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Descendants of Adam Bungard

6. CHRISTIAN2 BUNGARD (ADAM1) (Source: (1) Good Hope Lutheran Church,Salt Lick Township, Fayette Co.(PA) Parish Records, 1788-1945; Paul Miller Ruff, Page 6 - Baptisms, No. 52. JOHANN CHRISTIAN born 4 July 1794; bpt. 10 Aug 1794 Parents: Joh. Adm. BANGERT and Anna margaretha Sponsors: Christian SENFF and Susanna ., (2) Deed Index, Fayette Co. PA.) was born July 04, 1794 in Bullskin Twp.,Fayette Co., PA, and died Bef. January 1860 in Saltlick Twp., Fayette Co., PA. He married ELIZABETH MILLER, daughter of LUDWICK MILLER and SUSANNAH ?HART. She was born Abt. 1800 in Fayette Co.,PA, and died August 31, 1879 in Westmoreland Co., PA.

Notes for C
Johan CHRISTIAN BUNGARD, son of Adam Bungard and 1st wife......
He married Elizabeth MILLER. On the 1850 census the following children listed as last two (out of birth order)with Christian Bungard....they may be his children..Sarah Bungard born ca 1825 and Mary Bungard born ca 1842. It is also possible that Sarah was a daughter-in-law...or unmarried daughter with her daughter Mary Bungard b.1842. This Sarah Bungard is listed in1860 Census of Somerset Co.,PA with her ?sister Elizabeth Bungard HENRY...but Mary Bungard b. 1842 not found.

Also listed on 1850 Census with Christian Bungard and wife and following the name of above Mary Bungard was: Martha Bungard age 80yrs, who has not been identified, but perhaps was his step-mother:Magdalena who was still living when his father Adam died in 1839.......
Elizabeth Miller Bungard, widow of Christian Bungard married 2nd to widower Joseph Gallentine who died in 1875 and Elizabeth died in Westmoreland Co.,PA on Aug. 31, 1879 per her estate which was settled in Fayette Co., PA.

Fayette Co. PA Estate Book 1, page 263
ELIZABETH GALLENTINE died in Westmoreland Co. PA on Aug. 31, 1879. Letters of Administration granted to John Bungard on Sept. 6, 1880. Letters of Administration granted to Henry Bungard on Nov 7, 1881.
Fayette Co. PA Estate Book 1, page 30
JOSEPH GALLENTINE died at his residence in Tyrone Twp. on Friday 13th, November 1875 at 6 PM. Letters of Administration granted to Joseph W. Gallentine on Dec. 7, 1875; bond in sum of $199.00; Joseph Berg and David Adams sureties $100.00. Inventory and appraisement of personal estate filed Jan. 5, 1875.

Baptismal Records of Christian Bungard's children from "Good Hope Lutheran Church Salt Lick Township,Fayette Co., PA," by Paul Miller Ruff, 1994.
JOHN b. 22 Apr 1825 bpt. ____ parents: BANGERD; sponsors: Luwig Miller and Susana
ISAAC b. 19 May 1827 bpt. 5 Aug 1827; son of Christ Bungard & Elisabeth; sponsors: Ludwig Miller and       Susanna
LUDWIG b. 8 Dec 1832 bpt 8 Sep 1833; son of Christian BONGERT & Elisabeth Sponsor: Margaretha       Cassel
MARIA ELISABETH b. 21 Dec 1835 bpt. 7 Aug 1836 dau. of Christian Bongert and Elisabeth; Sponsors:       the Parents.
ANNA CATHARINA b. 4 Oct 1836 bpt. 10 Jun 1837 dau. of Christian BANGERT and Maria Elisabeth;       Sponsors: the Parents.
CHRISTIAN b. 13 Sep 1841 bpt. 14 Feb 1842 son of Christian Bangert and Elisabeth; Sponsors: the       Parents.
LUCINDA b. 23 Jun 1843 bpt. 24 Dec 1843 dau. of Christian Bongert & Elisabeth sponsors: the Parents.
MARGARET HENRI b. 18 Sep 1846 bpt.____ dau of Christian Bangert & Maria Elisabeth; Sponsors:       Benjamin Henry & Susanna. (She was the granddau of Christian and dau of Benjamin &             Susanna Bungard Henry...js)

Fayette Co. PA Deed Book 303; pp.103-104 dated 28 Dec 1838
      This Indenture made this twenty-eight day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and thirty eight by and between Ludwick Miller and Susanna his wife of Saltlick Township, Fayette County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of the one part and Christian Bungard of the said County Township and county of the Other part. Witnesseth that the aforesaid Ludwick Miller and Susana his wife for and in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred Dollars to us in hand well and truly paid by the said Christian Bungard the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and sold released and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain and sell release and confirm unto the said Christian Bungard and his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract of land situate in Saltlick Township, Fayette County and Commonwealth aforesaid. (It being part of a larger tract of land containing two hundred and twenty one and a half acres) for which the aforesaid Ludwick Miller hath obtained a Patent and confirmation of the said Commonwealth for a certain consideration therein mentioned bearing date the twenty seven and rerolled in Patent Book H. Vol. 37 page 405 for the said Commonwealth) Beginning at stones on the devisional line of Grimes Lot thence with said lot south forty six degrees east sixteen perches to stones thence by land of James (blank) or A. Stewart north thirty-seven and three-fourth degrees East thirty-three perches and nine tenths to stones, North sixty four degrees east fifty-eight perches to stones North eighty degrees east twenty two perches and eight tenths to stones north sixty nine and three fourth degrees east five perches and four tenths to the devisional line of Ridenours place; thence North ten degrees East thrity-one Perches and five tenths to a Locust North twenty three degrees East seven perches to stones north twenty five degrees east eight perches to stones north eighty four degrees west thirty perches south eighty west south eighty west six perches south eighty nine degrees west six perches and six tenths north Sixty five degrees west sixteen perches north fifty three degrees west thirteen perches north sixty-five degrees west ten perches north eighty four degrees west fifteen and three tenths north seventeen degrees west six perches and four tenths to stones end of the devisional line thrnce by vacant south seventy and three fourths degrees west sixty five perches and six tenths south eight and three fourth degrees west sixty two perches and eight tenths south fifty degrees west thirty four perchest and one tenth to the place of beginning Containing eighty nine acres and thirty perches strict measure. Together with all and singular the rights and privileges such as houses barns, buildings, orchards gardens waters woods, roads highways with all its advantage hereunto --- (not legible) - with all the estate right title claim and demand whatsoever of them the said Ludwick Miller and Susanna his wife of in and to the same to have and to hold the said hereby granted premises or described piece or tract of land with its appurtenances unto the said Christian Bungard and heirs and assignes forever and that the sd. Christian Bungard and his heirs and assigns shall forever hereafter peacebly possess and quiety ..... (not legible)....
Miller and Susanna his wife or their heirs executors administrators or any other person or person lawfully claiming or to claim by from or under them and against all and every other person or person whatsoever unto the said Christian Bungard and to his heirs and assigns and shall and will warrant and forever defend. In Witness Whereof the said Ludwick Miller anbd Susanna his wife have hereunto interchangeable set their hands and seals. The day and year first above written.
Signed, sealed and delivered                  Ludwig Miller (L. S.)
                              Susanna x Miller (L. S. ) (her mark)
Peter Dumbauld, Peter Frey
Received on the date of the within Indenture of Christian Bungard the within consideration in full by me.
                        Ludwig Miller
Peter Dumbauld
Fayette County, SS:
(L.S.) Before me Peter Dumbauld one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said County personally came Ludwick Miller and Susanna his wife who acknowledged the within Indenture to be their act and deed and desired the same might be recorded as such, she the said Susanna being previously by me examined separate and apart from her said husband saith that she voluntarily done the same wihtout any coersion or restraint of her said husband. Witness my hand and seal this 28th day of December A.D. 1838.             Peter Dumbauld
Recorded and compared November 15, 1910--Chas. O. Schroyer , Recorder.

Children of C
33. i.   SUSANNA3 BUNGARD, b. Abt. 1820, Fayette Co., PA; d. Aft. 1880, Marshall Co., W.V. - Big Run Cemetery, Cameron, WV.
34. ii.   BARBARA ELLEN BUNGARD, b. Abt. 1823, Fayette Co., PA; d. Aft. 1900, Fayette Co. , PA.
  iii.   SARAH BUNGARD, b. Abt. 1825, PA; d. Aft. 1860, Somerset Co., PA.
  Notes for SARAH BUNGARD:
Sarah was living with Christian Bungard in 1850, but could have been a daughter-in-law or and unmarried daughter, with a child named Mary. Sarah was living with her Elizabeth Bungard & her husband Henry Baker in 1860 in Somerset Co. PA and in 1870 with Elizabeth Miller Bungard in Fayette Co. PA. Mary was not located again after the 1850 census.

35. iv.   JOHN BUNGARD, b. April 22, 1825, Fayette Co., PA; d. November 17, 1902, Marshall Co., WV- Rock Lick Cemetery near Calis.
36. v.   ISAAC BUNGARD, b. May 15, 1828, Fayette Co., PA; d. August 17, 1905, Aleppo Twp., Greene Co., PA. - Slonaker Cemetery.
37. vi.   HENRY BUNGARD, b. June 14, 1829, Fayette Co., PA; d. April 03, 1904, Indian Head, Fayette Co., PA - Sparks/Lutheran Cemetery.
38. vii.   LUDWICK BUNGARD, b. December 08, 1832, Fayette Co., PA; d. Bef. 1880, Falls Twp.,Hocking Co., OH.
39. viii.   MARIA ELIZABETH BUNGARD, b. December 21, 1835, Fayette Co., PA.
40. ix.   ANNA CATHARINE BUNGARD, b. October 04, 1836, Fayette Co., PA; d. 1914, Normalville, Fayette Co., PA - Normalville Cemetery.
  x.   CHRISTIAN BUNGARD (Source: Good Hope Lutheran Church,Salt Lick Township, Fayette Co.(PA) Parish Records, 1788-1945; Paul Miller Ruff, page 30 baptisms, No. 497 CHRISTIAN born 13 Sep 1841 bpt. 14 Feb 1842Parents: Christian BANGERT and Elisabeth; Sponsors: the parents.), b. September 13, 1841, Fayette Co., PA; d. Bef. 1860, Fayette Co., PA.
  xi.   MARY BUNGARD, b. Abt. 1842, Fayette Co., PA; d. Aft. 1850, Fayette Co., PA.
  Notes for MARY BUNGARD:
Mary may have been a child of Sarah Bungard... both listed with Christian Bungard in 1850 census of Saltlick Twp., Fayette Co. PA. Their placement at the bottom of this census, instead of by age... might indicate ... that Sarah was his daughter and Mary her child.

41. xii.   LUCINDA BUNGARD, b. June 23, 1843, Fayette Co., PA; d. 1928, Rock Lick, Marshall Co.,W.V.- Rock Lick Cemetery.

7. DANIEL2 BUNGARD (ADAM1) (Source: (1) Good Hope Lutheran Church,Salt Lick Township, Fayette Co.(PA) Parish Records, 1788-1945; Paul Miller Ruff, Page 8 - Baptisms, No. 78. DANIEL; born 20 Sep 1796; bpt. 14 oct 1796 parents: Joh. Adam BANGERT and Anna Margaretha sponsors: Daniel Meckendoerfer and Elisabetha., (2) Will, Greene Co. PA Will No. 2448 dated 9 June 1868., (3) Deed Index, Greene Co. PA, Bk. 18 p.164 Daniel Bungard to Benj. & Geo. Bungard; 16 Nov 1863 Bk. MB-1 p.503 Daniel Bungard to Benjamin Bungard6 Sep 1865 .) was born September 20, 1796 in Bullskin Twp., Fayette Co., PA, and died Abt. 1868 in Aleppo Twp., Greene Co., PA. He married ELIZABETH STRAUS/STRAUSS. She was born Abt. 1797 in PA, and died Bef. 1860 in Aleppo Twp., Greene Co., PA.

Notes for D
Will of DANIEL BUNGARD; Greene Co., PA; Will No. 2448......dated 9 June 1868 and filed March 10, 1869 with Inventory dated April 12, 1869

      In the name of God Amen, I Daniel Bungard, of Aleppo Township, Greene County, and state of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament.
      Item:--Having given to my son Daniel Bungard, one colt, a breeding sow, and Riffl gun which I intend shall be his share in full of my estate.
      Item:--I also have given to my daughter , Sarah intermarried to Peter Keffer,one Bed Beding, one cow, one two year old heiffer, and cooking utensils which is to be her share of my estate.
      Also I have given to my daughter Hariet, formerly intermarried with
Josioh Moore, but to now David Keffer, one cow, one bed and beding and one steer which is her share of my estate.
      And to my Daughter, Elizabeth (Decd.) who was intermarried with David Keffer, I have given one cow and one bed and beding which is to be her share of my estate.
      And to my daughter Charlotte, intermarried with Andrew Clarke, one cow and one bed and beding which is to be her share of my estate.
      And to my daughter Margaret, intermarried with Washington Garey, I have given one cow and one Bed and Beding, which is to be her share of my estate.
      And to my son, George, I have given one Dun Mare, which is to be his share of my estate.
      And I have given to my son Benjamin, one Bay Mare which is to be his share of my estate. And the balance consisting of four hundred and eight dollars, and myblack smith tools to be for my maintenance, and I desire that George Bungard, my son keep and Board and furnish all things necessary for my support during my natural lief, and pay my funeral expenses for which he shall have all that is left of my estate after my decease.
      In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, in the presence of the witnesses named below, this ninth day of Junein the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight.
                  Daniel Bungard (seal)
Signed, sealed, declared and published by the said Daniel Bungard, as and for his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who at his request and in his presence, and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names hereto.
Attest: Adam Wise. Henry Wise

State of Pennsylvania
Greene County, SS:
      Personally appeared before me, P. Brown, Register for the Probate of Wills and granting letters of Administration in and for said County, Adam Wise and Henry Wise, the two subscribing witnesses to the within Will, who being affirmed according to law, say theywere present and saw and heard Daniel Bungard sign, seal, publish, pronounce and declare the foregoing instrument of writing as, and for his last Will and Testament,and that at the time of so doing he was of sound mind and disposing memory to the best of their knowledge, observation and belief, and that they signed the same as witnesses at his request in his presence, and in the presence of each other.
            Adam Wise
            Henry Wise
Affirmed & Subscribed, March 10, 1869
Coram. P. Brown, Register
      Registered March 10, 1869. Same day Letters Testamentary issued to George Bungard, the
Executor named in the Will. Letters duly stamped. Will filed.
Inventory filed April 12, 1869.

Source:"Good Hope Lutheran Church, Salt Lick Township, Fayette Co., PA- Parish Records 1788-1945, The German Church Records of Western PA," by
Paul Miller Ruff, 1994.

DANIEL      b. 20 Sep 1796 bpt 14 Oct 1796 son of Joh. Adam BANGERT and Anna Margaretha; Sponsors:             Daniel Meckendoerfer & Elisabetha

MARIA ELISABETH b.-- Jul --- bpt. _____ dau of ____BAUNGERD; sponsor: Elisabeth BAUNGERD
JOH. GEORG b. 9 May 1828 bpt. 3 Aug 1828 son of Daniel BUNGERT and Elisabeth; Sponsors: Adam             BUNGERT & Magdalena
BENJAMIN b. 18 Sep 1829 bpt. 31 Jul 1830; son of Daniel BONGERT and Elisabeth; Sponsors: Adam             BONGERT & Margaretna
CHARLOTHE b. 27 Apr 1832 bpt 24 Aug 1832 dau of Daniel BONGERT & Elisabeth; sponsors: the Parents.
MARGARETHA b. 20 Dec 1834 bpt 20 Apr 1835; dau of Daniel Bongert & Elisabeth; sponsors: the             Parents.

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1988 Thomas Lee Johnson, his wife Lorraine Postlewait Johnson and their nephew and neice-in-law, Dennis & Lynn Postlewait, repaired and cleaned and put the stone of Daniel Bungard back up on a new footer. Miller Cemetery #11 - near Aleppo, Greene Co., PA on farm of Lanny & John Ross. The stone reads:
      DANIEL BUNGARD (this is circular around a picture of a Tree)
      Born 1794
      76 Years
Father lies
His spirit rests above
In realms of bliss it never dies
But knows a Saviour's Love.
Source: "Burials of Aleppo Township, Greene Co., PA," by Rosalie Hamilton, 1985, Closson Press
pg. 67            MILLER CEMERY
BUNGARD, Daniel            -      age 76 years

Notes for E
The following listed Strauss families should be researched further as parents of Elizabeth Strauss Bungard:

JOHANNES STRAUSS (Presbyterian, Millwright and farmer) b. Germany; married 8 Sep 1795 Milford, Lehigh Co., PA by Rev. John Henry Helffrich to (1) Maria Magdalena SCHNEPP; died Allegheny Co. PA
son of David STOUSS from Leipzig, Germany. Johannes STRAUSS married (2) Annie McCOY.

Johannes and his 1st wife moved from Leipzig, Germany when children with their parents about 1750. 1795 married in Milford, Lehigh Co. PA; shortly after marriage moved to Northampton Co. PA. 1806 moved family to Allegheny Co., PA about 20 miles NW of Pittsburgh, PA (Family Group sheet of Mrs. Frances Geraldine Waltman Baker, Indianapolis, IN. Sources noted: Marriages in PA German Churchs, records of Rev. John Henry Helffrich covering Berks & Lehigh counties; Family record of JONAS STROUSE b. Oc 9, 1800 d. (ct 12, 1900 Noble Co. IN, Stories by Frances Dingman Chpt. DAR; Census IN; 1823 Indenture stating John Strouse purchased land in Allegheny Co. PA; Commemorative Bio. Record of Washington Co. PA on the family of Simon Schnider Strouss, pp.298-302;Noble Co. IN Recors, DAR.

Children of Johannes Strauss:
1. Lydia Strauss b. 10 July 1796 Upper Milford, Lehigh Co. PA
2. Elizabeth Strauss w/o Daniel BUNGARD
3. Jonas Strauss b. 9 Oct 1800 Reidersville, Northampton Co. PA m. 1823 Anna A. McCartney.
4. Johannes Strauss b. 1 May 1803 "      " m. 1826 Rebecca DEAN
5. David Strauss
6. Mary Strauss
7. Simon Schnider Strauss b. 10 Jan 1810 Allegheny Co. PA m.(1) 1836 Jane F. DODD; m(2) 1883
      Anne DAY CONGER
8. Hannah Strauss
9. Martha Strauss

HEINRICH STRAUSS (?son of David & Philippina?)
WIFE: Barbara
1. Daniel Strauss b. 17 Sep 1797 Kreidersville, Allen Twp. Northampton Co. PA
2. Elisabeth Strauss b. 1799 Kreidersville, bpt. 16 June 1799 "
3. David Strauss b. 20 Jan 1801 "
4. Heinrich Strauss b. 28 Jan 1807 "

Children of D
42. i.   DANIEL S.3 BUNGARD, b. January 26, 1819, Somerset Co., PA; d. May 15, 1899, Greene Co., PA - Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Springhill Twp,..
43. ii.   SARAH BUNGARD, b. September 15, 1821, Somerset Co., PA; d. March 17, 1896, Greene Co., PA - Hutchinson Cemetery, Springhill Twp..
44. iii.   HARRIET BUNGARD, b. September 03, 1824, PA.; d. October 04, 1895, Wetzel Co. WV - buried Mt. Carmel Cem., Greene Co. PA.
45. iv.   MARIE ELIZABETH BUNGARD, b. August 27, 1826, PA.; d. November 05, 1865, Liberty Dist.,Marshall Co.,W.V..
  v.   GEORGE S. BUNGARD (Source: (1) Good Hope Lutheran Church,Salt Lick Township, Fayette Co.(PA) Parish Records, 1788-1945; Paul Miller Ruff, Page 24 - Baptisms, No. 391. Joh. GEORG born 9 May 1828 bpt. 3 Aug 1828Parents: Daniel BUNGERT and ElisabethSponsors: Adam BUNGERT and Magdalena., (2) Deed Index, Greene Co. PA, Bk 46 p.599 Luther Smith to Geo.S. & Anna Bungard; 11 Apr 1892., (3) Death Certificate, #05802 Greene Co. PA - Springfield Township, Info provied on death cert. of George S. Bungard-white, widowed, male b. May 9, 1828 d. 28 Jan 1911 aged 82y6mo 19da born Fayette Co., PA, farmer; son of Daniel Bungard and Miss Straus; buried Broad Tree Cemetery on Jan 30, 1911. Cause of death: Paralysis; Signed by: J. L. Sivirt, M.D., Neva WV.), b. May 09, 1828, PA.; d. January 28, 1911, Springhill Twp., Greene Co., PA.; m. ANNA V.; b. Abt. 1839, Ireland; d. February 09, 1904, Marshall Co., W.V..
46. vi.   BENJAMIN BUNGARD, b. September 18, 1829, Fayette Co., PA; d. Bef. 1900, Washington Co., PA.
47. vii.   CHARLOTTE BUNGARD, b. April 27, 1832, SaltLick Twp., Fayette Co., PA; d. November 07, 1902, Center Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
48. viii.   MARGARET BUNGARD, b. December 20, 1834, Fayette Co., PA; d. Aft. 1900, Wetzel Co., W.V.- Sand Hill Cem., Springhill Twp., Greene Co. PA.

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