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Ancestors of Shelba Ann Wickline

Generation No. 2

      2. Earl Fred Wickline 7th Generation, born July 15, 1917 in lecta county; died September 02, 1996 in lake wales forida polk county dad was 24 when he married. He was the son of 4. Uriah Lewis Wickline 6th Generation and 5. Lena Eleanor Dillion. He married 3. Galena Mae Halley October 21, 1941 in cattlesburg, kentucky divorced 10-15-1965 newark.

      3. Galena Mae Halley, born November 09, 1920 in Vinton county ohio; died February 22, 1991 in Freemont ohio 68 mom 21 when she married. She was the daughter of 6. Sanford Wilson Halley and 7. Garnet Myrtle Wells.

Notes for Earl Fred Wickline 7th Generation:

Tim my brother looks like dad. i look like mom Tim refers to me as little galena and i call Tim little earl.

we have had fun with these things for years. mom knew we did that, but dad never did. when he heard
he dint know what to think about it, and Tony was in diapers it was that long ago, we were at a pool party an Tims in laws

he dint think much of it at the time but after i went to Florida to be with him, he did talk about it and i explained and then he laughed about it.

my dad loved little kids, maybe that is why he made so many of us little kids, but he use to say he would see a kid somewhere and he would think of us, the ones he left behind,. he said he left us alone and kept out of contact with us so it would give us a better life. we wouldn't be pulled in different directions or be pulled between mom and him. he always said that we would come back to him when we got old enough if we wanted to be by him.

we all missed him, he did a lot of damage to the older kids, but not to us younger kids. when i was in Florida he picked out some blouse for me, it was so shocking because it was the ones i dearly loved.
they were so comfortable, and they fit. i loved those blouses.

he sold me a Traylor in Florida and helped us make a start there when we came down. Helen his second
wife was so good to us, treated us all like one of her own kids. she taught me how to play the accordian, and let me play the organ in church. i never could sing so i dint do that dolly got the singing gene.

he gave me the movie camera just after we were married Phil brought him to my house and he floored me. i was never so thrilled to have anything in my life. i love family history and he showed the pictures to me and told me who and where they were, then when i got to Florida i had a video camera. he borrowed it and he fell in love with it. i have a tape where he sat down for 2 hours preaching. the tape ran out. when he brought it back to me he watched it like it was all knew to him. he said its me but what i am say is still really good. i should have filmed that day too. i put him on film many times when we were in Florida. i dint know how long we would have with him. i was write, it only took about 6 months and he was convinced that we had wronged him, we hadn't.

he was very period in the end. he convinced himself of things that never happened a lot in the end.
he was always afraid of the police. he had made a spot in the wood to where he could hide if they came after him.

i understand that Helen had trouble with him just like mom did. so he was afraid the police would be after him. it fascinated me he dint think i knew about the trouble but i did and i knew why he had it there.

dad got to here me play organ in the church, you could see him beaming in pride. he was so happy about it, even when he was mad at me, he still beamed. that tickled me.

dad was a nit pickling house cleaner. he was allergic to dust so he couldn't have any dirt in the house.
mom on the other hand said be clean but live in the house, you can have a path though the house and still live there. you dint have to live under a microscope. dad was that bad.

I just fount the wells family folder about mom and dad, they were in it. I found out more about them.
mom was the daughter of garnet Mrytle wells Halley.

It said, dad was in the army five years (less 6 weeks). I did not know how long he was in the service, and he was in the army.

More About Earl Fred Wickline 7th Generation:
Burial: September 05, 1996, lake wales cementary, lake wales fl, polk county route 79 towr lake wales
Cause of Death: heart atack
Medical Information: skin cancer of nose, heart problems, sugar diabetes

Notes for Galena Mae Halley:
i looked like my mom, i can be her twin. i thought she was so mean and hateful a lot of the times.
but after she died i seen where she tried to show she loved me. there were things she bought for me at the time, i dint see it but i did much later.

she got me encyclopedias, i wanted i talked her into it. when she died Phil got them i hated to loose them. but when Phil died i got them. they are back where they belong with me. she bought me a instant camera and film for christmas when i was 15, she new i loved pictures because of dad, all i could talk about was those movies dad had. she let me have a birthday party, and then a slumber party.
then i really got out of hand and we parted ways. but i see then now what she was doing and why.

when dad and mom divorced, she worked at a hospital, Holzer hospital, there in gallipolis. she new she would never make it on the salary. so she went to manpower and became a secretary for the department of agriculture, then at the Newark air force base then she did a few odd jobs and then retired.

the funny thing is, i have worked as an aide at the Lancaster hospital and then have done many secretarial things, typing etc now computers, then cashiering. she worked at a convinces store as a cashier, i cant even tell you how many cashier jobs i have had. our lives have been so much in comparison it is like i am living my life pattered after her, she would turn over in her grave to know that.

More About Galena Mae Halley:
Burial: February 24, 1991, hamburg cementary hamb road lancaster ohio in the country where paul and the kids are phil too and jeremy shelbas inlaws as well and shelba and bill will be there as well when they go.
Cause of Death: conjestive heart failer
Medical Information: sugar diabetes, heart problems, high blood presure, breat cancer
Children of Earl Generation and Galena Halley are:
  i.   Johnathan Frankline Wickline, born October 22, 1943 in galvaston county, tx; died October 23, 1943 in galvaston county, tx.
  More About Johnathan Frankline Wickline:
Burial: galvaston county, tx died as infant
Cause of Death: died as infant, he was still born the doctor didnt get there soon enough

  ii.   Connie Lenora Wickline, born August 17, 1944 in galvaston county, tx; died August 20, 1944 in galvaston county, tx.
  More About Connie Lenora Wickline:
Burial: galvaston county, tx died as infant
Cause of Death: this doctor crushed her schull with the forcepts she died later that day

  iii.   Paul Eddie Wickline, born February 10, 1948 in ironton ohio; died January 29, 1984 in new straightville ohio in house fire; married Betty Jean Stump June 24, 1967 in first apostolic church, park street, lancaster ohio; born September 15, 1946 in lancaster ohio.
  Notes for Paul Eddie Wickline:
p+s: p+k

  More About Paul Eddie Wickline:
Burial: February 01, 1984, hamburg cementary hamb road lancaster ohio in the country where paul and the kids are phil too and jeremy shelbas inlaws as well and shelba and bill will be there as well when they go.
Cause of Death: heart atack before the fire got him.
Medical Information: heart problems, sugar, stayed in athens for nerves at different times while open

  More About Betty Jean Stump:
Burial: will be buried beside paul

  iv.   David Earl Wickline, born March 09, 1949 in ironton ohio; married never maried.
  Notes for David Earl Wickline:
Dave moved from our house when i was 15, i was in the 7th grade. we had some issues, to make a long story short he pulled my but out of a (make shift) fire so to speak. Dave and i know what that is all about. he moved out of the house because we never got along,.

he moved to Columbus ohio and lived there for years, bill and i got married and he moved to Greenland.
he stayed there for years, he moved back to the states when bill and i moved to Florida. he has been back ever since.

he is a self employed truck driver, he is refurbishing a warehouse as a home, and he is doing a wonderful job of it. we were getting along, more that ever before then Phil died and the family fell apart.

he doesn't think i love Phil, because i dint go to his funeral. he doesn't understand i said my Godby, i new what was going to happen after he went, i just dint expect it to be as bad as it was, he think i should have gone and he is mad at me for not going but, i stayed away to prove i cared about him.
it was my way of keeping to problems down. i was there before and seen Phil before everyone came, the day of the viewing and i was there the day of the funeral and brought him the angle. i did the best thing that could have ever happened for Phil, i dint go and cause trouble.

Dave doesn't know what i know, or he would have asked more questions, before he made up his mind.
so i have nothing to loose writing this because he hates me anyway, but i am a fine person and it is his loss, not to be around me. i lost some family with Phil dying but i believe Phil directed me and i gained others to more than replace the ones that i loved, i dint like much but i still love all of them.

Phil death really hurt this family, the way he handled everything, but it is over and now we all go on with our lives.

  v.   Jeannie Eileen Wickline Norman, born August 04, 1950 in gallipolis ohio; married Roland Winn Norman Sr January 08, 1972 in newark apostolic church, newark ohio; born April 27, 1940 in lancaster ohio 43130 divorced sept 6,1983; died in remaired on 4-14-88.
  Notes for Jeannie Eileen Wickline Norman:

  vi.   Phillip Allen Wickline, born October 12, 1951 in galipolis ohio; died July 27, 2002 in grove city, ohio at his home. shelba and jean was with him; married never maried.
  Notes for Phillip Allen Wickline:
the things i can say about Phil. he was a unique person. he loved the auction house. it was something to do and get him out of the house. when he died i went and ate a bag of popcorn for him, that is something he would have done, i had seen him do it for weeks the last year he was sick, he dint get
involved with girls, not that he wouldn't have if anyone would have paid the slightest attend to him, he would have been interested. there was only two girls i ever heard him talk about Brenda and Malissa.
those was his love life.

he helped me out like Paul i lived with him after Paul died several times till i got married. i lived with
him when i got married to bill. we both lived with him several times after that to, when i came home from saint Louis and then when i came home from Florida. he was alas there and willing to help. i cant
tell you how many times he helped move me. and then bill to. he got mad a couple times when we moved without him, is what i was told.

Phil was a good Shoulder in the Vietnam period. he went to Germany but not to Nam.
Phil came home and he got a job thru Dave and went to work to his one and only job after the war, at Samuel strapping in Columbus ohio. those people came to his funeral and praised him highly for the job he did.

i remember Phil telling me the story, when i heard his boss tell it at the funeral, he said there was a guy who tried to beat Phil work harder and then longer he was trying to outdate Phil.
that boss dint know how hard Phil worked to always out work that boy, he just bragged on Phil, he said when Phil went out sick, it took 3 guys, to do his job he did so much. Phil said that his boss told him that when he came to visit him he laughed but later you could tell Phil was totaly elated that it took 3.
he did love that job, i never heard him complain about that job like i hear other people complain, he loved his job. he new it and he new it well.

i bought an angle to put on his casket, i feel like that protected him and his memory during that time.
i loved Phil, i really really loved him, no one knew the relationship him and i had we were close and
he was always willing to give. he gave me two cars, in fact he gave me my first real running car, because he knew i needed it, i was 19.

then he gave me a car before he died, he knew how bad ours was and he was so good to us and got
it for us.

Phil couldn't spell very well, he would write home dear Mon, mom. we would chuckle but he wasn't
the brightest apple on the tree, but the purest, the solid one.

the connection i mentioned, Phil stomped breathing 5 minutes after i got up, he waited or hung in there
till he could hear my voice, that is what i feel. then he went on to the reward god was going to give him.
be big or small, i cant see god not rewarding him for at least his goodness. he did belive in god but
he did it in his own way. someone said he made his peace one day before he died.
he dint practice religion but he was religious.

Phil was good to everyone and touched each of our lives, i dont think he knew he shared his birthday with one of our aunts, if he knew that he would have planted on her step Im sure he was just that kind to do it.

he loved kids, he would take pennies to the nephews and Neice just for fun. some of those kids did some cute things with those pennies, little Paul took his to church and paid tithes on it and give in the offering, tom bought candy. josh and jay had a penny throwing contest, i wont go into that.

he really was a good brother, i said my Godby when they picked him up to go to the funeral home, i helped them lift him up, he was to heavy for two of them so i got his feet which helped a little and i got
the door and i cried when they pulled out of his drive, i said my good bye to my brother then.
i dont care what any one says, i will dearly miss him.

he purchased a new mobile home just before he died, and that boy was so proud of that Traylor.

  More About Phillip Allen Wickline:
Burial: August 01, 2002, hamburg cementary hamb road lancaster ohio in the country where paul and the kids are phil too and jeremy shelbas inlaws as well and shelba and bill will be there as well when they go.
Cause of Death: skin cancer that went thru to his stomack
Fantastic worker: worked almost 30 years
He loved: Flee markets esp the one in cinn, ohio
Love to go to florida: every couple years,, he love the sun
Love to swim: lake logan
Loved auctions: lancaster ohio and logan and newark
Medical Information: he worked up till the time he was struck down by cancer. he had sugar too.
Surved in: united states army one term

  vii.   Stephen Andrew Wickline, born July 06, 1953 in mercerville ohio; married (1) Marilyn Jean Stewart; born September 13, 1953 in On her 5th marriage last we heard; married (2) Corol Lucas Cook-Wickline February 14, 1976 in newark apostolic church, newark ohio; born August 11, 1948 in newark ohio.
  Notes for Stephen Andrew Wickline:
s + s; s+a

  1 viii.   Shelba Ann Wickline, born May 22, 1955 in ironton ohio 8th geneneration; married William Leo Stebelton June 30, 1979 in new life christian center, same as first apostolic church- but it is the new one, we were the very first couple married in there., they dedicated it in may and we married in june. rev paul lybarger married bill and i. pastor jim roam preacher gone.
  ix.   Lois Marie Wickline Young, born July 13, 1957 in mount vernon, ohio; married Raymond Aurther Young May 27, 1976 in first apostolic church, park street, lancaster ohio; born October 25, 1954 in lancaster ohio.
  x.   Timothy Ray Wickline, born October 14, 1960 in newark ohio divorced 6 month 1988; married (1) Jodi Lynn Hoffman Wickline Roberts February 14, 1981 in lancaster, ohio; born May 15, 1964 in lancaster ohio 43130; married (2) Malisaa Ann June 24, 1988; married (3) Debbie Wright-Laflame-Wickline August 02, 1995 in unknown; born in lancaster ohio.

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