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View Tree for George W. LarkinGeorge W. Larkin (b. February 15, 1813, d. August 01, 1870)

George W. Larkin (son of William? Larkin and Elizabeth?) was born February 15, 1813 in Hardin Co.?, Kentucky, and died August 01, 1870 in Dent Co., Missouri. He married Odeal Lonad? on Bet. 1853 - December 05 1855 in Jefferson Co.?, Missouri.

 Includes NotesNotes for George W. Larkin:
Research and source notes: Deborah Sweet -
1) From: Sandra Cooley: ; 11/26/2001: Sandy has my eternal gratitude. Once again, I am in awe of the generosity of other researchers, and their willingness to help others out. If not for her, it would probably have taken me several more years to find Cinderella's parents.
[I had inquired about Lucinda (Larkin) Weston, my 2X Great. Have since discovered that her first name is actually Cinderella. Here is Sandy's reply:]
"Here is your info on Lucinda. Your Lucinda md. James W. Weston. Her parents were George W. Larkin b. 2/15/1813, d. 8/1/1870 bur. Miner Cem., Doss, Dent Co. MO. He was killed in Dent Co. MO by Tom Warden with a knife. The first murder case to be held in Dent. Co. George was md. to Elizabeth J. Strobaugh [act. Stobaugh, but was prob. originally STOVALL in KY; d.sweet] They had 9 children:
Isaiah b. 3/3/1843 near Valles Mines, Jefferson Co. MO d.1933 bur Miner Cem
John R. b. 2/25/1835 Allen Co. KY d. 3/30/1924 Dent Co. bur New Hope Cem. Salem, Dent Co
[These are all the children that Sandra knew of although she knows there were 9 total. I have found all the names, as shown in the body of this work.]
George later md. a woman by the first name 'Lonad' [The census shows her to have been named ODEAL. nee unknown. Sandra got the name Lonad from the "Ozark Heritage" book, which stated George md. a Lonad after Elizabeth, who had d.1853, Jeff. Co.] They had:
Luther "Doc" b. 12/5/1855 Jefferson Co. MO d. 1/24/1899 bur Cedar Grove Cem, Salem, Dent Co
Alex b. 8/1861 Dent Co. d. 7/13/1939 Eminence, Shannon Co. MO. He lived in Joplin and worked at Zinc mining. Later returned and bought a farm in Shannon Co. MO
Lucinda [Cinderella] was the daughter of George and 'Lonad' [Odeal][Odeal & Geo. also had 9 children, also as shown in body of this work. d.sweet]"
2) NOTES: I think that George was b. in Hardin Co., KY, poss. Little York Twp., and that the family moved to Allen Co. KY, poss. after the death of the father, William. George's wife Elizabeth's name is probably Stovall and not Stobaugh [even though it appears as Stobaugh in the blurb on Isaiah - see his notes], as there is a marriage record in Allen Co. for George Larkin and Elizabeth Stovall, in addition to there being a Thomas B. & Nancy (Franklin) Stovall family in Allen Co. KY who had a daughter Jane. More census work needs to be done, though, as there were 3 hits for Stobaugh fams. on the 1830 KY census, which could not be accessed due to a problem at's Images Online. Hopefully, when I do return to look again, they will have fixed the problem. But I do know that one of those Stobaugh fams., John, was in Hopkins Co., and so would seem to be out of the running, although he is shown to have had a 15 yr old female in the household.
George's parents may have been William and Elizabeth (nee unk) Larkin. It is known that there was a Cinderella Larkin, parents not given, b.1811, Hardin Co.KY, mar. Thomas Florence. This was probably George's sister, hence George naming a daughter of his own, Cinderella. Have been unable to get a response from any of the people who listed the Florence line. The Larkins in Hardin Co. KY, 1810 & 1820 censuses, are:
William (1810, unk. Twp., 4 male children under 10; 1 male 26 to under 45; 1 fem. child under 10; 1 fem. 26 to under 45)
Elizabeth (1820, Little York Twp., 4 male ch. under 10; 2 males 10 to under 16; 1 male 16 to 18; 1 fem. under 10; 1 fem. 10 to under 16; 1 fem. 26 to under 45 - assuming Wm. dead by then). To be noted for both census years: the category for "Foreigner not naturalized" is checked off - one person. This must be Elizabeth, as William is absent from the second census, but the designation remains.
I have not looked for the Florence fam. in MO, but believe that they may have stayed in KY, as all children shown being born there through 1855.
b. Geo. & Elizabeth's first two children b. KY. Migration to Jefferson Co. MO bet 1837 (son William b.KY) and 1840 (son George F. b.MO)
c. Migration from Valles Mines, Jefferson Co. to Spring Creek Twp., Dent Co. bet. 1857 (Cinderella b. Jeff. Co.) and 1860 (Dent Co. census)
d. The Larkin & Warden families must have been well acquainted back in Kentucky, and it looks like both families made the move to MO together. Allen Co. KY records show that Elijah Warden, b.VA (Thomas's father) mar. Catherine Stephens (she b.KY) there in 1829, and the 1860 Dent. Co. MO census gives places of birth as KY. Sandra Cooley, in an e-mail dated 4/13/2002, tells us that the families were 'close friends at the least, if not more....all moved from KY at the same time....the Wardens settled in Washington Co., and the Larkins in Jefferson Co, both counties adjoin each other....Thomas Warden died in 1917. He had a cousin Elijah Thomas Warden, son of Asa Warden, who was a brother to Elijah Sr'. In any event, they were all in Spring Creek Twp, Dent Co. MO by 1860, living on neighboring farms. The birthdate of the Warden's oldest child Susan, on the 1860 census is given as 23, b.MO - this would place the Wardens in MO about 1837, which is about right for the Larkin family as well.
More on the Warden fam info from "Ozark Heritage" v.2 p.776; Warden Cem., Metham School Dist., Dry Valley Area, East:
Progenitor Elijah Warden b.1807 VA; son Thomas Elijah Warden, 1847 -1917, md. Margaret S. J. Shults, 1867 Dent Co. (She married 2d, John N. Manning 1/8/1934, but d. 9/14/1934. Bur Warden Cem.) Family moved to Washington Co. 1837; to Dent Co. c.1852.

3) CENSUS:; Images Online:
A. 1850; MO, Jefferson Co., Twp: Dist. 42; Image 472; Roll M432_402; page 462; Enumerated on 10/18/1850; nfr. re: name of district or township. (need to go back and get the Images Online page #, which is always different than shown above)
849/189 George W. Larkin ae37 Male White Farmer 150 b.KY
Jane ae35 Fem. White b.KY
John ae15 M W Farmer b.KY
William ae13 M W b.KY
George F. ae10 M W b.MO
Isaiah ae8 M W b.MO
Elizabeth ae6 F W b.MO
Ellen ae4 F W b.MO
Arinda ae2 F W b.MO [this is Malinda]
Arcena ae 7/12 F W b.MO
Like I said, I need to recheck this census to see if the Wardens were there too.

B. 1860; MO, Dent Co., Spring Creek Twp. 3; Enumerated 8/1/1860; page 9 of 12 at Images Online:
George and Odeal are living near at least 4 Warden households, and next door to Elijah & Catherine Warden, and their 13 year old son Thomas, who would later be the instrument of George's death over a possible affair between Thomas and George's wife Odeal.
748/750 Elijah Worden [sic - Worden is how it appears on all census records, but it is actually Warden]
ae52 M Farmer 500 625 b.VA can't read nor write
Catherine ae53 F b.KY can't read nor write
Susan ae23 F b.MO can't read nor write
Slathet? (illegible) ae20 M Farm Labor b.MO can't read or write
Eliza ae19 F b.MO
Over? (illegible) ae15 M Farm Labor b.MO
Thomas ae13 M b.MO 400/590[I believe this is an error on the census taker's part, and should be on the next line for the next person, who just happens to be our George Larkin, and so have put it there for him]

749/751 George Larkin ae46 M Farm b.KY 400/590 [as above, this is not on George's line, but was mistakenly put on Thomas Warden's line] can't read nor write
Odeal ae 26 F b.KY [note that the 1860 census gives her place of birth as Illinois, which I believe to be correct) can't read nor write
*Isaih [sic] ae19 M Farm Labor b.KY [note this is an error as to date and place of birth. He was b.1843, Jeff. Co.MO which would make him ae 17. Possible I misread the number, but I believe it was pretty clear. Will recheck anyway. The fact that his place of birth is given as KY leads me to believe that Odeal was b.Illinois, not KY]
*Ellen ae 15 F b.MO
*Malinda ae13 F b.MO
Sarah ae5 F b.MO
Luthur [sic] ae4 M b.MO
@Cindrilla [sic] ae3 F b.MO
Drusilla ae1 F b.MO
*These are the children of Elizabeth and George who were still living home.
@This is 'our' Cinderella (Larkin) Weston!
Children of George & Elizabeth who do not appear here: John R.; William; George F.; Elizabeth; 'Arcena'. Arcena prob. deceased, John R. known to have married and had at least one child. Elizabeth also believed to have married. Not know what became of George and William.

C. 1870; MO, Dent Co., Spring Creek Dist.; reel M593_774;
71/71 Larkin, George ae52 M W Farmer real val. 1,200 pers.val. 900 b.KY can't read nor write M-21yrs [not sure about this]
Odeal ae38 F W keeping house b.Ill can't read nor write
S.E. [Sarah] ae15 F W at home, b.MO, attends school, can't read nor write
Luther ae13 M W Farming, b.MO, attends school, can't read nor write
Sindruly [sic - Cinderella] ae11 F W b.MO attends school, can't read nor write
Drucily [sic - Drucilla] ae9 F W b.MO attends school
Z.A. [n.f.r.] ae7 b.MO F W attends school
Alexander ae5 b.MO M W attends school
D.B. ae4 b.MO F W
Early ae2 b.MO M W
F.M. ae5/12 b.MO M W
NOTE: The ones with only initials for first names were difficult to read. Not certain I have correct initials. Not certain 'Early' is correct, either. Could be Earby. It was shortly after this census was done that George was killed (d.8/1/1870). I am trying to find Odeal and children on the 1880 census, hoping that the children's full names will be listed. Also would like to know what became of her and them after George died. Did she remarry? She was left with 9 children under the age of 16, and a farm to run. Although I would tend to doubt she stayed there, especially if she DID have an affair with Thomas. In any event, it would seem to have been a terribly uncomfortable situation to have been in.
Also on the 1870 census, next household:
72/72 Worden, Thomas E. ae22 M W Farmer pers.val.250 b.KY
M.L.J. wife ae19 F W B.MO keeping house
M.C. ae2 F W b.MO
M.E. ae 3/12 F W b.MO
Also in the household is the family of H.M. Mands, ae30 F W b.TN occup. - 'at home'; G.M. ae10 M W b.AR; F.E.M. ae2/12 F W b.MO. I do not know who this can be. Poss. widowed sister-in-law?
{Just a quick note: Thomas's wife - ?named Margaret S.J. Shults, sister of John C. Shults. She later married John N. Manning. Extrapolated from Cemetery data, p.720, entry for John C. Shults (act begins p.719) "Ozark Heritage" v.2, 2d ed.}
4) According to the blurb on Isaiah found in "History of LaClede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties, Missouri, from Earliest Times to the Present" Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1889; repr. Higgenson Book Co., Salem, MA.
p.1059, Isaiah Larkin bio: Only 4 of the 9 children of George and Elizabeth lived to the publication date of the book (1889). Isaiah and John R. were two. The other two are as yet not known. One could possibly have been Elizabeth. None of the children of George and Odeal are mentioned in this book.
pp.564-568 "History of Dent Co. - Located in southeast central Missouri, bounded on the north by Phelps and Crawford counties; on the east by Crawford, Iron and Reynolds, on the south by Reynolds, Shannon and Texas counties; and on the west by Texas and Phelps counties. One township of Reynolds county extends into the eastern side of Dent...In the western part, from the norther boundary to the headwaters of the Current River, the land is comparatively flat...The Ozark Mountain range passes east and west through the county and divides the waters which enter the Missouri River from those which flow into the Arkansas. Current River, which rises near the Texas county line, flows with great rapidity along the southern border of the county....The principal water courses are the Meramec, Current and Sinking Rivers....Spring Creek, which traverses the central part of the county, is also a stream of some importance....[the first settlements were almost entirely along Meramec, Dry Fork and Spring Creek]...
[No court records prior to 1865 are in existence for Dent Co., as the courthouse in Salem was burned in 1864 [another place gives 1866], during the Civil War. This is why the murder case of George Larkin is known as the first 'recorded' murder case in Dent Co.]
p. 585 - "The first recorded murder case is that of Thomas E. Warden, in 1870; he was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment."
p. 586 - "The murder case of T. E. Warden, who killed a man named Larkin, resulted as has been stated above; he was afterward pardoned. The case was between Prosecutor Perry and Col. Wingo, et al, for the defense."
[To be noted is that Dent Co. was strongly Confederate during the War between the states, as shown by the following:]
p. 597 - "Of the 735 voters in Dent in 1860, it is estimated that probably 550 or 600 took active part in the war, sooner or later; and of the 600 there were probably 400 who took part on the Southern side, and 200 were Federal soldiers." [And:]
p. 590 - "There were comparatively few negroes owned in Dent County, and there was little thought of war until the campaign of 1860. The county cast 795 votes, of which the majority were for Breckinridge (338), and Lincoln received but seven votes [called the 'solitary seven' in the book]. Bell had 243 and Douglas 207."

5) From: Priscilla Land;
Thankyou, Priscilla, for your help, and for connecting me with Ken Fiebelman. He's a gem!:
George W. Larkin and his son Isaiah, are both buried in Dent Co. near Doss. The Epitaph on George's tombstone says:
A Husband Kind
A Father Dear
Faithful Friend
6) From: "Death Records from Missouri Newspapers, Jan.1866-Dec.1870", by Lois Stanley; George F. Wilson; Maryhelen Wilson; 1990; Southern Historical Press, Inc., Greenville, So. Carolina
"Larkin, George W. stabbed in Dent Co. by Thomas Warden, supposedly because of an affair between murderer and victim's wife. **(ROLH) WACJ 18 Aug 1870
**ROLH = the Herald newspaper, Rolla, Phelps Co.
WACJ = the Washington Co. Journal, Potosi, Washington Co.
6) I think son Isaiah ('Sr', md. to Ruth Turley)may have taken over the family farm when came from Jefferson Co. to Dent Co. in 1879. It is said that he settled on farm at Doss where he spent the rest of his life. Also that he spent most of his life on the homefarm while growing up, to the extent that he was little educated. Anyway, if DOSS is located in the SPRING CREEK DISTRICT, it would seem likely that he took over the farm from ODEAL. So possible she either d.1879; remarried & wanted to sell out, or the estate was settled around that time with Isaiah being left the farm?

More About George W. Larkin:
Burial: Miner Cem., Doss, Dent Co., Missouri.
Migration: Bet. 1837 - 1840, Allen Co., Kentucky to Jefferson Co., Missouri.
Migration 2: Bet. 1857 - 1860, Jefferson Co. to Dent Co., Missouri.

More About George W. Larkin and Odeal Lonad?:
Marriage: Bet. 1853 - December 05 1855, Jefferson Co.?, Missouri.

Children of George W. Larkin and Odeal Lonad? are:
  1. +Cinderella Larkin, b. Bet. September 19, 1856 - 1857, Jefferson Co., Missouri; LINE OF DEBORAH SWEET, d. November 19, 1940.
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