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Descendants of John Stewart

36. JUDGE JOHN JULIUS4 FLOYD (ANN HAW3 STEWART, JOHN2, JOHN1)461,462 was born 07 March 1811 in Madison, Morgan Co., GA463,464,465, and died 11 March 1883 in Covington, Newton Co., GA466. He married MARY BUTLER COLBERT467 21 October 1834 in Madison, Morgan Co., GA, daughter of JOHN COLBERT and FRANCES WINGFIELD. She was born 21 February 1817 in Madison, Morgan Co., GA468, and died 03 February 1908 in Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA468.

Notes for J
John Julius Floyd became a lawyer and prominent Jurist in Covington, GA. He noted that his father was Mourning's brother, from which we deduce, elsewhere, that John Floyd, his father, was the son of John Floyd (1750 - 1783) and Virginia Burford, later Virginia Taylor. The judge is also the source of the tale of the Stewart notebook, lost from his home to the Yankees, which detailed the Stewart descent from kings. (Letters from the Judge to various people.) (See elsewhere for more on all of this.)
My thanks to Tuck, op. cit., for this information:

He graduated from Franklin College, 1828. He was in Covington by 1830. His house, completed before 1840, still stands on Floyd Street in Covington. He was a lawyer and very wealthy; his estate value in the Newton County 1860 census is $104,800!

He raised a company in the war (Co. K, 2nd Regt, Ga. Militia), and was later promoted to colonel.

From David Leon (Tuck) Wilson is this about John his ancestor: John Julius Floyd is recorded as being born in Madison, Morgan Co. Georgia in 1809 but he was probably born on his parent's plantation on the east side of the Apalachee River which was at the time in Clark County. He was the son of Major John Burford Floyd and the former Ann Stewart of Virginia. He was graduated by Franklin College ( now the University of Georgia ) in the class of 1828. Following the custom of the time, John probably read law in the office of an established lawyer in Madison before setting up his own practice. He moved to Covington in 1830 where he lived with Cary and Mary Wood. John writes " I came to Covington a mere boy to live and labor , a stranger among strangers. Then it was my good fortune at an early day to form the acquaintance of Mr. Wood and his family and they became as dear to me as a a dear brother and sister..." John began accumulating property around Covington in 1833. He bought the lot for his soon to be built house on October 9th 1834 , just three weeks prior to his marriage to Mary Butler Colbert. They built the Greek Revival house in the mid 1830's on the Madison Road ( later to be renamed Floyd Street ) and today, it looks much the same as it did before the war. John J. Floyd's outstanding talents as a lawyer soon established him at the forefront of his profession. He began his career of public service by representing Newton County in the State Senate in 1835 and 1836. In the latter year , in his capacity as captain of state militia, he was called out to meet an Indian uprising. In 1845 , he donned the black robe of the judiciary when he ascended to the bench as judge of the Flint Judicial Circuit. He followed the nomadic life of a circuit judge for four years before resuming his law practice. In 1861 , he again served the Flint Circuit for four more years. A prominent judge of a later era wrote that Judge Floyd was " a tall , well proportioned man ; his complexion rosy , with large blue eyes. He read Blackstone's Commentaries once every year as long as he lived , and he read his Bible too , for he was a great hand to quote Scripture in his arguments.... ( He was ) almost irresistible before a jury. ( A contemporary ) said " His tongue dripped honey " ... and ( he was ) a very attractive personality." Originally a member of the Whig party, to which the better educated and wealthier citizens usually belonged , Judge Floyd worked long and diligently to further it's influence. He was the parties unsuccessful candidate for Congress from the Fourth District in 1844. Six years later , having concluded with other prominent Georgians that the Whig party was dying, he was elected president of the new Constitutional Union party. Although this political organism was short- lived , it endured long enough to nominate Howell Cobb governor by acclamation and to help him carry all but ten counties in the election. When the war broke out , Judge Floyd organized and equipped a cavalry company of the Georgia State Guards. Known initially as "Floyd's Newton (Co.) Cavalry" , it subsequently was designated Company "K" , 2nd Regiment , 10th Georgia Cavalry ( State Guards ). He was elected Captain on August 4, 1863 and Colonel on September 5th of the same year. Judge Floyd continued his active interest in politics after the war. In 1865 he was the representative from Newton Co. to the Georgia Convention called by the provisional governor James Johnson . In 1868 , Judge Floyd journeyed to Atlanta as vice president of the State Democratic Convention and participated in the selection of a presidential elector. Elinor Van Dyke, in her 25 December 1998 biographical sketch, wrote "John J. Floyd lost miles of property and eventually sold their beautiful columned home in Covington Ga. " ( From the war and reconstruction.) He is buried in the family plot located in the Covington Cemetery. There is a 18 Apr 1948 Atlanta Journal article on the Floyd home on file. (editor: with Tuck).

Notes for M
Births from LDS files:
Frances Anne Floyd was born on 7 Oct 1835.
Mary Louisa Floyd was born on 27 Sep 1837.
John Colbert Floyd was born on 13 Oct 1839.
Sarah Elizabeth Floyd was born on 4 Aug 1842.
Florida Stewart Floyd was born on 19 Mar 1845.
William Stewart Floyd was born on 20 Sep 1849.

From B. F. Reinauer, Aug., 2000:

From: 'Genealogical Abstracts from the "Georgia Journal" (Milledgeville) Newspaper 1809-1840', abstracted and compiled by Tad Evans, Savannah: 1995

vol. 4, pg. 751: "On the 21st inst, by Rev. Raleigh Green(e), Major John J. Floyd, attorney at law, Covington, Newton County, to Miss Mary B., daughter of Major John G. Colbert, of Morgan County". (Wednesday, 29 Oct 1834)

vol. 5, pg. 268: "At his residence in Morgan County, on the morning of the 7th inst., Major John G. Colbert, in the 57th year of his age". (Tuesday, 30 Apr 1839)

Tuck Wilson who has given me so much in these records says: Mary was born on a thousand acre plantation a little south of Madison, Georgia in 1817. Mary's mother's family were Wingfields, very well to do and respected. Her mother, Frances Nelson Wingfield, was left an orphan at age 15 and her guardian appointed by the court was her brother-in-law, John Butler and her sister, Mary (Wingfield) Butler. Hence the name Mary Butler Colbert. Her father, John Colbert, was from another very interesting family, descended from Indian traders in North Carolina living on the edge of civilization at the time. There is some evidence of Indian heritage from this side of the family, which may be why Mary was so dark. Mary was spoken of in her later life as "small, dark, and very deaf" by Aunt Florida's husband, George Hammond. There is a good picture of her... (in Tuck's files) Reference: "Early Records of Georgia" Vol. 1, page 173, by Grace Gillam Davidson

More About M
Burial: Covington, Newton Co., GA468
Children of J
95. i.   FRANCES ANN5 FLOYD, b. 07 October 1835, Covington, Newton Co., GA; d. 1891, Covington, Newton Co., GA.
96. ii.   MARY LOUISA FLOYD, b. 27 September 1837; d. 1902.
97. iii.   JOHN COLBERT FLOYD, b. 30 October 1839, Covington, GA; d. 01 September 1904, Columbus, GA.
  iv.   SARAH ELIZABETH FLOYD, b. 04 August 1842, Covington, GA; d. 17 March 1844, Covington, GA469,470.
98. v.   FLORIDA STEWART FLOYD, b. 19 March 1845, Covington, GA; d. 04 September 1927, Decatur, GA.
  vi.   WILLIAM STEWART FLOYD471, b. 20 September 1849.

37. MATILDA R.4 FLOYD (ANN HAW3 STEWART, JOHN2, JOHN1)472 was born 23 September 1812 in Madison, Morgan Co., GA473, and died 02 December 1839 in Morgan Co., GA474,475. She married VALENTINE JAMES CHERRY476,477 02 January 1833 in Madison, Morgan Co., GA477,478. He was born Abt. 1810.

Notes for M
From B. F. Reinauer III, From: 'Marriages and Obituaries from Early Georgia Newspapers', abstracted
by the late Judge Folks Huxford, FASG, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC: 1989

pg. 251 (28 Dec 1839): "Died in Morgan County, Georgia 2 Dec 1839, Mrs. Matilda Cherry, wife of Mr. V.J. Cherry and daughter of the late Major John Floyd, in her 28th year of dropsy. She leaves a husband
and small daughter." Signed: Raleigh Greene ('The Southern Christian Advocate')
Child of M
  i.   ANN AMELIA BOWERS5 CHERRY479, b. 14 May 1834480.

38. AMELIA H.4 FLOYD (ANN HAW3 STEWART, JOHN2, JOHN1)481 was born 15 August 1813 in Oglethorpe Co., GA482. She married JOSEPH BICKERTON WINSTON483,484,485 01 July 1831 in Madison, Morgan Co., GA486,487,488,489, son of THOMAS WINSTON and NANCY TINSLEY. He was born 25 December 1807 in Oglethorpe Co., GA490, and died Abt. 1874 in LA490.
Children of A
  i.   JOHN FLOYD5 WINSTON491, b. 21 November 1837, GA492,493.
99. ii.   THOMAS MORGAN WINSTON, b. 21 November 1837, GA.
  iii.   MATILDA WINSTON494, b. Abt. 1839, GA494.
  iv.   WILLIAM S. WINSTON494, b. 1842, GA494.
  v.   STEWART F. WINSTON494, b. 1844, GA494; d. 20 December 1861, service w/ Co D 9th Louisiana Inf, CSA494.
Burial: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA494

  vi.   REUBEN WINSTON494, b. 1846494.
  vii.   JAMES G. WINSTON494, b. Abt. 1849, LA494.

39. JOHN MCALPIN4 STEWART (RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1)495,496 was born 14 January 1812497, and died 1877 in Lexington, Greene Co., MS498. He married ELIZABETH FORD498 1844. She was born Abt. 1820.

Notes for J
John married first a Miss Stewart, and second Elizabeth Ford in Miss., and they had nine children.
Children of J
  i.   MARY ANN5 STEWART498, b. Abt. 1846.
  ii.   WILLIAM STEWART498, b. Abt. 1848.
  iii.   RICHARD CULBERTSON STEWART498, b. Abt. 1850.
  iv.   JOHN B. STEWART498, b. Abt. 1852.
  v.   NANNIE STEWART498, b. Abt. 1854.
  vi.   ELIZABETH MCALPINE STEWART498, b. Abt. 1856.
  vii.   LUCY MATTIE STEWART498, b. Abt. 1858.
  viii.   ALICE CHARLOTTE STEWART498,499, b. 10 February 1853, MS499; d. 31 December 1882, Lexington, Holmes Co., MS499; m. JAMES RAYFORD WATSON, SR.499, Bef. 1871499; b. 10 May 1848, MS499; d. 24 April 1922, Lexington, Holmes Co., MS499.
This kind posting was added in December 2005:

Name: Patrick E. Roper

Alice Charlotte Stewart born 10 Feb. 1853 MS. died 31 Dec. 1882 Lexington , Holmes Co, MS. married before 1871 MS. Doctor James Rayford Watson Sr. MD.born 10 May 1848 MS. died 24 Apr. 1922 Lexington , Holmes Co. , MS. son of Joseph H. Watson & Anne E. unknown

  ix.   GEORGE STEWART500, b. Abt. 1862; d. 01 August 1917.

40. CHARLES AUGUSTUS4 STEWART (RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1)501,502 was born 23 March 1813 in Clarke Co., GA503, and died Unknown in Crystal Springs, Copiah Co., MS504. He married ANN PUTNAM505. She was born Abt. 1817, and died Unknown.

Notes for C
"Pat: I saw your family tree listing for Charles Augustus Stewart and am very interested. As a matter of fact I have a double interest in the Stewarts and the Stevens since I descend from both lines Paternally and Maternally. I believe that Charles Augustus Stewart is my GGGrandfather. I have his wife’s name as Mary Ann Porch, showing that they were married in Georgia on 15 January 1835. You identify one of their children as Mattie born in 1842. My Great Grandmother was Martha A. Stewart (called Mattie). They are listed in the 1850 Census for Georgia. In 1860 I cannot find them. However, in 1870 they are in Copiah County, Mississippi. She was born 25 August 1848 in Georgia. She married My Great Grandfather Andrew J. Nations, 13 June 1868, in Copiah County, Mississippi...." (James O. Nations, <> sent this in March 2005)

Notes for A
The SCM says she is a niece of Gen. Israel Putnam. He, of course, erected the fort high above the plain at West Point, now called after him. This information was furnished to SCM by a Mrs. Lee Corn, a grand daughter of William Alexander Stewart. There is no further reference given.... (this from Ernest Stewart)
Children of C
  i.   RICHARD5 STEWART505, b. Abt. 1838.
100. ii.   JOHN THOMAS STEWART, b. Abt. 1840, Crystal Springs, Copiah Co., MS.
  iii.   MATTIE STEWART505, b. Abt. 1842.
  iv.   WILLIAM ALEXANDER STEWART505, b. 10 February 1844, Morgan Co., GA.
  v.   ROBERT STEWART505, b. Abt. 1846.
101. vi.   MARCELLUS ASHBURY STEWART, b. 04 January 1848; d. 19 January 1893.
  vii.   LUCIUS STEWART505, b. Abt. 1850.
  viii.   SALLIE STEWART505, b. Abt. 1852.
  ix.   AUGUSTUS STEWART505, b. Abt. 1854.
  x.   AMELIA STEWART505, b. Abt. 1856.

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