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"Sophie" Researchers meet in Maryborough 1990


In 1990, Ian Stehbens organized a convocation of family researchers who were descendants of the families who migrated to Queensland in 1865 on the barque "Sophie". Stories were told by Phyllis Voss who had known her immigrant grandfather, their lives having overlapped by 30 years. She remembered his stories of the night of his arrival. Kay Gassan and Dr Judith Grimes compiled reports from the "Maryborough Chronicle", about the arrival of the "Sophie" and the transfer of passengers to the "Eagle" which brought them up the Mary River to Maryborough. Ian Stehbens had researched the history of the "Sophie", a J C Godeffroy & Sohn vessel. Those who attended the reunion of family historians (Immigrant family indicated) are shown. BACK: Eric Kopittke (BENFER), Clinton WIECKHORST, Bill Collins, Ian STEHBENS (or STÄBEN), Ken STEHBENS, John HARDERS, Eileen Johnson. 3rd ROW: Shirley Simonsen (WIECKHORST), David Whitley (NAUMANN), Mavis NAUMANN, Gloria Frampton (STÄBEN). 2nd ROW: Phyllis McLean (BURCHARD), Elsie WIECKHORST, Joan Collins, Phyllis Voss, Daphne Whitley (NAUMANN), Margaret Jenner, Judy Grimes. Front: Vonnie Andersen (ANDRESEN), Christine Williams, Charmaine Simonsen (WIECKHORST), Cecily Cameron, Reg FRAMPTON (STÄBEN), Kay Gassan. Others who attended: Jack Templeton, Val Hillier, Gail Burke, Jean Hunter, Sam Dellitt (SCHMEISER), Vivian Stevenson (MARTENS), John DAUTEL, Beris & David Wright (STÄBEN), Helen Postdam (HANSEN). The weekend was hosted by Maryborough District Family History Society Inc.


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