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Ancestors of Stanley Earl Stevens

Generation No. 11

      1536. Richard Morgan, born C. 1638 in Wales; died 22 Feb 1711/12 in Exeter, NH. He was the son of 3072. Thomas Ap Morgan. He married 1537. Rebecca Holdridge 21 May 1660 in Andover, MA.

      1537. Rebecca Holdridge, born 20 Jun 1643 in Salisbury, MA; died 1714 in Exeter, NH. She was the daughter of 3074. William Holdridge and 3075. Isabel Upham.

Notes for Richard Morgan:
Richard Morgan, immigrant ancestor of the Morgan family of New Hampshire, was one of several of this surname identified with the early settlement of New England, all of whom are presumed to trace to the same Welsh ancestral roots.

Richard arrived at Portsmouth, New Hampshire prior to 1658 and was of Dover in 1659. He was a Dover resident when he married Rebecca Holdridge, daughter of William and Isabel (?) Holdridge in Andover, Massachusetts on 21 May 1660. They were married by the Rev. Simon Bradstreet. They moved to Exeter, New Hampshire where Richard held grants of land in 1664, 1681, and 1698, for twenty, sixty and one hundred acres respectively.

He took the Oath of Allegiance on 30 November 1677. He was one of the garrison of Exeter in 1696. In 1693 he was granted administration of the Holdridge estates, at which time he was called "of Ipswich." In 1694, still of Ipswich, he served as a member of the grand jury investigating the case of Jonathan Thing, who was accidentally killed when his pistol discharged as he fell off his horse. Richard and his wife had much strife with one Foss, and his neighbor, George Jones, whose fence he tore down.

Richard was "of Exeter" in 1699 when he deeded to Peter Coffin his home and one hundred acres of land "on the north side of the way to Quamscott," excepting property which he had previously given to his granddaughter, Katherine Dyer.

Richard died on or before 22 February 1712, in Exeter. Rebecca was still living in 1714, but the date of her death remains undetermined.

In his genealogical study "Morgan Roots," Russell D. Morgan says, "As facts continue to come to light, we will eventually be able to provide a positive connection between our Richard Morgan and his homeland and family in Wales. All evidence indicates his descent from Sir John Morgan, Knight of the Sepulchre and Steward of Gwentllog, circa 1448, but conclusive documentation has yet to be found. Another chain of information indicates a connection with Sir Charles Morgan of Morgan's Fighting Regiment in Holland in the 1605-1625 period, and still another indicates strongly that our Richard Morgan was a seafaring man and captain of his own ship.

The earliest directly traced anscestor of the Morgans in America, including the Pirates, Financiers, and New Hampshire Farmers, is Cadivor Fawr, who died in 1089 and was buried in Wales. The earliest Morgan in the New World was Robert, of Llanrhymny, Wales, who landed in Plymouth, from the ship Fortune, in May of 1621. Richard Morgan was the captain of his own ship the "Philip" in 1632, Transporting people to the Virgina Colony.(see Morgan Book) Richard Morgan immigrant ancestor of the family in New Hampshire, was one of severl in the early settlement of New England with this surname, all of whom trace to the same ancestral roots.(Wales) Richard arrived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, prior to 1658, and later moved to Dover, where he was taxed 22 November 1659. He was prominent among those who settlled Exeter, the records showing that he had land there on 19 March 1668. His grants in Exeter were: twenty acres, 10 October 1664; sixty , 30 March 1681; 100 acres, 21 Febuary 1698. He was one of sixteen sued by one mason to recover land. He took the oath of alegiance 30 November 1677, and was one of the garrison of Exeter in 1696. Richard and his wife Rebecca had much strife with their neighbor George Jones, whose fence they tore down. George Jones is reported to have been quite upset about this, and threatened to shoot Richard Morgan, and in one reported instance he plesded with his wife for her to stop him, if he stsrted to follow his inpulse relative to "potting" Richard out of his bedroom window. In 1699, Richard Morgan deeded his house and one hundred acres to one Peter Coffin, except for a portion which he had given to his grandaughter Katherine Dyer. He was called "of Ipswich" in 1693, when he was granted administration on the Holdridge estste; in October he served on a coroner's jury to investigate the death of Jonathan Thing, whose pistol dischsrged and killed him when he fell off his horse.

Children of Richard Morgan and Rebecca Holdridge are:
  i.   William Morgan, born 23 May 1661 in Haverhill, MA; died 1700; married Abigail (?) Morgan 1688; died Unknown.
  ii.   Richard Morgan, born 21 May 1663 in Haverhill, MA; died 1727 in Arundel, ME; married Abigail Harris 17 May 1699 in Hampton, NH; born C. 1671; died Aft. 1721 in Arundel, ME.
  iii.   Hannah Morgan, born 1668; died 04 May 1754 in Stratham, NH; married Richard Dyer 1693; died 13 Dec 1744 in Stratham, NH.
  768 iv.   John Morgan, born 1675 in Haverhill, MA; died 29 Sep 1745 in Stratham, NH; married (1) Deborah Blake 10 Jul 1700 in Hampton, NH; married (2) Mary Dearborn 31 Dec 1724 in Hampton Falls, NH.
  v.   Abraham Morgan, born C. 1680 in Haverhill, MA; died 07 Jul 1758 in Hampton, NH; married Damaris (?) Morgan C. 1705; died Unknown.

      1538. Timothy Blake, born 16 Oct 1649 in Hampton, NH; died 06 Jan 1717/18 in Hampton, NH. He was the son of 3076. Jasper Blake and 3077. Deborah Dalton. He married 1539. Naomi Sleeper 20 Dec 1677 in Hampton, NH.

      1539. Naomi Sleeper, born 15 Apr 1655 in Hampton, NH; died 20 Dec 1718 in Hampton, NH. She was the daughter of 3078. Thomas Sleeper and 3079. Joanna Lee.

Notes for Timothy Blake:
Timothy Blake, farmer, lived at Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. He took part in King William's War, 1696 to 1698 and was in Capt. Chesley's Company in 1708.

      Will of Timothy Blake

      1715 - Hampton
In the name of god amen
I Timothy blake beinge weke of body ... 2d I haveing by Deed given to my two sons moses and Isarell the one halfe of my farm which deed baringe date the aightenth day of June seventeen hundred & twelve. I give unto my sd two sons after my deseas the other halfe of my farme that is moses & Isarell blake, they yielding & payinge my now wife their mother, the one third of the income of sd lands & after theire mothers deseas to be equally devided in quallety & quantity they payinge to the brothers & sisters ten punds apece, that is to aron ten pounds, & five pounds to timothy he haveinge five pound alredy given to debroh Monia (Naomi) ruth ten pouns apece
& I Give to my son Samuell my grist mill hee livinge duty full to his mother tell he is twenty one years of age & then allowinge his mother twenty shillings a yeare & evry yeare duringe her naturell life
I Give to my wife the use of my stoke of Cattell of all sorts & goods & utencells in the house duringe her naturell life & then to be disposed of amonge the Children with the ten pounds as aforsd if the estate bee then that it bee no wronge to the executors in Confirmation of all above written I sett my hand & seall this twenty sixth of October ano: Dom: 1715 & in the second yeare of our sovaraigne Georg of great Brittin king I also constitut & apoint my two sons moses & Isarell executors & my wife Nomi (Naomi) executrix: to this my last will to all which I set my hand and seall the Date aforsd

witnes                                          the marke X and Seall
Isarel Smith                                    of timothy blake (seal)
Mehetabel Hillyard
Oliver Smith
[Proved 4 June 1718]

[Inventory of the estate of Timothy Blake of Hampton, who died 5 Jan 1717/8; taken Feb. 10, 1717/8; amount 278.10.0; signed by Joseph Swett and Benjamin Hilliard.]

Children of Timothy Blake and Naomi Sleeper are:
  769 i.   Deborah Blake, born 27 Jul 1679 in Hampton, NH; died 08 Dec 1721 in Hampton, NH; married John Morgan 10 Jul 1700 in Hampton, NH.
  ii.   Moses Blake, born 1681 in Hampton, NH; died 04 May 1752 in Kensington, NH; married Abigail Smith 25 Dec 1701 in Hampton, NH; born 24 Feb 1686/87 in Hampton, NH; died Aft. 18 Nov 1770.
  iii.   Israel Blake, born 01 Jan 1682/83 in Hampton, NH; died Apr 1753 in Nottingham, NH; married Leah Smith 1706 in Hampton Falls, NH; born 07 Apr 1683 in Exeter, NH; died Apr 1753.
  iv.   Timothy Blake, born 01 Feb 1684/85 in Hampton, NH; died Aft. 1749 in Hampton, NH; married Joanna Mitcherll 25 Mar 1716 in Kittery, ME; born 14 Feb 1695/96 in Kittery, ME; died 1768.
  v.   Aaron Blake, born 27 Jun 1688 in Hampton, NH; died Bet. 1732 - 1736; married Martha Coker C. 1712; born C. 1692 in Hampton, NH; died Unknown.
  vi.   Naomi Blake, born 04 Sep 1690 in Hampton, NH; died Unknown; married Richard Foye 06 Jun 1717 in Hampton Falls, NH; born C. 1680 in Hampton Falls, NH; died Unknown.
  vii.   Ruth Blake, born 03 Nov 1693 in Hampton, NH; died Unknown; married Oliver Smith 06 Jun 1717 in Hampton, NH; born 1687 in Exeter, NH; died 1757 in Hampton, NH.
  viii.   Samuel Blake, born 03 Nov 1696 in Hampton, NH; died 1745 in Hampton Falls, NH; married Ann Sylle 08 Jan 1718/19 in Hampton Falls, NH; born 1700 in Hampton, NH; died Unknown.

      1540. John Mussey, born C. 1640 in Ipswich, MA; died 12 Apr 1690 in Salisbury, MA. He was the son of 3080. John Mussey and 3081. Lydia (?) Mussey. He married 1541. Elizabeth (?) Mussey C. 1688 in Lexington, MA.

      1541. Elizabeth (?) Mussey, born C. 1640; died 17 Aug 1703.

Notes for John Mussey:
John Mussey, born about 1640, was a planter at Salisbury, and died 12 April 1690. His will, dated 4 April, proved 30 September 1690, mentions his wife Elizabeth, his mother "Lidah Musse," and son John, underage. A widow Mussey, a prominent Friend, was killed by Indians, 17 August 1703.

Children of John Mussey and Elizabeth Mussey are:
  770 i.   John Massey, born Jan 1688/89 in Lexington, MA; died 26 Oct 1723 in Kingston, NH; married Hannah Diamond 17 Dec 1713 in Amesbury, MA.
  ii.   Elizabeth Massey, died 16 Aug 1703.

      1542. Israel Diamond, born C. 1666 in Tiverton, Devonshire, England; died 13 Nov 1716 in Amesbury, MA. He was the son of 3084. John Diamont and 3085. Abigail Sherman. He married 1543. Abigail Prowse 05 Jan 1689/90 in Amesbury, MA.

      1543. Abigail Prowse, born 18 Dec 1666 in Salisbury, MA; died 16 May 1727 in Newbury, MA. She was the daughter of 3086. John Prowse and 3087. Hannah Barnes.

Notes for Israel Diamond:
Israel Diamond (Dimond, Dymond) was a resident of Amesbury, Massachusetts, where he married 5 January 1661, Abigail (aka Abiel) Prowse. daughter of John and Hannah (Barnes) Prowse. He is recorded as of Boston in 1690, and died 13 November 1716, in Amesbury. His will was dated 90 days previously, and was proven in May following. His widow married, 11 November 1718, Richard Bartlett of Amesbury.

Israel was of Pemaquid 4 August 1680, master of the ketch "Amberland," and John Rashly, were held for the drowning of Samuel Collins of Boston in 1690

Children of Israel Diamond and Abigail Prowse are:
  771 i.   Hannah Diamond, born 04 Sep 1693 in Amesbury, MA; died 29 Nov 1748 in Kingston, NH; married John Massey 17 Dec 1713 in Amesbury, MA.
  ii.   Reuben Diamond, born 08 Feb 1694/95 in Amesbury, MA; died 25 Nov 1770 in Concord, NH; married Dorothy Worthen 20 Dec 1721 in Amesbury, MA; born 05 Oct 1700 in Amesbury, MA; died 25 Apr 1751 in South Hampton, NH.
  iii.   Elizabeth Diamond, born 07 May 1697 in Amesbury, MA; died 1758; married Samuel Straw 12 Dec 1717 in Amesbury, MA; born 13 Aug 1692 in Amesbury, MA; died 1775 in South Hampton, NH.

      1552. Jethro Pearson, born C. 1678 in Exeter, NH; died 1738 in Exeter, NH. He was the son of 3104. George Pearson and 3105. Ann Wyeth. He married 1553. Jane Towle C. 1700 in Exeter, NH.

      1553. Jane Towle, born 1677; died 1743. She was the daughter of 3106. Philip Towle and 3107. Isabelle Austen.

Notes for Jethro Pearson:
Will of Jethro Pearson
Exeter - 1738

In the Name of God Amen I Jethro Peirson of Exeter in the Province of New Hampshire in New England Yeoman being in Health of body
Imprimis I Give and Bequeath to my dearly beloved Wife Jane Peirson all my Houshold Goods and all my Stock of Cattle horses Sheep or Swine and All Moveable Effects to be for her own use and at her own Dispose -
Item I Give to my Son Jethro Peirson my Dwelling house Barn Orchard and all my land Lying or being in Exeter or in Stretham he allowing his Mother the Improvement of one half of my Dwelling House Barn Orchard and land both in Exeter and Stretham during her Life
Item I Give to my Daughter Anna Sanborn Ten Pounds
Item I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth Sanborn Ten Pounds.-
Finally My Will is and I do hereby Constitute and Appoint my Well beloved Son Jethro Peirson Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament He to pay my Just Debts Legacies and Funeral Charges. And I do Hereby utterly disallow Revoke and Disannul all former Wills and Testaments by my heretofore made, and I do Ratify and Confirm this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament.- In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set My hand & Seal this Thirtieth Day of December Anno Domini one thousand Seven hundred and thirty Eight.-

Signed Sealed Published and                                    his
Declared in the Presence of us                              Jethro X Peirson
Daniel Thing                                                mark
Samuel Gilman Junr
Abigail Conner

[Proved Oct. 26, 1743.]

Children of Jethro Pearson and Jane Towle are:
  776 i.   Jethro Pearson, born C. 1703 in Exeter, NH; died Unknown; married Wife of Jethro Pearson C. 1724 in Exeter, NH.
  ii.   Anna Pearson, born 1710 in Exeter, NH; died 1765 in Hampton, NH; married Richard Sanborn; born 29 May 1708 in Hampton, NH; died 01 Jan 1761 in Epping, NH.
  iii.   Elizabeth Pearson, born 1713; died Unknown; married Nathan Sanborn 06 Dec 1731; born 27 Jun 1709 in Hampton, NH; died 06 Jun 1760 in Epping, NH.

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