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View Tree for John Sr CreechJohn Sr Creech (b. 1774, d. 02 March 1850)

John Sr Creech (son of Stephen Creech) was born 1774 in Old Dobbs CO,N.Carolina, and died 02 March 1850 in Letcher,Ky. He married (1) Peggy Wells on 1789 in Harlan Co, Ky, daughter of Zachariah Wells and Abagail Elizabeth Osborne. He married (2) Sarah Armstrong on 1819 in Harlan Co, Kentucky.

 Includes NotesNotes for John Sr Creech:
DOCUMENTS: 1850 CENSUS=Cumberland Co,KY

John Creech and Peggy Wells

SOURCE: Posted by Margaret on Sun, 30 Apr 2000, in response to John Creech a
And Peggy Wells, posted by Barbara Turner on Sun, 3 0 Apr 2000

Surname: Creech, Helton, Brashears, Osborne

I have a book that was published about the Creech family.
I have John Creech and Peggy Wells with 14 children:
Martha 1792 NC-1871 Harlan Co., KY
Thomas 1794 --1870 Harlan Co
John 1795 NC--1865 Harlan Co.
Celia 1797 KY--bef. 1860
Elizabeth 1799--8/23/1863
Stephen 1800 VA--?
Anna "Amy" 1801--?
Enoch 1802--8/28/1804
Samuel 8/12/1804 VA--4/30/1863 KY
Absolom 1806--8/7/1883
Elijah 1807--?
William H. 1808 VA
Sarah 1809 KY
Mary 1816 KY

I have spouses for all the above and some of the children.
Please contact me at

Dr. John J. Dickey Diary, Fleming County, Ky. Recorded in the 1870' s and beyond. Reprinte
d in Kentucky Explorer, Volume 12, No 4 September , 1997, p. 88. By permission. Letcher Coun


I was born in Lee County, Virginia, February 17, 1816. My father's name was Elijah. He rais
ed 22 children, 11 sons and 11 daughters. His brothers, John and Jonathan, each reared larg
e families. John had 19 and Jonathan had 20. My uncle John lived and died in Harlan Count
y at the mouth of Clover Lick Creek, on Poor Fork on Cumberland. The Harlan County Creeche
s are the descendants of my uncle John. Mrs . Elijah Clay of Breathitt is my sister. She i
s two years my senior . The Creeches are Irish. Rev. F. L. Creech, Middleburn, Kentucky , M
. E. Church P. C.Creech=Lee-VA Harlan-KY Breathitt-KY
Page 204 according to A HISTORY OF HARLAN by Mabel Green Condon
Gilbert Creech, brother of Enoch I, who were sons of Old John Creech and Sally (Smith) Creec
h (daughter of Henry Smith Rev Vet) was caught by Rebels, court-martialed, tried as a spy an
d hung at Big Leather. The Rebels had a stockade somewhere northeast of Harlan Co. Then Gil
bert Creech's nephew's son William Creech joined the Union army at an early age. He married S
ally Dixon of Poor Fork in 1866. Lieut. John G. Creech son of Enoch I, served in the Civil w


Just a few things. The Harlan County History is incorrect in having Old John married to Sara
h Smith - she was John Jr's wife. Old John's second wife was Sarah Armstrong - who was proba
bly a Hall before her first marriage to the unknown Mr. Armstrong. John Jr was married Sara
h Smith, daughter of John Henry and Elizabeth Ledford Smith. Their daughter Celia was my gre
at-great-grandmother who helped raise my grandfather after his father died in 1888. His moth
er Sallie (Sarah) was named for her grandmother. Celia was short (about 4'10") wit h black h
air with very little gray (I wish I had inherited THAT). She was very determined and once ki
lled a mountain lion that was trying to get into her chickens. The only time she backed dow
n was when her sons pet bear (that had gotten a little big) walked into the kitchen and too
k the salt bacon out of the pot of beans on the fire. She knew when to choose her battles
. She died of a stroke in December of 1898 (I think). Her husband Woleary Campbell, son o
f William and Elizabeth Cornett Campbell, died in 1902.

from the Harlan County court records (I dont have the year)

Thomas Creech versus John Creech's heirs

Reciting that John Creech, Sr. departed this life in Harlan County in testate, leaving the fo
llowing heirs at law:

to wit, Sarah Creech, widow of the said deceased,
John Dixon and Martha his wife, late Creech;
Alexander Dixon and Elizabeth his wife, late Creech;
Joseph Blair and Celia his wife, late Creech;
Jason Fields and Anne his wife, late Creech;
Enoch Creech,
Samuel Creech,
Absalom Creech,
Isham Stamper and Sarah his wife, late Creech;
Elijah Creech,
William Creech,
Abner Lewis and Mary his wife, late Creech;
Jacob Gilliam and Emma his wife, late Creech;
Gilbert Creech;
Moses Maggard and Charlotte his wife, late Creech;
Isaiah Creech;
William Campbell and Katie his wife, late Creech;
Charles Cornett and Mary his wife, late Creech;
and Elizabeth Creech, the children and heirs of Stephen Creech, deceased.

This case was to settle the estate of Old John.

Richard Creech immigrated from Scotland to Jamestown, Virginia in 1635 married Frances Beall
. Richard and Frances, along with their infant daughter, were killed by Indians. Their tw
o sons Henry and Nicholas were raised by Frances' brother John.

Henry Creech, born about 1637 in James City County, Virginia married Joyce Paine, daughter o
f Benjamin Paine

Richard Creech, II, born 1662 in Albemarle County, North Carolina married Tamer Eliza Davis
, daughter of Samuel Davis (I have been unable to connect her with the Davis family who wer
e descended from Pocahontas' sister)

Richard Creech, III born 1705 in Nansemond County, Virginia married Mary ----

Their two sons were:
Benjamin Creech, born 1724 in Nansemond County, North Carolina, who married Mary LEWIS daught
er of Thomas Lewis
Robert L. Creech
West Alexandria, Ohio USA

My lineage goes back to Richard Creech who married Francis Beale - branches off at John Creec
h who m. Elizabeth Robinson - Father of John Creech who m. Peggy Wells - Father of John Creec
h Jr. who m. Sarah Smith - Father of John L. Creech who m. Minerva Farmer - Father o f Jame
s H. Creech - Father of Herbert Creech - Father of my Father Charles T. Creech. I am interest
ed in adding names to my data base from all lines of this lineage. Anyone interested, Pleas
e contact me by e-mail. Thanks Roy

Subj: Internet Message
Date: 12/9/98 1:58:52 AM Central Standard Time

Been awhile since I've seen your name come thru.
Thanks for forwarding this message to me.
Now I have a couple of questions also.
Where did the G. or C. come from in John Creech's name?
Do you have a book and page # for the court case in Harlan Co re: Heirs of John Creech?
I have the date-Aug 23, 1850. Would just like to know where it was filed etc. I have a type
d version but I would like a copy of the orginal.
And, I believe that John's 2nd wife was Sarah Armstrong Hall. Not Sarah Hall Armstrong but c
ould be wrong. She had sons Preston, Eli, Alfed and Joseph Hall. What I do not know is her fi
rst husband's name.
Take that back-just found it. It was William Hall.
I also show a Jonathan as son of Henry B. and Elizabeth Lewis. Also a Martha. Not carved i
n stone.

Good talking to you again
Me again,
Looks like I neglected to answer your question "Who was the ancestors of Henry B. Creech"
/ My records show that Enoch and Susannah Blair Creech were his parents and John Creech (th
e old one not Jr. ) and Peggy Wells , the first wife; were the parents of Enoch Creech whom
. Elizabeth Lewis.
Old John Creech and Sarah Armstong Hall only had 4/5 kids. All the others belonged to Pegg
y Wells, the first wife.

George Shoop entered the Civil War on the Union side, was sent to Camp Douglas, ILL, where h
e died and is buried near Chicago. His daughter, Hannah Shoop, married Enoch Creech II, brot
her to William, Henry , Joseph, son of Joseph Creech.

I believe you may be looking for the following, from the 1870 Harlan Co. Fed. Census:

CREECH, William, 24, b. KY (William B.; s/o Joseph/Mary CAMPBELL CREECH; d. 1918; marr. 186
6 HC)
. . Sarah, 24, b. Ky (d/o William/Mary GILLIAM DIXON; d. 1925)
. . Absolum, 3, b. Ky (Absolum D.)
. . Joseph, 1, b. KY (married Sudie SMITH)

CREECH, Joseph, 46, b. KY (s/o Enoch/Susan BLAIR CREECH; d. March 13, 1891)
. . Mary, 50, b. KY (d/o William/Elizabeth CORNETT CAMPBELL; b. Oct. 24, 1823; d. August 29
, 1889)

Hope this helps.

Joyce Taylor Collins
La Palma, CA

A short record of the Creech generation.
John Creech the oldest that we have any record of, married Peggy Wells. To them were born: St
ephen Creech, Enoch [31] Creech, Celia Creech , Tomie Creech, Sam Creech, App Creech, Lige Cr
eech, Lish Creech, Wil l Creech, Sim Creech, Bettie Creech, Pattie Creech.

To his second wife, who was an Armstrong, was born Emma Creech, Charlottie Creech, Za Creec
h and Gib Creech.

John Creech had a brother, Jonathan Creech; he was the father of Lee Creech and Lee Creech wa
s the father of Rev. John Creech.

by Dr. Josiah H. Combs

- 1976 Norris K. Combs

Library of Congress Card Number: 76-023567
Printed by Rose Printing Co. Tallahassee, Florida
Designed by Douglas M. Eason
Second Printing, 1979

John CREECH Sr. to Hezakiah BRANSON Apr. 23, 1825 for $20. "all the
lands he bought of Robert REID, lies below the mouth of Clover Lick
Ck. & on the south side, Poor Fork, including where John HARRISON
now lives." Witness: Absolom & Enoch CREECH.
1825 Deed Abstracts for Harlan County Ky

Generation No. 7

7. John Creech, Sr. was born 1774 in Old Dobbs County, North Carolina, and
died March 02, 1850 in Poor Fork Creek, Harlan County, Kentucky.
He married (1) Peggy Wells in 1789 in Harlan County, Kentucky, daughter of
Zachariah Wells and Elizabeth Osborne.
She was born 1776, and died 1816.
He married (2) Sarah Smith Armstrong1819 in Harlan County, Kentucky.
She was born 1788, and died March 13, 1864.
John had 19 children.
He lived at the mouth of Clover Lick Creek on the Poor Fork of the
Cumberland River.
He was buried in the Dixon Cemetery, Harlan County, Kentuckyk

More About John Sr Creech:
Burial: Unknown, Dixon Cemetry,Harlan CO,Ky.

More About John Sr Creech and Peggy Wells:
Marriage: 1789, Harlan Co, Ky.

More About John Sr Creech and Sarah Armstrong:
Marriage: 1819, Harlan Co, Kentucky.

Children of John Sr Creech and Peggy Wells are:
  1. +Martha Creech, b. 1792, Ashe,N.Carolina, d. 23 January 1876, Poorfolk,Harlan Co,Ky.
  2. +Thomas Creech, b. 1794, Ashe Co,North Carolina, d. 19 November 1870, Harlan CO, Kentucky.
  3. John Jr Creech, b. 1795, N.Carolina, d. 1865, Harlan Co, Ky.
  4. +Celia Creech, b. 1797, Sullivan Co,Tennessee, d. 1858, Harlan Co, Ky.
  5. Elizabeth Creech, b. 1799, Va, d. 23 August 1863.
  6. Sarah Creech, b. 1800, Lee Co,Va, d. date unknown.
  7. Anna"Amy" Creech, b. 1801, d. date unknown.
  8. +Enoch Creech, b. 1802, Ashe Co,NC, d. 28 August 1852, Harlan Co, Ky.
  9. +Samuel Creech, b. 12 August 1804, Va, d. 30 April 1863, Lawrence Co,Ky.
  10. Absalom Creech, b. 1806, Va, d. 07 August 1883, Harlan Co, Ky.
  11. Elijah Creech, b. 1807, d. date unknown.
  12. William H Creech, b. 1808, Va, d. date unknown.
  13. +Stephen Creech, b. 1809, Va, d. date unknown.
  14. Mary Polly Creech, b. 1816, Knox Co,Ky, d. date unknown.

Children of John Sr Creech and Sarah Armstrong are:
  1. Mary, b. date unknown, d. date unknown.
  2. Emma Creech, b. 1820, d. date unknown.
  3. Gilbert Creech, b. 1821, d. date unknown.
  4. Charlotte Creech, b. 1822, d. date unknown.
  5. Isaiah Creech, b. 1828, d. date unknown.
  6. Katherine Creech, b. date unknown, d. date unknown.
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