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Ancestors of Michael Norman Swanson

Generation No. 13

      4416. Pauwel Pauwelsz Van Aeysdale, born Abt. 1560 in Nukerek, Oost Vlaandern, Belgiun (East Flanders). He was the son of 8832. Pauwel Joostensz Van Haesdale. He married 4417. Fiermijne Holters.

      4417. Fiermijne Holters, born March 31, 1588 in Gouda, Holland.
Children of Pauwel Van Aeysdale and Fiermijne Holters are:
  i.   Michael Pauwelsz Van Aedsdaele
  ii.   Maria Pauwelsdr Van Aedsdaele
  iii.   Joanna Pauwelsdr Van Aedsdaele
  2208 iv.   Jan Pauwelsz Van Aedsdaele, born Abt. 1600 in Nukerke, Oost Vlanderen, Belgium; died January 1653/54; married (1) Geertie Philipsdr Halters Abt. 1626 in Neukerke, Flanders; married (2) Magarita Philips August 20, 1652 in Haastrecht, Netherlands.

      6944. Ire Skaggs831, born in Ireland831; died 1680 in Londonarry, Ulser Ireland831.

Notes for Ire Skaggs:

Story of Skaggs Family is found in "Arkansas and Its People" Vol. IVp. 482 edited by David Y Thomas, Prof. of History and political Science at University of Arkansas. Published in 1930, by American Historical Society of N.Y.

"Of Celtic and Teutonic Stock. This branch of family came from Kent County England, and were early settlers in Virginia Colony and later Maryland. In England, the name if sound among the Nobility: coat of arms granted in 1568 is described in Burke's Peerage andFairbam's Crests..."

"The seat of the Skaggs Family, St. Ives, County, Huntingdon,England granted August 29, 1568...

Taken from "The Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage"from London to the American Colonies 1719-1744, Edited and with introduction by Marion and Jack Kaminkow, Published by Magna Cartabook Co., Baltimore, Maryland 21215. (My note: A page titled Licenseto go Beyond the Seas, pp 56-58 has various references to a WilliamStagg In the Elizabeth, de London, Increase, Prd, and Planter Prd.)Emigrants in Bondage, from London to the American

Colonies, Magna Carta Book Co., Baltimore, Maryland 21215.Page 29 OurSkaggs clan (elsewhere states that correct word is sept) came from Ulster, or a nearby area... Some common Irish names which are stillused in our clan are Liam (William), Elis (Elizabeth), Aine (Anne),Cait (Kate), Cathal (Charles), Eoin (John), Seamus (James), Sean(John) and Tadhg (Timothy) Page 33 (Preceding pages discussa processof elimination determining where the Skaggs were not from.)
Havingchecked countless numbers of poll tax records from England, the first mention of any name which even came close to our spelling andpronunciation of the word Skaggs was listed first in 1739. Thisrecord stated on person, Thomas Skegg, German born." Page 34 Page 35It matters not to me, that a ship stopped in Ireland, from Scotland,or if another stopped in England, from Germany, but I am proud to find the authentic record of George and William Skegg, sailing April 21,1741 and Elizabeth Skagg October 28, 1730. One ninety-- years old Skaggs told me he'd always been told by grandparents that the grandmother was German and the grandfather was Welsh. Page 117,118

The written description of the Skeges family coat-of-arms at the County-seat of the Skegges family, St. Ives, County Huntingdon, wasdated 29 August, 1568... It is located---------------------------------Booklet by "The National Foundation Descendants of Thomas Skaggs, namely: Roy T Skaggs, Thelma L Sandage,Joe F Skaggs, Dorsey A Skaggs, and Audra Skaggs.

Our Skaggs, Family coat-of-arms was first recorded when given to Edward Skeges September, 1568, County Huntingdon, St. Ives, and his older brother, John Skeges, who was then the surveyor to the QAueen's Majesty in County Huntingdon confirmed by Mr. H Fanham Burke, F.S.A.,Ulster, Ireland, who succeeded Mr. Stephen Tucker as Rouge CroixPursuivant.
The motto for the Skaggs family coat-of-arms, usually displayed on a winding ribbon is "Vincit Veritas," which means "Truth Conquers." This can be found in any museum library and/or memorial library that carries the General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales...

Child of Ire Skaggs is:
  3472 i.   William Skaggs, born Abt. 1600 in Londerry, Ulster, Ireland; died 1680 in Derry, Ulster, Ireland; married Mary Elizabeth Hatch.

      7552. Robert Ellison832, died 1656832. He married 7553. Sarah Spence.

      7553. Sarah Spence832.
Children of Robert Ellison and Sarah Spence are:
  3776 i.   Robert Ellyson Allison, born 1612; died September 01, 1671 in New Kent, VA; married Hannah Gerrard.
  ii.   Thomas Ellison832, born March 03, 1637/38832; died 1680832

      7554. Samuel Gerrard832. He married 7555. Jane.

      7555. Jane832,833.
Child of Samuel Gerrard and Jane is:
  3777 i.   Hannah Gerrard, married Robert Ellyson Allison.

      7872. Rev. Frances Wright834, born 1602 in Bolton on Swaile, Yorkshire, England; died 1665834. He was the son of 15744. Francis Wright and 15745. Grace Beckwith. He married 7873. Ann Merriton 1626 in Yorkshire, England.

      7873. Ann Merriton834, born 1606834; died 1690 in Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of 15746. George Merriton and 15747. Mary Randes.

More About Rev. Frances Wright:
Occupation: Reverend
Children of Frances Wright and Ann Merriton are:
  i.   Christopher Wright
  ii.   Frances Wright, born 1627 in Bolton on Swaile, Yorkshire Eng.
  iii.   George Wright, born 1629; married Beatrice Mauleverer.
  More About Beatrice Mauleverer:
Event 1: Direct descendant of Edward II, King of England

  iv.   Thomas Wright, born 1631.
  3936 v.   Captain Richard Wright, born 1633 in Bolton-on-Swale, County York, England; died December 10, 1663 in Coan Hall, Northumberland Co. Va; married Ann Mottrom November 1657 in Westmoreland County, VA.
  vi.   Ann Wright, born 1639.
  vii.   Grace Wright, born 1641.

      7874. John Mottrom
Child of John Mottrom is:
  3937 i.   Ann Mottrom, born 1639 in England; died 1713 in Cople Parrish, Westmoreland Co., Va; married Captain Richard Wright November 1657 in Westmoreland County, VA.

      7876. Reverend Lawrence Washington, born 1602 in Sulgrave, Northhamptonshire, England; died January 21, 1651/52 in Malden, Essex, England. He was the son of 15752. Lawrence Washington and 15753. Margaret Butler. He married 7877. Amphyllis Twigden WFT Est. 1608-1644834.

      7877. Amphyllis Twigden, born WFT Est. 1590-1613834; died January 12, 1654/55 in Tring, Hereford Co England. She was the daughter of 15754. John Twigden and 15755. Anne Dickens.

Notes for Reverend Lawrence Washington:
4. Lawrence Washington, Rev., b. 1604, Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire, England, d.
1652/53, Purleigh, Essex, England, m. 1623, Amphyllis Twigden, baptized 2 Feb 1601/02,
Spratton, d. 1654/55, buried 19 Jan 1654/55, Tring, co. Herts, (daughter of John and Anne
(Dickens) Twigden). Lawrence was the Rector of Purleigh.

Children of Lawrence Washington and Amphyllis Twigden are:
  3938 i.   Colonel John Washington, born February 1631/32 in Purleigh County Essex, England; died September 1677 in Westmoreland, Va; married Ann Pope December 01, 1658 in Westmoreland, VA.
  ii.   Lawrence Washington

      7878. Nathanel Pope, born 1603 in Bristol, England; died April 27, 1660 in Westmoreland Co., Va. He married 7879. Lucy ? Abt. 1637.

      7879. Lucy ?, born 1611 in Gloucester, England; died Aft. April 1660 in Westmoreland Co., Va.
Child of Nathanel Pope and Lucy ? is:
  3939 i.   Ann Pope, born 1638 in St Mary's Par, Maryland; died 1668 in Westmoreland, Va; married Colonel John Washington December 01, 1658 in Westmoreland, VA.

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