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Ancestors of William Minor Aiken

Generation No. 13

      4160. John Cochran He was the son of 8320. John Cochran.
Child of John Cochran is:
  2080 i.   John Cochran, born Abt. 1530 in Fernois, 2 miles east of Paisley, Scotland; died in Londonderry, Ireland.

      5120. William Miner, born Abt. 1553 in Chew Magna, County Somerset, England; died 23 Feb 1584/85 in Chew Magna, County Somerset, England. He was the son of 10240. William Miner and 10241. Isabella Harcope de Frolibay.
Children of William Miner are:
  2560 i.   Clement Miner, born 23 Feb 1584/85 in Chew Magna, County Somerset, England; died 31 Mar 1640 in Chew Magna, County Somerset, England; married Sarah Pope 1606.
  ii.   Elizabeth Miner

      5122. Raphe Pope, born Abt. 1555 in Chew Magna, County Somerset, England; died Abt. 1600 in Hertfordshire, England. He married 5123. Cicley Gladman.

      5123. Cicley Gladman, born Abt. 1560 in Hertfordshire, England; died Abt. 1612 in Hertfordshire, England.
Child of Raphe Pope and Cicley Gladman is:
  2561 i.   Sarah Pope, born 1578; died Abt. 1630 in Somerset, England; married Clement Miner 1606.

      5124. Sir John Palmer, born 14 Jul 1544; died 24 Dec 1586. He was the son of 10248. Sir Thomas Palmer and 10249. Catherine Stradling. He married 5125. Elizabeth Verney Abt. 1577.

      5125. Elizabeth Verney, born 02 Sep 1557. She was the daughter of 10250. Sir Henry Verney.
Children of Sir Palmer and Elizabeth Verney are:
  2562 i.   Walter Palmer, born Abt. 1585 in Nottinghamshire, England; died 10 Nov 1661 in Stonington, CT; married (1) Elizabeth Ann ?; married (2) Rebecca Short; married (3) Esther.
  ii.   Catherine Palmer, born 13 Sep 1579; died 11 Oct 1609; married Thomas Hilnton; born Abt. 1575.
  iii.   William Palmer, born 1581; died 08 Nov 1637; married (1) Francis Blossom; born 1583; died 1635; married (2) Frances Blossom; born 1583; died 1635.
  iv.   Abraham Palmer, born 1583.

      5160. William Brewster, born Abt. 1535 in Scrooby, Nottingham, England; died 1590 in Scrooby, Nottingham, England. He was the son of 10320. William Brewster and 10321. Maude Mann. He married 5161. Mary Smythe Simkinson.

      5161. Mary Smythe Simkinson She was the daughter of 10322. William Smythe.
Child of William Brewster and Mary Simkinson is:
  2580 i.   William Brewster, born 1566 in Scooby, Nottingham, England (might be 1567); died 04 Oct 1644 in Plymouth; married Mary Love.

      5166. Thomas Sowter, born Abt. 1540 in Derby, Derbyshire, England. He married 5167. Alice Turnar 1560.

      5167. Alice Turnar, born Abt. 1545 in Derby, Derbyshire, England.
Child of Thomas Sowter and Alice Turnar is:
  2583 i.   Philippa Sowter, born 06 Jul 1568 in All Saints Parish, Derby, Derbyshire, England; died Abt. 1602 in prob. Derby, Derbyshire, England; married William Ouldham 17 Nov 1588.

      5176. Alexander Douglas, born Abt. 1562 in Scotland. He was the son of 10352. William Douglas and 10353. Eqidia Graham. He married 5177. Agnes Leslie.

      5177. Agnes Leslie, born Abt. 1560 in Scotland.
Children of Alexander Douglas and Agnes Leslie are:
  2588 i.   Robert Douglas, born 08 Jun 1588 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England; died Abt. 1614 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England; married Jean Ross.
  ii.   Elizabeth Douglas, born Abt. 1598.

      5180. Robert Mattle, born 1545 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England; died Abt. 1610 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England.
Children of Robert Mattle are:
  2590 i.   Thomas Mattle, born 1575 in Ringstead, Northhamptonshire, England; died 22 Jan 1611/12 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England.
  ii.   Robert Mattle, born 05 Oct 1595 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England; died 1670.

      5888. Dann Paine, born 28 Mar 1581 in Great Ellingham, England; died Nov 1612 in Great Ellingham, England. He was the son of 11776. George Paine and 11777. Alice Clarke. He married 5889. Margaret.

      5889. Margaret, born 1580; died 1656 in England.
Children of Dann Paine and Margaret are:
  2944 i.   Stephen Paine, born 1602 in Great Ellingham (Shropman), England; died 16 Aug 1679 in Rehoboth MA; married (1) Elizabeth; married (2) Neele "Rose" Adcock 1629 in England; married (3) Alice Parker 1662.
  ii.   Edward Paine

      5890. John Adcock, born 1570 in Attleborough, Norfolk, Co., England; died in Great Ellingham, England. He married 5891. Elizabeth Eldred.

      5891. Elizabeth Eldred, born in England.
Children of John Adcock and Elizabeth Eldred are:
  2945 i.   Neele "Rose" Adcock, born 01 Feb 1602/03 in Attleborough, Great Ellingham Co., Norfolk, England; died 20 Jan 1659/60 in Rehoboth, MA; married Stephen Paine 1629 in England.
  ii.   Mary Adcock, born 06 Oct 1594.
  iii.   Elizabeth Adcock, born 02 Feb 1596/97.
  iv.   Julian Adcock, born 11 Feb 1597/98.
  v.   John Adcock, born 14 Dec 1601.
  vi.   Philip Adcock, born 20 Jan 1603/04.
  vii.   Anne Adcock, born 24 Jun 1607.

      5892. Henry Chickering, born 1560 in Wicklewood, England; died 11 Jul 1627 in Ringsfield, Wrentham, Suffolk Co., England. He was the son of 11784. Stephen Chickering and 11785. Agnes Ann Day. He married 5893. Mary.

      5893. Mary, born 1568 in England; died 22 Jan 1667/68 in Dedham, MA.
Children of Henry Chickering and Mary are:
  2946 i.   Francis Chickering, born 14 Apr 1606 in Ringsfield, Suffolk, England; died 10 Oct 1658 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA; married Anne Fiske.
  ii.   Simon Chickering
  iii.   Henry Chickering
  iv.   Mary Chickering
  v.   John Chickering
  vi.   Reginald Chickering
  vii.   Judith Chickering
  viii.   Annis/Agnes Chickering

      5894. John Fiske, born Abt. 1572 in St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk, England; died 14 May 1633 in St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk, England. He was the son of 11788. William Fiske and 11789. Anna Anstye. He married 5895. Anne Lantersee.

      5895. Anne Lantersee, born Abt. 1580 in St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk, England; died 1637 in Enroute to America. She was the daughter of 11790. Robert Lantersee and 11791. Mary Fiske.
Children of John Fiske and Anne Lantersee are:
  2947 i.   Anne Fiske, born 01 Apr 1610 in St. James, South Elmham, England; died 12 May 1649 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA; married Francis Chickering.
  ii.   John Fiske, died 14 Jan 1676/77; married (1) Anne Gipps; married (2) Elizabeth Henchman.
  iii.   Eleazer Fiske, born Abt. 1609 in South Elmham, England.
  iv.   Nathan/Nathaniel Fiske, born Abt. 1612 in South Elmham, England.
  v.   William Fiske, born in South Elmham, England; died Sep 1654 in Wemhan, Essex, MA; married Bridgett Muskett.
  vi.   Martha Fiske, born Abt. 1630 in South Elmham, England; married Edmund Thompson.

      5896. Thomas Belcher, born 1578 in Wardend, Warwickshire, England; died 20 Mar 1619/20 in Warwick, England. He was the son of 11792. Gregory Belcher and 11793. Joanne. He married 5897. Deborah Hunt.

      5897. Deborah Hunt, born 1582 in Wardend, Warwickshire, England. She was the daughter of 11794. Samuel Hunt and 11795. Rebecca.
Children of Thomas Belcher and Deborah Hunt are:
  2948 i.   Gregory Belcher, born Jul 1606 in Ashton, England; died 25 Nov 1674 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA; married Catherine Buckley 11 Dec 1627 in Manchester, England.
  ii.   John Belcher
  iii.   Margery Belcher, born Abt. 1604.
  iv.   Margery Belcher, born 09 Jul 1615 in Aston.

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