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View Tree for Merrill CollierMerrill Collier (b. May 10, 1782, d. June 02, 1855)

Merrill Collier (son of John Jeremiah Collier and Sarah Ann Wood) was born May 10, 1782 in Randolph Co., NC, and died June 02, 1855 in Panthersville, Dekalb Co., GA. He married (1) Patsy Burton on September 22, 1807 in Jackson Co., GA. He married (2) Elizabeth Ward on November 20, 1813 in Jackson Co., GA.

 Includes NotesNotes for Merrill Collier:
Birth and Death Source: Al Collier
Al Collier's Main Page

Notes taken from Al Collier
"Both "Meril" and Meredith were listed on the 1820 Census in Gwinnett, Co., GA"

"Two brothers, Merrill and Meredith Collier, removed to Fulton County, Georgia, about eight or ninety years ago an there purchased a large amount of land, upon which a great part of the city of Atlanta now stands." - Tennessee The Volunteer State Vol 4, Page 239.

After coming from N.C., Merrell married and settled on South River. His first wife name is Unknown but they had 2 children as far as we can determine.
Thomas Collier Born 1798 Died before 1896.
Martha Washington Collier Born 1806.

There seems to be some discrepancies as to birth dates of Thomas and Martha and to marriage of Merrell and 1st wife and moving to GA but it follows the rest of the history of Merrill.

This is a several sheet report of the will of Merrill Collier. I believe this was done in part or at the request of Bertha Raulston - she wrote the "Notes about John Newton" at the end of the will. The copy I have was given to William Elmer Collier, my grandfather, but I have no idea when it was actually done. I have scanned it into text format, but have left the mistakes and typographical errors in tact.

There are some mistakes in the report, including the following:

(1) Amy Mosely's father was not a member of the House of Burgess - her name is actually - Amey Moseley. In the will it is claimed that Edward Moseley was elected (or appointed) to that group, but it was in fact Arthur Moseley born about 1636 and came here from Holland who was in that government body.

(2) There is a reference (page 4) - " Martha Washington, daughter of Merrell Collier and his 1st wife. Married 1822 on Sept. 13, to Benjamin Franklin Lakey (spelled Lokey in Merrill's will). " In truth this appears to be a mixing of two different family names. Benjamin Franklin Lakey's correct name may have been Lakey, Lokey, or Lokey. BUT Merrill's first wife Lokie Williamson died in childbirth with the twins. He then married his cousin Malinda. The first name of Lokie may have been what con fussed the name in the will where Merrell's second wife's last name was Lakey - but spelled as Lokie. He could be that when the will was written he mixed up the names and or the selling.

-Cover Page-

Merrill Collier, of Dekalb County, Ga made his will on Nov. 29, 1854.
It was probated July 2, 1855.
Elizabeth Collier, Wife ,Executrix.
William Ezzard, Executor.
Lochlin Johnson
David S.M. Boring
Nathan Turner

Children named in will:
Martha W. Loky
Malinda P. Collier
Charlotte Hulsey
Jane B. Lofton
Margaret E. Brantley
Nancy W. Cook
John and Wm. E. Collier, grandsons and sons of Merrill Collier's deceased son, Henry G. Collier, who died in 1850.

Atlanta Historical Society
Post Office Box 1243
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Attn: Franklin M. Garrett
(He only does Fulton and De Kalb Counties)

-Page 2-


Did not trace any further back so do not know anything about Jospeh and Amy except Amy's Father was probably a member of The House of Burgess.

Joseph Collier
Amy Mosely Collier - 2 Children-twins
Meredith Collier - Born 1782 - Died 1863
Merrell Collier - Born 1782 - Died 1855

Meredith and Merrell were born in Randolph County, N.C. May 10, 1782 and together came to Georgia after the marriage of Meredith in 1806, Elizabeth Gray, wife of Meredith, was born in Wilkes County, N.C. Dec. 13,1786. They were Married in N.C. Dec. 25, 1806. The same year they started to Ga. on horseback accomplished by Merrill, and upon arrival settled in what later became Gwinnett~County. They had 15 Children.

Edwin Born Nov. 17, 1807
Nancy" Dec. 24, 1808
Merrell"Mar. 10, 1810
Sarah"Dec. 21, 1811
Geo. Washington Born Nov. 29,1813
John Born May 6, 1815
Aaron " Feb. 7, 1817
Francis Marion Born Oct. 1, 1820
James Madison" June 6, 182~

When James was 6 months old the family moved to Dekalb County and settled on Peachtree Creek, in territory that later became Fulton County. Here were born the other 5 children.

Wesley Gray Born Jan. 1824
Elizabeth " Nov. 8, 1825
Andrew Jackson " July 11, 1827
Mary Ann " Feb. 15, 1829
Meredith " April 30, 1831

Meredith Collier died in Fulton County Feb. 28, 1863 and his wife Elizabeth Grey Collier died in the same place Aug. 2, 1876.

-Page 3-

After coming from N.C. Merrell married and settled on South River. His first wife's name is unknown but they had 2 children as far as we can determine.

Thomas Collier Born 1798 Died before 1896.
Martha Washington Collier Born 1806

There seems to be some discrepancies as to birth dates of Thomas and Martha and to marriage of Merrell and 1st wife. In politics Merrell was a Whig, while Meredith was a democrat. They had many friendly political arguments. After the death of his first wife Merrell married Elizabeth Ward, and had 5 daughters and 1 son.

1-Charlotte 2-Malinda 3-Jane 4-Margaret 5-Nancy 6-Dr. Henry Collier.

Thomas Collier married Sarah (Sally) Morris in 1817. The had 11 children,
1- Merrell born 1818, died 1887 in Albertsville, AL
2- Baby Collier born 1821
3-Baby Collier born 1824
4- Jesse Wilburn born 1828
5- Thomas Esquine born 1831
6- Elizabeth born 1832
7- Bonzilla born 1835
8- Martha Jane born 1840
9- Nancy Hilinda born 1842
10- Sonnie born 1844
11-Adaline M. born 1846

-Page 4-

Martha Washington Collier, daughter of Merrell Collier and his 1st wife. Married 1822 on Sept. 13, to Benjamin Franklin Lakey (spelled Loky in Merrill's will) They had 14 children.
1- John Merrell
2- Francis Marrion
3- Virginia
5- Newton
> twins
6- Newman
7- Baby
8- Malinda Caroline
9- Jesse
11- Meredith
12- Martha Elizabeth
13- Sarah Jane
14- Robert Russell

Merrell Collier, son of Thomas and Sarah Collier married first a Miss Williamson, 4 children.
1- Nancy C. (Babe) Born 1840
2- Sarah J, Born 1842
3- Francis T, Born 1846 (twins)
4- James T, Born 1846 (twins)

When Merrell's wife died, (probably in childbirth of the twins) he married his cousin, Malinda Caroline Lakey (Loky) in Benton, Alabama, August 6, 1846. They had 9 children.
1- William born 1848
2- S. F. (Zudie) born 1851
3- Jesse Wilburn born 1853
4- John Newton Born 1855 Died Sept 25, 1929
5- Martha E. born 1858
6- Jefferson Davis born 1862
7- Malissa Arminda born 1864
8- Messurgh born 1866
9- Henry Clay born 1869

John Newton Collier, son of Merrell and Malinda Caroline Collier. John Newton married Loucinda Jane Warneck Feb 22, 1871. He was only 16 and she 17, but their marriage lasted until her death July 14, 1904. They had 11 children:
1- Lindsay Born Dec. 1871 Died ?? ( Santa Rosa, CA)
2- Thomas (Tom) Jan. 13, 1873 Died July 9, 1959
3- Robert Burton Dec. 30, 1874 Died June 30, 1889

-Page 5-

4- John Wilburn Born Aug. 27, 1876 Died Dec. 23, 1944
5- Amanda Born Nov7, 1878 Died Apr. 16, 1960
6- Frances M. J. (Fannie) Born Nov. 12, 1880 Died Dec. 25, 1950
7- William Albert Born Feb. 9, 1883 Died ?? 1906
8- Alice Born Apr. 6, 1887 Died???
9- Henry David Born Feb, 2, 1887 Died Jan. 26,1960
10- Lilly Ida Born May 8, 1890 Died Feb. 28, 1965
11- Nancy LOU Ada Born Apr. 12, 1893 Died Nov. ? 1960

1- Lindsay, or Linn as he was called, married Lillian Duffy, Dec. 26, 1889. They had 5 children. 1- Luther, 2- Will, 3- Flora, 4- Ida, 5-
2- Thomas, (Tom) married Ellen ? 2 children, baby boy, stillborn, 2- Trinty.
3- Robert Burton, Died age 15, Buried in Alabama.
4- John Wilburn married Sadie 1/22/01. 2 children, Albert Newton, 2- William Elmer. (John Wilburn) Married 2nd. Myrtle, who had a daughter, Bessie by previous marriage. John Wilburn buried Lamar Cemetery, Lamar, OK.
5- Amanda (Mandy) Married Tom Henry in 1898. 5 children, 1- Claude 2- Martha Loucinda (Lulu) 3- William Thomas, 4- Verner, 5- Lenzie.
6- Francis Mary Jane (Fannie) Married 1st Allan Allsbury, 1 child, Loucinda Pearl. Married 2nd, Charlie Mann, 6 children, 1- Bennie, 2- Edgar, 3- Pauline, 4- Lorene, 5- Billy, 6- Baby - Died.
7- William Albert, Died age 23, unmarried.
8- Alice, Married Nallie Robertson, 4 children. 1- Clidie, 2- Fred, 3- Berneice, 4- Burley.
9- Henry David (Dave) Married Keller Weems. 5 children. 1- Bertha Lee, 2- Troy, 3- Dillard, 4- William Doy, 5. Juanita.
10- Lilly Ida, Married Jim Wason. 6 children. 1- Beulah May, 2- Mabel Odessa, 3- Bessie Lee, 4- Murl Marland, Burl Bernard (twins) 6- James Wesley.
11- Nancy Lou Ada, Married 1st Esto Mitchell, Child- Curtis. Married 2nd. Hardwicke, 1 child, died age 2.

-Page 6-

Notes about John Newton and Loucinda Collier and their Families

In 1894, when John Newton and Loucinda were ages 39 and 40, left Alabama with their 10 children on a journey to Indian Territory, Okla. They were accompanied by some of his brothers and sisters and their families. His Mother, Malinda Caroline, was also with them. They had 17 wagons loaded with all their worldly goods and their livestock. Mules and horses were used to pull the wagons. The went to Calvin, I. T. and settled at the Bear Community on South Canadian River. They began immediately clearing the fertile, virgin river bottom. The Indians of that area were shy and kept to themselves, not bothering the settlers at all. Some of John Newton's brothers settled in Okfuskee County, in and around Okemah, OK.

As they cleared the land on the So. Canadian they also cut logs to build their homes. At one time they had 5 log cabins on John Newton's land because they built one for each married son or daughter. They had to cross the river to get to Calvin for their supplies. The so. Canadian river was very treacherous because of quicksand and undertows. The sand bars sifted positions daily at times. Rains miles upstream could and did make the sandbars very quickly. Before putting their teams and wagons into the stream someone would walk out and check to see if it was safe.

Some of the stories I was told when I was a child, was told to me by my Grandfather, Henry David Collie, who was never to busy to sit down and talk to me. Also there was my Great-uncle John Wilburn, who would sit in his front porch swing and tell me tales by the hour. Tales of the Civil war, learned from his Father, John Newton. I was only a year and a half when my Great-grandfather died. I would have loved to have known him, but there was Uncle John to keep me entertained for hours.

On July 14, 1904, Loucinda Jane Warneck Collier, John Newton's wife of 3 years, died, leaving at home 2 daughters ages 11 and 14 and a son age 17. She is buried at Spring Creek Cemetery, close to the original homestead, John Newton married Rebecca Willingham Weems later that same year. Rebecca Weems was my maternal great-grandmother.
John Newton died in 1929 and is buried in Spring Creek Cemetery next to his 1st wife, Loucinda.

After John Newton married Rebecca, they moved to Castle, OK where they bought a cotton gin and store, which he ran until 1919.

-Page 6-

In 1904, John's mother Malinda Caroline Collier had been staying with her son Jesse. He was John Newton's brother. During her stay with Jesse she became ill and on June 8, succumbed to her illness.

They lived in Castle, OK near Okemah. It had been raining for days but Jesse and one of his sons started with her body to Bearden, OK. for burial. They reached the banks of Sand Creek and found it overflowing: and impassable to ford. Having no other alternative, Jesse's son traded the horse he was riding and his saddle to an Indian for a track of land there by Sand Creek and there they laid to rest M. C. L. Collier, my Great Grandmother. Today the cemetery is known as Sand Creek Cemetery and her grave is in the south-east corner. There are several other Colliers buried there including my Great Grandmother, Rebecca Weems Collier

Source of Family History: Will Johnson

" From the book: GONE TO GEORGIA: Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and their Neighbors in the Westen Migration, by William C. Stewart, published by the National Genealogical Society, Washington DC. 1965. From page 217: 298, Meril Collier Meril (Merrell) and his twin brother Meredith Collier (No 554) were borne in 1782 in Randolph County, N. C. ( Garrett, Atlanta, v. , 34, et seq) where, in 1779 John Collier lived very near Daniel Merrill as well as William and Jon Merrell in William Millikan's district, suggesting a possible Origin of the Collier's first name; also in this Randolph district were members of the Vickery and Robbins families who moved to South Carolina and then to Jackson County, GA. John was enumerated in Randolph County in 1790 as 12700. The twins are said to have moved to Jackson County before the formation of Gwinnett, and in 1823 the moved to Dekalb County. Merrill and his wife Elizabeth Ward had one son, Dr. Henry G. Collier, who married Miss Wilson and died in 1858; and daughters Charlotte who married Eli J. Hulsey, Margaret who married De. D. F. Brantley, Nancy who married David A. Cook, Laura who married Col. T. J. Flake. Meredith Collier married Eliabeth Gray, lived in Dekalb ( now Fulton) County, was a public official, died Feb. 28, 1863. His 15 Children (born 1807 1831): Edwin G., Nancy (married Green Hesterly, Merrell, Sarah (married Miles Patey and (2nd) Judge John N. Bellinger), George Washington, John, Arron, Francis M., Emily (married Mitchell Evins), James M., Wesley G., Elizabeth (married Haney Liddell), Andrew J., Mary Ann ( married Silas H. Donaldson, and Meredith Jr.
From: Tennessee The Volunteer State, Vol 3 Page 237 Two brothers, Merrill and Meredith Collier, removed to Fulton County, Georgia, about eighty or ninety years ago and there purchased a large amount
of land, upon which a great part of the city of Atlanta now stands. Merrill Collier was the father of Martha Collier, who became the wife of William Thomas Lofton and in honor of the father she named her son James Merrill Lofton. He was graduated from the old Penfield University at Macon, Georgia, now known as Mercer University, and thence went to Philadelphia, where he studied medicine in the Jefferson Medical College, and was graduated with high honors as a member of the class of 1861. Immediately afterward he returned home and enlisted in the Confederate army as a private but was later drafted into the medical department and thus served throughout the war. He was twice sightly injured while discharging his duties in the Medical Corps. Following the close of hostilities he continued in the practice of his profession and also conducted a large cotton plantation in Campbell County, Georgia to the time of his death, which occurred in 1876. It was soon after his graduation from medical college that he wedded Alice J. Ledbetter, a daughter of John J. and Maria (Goodwyn) Ledbetter.

His last will and testament has as executor his wife Elizabeth and also William Ezzard and as witnesses Loklin (sic) Johnson, Nathan Turner, and David S M Boring.

1820 Census Gwinnett Co, Georgia Page 267 Line 3
Collier, Merel White males up to 10-1, White males 26-to45=1, White females up to 10=2, White females 10-to-16=1, White females 29-to-45=1, no slaves
So this should be himself, his wife, Martha about 14, Charlotte and Jane up to 10 and Henry a newborn.

1840 Dekalb Co, Georgia Census
Marell Collier 1 male 15-20 (Henry), 1 male 50-60, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 40-50
(Margaret, Malinda and Nancy provided they were all vain late in life and lied about their age...)"

More About Merrill Collier:
Burial: Unknown, Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, DeKalab, GA.
Census 1: 1820, Gwinnett Co., GA Page 267 Line 3.
Census 2: 1840, Dekalb Co, NC.
Will: November 29, 1854, Dekalb County, GA, William Ezzard and Elizabeth Collier, executors.

More About Merrill Collier and Patsy Burton:
Marriage: September 22, 1807, Jackson Co., GA.

 Includes NotesMarriage Notes for Merrill Collier and Patsy Burton:
Marriage Source: Georgia Marriages to 1850

More About Merrill Collier and Elizabeth Ward:
Marriage: November 20, 1813, Jackson Co., GA.

 Includes NotesMarriage Notes for Merrill Collier and Elizabeth Ward:
Marriage Source: Will Johnson

Children of Merrill Collier and Patsy Burton are:
  1. +Martha Washington Collier, b. 1806, SC, d. June 02, 1855, Calhoun Co, AL.

Children of Merrill Collier and Elizabeth Ward are:
  1. +Charlotte S. Collier, b. July 28, 1814, Dekalb County, GA, d. date unknown.
  2. Jane B. Collier, b. 1819, Gwinett Co., GA, d. date unknown.
  3. +Henry George Collier, b. May 04, 1820, Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA, d. February 01, 1850, Pantersville, Dekalb Co., GA.
  4. +Margaret Elizabeth Collier, b. 1827, Decatur, De Kalab CO., Ga, d. date unknown.
  5. +Malinda P. Collier, b. 1828, Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA, d. date unknown.
  6. +Nancy Williams Collier, b. 1830, Dekalb Co., GA, d. 1900, Atlanta, GA.
  7. Laura Collier, d. date unknown.
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