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Ancestors of Mabel Clare BLOOD

      304. James HARD, born 517. He married 305. Mary WRASKE 24 December 1645 in Clerkenwell, London, England517.

      305. Mary WRASKE, born 517.
Children of James HARD and Mary WRASKE are:
  i.   Elizabeth HARD
  ii.   Rebecca HARD
  iii.   Mary HARD
  iv.   Christopher HARD
  v.   Joseph HARD
  152 vi.   Capt. James HARD (KIDD),Sr., born 1650 in London, England; died Abt. 1757 in Newtown, Fairfield, CT; married Elizabeth TOMLINSON 1694 in Derby, New Haven, CT.

      306. William TOMLINSON, born 1643 in England; died 09 December 1711 in Derby, New Haven, CT. He married 307. Abigail.

      307. Abigail

Notes for William TOMLINSON:
      William TOMLINSON was m. to Abigail, and was accepted at Derby in DEC 1677. Starting in 1678, he was a Selectman for several years. Traditionally, he was the nephew of Henry TOMLINSON of Milford, CT.
Children of William TOMLINSON and Abigail are:
  i.   William TOMLINSON
  ii.   John TOMLINSON
  iii.   Isaac TOMLINSON
  153 iv.   Elizabeth TOMLINSON, born 1677 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT; died in CT; married Capt. James HARD (KIDD),Sr. 1694 in Derby, New Haven, CT.

      308. Major Abraham KIMBERLY, Sr.518, born 1635 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT518; died February 1703/04 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT519. He was the son of 616. Thomas KIMBERLY and 617. Alice ATWOOD. He married 309. Hannah PRESTON Bef. 1655 in England.

      309. Hannah PRESTON, born 1636 in Dorchester, MA. She was the daughter of 618. William PRESTON and 619. Mary SEABROOK.

Notes for Major Abraham KIMBERLY, Sr.:
      Abraham and his wife, Hannah emigrated to New England and lived for a short time in New Haven.Then they moved to Albermarle County, Carolina, where all their children were b. They later returned to Stratford, CT. His wife remarried John CURTIS. On 21 OCT 1701, John BLAKEMAN and Benjamin HARD, sons-in-law of Hannah, conveyed to their brother, Abraham, all rights to Hannah's dwelling house. (Source: Roberts, Gary Boyd, Genealogies of CT Families, NEHGR, Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. ( 1983).
Children of Major Abraham KIMBERLY, Sr. are:
Children of Major KIMBERLY and Hannah PRESTON are:
  i.   Hannah KIMBERLY520, born 11 January 1654/55 in Albemarle, Carolina520
  ii.   Mary KIMBERLY520, born Abt. 25 July 1659 in Albemarle, Carolina521,522
  iii.   Mary KIMBERLY523, born 04 May 1668 in Albemarle, Carolina523
  iv.   Abigail KIMBERLY523, born 1670 in Albemarle, Carolina523; married Ebenezer BLAKEMAN.
  v.   Gideon KIMBERLY, born in Albemarle, Carolina.
  vi.   Sarah KIMBERLY523, born 01 August 1672 in Albemarle, Carolina523
  154 vii.   Abraham KIMBERLY, Jr., born 04 March 1674/75 in Albamarle, Carolina; died Bef. 26 July 1727 in Newtown, Farifield, CT; married Abigail FITCH 11 May 1696 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT.

      310. Thomas FITCH524, born Bet. 1651 - 1652 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; died 17 October 1704 in Wethersfield, Hartford,CT525. He was the son of 620. Sanuel FITCH and 621. Susannah (?) (WHITING). He married 311. Abigail GOODRICH 15 September 1680 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT526.

      311. Abigail GOODRICH, born 05 June 1662 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT526; died 07 November 1684 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT527. She was the daughter of 622. Ensign William GOODRICH, the Elder and 623. Sarah MARVIN.

Notes for Thomas FITCH:
      He was constable DEC 1679, and drew land in 1694 allotment, at Wethersfield. He was rate maker in 1685, schoolmaster in 1699, and leather-sealer in 1702.
      In Wethersfield, Thomas lived on the east side of Broad St., between Church and Fletcher's Lane. When he d., his estate was worth L111-03-00. (Source: "Genealogies and Biographies of Ancient Wethersfield", p. 321and "One Bassett Family in America", p. 341).

  Notes for Abigail GOODRICH:
      Abigail's mother, Sarah (MARVIN) GOODRICH left in her will the following items to her husband:
      L20 silver, a horse, a cow, a bed and furniture, linen, cushions, serge for a cushion, a cubbard cloth, one chest and box, pewter, brass kettle, iron pote, brass kettle, two skillets, a box and headers, and wooden ware. Total was worth L52.
Children of Thomas FITCH and Abigail GOODRICH are:
  155 i.   Abigail FITCH, born 04 March 1681/82 in Wethersfield, CT; died in CT; married Abraham KIMBERLY, Jr. 11 May 1696 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT.
  ii.   Sybil FITCH

      320. Thomas LUCAS, born in ENG528; died 1675 in Killed in King Philip's War529. He was the son of 640. Capt. Thomas LUCAS, Esq. and 641. Anne BIRON.
Child of Thomas LUCAS is:
  160 i.   William LUCAS, born in Colchester, Essex, ENG; died 20 April 1690 in Middletown, CT; married Hester (CORNWALL) CLARK 12 July 1666 in Middletown, CT.

      322. William CORNWALL, born 25 May 1609 in Terling, Essex, ENG530; died 21 February 1677/78 in Middlwtown, CT531. He was the son of 644. William CORNWALL and 645. Margaret HAYWARD. He married 323. Mary BEARSE 02 December 1639 in MA.

      323. Mary BEARSE, born 532. She was the daughter of 646. Austin (Augustine) BEARSE and 647. Mary "Little Dove" HYANNO.

Notes for William CORNWALL:
      William CORNWALL came to MA in 1634, with his wife. Joan. They were members of Rev. John Elliott's church in Roxbury. In 1636, he went with the "Great Removal" to CT, and in 1637, he was one of the 37 soldiers from Hartford to fight against the Pequods. In 1638 he was in Seabrook, and then back to Hartford.
      In a document dated 1648, he was "at present a resident of Hocanum, and Indian village within the boundaries of Hartford." This must have been when he m.Mary BEARSE. In 1651, they went to Middletown, CT. His house was near the landing place by the spring, or at the present corner of Main and Washington Sts .He had 903 acres at Middletown, on both sides of the river. He was representative from Middletown in 1654, 1657, and in 1664-65. He was also constable at Middletown in 1664.
      Besides his 903 acres, he received a grant in 1666 for fighting in the Pequod War. On 10 JUL 1668, he joined the newly organized church at Middletown. In 1670, he was assessed 160 lbs., one of the largest assessments.
      He made out his will on 2 APR 1674. He divided his property among his eight children. (Source: Roberts, Gary Boyd, "Genealogies of CT Families", Vol. I, pp. 645 - 46).

  Notes for Mary BEARSE:
      Mary and her sister, Martha were baptised together 6 MAY 1643. (Source: "Scituate and Barnstable church Records", NEHGR, # 9, (1855).
Children of William CORNWALL and Mary BEARSE are:
  i.   John CORNWALL, born April 1640533
  ii.   William CORNWALL, born 24 June 1641534
  161 iii.   Hester (CORNWALL) CLARK, born May 1650 in Middletown, CT; died 15 April 1690 in Middletown, CT; married (1) CLARK; married (2) William LUCAS 12 July 1666 in Middletown, CT.
  iv.   Jacob CORNWALL, born September 1646534
  v.   Sarah CORNWALL, born October 1647534
  vi.   Thomas CORNWALL, born September 1648534
  vii.   Elizabeth CORNWALL, born January 1651/52534

      324. Sir Phillip LEEK, Kt.535, born 1611 in Leake, ENG536; died May 1676 in New Haven, CT537. He married 325. Joan ACLEY Abt. 1656 in New Haven, CT.

      325. Joan ACLEY, born Abt. 1620 in ENG; died in New Haven, CT. She was the daughter of 650. Nicholas ACLEY.

Notes for Sir Phillip LEEK, Kt.:
      Philip was Corp. in the New Haven Train Band as of MAR 1645, but resigned MAY 1652. (SOURCE: Jacobus, "List of Officials...p, 32).
Children of Sir LEEK and Joan ACLEY are:
  i.   Phillip LEEK, born 26 August 1648538
  ii.   Eleazer LEEK, born 12 September 1647538
  162 iii.   Thomas LEEK, born 21 January 1647/48 in New Haven, CT; died 1719 in New Haven, CT; married Sarah HITCHISON in New Haven, CT.
  iv.   Mary LEEK, born 16 June 1641538
  v.   Joanna LEEK, born 28 March 1658538

      328. Josiah COOKE539, born Abt. 1643 in Eastham or Plymouth, MA539; died 31 January 1731/32 in Eastham , MA540,541. He was the son of 656. Josias(Joshua) COOKE, Sr. and 657. Elizabeth (RING) DEANE. He married 329. Deborah HOPKINS 27 July 1668 in Eastham, MA542,543.

      329. Deborah HOPKINS544, born June 1648 in Eastham, MA545; died Bef. 07 December 1727 in Prob. Eastham, MA546. She was the daughter of 658. Giles HOPKINS and 659. Catorne WHELDON.
Children of Josiah COOKE and Deborah HOPKINS are:
  i.   Elizabeth COOKE, born 12 October 1669 in Eastham, MA547; died April 1670 in Eastham, MA548
  ii.   Josiah COOKE549, born 12 November 1670550,551; married Mary.
  164 iii.   Richard COOKE, born 01 September 1672 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA; died 25 April 1754 in Plainfield, CT; married Hannah SMITH 1697 in Eastham, Barnstable, MS.
  iv.   Elizabeth COOKE, born June 1674552
  v.   Caleb COOKE, born 15 November 1676552
  vi.   Ddeborah COOKE, born 15 February 1678/79552
  vii.   Joshua COOKE, born 04 February 1681/82552
  viii.   Benjamin COOKE, born 28 February 1685/86552

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