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Descendants of HARRISON

172. LILLA AMANDA6 HARRISON (BENJAMIN O. (BENNY)5, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born March 07, 1902 in Decatur County, Georgia. She married JOHN A. MIMBS July 19, 1925 in Decatur County, Georgia.
Children of L
  i.   ALLEN7 MIMBS.
  ii.   JERI MIMBS.
  iii.   ANN MIMBS, m. JOHN F. PERRY.

173. AVIN MCNAIR6 HARRISON (BENJAMIN O. (BENNY)5, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born October 20, 1904 in Decatur County, Georgia, and died November 28, 1996 in Grady County, Georgia. He married NORENE ELIZABETH KING October 28, 1933 in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida.
Children of A
  i.   LARRY DALE7 HARRISON, b. February 12, 1935.
  ii.   AVIN M. HARRISON, b. February 27, 1947.

174. BERNICE ONEIDA6 HARRISON (BENJAMIN O. (BENNY)5, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born February 16, 1907 in Grady County, Georgia, and died January 03, 1951 in Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia. She married EUGENE MOORE in Decatur County, Georgia, son of ORREN MOORE and MARY MAXWELL. He was born July 14, 1906 in Whigham, Decatur County, Georgia, and died November 17, 1997 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia.
Children of B
  i.   EMMENT7 MOORE, b. Whigham, Grady County, Georgia.
326. ii.   DEVANE MOORE, b. March 13, 1927, Whigham, Grady County, Georgia.
327. iii.   LOIS ELLEN MOORE, b. February 21, 1930, Grady County, Georgia.
328. iv.   THERESA MOORE, b. December 08, 1941, Cairo, Grady County, Georgia.

175. MILDRED6 HARRISON (BENJAMIN O. (BENNY)5, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born March 07, 1912 in Grady County, Georgia, and died March 26, 1982 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She married CHARLES JOHN BUTLER, son of THOMAS BUTLER and MARGARET GRIFFIN. He was born March 07, 1912 in Grady County, Georgia, and died February 27, 1971 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Children of M
329. i.   KATHRYN GRACE7 BUTLER, b. April 04, 1934.
330. ii.   CHARLES J. BUTLER, b. February 11, 1936.
331. iii.   BENJAMIN HARRISON BUTLER, b. May 26, 1939.
332. iv.   PATRICIA BUTLER, b. January 10, 1942.
333. v.   THOMAS WAYNE BUTLER, b. August 15, 1944.

176. BENJAMIN MASTON O'NEAL6 HARRISON (BENJAMIN O. (BENNY)5, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born August 28, 1914 in Grady County, Georgia. He married (1) BERNICE ELLEN MAXWELL December 25, 1938 in Grady County, Georgia. She was born June 24, 1915 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia, and died April 02, 1964 in Grady County, Georgia. He married (2) LOUVENIA KING SCOTT July 28, 1968 in Grady County, Georgia.
Children of B
  ii.   BUELL HARRISON, b. July 31, 1940, Grady County, Georgia.
  iii.   SANDRA YVONNE HARRISON, b. November 14, 1941.

177. THOMAS LOYD6 LODGE, SR. (MARTHA ANN (MATTIE)5 HARRISON, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born August 03, 1900 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia, and died September 01, 1981 in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida. He married EVELYN GRACE MAXWELL December 29, 1920 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia, daughter of ROBERT MAXWELL and WILLIE FOLSOM. She was born August 27, 1902 in Gretna, Gadsden County, Florida, and died August 03, 1966 in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida.

Notes for T
Thomas Loyd Lodge and wife Evelyn Maxwell are both buried in Tallahassee, Fla. at the Roselawn Cemetery

More About T
Fact 1: Buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Tallahassee, Florida

More About E
Fact 1: Buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Tallahassee, Florida
Children of T
334. i.   HELEN GRACE7 LODGE, b. December 15, 1921, Whigham, Grady County, Georgia.
335. ii.   THOMAS LOYD LODGE, JR., b. January 27, 1924, Colquitt, Georgia.
336. iii.   EARL WIEBERT LODGE, b. September 07, 1927, Brunswick, Georgia.

178. JAMES LAWTON6 LODGE, SR. (MARTHA ANN (MATTIE)5 HARRISON, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born January 14, 1905 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia, and died February 03, 1978 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia. He married ELLIE BADGER HARRISON 1926 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia, daughter of LONNIE HARRISON and MITTIE GODWIN. She was born December 24, 1904 in Wihgham, Grady County, Georgia, and died January 04, 1990 in Thomasville, Thomas County, Georgia.

Notes for J
James Lawton Lodge married his second cousin Ellie Harrison. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery,in Whigham,Ga.

More About J
Fact 1: "Harrison Heritage", by Laura (Barker) Mortensen
Fact 2: Tomb Index of Grady County, Georgia--by Varick
Fact 3: Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Whigham, Georgia

More About E
Fact 1: "Harrison Heritage", by Laura (Barker) Mortensen
Fact 2: Tomb Index of Grady County, Georgia--by Varick
Fact 3: Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Whigham, Georgia
Children of J
337. i.   JAMES LAWTON7 LODGE, JR., b. July 14, 1929, Whigham, Grady County, Georgia.
338. ii.   MARILYN ELLEN LODGE, b. June 16, 1932, Whigham, Grady County, Georgia.
339. iii.   LONNIE FRANKLIN LODGE, b. August 21, 1938, Cairo, Grady County, Georgia.

179. EDITH LOUISE6 LODGE (MARTHA ANN (MATTIE)5 HARRISON, BENJAMIN ROBERT THOMAS4, JAMES3, BENJAMIN2, HARRISON1) was born March 10, 1909 in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia, and died January 15, 1998 in Dothan, Houston County, Alabama. She married SAMUEL COUNCIL STEPHENS, SR. December 15, 1929 in Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia, son of SAMUEL STEPHENS and ANNIE FEWELL. He was born January 25, 1904 in Calvary, Grady County, Georgia, and died November 25, 1980 in Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.

More About E
Burial: Memory Hill Cemetery, Houston County, Alabama
Fact 1: March 10, 1909, Born in Whigham, Grady County, Georgia
Fact 2: Eloped in 1929 to marry Samuel Council Stephens
Fact 3: January 15, 1998, Age at death, 88 years
Fact 4: Buried in Memory Hill Cemetery, Dothan, Houston County, Alabama

Notes for S
Samuel Council Stephens, Sr. was born on Monday, January 25, 1904 to Samuel Stephens and Annie Dickey Fewell.
Sam, as he will be referred to hereafter, began his life in the small southern Georgia community known as Calvary. Calvary got its origin as a result of a migration of pioneers, primarily from the Carolinas. Sam's great-grandfather, Jesse Stephens, was one of the first Stephens to settle in the south Georgia and northwest Florida area. Jesse's origin begins in Burke County, Georgia, where he was born in 1801.
Little is known about Jesse's early life. His father, who was also named Jesse(Sr.) moved his family to Laurens County, Georgia, about 1807 when the county was formed. Laurens County is located in central Georgia and was created as a result of land lotteries which were common at that time as an incentive for pioneers to inhabit lands that were occupied only by Indians. It was truly a time when only those of great courage and fortitude made their way into the unknown territories. Jesse, Sr. and his wife, whose given name was Elizabeth were charter members of the Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Laurens County in 1809. It has been reported that Jesse Sr. was a brickmaker by trade a was known as a respectable Englishman by his neighbors. It is not known if Jesse Jr. had any siblings. Sometime around 1823, Jesse Sr. left Laurens County for Wilkinson County, to settle in an area which was eventually named for him. It was called Stephensville. The name was later changed to Toomsboro and is still an active community.
On July 29, 1821, Jesse Stephens, Jr., married Mary (Polly) Dykes in Laurens County. Mary's history is not known but census records indicate she was born in South Carolina. In 1824, their first child was born to them. They named him Ebenezer. Sometime between 1825 and 1829 Jesse Jr., who will be referred to as Jesse hereafter, moved to Gadsden County, Florida. Gadsden County is located in the panhandle of Florida and its north boundary is the south boundary of Decatur County, Georgia. This boundary line moved three times in the mid 1800's and one can imagine that those living on this line would be in Florida and then in Georgia, depending on when the boundary was moved. According to land purchases made by Jesse, it is believed his homestead was located between Quincy and Concord, Florida. However, census information shows him to be living in Decatur County in 1850. Nevertheless, Jesse and Mary had several more children born to them. Their second child they named Caroline, born in 1829. Then came Amanda in 1832, Mary in 1834, Jacob in 1835, Julia in 1838, Amazan in 1840, another Jesse in1842, and finally Mahala in 1844 for a total of nine children. Jesse was a farmer and as was the custom in the 1800's had issue of many children. The last records of Jesse in Gadsden or Decatur County is in 1850. He moved and appears on the 1860 census in Jackson County, Florida with his wife Mary and children Jesse lll and Mahala. Jesse's other children had married and established their own households.
Ebenezer Stephens married Mary (Polly) Elkins about 1842 at age eighteen. They were married in Gadsden County, Florida and Ebenezer was also a farmer like his father. There are no land records avalible to indicate the exact location of Ebenezer and Polly's homestead but church records prove it was in the area of Concord, Florida which is about eight miles south of Calvary. Like others in the community, legend has it that Ebenezer was a hard working farmer who was heavily involved in the Baptist Church. Ebenezer and Polly were married six years before the birth of their first child in 1848. They named him Lewis Green. Lewis was later to marry Martha Clay and also became a veteran of the Civil War. Their second child was Saphronia J., born November 4, 1849, who later married William Thomas. William was also a Civil War veteran as well as a successful farmer. Saphronia and husband William both died in 1894 during the influenza epidemic within sixty days of each other. They left eight children with the youngest being less than four months old. The third child was Sarah Isabella, who was born in 1850 and married Benjamin Kemp. Benjamin was also a Civil War veteran. Mary Ann Stephens, the fourth child of Ebenezer and Polly was born in 1856. Mary Ann was to later marry Anon Bryant. They are buried in the Stephens Cemetery in Calvary. The fifth child, Martha, was born in 1857. Martha married Columbus Knight who ironically once owned the land where the homeplace of Green Franklin Lodge is located. The sixth child was Jacob Henry who married Melissa Perkins and little else is known of Jacob. The last child born to Ebenezer and Polly in 1862 was Jesse Young, who would be married to Mamie Bell. Jesse Young and Mamie are both buried in the Stephens Cemetery in Calvary, Georgia.
Tragedy struck the Stephens family in 1862 about one year after the beginning of the Civil War. Mary(Polly) Stephens died leaving Ebenezer with seven children. Their ages being fourteen, thirteen, twelve, six, five, three, and one, respectively. Ebenezer was still a young man only thirty eight years old, but what a tremendous responsibility.
There was a young widow named Mary Ann Elizabeth Newton living in Gadsden County. She had been married to Daniel Newton and given him four children. It is not known what caused the death of Daniel, but legend says he was killed in the early stages of the Civil War. Mary Ann's maiden name was Johnson and her parents lived on property very near to Ebenezer. So, the senario is... Ebenezer, widowed with seven children and Mary Ann, widowed with four children and living within a few miles of each other. Apparently their problem in common drew them together. They were married on June 11, 1863, during the heat of the Civil War. Mary Ann's children were Daniel, Jr. nine, Eveline, eight, John B., six and Elizabeth, four. The union of Ebenezer and Mary Ann created an established family of twelve children.
Ebenezer and Mary Ann set up their home in Concord, Florida, and on June 18, 1864, another child was born to them, Julia A. Stephens. Julia later became the wife of Phillip McCrae whose family was an early resident of Decatur County. Then in 1866, shortly aften the end of the Civil War, Nancy Candace Stephens was born. The thirteenth child in the Stephens home. She married John Fredrick Beauregard Connell. The fourteenth child to bless the Stephens home was another son, named James. He was born on December 6, 1867, and married Arcy Bryant. James and Arcy are buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery in Calvary. About two years later, when Ebenezer was forty-five years old, his last child was born. This son was born on October 18, 1869, four years after the defeat of the Confederate Army. He was named Samuel.
To put things in proper perspective one should look at the Stephens family situation after the birth of Samuel Stephens. His father Ebenezer, farmer, age forty-five, had almost as many children to support as acres to farm. The creed of the day must have been work, family, work, church, and work some more. Nevertheless, the Stephens family remained self supporting and became one of the most respected in the community. Concordia Lodge, Gadsden County's third Masonic Lodge, was chartered on January 15, 1852. The membership list of 1864 shows E. Stephens as a member. Ebenezer kept close ties to his church over the years also, as is indicated in 1885, when he was appointed to a committee composed of other neighbors to make plans to build what is now the Missionary Baptist Church of Concord, Florida. The church was completed in 1886. The origin of this church came when several Baptists including Ebenezer, separated from the Primitive Baptist Church.
Ebenezer Stephens died in January of 1894. He was seventy years old. Mary Ann died on Monday, August 31, 1914. It has been reported by residents in the Calvary community that both Ebenezer and Mary Ann spent the last years of their lives in the home of Samuel and Annie Stephens. Ebenezer Stephens and his first wife Polly Elkins and his second wife, Mary Ann Elizabeth Johnson are buried in the Stephens Cemetery on the Samuel Stephens farm.
Samuel Stephens, last child of Ebenezer and Mary Ann Johnson, married Annie Dickey Fewell, daughter of Richard A. Fewell and Emily A. Connell on September 10, 1890. Annie's father was in the lumber business and operated several sawmills in the Decatur County area. Obviously, the only skills Samuel possessed were related to farming. It is undetermined how he acqiured his home and acreage but it is thought by local residents in Calvary that his father, Ebenezer gave him his start since Samuel was a caregiver to him in his final years. The union of Samuel and Annie gave birth to ten children. The first being born February 9, 1892 and the second born on January 11, 1894. They were named George Pierce, who died at age fourteen and Mary Emma, who died at age two. They are buried in the Stephens Cemetery on the Stephens farm.
The third child of Samuel and Annie was Henry Ebenezer, born November 12, 1895. Henry must have also been a farmer at heart since his early years were spent in an effort to follow the Stephens tradition. He bought forty acres of land from his father and farmed for a short period of time before moving to Bainbridge, Georgia. Henry married Mary Ethel Harrell and they had five children.
James Thomas, born May 28, 1898, was the fourth child and lived his life in Calvary, Georgia. He was a farmer and married Frances Louise Kelly. They had two children.
The fifth child was Annie Pearl Stephens and Annie died at eighteen months of age. She is also buried in the Stephens Cemetery.
Richard Alexander was born to the Stephens family on October 31, 1901. He later married Thelma Elise Jones, daughter of Silas Daniel Jones and Mary (Mollie) Harrison. Alex spent his life in law enforcement and eventually became sheriff of Decatur County. Alex and Elise had three children.
Four other children were born to Samuel and Annie Stephens. Emory Gus was born April 10, 1906. Gus spent his life in central Florida as an agent for Seaboard Railroad. He married Willie Belle Harrell of Whigham, Georgia. They had three daughters. The two daughters of Samuel and Annie who survived to adulthood were Lillie, born on July 28, 1908 and Mettie Louise, born on April 22, 1911. Lillie never married and died on November 19, 1955. She was killed in an automobile accident in Calvary. Mettie married Bower Campbell and they had one child, Catherine.
Samuel Council Stephens, Sr. was born to Samuel and Annie Stephens in Calvary, Grady County, Georgia, on January 25, 1904. Sam spent his childhood working on the family farm and attending the local school.Living in the rural community of Calvary, Sam learned in his early life many values and principles that he maintained throughout his lifetime. Some of those valuable traits were an extremly intense work ethic, honesty in every circumstance, love of his fellow man, belief in God and family and many more too numerous to name. Sam learned that money and material possessions were not the true meaning of happiness. His belief in strong family caring and love were most important to him above everything else.
Calvary was in fact an outstanding rural community. It had it's beginning in the early 1820's created by pioneers primarily from Sampson County, North Carolina. They were farmers whose expertise lay in the raising of shade tobacco. It seems as though tobacco requires a particular type of soil and climate and these pioneers found these in Decatur County. Sam spent many days of his young life working in the extreme heat of the fields and tobacco barns where the leaves were cured. Sam certainly didn't do these things by choice but rather through the expectancy of his family and he made his contribution. There are so many instances today where such a trait is absent. Calvary was known as the North Carolina Settlement until 1887 when it acquied its first post office and therefore a name. It was named Calvary because some of the prominent men wanted a Biblical name and a Dr. Benjamin Fairbanks, who was the local herb doctor made the suggestion and Calvary officially had its identity. Dr. Fairbanks was also the first postmaster. To date, Calvary has not been incorporated and those who live miles away are considered residents. The Stephens farm was located about one mile south of the Calvary crossroad which was considered the township. Sam would tell stories in later years of the long walk to school each day and how cold and rainy it would be on many occasions. The tales would make one think that the distance must have been much farther, by the way Sam related his experiences. However exaggerated, think of asking the children of today's society to perform in such a manner. Again, Sam didn't do such by choice but by expectancy and he delivered. Times were tough for all in the community in the early 1900's. Cotton prices were low and tobacco prices were at the lowest market levels in years. All farmers suffered and those who mismanaged their income lost their farms. Sam and family were included in the suffrage. They never lost their courage or tenascity and probably developed a much stronger cohesion as a family. They learned to live with the bare necessities, to share, to love, and the importance of family unity.
The local school in Calvary was well known for miles around for it's educational performance and strong disiplines. Certainly not comparable to the deplorable activities that occur in the educational arena today. The students of the Calvary school were not given the choice in their tender years to decide whether something was right or wrong. They were told and expected to comply. If they didn't they were expelled and brought shame upon their family. Sam Stephens and his siblings complied with the rule of the day.Some of the early students of Calvary School went away to college.One of those was Council Herring Maxwell who later became a doctor. He also taught in the Calvary school while getting his medical training. Dr. Maxwell assisted Annie Stephens when Sam was born, hence Sam was given a middle name, Council, in honor of the doctor who brought him into this world.
When Sam graduated from school, he left Calvary to seek his own destiny. In the coming years he would attend and graduate from Norman Park Junior College located several miles north of Calvary. Sam's brothers, Gus and Alex, also went to Norman Park. Soon afterward, Sam and brother Gus moved to central Florida. Sam worked odd jobs an barely made ends meet. Nothing seemed to work favorably for him so he returned to his native Georgia. Shortly after his return Sam fell in love with Edith Louise Lodge of Whigham, who was also a graduate of Norman Park. It is unclear whether Sam got his college training before or after his stay in Florida but it possibly could have been the latter and probably met his wife to be at that time. Sam and Edith eloped and were married in December of 1929 in the midst of the Great Depression. Living in Bainbridge, Georgia, Sam was employed by the Sterchi Furniture Company and later worked as a service station manager. These jobs were low in salary but the country was in the middle of a depression and many people were out of employment. Four children, three sons and a daughter, would eventually be born to Sam and Edith. Sam was employed by Brown Service Insurance Company in the early 1930's. His Company later merged with Liberty National Life Insurance Company and Sam worked for them until his retirement. For many years he was one of thier top producers and became the manager of the Dothan, Alabama office. Sam was very involved in fulfilling his civic responsibility to the citizens of Dothan. He was an active member of the Dothan Chamber of Commerce and served two terms as it's president. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club and served as it's president also. Sam was Chairman of the Board of Deacons in the First Baptist Church. He was named "Man of the Year" in 1968 by the City of Dothan. Sam was a member of the Masonic Order. He was selected "Underwriter of the Year" by the Life Insurance Association of Alabama. Sam was a twenty year receipient of the Torch Club award which is an award granted by Liberty National each year for outstanding performance. Sam's final contribution to the citizens of Dothan and Houston County came after his retirement. He was elected Chairman of the Houston County Airport Authority and served in that capacity for ten years. During his tenure as Chairman, Sam was the primary person responsible for the birth of the Dothan Airport which was capable of accomodating jet aircraft. This led to Dothan getting the service of commercial airlines and became a major asset in luring industry to Houston County. The terminal building at the Dothan Airport is named the Bishop-Stephens Terminal after Sam and Eustace Bishop who was a co-worker of Sam's on the Airport Authority, as well as a very close friend an neighbor.
These are just a few of the contributions made by Sam Stephens. There are many, many more too numerous to mention.
Sam loved his children, his wife, and his fellow man and as the old saying goes "the proof is in the pudding". Sam provided a good life for his family. They were given more than necessary materially and taught as Sam had been taught. They were taught the importance of honesty, hard work, diligence, and humility. They received from their father over two hundred years or more of good values and principles which had been tested time and again and proven to be true.

How does one measure success in an individuals life? When he dies, do we look at his estate and measure him based on his accumulation of material possessions? What really matters? In today's warped society, principles of honesty and respect for family unity and possessing a strong work ethic are not at the top of the list. Compassion for one's neighbor and love and belief in God don't begin to qualify. Sadly enough, Sam had an abundance of these attributes. So, if the only way a man's success can effectively be measured is by his tangible wealth, then Sam died having never acheived the quality life style he worked so hard to obtain.
The teachings of his great-great grandfather, Jesse Stephens, Sr., were instilled in his great grandfather, Jesse Jr., and practiced by Ebenezer and Samuel. If material assets are the standard of measure then the accumulation and collective total of all things good and stable which are the basic ingrediants of a society's strength, simply don't matter. Sam Stephens was a beneficiary of all the values, principles, efforts and hardships of his ancestors and he was proud of that inheritance because those things do matter. You see, Sam knew that and he accumulated his wealth within his family, giving to them the gifts of his forefathers. Samuel Council Stephens, Sr., the little boy born during rugged times in the country community of Calvary, Georgia, was the perfect example of the solid foundation we need to restore in the family unit in our society.
Sam left this human world a truly happy and extremely proud man. He was proud of his marriage to Edith, proud of his children and grandchildren, proud of his committment to honesty and hard work.....proud and happy. Sam died, November 25, 1980, at the age of seventy-six in Dothan, Alabama,....happy, proud, and truly, truly successful. Sam is buried in the Memory Hill Cemetery in Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.

More About S
Burial: Memory Hill Cemetery, Houston County, Alabama
Cause of Death: Cancer
Fact 1: January 25, 1905, Born in Calvary, Grady County, Georgia
Fact 2: 1924, Graduate of Norman Park Junior College
Fact 3: 1929, Married Edith Louise Lodge
Fact 4: 1931, Employed by Brown-Service Insurance
Fact 5: 1932, Son Sam Jr. was born, Bainbridge, Georgia
Fact 6: 1935, Moved to Dothan, Alabama
Fact 7: 1938, Son Lackey was born, Dothan, Alabama
Fact 8: 1943, Son Jerry was born, Dothan, Alabama
Fact 9: 1946, Daughter Martha Ann was born, Dothan, Alabama
Fact 10: November 25, 1980, Age at death, 76
Fact 11: Buried in Memory Hill Cemetery, Dothan, Houston County,Alabama
Children of E
340. i.   SAMUEL COUNCIL7 STEPHENS, JR., b. June 13, 1932, Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia.
341. ii.   WILLIAM LACKEY STEPHENS, b. September 23, 1938, Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.
  iii.   JERRY LODGE STEPHENS, b. November 19, 1943, Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.
342. iv.   MARTHA ANN STEPHENS, b. December 04, 1946, Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.

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