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Descendants of Alexander Sweatman

      104. Thomas Jefferson5 Jett (Elizabeth Call4 Swetnam, George Call3, Thomas2 Sweatman, Alexander1) was born October 7, 1826 in Jett, Franklin, NY, and died March 30, 1901 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY. He married Virginia Haynes Darnell January 12, 1865. She was born June 20, 1841 in Woodford County, KY, and died January 19, 1914 in Bee Free, Beencombe, NC.

More About Virginia Haynes Darnell:
Fact 1: Buried at Frankfort, Franklin, KY
Children of Thomas Jett and Virginia Darnell are:
+ 224 i.   Attalanta Elizabeth6 Jett, born April 4, 1866; died November 16, 1932.
  225 ii.   Thomas Randolph Jett, born October 28, 1868 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY; died November 5, 1900.
  226 iii.   Virginia Jett, born February 9, 1871 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY; died August 27, 1948.
+ 227 iv.   William Whittington Jett, born January 6, 1873 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY; died August 6, 1924 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.
  228 v.   James Southey Jett, born November 21, 1874 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY; died June 14, 1876.
  229 vi.   Alvin Duvall Jett, born November 26, 1876 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY; died May 14, 1952. He married Eleanor Brown Purient; born Bef. 1880 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY.
  230 vii.   Myrtle Darnell Jett, born April 5, 1880 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY; died May 12, 1963. She married David Munday Shearer August 10, 1905; born Bef. 1876 in Frankfort, Franklin, KY.

      112. George Henry5 Swetnam (George4, George Call3, Thomas2 Sweatman, Alexander1) was born July 10, 1853 in Randolph County, Missouri, and died March 10, 1908 in Sebree Jack County, Texas. He married (1) Lucindy Alice Duvall Gafford. She died February 17, 1946. He married (2) Jane Reed December 18, 1879 in Randolph County, Missouri. She died February 28, 1889 in Jack County, Texas.

More About George Henry Swetnam:
Fact 1: Buried at Kilby Cemetery, Vineyard, Jack, TX

More About Jane Reed:
Fact 1: Buried at Kilby Cemetery, Vineyard, Jack, TX

Marriage Notes for George Swetnam and Jane Reed:
According to Moberly newspaper, they were married at the residence of Guss Miller, near Higbee by Rev. S. Y. Pitts; attendants were Miss Eva Christian and Mr. John Vaughn.
Children of George Swetnam and Lucindy Gafford are:
  231 i.   I. K.6 Swetnam, born July 1, 1891 in Vineyard, Jack County, Texas; died December 29, 1984 in Graham, Young County, Texas.
  232 ii.   George Rit Swetnam, born June 25, 1896 in Vineyard, Jack County, Texas; died July 28, 1992 in Bryson, Jack County, Texas.
  233 iii.   Lewis Hobson Swetnam, born June 9, 1898 in Jack County, Texas; died September 7, 1952 in El Paso, El Paso County, Texas.
  234 iv.   Trecie Swetnam, born June 25, 1901.
  235 v.   Leemon Parker Swetnam, born September 14, 1904 in Vineyard, Jack County, Texas; died December 20, 1989 in Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas.
Children of George Swetnam and Jane Reed are:
  236 i.   Annie James6 Swetnam, born May 10, 1881 in Randolph County, Missouri; died March 5, 1971 in Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas.
  237 ii.   Lou C. Swetnam, born February 26, 1882 in Jack County, Texas; died February 12, 1945 in New Liberty, Beckham County, Oklahoma.
  238 iii.   Lorella Swetnam, born February 21, 1885 in Jack County, Texas; died November 4, 1964 in Knox City, Knox County, Texas.
  239 iv.   Jesse Swetnam, born April 26, 1886 in Jack County, Texas; died December 8, 1974 in Wheeler, Wheeler County, Texas.
  240 v.   Harry Swetnam, born January 12, 1889 in Vineyard, Jack County, Texas; died May 26, 1971 in Lorenzo, Crosby County, Texas.

      123. Milton Franklin5 Swetnam (Claiborne L.4, Neri3 Sweatman, John2, Alexander1) was born September 6, 1838 in Blaine, Lawrence, Kentucky, and died August 1930. He married Lydia Ann Botner March 8, 1865 in Lawrence Co, KY, daughter of Oliver Botner and Jane Stafford. She was born May 24, 1847 in Lawrence Co, KY, and died November 9, 1931 in Louisa, Lawrence, KY.

Notes for Milton Franklin Swetnam:
There is a mention of Milton in George Wolfford's book Lawrence County, a Pictorial History;

"Real coins were not only heavy, but in danger of theft, so Milton Swetnam of Blaine was sent regularly to the Farmers Bank of Catlettsburg with his saddle bags filled for deposits. John Moore rode with him as bodyguard and they traveled over Irish Creek, through Overda."
"In 1885, Disciples of Christ extended to Lawrence, naming two local men to their district organization. Eli Sloan of Emma was selected secretary and Milton Swetnam of Wilbur treasurer."

More About Milton Franklin Swetnam:
Fact 1: Buried at Louisa, Lawrence, KY

More About Lydia Ann Botner:
Fact 1: Buried at Louisa, Lawrence, KY
Children of Milton Swetnam and Lydia Botner are:
+ 241 i.   Alma Jane6 Swetnam, born January 11, 1866 in Lawrence Co, KY; died 1951.
+ 242 ii.   Addie Therese Swetnam, born October 19, 1867 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY; died January 10, 1910.
+ 243 iii.   George Columbus Swetnam, born June 18, 1869 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY; died June 29, 1947.
+ 244 iv.   Oliver Botner Swetnam, born August 6, 1871 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY; died 1965.
+ 245 v.   Emily Ann Swetnam, born April 10, 1873 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY.
+ 246 vi.   Lida May Swetnam, born April 24, 1875 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY; died May 9, 1936.
  247 vii.   Mary Melvina Swetnam, born April 8, 1877 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY; died June 16, 1978. She married John James Gambill June 1, 1898; born February 23, 1874 in Blaine, Lawrence, Kentucky; died January 10, 1934 in Ashland, Boyd, KY.
  Notes for Mary Melvina Swetnam:
Mary married John Gambill and her sister Lida May married Hanry Harrison Gambill. Both couples lived together in a home in Blaine, Kentucky, which is currently a Bed and Breakfast called the Gambill Mansion.

  248 viii.   Sarah J. Swetnam, born September 21, 1879.
  249 ix.   Amanda V Swetnam, born January 26, 1881 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY. She married (1) Joseph Layne Wellman; born Bef. 1877 in Aberdeen, SD. She married (2) Washington Homes.
  More About Joseph Layne Wellman:
Fact 1: Buried at Aberdeen, SD

  250 x.   Eliza Ethel Swetnam, born April 20, 1884 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY; died June 14, 1934. She married Morgan Stambaugh; born Bef. 1880.
+ 251 xi.   Carrie M Swetnam, born July 17, 1890 in Wilbur, Lawrence, KY; died 1965.

      125. Emily Ann5 Swetnam (Claiborne L.4, Neri3 Sweatman, John2, Alexander1) was born March 3, 1843 in Blaine, Lawrence, Kentucky, and died August 8, 1880 in Blaine, Lawrence, Kentucky. She married Elisha Wellman March 30, 1877. He was born October 6, 1853 in Blaine, Lawrence, Kentucky.
Child of Emily Swetnam and Elisha Wellman is:
  252 i.   Della6 Wellman, born 1878. She married (1) Kenneth T. Cyrus. She married (2) Lafayette Carter.

      127. John James5 Swetnam (Zephaniah F.4, Neri3 Sweatman, John2, Alexander1) was born November 9, 1849 in Johnson, KY, and died February 24, 1917 in Lawrence, KY. He married Sydney Ann Flaugher December 30, 1875 in Lawrence, KY, daughter of James Flaugher and Margaret Mcguire.
Children of John Swetnam and Sydney Flaugher are:
  253 i.   Norman6 Swetnam.
  Notes for Norman Swetnam:
Died at 18 years old.

  254 ii.   Edward Leslie Swetnam, born 1876; died 1956.
  255 iii.   George Webster Swetnam, born 1878; died 1933. He married (1) Jertie Hatfield. He married (2) //.
  256 iv.   Elizabeth Swetnam, born 1882; died 1886.
  257 v.   Ruby Clara Swetnam, born 1884. She married Columbus Moore.
+ 258 vi.   Morton Luther Swetnam, born September 13, 1891; died 1955.
+ 259 vii.   Zephaniah Swetnam, born 1893; died 1985.
  260 viii.   Opal Okla Swetnam, born 1900; died 1945. She married Tom Williams.

      128. James Manoah5 Swetnam (John James4, Neri3 Sweatman, John2, Alexander1) was born November 11, 1841 in Morgan Co., KY, and died February 4, 1921 in Phoenix, Arizona. He married (1) Nell Shearer. She was born August 5, 1872 in Morgan Co., KY. He married (2) Mae Black. She was born Bef. 1845 in Morgan Co., KY, and died 1935. He married (3) Laura Ferguson. She was born Bef. 1845 in Morgan Co., KY.

Notes for James Manoah Swetnam:
James was an adventurer in his early 20's in central Arizona in the 1860's. He led a party of settlers to the Camp Verde area, and fought Apaches. He went back east to complete a medical degree, then eventually moved back to Phoenix, Arizona, where he died a very prominent citizen. James married three times, first to Laura Ferguson, his second wife's name is not known, and last to Mae Black. James Manoah died in February of 1921, and is buried with his third wife Mae in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. His obituary ran in a Bath county newspaper, "Dr. J. M. SWEETMAN (sic), age 80, native of Bath Co., died at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. Was half-bro., of Mrs. Warren W. ROGERS of Peck's Ridge".

The professional career of a skillful and devoted physician ever furnishes material of great interest to all readers and the life narrative of Dr. Swetnam is not exception to this general statement.

He is a native Kentuckian, born in Lawrence County, November 11, 1841, son of James and Rebecca (Osborn) Swetnam and grandson of Neri Swetnam. He received a fair education in the common schools and then went West at the time of the Pike's Peak gold excitement, driving an ox team from the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains for $10 a month and being more than sixty days on the trip. From there he drifted south through New Mexico and Arizona to Old Mexico and later became a citizen of Prescott, the first capital of Arizona, before a house was erected there. He was a resident of that section for nearly two years and participated in several battles with hostile Apaches.

Early in the year 1866 he returned to Denver, Colorado, making the journey of 1,000 miles on horseback with a single companion, 400 miles of the distance being through a hostile Indian country. During the years 1866 and 1867 he attended school and then taught the public school in Colorado City, Colorado in 1867-68. In 1867 he commenced the study of medicine in Colorado City under Dr. Robert L. Garland; attended two full courses of lectures at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Michigan and was graduated March 30, 1870. He also attended lectures at the Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, in 1871-72. Dr. Swetman commenced practicing medicine at Louisa Kentucky in April 1870 and continued there until October 1871, after which he located at Kirksville, Missouri where he remained from the spring of 1872 to August 1882. At the last named place he began the publication of the "Graphic" a weekly newspaper and a few months later the "Dailey Graphic" and in connection with John R. Musick, a literary paper called the "Home Treasure" at the
same time attending to his medical practice.

In 1882 he disposed of his newspaper interests and removed to Omaha and was one of the chief movers in organizing the Douglas County Medical Society, filling the presidential chair during 1883. Dr. Swetnam is now a member of the Nebraska State Medical Society and the American Medical Assc.; a member of Apperson Lodge, No. 195, A.F. and A.M., Louisa Ky. and Union Pacific Council, No 1069, Royal Arcanum, Omaha, Neb.

The years 1887 and 1888 the doctor spent in travel in the United States, Canada and Mexico and in May 1889 again resumed the practice of medicine in Omaha. From there he moved to Phoenix Arizona in November 1894 and is now engaged in the treatment of diseases of the chest and stomach as a special practice.

Dr. Swetnam was first married October 21, 1871 to Miss Laura P. Ferguson at Catlettsburg, Ky. She died on consumption in February 1886 leaving one daughter, Nellie. His second union occurred October 21, 1877 with Mrs. Nellie E. Brockett at Augusta, Kansas who died in December 1879. On the 27th of December 1887 the doctor married Mrs. Mae E. Black in Omaha and they have one child, Louise.

More About James Manoah Swetnam:
Burial: Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California

More About Mae Black:
Burial: Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California

Notes for Laura Ferguson:
Laura Ferguson is referred to in the book The Big Sandy Valley, by William Ely;

"Along the last half of the seventies Laura Ferguson...was married ... to Dr. J.       M. Swetnam, a very talented and promising young physician. The hopeful young doctor took his beautiful bride to the West, settling in a live, progressive town in Northern Missouri, where the young physician and able business man went to work with a vim, which could not fail to lead to success, adding to his extensive practice, dealing largely in real estate, publishing a newspaper, etc.; and, in a material point of view, gaining almost daily in worldly wealth. But he had been settled in his Missouri home little over a year when his mind was filled with forebodings; for it burst upon him that his Laura was not long for this world. Never rugged in health, yet never complaining, her removal from the more genial clime of the Sandy Valley to the higher latitude of Northern Missouri - an almost treeless region, the bitter cold winds       coming down from the frozen north - was more than the Southland flower could stand. A decline set in so alarming, that her husband, with the strong solicitations of sister, brothers, and aunt, brought her back to her Big Sandy home, stopping with her sister, Mrs. Prichard, where husband, sister, aunt, and other relatives and friends did all that human love and skill could do to fan back to her pale cheek the roses of health peculiar to her girlhood. But the Great Shepherd above called her to his own fold, and she left her friends with the assurance that a bright flower, nipped by some untimely blast, was transplanted in the Garden of Delight, to flourish while eternity rolls on."

Child of James Swetnam and Mae Black is:
  261 i.   Louise6 Swetnam. She married Hull.
Child of James Swetnam and Laura Ferguson is:
  262 i.   Nell6 Swetnam, born 1872.

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