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Ancestors of Hattie Mitchell

      22. Peter LeBoon84, born 15 June 1772 in Rochefort, France85; died 15 February 1828 in Anderson District, SC86. He was the son of 44. Pierre Le Bon and 45. Anni Gervais. He married 23. Rachel Jarvis 14 April 1793.

      23. Rachel Jarvis, born 25 March 1774 in Montgomery County, MD87,88; died 15 June 1836 in Anderson District, SC.

Notes for Peter LeBoon:
Initially, all the information on the family was kindly furnished by Robert N. Hale, Sr., of Athens, Ga., op. cit. (1999)

Later, in March, 2003, I came across the site of Gloria Kerns, <>, who has a lot of information on the LeBoons. (She has also added information from this (my) site to hers on the line down to the Stevens...) I will cite her in footnotes or other ways wherever I add from her work. That below is from her site and is quoted.

"His will was signed January 9, 1828 and proved March 3, 1828. Heirs included his wife, Rachel LeBoon and children: John LeBoon, deceased, Joseph LeBoon, Sara LeBoon, Rachel Elrod, Mary Robbins, Peter LeBoon, Mason Canada LeBoon, Rebecca LeBoon, Anna Watkins, and Frances Daulton (Dalton); two minor children of my deceased son, John LaBoon--Eada LeBoon and Susannah LeBoon.

"Each of my sons have a rifle and my son, Mason C. LaBoon is to have the makings of a rifle. Witnesses: Bank Williams, Solomon West and Joseph Cason.

"This Peter LeBoon was a gunsmith and blacksmith. He owned a small shop for making guns. The gun-making instruments were brought from France by his father, Pierre LeBon, who gave the shop to his son, Peter LeBoon . . . The different members of the family in South Carolina have some of the gun-making instruments. Mr. George LaBoon, brother of Miss Margaret E. LaBoon, has almost enough gun-making instruments to assemble a gun now (1953). Most of the instruments have French markings. George M. LaBoon also has an ink stand and other relics brought from France by the first Pierre LeBon. Several members of the family branches also have pieces of china and other items brought from France."

Also from her site is this excellent summary, but without attribution: "Peter Lebon, like his father, was a gunsmith and farmer. His home was on Brushy Creek in Anderson County. He was born in France and must have been about 12 years old when his father came to America to live. Mr. Warrington Dawson promised me some years ago to go to the Catholic Church in the small town of Rochefort and get the dates of the baptisms, weddings and funerals of the LeBon family there. His health was bad and he was an invalid. The wars started and I never received any of the data. The interval between the births of Marie, the eldest child, and Pierre (2) and their sisters, Elizabeth and Catherine, is accounted for by the long absence of Pierre (1) during the build up of hostilities between England and the American colonies and climaxed when France decided to aid America during the Revolutionary War. We know from official French records, that our Pierre (1) was in America continuously from 1779 to 1782 as a gunsmith on the French ship, Le Fendant. The records also show that he had been drafted into the French navy years before and served all during the troubles with England. There may have been some children who died, but Elizabeth and Catherine were evidently born in America, although the two elder ones, Marie and Pierre (2) were likely born in France."

She notes that Peter is in the 1790 Census in the North Orangeburg District as:

"Peter Leboone 2-0-3", and in the 1800 Census - Pendleton District as:

"Peter LeBoon - aged 26-45
Female - aged 26-45
Two boys under age of 10
Four girls under age of 10 - One a set of twins"

In the 1820 Census Peter and his wife were both under the age of 45. by 1830, the census shows in Anderson County:

"Rachel LaBoon - aged 50-60
One female aged 30-40 -- A maiden daughter, Sara LeBoon
One male aged 15-20 -- Mason Canada LeBoon"

Gloria has copied his will excerpt at her site:

"WILL OF PETER LABOON, SR. - PP. 368-370 (TWO PAGES NUMBER 368). Wife Rachel to have all the estate for her lifetime or widowhood, the the land to be divided equally among his three sons (Peter, Joseph and Mason Canada) or their heirs. If Rachel remarried, the property was to be divided among Peter's children. At Rachel's death two daughters, Sarah and Rebecca, were to have a feather bed and furniture whenever they married or when the property was divided to make them equal with his other daughters--Anne Watkins, Mary Robbins, Rachel Elrod and Frances Dalton. His two sons, Joseph and Mason Canada, were to receive as much property as it took to make an equal share to the property he gave to his sons John and Peter when they married or called for it. (Son John had died, so his share was to be divided equally between his two daughters, Eada and Susanah. Rachel was named Executrix. The will was dated January 9, 1828 and was witnessed by and man named Benk and a man named Williams and signed by Peter Laboon. Proven by Solomon West and Joseph (X) Cason -- no date."

It is in the Pendleton District, SC 1800-1828; Anderson District, SC 1828-1835, Will book A.

More About Peter LeBoon:
Baptism: 24 June 1772, the Feast Day of his patron saint, St. John the Baptist88
Burial: LeBon Family Cemetery, Brushy Creek, SC88

  Notes for Rachel Jarvis:
I wonder if she is a Gervais?

Gloria Kerns notes that "Rachel's estate was administered in the Fall Court in 1836 by her daughter, Miss Sara LaBoon. Heirs were the same as in Peter's will, except the single daughter Rebecca LaBoon was listed as Rebecca McCollister."

More About Rachel Jarvis:
Burial: LeBon Family Cemetery, Brushy Creek, SC88
Children of Peter LeBoon and Rachel Jarvis are:
  i.   Anne LaBoon89, born Abt. 1795 in SC; died Abt. 1840 in Walton Co., GA; married William Benjamin Watkins; born Abt. 1790; died in Walton Co., GA.
  Notes for Anne LaBoon:
Hale notes that there is a Sarah Watkins, aged 63, in the 1850 Walton Co. census, listed with William Benjamin, and that this confuses the issue of Anne's status. He notes further that the Andrea papers list the children shown here.

Both sons served in the CSA: William as Private and Color Bearer, G Co., Cobbs' Legion, and John in D Co., 44th Ga. Regt.

  ii.   Jean LaBoon90, born Abt. 1797; died 1825; married Nancy Adams; born Abt. 1800.
  Notes for Jean LaBoon:
Gloria Kerns says that "John was thrown from a horse and killed while he was a young man. He died intestate, in Anderson County, SC. His widow, Nancy, was the administrator on his estate in 1821. She had two minor children, Eada and Susannah."

  iii.   Marie LaBoon91, born Abt. 1799; married Isaac Robbins; born Abt. 1796.
  iv.   Rebecca LaBoon92, born Abt. 1800 in Anderson Co., SC; died in Anderson Co., SC; married Allen McCollister; born Abt. 1798.
  v.   Rachel LaBoon92, born 1802 in Montgomery Co., MD93; died 1851 in Murrayville, Hall Co., GA; married John Elrod 1822 in SC94; born 1799 in SC; died 1871 in Murrayville, Hall Co., GA.
  Notes for Rachel LaBoon:
Sherry T. LaBoon, op. cit. validates these children in her reunion bulletin, Oct., 2000.

Gloria Kerns notes this:

"According to an email received 12/12/99 from Becky Mathews Nix, John and Rachel Elrod are "buried in the 'Elrod Family Cemetery' which is not locatable as a cemetery in this day and age. Rumor has it that it is near a brick entrance pillar for a subdivision. The cemetery was recorded some years ago by Sybil McRay who published a book of the cemeteries of Hall County. Ms. McRay's reputation for accuracy of recorded information is impeccable. In her book she stated that in addition to John and Rachel there was a grave for 'Aunt Frankie Dalton,' who was Frances Laboon and a sister of Rachel. There is no other reference to a Mr. Dalton or any children of that couple."

  More About Rachel LaBoon:
Burial: Elrod Family Cemetery, Hall Co., GA

  More About John Elrod:
Burial: Elrod Family Cemetery, Hall Co., GA

  vi.   Peter LaBoon94, born 1803 in SC; died in probably in Red River Co., TX after the War94; married Elizabeth King Abt. 1824; born 1804 in SC.
  Notes for Peter LaBoon:
"Peter, two of his sisters (Frankie and Sarah) and their husbands moved to Walton County ca. 1827. (Editor: not so if the children were born as shown. They went later). As more settlers streamed in, Peter declared they were spoiling the hunting and moved on to a site now encompassed by the City of Atlanta. The bustle of railroad activity and establishment of Marthasville also crowded him and, in 1843, he moved again, locating on the Red River in Texas. At the beginning of the Civil War he and his seven sons enlisted. Only he and two of his sons survived." (From the site of Gloria Kerns on WorldConnect, March, 2002)

Frankie is of course my ggg grandmother Frances LaBoon, with her husband James Dalton.

  11 vii.   Frances LaBoon, born 1804 in Anderson Co., SC; died 1874 in Hall Co., GA; married James Dalton 1826 in SC.
  viii.   Joseph LaBoon94, born 12 January 1808 in Brushey Creek, SC; died 01 October 1871 in Anderson District, SC; married Elizabeth Tripp 24 December 1829; born 06 January 1804; died 27 May 1872.
  ix.   Mason Carey LaBoon95, born 24 July 1813 in Pendleton District, SC; died 10 November 1887 in Walton Co., GA; married Emily Mullikin 01 August 1837 in SC; born 31 March 1810 in SC; died 10 December 1901 in Walton Co., GA.
  More About Mason Carey LaBoon:
Burial: LaBoon Family Cemetery, Good Hope, Walton Co., GA

  More About Emily Mullikin:
Burial: LaBoon Family Cemetery, Good Hope, Walton Co., GA

  x.   Sara LaBoon96, born 1815; married Rufus King; born Abt. 1810.
  Notes for Sara LaBoon:
"Peter, two of his sisters (Frankie and Sarah) and their husbands moved to Walton County ca. 1827. As more settlers streamed in, Peter declared they were spoiling the hunting and moved on to a site now encompassed by the City of Atlanta. The bustle of railroad activity and establishment of Marthasville also crowded him and, in 1843, he moved again, locating on the Red River in Texas. At the beginning of the Civil War he and his seven sons enlisted. Only he and two of his sons survived." (From the site of Gloria Kerns on WorldConnect, March, 2002)

      24. Phillip John Prater97, born 1750; died 17 September 179898. He was the son of 48. Philomen Gittens Prater and 49. Margarey Hunt. He married 25. Susannah Hubbard.

      25. Susannah Hubbard99, born Abt. 1760; died 09 September 1848 in her son Jeremiah's house, Pickens District, SC100.
Children of Phillip Prater and Susannah Hubbard are:
  i.   Jeremiah Prater100,101, born 1788 in Pickens District, SC; died Bef. 1880 in Anderson Co., SC102; married Lucinda Hull 06 May 1803 in Mason Co., KY102,103,103; born Abt. 1788.
  Notes for Jeremiah Prater:
Linda Smith, <> op. cit., wrote in September, 2001 that she had found her William Joseph Prater, and that Joseph is the son of Jeremiah Prater and Katurah Hendricks. Jeremiah Prater is the brother of (ed.: my) Joseph Prater b.1794 and moved to Ga.... She notes that she knows that Joseph was listed in the estate settlement for his father in law, Joseph G. Boggs, as husband to Elizabeth Boggs. Linda's Joseph was born 1815/1816, based on the 1850 census.

Note: (editor): Indeed my ancestor, Joseph (father of William born 1818), and Jeremiah, Linda's ancestor, are brothers. But there is some debate over whether Jeremiah had two wives, and if so, which one Linda's Joseph William Prather is the son of. Gary Prather, the researcher, shows a wife Katurah Hendricks prior to Lucinda Hull. But given the dates in Gary's notes, I suspect that the wife Lucinda bore most of the children shown in my notes herein, and I note also they have very specific birthdates unlike those given for Katurah...... all "ca. 1800." I have no idea what is right, but until more is known, logic seems to dictate the children and wife I show here, courtesy Gary Benton Prather.

We may have some more clarity in this information from Linda in May, 2003, who says she found Jeremiah Prater age 84 in Anderson County, Brushy Creek area of South Carolina, living with an N. A. Wyatt. (Who could be his daughter, Linda notes.) Jeremiah lived next door to a Fredrick N. Prater and family. Linda could not find Jeremiah in the 1880 census, and Fredrick had moved also, but she found him in Wilsons Hall, Ga. 1880 census. She also says she found Jeremiah after 1850 in Anderson County, in the census, so she believes he never went to Kentucky.

  Notes for Lucinda Hull:
The childrens' names are spelled both Prater and Prather....

Note that there is doubt that he ever went to Kentucky! See Linda Smith's comments under Jeremiah. This Lucinda might be suspect as his wife.

  ii.   Josiah Prater, Sr.104, born 1792; died 1877 in Hall Co., GA; married Eleanor Wright; born 1790; died 1865.
  12 iii.   Joseph Prater, born 1794 in Pickens District, SC; died 04 April 1877 in Gainesville, Hall Co., GA; married Mary Boyd Abt. 1816 in SC.

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