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Ancestors of Patrick Martin Stevens, Jr.

      146. Doorkeeper John Hixe523, born 1658 in England524; died 1720 in Williamsburg, James City Co., VA525. He married 147. Sarah Preston 1681 in James City Co., VA526.

      147. Sarah Preston527, born Abt. 1660 in James City Co., VA528.

Notes for Doorkeeper John Hixe:
Robert N. Hix, December, 1999, notes that "...Sarah is the daughter of John Hixe of James City Co., Va. She married Martin Martin in New Kent Co., Va. 10 Feb. 1698/99 in St. Peters Parish. Martin and Sarah removed to what is now Washington Co., Va. where they died. Children of Martin and Sarah: Amesen b. 1706; Anne, b. 1708; Valentine, b. 1710; & Lucy, b. 1726." There are records, too, of others.

Also from Robert Hix, see above: "John Hixe was a doorkeeper for the House of Burgesses. The 'e' was dropped from the name after his arrival in Va. John's sons filled his position after John.... Doorkeepers were exempt from taxes. John Hixe was married to Sarah Preston.... (he) died 1720 in Williamsburg, Va. His son John died 1778 in Goochland Co. There is a John Hicks that died in Cumberland County in 1776. There is also the son of Jesse Hix, John who lived in Cumberland Co., Va. and was born after 1786. It was thought he went to Ky. but this has not been proven...."

He also writes that "Nathaniel's father was John Hixe. Born in England in 1658. He had a deed in James City Co. and was married there in 1681. He married a Sarah Preston. John Hixe died in 1720 and his grave stone is in Bruton Church, Williamsburg, Va." (Editor: I have been there but was unable to find this stone.)

One lister has this I found cached on the web, but no current source: "John Hix (b 1658) lived at Warrany Creek in Henrico Co VA. On 4 Mar 1692 he was doorkeeper for the House of Burgesses at Williamsburg. In 1720 a John Hix was buried in the churchyard at Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg. John's wife is thought to have been Sarah Preston. Their children were:
Joseph m Susanna Peawd
Sarah m Martin Martin
Nathaniel (d 1735 Goochland Co VA) m Rebecca

The Jamestowne Society in 2004 does not carry John Hix as a qualifying ancestor. This might mean no one has applied under him, or that they do not recognize the lines as proved, or, perhaps, they have no record of him at all.

What a doorkeeper did I hardly know, but a traveler in 1783 noted the scene in Richmond after the transfer of the Virginia House to that city. (See: Travels in Virginia in Revolutionary Times, Chapter V., Dr. Johann David Schoepf, Surgeon to the Hessian Troops, 1783, p 54)

"During my stay at Richmond the Assembly was in session. A small frame building serves as House of Assembly, and with a change of properties as ballroom and banquet room. The term is used, 'the Assembly sits.' This does not seem to me to be precisely descriptive. The members appeared to me to be anywhere rather than in their seats, and to be discussing anything except laws to be framed. The doorkeeper was busy, and in the vestibule there was an uproar. The vestments of the members are diverse -- boots, trousers, Indian leggings, great-coats, the usual coat, and short jackets. In other words, each one wears what he pleases. The members from the West are greatly inconvenienced in coming so far. They even speak of establishing a separate government for the West, as in the province of New York, where there is a Governor at New York and another at Albany. If this is done, the West will very likely become in a short time an independent State. The pay of members has recently been fixed at 18 Virginia shillings or 3 Spanish dollars per diem. During the war they preferred tobacco (50 pounds) to currency. At a vote, the Speaker calls for the Ayes and Noes, and judges with a critical ear which side has made the majority of sounds. If the predominance is a matter of doubt a division is called."

On the Hix GenForum page, May 14, 1998, Tom Hicks posted: "I have information (unconfirmed) on a John Hixe who came to James City, VA from England with his two brothers and married a Sarah PRESTON. His two brothers returned to England. John and Sarah had five children; Sarah, Nathaniel, Joseph, Thomas, and John. Nathaniel married Rebeckah JOHNSON and moved to Goochland, VA. Their children, names in order of birth, Elce, Ann, Archibald, Sarah, Amos, Stephen, and Edith. Do you have anything more on this, my line is possibly Nathaniel?"

In November 2006, Bill Davidson, <>, kindly sent these notes --

"I was looking at your Hix infomation on the Internet, and I thought that you might like to have the following information. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who may be interested in it.

"Thomas Hix appears on at least two records in Charles City Co., VA (CCCo) in the 1730s or so with David Davidson. These records are available in one or more of the transcription/abstract books written by Ben Weisinger (ed.: Benjamin B. Weisinger, III) on that county. I
certainly suspect that this Thomas Hix was the known son of John Hix and Sarah Preston.

"This David Davidson (died in CCCo in 1756; wife unknown) was the son of an older David Davidson and his wife Sarah Unknown, and this older David Davidson died in James City Co., VA (JCCo) in 1687 (also per Weisinger's transcriptions/abstracts). There was also a William Davidson who also died in JCCo in 1687, per Bruton/Middleton Parish records, but it is not clear how/if William Davidson was related to David Davidson. The older David Davidson was born in Holland, per his surving naturalization record from 1686, and he owned land in JCCo by at least 1682, per a land deed. This land, just west of the Chicahominy River, became part of CCCo in 1720."

"An Edward, David and William Davidson, almost certainly from the above family in JCCo/CCCo (per my research), were on the Goochland Co., VA tithe list in 1746 (as were several members of the Hix family). All three of these likely Davidson brothers were then in Buckingham Co., VA on the 1764 tithe list there. William Davidson then moved from Buckingham to Pittsylvania Co., VA by the late 1760s, and his land became part of Henry Co., VA in 1776/1777 (and that land then became part of Patrick Co., VA in 1790/1791). William Davidson had sons that included Goulder, Richard and John Davidson, and all of those names had been used previously in the Hix family (and none of them had ever been used before in the Davidson family). The name "Goulder" is obviously very unusual, and a Goulder Hix (sometimes shown as Golder or Golden) had also been on the 1746 tithe list in Goochland. Based on the above, I am quite confident that the William Davidson in Goochland/Buckingham/Pittsylvania married a Hix woman (but which one)?"

"The above-mentioned son of William Davidson named Richard Davidson married Ann Ward in Henry Co., VA in 1783. In 1802, Richard Davidson provided surety for the marriage of Avice Davidson and James Dove. I assume that Avice was Richard's daughter. I wonder if that daughter's name came from the Hix family (your website mentioned an Elce)?" (ed.: That is entirely possible. I do not know.)

"The Edward Davidson in Goochland in 1746, and in Buckingham in 1764, moved to Bedford/Campbell Co., VA by the 1780s. After he died in Campbell Co., VA in 1794, there was a subsequent division of his slaves to his various son-in-laws. One of those son-in-laws was Merry Webb. In working with Webb researchers, it is now certain that this was Merry Webb, Junior who was the son of the older Merry Webb and his wife (who was the daughter of Martin Martin and Sarah Hix). Researchers knew that Merry Webb, Junior had married an Elizabeth, but until I provided the above information, no one knew that her maiden last name was 'Davidson.' Edward Davidson was married to Agnes Mosby (probably his second wife, but almost certainly the mother of Elizabeth Davidson), and they had a son named David Mosby Davidson. As I recall, there were later men named David Webb and Mosby Webb in the family of Merry and Elizabeth (Davidson) Webb, Junior. Best regards, Bill Davidson"

More About Doorkeeper John Hixe:
Burial: Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, VA529

  Notes for Sarah Preston:
Some say her father was Joseph Preston. That she was a Preston at all is questioned, however.
Children of John Hixe and Sarah Preston are:
  73 i.   Sarah Hix, born Abt. 1680 in probably Williamsburg, James City Co., VA; married Martin Martin 10 February 1698/99 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, VA.
  ii.   Nathaniel Hix530, born Abt. 1682; died Bef. 20 May 1735 in St. James Parish, Goochland Co., VA; married Rebecca Johnson 1709531; born 08 November 1688 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA532,533; died in Goochland Co., VA534.
  Notes for Nathaniel Hix:
Posted by: Maria Bobo, 1999, on the Hix page inb GenForum: An abstract of the will of Nathaniel Hix can be found in Goochland County, Virginia Wills & Deeds (1728-1736) by Benjamin B. Weisiger III. Deed Book #2 (1734-1736), p. 89. Will of Nathaniel Hix of St. James Parish, Goochland Co. To eldest son, Arc'hl Hix, after his mother's death, all my land. To each of my children, Geo., An, Amas, Sarah, Stephen and Edith, items. To wife Rebecker, all rest of estate and she to be executrix. Dated 28 Nov. 1728. Wit: James Homan, Charles Jordan, Edward (M) More. Signed: Nathaniel (N) Hix. Proved 20 May 1735.

I have typed the entry verbatim. "An" may be "Ann" and "Amas" may be "Amos" as posted in a previous message. No daughter named "Elce" is listed; perhaps she predeceased her father (?).

These same Goochland deeds also have a deed dated 16 June 1730 involving Marmaduke Hicks/Hix and his wife, Agnes. There are also a few deeds for Daniel and Joan Hix dated August 18, 1730. Daniel's will is also in Deed Book #2, p. 111, dated 26 Nov. 1734 and recorded 15 July 1735; wife Joan, daughters Lucy and Winefred. Do you know how these Hix were related to John Hixe?

  Notes for Rebecca Johnson:
For her children, see Nathaniel's will.

This note from Mary Pazur, <>, July, 2002,

"Hello Pat, I found your entry for John Hixe on FTM. Do you know if Rebecca Johnson, who married Nathaniel Hix, was the daughter of Edward Johnston and Elizabeth Walker ? If this is the case, my 6th great grandmother on my mother's side and my 7th great grandmother on my father's side were sisters.
The dates and places seem to match. Penelope Johnson was b. 1684........Rebecca was born 1688. Any information that you can provide will be most appreciated. Mary Nelson Pazur" (Editor; I don't know the answer to this but will put the query here...)

  iii.   Joseph Hix535, born Abt. 1684.
  iv.   Thomas Hix536, born Abt. 1686; died Aft. 1730537
  Notes for Thomas Hix:
See the notes under John Hixe from Bill Davidson in November 2006.

  v.   John Hix538, born Abt. 1688; died Abt. 1778 in Goochland Co., VA.
  vi.   (unk) Hix539, born Abt. 1690.
  vii.   (unk) Hix540, born Abt. 1693; married David or William Davidson; born Abt. 1680 in prob James City Co., VA541.
  Notes for David or William Davidson:
These brothers, one of whom married a Hix daughter, are in the records copied by Weisinger and noted under John Hixe.

      148. Samuel Bridgwater, born 20 September 1637 in Sulhamstead Abbots, Berkshire, England; died Abt. 1708 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA. He was the son of 296. Thomas Bridgwater. He married 149. Frances Abt. 1676.

      149. Frances, born Abt. 1645.

Notes for Samuel Bridgwater:
Vern Paul of Los Angeles, California, on whose work these Bridgwaters is based, is tracing all descendants of Samuel Bridgwater, probably Jane's grandfather, who was baptized 20 September 1637 in Sulhampstead Abbots Parish, Berkshire, England, son of Thomas Bridgwater. He was sent to London in 1755 as a carpenter's apprentice to John Warden for seven years. Samuel probably re-indentured himself for passage to Virginia about 1662 and received his headright by 1669. At least he was a freeman by 1670 when he witnessed the will of fellow Virginian, Jeremiah Benskin. He was a resident near Gilly's Creek in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., Virginia, thereafter until his death about 1708.

There seems to be no connection between this Samuel Bridgwater and the Richard and Isabella Bridgwater who arrived in Virginia on the London Merchant about 1618/19. It is this compilers opinion that they suffered their fate at the hands of the Indians during the massacres in the early to mid 1620s along with many of their neighbors. Or, at least, no sons were born or survived to carry on the name. They were last accounted for in the musters of 1623 [Hotten].
Children of Samuel Bridgwater and Frances are:
  i.   Samuel Bridgwater, born Abt. 1678 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA; died Bef. 1708 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA.
  ii.   Benjamin Bridgwater, born Abt. 1681 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA; died Aft. 1734.
  74 iii.   Thomas Bridgwater, born 1684 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA; died Bef. 1725 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA; married Hester.
  iv.   Mary Bridgwater, born Abt. 1686 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA; died Abt. 1712 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA.
  v.   Elizabeth Bridgwater, born Abt. 1689 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA.
  vi.   William Bridgwater, born Abt. 1691 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA; died 1718 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA.
  vii.   Nathaniel Bridgwater, born Abt. 1693 in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA; died Aft. 1750.

      152. Joseph Pace542, born 07 June 1618 in Prees, Shropshire Co., England543,544,545; died in probably Shropshire Co., England. He married 153. Margaret Palmer 04 March 1652/53 in High Ercoll, Shropshire Co., England546,547.

      153. Margaret Palmer548, born 05 June 1631 in Wellington (now Telford), Shropshire Co., England549,550,551. She was the daughter of 306. Francis Palmer and 307. Anne [--?--].

Notes for Joseph Pace:
This identification of Joseph's being John of Middlesex's father, and Margaret his mother, is tentative. But it is increasingly likely from emerging DNA comparisons.... (Dec., 2004). Gordon Pace (of Canada) believes his ancestor George Pace of Shropshire is the brother of our John of Middlesex.

I asked Gordon Pace of Canada in Feb. 2005 about the abbreviation SAL for Shropshire County. He replied with this fascinating information:

"SAL is the modern day Chapman code (3 letters in UK, See <>) for the county of Shropshire, which was SALOP for hundreds of years, until just this century. It was discovered, Salop in French referred to a prostitute, or something like that, considered derogatory, so the Shropshire boroughs' administrators decided to change the name from Salop to Shropshire, but diehards are numerous.


"Bear in mind, much of Shropshire verged upon Wales and the language has historically been rather close to the Welsh, where our PACE ancestors were from. I think much of American Appalachian sayings derive from similar environment, folks emmigrating to America from ENG over the centuries.

"The original Shropshire PACE ancestors (latter 1500's) were likely from Gloucestershire (Westbury on Severn, The Royal Forest of Dean, also adjacent to Wales, (Monmouthshire) and seaports on the north coast of the Bristol Channel, Lydney, Chepstow, Cardiff. Paces were in these areas going back to the commencement of parish registers in 1537, thanks to King Henry VIII. Henry wanted learning and tax money to stay in England. It was going to Rome, up to his time.

"Webb's book mentions Dean Richard Pace educated in Padua, I think. The era of Cardinal Woolsey, Thomas Moore, Henry VIII was interesting and just a generation or two prior to Richard PACE of Jamestown, Shakespeare and his daughter, Elizabeth, who was also remarkable....

"Welsh has a closeness to the French language, using many French words in Welsh (pont for bridge, for example) and is also similar to the coastal languages of the English Channel and Baltic Sea. A German friend told me recently that Welsh is understood even in German fishing communities, along the sea."

Further, another wroter adds at the Pace List that "...both these names are from the original Saxon name for Shrewsbury, "Scrobbesbyrig". Shropshire is really "Scrobbesbyrigscir" -- the shire in which Scrobbesbyrig/Shrewsbury is found.

"Saropesberie" and "Salopsberie" were Norman French variants of "Scrobbesbyrig". "Salop." is an abbreviation of "Salopsberie", or "Salopsberiescir". Other variants can also be found in the records.

"The county has been called Salop or Shropshire at various times. The 1974 local authority reorganization changed it from Shropshire to Salop. This was not popular. I don't think it had anything to do with French prostitutes. Many of the name changes in the 1974 reorganization were unpopular. People don't like being told the name of the place they live in has been arbitrarily changed.

"It was changed back to Shropshire a few years later. Both names are still used. Some prefer one, some prefer another. Ellen"

Thanks Gordon and Ellen!

  Notes for Margaret Palmer:
Her children's birth dates are Christening dates preserved in the records of Christ Church, Wrockwardine, Shropshire Co., England. We are assuming the possibility here that John is our John of Middlesex, Va.
Children of Joseph Pace and Margaret Palmer are:
  i.   Anne Pace552, born 02 November 1655 in Prees or Wrockwardine, Shropshire Co., England553
  76 ii.   John (of Middlesex) Pace, born 22 September 1665 in St. Chad's Parish, Wrockwardine, Shropshire Co., England; died 20 January 1720/21 in Middlesex Co., VA; married (1) Elizabeth (probably) Newsome Abt. 1693 in Middlesex Co., VA; married (2) Mary Murray 20 February 1717/18 in Middlesex Co., VA.
  iii.   George Pace554, born 28 May 1670 in Prees, Shropshire Co., England555,556; died 30 March 1738 in Little Saredon, Staffordshire, England557; married (1) Mary Cotterel 19 October 1693 in Norbury, Staffordshire Co., England558; born Abt. 1672; married (2) Elizabeth Picken 30 December 1708 in Ranton, Staffordshire Co., England559; born Abt. 1682 in perhaps Chebsey, Staffordshire Co., England560.
  Notes for George Pace:
George named his first child Margaret. So did John call a daughter Margaret! See further notes on all this under John Pace of Middlesex, who is extremely likely this George's brother, based on DNA test results. This George is the ancestor of Gordon Pace of Canada.

  iv.   Mary Pace561, born 12 December 1677 in Wrockwardine, Shropshire Co., England562
  v.   Hannah Pace563, born 07 October 1681 in Wellington, Shropshire Co., England564

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