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the STRAIN branches & twigs

Updated February 15, 2013

Roger C Strain
225 S Collegiate Apt 155
Paris, TX 75460
United States

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Friday May 3 - Sunday May 5, 2013

James (Jimmy) Strain - 1819-1895

James (Jimmy) Strain, according to all census reports, was born in South Carolina and I believe in either York County Laurens County or Lancaster County.

James Jimmy Strain's father has never been postively identified but now believed to be Benjamin Strain and died between 1837-1840.
His mother's name is Sarah? Strain, first found in the 1840 Henderson County, TN census. There are two unidentified females listed in her household that are believed to be two more daughters. One could be a Martha Strain, age 22, born in TN, who is living in the household of Thomas Green and his wife in the 1850 Henderson County, TN census.

Sarah & (unknown) Strain’s children were: James (Jimmy) Strain, born 1819 in SC; Dorcas Leonora Strain, born Dec 08, 1829 in TN/SC; Charles T Strain, born May 20, 1832 in TN; Sarah A Strain, born about 1834 in TN.

David Strain, born in South Carolina and first found in the 1840 census is was once believed to be a brother of James (Jimmy) Strain, but now believed to be a cousin

17 Oct 1846 James (Jimmy) Strain married Nancy A Hart. Their children were:
Martha A (Mat) Strain; William Strain; Charles Thomas (Charlie) Strain; Sarah A Strain; James W Strain; Mary F Strain; Emaline Cassandra (Cassie) Strain; John Calvin Strain; Joseph Edward (Joe) Strain; Nancie A (Nan) Strain; Felix (Feak) Jefferson Strain.

On September 1, 1850 James (Jimmy) Strain received a land grant (Grant No. 11503) of 142 & 144/160 acres in the W District of Henderson County, TN (Tennessee Land Grants).

Jimmy lost two daughters in 1859 due to Scarlet Fever according to the 1860 Henderson County, TN Mortality Schedule. Sarah A. Strain, born September 20, 1854, died October 1, 1859 and Mary F. Strain, born November 22, 1858, died in December 1859.

Brother Charles T. moved to Obion County, TN after he and Mary Jane married. Records show that Charles T. served in the Confederate Army as a private from April 1863 to August 1864. His post office address at time of discharge was listed as Elbridge, Obion County, TN.

Between 1850-1860 David Strain moved to Madison County.

James (Jimmy's) son, James, died June 2, 1862.

It is believed that Jimmy's sister Sarah A. (Strain) Armstrong died Sep 18, 1865.

On November 9, 1878 James (Jimmy) & Nancy Strain sold a track of land containing seventy-five acres for Five Hundred Dollars to J. L. Brooks.

It is believed that James (Jimmy) left for Texas shortly after the sale of his land with wife Nancy, and children Martha A (Mat), Emaline Cassandra (Cassie), John Carrol, Joseph Edward, Nancy A (Nan) and Felix (Feak) Jefferson. They settled in either Van Zandt or Kaufman County, TX, near Terrell. Jimmy and his family would live here for approximately one year. Jimmy's wife, Nancy A. Hart, died after arriving in Kaufman or Van Zandt County and is buried close to Terrell. The location of her grave remains unknown.

His son Charles T, wife Margaret A. & daughter, Dora would later moved to Bowie County, Texas between 1884 and 1889.

Jimmy's sister Lenora Taylor remained in Henderson County, his brother Charles T. in Obion County and his possible brother, David, in Madison County.

It is believed that Sarah D., James (Jimmy’s) mother, died before he left for Texas.

In 1879 Jimmy once again picked up roots and to Bowie County, TX.

Arriving in Oak Grove, Bowie County, TX Jimmy purchased 960 acres on Dec 12, 1879 and married Mandy Jordan, living here until his death. They had no children.

Jimmy died in 1895 and according to a grandson, James Wesley (Jim) Strain; Jimmy is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, eight miles north of Oak Grove, in an unmarked grave.

A deed of sale has been located which gives a descrip

Family Photos

  • The Raffle. Family Reunion (59 KB)
    Everyone joins in the fun during the raffle.
  • Deed of Sale for James (Jimmy) Strain (2727 KB)
    This deed shows the location of James (Jimmy) Strain's property in Henderson County, TN and the ate of sale which ws November 9, 1878.
  • Peggy Strain (26 KB)
    While undergoing treatment for cancer from June 2000 to July 2001.
  • Roger & Peggy Strain (30 KB)
    50th Wedding Anniversery May 11, 2006
  • Charles E (Chili) Nobles (85 KB)
    This picture apeared in Saturday Evening Post on September 2, 1962. Charles E (Chili) Nobles was the great-grandnephew if James (Jimmy) Strain
  • Sarah Bell (Sally) Davis Strain 1866 - 1908 (82 KB)
    Mother of Sidney Tolbert (Tollie) Strain, Sr
  • Royal (Pop) Nobles (30 KB)
    This was the dedication page in the 1937 Galleon, PJC yearbook. Royal (Pop) Nobles was the grandnephew of James (Jimmy) Strain
  • John Cavin Strain 1862 - 1908 (77 KB)
    Father of Sidney Tolbert (Tollie) Strain, Sr
  • The Ladyman family (54 KB)
    All but Thomas & John who were not yet born. William H Ladyman; Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gully; Albert R Ladyman - 03 Feb 1881; James E (Jim) Ladyman - 22 Feb 1883; Frank Ladyman - Abt. 1885; Lilly Ladyman - Abt. 1887; Minnie Ladyman - Abt. 1889; Laura Bell Ladyman - 01 Mar 1891; Mary Annie (Corarenz) Ladyman - 15 Apr 1895; Thomas Griffis Ladyman - 17 Nov 1899; John H Ladyman - 07 Dec 1901
  • John Wesley Davis 1841 - 1901 (288 KB)
    Father of Sarah Bell (Sally) Davis Strain
  • Bobby & Marlene Cox (35 KB)
    At their home in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Mary Walsh Rainey (17 KB)
    Second wife of Robert Granderson Rainey
  • Marlene, Peggy, Bobby (21 KB)
    At Bobby & Marlena Cox's home in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO. Bobby is the brother of Peggy Cox Strain, wife of Roger C Strain, Sr.
  • Robert Granderson Rainey (24 KB)
    G-grandfather of Roger C Strain, Sr
  • Sybil Allgood Stewart (12 KB)
    Sybil is wearing the pants & boots she gave to Charline Strain in 1943.
  • The Paris Methodist-Episcopal Church South" (102 KB)
    This church was formed by Robert Granderson Rainey, g-grandfather of Roger C Strain, Sr in 1896 in Paris, TX
  • Wilma June Strain Thomas (R) Gloria Whitley (L) (142 KB)
    These two Grannies were lonely Granbury, TX widows when they decided to open a restaurant and start hugging every customer. Hugs & refills were always free. They wound up on NBC's Today Show and in Texas Monthly magazine, not only for their cooking but also for their hands-on style. Wilma June Strain was the daughter of William Sampson (Will) (Pap's) Strain and granddaughter of James (Jimmy) Strain.
  • Nancie Almethie (Allie) Strain (5 KB)
    Nancie Almethie (Allie) Strain was the daughter of John C Strain and granddaughter of James (Jimmy) Strain. Year unknown.
  • George Elmer & Minnie Pearl Martin Strain (25 KB)
    George Elmer was the son of John C Strain & grandson of James (Jimmyu) Strain.
  • Roger Strain Clan 2008 (56 KB)
    Family picture
  • Tommy J Strain (25 KB)
    While in the Army
  • Charles & Narcissus Jane (Jarvis) Starkey Rainey (26 KB)
    Roger Strain's Maternal grandfather & grandmother
  • Tommy J Strain (25 KB)
    Tommy J Strain, actually spelled "Tommie" while serving in the Army
  • Rev Robert Granderson Rainey (24 KB)
    Maternal G-Grandfather of Roger C Strain SR
  • Frank Stubbs (25 KB)
    One-half brother of Churchman (Church) Davis. His mother was Prudence Jane Wright Stubbs Davis.
  • Mary Walsh Rainey (17 KB)
    Maternal G-grandmother of Roger C Strain Sr
  • Guest Sawmill (46 KB)
    In 1906 John Calvin Strain moved from Fullbright, Red River County, TX to Rufe, Mc Curtain County, OK where he worked at the Guest Sawmill owned by Isaac Guest.
  • Tommy & Jean Strain (19 KB)
    Tommy and first wife, Johnnie Jean Hinsley
  • First Grand Jury in Mc Curtain County, Oklahoma (72 KB)
    Isaac Guest & J P Mabery are both connected to the Strain Family. John Calvin Strain worked for Isaac Guest at the Guest Sawmill near Rufe, OK in 1906
  • Tommy & Mary Jo (42 KB)
    Tommy and second wife, Mary Jo Holley
  • Rada Mae Strain Madox (10 KB)
    Daughter of Charles Thomas (Charlie) & L E Margaret A (Lizzie) Boyd Strain
  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Washington, DC (51 KB)
    James Paul (Jimmy) Strain's name appears on the The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Washington, DC.
  • Charles Thmas & Margaret (Lizzie) Boyd (43 KB)
    Charles Thomas & wife, L E Margaret A (Lizzie) Boyd and sons John, & William and daughters Nora & Rada.
  • James Paul (Jimmy) Strain (36 KB)
    Son of Sidney William & Etta Pauline Tarver Strain. James Paul was killed in Quang Nam Province, Republic of Vietnam.
  • Dovie Mae Strain (15 KB)
    Dovey Mae Strain with parents Noel & Sarah Lockhart Strain.
  • Virginia (Jennie) Davis (33 KB)
    Daughter of John Wesley & Nancy Abigail (Susenia) Harman Davis.
  • Julia Mapp Strain (31 KB)
    Julia with daughter Geneva and son Boy
  • Charles & Sarah Strain Gamble (60 KB)
    Daughter of James (Jimmy) Strain
  • Felix Julia Strain and son Boy (24 KB)
    Felix Julia Strain and son Boy
  • Willian and Nancie "Nan" Strain Young (81 KB)
    Nancie is the daughter of James (Jimmy) Strain
  • James "Jimmy" Strain 1819-1895 (44 KB)
    James is as far back as I have been able to trace the Strain history because I have been unable to identify his father but it is now believed that his father's name is Benjamin Strain.
  • Strain Crest (24 KB)
    Strain Coat-of-Arms
  • Virginia (Jennie) Davis (33 KB)
    Daughter of John Wesley & Nancy Abigail (Susenia) Harman Davis.
  • Roger & Peggy Strain (48 KB)
    December 2001
  • Virginia (Jennie) Davis (59 KB)
    Daughter of John Wesley & Nancy Abigail (Susenia) Harman Davis.
  • Jewel Cox (43 KB)
    Mother of Peggy Cox Strain
  • Patrica Cox (17 KB)
    Sister of Peggy Cox Strain
  • Kathleen in the front with Lee Herd and Effie Ches (51 KB)
  • Celsius Putnam Bodwell, Sr - Texas Ranger (4 KB)
    C P Bodwell was the husband of Emaline Cassandra (Cassie) Strain, daughter of James (Jimmy) Strain.
  • Kathleen in the front with Lee Herd and Effie Ches (51 KB)
    Kathleen in the front with Lee Herd and Effie Chesshire
  • Grave of C P Bodwell - Texas Ranger (85 KB)
    Pruitt Lake Cemetery, Cass County, TX
  • Wanda Chesshir - Roger Strain - Evelyn Geraldine G (18 KB)
    Wanda Chesshir - Roger Strain - Evelyn Geraldine Goad eho were all friends from Swink, OK
  • Amandy (Mandy) Bradford Jordan Lawler Strain (10 KB)
    This is the second wife of James (Jimmy) Strain.
  • Weeford - Willie - Ocie Chesshir & Kate Talley (65 KB)
    Ocie is the son of Leeford & Willie. Leeford & Willie raised Kate but am not sure why. Kate's father & mother is Hub & Myrtle Talley.
  • George & Nancy Lordan Brooks & son John (14 KB)
    Nancy Jordan Brooks is the daughter of James (Jimmy) Strain's second, wife Amanda (Mandy)Bradford Jordan.
  • Leeford & Willie Martin Chesshir (29 KB)
    Leeford & Willie Chesshir at Swink, OK
  • John Gordon Strain (33 KB)
    John Gordon Strain, son of Sidney Tolbert (Tollie) Strain while serving as Deputy Grand Master in 1978.
  • "The Music Makers" (1189 KB)
    Churchman (Church) Davis, left, & James Wesley (Jim) Strain, right, picking a tune. Church Davis and Jim Strain were 1/2 nephews.
  • Beavers Bend 1 Family Reunion (38 KB)
    Enjoying breakfast. Family Reunion
  • Roger Strain's home (41 KB)
    This is the house here Roger lived from 1949-1954. This is also where his parents lived when he first brought his future wife, Peggy Cox, to meet them.
  • Crucifer, TN (26 KB)
    This the hometown of Jimmy. He has a sister & her husband buried at New Beech and a brother-in law buried at NEBO.
  • Beavers Bend 3. Family Reunion (41 KB)
    View of the River
  • Joseph Edward (Joe) Strain (37 KB)
    Joseph Strain, son of James (Jimmy) Strain
  • Felix Julia Strain and son believed to be Boy (24 KB)
    Felix on the left, Julia center and believed to be their son, Boy Strain on the right.
  • Beavers Bend 2. Family Reunion (583 KB)
    Enjoying a game of volleyball and working up an appetite for lunch.
  • Lindsey Michelle Greenwell, (50 KB)
    Lindsey Michelle Greenwell, daughter of Glenn Martin Greenwell and Barbra Jean Strain, 2nd great-granddaughter of James (Jimmy) Strain, was born with Spina Bifida. In 1985 at age 3 she became a poster girl for the Piney Woods Chapter of the March of Dimes in Texarkana, Red River County, TX..
  • Pig Roast 2003 Family Reunion (83 KB)
    Our first reunion pig roast and a good time was had by all.
  • Angel Fire New Mexico (23 KB)
    Vietnam Vetrans National Memorial, Angel Fire, New Mexico
  • Angel Fire New Mexico (24 KB)
    The page displaying the picture and Citation for James Paul (Jimmy) Strain, died 09 Feb 1968 in South Vietman from Hostile Fire
  • Cool Springs Methodist Church - Madison County, TN (94 KB)
    COOL SPRINGS METHODIST CHURCH This is the approximate site of the Cool Springs Methodist church referred to in his handwritten diary dated March 1900, just a month before his death in April 1900.where Robert Granderson Rainey, great-grandfather of Roger C Strain, was converted and joined the church on Sep 8, 1844. It is located near Pinson, Madison County, TN. COOL SPRINGS CHURCH Roger C. Strain visited the site of the COOL SPRINGS CHURCH, which no longer exists, in June 2002. It was located on land then owned by the widow of Mr. Joe F. Cain. She lives at 2400 Bear Creek Rd, Pinson, Madison County, TN 38366; Phone # 731-988-5316. The church sat is on a hill about 1/4 mile behind Mrs. Cain's house. Mrs. Cain told me that she remembers as a child; she played on the roof of the old church after it fell in. There is also an old cemetery, which is very grown-up at the church site. I have been told the cemetery was known as the Johnson Cemetery but it could have been called the Cool Springs Cemetery. The site of the COOL SPRINGS CHURCH is 4.9 miles by present day road and about 3 miles, as the crow flies, from the site of the PLEASANT HILL CEMETERY where Robert Granderson Rainey’s first wife, Terry Butler, is buried.
  • River View Ferry (20 KB)
    RIVER VIEW FERRY which Joseph Edward (Joe) Strain, son of James (Jimmy) Strain, operated for several years. This is the ferryboat that Joe was murdered on, Abt 1 December 1920, supposedly because he had reported some boot-legers to the local sheriff. The ferry was located in northeast corner of Red Rover County, TX, nine miles southeast of Byarly on Red River. An early boat stop and crossing, it was called Harris Ferry for the man who operated the ferry in the late 1870's. It was renamed River View in 1912.
  • Strain Hotel (15 KB)
    Norman Strain owned and operated this hotel for a while. It was located in Granbury, Hood County, TX

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  • The Attic (331 KB)
    The life of Roger C Strain, Sr. as he remembers it.

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