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This page, like the other Van Dusen pages, will be a bit different from the others in that I'm not going to put in information for "all" of the Van Dusen/Van Dusee descendants from my data base.  They are so numerous and most of you who check these page will have much of the information anyway. I am putting all with the Van Dusee surname in, but usually will only go two more generations when the surname is no longer Van Dusee. When I have further information, I will asterisk * the parents' names. If you are interested, please e-mail me and I will be happy to share what I have. No asterisk - no further info available.

Note: This page includes ONLY the Family and Descendants (and Direct Ancestry) of James5 Van Deusen, son of  Abraham Teuwis Van Deusen, son of Teuwis Abraham Van Deursen. This line becomes "Van Duzee" with the childern of James and Kathryn.
If this is not the line you are interested in, please return to my Home Page and select the area of the Van Dusen Family you wish -- there are four Van Dusen pages (each shows which line is contained on that page). 

Note: Most Van Dusen descendants believe that Abraham Pietersen is the "father" of the Van Dusen clan here in the United States and Canada; however, some are not convinced of this. According to the "Col Hist of NY Holland Doc V 11 P 134," Abraham came to America in 1836 under contract to the West Indian Company, arriving on the island of Quetenease, also known as Dutchman's Island, near RI of Narraganett. Abraham was a miller and tavern keeper by trade. He was also active in politics and was well thought of by his peers. He also seems to have been financially well off and a good provider for his family, as well as a caring husband and father.  Often you will see the word "Molenaer" as part of Abraham's name -- i.e. Abraham Pietersen Molenaer Van Deursen; however, this word means "Miller" in Dutch and is not part of his name.

Verne May St. John in Spokane, Washington

Great Granddaughter of Ameris Orissa Van Dusen & George Andrew St. John
Great x2 Granddaughter of Leviness Wellington & Mary Elizabeth (Jones)  Van Dusen
Great x3 Granddaughter of Leviness Wynsant & Lydia (Jones) Van Dusen
Great x4 Granddaughter of Wynsant Leviness & Sarah (Humphrey) Van Dusen
Great x5 Granddaughter of Robert Abrahamson & Antje (Bressie) Van Dusen
Great x6 Granddaughter of Abraham Teuwis & Anna Catherina (Myers) Van Deusen
Great x7 Granddaughter of Teuwis Abrahamson & Helena (Robberts)Van Deursen
Great x8 Granddaughter of Abraham Pietersen & Tryntje (Melchiors) Van Deursen
Great x9 Granddaughter of Pieter & Paulina (Vincke) Van Deursen

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Disclaimer: I've tried to eliminate any typos in this information, but some can slip through. The information on these pages has been gathered from many places, including birth, marriage, and death certificates, newspapers, census pages, SSDI, LDS, books, microfilm, and of course from family, friends, and other genealogy seekers, many far more experienced in genealogy than I am.  Much has been documented by others (especially in the Van Dusen family) and I have not tried to "reinvent the wheel" for earlier genealogy information.  My own direct ancestry, especially back three or four generations, I have tried to document, with the help of many gen-friends and some new cousins. I've tried to make everything as accurate as possible, but I cannot guarantee, anymore than any of you, that everything on these pages is without error.  If you find errors or wish clarification on an entry or have further information for me, please e-mail me at  -- I'm always happy to share what I have and to correct errors.