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Ancestors of William Burdette Strutz

Generation No. 11

      1536. Arent Theunissen Van Heugel, born Abt. 1616 in Hengel in Gelderland, Holland311; died Sep 1655 in Staten Island, NY311. He married 1537. Tryntie Reynders 1640 in Hengel in Gelderland, Holland.

      1537. Tryntie Reynders311, born Abt. 1620 in Hengel in Gelderland, Holland311; died 1671 in Staten Island, NY311.

Notes for Arent Theunissen Van Heugel:
RYNERSON: Information taken from the Somerset Count Historical Quarterly, Somerset, New Jersey. V.5 pp. 285-287 V.6 pp. 55-58. Note: notes on family from unpublished information by Edward Kinsey Voorhees, Evanston,

Name started as Van Hengel from Dutch family from Hengel in Holland changed to by his son Reynier Arentsen (Reynier, son of Arent). His descendants took the name of Renierson. Other spellings of the name include: Reynearson, Rynearson, Rynerson.

Arent, his wife Tryntie, and their 3 children came from Hengel in Gelderland, Holland. They came over in 1653 and settled on Staten Island. Arent was probably killed in the Indian uprising on Staten Island in Sept. 1655. Tyntie, his widow, then married Severyn Laurenszen on May 25, 1656. He was from Rootsisill, in Denmark.

Tryntie died prior to August 5, 1671, because on the date Laurenszen married Greitje Hendricks, Widow of Focke Jansen. Tryntie is mentioned in Colonial Documents of N.Y., Vol. XIII, and in La Chair's Register, Vol. 11, reprinted in Holland Society Year Book of 1900.

Notes for Tryntie Reynders:
RELATIONSHIP: "The Covert Family", pg. 50.

Children of Arent Van Heugel and Tryntie Reynders are:
  768 i.   Reynier Arentsen, born Abt. 1641 in Hengelo, Geld, Netherlands; died 17 Sep 1721 in N.Y; married (1) Annetje Hermans; married (2) Jennetje Aukes Van Nuyse 28 Apr 1666 in New York.
  ii.   Mary Arents Van Hengel311, born 1641 in Hengelo, Geld, Netherlands311; died 1675311; married Jan Jansen Langestract 02 Nov 1659 in Dutch Reformed Church, New York; born Abt. 1640.
  iii.   Hendrick Arentsen Van Hengel311, born 1643 in Of Hengel, Gelderland, Holland311; died 16 Jun 1689311; married Catherine Hardenbroeck 25 Oct 1684 in N.Y; born Abt. 1650.
  iv.   Van Hengel, born Abt. 1646 in Of Hengel, , Holland311; died 1655 in Staten Island, , N.Y.311

      1538. Aucke Janse Van Nuys311, born 1622 in Nuis, Groningen, Holland311; died 1698 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York311. He married 1539. Magdalena Pieterse 25 Mar 1645 in Amsterdam, N. Holland, Netherlands.

      1539. Magdalena Pieterse311, born Abt. 1620 in Langdendijck, Holland, Netherlands311; died 1666 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York311. She was the daughter of 3078. Pieter Jansz and 3079. Adriaentgen Arentsd.

Notes for Aucke Janse Van Nuys:
1651 Emigrated to America with wife.
Children of Aucke Van Nuys and Magdalena Pieterse are:
  769 i.   Jennetje Aukes Van Nuyse, born 10 Dec 1648 in Nuis, Groningen, Netherlands; died 17 Sep 1721; married Reynier Arentsen 28 Apr 1666 in New York.
  ii.   Jan Aukes Van Nuys, born Abt. 1646 in Holland312,312; died WFT Est. 1700-1742312,312; married (1) Barbara Provoost 29 Jul 1673312; born 1652; died WFT Est. 1701-1753; married (2) Eva Jacobse 04 Apr 1680312; born Abt. 1655312,312; died WFT Est. 1685-1752312,312.
  iii.   Annetje Aukersz Van Nuys, born 28 Jan 1645/46 in Holland, Netherlands; died WFT Est. 1668-1737; married (1) Winant Pieterse Van Ecke 1661; born Abt. 1640; died WFT Est. 1668-1728; married (2) Derick Janse Woertman 1661; born Abt. 1640; died WFT Est. 1666-1728.
  iv.   Geertruyd Aukes Van Nuys, born 09 Jun 1647 in Probably in Holland312,312; died WFT Est. 1682-1744312,312; married Franz Joosten 1666312; born Abt. 1645; died WFT Est. 1682-1739.
  v.   Abagail Van Nuys, born Abt. 1650312,312; died 1748312,312; married Leffert Pieterse WFT Est. 1678-1712312; born 1650; died WFT Est. 1678-1739.
  Notes for Abagail Van Nuys:
Died at a "great age".
Had large family who took name "Leffert"

  vi.   Jacobus Auckes Van Nuys, born 1650 in New Amsterdam; died 06 Dec 1710 in New Amsterdam; married Maria Willemse Cornell 26 Apr 1685 in Flatbush, Kings, New York; born 1664 in Flatbush, Kings, NY.
  vii.   Pieter Van Nuys, born 12 Oct 1652 in Nuis, Groningen, Netherlands.
  viii.   Yda Aukes Van Nuys, born Abt. 1656 in Flatbush, Kings, NY.
  ix.   Ida Van Nuys, born Abt. 1660312,312; died WFT Est. 1702-1755312,312
  x.   Femmetje Aukes Van Nuys, born 02 Mar 1661/62 in Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y.; died in Flatlands, , NJ; married Jan Stevensen Van Voorhees 08 Oct 1680 in Flatlands, , Nj, (2nd Marriage); born Abt. 1652 in Holland; died 1735 in Flatlands, Long Island.

      1540. John Vonk, born Abt. 1615. He married 1541. Alida Vonk.

      1541. Alida Vonk, born Abt. 1620.
Child of John Vonk and Alida Vonk is:
  770 i.   Cornelius Vonk, born Abt. 1640 in Of, Southampton, Suffolk, New York; died 1681 in New York; married Magdalena Rixe Hendricks Abt. 1667 in , , New York.

      1552. Jan Snedeger313,314, born Abt. 1615 in Amersfoort, Netherlands314; died May 1679314. He married 1553. Annetje Buys WFT Est. 1616-1660314.

      1553. Annetje Buys315,316, born Abt. 1615 in Overyssel, Netherlands316; died Abt. 1674316.

Notes for Jan Snedeger:
Notes taken directly from "The Book of Snedekers":
Jan Snedeger (Snedeker) was born in Amersfoort, Holland that is located fourteen miles south of Amsterdam. He came to Nieuw Netherlands, (later Nieuw Amsterdam) now New York City about 1639. Records show that he was a cadet when he came to the New World. His station as a cadet indicates that he was a fairly young man at the time. He must have been an industrious and public-spirited young man, for he rose in the esteem of those in authority in the colony, and was sent as a delegate from Midwout, which he founded, to a convention in New Orange (now Albany, NY) in March, 1674.

Jan was one of the original patentees of Midwout - - now Flatbush - - Long Island in 1652. He was appointed Magistrate March 30, 1654 by Governor Peiter Stuyvesant, and was one of the "Twelve Men"
who were recognized by the title "Original Proprietors" in the New Netherlands. (See "First Families of America" page 764; also "History of Flatbush, Long Island", by Strong.

In the early years, he lived just outside the fort of Nieuw Amsterdam, on the spot where the Customs House now stands.

In the month of July, 1645, Jan was granted a patent for a double lot south of the fort in Nieuw Amsterdam, and on September 5, 1645, he was granted another lot on Pearl Street. Part of his land was described as fronting on Flatbush Avenue, and running East for a half mile to what is now Utica Avenue.

On the double lot south of the Fort, he owned and operated a tavern and tap room (likely the very first in the New World!). It is known that in 1652, Jan was living in the residence on Pearl Street prior to moving ti the Midwout homestead depicted in the sketch. In 1656, he petitioned for compensation for the loss of certain lots, as a result of a new layout of the village of Flatbush. The petition was granted.

His will was dated December 12, 1677, and recorded in Liber "D" on pages 336/7. Only his son, Gerret, and his wife, Egbertje, are specifically named, but the will left bequests to his son's sisters.

On January 10, 1681, the Widow Egbertje, along with her Hendrickse children and the Snedeger children agreed to the settlement of the estate. The Snedeger children referred to above were: Anna, Peter C. Luyster (second husband of Jannetje), Gerret and Styntje. (See "Bancker Families", pages 29 - 31.)
Children of Jan Snedeger and Annetje Buys are:
  776 i.   Gerret Janse Snedeker, born Abt. 1639; died Apr 1692; married (1) Willemptje Vooks Abt. 1661; married (2) Elsje Tunis Nyssen 02 Dec 1669.
  ii.   Annetje Snedeker317,318, born Abt. 1641318; died WFT Est. 1638-1714318; married (1) Lucus Elbertson WFT Est. 1638-1696318; born Abt. 1635318; died WFT Est. 1638-1703318; married (2) Laurens Janszen WFT Est. 1638-1696318; born Abt. 1635318; died WFT Est. 1638-1703318.
  iii.   Jannetje Snedeker319,320, born Abt. 1643320; died WFT Est. 1638-1714320; married (1) Renier Wizzelpenning WFT Est. 1638-1696320; born Abt. 1640320; died WFT Est. 1638-1703320; married (2) Peiter Cornelius Luyster WFT Est. 1638-1696320; born Abt. 1643320; died WFT Est. 1638-1703320; married (3) Suert Olphers WFT Est. 1638-1696320; born Abt. 1640320; died WFT Est. 1638-1703320.
  iv.   Tryntje Snedeker321,322, born Abt. 1645322; died WFT Est. 1621-1714322
  Notes for Tryntje Snedeker:
Tryntje was baptized February 23, 1642, Niew Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church.

  v.   Styntje Snedeker323,324, born Abt. 1647324; died WFT Est. 1638-1714324; married Jochem Wouterszen WFT Est. 1638-1696324; born Abt. 1645324; died WFT Est. 1638-1703324.
  Notes for Styntje Snedeker:
Styntje evidently died before her father, as she was not named in the estate settlement on January 30, 1681.

      1566. Paulus Venderbeeck325, born 1622 in Bremen, Bremen, Germany; died 1680 in Gowanes, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. He married 1567. Maria Thomas Badie 09 Oct 1644 in New York City, New York Co., New York, (banns).

      1567. Maria Thomas Badie325, born 1608 in Utrect, Holland; died Aft. 1678 in Gowanus, Breukelen, New York. She was the daughter of 3134. Thomas BADDIA and 3135. Aeltie (Aeltje) BRACONIE.

More About Maria Thomas Badie:
Christening: 27 Sep 1662, United With Brooklyn Reform Church
Children of Paulus Venderbeeck and Maria Badie are:
  i.   Catharine Vanderbeek325, born 10 Sep 1645 in Brooklyn, Kings, Ny.
  More About Catharine Vanderbeek:
Christening: 10 Sep 1645, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York

  ii.   Conrad Vanderbeck325, born 01 Sep 1647 in <New York City, New York Co., New York>; died 1706 in New York, New York.
  More About Conrad Vanderbeck:
Christening: 01 Sep 1647, New Amsterdam, New York, Dutch Ref. Ch, N.y.

  783 iii.   Aeltje Paulus VanDerBeek, born 30 May 1649 in Flatbush, Kings, New York; died 30 May 1710 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York; married Dirck Jansen Ammerman 02 May 1691 in Flatbush, Kings, New York.
  iv.   Paulas Vanderbeek325, born 27 Nov 1650; died Bef. 08 Oct 1691 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.
  More About Paulas Vanderbeek:
Christening: 27 Nov 1650, New Amsterdam, New York, Dutch Ref. Ch, N.y.

  v.   Hester Vanderbeek325, born 15 Dec 1652 in New York, New York, Ny; died 26 Sep 1727.
  More About Hester Vanderbeek:
Burial: 26 Sep 1727
Christening: 15 Dec 1652, New Amsterdam, New York, Dutch Ref. Ch, New York

  vi.   Isaac Vanderbeek325, born 05 Nov 1656.
  More About Isaac Vanderbeek:
Christening: 05 Nov 1656, New York City, New York Co., New York

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