       To                   Page

Standly, Dareus (Darcus)   John Spann           104



BOOK 6 - April 1758 - April 1765

From                       To                   Page #


Edwards, Thomas                Sands Stanly (Stanley)        284

   (Sands Stanley - b. 1742 - married Zilpha Edwards, daughter of Thomas Edwards)


Stanly (Stanley), Isaac        Benj Bruton           289

Stanly, Benjamin          James Herberd (Herbert)     384


Stanly, Jonathan & wife      William Waddle            520


Children of JOHN STANLEY are:

                   i.    JOSHUA4 STANLEY, b. Abt. 1730.

                  ii.    DARKES (DORCAS?) STANLEY, b. Abt. 1730.

                 iii.    ISAAC STANLEY, b. Abt. 1730.

                 iv.    MARY STANLEY, b. Abt. 1730.

                  v.    MARTHA STANLEY, b. Abt. 1730.

                 vi.    BENJAMIN STANLEY, b. Abt. 1730.







County, NC - Quit Rent - 1750


The term "Quit rent" is one that was used in Colonial America to refer to a personal property tax, which was assessed by the Crown. The local Sheriff collected it, and it was sent to the Governor for distribution and administration. It was paid in cash or tobacco. It was one of the "Taxation Without Representation" issues leading to the Revolution, after which it was abolished.


Patentee, No of Acres, Date of Patent, Last Rent, When paid


Willim Stanley, 372, rect. Apr 14th 1744 for 560 acres, 6 yrs, 4:9:5




                   i.    MOSES4 STANLEY, b. Bef. 1736.