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Ancestors of Odile Rosanna Provost

      358. Martin La Bastille741,742. He married 359. Anne Rubufez.

      359. Anne Rubufez742.
Child of Martin La Bastille and Anne Rubufez is:
  179 i.   Rene La Bastille, born 1649 in St. Severin, Paris France; married Rene Gautier dit la Rose April 11, 1669 in St. Famille, l'le d-Orleans, Quebec, Canada.

      360. Michel Godbout742, born in Berneval-le-grand, near Dieppe, Normandie, France743,744. He married 361. Collette Caron.

      361. Collette Caron744.
Child of Michel Godbout and Collette Caron is:
  180 i.   NicholasGodbout, Sr., born May 18, 1635 in Dieppe, Rouen, Norrmandie, France; died September 05, 1674 in Hotel-Dieu, Quebec; married Marie-Marthe Bourgoin January 09, 1661/62 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

      362. Jean Bourgoin745,746, born Abt. 1600 in St. Louis, Notre Dame, Paris, Ild de France, France747,748; died Aft. January 09, 1661/62 in St. Louis, Notre Dame, Paris748. He married 363. Marie LeFebvre Abt. 1620748.

      363. Marie LeFebvre748.
Child of Jean Bourgoin and Marie LeFebvre is:
  181 i.   Marie-Marthe Bourgoin, born Abt. 1638 in Ile d'St. Louis, Notre Dame, Paris, France; died 1682 in Hotel-Dieu, Quebec; married NicholasGodbout, Sr. January 09, 1661/62 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

      364. Noel Lemelin749,750, born in Chartres, Orleans, France751,752. He married 365. Francoise Melaine.

      365. Francoise Melaine752.
Child of Noel Lemelin and Francoise Melaine is:
  182 i.   Jean Lemelin, married Marguerite Brassard March 04, 1657/58 in Quebec , Canada.

      366. Antoine Brassard753,754, born in Normandie, France755,756. He married 367. Francoise Mery January 14, 1636/37 in Quebec , Canada756.

      367. Francoise Mery756.
Child of Antoine Brassard and Francoise Mery is:
  183 i.   Marguerite Brassard, married Jean Lemelin March 04, 1657/58 in Quebec , Canada.

      370. Isaac Lamy757,758, born Abt. 1620 in France758.
Child of Isaac Lamy is:
  185 i.   Marie Lamy, born 1653 in Origine, Incommue, Xainte, FR; died May 15, 1733 in Stours, Richelieu, Canada; married Francois Chevrefils March 18, 1670/71 in Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.

      372. Andre Palliard759,760, born in Bersac, Haute Vienne, France760. He married 373. Catherine Geoffroy.

      373. Catherine Geoffroy760.
Child of Andre Palliard and Catherine Geoffroy is:
  186 i.   Leonard Palliart, born 1647 in Bersac, Haute Vienne, France; died in Bersac, Haute Vienne, France; married Louise-Marie Vachon June 24, 1678 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

      374. Paul Vachon dit Pomerleau761,762,763, born 1630 in Copechagniere, Poitou, Vendee, France764,765; died September 25, 1703 in Beauport, Quebec766,767,768. He was the son of 748. Vincent Vachon dit Pomerleau and 749. Sapience Vateau. He married 375. Marguerite Langlois October 22, 1653 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada769,770,771,772,773.

      375. Marguerite Langlois774,775,776,777,778, born September 03, 1639 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada779,780; died September 24, 1697 in Beaufort, Quebec, Canada781,782. She was the daughter of 354. Noel Langlois and 355. Francoise Grenier.

Notes for Paul Vachon dit Pomerleau:
[august cantin.ged.FTW]


Paul Vachon, born about 1630, son of Vincent Vachon and of Sapience Vateau,
was a native of LaCopechagniere, a town in the Department of the Vendee,
Arrondissement of La Roche-sur-Yon, Canton of Saint-Fulgent, Diocese of Lucon,
in the ancient French Province of Poitou. Paul made the crossing to Canada in
1650 at the age of about 20 years. On October 22, 1653 he married Marguerite
Langlois at Quebec. This young country girl, a native of Beauport, was
baptized at the Chapel of Quebec, the only one in the region at that time, by
the Reverend Father Nicholas Adam, S.J., on September 1639. Marguerite
Aubert, the wife of Martin Grouvel, was her godmother. This 14 year-old
fiancee, from a dignified family of New France, that of Noel Langlois and of
Francoise Garnier, had lived in the region of Quebec since the spring of 1634.
Paul Vacohon certainly had an extraordinary education, as wer shall come to
see later. However, his handwriting, even after three centuries, always gives
his readers cause for suffering!


Paul Vachon had many different trades it would seem one of which was masonry.
In 1654, in company with Mathurine Roy, he built the chapel and some sick
wards on the Hotel-Dieu of Quebec, whose first stone was laid by the Governor-
General Jean-de-Lauzon.
On June 14, 1665, the Seigneur Giffard gave Vachon a concession in the town of
Fargy in the Seigneury of Beauport. The are of this first concession was
doubled 9 years later on December 29, 1664. Paul Vachon always gave special
attention to his farm. In 1666, Michel Aubin, 22 years old, was his
indentured servant. At the census of the following year, Paul owned 7 head of
cattle and 20 arpents of cleared land. Fourteen years later, another census
noted 35 arpents in use, 13 cattle, 1 pistol, 2 guns and a 61 year old
domestic named Pierre in his service. Moreover, Vachon had obtained from
Charles de-Lauzon-Charney, the 12th of August 1660 a bit of land with 4
arpents of frontage in the parish of Saint-Pierre, I.O. Thomas Le Seuer was
his trusted farmer on the spot; Maurice Crepeau and Charles Courtois his good
neighbors. Paul sold this farm on Sept 14, 1678 to Denis Roberge who gave it
up on Nov 21, 1679.
If Paul Vachon needed the help of hired hands on his farms, it was because his
other work required it. The princeipal profession of Vachon was that of
Seigneurial notary. One of his descendants, Andre Vachon, historian, found an
act of 23 October 1655 in the Archives of the Sovereign Council, making
reference to the title of Notaryof Notre-Dame-des-Anges. The second piece
known to have been by Vachon, carried a date of March 24, 1658, entitled as
follows: "Concession of Jesuits to Francois Truffe dit Rotot." About that
time Paul was "Prcurer-Fiscal" of the Seigneuries of Lirec and the Ile of
Orleans, Secretary to Charles de Lauzon and Recordkeeper for the Seigneuries
of Beauport and Notre-Dame-des-Anges, nearby Quebec. Then on November 10,
1667, Monseigneur de Laval named him "Procurer-Fiscal" and Notary in the
Seigneuries of Beauport and Isle of Orleans; functions that he concientiously
carried out until he retired in 1693. His last contract, signed on November 2
was simply titled: "Transaction of Michel Giroux and of Jean-Paschal Prevost."

Paul and Marguerite had 12 children: 5 boys and 7 girls. The first 8 had
their baptisms registered at Notre-Dame of Quebec, 3 of hwom had been baptized
at the little chapel in Beauport: Louise, born May 25, 1662 and baptized May
28, 1662 by M. Charles de Lauzon, Sieur de Charney; Charlotte, born September
12, 1666 and baptized September 18, 1666 by the Abbot Louis Angro; Pierre,
baptized in the chapel of Beauport by Guillaume Mathieu, S.J., on May 31,
1671. The baptismal records for the last four children are at Beauport.

Marguerite, Louise, Madeleine and Francois married respectively to J. -R.
Duprac, Leonard Paillard, Raphael Giroux, Jean de Espinay. As for Charlotte,
we know only that she was still living in 1681. Vincent, Noel and Pierre
married into the families Cadieux, Giroux, and Soulard. All these marriages
were celebrated at Beauport.
The eldest of the family, Paul junior, was one of the first priests born in
Canadian soil. Native of Beauport, and conditionally baptized at the house by
Jean Creste, then officially baptized at Quebec on November 9, 1656 by joseph
Poncet, S.J., Paul pursued his studies at the Seminary of Quebec. He was
raised to the dignaty of a priest by Mgr de Laval on december 21, 1680.
Father Vachon served the South Coast as far as Cap-Saint-Ignace in 1683, and
the North Coast from the Grondines to Batascan. He was named Canon of the
Quebec Chapter in 1684. In 1692 he served as Cure of Cap-de-la-Madeleine.
The church of this three rivers parish, today a center for pilgrimiges, was
constructed under his direction in 1717. Canon Vachon died on March 7, 1729
and was buried in the sanctuary of the church of the Cape. They exhumed his
body in 1895, only to find him perfectly conserved.
Most of the descendants of our Ancestor Paul Vachol are evidently known under
the name of de Vachon. We find them most numerous today in the Beauce. The
family branches stemming from the son Noel often have adopted the surname
Pomerleau; those of the line from son Vincent sign themselves dit Laminee. A
few even use the name Desfourechettes.
As for eminent descendants, it is enough for us to mention the prestigious
name of Alexander Vachon, born of Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf on August 16, 1886
from the marriage of J. Alexander Vachon and of Marie Davidson. He was a
Laureate of Harvard University, Archbishop of Ottawa, and organizer of the
famous Marian Congress of 1948.
In the year 1981 the diocese of Quebec received a new Archbishop, His
Excellency Monseigneur Louis-Albert Vachon born at Saint-Frederic de Beauce on
February 4, 1912. Son of Napoleon Vachon and of Alexandrine Gilbert, he is of
the 9th generation. Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Laval University,
Superior of the Grand Seminary, Recotr of the University of Laval, Auxiliary
to his eminence Maurice Roy in 1977; such are the important qualifications
that he brings to Quebec, the oldest Episcopal see in North America, except
for that of Mexico.

If the "Spanish grippe" left a sad souvenir among our ancestors, one could say
that the medicine of 1700 was even more useless in the face of those
epidemics, the worst of all sorts.
Between 1699 and 1703, the Vachon family was hit full force with the mortality
of man. Noel Vachon, the husband of Monique Giroux, father of the fruitful
son, died at the hospital of Quebec in the midst of the beautiful summer of
1699. February 28, 1702, Guillaume Vachon, a 20 year old bachelor was buried
at Beauport. Then, in 1703 there were four burials: Pierre on January 17; M.
Madeleine on February 18; Marguerite, the eldest of the girls, on June 24th.
We have to add with sadness that on the next day June 25, our ancestor Paul
Vachon, widower of Marguerite Langlois since Sept 25, 1697, died in his turn
after having seen three of his children put in their graves. One might well
ask, "What was this terrible sickness that in the single year of 1703, in the
space of 6 months, decimated their family?"
The chronicles of the Ursulines provide us with the opportunity to do the
precise research necessary to understand the history of these plagues. "In
the winter of 1700-1701, there was an illness among the people of Quebec which
had some strange symptoms. The sickness came on with a bad cold, soon
augmented by a high fever followed by pains in the sides, after which it
carried the people away in a few days..." M. de Bernieres, doyen of the
Cathederal Choir died on December 4, 1700. "By the end of November
(1702-1703), the sickness began in the city. It had been brought here by
savage from the frontier. It was a kind of emasles, accompanied by facial
marks, and in less than two months, more than 1500 were ill and between 300
and 400 died." It seems that this epidemic struck down a fourth of the
population of Quebec.
There is not any doubt that the last four victims of the Vachon, including our
ancestor himself, were laid low by this species of emasles. They say that the
following year the same pestilence happened in Louisiana.
such is, in brief, the beautiful story of Ancestor Paul Vachon and his wife
Marguerite Langlois who well might deserve the little momument, or at least a
commemmorative plaque, somewhere in Beauport.

listed as 24 Jun 1703

More About Marguerite Langlois:
Burial: September 25, 1697, Beaufort, Quebec, Canada783,784
Children of Paul Pomerleau and Marguerite Langlois are:
  i.   Marie-Madeleine Vachon785,786, born August 15, 1644 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada786; died September 26, 1715 in Beauport, Quebec786; married Raphael Giroux November 26, 1681 in Beauport, Quebec787,788; born June 21, 1656 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada788; died February 11, 1714/15 in Beauport, Quebec788.
  ii.   Vincent Vachon dit Laminne788, born February 1659/60 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada789,790; died December 03, 1716 in Beaufort, Quebec, Canada791,792
  More About Vincent Vachon dit Laminne:
Baptism: February 19, 1659/60, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada792
Burial: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada793,794

  187 iii.   Louise-Marie Vachon, born May 25, 1662 in Beaufort, Quebec, Canada; married Leonard Palliart June 24, 1678 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

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