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Index of Individuals


(II), Armon Gipson(b. 1834, d. May 15, 1884)


(Unknown), Adelia(b. October 05, 1827, d. date not given)


), Winnie May (Unkown(d. Abt. 1897) Includes Notes


?, C(d. date unknown)
?, Jaine(d. Aft. 1772)
?, Mary(d. date unknown)


[?], Carrie C(b. Abt. 1874, d. date unknown)
[?], Marie(b. February 20, 1920, d. January 24, 1986)
[?], Martha(d. date unknown)
[?], Sarah(b. Abt. 1830, d. date unknown)
[?], Vilo(b. Abt. 1903, d. date unknown)


Adams, Jemima(b. 1800, d. date not given)
Adams, Joseph R.(b. WFT Est. 1803-1835, d. WFT Est. 1829-1915)
Adams, Stanley(d. date unknown)
Adams, Wilson(d. date unknown)


Adkins, Claud(b. January 29, 1893, d. May 16, 1963)
Adkins, David H(b. 1849, d. February 02, 1928) Includes Pictures
Adkins, David Lee Includes Pictures
Adkins, David Oliver(b. May 06, 1943, d. May 06, 1943)
Adkins, Doris Lorine Includes Pictures
Adkins, Floyd(b. October 31, 1901, d. November 1967)
Adkins, Fred(b. June 24, 1904, d. February 07, 1985) Includes Pictures
Adkins, Fredie Clifton(b. April 03, 1944, d. October 1944) Includes Pictures
Adkins, Harvey Dale
Adkins, Harvey Dale (Pete)(b. February 14, 1950, d. April 21, 2003)
Adkins, Infant Girl
Adkins, Jacquline Reene Includes Pictures
Adkins, Milissa Marie Includes Pictures
Adkins, Norma Faye Includes Pictures
Adkins, Oscar Orbin(b. July 17, 1945, d. February 05, 1993) Includes Pictures
Adkins, Pearl(b. December 16, 1905, d. December 1983)
Adkins, Rose(b. 1887, d. 1915)
Adkins, Sue(d. date unknown)
Adkins, Trisha Ann(b. February 21, 1969, d. May 09, 1971) Includes Pictures


Ainsworth, Jessie(d. date unknown)


Allred, William(d. date unknown)


Amic, Riley(d. date unknown)


Amick, Eleanor(d. date unknown)


Andrews, Pletie Mable


Andruss, William C.(b. WFT Est. 1820-1840, d. WFT Est. 1854-1926)


Anna(d. date unknown)


Annesly, Gilbert(d. date unknown)
Annesly, Jenny(d. Abt. 1868)


Annie(b. 1884, d. date unknown)


Armfield, Nancy(d. date unknown)


Ashley, Martha Jane(b. 1845, d. date unknown)


Austin(d. Bef. 1880)
Austin, Alice M(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Austin, Barba Ann
Austin, Darell
Austin, Donald Ray
Austin, Louise
Austin, Mary A(b. Abt. 1848, d. date unknown)
Austin, Rarrel
Austin, Toba(b. 1877, d. date unknown)


Baker, Dennis Michael
Baker, Donald Lee
Baker, Dorothy Lorraine
Baker, James Franklin
Baker, James Joseph
Baker, Joseph Eugene
Baker, Larry Thomas
Baker, Laurel Lynn
Baker, Michael Barry


Banks, John(d. date unknown)
Banks, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)
Banks, Phebe(b. 1849, d. date unknown)




Barnet, Ernest


Barnett, James(d. date unknown)


Barney, Daisy


Barrington, Rachel
Barrington, Tina
Barrington, Walter


Bates, Betty Lou
Bates, Charlie(d. date unknown)


Batey, Ruby


Baughman, Cliff


Baylock, Carrie(b. September 30, 1890, d. May 01, 1978)


Beal, Carl
Beal, James
Beal, Treasa


Beardin, Ottie May(d. date unknown)


Beland, Alexander(d. date unknown)
Beland, Jeannine L


Berry, Clovis R
Berry, Jimmy Dale
Berry, Terri D
Berry, Vicki D


Beshears, Bud(d. date unknown)


Beshers, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Beshers, Benjamin(b. May 1889, d. date unknown)
Beshers, Ella(b. December 1887, d. date unknown)
Beshers, George G(b. July 1871, d. August 28, 1928)
Beshers, Rose May(b. February 20, 1874, d. August 22, 1950) Includes Notes
Beshers, Thomas(b. Abt. 1840, d. August 11, 1900)


Betty(d. date unknown)


Blalock, Carrie C(d. date unknown)


Blumage, Ellen(b. WFT Est. 1816-1836, d. WFT Est. 1841-1920)


Bonsall, Mary(b. WFT Est. 1808-1844, d. WFT Est. 1834-1924)


Bourlin, Mildred Francis(d. date unknown)


Bowen, E


Boyd, Mary Ann


Boyston, Ella Mae
Boyston, Ella Mae


Brett, Mary Frances(b. WFT Est. 1840-1866, d. WFT Est. 1892-1953)


Brock, Herbert
Brock, Leslie Moore
Brock, Misty Lee


Brodhead, Harry W.(b. WFT Est. 1843-1863, d. WFT Est. 1877-1949)


Brooks, Geneva Lee
Brooks, Issac F(d. date unknown)
Brooks, Leslie Boman(d. date unknown)


Browm, Lillian Ruth


Brown, John R(d. date unknown)
Brown, Margaret(b. WFT Est. 1746-1781, d. WFT Est. 1767-1861)
Brown, Ronda Jean
Brown, Unknown(b. WFT Est. 1737-1772, d. WFT Est. 1763-1851)
Brown, William(d. date unknown)


Bullard, Ales(d. date not given)
Bullard, Nellie(b. 1886, d. date unknown)


Burchart, Anita
Burchart, Betty
Burchart, Erika Lena Stalkfleet
Burchart, Hans(b. Aft. 1910, d. Abt. 1986)


Burgess, Ed(d. date unknown)


Burleson, Nancy Ann(b. 1845, d. 1909)


Burnett, Al(d. date unknown)
Burnett, Arnettie(b. September 27, 1885, d. July 1985)
Burnett, Dollie Louise Nevels(b. Abt. 1891, d. December 18, 1961)
Burnett, Edna Claire
Burnett, Frank(d. date unknown)
Burnett, George(d. date unknown)
Burnett, Jo(d. date unknown)
Burnett, Nevels(b. February 23, 1892, d. December 18, 1961)


C Ann(b. March 1847, d. date unknown)
C, Mary(b. Abt. 1822, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Caines, Wanda


Calvert, Ben
Calvert, Burel(d. date unknown)
Calvert, Lois(d. date unknown)


Camper, Robert G(d. date unknown)


Cantrell, Elmer Grady
Cantrell, Leora Mary
Cantrell, Sherman(b. July 18, 1903, d. date unknown)
Cantrell, Virginia
Cantrell, Wayman Lee


Capet, Marie(b. February 03, 1717/18, d. August 1803)


Carlyn, Lynn Ward


Carney, Pearl I(b. August 13, 1913, d. November 23, 1991) Includes Notes
Carney, Thomas Jefferson(d. date unknown)


Carr, Dave(d. date unknown)
Carr, Fannie(d. date unknown)
Carr, Fannie(b. February 15, 1884, d. November 21, 1976) Includes Notes


Carrie(d. date unknown)


Carse, Lillian May(b. WFT Est. 1876-1907, d. WFT Est. 1929-1994)


Casuey, Hazel


Ceasey, Isaac(d. date unknown)


Chafer, Edna Louise(b. August 14, 1911, d. April 14, 1984) Includes Pictures


Charles, Amanda


Chisham, Barney(d. date unknown)


Christenberry, Opal(b. April 19, 1916, d. June 24, 2000)


Christian, W.P.(d. date unknown)


Christmas, Martha J(d. Bet. 1913 - 1914) Includes Pictures


Clark, J P(d. date unknown)


Clarkson, ??(d. date unknown)
Clarkson, ???(b. WFT Est. 1791-1811, d. WFT Est. 1825-1897)


Clauents, Jd


Clemson, Daniel B


Cline, Charles A(d. date unknown)


Coleman, Midldred Ellen


Cook, Sheryl Lynn
Cook, Wallace


Cooper, Clara(b. WFT Est. 1828-1861, d. WFT Est. 1837-1943)
Cooper, Edwin B.(b. WFT Est. 1828-1861, d. WFT Est. 1837-1940)
Cooper, James(b. WFT Est. 1796-1824, d. WFT Est. 1828-1907)
Cooper, Son(b. WFT Est. 1828-1861, d. WFT Est. 1837-1940)


Correll, Adaline M.(b. WFT Est. 1844-1867, d. WFT Est. 1860-1951)
Correll, Anna E.(b. WFT Est. 1844-1867, d. WFT Est. 1860-1951)
Correll, Carrie R.(b. WFT Est. 1844-1867, d. WFT Est. 1860-1951)
Correll, Jessie B.(b. WFT Est. 1844-1867, d. WFT Est. 1860-1951)
Correll, Peter(b. WFT Est. 1809-1829, d. WFT Est. 1844-1915)
Correll, Peter J.(b. WFT Est. 1844-1867, d. WFT Est. 1849-1951)


Counts, Bob(d. date not given)
Counts, Bufered(b. December 23, 1918, d. September 23, 1964)
Counts, Charles Esthel(b. August 30, 1931, d. April 04, 1978)
Counts, Clarence Oscar(b. September 01, 1913, d. July 07, 1967)
Counts, Grover Cleveland(b. April 22, 1885, d. December 27, 1973)
Counts, Iva
Counts, Naomi Jewel Dean
Counts, Thomas


Craig, Moses Marsh(b. WFT Est. 1803-1835, d. WFT Est. 1829-1915)


Crawford, Broyton(b. 1892, d. date unknown)
Crawford, Crissie May(b. August 29, 1902, d. date unknown)
Crawford, Doney(b. 1886, d. date not given)
Crawford, Edna
Crawford, Henry(b. 1877, d. date not given) Includes Notes
Crawford, Sadie(b. 1885, d. date unknown)
Crawford, Vergil(b. March 1850, d. date not given)
Crawford, Walter(b. 1896, d. date unknown)


Crowell, Unknown(b. WFT Est. 1737-1772, d. WFT Est. 1763-1851)


Crowson, Elbert(b. Abt. 1891, d. date unknown)


Cummins, Ada Bell(b. July 05, 1893, d. June 26, 1957)
Cummins, Debra Lee
Cummins, Edina
Cummins, James Garrett(b. January 20, 1886, d. August 04, 1967)
Cummins, Jesse James Jr
Cummins, Jesse James Sr(d. November 04, 1991)
Cummins, Jessica Marie
Cummins, John D(b. September 18, 1880, d. date unknown)
Cummins, Lilly Emyline(b. October 25, 1883, d. August 01, 1969)
Cummins, Mike C.(b. 1856, d. August 27, 1899) Includes Notes
Cummins, Samual Dennis(b. December 03, 1888, d. date unknown)
Cummins, Thomas Albert(b. May 19, 1898, d. June 16, 1957)
Cummins, Vernon(b. 1907, d. date unknown)
Cummins, William Henry(b. August 06, 1878, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Dally, Mary Tappen(b. WFT Est. 1782-1801, d. WFT Est. 1806-1885)


Daniels, Phebe(b. WFT Est. 1820-1839, d. WFT Est. 1841-1924)


Darnel, William H(d. date unknown)


Davis, Carl Edward
Davis, James Carl
Davis, James Carl
Davis, Jeffery Heath
Davis, Keziah(b. October 27, 1775, d. May 27, 1851)
Davis, Martha Marie


Dean, Bruce Edward
Dean, Danny Bruce(b. July 16, 1953, d. November 03, 1985)
Dean, Ed(d. date unknown)
Dean, Laverne Fay
Dean, Wanda Jean


Deitz, Willomena(d. Abt. 1982)

Dela Brock

Dela Brock


Denton, Nancy Jane(d. date unknown)


Dewoody, Randall Lewis
Dewoody, Robert
Dewoody, Robert Lee
Dewoody, Terri Lynn


Dickenson, Lydia(b. WFT Est. 1784-1807, d. WFT Est. 1828-1896)


Dickerson, [?](d. date unknown)
Dickerson, Andrew(b. Abt. 1853, d. date unknown)
Dickerson, Jenyha(b. 1861, d. date unknown)
Dickerson, John(b. Abt. 1850, d. date unknown)
Dickerson, Joseph(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Dickerson, Malinda Ann(b. Abt. 1854, d. August 1883)


Dirtz, Mena(d. Abt. 1985)


Dodd, Grace Katherine(b. 1882, d. August 20, 1918) Includes Notes


Dora(d. date unknown)


Duncan, Benjamin F.(b. WFT Est. 1796-1824, d. WFT Est. 1828-1907)
Duncan, Samuel E.(b. WFT Est. 1828-1861, d. WFT Est. 1837-1940)


Dyer, Camelia


Edwards, Essie
Edwards, George L(b. 1898, d. date unknown)
Edwards, Jesse
Edwards, Tilda


Eleanor(d. date unknown)


Elizabeth, Mary




Elliott, Albert(d. date unknown)
Elliott, Mary(d. date unknown)
Elliott, Roxie


Elston, Sarah(b. 1786, d. 1867)


Elzey, Douglas


Ennis, Harvey(d. date unknown)
Ennis, Janet Kay
Ennis, Jenney Rose
Ennis, Jerry Luther
Ennis, John Kenneth
Ennis, Joyce Pauline
Ennis, Judy Jolene
Ennis, Kenneth Henry


Evers, Francis M(d. date unknown)
Evers, Lillie(d. date unknown)


Exon, Arminta(b. March 1868, d. 1957)


Fanny(b. 1795, d. 1874)


Faust, Christianna(d. date not given)


Fields, Abner(b. 1798, d. February 1869)
Fields, Anne(b. Abt. 1772, d. date unknown)
Fields, Benjamin, Sr.(b. February 01, 1768, d. December 18, 1843)
Fields, Chambers(d. date unknown)
Fields, Chambers(b. 1829, d. May 10, 1850)
Fields, Dora
Fields, Elizabeth(b. 1765, d. date unknown)
Fields, George(b. Abt. 1776, d. date unknown)
Fields, Hester(b. 1764, d. date unknown)
Fields, Jane(b. 1782, d. date unknown)
Fields, Jeremiah(b. 1731, d. 1821)
Fields, Jeremiah(b. Abt. 1762, d. Bef. 1818)
Fields, Jeremiah(b. 1778, d. date unknown)
Fields, Jesse(b. June 29, 1773, d. date unknown)
Fields, John(d. date unknown)
Fields, John(b. 1727, d. 1787)
Fields, John(b. 1771, d. date unknown)
Fields, Joseph(b. Abt. 1765, d. date unknown)
Fields, Joseph(b. 1776, d. date unknown)
Fields, Keziah(b. Abt. 1774, d. date unknown)
Fields, Lucinda(b. 1826, d. date unknown)
Fields, Malinda(b. 1818, d. 1870)
Fields, Mary(d. date unknown)
Fields, Robert(b. 1729, d. May 1820)
Fields, Robert(b. Abt. 1770, d. date unknown)
Fields, Robert(b. 1774, d. date unknown)
Fields, Ruth(b. Abt. 1765, d. date unknown)
Fields, Samuel(b. Abt. 1780, d. date unknown)
Fields, Thomas(b. 1772, d. date unknown)
Fields, William(b. 1698, d. March 30, 1748)
Fields, William(b. 1763, d. date unknown)
Fields, William(b. Abt. 1764, d. August 1815)
Fields, William(b. 1768, d. date unknown)


Finn, Mary Ellen
Finn, William Leo Jr


Fischer, Edgar Carl(b. April 19, 1903, d. WFT Est. 1937-1994)
Fischer, Fred(b. September 12, 1878, d. WFT Est. 1908-1969)
Fischer, Virginia


Fite, Herman(d. date unknown)
Fite, James David
Fite, Jerry Allan
Fite, Preston David
Fite, Timothy James
Fite, Todd David


Force, Adaline Nancy(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1818-1920)
Force, Elizabeth Ann(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1829-1920)
Force, Ezra(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1833-1917)
Force, Fanny M.(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1829-1920)
Force, Georgianna(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1829-1920)
Force, Jeremiah(b. WFT Est. 1778-1805, d. WFT Est. 1831-1889)
Force, Josephine(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. 1875)
Force, Mary P.(b. WFT Est. 1815-1835, d. WFT Est. 1836-1919)
Force, Mary Payne(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1829-1920)
Force, Oliver Martin(b. 1828, d. 1828)
Force, Sarah M.(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1818-1920)
Force, Susanna Marsh(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. WFT Est. 1829-1920)
Force, William James(b. WFT Est. 1813-1836, d. 1856)


Founterhouse(d. date unknown)


Francis, Anna(d. date unknown)
Francis, Judith(b. 1795, d. date not given)


Frasier, Mary Ellen(b. 1847, d. 1947)


Frost, Molly(d. date unknown)


Fuentes, Kevin(b. 1983, d. 1983)
Fuentes, Nicholas
Fuentes, Nicholas


Fuller, Marie S.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1857, d. WFT Est. 1880-1946)


Furr, Albert(b. Abt. 1851, d. date unknown)


Garett, Margart E(b. Abt. 1830, d. date unknown)


Garey, Wayne Kirkpatrick


Garrett, Catherine(d. date unknown)
Garrett, Louisa M(b. December 25, 1817, d. August 03, 1874)
Garrett, Mary Ann(d. date unknown)


Garvin, Very May


Gervais, Anni(b. March 02, 1747/48, d. November 02, 1815)
Gervais, Louis(b. Abt. 1715, d. date not given)


Gibson, Fredrick(b. Abt. 1816, d. date unknown)
Gibson, John G(d. date unknown)


Gilliam, Allen G(b. February 09, 1816, d. April 18, 1885)
Gilliam, Amy(b. 1809, d. Bef. 1900)
Gilliam, Angeuna(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Anna(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Anney(d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Catherine(b. 1828, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Charles(b. Abt. 1770, d. Abt. 1840)
Gilliam, Charles(b. September 09, 1812, d. September 07, 1904)
Gilliam, Charles(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Eliza Jane(b. October 26, 1834, d. June 01, 1882)
Gilliam, Emeline(b. 1852, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, George(b. 1835, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, George(b. 1861, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Harris(b. July 01, 1765, d. date not given)
Gilliam, Harris(b. 1804, d. 1884)
Gilliam, Harris(b. 1832, d. October 1859)
Gilliam, Harris(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Houston Lynn(b. October 1838, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, James(b. 1822, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, James(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Jasper P(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Jessup J.(b. 1840, d. 1924)
Gilliam, John(b. Abt. 1800, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Margrart(b. 1868, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Martha(d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Martha(b. 1813, d. November 20, 1887)
Gilliam, Martha A(b. March 1838, d. Aft. 1900)
Gilliam, Mary Caroline(b. 1849, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Minyard(d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Minyard(b. November 12, 1801, d. March 15, 1888)
Gilliam, Minyard(b. 1826, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Nancy(b. 1815, d. Bef. 1900)
Gilliam, Nancy C(b. 1848, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Newton(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Rosa(b. 1866, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Sallie(d. Abt. 1913)
Gilliam, Samuel(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Sara(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Sarah(b. April 17, 1819, d. October 19, 1913)
Gilliam, Sarah(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, Stephen(d. June 17, 1954)
Gilliam, Susannah(b. 1823, d. date unknown)
Gilliam, William(b. Abt. 1726, d. 1772)
Gilliam, William(b. Abt. 1798, d. October 06, 1841)
Gilliam, William Napier(b. 1822, d. 1899)


Gillispie, Glenda Fay


Gillum, John(d. date not given)
Gillum, Osborn(b. July 22, 1817, d. date unknown)


Gilpatrick, Dora Jane(b. 1894, d. 1929)


Gipson, Armon B(b. 1804, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Authur Rutledge(b. Abt. 1860, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Charles Price(b. April 07, 1883, d. February 22, 1913)
Gipson, Della D(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Effie(d. date unknown)
Gipson, Emma(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Fredrick F(b. 1829, d. May 06, 1892)
Gipson, Ida S(b. 1875, d. 1898)
Gipson, Isaac(b. 1827, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Jack(b. July 15, 1901, d. January 21, 2000)
Gipson, John P(b. 1828, d. date unknown)
Gipson, John Sydney(b. Abt. 1872, d. date unknown)
Gipson, L D(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Louisa(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Margaret(b. 1825, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Martha A(b. July 12, 1875, d. May 27, 1917)
Gipson, Mary(d. date unknown)
Gipson, Mary(b. August 30, 1857, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Mary Mollie(b. October 1869, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Melissa Jane(b. May 05, 1857, d. November 11, 1927) Includes Notes
Gipson, Nora(b. 1873, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Phebia(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Rebecca(b. 1855, d. May 1878)
Gipson, Robert(b. February 27, 1866, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Sarah(b. 1832, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gipson, Sarah Ann(b. 1853, d. 1881)
Gipson, Thomas H(b. October 13, 1866, d. date unknown)
Gipson, Walter(b. Abt. 1868, d. date unknown)
Gipson, William Earl
Gipson, William F(b. November 1878, d. date unknown)
Gipson, William M(b. 1831, d. January 30, 1886)
Gipson, Willie A(b. 1863, d. date unknown)


Goss, Donald Arthur
Goss, Frank A.(b. WFT Est. 1859-1887, d. WFT Est. 1911-1974)
Goss, Frank Arthur
Goss, Marion Claire


Gray, Edward Ross(b. 1839, d. 1905)
Gray, Mary Viola(b. March 23, 1879, d. September 05, 1970)


Grayson, Big Sol


Greenwood, Duroy Wilmont
Greenwood, Valera Gail
Greenwood, Vena Yvonne
Greenwood, Vera Maureen


Gregg, Alice(b. 1900, d. date unknown)
Gregg, Anna(b. 1898, d. date unknown)
Gregg, Dorthy(b. 1897, d. date unknown)
Gregg, Florence
Gregg, George Lawarence(b. February 08, 1895, d. April 1971)
Gregg, John
Gregg, John C(b. Abt. 1874, d. Bef. 1920)
Gregg, Lafern
Gregg, Lutricia Elaine(b. August 11, 1935, d. June 03, 1997)
Gregg, Urvin Oscar(b. July 06, 1914, d. May 01, 1965) Includes Notes
Gregg, Willie(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Gregg, Zella E(b. November 03, 1918, d. June 1998) Includes Notes


Griffis, Cynthie(b. May 16, 1948, d. 2000)
Griffis, Danny Roy
Griffis, Deborah Jane


Grormley, Calvin


Grormly, Buchb
Grormly, Darline
Grormly, Gwen


Haddon, ???(b. WFT Est. 1737-1772, d. WFT Est. 1763-1851)


Haley, Maude(b. 1894, d. 1970)
Haley, Roy J
Haley, Tracy Lyn


Hallmark, Herman
Hallmark, Sharon Marget


Ham, Ann Lenora
Ham, Elijah Wesly


Hammett, Lillian Marie
Hammett, Marie


Hand, Harry(b. WFT Est. 1826-1875, d. WFT Est. 1852-1951)


Haney, Robert Washington(d. 1897)


Hankins, Mary Ellen(d. date unknown)


Hardy, Kim Louise
Hardy, Lee


Harling, Unk(d. date not given)


Harman, Naomi


Harper, Marvin


Harris, Martha(b. December 26, 1804, d. date not given)
Harris, Mary(d. date unknown)
Harris, Mevan(d. date not given)


Harrison, ???(b. WFT Est. 1737-1772, d. WFT Est. 1763-1851)
Harrison, Birdie(b. September 15, 1895, d. July 20, 1920)


Hart, Charles(d. date unknown)
Hart, Mary Jane(d. 1905)


Hawkins, Phoebe(b. WFT Est. 1812-1831, d. date not given)


Hedrick, Elizabeth(b. April 20, 1785, d. May 12, 1859)


Hence, Jas. C.(b. WFT Est. 1799-1836, d. WFT Est. 1825-1914)


Henderson, Carl
Henderson, Jimmy
Henderson, Ralph


Hendricks, David(d. date unknown)
Hendricks, Phoeby(d. Bef. 1855)


Henning, Rubye C.


Henry, Anna May(b. March 18, 1891, d. October 10, 1963)
Henry, Checotah(b. Abt. 1875, d. date unknown)
Henry, Ezekiel Jr(b. 1785, d. date not given)
Henry, Ezekiel L(b. Abt. 1845, d. date unknown)
Henry, Hettie(b. April 1896, d. date unknown)
Henry, Hilibymico(d. date unknown)
Henry, Hugh(b. July 1898, d. date unknown)
Henry, Hugh Weathersby(b. January 13, 1848, d. June 04, 1918)
Henry, James(b. January 1873, d. date unknown)
Henry, James C.(b. Abt. 1832, d. date unknown)
Henry, Luella(b. December 1881, d. March 07, 1970)
Henry, MacNally(b. September 1889, d. date unknown)
Henry, Muskogee(d. date unknown)
Henry, Nancy Caroline(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)
Henry, Patrick(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Henry, Patrick(b. August 1887, d. date unknown)
Henry, Patty S
Henry, Permelia F.(b. Abt. 1843, d. date unknown)
Henry, Romona
Henry, Sam(d. date unknown)
Henry, Tchininia(d. date unknown)
Henry, Woodson(b. January 05, 1889, d. December 11, 1905)
Henry, Woodson D(b. March 12, 1816, d. date not given)
Henry, Wynemah(d. date unknown)
Henry, Yahola


Henson, Maggie Jo(b. June 23, 1884, d. date unknown)




Heydrich, Johan Peter(d. date not given)


Hibler, Asa Whitfield(b. WFT Est. 1857-1884, d. WFT Est. 1907-1971)


Hicks, Nancy L(b. November 1859, d. October 31, 1925) Includes Notes


Hill, Authur Lee(b. March 02, 1886, d. November 30, 1920)
Hill, Callie E(b. May 17, 1878, d. May 28, 1904)
Hill, Della Leah(b. March 19, 1878, d. July 07, 1963)
Hill, Elizabeth Jane(b. 1851, d. December 23, 1874)
Hill, Ester(d. date unknown)
Hill, Frederick(b. January 09, 1849, d. 1920)
Hill, Infant(d. date unknown)
Hill, Jack Edd
Hill, John(d. date unknown)
Hill, John Pink(b. February 02, 1870, d. October 13, 1878)
Hill, Johnson(b. 1826, d. 1871) Includes Notes
Hill, Luella A(b. August 19, 1871, d. November 1940)
Hill, Lula May(b. November 12, 1880, d. April 12, 1950)
Hill, Mary L(b. 1858, d. 1891)
Hill, Nancy Catherine(b. September 04, 1855, d. August 11, 1927)
Hill, Perry(d. date unknown)
Hill, Richard(d. date unknown)
Hill, Rogar Harold
Hill, Sarah Elizabeth(b. October 06, 1853, d. July 23, 1930)
Hill, Selba Artie(b. December 24, 1895, d. date unknown)
Hill, Willie E(b. August 1883, d. date unknown)


Hinkle, Danny


Hinton, Buster(d. date unknown)


Holcomb, Brent H


Holiway, Elosie


Holland, Arville Louie
Holland, Lynn Ed
Holland, Martin Edward
Holland, Norman Louie


Hollifield, B


Hollis, Anet Lafon


Hollyfield, Cary C(b. Abt. 1810, d. Aft. 1870) Includes Notes


Holtgren, Mary Evvalyn(b. December 11, 1929, d. December 19, 1929)
Holtgren, Wallin Dodd
Holtgren, Walter Oscar(b. WFT Est. 1878-1907, d. WFT Est. 1932-1993)


Honts, Linda Joy


Hopkins, Amanda Gail


Howrchelradt, Margaret(d. date not given)


Hubbard, Judge(b. WFT Est. 1799-1831, d. WFT Est. 1825-1911)


Huckabay, Arthur K(b. 1807, d. date not given)
Huckabay, Francis Marion(b. October 07, 1847, d. August 02, 1926)
Huckabay, Mary Catherine(b. Abt. 1836, d. date not given)
Huckabay, Robert Franklin(b. September 25, 1835, d. date unknown)
Huckabay, William(d. date not given)


Huckaby, Almus Wayne(b. February 09, 1920, d. June 18, 1983)
Huckaby, Cleta(b. October 13, 1907, d. June 17, 1952)
Huckaby, Curtis(b. December 17, 1915, d. December 17, 1915)
Huckaby, Era(b. January 17, 1904, d. October 28, 1970)
Huckaby, Hershall Lawerence(b. October 29, 1909, d. November 1978)
Huckaby, James Richard(b. February 04, 1885, d. April 20, 1972)
Huckaby, Jennie(b. 1867, d. date not given)
Huckaby, Kenneth
Huckaby, Lafayette(b. 1877, d. date not given)
Huckaby, Manuel Buford
Huckaby, Mary Ann(b. 1879, d. date not given)
Huckaby, Robert(b. June 1870, d. date not given)
Huckaby, Robert D(b. October 1898, d. October 23, 1977)
Huckaby, Samuel Joseph(b. April 05, 1881, d. June 21, 1921)
Huckaby, Sylvia(b. January 31, 1902, d. September 15, 1903)
Huckaby, Travis Everett(b. March 01, 1906, d. April 1983)
Huckaby, Treva
Huckaby, Twillis Dwayn
Huckaby, William Oscar(b. December 24, 1873, d. October 23, 1931)
Huckaby, Zetta Ella(b. July 24, 1895, d. July 08, 1986)


Hudson, Mandy Perilee(b. 1854, d. date unknown)


Huffner(d. date unknown)
Huffner, John(b. May 1877, d. date unknown)
Huffner, Lavasa(b. May 1872, d. date not given)


Huts, Mark O(d. date not given)


Hutson, Martha Etta(d. date unknown)


Hutton, James(b. Abt. 1801, d. 1853)
Hutton, Levisa(b. Abt. 1820, d. 1853)


Hutts, Henry(b. 1846, d. date not given)
Hutts, Lewis W(b. November 08, 1822, d. date not given)
Hutts, Michael Jr(d. date unknown)


Huulsy, Bella(b. June 14, 1902, d. May 26, 1999)


Ida(d. date not given)


Iddings, James(b. WFT Est. 1799-1836, d. WFT Est. 1825-1914)


J, Andrew(b. 1842, d. date unknown)


Jackson, Almeda(d. 2000)
Jackson, Hampton(b. WFT Est. 1793-1813, d. date not given)


James, Mary Vinettie(b. 1873, d. date unknown)
James, Ruby Roxanne


Jenks, Agnes Martin(b. July 07, 1880, d. WFT Est. 1881-1974)
Jenks, Alexander Ramsey(b. 1864, d. 1892)
Jenks, Charles Porter(b. 1886, d. 1887)
Jenks, Charles Thomas(b. May 14, 1860, d. WFT Est. 1896-1951)
Jenks, Donald Fiske(b. May 22, 1893, d. WFT Est. 1894-1983)
Jenks, Earl Ridgway(b. August 12, 1889, d. WFT Est. 1890-1979)
Jenks, Lydia D.(b. 1857, d. WFT Est. 1858-1951)
Jenks, M. Hutchinson(b. 1855, d. WFT Est. 1856-1945)
Jenks, Margery(b. May 30, 1888, d. WFT Est. 1889-1982)
Jenks, Mary Earl(b. 1852, d. 1858)
Jenks, Michael Earl(b. WFT Est. 1806-1836, d. WFT Est. 1863-1920)
Jenks, Michael Hutchinson(b. February 26, 1856, d. 1861)
Jenks, Oliver Martin(b. February 16, 1854, d. WFT Est. 1892-1945)
Jenks, Richard Leedom(b. WFT Est. 1843-1866, d. WFT Est. 1863-1947)
Jenks, William Earl(b. 1860, d. WFT Est. 1861-1950)
Jenks, William J.(b. WFT Est. 1805-1837, d. WFT Est. 1866-1921)


Jodie(d. date unknown)


Johnson, ?(d. date unknown)
Johnson, George(b. 1838, d. date not given)
Johnson, James(b. 1841, d. date not given)
Johnson, James Alexander
Johnson, Joseph A(b. 1801, d. Bet. 1870 - 1880)
Johnson, Joseph Henry(b. 1851, d. date not given)


Jones, Nancy Chirchee(d. 1906)


Joyce, Kerk


Jr., Jimmie Cecil Williams


Kay, John Edward(d. date unknown)


Keith, Brenda Lee
Keith, Brian Andrew
Keith, James Andrew


Kelly, Mary(b. 1886, d. date not given)


Kenard, Moty(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Kenard, Noble(b. Abt. 1850, d. date unknown)


Kendall, Emily(b. WFT Est. 1829-1856, d. WFT Est. 1878-1944)


Kenndy, Tom(b. 1891, d. date unknown)


Kennedy, May(b. 1895, d. date unknown)
Kennedy, Ray(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Kennedy, Rollins(b. 1907, d. date unknown)
Kennedy, Roy(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Kennedy, Unk(d. date unknown)


Kincheloe, Charles(d. date unknown)
Kincheloe, Charles, Jr(b. 1905, d. date unknown)


Kirkpatrick, Bonnie Lovern
Kirkpatrick, Charles Ray
Kirkpatrick, Fred Lawson
Kirkpatrick, Jesse Mae
Kirkpatrick, Joe Willaim(b. March 21, 1926, d. August 27, 1939) Includes Notes
Kirkpatrick, Maggie Louise(b. February 02, 1922, d. August 27, 1939)
Kirkpatrick, Rickey Gene
Kirkpatrick, Roy(b. March 25, 1925, d. 1925) Includes Notes
Kirkpatrick, Thomas Henry
Kirkpatrick, Troy
Kirkpatrick, Wayne Gentry
Kirkpatrick, William Henry(b. April 25, 1877, d. date not given)


Kisling, Marie Elisabeth


Kutter, David Wayne
Kutter, Jack Paul(b. January 13, 1934, d. June 11, 1984) Includes Notes
Kutter, Paul(d. date not given)
Kutter, Paul Wesley
Kutter, Terri Lynn
Kutter, Timithy Jack

La Bon

La Bon, Pierre Jean(b. November 13, 1713, d. August 15, 1799)


Landon, Helen M.(b. WFT Est. 1806-1834, d. WFT Est. 1831-1917)
Landon, L. T.(d. date unknown)


Lansdale, Jackie


LaRue, Sandra Kay


Lau, Leo Waynn


Laur, ???(b. WFT Est. 1796-1824, d. WFT Est. 1822-1907)


Law, Joseph(b. WFT Est. 1798-1818, d. date not given)


Lawson, Rebecca(d. date not given)

Le Bon

Le Bon, Pierre(b. January 06, 1744/45, d. December 12, 1799)


Leach, Fannie Bell(b. May 03, 1912, d. November 11, 1982)
Leach, Susie


LeBoon, Catherine(b. November 11, 1784, d. date unknown)
LeBoon, Elizabeth(b. November 05, 1774, d. date unknown)
LeBoon, Jean(b. May 04, 1776, d. date unknown)
LeBoon, Marie(b. August 01, 1770, d. date not given)
LeBoon, Peter(b. June 15, 1772, d. date not given)


Leech, John(b. 1766, d. 1844)
Leech, Sarah(b. 1800, d. Bef. 1860)


Leeper, Stephanie K
Leeper, Steve Allen


Lein, Carol


Lettie(d. date unknown)


Light, Benjamin Frankland(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Light, Eben(b. 1756, d. date unknown)
Light, Elizabeth(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Light, George C(b. 1831, d. date unknown)
Light, Harriet(b. 1828, d. WFT Est. 1845-1924) Includes Notes
Light, Hester A(b. 1840, d. date unknown)
Light, Jacob(b. 1797, d. Bef. 1860)
Light, Joseph E(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Light, M Henry(b. 1832, d. date unknown)




Linn, Jenny(d. date unknown)


Lipe, Howard Leon


Lowry, Carl Wayne
Lowry, Clarence Jackson "Jack"
Lowry, Donald
Lowry, Donald E(b. May 19, 934, d. July 20, 1991)
Lowry, Micheal


Ludy, Adam
Ludy, Brian Clifton
Ludy, Brian Emil
Ludy, Emil Brian
Ludy, Jacob
Ludy, Mark Emil
Ludy, Robin Lee
Ludy, Shawna Marie


Lupton, D.(b. WFT Est. 1800-1820, d. WFT Est. 1834-1906)


Lyon, Clara Matilda(b. September 26, 1855, d. 1914)
Lyon, Delinda(b. October 03, 1853, d. October 16, 1915)
Lyon, Emma Louisa(b. May 09, 1861, d. January 22, 1899) Includes Notes
Lyon, Eva Elston(b. July 19, 1869, d. September 30, 1895)
Lyon, Henry Alfred(b. WFT Est. 1808-1840, d. WFT Est. 1877-1925)
Lyon, Jesse Horace(b. June 13, 1857, d. December 14, 1869)
Lyon, Luther Lincoln(b. April 15, 1865, d. March 18, 1866)
Lyon, Nellie May(b. March 22, 1876, d. December 19, 1910)
Lyon, Nettie Victoria(b. May 24, 1867, d. April 04, 1903) Includes Notes
Lyon, Rebecca(b. May 12, 1863, d. August 21, 1888)
Lyon, Sarah Prudencce(b. May 30, 1859, d. April 09, 1860)
Lyon, Unknown(b. WFT Est. 1834-1866, d. WFT Est. 1860-1946)


Mandy(d. date unknown)
Mandy(d. date unknown)
Mandy(d. date unknown)
Mandy(d. date unknown)
Mandy(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)


Manning, Mary(d. date unknown)


Mannion, Evert


Marcereau, Edes(b. WFT Est. 1805-1825, d. WFT Est. 1839-1911)


Marcy, Albert Augustus(b. January 03, 1882, d. WFT Est. 1883-1972)
Marcy, Augustus(b. WFT Est. 1830-1863, d. WFT Est. 1899-1947)
Marcy, Caroline Matilda(b. May 23, 1885, d. WFT Est. 1886-1979)
Marcy, Florence May(b. May 07, 1876, d. WFT Est. 1877-1970)
Marcy, Henry Alford Lyon(b. August 13, 1883, d. WFT Est. 1884-1973)
Marcy, John Wilmer(b. November 19, 1897, d. WFT Est. 1898-1987)
Marcy, Lillie Rebecca(b. August 07, 1879, d. WFT Est. 1880-1973)




Marsh, ??(d. date not given)
Marsh, J.(b. WFT Est. 1812-1832, d. WFT Est. 1846-1918)
Marsh, Samuel(b. WFT Est. 1707-1736, d. WFT Est. 1761-1821)
Marsh, Susanna(b. December 01, 1758, d. 1805)


Marshall, Mada Juanita


Martin, Agnes Ann(b. April 30, 1831, d. WFT Est. 1863-1925)
Martin, Agnes Johnson(b. May 30, 1877, d. WFT Est. 1878-1971)
Martin, Andrew Elston(b. April 12, 1812, d. 1817)
Martin, Andrew Elston(b. October 10, 1818, d. 1841)
Martin, Andrew Elston(b. November 10, 1818, d. 1841)
Martin, Angelina(b. July 06, 1829, d. WFT Est. 1843-1923)
Martin, Ann Morris(b. November 03, 1860, d. WFT Est. 1874-1954)
Martin, Anna(b. 1795, d. 1868)
Martin, Anna(b. WFT Est. 1806-1825, d. WFT Est. 1822-1912)
Martin, Benjamin(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1723-1824)
Martin, Benjamin(b. WFT Est. 1863-1902, d. WFT Est. 1872-1979) Includes Notes
Martin, Carl Niedhard(b. December 04, 1874, d. WFT Est. 1875-1964)
Martin, Caroline(b. July 16, 1834, d. 1891)
Martin, Caroline Rebecca(b. January 27, 1832, d. April 17, 1892)
Martin, Catherine(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Charles(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1815-1917)
Martin, Charles Morris(b. 1862, d. 1863)
Martin, Charlotte(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1763-1856)
Martin, Clara(b. WFT Est. 1853-1882, d. WFT Est. 1858-1964)
Martin, Coddington(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Connet(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Cornelia(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1814-1920)
Martin, Darlis
Martin, David(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1752-1853)
Martin, David
Martin, Edward(b. WFT Est. 1834-1877, d. WFT Est. 1855-1953)
Martin, Elizabeth(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Elizabeth(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1763-1856)
Martin, Elizabeth(b. 1797, d. 1873)
Martin, Elizabeth(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1814-1920)
Martin, Emma L.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1948)
Martin, Florence
Martin, Frances(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1763-1856)
Martin, Frances(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1825-1920)
Martin, Frances E(b. 1851, d. date unknown)
Martin, Frances E.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1948)
Martin, Frances Eliza(b. March 20, 1813, d. date not given)
Martin, Frank L.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1945) Includes Notes
Martin, George(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1834-1917)
Martin, Georgia Anna
Martin, Hannah(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Helen Harriet(b. November 28, 1822, d. WFT Est. 1836-1916)
Martin, Hellen Harriet(b. November 28, 1822, d. date not given)
Martin, Henrietta(b. WFT Est. 1841-1870, d. WFT Est. 1863-1952)
Martin, Henrietta Matilda(b. May 02, 1826, d. date not given)
Martin, Henry(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1815-1917)
Martin, Henry Agustus(b. Abt. 1804, d. 1873)
Martin, Henry Augustus Harrison(b. WFT Est. 1804-1830, d. 1873)
Martin, Hester Ellen(b. March 22, 1860, d. February 15, 1919) Includes Notes
Martin, Hester Ellen (Helen)(b. March 22, 1860, d. February 15, 1919)
Martin, J. Willis(b. WFT Est. 1834-1877, d. WFT Est. 1855-1953)
Martin, Jacob(b. January 1865, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Martin, James(b. 1788, d. 1866)
Martin, James(b. WFT Est. 1806-1825, d. 1854)
Martin, James(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1834-1917)
Martin, James(b. WFT Est. 1834-1877, d. WFT Est. 1843-1953)
Martin, James Edwin(b. July 06, 1829, d. date not given)
Martin, John(b. WFT Est. 1602-1634, d. 1687)
Martin, John(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1723-1824)
Martin, John(b. WFT Est. 1806-1825, d. WFT Est. 1812-1909)
Martin, John William(b. February 1862, d. November 25, 1917) Includes Notes
Martin, Jonathan W.(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1834-1917)
Martin, Joseph(b. WFT Est. 1645-1674, d. WFT Est. 1699-1759)
Martin, Joseph(b. 1696, d. 1757)
Martin, Joseph(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1723-1824)
Martin, Joseph(b. 1793, d. 1793)
Martin, Joseph(b. 1802, d. 1802)
Martin, Kelly(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Lydia A.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1948)
Martin, Lydia Ann(b. March 29, 1825, d. WFT Est. 1866-1920)
Martin, Margarat Ann(b. January 04, 1810, d. date unknown)
Martin, Margaret Ann(b. January 04, 1810, d. 1851)
Martin, Martha(b. 1847, d. 1848)
Martin, Martha Thomas(b. March 18, 1837, d. 1839)
Martin, Mary(b. 1782, d. 1807)
Martin, Mary(b. WFT Est. 1806-1825, d. WFT Est. 1828-1912)
Martin, Mary(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1948)
Martin, Mary Coates(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Mary E
Martin, Mary Jane(b. June 12, 1815, d. date not given)
Martin, Mary L.(b. WFT Est. 1809-1838, d. WFT Est. 1825-1920)
Martin, Matilda(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1763-1856)
Martin, Mehala(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1763-1856)
Martin, Merritt(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1723-1824)
Martin, Merritt(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1767-1853)
Martin, Minerva (Minnie) Cordelia(b. November 10, 1885, d. February 11, 1958)
Martin, Minnie(d. date unknown)
Martin, Minnie Cordealy(b. November 10, 1882, d. February 11, 1958) Includes Notes
Martin, Mollie(b. June 02, 1887, d. June 26, 1971)
Martin, Morgan(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Oliver(b. August 23, 1762, d. 1829) Includes Notes
Martin, Oliver(b. 1799, d. 1864)
Martin, Oliver(b. WFT Est. 1863-1902, d. WFT Est. 1872-1979) Includes Notes
Martin, Oliver
Martin, Oliver Dickenson(b. August 01, 1840, d. 1866)
Martin, Oliver Merrick(b. October 04, 1816, d. 1882)
Martin, Pauline N.(b. 1881, d. 1881)
Martin, Phineas Mundy(b. October 10, 1820, d. date not given) Includes Notes
Martin, Rebecca(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Rebecca Lyon(b. August 01, 1888, d. WFT Est. 1889-1982)
Martin, Robert Thomas(b. June 25, 1844, d. WFT Est. 1886-1935)
Martin, Robert Y.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1945)
Martin, S. Bingham(b. May 06, 1876, d. WFT Est. 1877-1970)
Martin, Sally
Martin, Samuel(b. June 21, 1784, d. WFT Est. 1785-1874)
Martin, Samuel M.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1945) Includes Notes
Martin, Samuel Marsh(b. 1786, d. 1825)
Martin, Sanderson Robart(b. November 15, 1832, d. WFT Est. 1879-1924)
Martin, Sarah(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Sarah(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1763-1856)
Martin, Sarah H.(b. WFT Est. 1845-1874, d. WFT Est. 1861-1955)
Martin, Sarah Marsh(b. 1791, d. 1842)
Martin, Sarah Susana(b. June 18, 1808, d. date unknown)
Martin, Sarah Susanna(b. June 18, 1808, d. 1841)
Martin, Susan(b. WFT Est. 1806-1825, d. WFT Est. 1828-1912)
Martin, Susan(b. WFT Est. 1831-1855, d. WFT Est. 1839-1941)
Martin, Susanna(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Sydney Ericson(b. September 06, 1883, d. WFT Est. 1884-1973)
Martin, Theodocia(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Martin, Thompson Neave(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1945)
Martin, Trembly(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1722-1827)
Martin, Unk(d. date unknown)
Martin, Valentine(b. WFT Est. 1717-1745, d. WFT Est. 1723-1824)
Martin, Virgie
Martin, Wesley(d. date unknown)
Martin, William(d. date unknown)
Martin, William(b. 1727, d. April 06, 1804) Includes Notes
Martin, William(b. WFT Est. 1747-1774, d. WFT Est. 1767-1853)
Martin, William(b. June 21, 1784, d. October 07, 1839) Includes Notes
Martin, William(b. June 24, 1784, d. October 07, 1829)
Martin, William Compton Wales(b. October 07, 1824, d. 1894) Includes Notes
Martin, William H.(b. WFT Est. 1806-1825, d. 1872)
Martin, William H.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1866, d. WFT Est. 1840-1945)
Martin, William M.(b. WFT Est. 1831-1855, d. WFT Est. 1839-1938)


Mary(d. date unknown)
Mary(d. date unknown)
Mary(d. date unknown)
Mary(d. date unknown)
Mary V(d. date unknown)
Mary W(b. August 1861, d. date not given)
Mary, ???(b. WFT Est. 1843-1874, d. WFT Est. 1863-1956)


Mason, Bobby Joe
Mason, Dorris Ann
Mason, Joe R(b. May 01, 1911, d. September 23, 1991)
Mason, Ralph Richard
Mason, Regnal(d. date unknown)
Mason, Retia Fay
Mason, Ricky
Mason, Steve
Mason, Tammy


Mathews, Margaret(d. date unknown)


Mathis, Eliza(d. date unknown)


Matrtin, Susana(d. date not given)


May, Blanche Ann Adams(b. August 16, 1923, d. Bef. 1974)

Mc Neal

Mc Neal, Lorene


McBride, Ann Eliza(b. WFT Est. 1806-1834, d. WFT Est. 1831-1917)


McClain, Francis Eugenna(b. August 25, 1844, d. January 31, 1933)
McClain, James(d. date unknown)


McCormick, Judith(d. date unknown)


Mccormick, Opal


McCormick, William(b. WFT Est. 1803-1835, d. WFT Est. 1829-1915)


McCracken, Adeline(d. date unknown)


McDowel, Susan Elizbeth(d. date unknown)


Mcgathy, Mary(d. date not given)


McGuire(d. date unknown)
McGuire, Wynana


McJunkin, Hestor Ann(b. 1818, d. 1881)


McKenzie, Cecil Elliot(b. August 14, 1902, d. April 19, 1976)
McKenzie, Jo Ann Angelina
McKenzie, Mildred Madorma(b. August 28, 1923, d. October 01, 1994)


McKienzie, Samuel Alexander(b. 1878, d. 1963)


McLemore(d. date unknown)


McMaster, Edith(d. date unknown)


Mead, Harley(b. November 19, 1904, d. date unknown)
Mead, Harley Warren
Mead, Karen Sue
Mead, Micheal Ray
Mead, Nadean Betty
Mead, Patty Jane
Mead, Ronald David
Mead, Vernon Lee


Medana, Elizabeth(b. WFT Est. 1831-1851, d. WFT Est. 1852-1935)


Merritt, Elizabeth(b. WFT Est. 1686-1708, d. WFT Est. 1730-1796)


Miller, Charles(d. date unknown)
Miller, Charles Includes Pictures
Miller, John B.(b. January 06, 1895, d. October 1985) Includes Pictures
Miller, John Benjamin(b. January 06, 1893, d. June 18, 1984)


Millhollin, Debra Kay
Millhollin, Donald


Mitchell, Lahona


Mofield, William Harrison(d. date unknown)


Monerief, Susan(d. date unknown)


Moore, Ada Victoria(b. February 1892, d. February 02, 1908) Includes Notes
Moore, Ainsworth
Moore, Albert(b. Abt. 1872, d. date unknown)
Moore, Alice(b. May 09, 1916, d. May 15, 1916)
Moore, Alvin
Moore, Betty Sue
Moore, Billie Jane
Moore, Buck(b. Abt. 1829, d. date unknown)
Moore, Buck(b. Abt. 1832, d. date not given)
Moore, Caroline
Moore, Catherine ( Katy)(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Moore, Chester(b. December 22, 1913, d. December 23, 1939)
Moore, Clarence Chistopher(b. October 13, 1911, d. January 09, 2003) Includes Notes
Moore, Clay
Moore, Connie Elaine
Moore, Dan(b. 1941, d. Abt. 1965)
Moore, Dave
Moore, David
Moore, Debbie
Moore, Delois Ann
Moore, Dennis Gene
Moore, Donna Lee
Moore, Dorethy June(b. September 1938, d. January 27, 1987)
Moore, Edgar Allen(b. October 23, 1874, d. January 07, 1945)
Moore, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1825, d. date not given)
Moore, Elizabeth(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Moore, Ella May
Moore, Ellae(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Moore, Ellie
Moore, Essie(d. 2002)
Moore, Essie Winita(b. January 1923, d. date unknown)
Moore, Fay Clay(b. March 02, 1930, d. March 01, 1933)
Moore, Frank(d. date unknown)
Moore, Gearldine(b. May 18, 1935, d. October 03, 1990) Includes Notes
Moore, Georgiana(d. date unknown)
Moore, Georgina Anna(b. December 1893, d. November 03, 1909) Includes Notes
Moore, Gertrude(d. date unknown)
Moore, Gladdys Nadine
Moore, Glenda Ruth
Moore, Haley
Moore, Herbert McClain(d. date unknown)
Moore, Jackson(d. August 01, 1837) Includes Notes
Moore, James(b. Abt. 1832, d. Abt. 1865)
Moore, James Edgar(b. January 18, 1940, d. October 28, 1980)
Moore, James M(b. 1769, d. 1856) Includes Notes
Moore, Jefferson(b. Abt. 1853, d. Bet. 1870 - 1880) Includes Notes
Moore, Jesse(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Moore, Jesse
Moore, Jessie Vinita(b. March 10, 1919, d. May 19, 1985) Includes Pictures
Moore, Joe
Moore, John(d. date unknown)
Moore, Jullia Virginia(b. June 15, 1896, d. 1956)
Moore, Lee Otis(b. 1935, d. 1937)
Moore, Lena Belle(d. date unknown)
Moore, Lennie Doddy(b. August 14, 1892, d. date not given) Includes Notes
Moore, Leona S
Moore, Leorea
Moore, Levie(d. Bef. 1996)
Moore, Lilian
Moore, Lillie Bell(b. June 18, 1901, d. December 1901) Includes Notes
Moore, Linda Kay
Moore, Lloyd
Moore, Loretta Alice(b. May 07, 1942, d. October 01, 1983)
Moore, Lottie Hebbie(b. August 14, 1892, d. 1892) Includes Notes
Moore, Louis Oliver(d. date unknown)
Moore, Lucy(b. January 1816, d. Bet. 1880 - 1900)
Moore, Luddie
Moore, Lula
Moore, Lyman(b. Abt. 1834, d. December 11, 1881)
Moore, Lyman Mackley(b. November 18, 1899, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Moore, Maggie
Moore, Margeret(d. date not given) Includes Notes
Moore, Mary(b. August 1860, d. November 03, 1940) Includes Notes
Moore, Mattie May(b. May 19, 1891, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Moore, Melinda Jean
Moore, Micheal
Moore, Minnie
Moore, Mithcell
Moore, Moses(b. Abt. 1823, d. Abt. 1869) Includes Notes
Moore, Moses Hamon(b. February 19, 1898, d. October 05, 1951)
Moore, Nancy(b. Abt. 1805, d. Bet. 1881 - 1900) Includes Notes
Moore, Napoleon B(d. date unknown)
Moore, Odesa
Moore, Oliver Lee(b. March 20, 1894, d. April 16, 1983) Includes Pictures
Moore, Osburn
Moore, Oscar Osbin(b. 1921, d. Abt. August 1980)
Moore, Otis Lee
Moore, Patricia Ann
Moore, Patsy
Moore, Pauline
Moore, Peggy(b. Abt. 1803, d. Bef. 1900) Includes Notes
Moore, Ray
Moore, Ray Carol
Moore, Robert(b. Abt. 1857, d. August 17, 1930) Includes Notes
Moore, Robert Lee(b. March 18, 1888, d. January 12, 1933)
Moore, Ronald David
Moore, Sammuel Ambers(b. August 19, 1917, d. November 02, 1918)
Moore, Sarah(b. 1728, d. 1795) Includes Notes
Moore, Southard
Moore, Steven Gene
Moore, Susan Louise
Moore, Thomas Ellis(b. June 25, 1864, d. May 24, 1941) Includes Notes
Moore, Thomas Ellis Jr(b. February 07, 1913, d. February 27, 1996)
Moore, Thomas Franklin
Moore, Thomas Jefferson(b. January 20, 1884, d. March 27, 1921) Includes Notes
Moore, Thomas Jefferson, Jr(b. January 20, 1910, d. March 19, 1974)
Moore, Tobe(d. Bef. 1880) Includes Notes
Moore, Vernie
Moore, Vernie Allen(b. March 1897, d. date not given)
Moore, Vernon
Moore, Victoria(b. Abt. 1856, d. Abt. 1879)
Moore, Washington(b. Abt. 1851, d. Bef. 1870) Includes Notes
Moore, William Robert(b. January 1907, d. February 1920) Includes Notes
Moore, Winnie Mary(b. August 08, 1905, d. March 1987)


Morgano, Anthony Carma(b. November 09, 1907, d. March 13, 1999)
Morgano, Ashliegh Rose
Morgano, Austin Bradley Anthony
Morgano, Codie Michael Thomas
Morgano, Freddie Ray Includes Pictures
Morgano, Heather Ashley Baylee
Morgano, John Micheal(b. June 25, 1948, d. October 04, 1997) Includes Pictures
Morgano, Kathrine Marie
Morgano, Lisa Martha Bernice
Morgano, Paul Micheal Includes Pictures


Morley, Pamela Diane


Morris, George W(b. March 25, 1815, d. date not given)
Morris, Mary Anna(b. WFT Est. 1818-1841, d. WFT Est. 1865-1929)


Morrison, David
Morrison, Dortha
Morrison, Mike
Morrison, Pete
Morrison, Stephanie


Morse, Adelia B(b. June 21, 1897, d. date unknown)
Morse, Authur B(b. September 28, 1899, d. date unknown)
Morse, J H(d. date unknown)
Morse, Kendall L(b. October 1847, d. date unknown)
Morse, Mary R(b. May 16, 1881, d. date not given)
Morse, Otis H(b. July 28, 1889, d. date not given)
Morse, R. Q.(b. July 03, 1882, d. date not given)
Morse, T. J.(d. date unknown)
Morse, Thomas E(b. September 04, 1876, d. date not given)
Morse, William W(b. November 09, 1872, d. date not given)


Mosley, Harry E(b. September 03, 1904, d. July 1976)


Mundy, Adeliza(b. April 21, 1832, d. 1832)
Mundy, Caroline Virginia(b. December 03, 1842, d. WFT Est. 1860-1936)
Mundy, Edward(b. WFT Est. 1854-1883, d. WFT Est. 1860-1962)
Mundy, Edward Livingston(b. July 18, 1835, d. WFT Est. 1856-1925)
Mundy, Emily King(b. WFT Est. 1854-1883, d. WFT Est. 1859-1965)
Mundy, Ezekiel Wilson(b. June 16, 1833, d. WFT Est. 1877-1925)
Mundy, Ezekjel Wolson(b. June 16, 1833, d. date unknown)
Mundy, Horace(b. WFT Est. 1856-1885, d. WFT Est. 1862-1964)
Mundy, Isaac(b. WFT Est. 1856-1885, d. WFT Est. 1862-1964)
Mundy, Louisa Matilda(b. November 24, 1837, d. WFT Est. 1851-1931)
Mundy, Luther(b. WFT Est. 1856-1885, d. WFT Est. 1862-1964)
Mundy, Luther Bloomfield(b. January 29, 1807, d. July 19, 1869)
Mundy, Thel Frances(b. WFT Est. 1854-1883, d. WFT Est. 1859-1965)


Murphy, Catherine Maudine
Murphy, Roy L


Mustoe, Dorothy Cordelia(b. February 12, 1923, d. November 1985)




Neave, Alexander(b. 1822, d. WFT Est. 1839-1912)
Neave, Anna Elizabeth(b. 1817, d. 1893)
Neave, Charles(b. 1824, d. 1857)
Neave, Frances(b. 1837, d. WFT Est. 1838-1931)
Neave, Martin(b. WFT Est. 1803-1835, d. WFT Est. 1829-1915)
Neave, Mary Susanna(b. 1832, d. 1841)
Neave, Oliver Martin(b. WFT Est. 1815-1838, d. WFT Est. 1820-1919)
Neave, Sarah(b. WFT Est. 1815-1838, d. WFT Est. 1820-1922)
Neave, Susanna(b. WFT Est. 1815-1838, d. WFT Est. 1820-1922)
Neave, Thompson(b. WFT Est. 1772-1806, d. WFT Est. 1839-1890)
Neave, Thompson(b. 1835, d. WFT Est. 1852-1925)


Neeley, Bill
Neeley, Mildred Fay


Newnum, William(d. date not given)


Newto, Johnnie Mae
Newto, Reo(d. date unknown)


Nichloes, Mary


Nichlos, Orval


Nicholson, Isaac(d. date unknown)


Niedhard, Bertha(b. WFT Est. 1835-1861, d. WFT Est. 1886-1948)


Nix, Maggie May(d. date unknown)
Nix, Mary(b. Abt. 1825, d. 1874)
Nix, Moses(d. date not given)


Nixon, Billie Marie
Nixon, Billy Gene
Nixon, Brit James
Nixon, Crystal Jean
Nixon, Dona Machell
Nixon, Fred(d. date unknown)
Nixon, Glein Marshall
Nixon, James Gene
Nixon, James Henry
Nixon, James Ray
Nixon, Jan Paul
Nixon, Kelly Jean
Nixon, Lisa Ann
Nixon, Lisa Marie
Nixon, Norma Louise
Nixon, Norman Clorvil
Nixon, Paisy Dian
Nixon, Sharron Fay
Nixon, Shawne K
Nixon, Sherrie Lynn
Nixon, Soyna Gay
Nixon, Steve Ray
Nixon, Tabatha Nadine


Noe, Donald Ellis
Noe, Frank Finley(d. date unknown)
Noe, Vicky Lynn


Nohetty, Jeff
Nohetty, Jeffery Lynn
Nohetty, Rachel Leann


Nunes, Carl Steve
Nunes, Carlos Esteves
Nunes, Craig Steven
Nunes, Cynthia Ann
Nunes, Deborah Jean
Nunes, Graig Steven
Nunes, Lionel Frank
Nunes, Mary Catherine
Nunes, Melissa Jane


Nunley, Schire






Oswalt?, Elizabeth ( Lizzie )(b. 1832, d. Bef. 1900) Includes Notes


Owens, J D(d. date unknown)


Paden, Arka Deon
Paden, Oscar Sale


Palmer, Pauline


Parker, ???(b. WFT Est. 1834-1866, d. WFT Est. 1860-1946)
Parker, Mary Ellen
Parker, Troy(d. date unknown)


Partin, Jack(d. date unknown)


Pate, Martha A(b. 1851, d. date unknown)


Paterson, Irene(d. date unknown)
Paterson, Pat(d. date unknown)
Paterson, Robert L(d. date unknown)


Payne, John(b. WFT Est. 1765-1784, d. WFT Est. 1799-1871)
Payne, Susanna(b. WFT Est. 1799-1807, d. WFT Est. 1803-1898)
Payne, Thomas(b. WFT Est. 1803-1835, d. WFT Est. 1829-1915) Includes Notes




Perdue, Mary


Perry, Doyal Dean
Perry, Edward


Petross, Martha
Petross, Mary


Phelen, Unknown(b. WFT Est. 1834-1866, d. WFT Est. 1860-1946)


Phillips, Anna(b. WFT Est. 1818-1838, d. WFT Est. 1839-1922)
Phillips, Lesby


Pickett, Mary A(b. June 11, 1814, d. July 27, 1875)
Pickett, Rachel(b. 1806, d. April 18, 1856)


Pierce, Marion(d. date not given)


Piercy, Cynthia
Piercy, Wayne


Poke, Maggie(b. September 14, 1890, d. date unknown)


Polhemus, ???(b. WFT Est. 1835-1872, d. WFT Est. 1861-1950)


Porter, Sarah L.(b. WFT Est. 1846-1871, d. WFT Est. 1896-1959)


Potter, Jack
Potter, Margaret


Powell, Mary(d. date unknown)


Price, Elizabeth(b. WFT Est. 1834-1882, d. WFT Est. 1855-1960)


Pruess, Nellie(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Pugh, Job(b. WFT Est. 1774-1794, d. WFT Est. 1809-1880)
Pugh, Leah(b. WFT Est. 1809-1832, d. WFT Est. 1825-1916)
Pugh, Lot(b. WFT Est. 1809-1832, d. WFT Est. 1814-1913)
Pugh, Oliver(b. WFT Est. 1809-1832, d. WFT Est. 1814-1913)


Ralls, Burley(d. date unknown)
Ralls, Jerry Wayne
Ralls, Jousha Klye Wayne
Ralls, Jousha Kyel Wyan
Ralls, Terri Ann
Ralls, Wyane


Ramsey, Albert(d. date unknown)
Ramsey, Gary Thomas
Ramsey, Marc Elliott
Ramsey, Paul Thomas
Ramsey, Paula Dean
Ramsey, Rickey Waid


Raper, (Stiiborn)
Raper, Ada Leona(b. June 14, 1897, d. December 02, 1980) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Raper, Albert T(d. date unknown)
Raper, Alexander(b. Abt. 1836, d. September 27, 1862)
Raper, Alvin
Raper, Austin(d. date unknown)
Raper, Bessie(b. 1900, d. date not given)
Raper, Bryon(b. 1839, d. date not given)
Raper, Christopher Columbus(b. May 16, 1860, d. November 12, 1938) Includes Notes
Raper, Christopher Columbus (Bud), Jr.(b. July 19, 1891, d. October 16, 1971)
Raper, Cinthey M
Raper, Cynitha M(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Raper, Dollie
Raper, Donald Robert(b. January 06, 1925, d. Abt. 1929)
Raper, Earl Franklin(b. August 21, 1915, d. May 08, 1983)
Raper, Edward Lee
Raper, Eliza(b. 1834, d. date not given)
Raper, Ella(b. 1895, d. date not given)
Raper, Florance(b. 1893, d. date not given)
Raper, Frances L(b. August 18, 1908, d. Bef. 1910)
Raper, Geneva Magdoline(b. May 11, 1927, d. March 29, 1990)
Raper, Georga A(b. August 1895, d. date not given)
Raper, George(b. August 1897, d. date unknown)
Raper, Goldie(b. 1897, d. date not given)
Raper, Harriet Matilda(b. May 16, 1887, d. June 15, 1921) Includes Notes
Raper, Harry M(b. November 1891, d. date not given)
Raper, Henry(b. November 1891, d. date unknown)
Raper, Homer Lee(b. March 07, 1907, d. Bef. 1910)
Raper, Idella D(b. December 1893, d. date not given)
Raper, Jacob L(b. October 27, 1893, d. August 30, 1977)
Raper, James B(b. Abt. 1854, d. March 03, 1903) Includes Notes
Raper, James B(b. 1855, d. Abt. 1895)
Raper, Jesse(b. Abt. 1823, d. Abt. 1868) Includes Notes
Raper, Jesse(b. 1891, d. date not given)
Raper, Jesse Alexander(b. March 1884, d. Abt. 1918) Includes Notes
Raper, Jesse Burgess(b. 1863, d. date not given)
Raper, Jessie James(b. January 19, 1914, d. January 20, 1914)
Raper, Jodie
Raper, John Lewis(b. August 30, 1889, d. September 30, 1956)
Raper, Leroy
Raper, Lewis
Raper, Linard E(b. March 02, 1922, d. January 18, 1924)
Raper, Lloyd
Raper, Louisa(b. December 28, 1825, d. November 02, 1917)
Raper, Maggie(b. Abt. 1886, d. date unknown)
Raper, Mary Lee(b. October 04, 1919, d. February 17, 1983)
Raper, Mary Malisa(b. 1858, d. 1880)
Raper, Mine(b. 1897, d. date not given)
Raper, Namcy
Raper, Nancy C(b. Abt. 1865, d. date unknown)
Raper, Nancy R(b. 1845, d. Aft. 1920) Includes Notes
Raper, Noah(d. date not given)
Raper, Nora(b. February 05, 1910, d. Bef. 1920)
Raper, Orville R(b. October 24, 1916, d. September 03, 2001)
Raper, Robert
Raper, Roberta
Raper, Ronald
Raper, Rosa Bell(b. December 05, 1895, d. April 04, 1979)
Raper, Rosie(b. September 27, 1900, d. June 23, 1986) Includes Pictures
Raper, Roy Luvay(b. September 15, 1920, d. January 29, 1974)
Raper, Roy Luvoy(b. September 15, 1920, d. January 29, 1974)
Raper, Ruby Hellen
Raper, Sarah Elizabeth(b. July 29, 1895, d. Bef. 1938)
Raper, Unis June
Raper, Vinita Louise
Raper, Vinita Odessa
Raper, Vintia Louise
Raper, Wiley Christopher(b. October 19, 1911, d. February 02, 1978)
Raper, William(b. 1775, d. date not given)
Raper, William Augustus(b. April 22, 1881, d. December 05, 1972)
Raper, William Augustus(b. April 22, 1882, d. December 05, 1972) Includes Notes
Raper, William H(b. 1904, d. date unknown)
Raper, William H
Raper, William Thomas(b. July 1867, d. date not given)
Raper, William, Jr.(b. December 30, 1771, d. February 28, 1859)
Raper, Winnie(d. date not given)


Raydan, John


Raydon, Patrica


Reed, Brian R
Reed, Lloyd
Reed, Nancy(d. date unknown)
Reed, Randy
Reed, Russell Lloyd


Register, Malvina(b. WFT Est. 1808-1844, d. WFT Est. 1834-1924)


Reid, Alice


Richardson, Amos(d. date unknown)


Roark, Catherine(d. date unknown)
Roark, Elizabeth Sarah(b. Abt. 1804, d. Bef. 1900)
Roark, James(b. Abt. 1804, d. date unknown)
Roark, John(d. date unknown)
Roark, Polly(d. date unknown)
Roark, Rebecca(b. 1812, d. Aft. 1870)
Roark, Rutha(d. date unknown)
Roark, William(d. date unknown)


Roberts, Lois A Jonas
Roberts, Vertie Marie


Robertts, Esther(b. WFT Est. 1610-1637, d. WFT Est. 1659-1727)
Robertts, Thomas(b. WFT Est. 1571-1612, d. WFT Est. 1610-1694)


Rogers, Jane(b. 1862, d. date unknown)


Rollins, Martha Jane(d. date unknown)




Ruppman, Diane Mary


Sample, George(b. 1833, d. date unknown)


Santos, Barbara Mae


Sarah?(d. date unknown)


Sauer, Johann Philip(b. Abt. 1733, d. date unknown)


Savage, Bleva Jean
Savage, Carolyn June
Savage, Chester Haskell
Savage, John Wesley(d. date not given)
Savage, Margaret Loretta
Savage, Maryland Sue
Savage, Shiriley Ann
Savage, William Lavern(d. date unknown)


Seabourn, Annie Lee
Seabourn, Brandie Nicole
Seabourn, Carl Agustus(b. 1892, d. date unknown)
Seabourn, Charley
Seabourn, Cleo
Seabourn, Harvy Leon
Seabourn, Jack(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Seabourn, James Marion(b. 1871, d. date unknown)
Seabourn, Jim
Seabourn, Lisa Gale
Seabourn, Mach
Seabourn, Nettie
Seabourn, Sadie
Seabourn, Trudy
Seabourn, Vickie Deanne
Seabourn, William
Seabourn, William Dale


Seamon, Lillie Alice(d. date unknown)


Shaw, Annie Mae(b. March 25, 1882, d. October 26, 1936) Includes Notes
Shaw, Belenda
Shaw, Benjaim Washington(b. January 02, 1897, d. August 26, 1974)
Shaw, Cecil(b. August 23, 1925, d. July 19, 1996)
Shaw, Daisy Cordilla(b. December 30, 1888, d. June 05, 1984)
Shaw, Danny
Shaw, Effiee Jane Shaw(b. June 21, 1878, d. Abt. 1878)
Shaw, Ethel(d. date unknown)
Shaw, Eva Jewel(b. February 08, 1892, d. Abt. 1892) Includes Notes
Shaw, James Forest(b. July 10, 1886, d. July 02, 1980) Includes Notes
Shaw, Joanna Marie
Shaw, Joe(b. August 24, 1927, d. March 20, 1993)
Shaw, Lilly Mae(b. May 19, 1902, d. 2000)
Shaw, Lorene Maybelle(b. October 28, 1917, d. August 25, 1998)
Shaw, Mabel Alice
Shaw, Olivia Maudri(b. February 13, 1881, d. Abt. 1882) Includes Notes
Shaw, Ollie E(b. April 07, 1912, d. January 16, 2001)
Shaw, Opal
Shaw, Robert Samuel(b. March 05, 1880, d. May 06, 1956) Includes Notes
Shaw, Samual Washington(b. Bet. March 11, 1849 - 1851, d. June 23, 1937) Includes Notes
Shaw, Vernon


Sherrod, Agnes Terrian
Sherrod, James Turney(d. date unknown)


Shotwell, ???(b. WFT Est. 1737-1772, d. WFT Est. 1763-1851)
Shotwell, Mary(b. WFT Est. 1716-1739, d. WFT Est. 1761-1827)


Sigo, Catherine(d. date unknown)


Simpson, Lousia Ann(d. date unknown)


Sinclear, Evalena Alice(d. date unknown)


Smith, Gerald Wyane
Smith, Harvey Alan
Smith, Harvey Auther
Smith, John Richmond(d. date unknown)
Smith, Julia(b. May 04, 1876, d. date unknown)
Smith, Larrinda M(d. date unknown)
Smith, Larry Wayne(b. February 26, 1947, d. June 19, 1961)
Smith, Mary
Smith, Pamela Kay
Smith, Sara Ann(d. date unknown)
Smith, Sible
Smith, Steven Lynn
Smith, Syble
Smith, Timothy Wayne


Snodgrass, Robert Mickael


Sower, Vilindia(d. date unknown)


Sowers, Alexander(b. 1828, d. June 03, 1849)
Sowers, Alfred(b. April 10, 1819, d. April 25, 1874)
Sowers, Christine(b. August 18, 1811, d. date not given)
Sowers, Clifford S Y(b. July 29, 1878, d. March 08, 1965)
Sowers, Elizabeth J(b. 1840, d. August 20, 1926)
Sowers, Elizabeth O(b. 1876, d. date unknown)
Sowers, Emaline(b. July 31, 1821, d. March 25, 1891)
Sowers, James Alaxander(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Sowers, James E(b. August 16, 1893, d. February 16, 1964)
Sowers, James M(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Sowers, Jefferson(b. 1816, d. September 22, 1871)
Sowers, John George(b. September 10, 1779, d. August 05, 1858)
Sowers, John S(b. February 06, 1886, d. July 23, 1965)
Sowers, Malinda A(b. 1836, d. January 06, 1902)
Sowers, Martha E(d. date unknown)
Sowers, Mary C(b. February 04, 1801, d. July 17, 1838)
Sowers, Mary Juliana(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Sowers, Ota ei(b. 1876, d. date unknown)
Sowers, Peter Sullivan(b. June 22, 1812, d. date not given)
Sowers, Phoebe(b. Abt. 1814, d. date not given)
Sowers, Soloman(b. September 17, 1805, d. June 15, 1885)
Sowers, Vilinda(b. February 21, 1872, d. January 12, 1939)


Speir, Otis(d. date unknown)


Spier, Marchall Gene
Spier, Rhinard(b. 1832, d. date unknown)
Spier, Steve Cameron


Spray, Samuel(b. 1853, d. date unknown)


Sprey, Josie May(b. 1900, d. date unknown)


Spurgeon, Isaiah(d. date unknown)
Spurgeon, William(b. August 18, 1838, d. December 25, 1934)


Stacy, ???


Stalkfleet, Dexter
Stalkfleet, Hannalorie
Stalkfleet, Jerry Allan
Stalkfleet, Lewis H(b. February 10, 1912, d. July 16, 1968)
Stalkfleet, Lonny Zera(b. March 19, 1943, d. March 19, 1943)
Stalkfleet, Melvin Lewis(d. 1998)
Stalkfleet, Michael
Stalkfleet, Tony


Stanford, Mattie Irene(b. June 21, 1914, d. April 07, 2002)


Starkeay, Cecil(d. Abt. 2000)


Stediam, Evein(b. Abt. 1864, d. date not given)


Stephens, Jane F(d. date unknown)


Stephenson, Alexandria Nicole
Stephenson, Amanda Jean Moree
Stephenson, Anthony Lee
Stephenson, Berry Alan Savoy
Stephenson, Clayton James
Stephenson, James (Jimmy) Savoy
Stephenson, James Lee
Stephenson, Jimmy Cecil Wayne


Stewart, Nell


Stillman, Asa(b. WFT Est. 1812-1832, d. date not given)


Stoll, Delinda(b. September 08, 1902, d. WFT Est. 1903-1996)
Stoll, Robert Hall(b. WFT Est. 1851-1881, d. WFT Est. 1906-1965)


Story, Archie Dean
Story, Bryon Eric
Story, Charles Eddie
Story, Charlotte Ann
Story, Dorla Denese
Story, Edith Marie
Story, Edna Faye
Story, Ellis Jerome
Story, Gregry Cornell
Story, Jack
Story, Jim H.(b. 1881, d. 1964) Includes Notes
Story, Jim Jr
Story, Karon Ann
Story, Lillian Francis
Story, Louis Isase(b. January 09, 1893, d. June 02, 1949)
Story, Louis J
Story, Sherman Clyde
Story, Sherry Kyn
Story, Willie
Story, Wynema Augusta


Strome, Mildred


Summers, Clinton Patrick(b. August 30, 1857, d. June 12, 1924)
Summers, Thomas William(b. Abt. 1836, d. June 27, 1862)


Susan(d. date unknown)


Tabitha, ???(b. WFT Est. 1746-1781, d. WFT Est. 1767-1861)


Tatum, Bobby Mack
Tatum, Coleen(b. July 01, 1944, d. July 01, 1944) Includes Notes
Tatum, Demaryous Ann
Tatum, Luther Aaron(b. November 01, 1905, d. date unknown)
Tatum, Luther James
Tatum, Pauline


Taylor, Annie(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Arlie Richard(b. May 02, 1913, d. February 12, 1977)
Taylor, Caroline Louisa(b. August 07, 1882, d. WFT Est. 1908-1976)
Taylor, Edgar Clifton(b. February 21, 1857, d. September 14, 1910)
Taylor, Emma Catherine
Taylor, Estella May(b. February 01, 1884, d. February 20, 1903) Includes Notes
Taylor, Frank Floyd
Taylor, George Arthur(b. October 10, 1894, d. WFT Est. 1895-1984)
Taylor, Harold Clifton(b. July 26, 1911, d. July 05, 1958)
Taylor, Helem Marie
Taylor, Henry Clifton(b. February 21, 1879, d. WFT Est. 1928-1971)
Taylor, Hugh Richard
Taylor, James Morgan(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Jessy Oscar(b. February 07, 1881, d. April 15, 1881) Includes Notes
Taylor, John(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Lam(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Linda
Taylor, Mary Evvalyn(b. October 01, 1887, d. WFT Est. 1912-1981)
Taylor, Maryann Frances
Taylor, Melinda Kay
Taylor, Nancy Carol
Taylor, Nellie May
Taylor, Pamlila June
Taylor, Parthena(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Raymond Lee
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Robert Wayne
Taylor, Solmon(d. date unknown)
Taylor, Susan Louise
Taylor, unk
Taylor, William(d. date unknown)


Tennant, Bryan


Tenney, Mary V(d. date not given)

Thomas A Newnum

Thomas A Newnum, William(b. November 27, 1792, d. January 27, 1879)


Thomas, Davis
Thomas, Martha(b. WFT Est. 1792-1819, d. WFT Est. 1849-1907)


Thompson, Alan(d. date unknown)
Thompson, Gregory Earl
Thompson, Jeffery Ernest
Thompson, Mary Jane(d. date unknown)
Thompson, Robert Carl


Thoms, Henrietta(b. WFT Est. 1813-1844, d. WFT Est. 1833-1926)


Thornall, I.(b. WFT Est. 1803-1835, d. WFT Est. 1829-1915)


Tidwell, Oscar Lee(b. July 27, 1923, d. November 08, 1996)
Tidwell, Wanda


Tohoma, William Henry(d. date unknown)


Tubbs, Samual
Tubbs, Stacy Ann


Tucknew, George


Tunnell, Wilson B(d. date unknown)


Tyre, D S(d. date unknown)


Unk, Mabel


Unknowed(d. date unknown)


Unknown(d. date unknown)
Unknown(d. date unknown)
Unknown(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Dorotha(d. date unknown)
Unknown, Elizabeth(d. date not given)
Unknown, Lula(b. July 26, 1881, d. September 22, 1964)
Unknown, Margearett


Unkown, Mary Jane(d. date unknown)


VanCleave, Alley Pearl
VanCleave, Bertha Lucille


Vancleave, Carolyn J.


VanCleave, Harvey Burcham(d. date unknown)
VanCleave, HB burcham
VanCleave, James Ewing(b. September 30, 1904, d. date unknown)
VanCleave, Ruby Mae
VanCleave, Tommy Leon
VanCleave, William Carl




Vickers, Cathern D(b. 1822, d. date unknown)
Vickers, Elias(d. date unknown)
Vickers, Margaretta Moriah(b. November 23, 1823, d. October 16, 1873)


Vickrey, Ruhama(d. date unknown)


Vote, Sarah(d. date unknown)


Wagner, Elizabeth Ann(d. date unknown)


Wakins, Mary Jane(d. date unknown)


Walker, Anne(d. date unknown)


Walls, Floyd(d. date unknown)
Walls, Lois Mae


Ward, Henry Hughe Jr
Ward, Henry Hughe Sr.(d. date unknown)
Ward, Jimmie James
Ward, Neal Edward


Weatherford, William(d. date unknown)


Weatherly, Mary(b. July 15, 1779, d. April 15, 1822)


Weatherman, Simond(b. Abt. 1839, d. Abt. 1864)


Webster, Edna Marie


Wedel, Branen Scott(b. February 28, 1983, d. February 2002)
Wedel, Brittnie Ann
Wedel, Jacob C
Wedel, Kenneth L


Wegner, John


Welch, ???(b. WFT Est. 1834-1866, d. WFT Est. 1860-1946)


Wells, Thomas Benton(d. date unknown)


Wendover, Jessie May(b. WFT Est. 1860-1883, d. WFT Est. 1865-1967)
Wendover, William A.(b. WFT Est. 1825-1845, d. WFT Est. 1860-1931)


Wester, Louie N.


Wheeler, Charlotte Kay
Wheeler, David A


Whetstone, Anderson(b. Abt. 1820, d. date unknown)
Whetstone, Judia(b. December 19, 1863, d. date unknown)


Whipple, Martha(b. WFT Est. 1820-1837, d. WFT Est. 1841-1923)


White, Alma
White, Linda


Whiteman, Eveline(b. 1796, d. 1870)


Whitlock, Archie(b. October 08, 1884, d. January 21, 1947)
Whitlock, George(b. 1849, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Whitlock, Lilly D(b. 1895, d. 1988)
Whitlock, Luella(b. May 25, 1889, d. June 27, 1891)


Whitloock, Lillie D(b. Abt. 1895, d. date unknown)


Williams, [?](d. date unknown)
Williams, Amanda(b. July 08, 1847, d. May 28, 1936)
Williams, Angela Marie
Williams, Dan
Williams, Debbrah Kaye
Williams, Diana Jean
Williams, James Chistopher Scott
Williams, Jimmie C.
Williams, John(b. WFT Est. 1803-1835, d. WFT Est. 1829-1915)
Williams, Joseph Edward Dennison
Williams, Robert Joshua(b. 1796, d. 1868)


Willis, Mary(b. WFT Est. 1784-1804, d. WFT Est. 1809-1888)


Willison, Dewey Henry


Wills, Baby Boy
Wills, Baby Boy
Wills, Betty Rea(b. March 10, 1941, d. Bef. 2000)
Wills, Billy Joe(b. September 22, 1936, d. April 27, 1997) Includes Notes
Wills, Don Steohen
Wills, Evelyn
Wills, Jhon Henry
Wills, Jimmy Ray
Wills, Judy Gail
Wills, Neomie May
Wills, Shirley Ann
Wills, Wanda Lucille
Wills, Wiley Eugene(b. January 11, 1930, d. Bef. 1990)
Wills, Willey ( Mike)(b. January 03, 1901, d. August 1976)


Willson, Elinor


Wilson, Dewey Henry
Wilson, Eleanor
Wilson, Kenneth Phillip
Wilson, Rebecca Ann
Wilson, Ronald Lee
Wilson, Ronald Lynn


Winford, Thrieery Ann


Winzheimer, Annita(b. 1965, d. 2002)
Winzheimer, Ernest(b. Abt. 1934, d. Bef. 1990)
Winzheimer, Renuatie


Withus, Anna(b. WFT Est. 1834-1882, d. WFT Est. 1855-1960)


Wood(d. date unknown)
Wood, Albert P
Wood, Andrew M(b. May 1840, d. Aft. 1920) Includes Notes
Wood, Berteram Jacobs
Wood, Burgess(b. Abt. 1801, d. Bet. 1860 - 1870) Includes Notes
Wood, Carrie W(b. 1882, d. date unknown)
Wood, Cary L(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Wood, Catharine(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Wood, Clement(d. date unknown)
Wood, Gertude
Wood, Jack(b. 1881, d. date unknown)
Wood, Jackson(b. 1846, d. date unknown)
Wood, Jacob Bitram
Wood, Jesse Clinton Green(b. 1888, d. 1982)
Wood, Jesse L(b. Abt. 1865, d. date unknown)
Wood, Jesse W(b. 1865, d. date unknown)
Wood, Jonnie Marie
Wood, Louis Sawyer(b. November 26, 1872, d. November 17, 1936)
Wood, Mandy Jane(b. August 25, 1883, d. July 22, 1963)
Wood, Martha N(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Wood, Martian R(b. August 1877, d. January 27, 1929) Includes Notes
Wood, Mary Ann(b. 1837, d. date unknown)
Wood, Mary L(b. Abt. 1862, d. date unknown)
Wood, Matilda(b. Abt. 1832, d. Abt. 1912) Includes Notes
Wood, Nancy(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Wood, Nancy M(b. 1862, d. date unknown)
Wood, Polly
Wood, William(b. 1843, d. date unknown)


Woodson, Bertha


Wooley, Franny(b. WFT Est. 1831-1851, d. WFT Est. 1856-1935)


Yardley, Mary J.(b. WFT Est. 1808-1844, d. WFT Est. 1834-1924)
Yardley, Thomas(b. WFT Est. 1799-1836, d. WFT Est. 1825-1914)


Yaw, Sherry


Yearton, William(b. 1857, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Yearton, William B.(b. September 1880, d. date unknown)
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