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Descendants of Johann Keller

Generation No. 4

       31. Benjamen4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born December/02/1801 in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., and died March/16/1880. He married Hannah Barigen Taubert Abt. 1825.

       Children of Benjamen Keller and Hannah Taubert are:

  42 i.   daughter5 Keller, born Abt. 1827.

  43 ii.   son Keller, born Abt. 1829.

  44 iii.   Nathan Keller, born April/07/1831; died March/04/1898. He married Judith Hein.

  45 iv.   Aaron Keller, born February/08/1836; died July/16/1899.

  46 v.   John Keller, born Abt. 1841.

  47 vi.   Mary Ann Keller, born Abt. 1843.

  48 vii.   Catherine Keller, born Abt. 1845.

  49 viii.   Wilson Keller, born Abt. 1847.

  50 ix.   Louis Keller, born Abt. 1849.

  51 x.   Josiah Keller, born December/21/1851; died September/29/1902.

  52 xi.   Nathaniel Keller, born Abt. 1854.
       32. Samuel4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born December/06/1802, and died April/06/1847. He married Elizabeth Evans.

       Children of Samuel Keller and Elizabeth Evans are:

  53 i.   Mary Melinda5 Keller.

  54 ii.   Sarah Elizabeth Keller.

  55 iii.   Loretta Keller.
       34. George4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born April/18/1808, and died January/27/1870. He married Susan Potter.

       Children of George Keller and Susan Potter are:

  56 i.   Charles5 Keller.

  57 ii.   Sarah Keller. She married Jesse W. Moss.

  58 iii.   Anna Keller. She married Frederick Boyer.

  59 iv.   Jacob Keller. He married (1) Mary Casper. He married (2) Clara Quick. He married (3) Fannie Bliss.

  60 v.   Alice Rocelia Keller. She married Lloyd Quick.

  61 vi.   Francis Loretta Keller. She married Phillip Appleman.
       35. Elizabeth4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born September/16/1810, and died January/19/1849. She married David Albertson Unknown.

       Children of Elizabeth Keller and David Albertson are:

  62 i.   Emmanuel5 Albertson, born Unknown.

  63 ii.   Hiram Albertson, born Unknown.

  64 iii.   Martin Albertson, born Unknown.

  65 iv.   Wilson Albertson, born Unknown.

  66 v.   David Albertson, born Unknown.

  67 vi.   John Wesley Albertson, born Unknown.
       37. John4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born August/26/1818 in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co., PA, and died September/05/1905 in Fishing Creek Township. He married Martha Evans Abt. 1844.

       Children of John Keller and Martha Evans are:

+ 68 i.   Mary Elizabeth5 Keller, born 1845.

  69 ii.   Sarah Ann Keller, born 1847 (Source: 1850 Census was 3 years old). She married George Utt.

  70 iii.   Henry D. Keller, born 1849 (Source: 1850 Census was 1 years old). He married Martha Coleman.

  71 iv.   Marriett Keller. She married Alfred Karns.

  72 v.   John Keller , Jr.. He married Martha Miller.

  73 vi.   Jacob W. Keller.

+ 74 vii.   F. Pierce Keller.

  75 viii.   Levi Keller. He married Ida Eveland.

  76 ix.   Fannie Keller. She married Clem Kester.

  77 x.   William Calvin Keller, born February/28/1868 (Source: Jacob Keller of Fishing Creek book pg.37); died March/02/1925. He married Leah Alice McHenry.
       38. Mary Polly4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born March/04/1820 in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co., PA, and died September/27/1865. She married John Kitchen Abt. 1840.

       Children of Mary Keller and John Kitchen are:

  78 i.   Mary Ann5 Kitchen.

  79 ii.   Salvester Kitchen. He married Maria Condon Culver.

  80 iii.   Franklin Kitchen.

  81 iv.   Margaret Kitchen.

  82 v.   Henry Kitchen, born March/15/1849. He married Mary Ann White.

  83 vi.   Rachel Kitchen.

  84 vii.   George Kitchen.

  85 viii.   Sarah E. Kitchen. She married ? Fox.

  86 ix.   Asa Kitchen. He married Mae Culp.

  87 x.   John A. Kitchen.
       39. Aaron4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born April/07/1823 in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co., PA, and died May/31/1895. He married Elizabeth Ricthert, daughter of Vincent Ricthert and Margaret.

       Children of Aaron Keller and Elizabeth Ricthert are:

  88 i.   William Haydon5 Keller, born December/09/1849; died October/25/1927. He married Deborah LeValley.

  89 ii.   George B. Keller, born July/12/1851; died March/10/1923. He married Esther Stair.

  90 iii.   Margaret Ellen Keller, born May/12/1854; died October/30/1897. She married Edward K. Scott.

+ 91 iv.   Joseph Vincent Keller, born November/08/1856; died January/02/1937.

  92 v.   Charles Wilson Keller, born December/29/1858; died March/25/1918. He married (1) Stella Masters. He married (2) Eliza Jane Hontz.

  93 vi.   Justin Fuller Keller, born April/18/1861; died April/14/1931. He married (1) Agnes Devan. He married (2) Clara Amanda Davenport.

  94 vii.   Ira E. Keller, born March/17/1863; died July/05/1864.

  95 viii.   Ida R. Keller, born September/01/1865; died October/21/1865.

  96 ix.   Jennie C. Keller, born September/21/1866; died February/21/1870.
       40. Mary Ann4 Keller (John Jacob3, Jacob2, Johann1) was born July/10/1829 in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co., PA, and died October/29/1887 in Fishing Creek Township. She married Elisha Robbins June/03/1848, son of Abram Robbins and Diannah Robbins).

       Children of Mary Keller and Elisha Robbins are:

+ 97 i.   Elias5 Robbins, born November/22/1850; died February/25/1932 in 12:30 A.M. passed away Pittsburgh.

  98 ii.   Jacob W. Robbins, born June/06/1852. He married Amelia Eveland.

+ 99 iii.   Mary Catherine Robbins, born July/02/1853; died September/21/1878.

+ 100 iv.   George Benjamin Robbins, born October/28/1856 in Fishing Creek Township; died 1927.

  101 v.   Dinah Elizabeth Robbins, born August/10/1859; died October/16/1878 in 19yrs, 2 mos, 4 days.

+ 102 vi.   Abraham McCellan Robbins, born September/26/1864 in Fishing Creek Township; died March/31/1950 in at 85 yr 6 mos and 5 days.

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