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Ancestors of Mabel Clare BLOOD

      177984. Sir James MACKWORTH, Kt., died October 14391199. He was the son of 355968. Mackworth of MACKWORTH. He married 177985. Alice BASYNGES 14951200.

      177985. Alice BASYNGES1200. She was the daughter of 355970. Sir John BASYNGES, Kt..

Notes for Sir James MACKWORTH, Kt.:
      James was made a Knight in 1527.
Child of Sir MACKWORTH and Alice BASYNGES is:
  88992 i.   James MACKWORTH, married Alice.

      178014. Thomas de CLIFFORD, born 1414; died 1455. He married 178015. Joan DACRE.

      178015. Joan DACRE She was the daughter of 356030. Thomas DACRE and 356031. Phillipe de NEVILLE.
Child of Thomas de CLIFFORD and Joan DACRE is:
  89007 i.   Matilda CLIFFORD, married Sir Edmond SUTTON, Kt..

      184320. Galfridus WOLD, Sheriff of Hales1201, died in Hales, Salop, Wales. He was the son of 368640. Roger WOLD, Sheriff of Hales. He married 184321. Alice De ROWTON.

      184321. Alice De ROWTON
Children of Galfridus WOLD and Alice De ROWTON are:
  92160 i.   William WOLD, born Bef. 1406; died in Rowton, England.
  ii.   John WOLD1202
  Notes for John WOLD:
Campbell Charters, British Museum, S Hy. III, 1406) First OLD of Waverly Co. Derby

  iii.   Robert WOLD1203
  Notes for Robert WOLD:
Sub-prior of Cern Abbey at the election of Abbot Godmanston

      185856. Sir John V ap ADAMS1204, born Abt. 1419 in Wales; died in Wales. He was the son of 371712. Sir John IV ap ADAM and 371713. Milliscent BESSYLIS. He married 185857. Clara POWELL.

      185857. Clara POWELL1205, born Abt. 1420 in Wales; died in Wales.
Child of Sir ADAMS and Clara POWELL is:
  92928 i.   Roger ADAMS, born Abt. 1434 in Wales; married Jane ELLIOTT.

      192006. Sir John ENGAINE, Kt.1206.
Child of Sir John ENGAINE, Kt. is:
  96003 i.   Elizabeth ENGAINE, born in England; died in England; married Sir Lawrence PABENHAM, Kt. in ENG.

      194560. IOWERTH ap TWDWR He was the son of 389120. TWDYR ap MADOC and 389121. Annest dau TWDYR ap LLEWELYN. He married 194561. Annest dau Robin VYCHAN.

      194561. Annest dau Robin VYCHAN She was the daughter of 389122. Robin VYCHAN ap Robin GOCH.
Child of IOWERTH TWDWR and Annest VYCHAN is:
  97280 i.   Dafydd ab IOWERTH, married Jonet dau Iowerth GOCH.

      194564. CADAWGAN ap LLOWARCH He was the son of 389128. Lowarch ap BRAN.
  97282 i.   MEREDYDD ap CADAWGAN.

      194724. LLEWELYN ab MERFYN, born 1173 in Wales1207,1208; died 11 April 1240. He was the son of 389448. Merfyn ab RHODRI MAWR. He married 194725. Tangwystl dau Llywarch Goch of Rhos.

      194725. Tangwystl dau Llywarch Goch of Rhos

      He was excluded from the crown by first his uncle, CADELL, and then his cousin, Hywel. DDA, who were both Kings of S. Wales. (Source: IBID, p. 63).      He was also called Llewelyn the Great.
Child of LLEWELYN MERFYN and Tangwystl Rhos is:
  97362 i.   Gruffydd ap LLEWELYN FOETHUS, born Bef. 1206 in Wales; died 1244 in Wales.

      195584. Richard DEE, born Abt. 1363 in Radnor, Wales1209; died in Wales. He was the son of 391168. Richard DEE.
Child of Richard DEE is:
  97792 i.   Morgan DEE, born in Wales; died in Wales; married Maud dau Howell ap MADOC in Wales.

      195586. Howell ap MADOC1209, born in Wales; died in Wales. He was the son of 391172. Madoc ap Samuel and 391173. Eva dau MEREDYDD.
Child of Howell ap MADOC is:
  97793 i.   Maud dau Howell ap MADOC, born in Wales; died in Wales; married Morgan DEE in Wales.

      195588. GRIFFITH
Child of GRIFFITH is:
  97794 i.   Howell ap GRIFFITH.

      195654. Sir Robert De TYBETOT, born in Nettlestead, Suffolk; died 13 April 1372. He married 195655. Margaret DEINCOURT.

      195655. Margaret DEINCOURT, died 02 April 1380. She was the daughter of 391310. William DEINCOURT.
Child of Sir De TYBETOT and Margaret DEINCOURT is:
  97827 i.   Elizabeth De TIBETOT, born 1371; married Sir Phillip De SPENCER, Kt..

      195658. Thomas de ROS, born 13 January 1335/36 in Stoke, Albany, England1210; died 08 June 1384 in Uffingham,England. He was the son of 391316. William de ROS II Lord HELMSLEY, MP and 391317. Margery De BADLESMERE. He married 195659. Beatrice STAFFORD.

      195659. Beatrice STAFFORD, died April 1415. She was the daughter of 391318. Lord Ralph STAFFORD, K.G., MP and 391319. Margaret De AUDLEY.
Child of Thomas de ROS and Beatrice STAFFORD is:
  97829 i.   Elizabeth de ROS, married Lord Thomas de CLIFFORD, Sheriff.

      195662. Edmund MORTIMER, Earl MARCH, born 01 February 1351/52; died 27 December 1381. He was the son of 391324. Sir Roger MORTIMER, K.G. and 391325. Phillipa de MONTAGUE. He married 195663. Philippa PLANTAGENET.

      195663. Philippa PLANTAGENET She was the daughter of 391326. Lionel of ANTWERP, Duke of CLARENCE.
Child of Edmund MORTIMER and Philippa PLANTAGENET is:
  97831 i.   Elizabeth MORTIMER, born 12 February 1370/71; died 20 April 1417; married (1) Sir Henry PERCY, K.G.; married (2) Thomas Lloyf CAMOYS.

      245760. John HENDERSON, born 1415 in Scotland; died Aft. 1449 in Inverkeithing, Dalgaty, Fife, Scotland. He was the son of 491520. Thomas HENDERSON. He married 245761. M. BAILIE.

      245761. M. BAILIE

Notes for John HENDERSON:
      John was a customer at Inverkeithing in 1432, and in 1436 - 1443. He was Baillee 1448-49 of Inverkiething. (SOURCE: "Ancestors of 60 Colonists").
Child of John HENDERSON and M. BAILIE is:
  122880 i.   Robert HENDERSON, born 1440 in Inverkiething, Fife, Scotland; died Abt. 1486 in Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland; married Janet Abt. 1449.

      245792. William MURRAYVIII Baron TULLABARDINE1211, died 1459. He was the son of 491584. Sir David MURRAY VI Baron TULLABARDINE. He married 245793. Margaret COLQUHOUN.

      245793. Margaret COLQUHOUN1211. She was the daughter of 491586. Sir John COLQUHOUN of LUS.

      William succeeded to the estates of his family in 1446. He was Sheriff of Perthshire. In 1458, he was named to the King's daily council for the administration of justice. He and Margaret had 17 sons.       The declaration of George HalleyOchderarder, said, "They all lived to be menand they awaited all one day upon their father at Sterling, to attend the king, with each of them one servant, and their father two. This happening shortly after an act was made by King James V, discharging any persons to travel with great numbersof attendants besides their own family, and having challenged the Laird of Tullabardine for breaking the said Act, he answered he brought only his own sons, with their necessary attendants; with which the king was so pleased that he gave them each small lands in heritage."
(SOURCE: The Clan Sutherland, Electronic).
Child of William TULLABARDINE and Margaret COLQUHOUN is:
  122896 i.   Sir William MURRAY IX Baron TULLABARDINE, married Mary KEITH.

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