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Descendants of Peter Menges

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                                    +Fauna Ann Walker    m: October 29, 1960 in Oakley, Saginaw County, Michigan  Father: Chauncy Walker  Mother: Catherine Konkus
                                   13  Gary Clyde Nixon, Jr.  
                                   13  Kimberly Sue Nixon  
                                   13  Michael Robert Nixon  
                                   13  Carla Renee Nixon  
                                       +Terry Carlson    m: July 29, 1990
                                12  Sally Ann Nixon  
                                    +Larry S. Gotham    m: April 08, 1967 in Chesaning,  Father: John S. Gotham  Mother: Ruby Collie
                                   13  Kelly Sue Gotham  
                                   13  Stacy Lynn Gotham  
                                   13  Brian Clark Gotham  
                                12  Janice Kay Nixon  
                                    +Dewayne Shepard    m: December 19, 1969 in Perry, Michigan  Father: Albert Shepard  Mother: Beatrice Ostrander
                                   13  Patricia Marie Shepard  
                                       +Kevin Mills  d: January 21, 1990
                                      14  Kevin John Shepard  
                                   13  Jeremy DeWayne Shepard  
                                 *2nd Husband of Janice Kay Nixon:  
                                    +Kenneth David Shepard    m: October 01, 1977 in Chesaning,  Father: Kenneth Shepard  Mother: Helen Harris
                             11  Gertrude Marie Utter  
                                 +Esta Eugene Williams  d: October 27, 1977 in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois  m: May 12, 1943 in Wayne,  Father: Charles L. Williams  Mother: Rebecca J. Wagoner
                                12  Charles Esta Williams  
                                    +Cleo Joyce Wing    m: June 22, 1963 in Coldwater,Branch County, Michigan  Father: Leo Wing  Mother: Phyllis Mason
                                   13  Todd Charles Williams  
                                       +Lisa Marie Krok    m: June 08, 1987 in Guam,
                                      14  Heather Elizabeth Williams  
                                      14  Laurie Nicole Williams  
                                   13  Michael David Williams  
                                       +Brenda Lynn Andrews    m: April 25, 1985 in Ruskin, Hillsborough County, Florida
                                      14  Kendra Lorraine Williams  
                                   13  John Robert W Williams  d: June 27, 1968 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan
                                 *2nd Wife of Charles Esta Williams:  
                                    +Hester Louise Combs    m: October 16, 1972  Father: Calvin Combs  Mother: Clarinda Hurt
                                   13  Kelly Jean Williams  
                                       +David Michael Eberts    m: September 09, 1984 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan
                                      14  Brandon David Eberts  
                                12  Donald Eugene Williams  
                                    +Sandra Sue Cline    m: 1964 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan
                                   13  Terry Lynn Williams  
                                       +Damon Mancuso    m: May 29, 1982
                                      14  Nursia Jean Mancuso  
                                   13  Laurie Ann Williams  
                                       +Raymond John Gruscenski    m: August 30, 1986 in Ripley, Jackson County, West Virginia
                                      14  Christopher John Gruscenski  
                                      14  Jessica Gruscenski  
                                 *2nd Wife of Donald Eugene Williams:  
                                    +Virginia Elizabeth Lewis    m: October 16, 1972 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan  Father: Raymond Edward Lewis  Mother: Virginia Gay Parsons
                                   13  Gary Eugene Williams  
                                   13  Donald Eugene Williams  
                                12  Richard Lee Williams  
                                    +Coleen Marie Dauber    m: October 03, 1970 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan  Father: Kenneth Dauber  Mother: Carol
                                   13  Jennifer Lee Williams  
                                12  Ethelyn Marie Williams  
                                    +Ralph Raymond Covey, Jr.    m: February 19, 1972 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan  Father: Ralph Raymond Covey  Mother: Iva McCarty
                                   13  Eric Ray Covey  
                                12  Janean Sue Williams  
                                    +David Richard Penrod    m: September 17, 1971 in Tekonsha, Branch County, Michigan  Father: Emmett Eugene Penrod  Mother: Gracie Highfield
                                   13  Richard David Penrod  
                                   13  Melissis Diane Penrod  
                                   13  Kitrene Marie Penrod  
                                12  Sherry Kay Williams  
                                    +Ronald Eugene Leavitt    m: November 02, 1974  Father: William Leavitt  Mother: Ardella
                                   13  Kristy Lynn Leavitt  
                                   13  Ronnie Eugene Leavitt  
                                   13  Valarie Mae Leavitt  
                                12  Jerry Ray Williams  
                                    +Lynda Lou Andrews    m: December 13, 1975 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan  Father: Duwayne Lester Andrews  Mother: Ardella Nobblit
                                   13  Tonia Kay Williams  
                                   13  Lisa Marie Williams  
                        9  Albertus Bertine Walstead  d: November 13, 1908 in Honor, Michigan
                           +Hattie R. Valentine    m: October 27, 1879 in Duck Lake, Muskegon County, Michigan
                          10  Lillian Walstead  
                              +? Zimmerman  
                          10  Frederick Melvin Walstead  d: April 02, 1943 in Muskegon,
                              +Laura B. Mason    m: May 12, 1923 in Grand Rapids, Michigan  Father: Jack Mason  Mother: Maud Boady
                             11  Frederick Melvin Walstead, Jr.  
                             11  Roy Davis Walstead  
                             11  Jack Albertus Walstead  
                          10  Gladys Walstead  
                              +? Dixson  
                        9  Ellen Rosana Walstead  d: October 18, 1934 in Wayne, Michigan
                           +Charles Thomas Avery  d: February 17, 1928 in Dearborn, Michigan  m: July 21, 1886 in Nankin Township, Wayne County, Michigan  Father: George Avery  Mother: M. Elizabeth Cooper
                          10  Leon Walstead Avery  d: September 17, 1943 in Detroit, Michigan
                              +Florence Oliver    m: July 02, 1913 in Wayne, Michigan
                             11  William Charles Avery  
                                12  Carrol Avery  
                                12  David Avery  
                                12  William Charles Avery, Jr.  
                          10  Charles Thomas Avery, Jr.  d: July 21, 1958 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan
                              +Ethel Mae McClaughry  d: April 19, 1950 in Addison, Lenawee County, Michigan  m: December 03, 1912 in Van Buren Township, Wayne County, Michigan  Father: William McClaughry  Mother: Dora Longworthy
                             11  Marjorie Jane Avery  
                                 +Leonard Henry Tyree    m: June 14, 1947 in Wayne, Michigan  Father: Theodore G. Tyree  Mother: Jennie L. Pascoe
                                12  Charles Theodore Tyree  
                                    +Sandra Jane Miller    m: August 31, 1974 in Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan  Father: James M. Miller  Mother: Jane Marlene Crosby
                                12  William Jay Tyree  
                                    +Jo Ann Brewer    m: 1971 in Westland, Michigan  Father: Woodward Wilson Brewer  Mother: Erma Elizabeth Svacha
                                   13  Michele Lee Tyree  
                                   13  William Jay Tyree, Jr  
                                 *2nd Wife of William Jay Tyree:  

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