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Ancestors of Shane Alexander Stinchcomb

Generation No. 9

      256. George Stinchcomb Sr., born Abt. 1779 in Anne Arundel county, Maryland; died in Anne Arundel county, Maryland. He was the son of 512. William Stinchcomb and 513. Henrietta ?. He met 257. Mary Hammond Abt. 1790 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.

      257. Mary Hammond, born Abt. 1775 in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania; died Bef. 1816 in Fairfield County (?), Ohio. She was the daughter of 514. Daniel Hammond.

Notes for George Stinchcomb Sr.:
George is recorded in the History of Butler County, Pa as having settled in Clinton Township in 1796, along with George Plants. George occupied the Phillip Snyder Farm, making the first improvements there. Barnett Stepp occupied the farm after George, and died there.

Below from the 1883 History of Butler co., Pa
In the early years of the settlement as Patrick HARVEY was on his way to SARVER's Mill one day, he tracked a bear, and following up the trace, ran the brute into a den of rocks some distance above SARVER's. Returning home, he told his neighbors, and readily obtained their promise to join him in his efforts to capture the bear. So, with George PLANTS, George STINCHCOMB and two or three others, he returned to the spot with dogs, guns and other paraphernalia of the chase. The dogs worried the bear so that several times he issued forth, and each time was fired upon. Finally, he was quiet in his den, and neither sending the dogs in nor discharging the guns into the cavern served to move him, but his growls could be heard occasionally. The party saw no way of getting at him and were about giving up, defeated. HARVEY said, "Hold on, I'll go in and try him;" and having caused a rope to be tied to his leg, so that he could be drawn out in case of attack, he took his gun in his hand and crawled into the dark cave. Presently he saw two large angry eyes, glaring like balls of fire. Bringing his weapon to his shoulder, he aimed directly between them, fired, and soon the bear was dead. Then, taking the rope from his own leg, he tied it to the bear and slowly backed out through the narrow space by which he had entered. When he was outside his companions speedily drew the dead bear out. He was a huge fellow, and his hindquarters dressed over a hundred pounds each.

George moved with his parents, William and Henrietta Stinchcomb to Westmoreland county, Pa., about 1789/90. There he met/married Mary Hammond, the daughter of Daniel Hammond Sr.of Rostraver Township. George is recorded on the Butler County, Pennsylvania, Tax List in Middlesex Twp. in 1803, before moving to Thorn Township, Fairfield County, Ohio where he is on the Tax List in 1806.
The 1790 Census for Hempstead Twp. In Westmoreland County shows a "William Comb" with one Female in the household. I would believe that this is William Stinchcomb, and William's wife Henrietta. With George already gone from his Father's house,I believe that this would make George Sr.'s date of birth about 1770 to 1774, instead of about 1779. I would tend to believe the earlier birthdate as George Sr. has a child with Mary Hammond in Pennsylvania (James Stinchcomb) in 1791. I do not believe that George fathered a child on Mary at 12 years of age, and the earlier birthdate would make George about 18 to 21 years old, which is more believable.

Mary Hammond is evidently deceased by 1815, as George Sr. Marries Mary "Polly" Williamson on February 5, 1816 in Fairfield County. "Polly" is the daughter of Peter Williamson Jr. and his wife Kesiah Low.
The Will of Daniel Hammond Sr., drawn in 1816, and proved in 1817 gives one third of his Estate to the children of his daughter, "Mary Stench comb". Namely Daniel Camp, his/her* daughter Catherine, James, George, and John.
* see notes for Catherine Stinchcomb below to explain this mistake on the copied will of Daniel Hammond Sr.
The Stinchcombs live in Thorn Township, Fairfield County until 1818, when Perry County is formed from Fairfield, Muskingham, and Pickaway counties. Without moving an inch, the Stinchcombs are now living in Thorn Township, Perry County, just across the County line from New Salem in Walnut Township in Fairfield County.
Peter Williamson Jr.'s Verbal Will dated 1812 in Fairfield County names his two oldest sons, Abraham and William, and his two oldest daughters Sidney and "Polly". Other children are mentioned, but not named. This will was witnessed by Peter Williamson Sr., and Ann Cross.

( Ann Cross makes a deposition about the will, which confirms the contents of the will as transcribed.)
The Will itself is found in the Fairfield County Probate Court, Case number 79. (1812)

A Deed recorded in Volume T, pages 504 and 506 in Fairfield county in 1831 shows that George Sr., "Mary, his wife", Joseph and Margaret Richards, and John and Eliza Lewis, all have to sign the deed to sell the land of John W. Williamson (who is deceased) to David Kauffman. Margaret and Eliza being sisters of Mary "Polly" (Williamson) Stinchcomb, and all three being sisters of the deceased John W. Williamson. (Not Proven)

In 1819, George sells land to Henry Valentine, George Jr., James, and John Stinchcomb as "Tenants in Common", in section 31, Township 18,Range 17, comprising 50 acres. This land is part of a parcel that George Sr. bought from Edward Teal and his wife Rebecca Teal, on February 7th, 1811 in Fairfield County. George's son Daniel Camp Stinchcomb is not mentioned in this deed, and I would believe that Daniel Camp is already deceased by this time.
George Stinchcomb Sr. migrates (moves) to Seneca County, Ohio in 1828, with his sons James, and John Stinchcomb, and Henry Valentine who has married Catherine "Kitty" Stinchcomb (George's daughter ? ). Henry Valentine is the son of George Valentine, a Revolutionary War Veteran.

Dr. Frank W. Gardner in his "Central Ohio Genealogical notes" in vol. 28 National Genealogical Society Quarterly, mentions Catherine Stinchcomb as Daniel Camp Stinchcombs daughter, " Proving" this by the Will of Daniel Hammond of Rostraver twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa, where he leaves his estate "To the children of my daughter Mary Stinchcomb, viz: Daniel Camp and his daughter Catherine, George, James, and John Stinchcomb, each a share of one third of my estate."
A problem with this is that Daniel Camp Stinchcomb was born in 1791 in Pennsylvania (Gardner), while Catherine was married to Henry Valentine in October 1812, in Fairfield County, Ohio. Catherine would be a literal "Child Bride" if she was Daniel Camp's daughter. In the area, and time period involved, it would be more probable that Catherine was George and Mary's daughter. Catherine's birthdate would be between 1791 and 1798 to be married in 1812.( Ihave postulated a youngest age of fourteen for marriage in 1812, with a birthdate of 1798). It is possible that Dr. Gardner read Daniel Hammond's Will wrong. If you read "and his daughter" as "and her daughter", it makes more sense. (JSS)
The will that Dr. Gardner read was not the original document. The original document is not to be found so far. The existing copy of the will in the County will book was transcribed there by an official in the County recording office. If Daniel Hammond's handwriting was hard to read, the official could have made a mistake in transcribing the original will into the will book. Thus giving Dr. Gardner a flawed document to read, thereby causing an innocent error on his part in describing the will in his article.

Dr. Gardner also relates that George's Mother, Henrietta witnesses a deed for her son in Seneca County in 1831. (There is no mention of William Stinchcomb in any Ohio records searched, so we are assuming that he died and is buried in either Westmoreland, or Butler Counties, Pennsylvania.) More research is needed to establish his place of death.

George Sr's son, George Stinchcomb Jr. stays in Thorn Township, Perry County (Created from Fairfield , Muskingham, and Pickaway counties in 1818), and lives there all of his life.

Additional note:
"George and Mary Stinchcomb move to Ann Arundel County, Maryland in late 1831 or early 1832, where they buy land from Benedict W. Marroth on April 2, 1832. George and Mary are deceased sometime shortly after 1832 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland." ( per Herbert Drucker)
Mr Drucker's assumption about George and Mary moving to Maryland, and buying land there, is likely incorrect. Moving back to the place where George came from would have been an admittance of failure on George's part, and besides which, the process of moving was a hardship in itself.
I believe this to be information about a different George Stinchcomb. Information from Ellen Hurdel in Maryland who looked up this deed leads me to believe that it was really George Stinchcomb, and his wife Mary Cannon Stinchcomb, who have lived in Maryland for some years previous to this.

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Bloomville, Seneca County, has a history extending over more than half a century, being almost a contemporary of the old church at Mohnore, and a sharer in its official and ministerial life for many years. In 1835 the society erected a house of worship on the Stinchcomb farm, and the old building was carried down the years until a church of native stone was erected. The membership of this church at Bloomville is about 100, and the value of the property $3, 500. Rev. E. S. Tompkins is the present pastor.

Children of George Sr. and Mary Hammond are:
  i.   Daniel Camp Stinchcomb, born 1791.
  128 ii.   George Stinchcomb Jr., born July 14, 1793 in Westmoreland County, (?) Pennsylvania; died July 11, 1875 in Thorn twp, Perry county, Ohio; married Ann Wiseman August 24, 1819 in Perry County, Ohio.
  iii.   James Stinchcomb, born July 1794 in Pennsylvania; died February 22, 1879 in Sycamore, Ohio; married Pricilla Weddle 1816 in Manongahela city , Pennsylvania; died November 28, 1872 in Sycamore, Ohio.
  iv.   Catherine Stinchcomb, born Abt. 1796 in Pennsylvania; married Henry Valentine Aft. 1812 in Thorn twp., Perry county, Ohio; died March 05, 1868 in Morrow County, Ohio.
  Notes for Henry Valentine:
Henry lived in Thorn twp., Perry co., Ohio til 1828 when he moved to Seneca county, living there ten years. He then moved to Morrow county, Ohio, where he lived until his death in 1868. He married Catherine (Kitty) Stinchcomb after serving in the War of 1812.

  More About Henry Valentine:
Military service: Bet. 1812 - 1814, War of 1812 Soldier

  v.   John Stinchcomb, born Abt. 1802 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1855 in Clinton twp., Seneca co., Ohio; married Barbara Turflinger November 12, 1828 in Fairfield county, Ohio; born 1806 in Ohio.

      258. Rev. John Wiseman (Source: Brøderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 3, Ed. 1, (Release date: February 9, 1996), "CD-ROM," Tree #6540, Date of Import: Jul 3, 2000.), born August 18, 1760 in Berks co., Pennsylvania; died January 22, 1842 in New Salem, Perry co., Ohio. He was the son of 516. Isaac Wiseman and 517. Elizabeth Davis. He married 259. Sarah Green May 10, 1786 in Rockingham co, Virginia.

      259. Sarah Green, born February 28, 1763; died August 12, 1847 in New Salem, Perry co., Ohio. She was the daughter of 518. James Green and 519. Mary McGary.

Notes for Rev. John Wiseman:
Rev. John Wiseman ; b-18 AUG 1760 at Berks Co., PA; d-22 JAN 1842 near
New Salem, Perry Co., OH;
Buried at Mound Methodist Episcopal cemetery, New Salem, Fairfield Co., OH;
Married-10 MAY 1786 at Rockingham Co., VA to Sarah Green, who was b-28 FEB
1763 at Rockingham Co., VA, d/o James & Mary (McGary) Green; Sarah d-12 AUG 1847 at New Salem, Fairfield Co., OH and is buried with John at Mound cemetery; John served in Continental line and Westmoreland Co., PA militia during the American Revolutionary War;
Served with General George Washington at Valley Forge, PA; Was at
Monmouth, Cherry Valley, Stony Point and Yorktown; John was a Farmer
and Methodist Preacher; Dr. B.W.S. Wiseman, M.D., wrote the following in
his book, Wiseman Genealogy and Biography, 1910, Pp. 26 and 27:
The early career of Isaac Wisemans second son is closely identified
with our countrys struggle for national independence. History tells of Trenton and Princeton of Brandywine and Germantown.
In the darkest period of the Revolution we see a young man of seventeen
years among the ragged and starving, but still defiant and determined patriots, within the
environments of an historic winter camp - where heroes were tracked from place to place by bloody footprints left behind - amid scenes of suffering and privation which, continued throughout a long and severe winter, made the name Valley Forge synonymous with patriotic devotion and ever of interest in the annals of our country.
Then follow Monmouth; the march into the wilderness to prevent the
recurrence of such scenes as were enacted by the hand of the merciless savage at Cherry
Valley and Wyoming; the storming of Stony Point; and - Yorktown. We see him years afterward, amid the peaceful avocations of life, with a purpose determined and a zeal no less untiring than when following the standards of Washington and Lafayette, proclaiming in a neighboring state the gospel of the meek and lowly Nazarine.
This youthful soldier of the infant republic; this fearless herald
of the Cross was John Wiseman.
He was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1760, and served
both in the Contenental line and with the militia of Westmoreland County in the Revolutionary struggle. He is listed in the archives of Pennsylvania among the Rangers on the Frontiers, 1778-1783, and accredited to the County before mentioned, his earlier service being, obviously, from a previous enlistment in the Continental line.
Also, from the same source, page 29:
Note: --- Referring to the military record of Rev. John Wiseman, the
reader is cited to the Archives
of Pennsylvania, 5th series, Vol. IV, page 760; 3rd series, Vol. XXIII,
page 282 - - - and page 314.
The last reference cited (page 314) shows his name among the members of a
Company of Rangers on the Frontiers commanded by Captain John Van Meeter --- Ensign, Hugh McGill.
Referring to bibliography, Dr. Wiseman states: [Authorities consulted:
Pennsylvania Archives. Pioneers of
Fairfield County, by C.M.L. Wiseman, 1901, and History of Fairfield
County, Ohio by Hervey Scott, 1877.]
Note: Johns father, Isaac Wiseman I, was b-AUG 1738 and he had a brother
James b-JAN 1759. John, who was b-AUG 1760, had a brother Joseph, b-MAR 1759.
Isaac is a Patriot through taking the Oath of Allegiance,
and his sons Joseph and John, along with their Uncle James, all served as
Privates in the American Revolution.
Rev. John Wiseman left Monroe Co., WV in 1818 and bought land in section
twenty-nine, Thorn Twp., Perry
Co., OH where he continued to preach the Methodist gospel.)

More About Rev. John Wiseman:
Burial: Mound Methodist Episcopal cem. Perry co., Ohio

More About Sarah Green:
Burial: Mound Methodist Episcopal cem. Perry co., Ohio
Children of John Wiseman and Sarah Green are:
  i.   Mary Wiseman, born October 05, 1788.
  ii.   Elizabeth Wiseman, born July 10, 1789; died Bef. 1893; married John Brattin; born Abt. 1785.
  iii.   Margaret Wiseman, born June 13, 1790; married Aaron Morgan.
  129 iv.   Ann Wiseman, born December 09, 1791 in Rockingham county, Virginia; died November 17, 1869 in New Salem, Perry county, Ohio; married George Stinchcomb Jr. August 24, 1819 in Perry County, Ohio.
  v.   Isaac Wiseman, born July 11, 1797; died Bef. 1893; married Sarah Hull; born Abt. 1800.
  vi.   Sarah Wiseman, born June 03, 1799; married Thomas Bratton; born Abt. 1795.
  vii.   Joseph Green Wiseman, born December 06, 1801 in Monroe county, Va; died May 05, 1885 in Ohio; married Susan Manley 1827.
  Notes for Joseph Green Wiseman:

WISEMAN, JUDGE JOSEPH G., was born December 6, 1801, in
Monroe county, now West Virginia; post office Salem. By occupation in
early life a bricklayer and later, a farmer, also.
He is a son of Rev. John Wiseman, who came to section twenty-nine, Thorn township,
Perry county. Ohio, in 1818, and grandson of Isaac Wiseman, who died
in Virginia, at the age of ninety-two. The brothers of Judge Wiseman
were James G., John R., Isaac, Philip S. and Jacob G. Wiseman;
all gone. His sisters were Elizabeth, wife of John Brattin; Margaret,
wife of Aaron Morgan; and Ann, wife of George Stinchcomb;
all gone.
His mother's maiden name was Sarah Green, a native of
Rockingham county, Virginia, and a niece of Hugh McGarey, an
Indian fighter, of Kentucky, a companion of Daniel Boone. The
memory of these brave men is preserved in a poem by Bryant.
The father of Judge Wiseman was with Washington at Valley Forge; died
in 1842, in his eighty-second year, and rests in the Methodist Episcopal
cemetery, at Salem. He was a local preacher, regularly ordained, and
solemnized marriages. Judge Wiseman was his Father's executor for his Estate.
Judge Wiseman was married in 1827 to Miss
Susan, daughter of John Manley. Four of her six children still survive.
In 1844, after the death of his wife, he was married to Mrs. Katharine
Parr. In 1855, after the death of his second wife, he was married to
Miss Nancy J. Melick, sister of Alexander Melick, of Madison
His children are: Louisa, wife of N. H. Crouch, of Newark;
Minta S., wife of H. F. Winders, Findlay, Ohio; J. Manly Wiseman,
married to Caroline Baker, sister of Andrew Baker, and Katharine,
wife of Charles Kelsey, post office Salem; one son and three
daughters. His son, Theodore, went into the Seventeenth Ohio Volunteer
Infantry at the beginning of the war, lost his health, and died at the age
of twenty-three.
Joseph G. Wiseman became Associate Justice on the
Common Pleas bench of Perry county and served six years. He was
a Filmore elector in 1856, and a Bell elector in 1860, and served six
years as Justice of the Peace. He supported the war policy of Lincoln
and has since voted with the Republicans. He has acquired a handsome
estate by plodding industry and honest labor, enjoys a pleasant
home, and the respect of his neighbors, and except Elijah Kemper and
Jonas Groves, has voted longer in Thorn township than any other man.
He always was a great reader and patronized literature.

  viii.   Abner Wiseman, born March 11, 1805.
  ix.   Phillip Smith Wiseman, born June 10, 1806 in Monroe county, Va; died January 28, 1862 in Ohio; married Priscilla Lewis.
  x.   Jacob Green Wiseman, born November 26, 1808; died June 12, 1874 in Perry county, Ohio; married Rebecca ?; born September 01, 1812; died November 24, 1848 in Ohio.

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