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Descendants of Robert Hunt

34. JOHN EBERLE6 HUNT (SAMUEL PANCOAST5, JOSHUA4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born January 22, 1836 in Cambridge, Oh, and died January 12, 1898 in Little Rock, Ar. He married ???? Unknown. She was born Unknown, and died October 08, 1895.
Children of J
OHN HUNT and ???? are:
  i.   THOMAS7 HUNT, b. Unknown; d. 1868.
  ii.   IDA HUNT, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
  iii.   CHARLES HUNT, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
  More About CHARLES HUNT:
Occupation: Train Mstr Union Pacific RR

35. ELIZABETH6 HUNT (SAMUEL PANCOAST5, JOSHUA4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born July 09, 1840 in Cambridge, Oh, and died April 29, 1904. She married WILLIAM R. CAPTAIN HOLE 1869 in Sterling, Il. He was born Unknown, and died 1879.

More About E
Burial: Unknown, Waynesville cemetery
Religion: Quaker
Children of E
105. i.   SARAH ELIZABETH7 HOLE, b. December 18, 1869, Waynesville, Oh; d. Unknown.
  ii.   RION HOLE, b. September 15, 1871, Kildere farm, Wayesville, Oh; d. Unknown; m. ADELIA BAKER, June 30, 1896, Zanesville, Oh; b. Unknown; d. 1905.
  More About RION HOLE:
Occupation: Farmer
Residence: Waynesville, Oh

36. SAMUEL6 HUNT (SAMUEL PANCOAST5, JOSHUA4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born August 07, 1848 in Morrow, Oh, and died Unknown. He married MARTHA TROTTER December 21, 1876 in Xenia, Oh, daughter of GEORGE JUDGE TROTTER. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

Notes for S
Samuel Hunt (0174), youngest of the children of Dr. S. P. Hunt (0048) and Rachael Ross Hunt (0247), was born at Morrow, Oh., August 7th, 1848, and obtained his education in the schools of that village. His brother, Thomas (0168), had charge of the telegraph at the railroad station there, and the boy made use of the opportunity to learn the telegraphic art and his first business experience was to take charge occasionally of one of the offices on the Little Miami Line when the incumbent wanted to take a short vacation. In 1866 he moved with his father's family to Sterling, Illinois, where he was associated with his brother in a milling venture which ended in disaster from the ice flood and he returned to Ohio and entered the office of the train dispatcher of the Little Miami Railroad at Xenia. When the city of Cincinnati had built the Cincinnati Southern Railroad to Chattanooga, he was appointed train dispatcher and soon afterwards division superintendent with headquarters at Cincinnati. He remained there a couple of years and received an offer of division superintendent of the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad at Atlanta, Georgia, where he remained for two years, then resigned and went with the Fitzgerald & Mallory Construction Co. and assisted in the building of a branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, then known as the Denver, Memphis & Atlantic, living at Conway Springs during that time. When that branch was finished to Larned, Kansas, he was made division superintendent with office at Winfield. Here he spent another two years, when there came an urgent request from some of his Ohio friends to return to that state and take charge of the Cincinnati & Eastern Railroad from Cincinnati to Portsmouth, Ohio. To leave the Great Missouri Pacific organization with the chance of promotion, to attach his fortunes to a small bankrupt concern was indeed a doubtful step to take, nevertheless he did this, and returned to Cincinnati and shortly afterwards was appointed receiver of that road. When the road was restored to its owners, a re-organization ensued and he was elected president of the new company called the Cincinnati, Portsmouth & Virginia Railroad Co. In five years the road was paying dividends to the stockholders and the president by this time had achieved such standing with its owners in New York and Philadelphia that they elected him president and manager of two other roads in the south which they controlled, the Ohio River & Charleston and the Northern Alabama and a short one in Canada, the Brockville, Westport & Salt St. Marie.
In 1898 he was appointed by Judge Taft of the United States Court, receiver of the Toledo, St. Louis & Kansas City Railroad known as the Clover Leaf, with headquarters at Toledo, Ohio. Two years of service restored that property to the stockholders and when a reorganization was made Mr. Hunt withdrew. The Judge of the United States Court, Hon. A. C. Thompson in relieving the receiver publicly complimented Mr. Hunt for the honesty and ability with which he had handled the property and ordered an honorarium of twelve thousand dollars paid to him besides the salary which he had been allowed.
In 1901 the Ohio Southern Railroad and the Detroit & Lima Northern Railroad were consolidated under the ownership of one company and Mr. Hunt was elected president of the new line called the Detroit Southern, extending from Detroit, Michigan to Ironton, Ohio.
In 1904 he was chosen trustee for the city of Cincinnati, of that city's great railroad, The Cincinnati Southern. This is a life position and is highly prized as a testimonial from the courts and citizens of Cincinnati.
Samuel Hunt was physically about five feet ten inches in height, symmetrically formed, a brunette and weighs about 170 pounds. His personal habits are of the best, and his life of abstemious associated with his systematic, orderly business methods, keen perception and plain common sense, endow him with that extraordinary capacity for work which achieves results and which some deniminate, genius. He is an adherent of the church of his fathers, a Quaker. He was married to Martha Trotter, daughter of Judge Geo. Trotter, December 21, 21st, 1876, at Xenia, Oh., and resided in Cincinnati.

More About S
Residence: Cincinnati, Oh
Children of S
  i.   HENRY THOMAS7 HUNT, b. April 29, 1878; d. Unknown.
Henry (0188) and Philip Hunt (0189), were scholars in the schools of Cincinnati until they were ready for college and both went to Yale. Henry T. (0188) graduated with the class of 1900 and Philip (0189) expected to graduate in the class of 1906. Henry studied law at the Cincinnati Law School and was admitted to the bar in 1903. He entered the law firm of Jones & James of Cincinnati, where he is at the present writing (1904). At the election November, 1905, he was elected Representative for Hamilton county in the Ohio Legislature, on the Democratic ticket.
Some time after the foregoing was written, the author was shocked by a telegram of May 15th, announcing the death of his cousin, Samuel Hunt (0174), whom he had seen only three months before in apparently perfect health.
Judge A. C. Thompson, of the United States District Court, who was an intimate friend of Mr. Hunt, said to The Commercial Tribune yesterday:
"The distinguishing features in Mr. Hunt's character were his absolute honesty and integrity and his devotion to duty, a devotion which caused him to make incalculable sacrifices without a protest. He was a generous man. He did much good, but he did it quietly and did not blazon his charities before the world. His friends are many and their love is great and their sorrow and grief sincere. Yet when he was in death sickness, his one great cause of worry was found in the fear that he was causing those friends trouble. In his death Cincinnati has lost a great man, a man who did practical things and did them well."
Scores of telegrams came to the family yesterday containing expressions of sympathy and condolence. Among them was one from Secretary of War William H. Taft to the widow, which read as follows:
"am greatly shocked to hear of your bereavement. Your husband was one of the pure and upright men that society can ill afford to lose. I knew him well and bore for him profound affection and respect.


  ii.   PHILIP WOODWARD HUNT, b. November 15, 1882; d. Unknown.

37. JOSHUA HUNT6 BYE (MARY5 HUNT, JOSHUA4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born December 23, 1816 in Mt Pleasant, Oh, and died May 24, 1862 in Louisville, Ky. He married MARY A. JUDKINS November 28, 1841. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

Notes for J
He gave his life to his country. War Record: "Joshua H. Bye, private, age 44, enlisted September 20, 1861, for three years Fifth Independent Battery Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery; appointed corporal October 21st, 1861. Died May 24th, at Louisville, Ky., of wounds received April 6th, 1862, at the Battle of Shilor, TN." Both int. at Cold Water, Oh.

More About J
Burial: Unknown, Cold Water, OH
Occupation: Farmer
Residence: Cold Water, Mercer county, Oh

More About M
Burial: Unknown, Cold Water, Mercer county, Oh
Children of J
  i.   MARY ELIZABETH7 BYE, b. 1842; d. Unknown, Infancy.
  ii.   MEDORA BYE, b. Unknown; d. 1884; m. KIRK ELLSWORTH, Unknown; b. Unknown; d. Unknown, Unmarried.
Occupation: Chair maker
Residence: Nebraska

  iii.   THOMAS CORWIN BYE, b. January 15, 1848; d. Unknown, Unmarried.
Occupation: Chair maker
Residence: With sister, Rosella Shanks, Richview, Il

106. iv.   ROSELLA BYE, b. July 22, 1851; d. Unknown.
  v.   ELWOOD BYE, b. 1853; d. Unknown, Infancy.

38. JOHNATHAN H.6 BYE (MARY5 HUNT, JOSHUA4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born March 15, 1828 in Byesville, Guernsey county, Oh, and died July 02, 1867 in Richview, Il. He married (1) REBECCA H. MEEK May 29, 1849. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown. He married (2) HARRIET NOBLE BEATTY August 04, 1859 in Cambridge, Oh. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

More About J
Occupation: Milling business with father
Religion: Quaker
Residence: Sterling, Il

More About R
Burial: Unknown, Byesville, Guernsey county, Oh

More About H
Religion: Quaker
Child of J
  i.   VALENTINE7 BYE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown, Young.
  ii.   ALLEN WILKINS7 BYE, b. October 05, 1860; d. Unknown.
  iii.   MARY ALICE BYE, b. November 19, 1861, Sterling, Il; d. Unknown, Unmarried.
  Notes for MARY ALICE BYE:
A teacher for last eighteen years. For twelve years a teacher under auspices of the American Missionary Assn., South, for the Highlanders, and at Fisk University, Nashville, TN. Her mother (0256) resided with her.     

  More About MARY ALICE BYE:
Religion: Congregationalist
Residence: Minneapolis, Mn

  iv.   EVELINE BYE, b. October 30, 1863, Sterling, Il; d. Unknown.
  v.   EDWARD BYE, b. March 02, 1865, Sterling, Il; d. November 26, 1872, Richview, Il.
  More About EDWARD BYE:
Burial: Unknown, Richview, Il

39. SUSAN I.6 BYE (MARY5 HUNT, JOSHUA4, ROBERT3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born January 15, 1834 in Sterling, Il, and died January 06, 1882 in Evanston, Il. She married WILLIAM HENRY CROCKER September 22, 1860 in Sterling, Il. He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

More About W
Occupation: Commission brocker
Residence: Chicago, Il
Child of S
107. i.   MARY ELLA7 CROCKER, b. September 14, 1861; d. Unknown.

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